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Darkness at Dawn

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Chapter 1 The beginning
Long,long,long ago when the universe was an abyss that no such plants of other galaxies and other worlds. A god by the name of Acosta and his brother Acostra that were known as space gods until they created the realms,the entire universe was more lift than ever before each having other gods to make the worlds better than before. One day Acostra was angered by his brother’s wisdom and it drove him insane beyond all levels of madness and insanity. Acosta learned that his brother has a weapon that kills all creations so a fierce battle began between the two brothers and in the end Acosta won the battle. A millennia later Acosta had four daughters whose names were Skilinda the sky, Aisha the water, Agarlinda the earth, and Harmina the Harmony in friendship. One day Skilinda and her sisters were playing in the garden outside of their castle chambers for once they were with each other and having fun and not worrying about getting in trouble. Skilinda walked past her sisters and sat down under her favorite tree her dress swayed softly around her body like the clouds in the sky. She pulled her favorite book from a small bag that hung from her side. Harmina then look up and looked at Skilinda reading her book. Skilinda had jet midnight indigo hair, pale skin glowed like the sun,moon,star and the many things in the universe. Her eyes were the dark bluest nights and her lips red as the reddest rose. Then Aisha the second sister had long wavy midnight indigo hair warm peach colored skin glowed like the sea at noon,her eyes were deepest blue oceans and lips red as the coral reefs. Then there is Agarlinda the third sister had the Hazelist hair that reminded many people of the earth,tanned skin and glowed like the like nature reawakening from her eternal sleep, her eyes were a deep green and her lips the reddest apple. Finally there is Harmina the youngest had golden sun shine hair copper skin glowed like the gems in the earth, her eyes were every color shifting from color to another like light reflecting of the gems and her lips the reddest of rubies. Anyway Harmina walked over to her sister and asked the others what will do. Healthy skin and feather hair pulled into braids with strands that framed their faces falling to their waists. The girls traveled with their father to Asgard meeting the all father Odin and his two sons:Thor and Loki. The five friends soon learned of the sword of Surtur from the warriors three and stoa way in the hull of the ship. After a little fight in Jotunheim and Thor insisting that they find the sword of Surtur was when Skilinda told of the curse that allowed her to find the sword and there was no way to sever the connection with the sword. As they traveled to the land of the frost giants to head to where the valkyrie camp was and getting captured by the Valkyries. Just when things were about to get bad they got worst when the frost giants attacked the valkyrie training camp and with Sif now at their side to help them fight and get the sword back to Asgard and meet up with the dark elf and some Einherjar from Valhalla. The dark elf betrayed Odin and therefore the princes and princesses had to fight the dark elf. The dark elf was destroyed by Loki and the sword of Surtur was given to the giants. But the leader of the giants said it would be better that the sword that actually belonged to Acostra would be safe in Skilinda’s care. Skilinda agreed to keep the sword safe knowing that her future oldest grandchild will carry on the curse.