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miss me with that straight shit

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Sonic added Smol Might , Zuko , metapod , gaydynamite , lesbab , and 14 others to a chat


Sonic changed chat name to Class 1A


Sonic: Hello fellow students! Please use this group chat responsibly, and with good reason!


spooderman: omg


spooderman: you didn’t


pichu: ohhhhh but he did


gaydynamite: I already hate this fucking thing…


pichu changed the chat name to big mistake dad


bubbles: dad


bubbles: omg, I see it


bubbles: hold on


bubbles changed Sonic ’s name to Dad


bubbles: there


Dad: I- why?


metapod: omg wait, wheres mom?


Mom: You called?


lesbab: mom! we found dad!


Mom: you mean, I won’t have to raise this family all on my own?


Mom: finally!!!!!


Mom: wait, I’m a lesbian….


gaydynamite: what the fuck is wrong with you all


genos: you want a list, or-?


gaydynamite: I hate all of you


metapod: even me?


pichu: oh damn


spooderman: the time has come


genos: bakugou must choose between his pride and his boyfriend




pichu: damn, aggressive


gaydynamite: what the fuck did I just say?


Zuko: can you all stop spamming? we’re trying to watch Ghibli


genos: oh, shit, sorry


genos: everybody shut up


genos: wait, ‘we’re’?


Zuko: shit


Zuko: nevermind


Zuko: forget that


Zuko: keep spamming


genos: omg, are you on a date


Zuko: …….


Zuko has left the chat


pichu: omg


pichu: the boi got a boyf


Smol Might: uh, could you guys maybe keep it down? I’m trying to study


genos: yeah, yeah


genos: bakusquad, move out!


Dad: I’m disabling this chat for the time being. Everybody, please finish your homework!


Dad has booted Smol Might , Metapod , lesbab , Mom and 14 others 

from big mistake dad


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genos added Zuko, gaydynamite, lesbab, Mom, and 4 others to Resident Gay Meeting Club


tired jr: why is this back


genos: bc I can


tired jr: that’s not an actual answer


tired jr: but fine


tired jr: fuck you too 


genos: thats fair


genos: now


genos: is everyone here


Zuko: does it matter


genos: yes


Zuko: but does it really


genos: double yes


genos: now roll call


genos: bakugone


gaydynamite: I will strangle you


genos: kinky. momo <3


Mom: Present


genos: great! aoyama


frenchmens: ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* here *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


gaydynamite: ugh…


genos: kiri, elbow ur bf for me


metapod: can’t. In different room


lesbab: oof


genos: k, there's tsu + krill


genos: *kiri


metapod: *offended krill sounds*


tired jr: *offended frog noises*


tired jr: wlw mlm solaridy


Mom: You spelled that wrong.


tired jr: I KNOW


genos: so that’s shin-man accounted for


tired jr: what the fuck did you just call me?


genos: read back for yourself


genos: anyways where’s shojo?


tentman: ...why?


gaydynamite: I’m too tired for this shit


Zuko: it’s 8:30 pm?


gaydynamite: shut the fuck up two-face, and let me sleep


lesbab: can I just say how proud I am of Bakuhoe for not using all caps?


metapod: *bows*


tired jr: what did you do


metapod: well you all know what happened to Bakubro’s last phone


genos: yeah, why 


metapod: well I took him out phone shopping and he picked out a flip phone


Zuko: ...why?


metapod: idk


metapod: anywasy- I texted him a bunch and he broke the shift key


genos: anywasy


Zuko: anywasy


Mom: anywasy


lebab: anywasy


tired jr: anywasy


frenchmens: ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* anywasy *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


tentman: anywasy


gaydynamite: A. L. L. O. F. Y. O. U. S. H. U. T. T. H. E. F. U C. K. U. P.


genos: ok, geez, we’re going


genos has disbanded the group Resident Gay Meeting Club

 Zuko, gaydynamite, lesbab, Mom, and 4 others were kicked from Resident Gay Meeting Club