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Silk of the Soul

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Spending thousands of years in a garden was not how I pictured this game going.




You sigh, staring at the ground of the once beautiful planet. The grass used to be the brightest shade of green you could get, the flowers would play in the soft wind, the leaves dancing away in the gentle breeze’s hold.


Now, it’s nothing more than a dying memory. The grass has long but died, the flowers unrecognizable, leaves crumbled and crushed. Even the pillars gave up, only one managing to stay standing tall, free of any cracks.


She’s not coming back, is she?


You’ve been here for so long. You’ve counted each individual day as it passes by, and eventually they’ve just all merged together to from some really long few hours.


How long exactly?




About 6,000 years.


You waited there for 6,000 thousand years. You waited for her to come back. She hasn’t yet, but you kept telling yourself that she’d be back.


She still hasn’t returned.


She said it was a game.


All you had to do was sit there and wait until she came back.


You liked games. She did too. You just wanted to see her smile. That smile she gave as she left will forever remain in your head.


Maybe you’re not doing it right? Maybe that’s why she’s not back yet. That had to be it, right? You were doing something wrong and that’s why she wasn’t back yet.


She said “Stand very still”... Maybe you’re not standing still enough.


Yeah... Yeah! That had to be it. There’s no other possible answer. You just had to stand as still as possible, and then she’d come back and you could go to Earth with her!


That’s what you told yourself for so long.


And then, that stupid message began.





What happened?


All you can remember was your form morphing as you ran to the warp pad that sat on the stone pedestal. Then, the moment the warp pad was activated, all you felt was pain.




The kind of pain one feels when their gem is shattered.


Pure, raw, unfiltered pain.


It felt like it lasted for hours, but in reality it was only a few minutes.


And then, suddenly, it stopped.


Everything was still for a few moments.


She left. She left. The garden’s broken. No one knows you’re there.


Then you find yourself being hurled away from a giant hunk of machinery and at a wall. You meet the hard surface with a loud smack, falling to the ground not seconds later.


I played the game right, why isn’t she back?


I moved, maybe that’s why.


It’s dark.


She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s gone.


There’s no more light.


In a fit of panic, you scramble to stand up, backing into a table. The sudden feeling of the sharp corner hitting your back has you attacking it with a flurry of punches. You hear a loud clutter of metal hitting the ground, moving your hands to attack at the origin of it instead.


Did I lose the game?


In your hazy state you can barely make out a set of stairs leading upwards across from you. You rush up the stairs, hoping to get out.


You end up running straight into a hard surface. Panting and gasping for breathe, you continue your punching, hearing cracks and creaks. Finally, with a solid kick the door breaks and swings open.


I need to find her.


I need to know she’s safe.


You scramble out, grateful to finally see light.


Looking around, you find yourself in what looks like a kitchen and living room meeting. More stairs sit to your right. You slowly make your way over to them, but pause when hearing someone coming down the steps with thundering stomps.


I need...


“WHAT ARE YOU IDIOTS DOING DOWN THERE?!” A voice shrieks. You scramble back, pulling at your hair. Too loud. Too loud. Too loud! You glance behind you to see a window.


I need...


Hearing the stomping get closer, you rush to open the window, practically pushing and hitting at the wall in an attempt to open it. You hopped out just in time to see the person make it all the way down the steps. They were tall, completely bleached white, wearing all black and red.


They looked nothing like a gem.


Now, you find yourself running through a cluster of trees. You have no idea on as to where you’re going, all you know is that you needed to get away from whoever that was.


I need to make her pay.


Well, you were running until something clicked under your weight and you were scooped up in some blanket-like object. You screech, letting out a noise of surprise as you squirm, doing all that you can to free yourself. Unlike a blanket though, this one has square-shaped gaps and is held together by millions of strings being connected.


Well, you say strings but they were more like wires. Metal ones, too.


You twist and turn, pulling and pushing at the wires in an attempt to free yourself of the trap you had so foolishly stumbled into.


I need...


I need to shatter her.


You pause, hearing two pairs of footsteps coming closer. With your reborn panic, you thrash about even harder, your limbs doing all they can to get you out of the knot. You can’t be seen. Because then she’ll find out you moved. Then she won’t take you with her again until you can stay still.


“well, at least we found whoever vanilla’s been lookin’ for.” A deep, almost scratchy, voice suddenly breaks your concentration.




I should have stayed in the garden.