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You're the Top: An Anthology

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The first time Armie broke one of his rules — don’t fuck around with your co-stars — he ended up kissing Timmy for ten minutes, pressing him up against the dusty wall in the attic of the villa where they were filming. They had taken to escaping up there for a smoke and some quiet time while the crew set or reset scenes.

Armie wasn’t sure what it was about that moment. It might have been the way Timmy was leaning his shoulders up against the wall, hips pushed out, his t-shirt bunched up on one side. Maybe it was the swirling dust motes in the beams of sunlight that gave the whole scene a dream-like quality. Or perhaps it was just that, after weeks of being around this kid, Armie just couldn’t take it anymore.

So, as Timmy was in the middle of talking about something his sister had said on the phone the night before, Armie moved in — slowly, so that Timmy could stop him if he wanted — and lowered his head to Timmy’s.

Timmy’s mouth yielded easily, and Armie slid his tongue between Timmy’s soft lips in a way that was becoming both second nature and simultaneously providing a new discovery with each kiss. One of his hands gripped Timmy’s hip through his swim trunks and the other cupped around his neck in a possessive cradle.

When they pulled apart for a breath, Timmy blinked. “Are we...rehearsing?” he asked, the breathy tone increasing the coil of lust in Armie’s gut.

“Sure,” Armie said. He caught Timmy’s mouth again and shifted towards Timmy, twisting his fingers up into the soft curls at the base of Timmy’s neck. Satisfaction swelled in his chest as Timmy’s hands skated around Armie’s waist and up his back, pulling him closer still.

Ten minutes later, Armie pulled away and stepped back, putting some distance between them. Timmy’s lips were parted and moist, and his eyes were glazed.

“You okay?” Armie asked.

Timmy nodded. “More than. What was that for?”

Armie shrugged. “I wanted to, I guess.”

The smile that spread across Timmy’s face was smug. “You going to want to do that again anytime soon?”

“I already do,” Armie said.

Timmy reached out, and Armie moved back towards him. “You think you’ll want to do anything else?” he asked.

“Like what?” Armie brushed his lips against Timmy’s, sliding their noses together in a nuzzle.

“Like…” Timmy placed his palms on Armie’s ass and pulled him close. “Like butt stuff?”

Armie snorted. “We’ll see,” he said, before he kissed Timmy again. 

The second time Armie broke one of his rules — don’t mess your clothes when fucking around in a public place — Timmy had his hand down Armie’s pants in the bathroom at Luca’s and Armie was trying desperately not to make any noise.

Armie had been going to step outside and call Nick, who was planning to swing through Crema in a week. He had made it to the doors leading onto the porch when Timmy snuck up behind him, grabbed his hand, and pulled him down the narrow hallway, their feet landing on every creaky floorboard, until they reached the tiny bathroom on the first floor of Luca’s villa.

For the past week, they had been kissing at every stolen opportunity. Between takes, at night in each other’s apartments, in alleys and alcoves as they walked around the village...anytime no one was looking. But that was all they had done. This time, Timmy hadn’t been satisfied with that.

“I want to touch you,” he had said, and without waiting for Armie’s answer, had slid his hand between their bodies and over Armie’s already hard cock.

“Timmy,” Armie warned, “this isn’t the best place.”

“Sure it is,” Timmy said. “Think how happy Luca would be if he knew the two people he put together were so compatible they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other off camera either.”


“Are you going to let me later?” Timmy asked. “After you’ve had a chance to think about it?” He gripped Armie’s cock tightly, and Armie groaned softly.

Timmy took that as whatever answer he wanted and unbuttoned Armie’s trousers, slipping his hand under the waistband of Armie’s boxers. The feel of Timmy’s hand on his skin caused a whimper to erupt from deep in his throat.

“Shhh. They’ll hear us,” Timmy whispered in his ear as his hand stroked in an erratic rhythm, keeping Armie on edge. “If you shout, Luca and Ferdinando and everyone else out there at the dinner table will hear and know that you’re not outside on the phone after all.” 

Another whimper. Armie sunk his teeth into his lip and turned his head to the side, breathing hard. He wanted to touch Timmy back, to do...something...but this was happening quickly, and Timmy seemed to like being in control, so he just let go. Within minutes, he was hunching forward, grabbing onto Timmy’s shoulders and burying his face in Timmy’s neck to muffle the sounds he knew he couldn't help but make.

When he came, he came all over his pants.

Timmy withdrew his hand, grinning, and then kissed Armie firmly.

“Can I…” Armie struggled to find his feet, to come down from the high and focus on the present. “I want to touch you, too.”

“Next time,” he said. “Next time, butt stuff.”

Armie shook his head. “Tim—”

“Shhh. We’ll talk about it later.” He rinsed his hand off in the sink and then slipped out of the bathroom before Armie could protest further.

The third time Armie broke one of his rules — don’t stay the night with someone you’re fucking around with or they’ll get the wrong idea — he was swallowing Timmy’s cock and thinking that he’d like a second round before breakfast.

He immediately scolded himself, then thought that maybe he could go to his own villa, and then come back to Timmy’s apartment early. And then he realized how utterly insane that sounded and refocused on the task at hand.

Timmy trembled beneath him, and he relished the way he could spark additional reactions by running his fingers along Timmy’s ribs, his stomach, his thighs, by playing with his nipples and circling his neck.

Each time Timmy bucked his hips and cried out, Armie pulled off of him with pop, and didn’t touch him again until he had settled back down and pleaded with Armie to continue. Armie smiled down at him each time, taking him just a little further to the edge before retreating again.

“Fuck you, Hammer,” Timmy bit out before surging up and tackling Armie onto his back. Armie was so stunned by the sudden change of position that he didn’t move for a second, giving Timmy a chance to shimmy down his body and close his mouth around Armie’s own cock.

“Shit,” Armie gasped. He tried to dislodge the kid, but Timmy had a firm grip on his hips and was sucking him off like he was in a competition. The assault was too much, and before he could get a hold of himself, he was coming down Timmy’s throat.

Timmy swallowed, then withdrew, licking his lips. “Now,” he said, “play nice.” He pulled Armie towards him and settled on his back again, canting his hips so that his dick stood high and proud.

With a shake of his head, Armie returned to his earlier task, and this time he didn’t stop until he was swallowing Timmy’s release as well. 

They lay together afterward in Timmy’s bed, threading fingers through each other’s hair and sharing sleepy kisses.

“Don’t go, okay?” Timmy said, burrowing into Armie’s neck.

Armie hesitated. He should. He should go to his own place, shower, and not come back in the morning. Otherwise...otherwise he didn’t want to think too much about what that meant.

“Okay,” he said, pulling Timmy close. Timmy snuggled in happily.

“When we wake up, you can make me breakfast,” Timmy murmured. “After we do some butt stuff.”

Armie rolled his eyes in the dark.

The fourth time Armie broke one of his rules — don’t admit a weakness, ever — they were at dinner, having polished off two bottles of wine and starting on a third. Timmy’s eyes were heavily lidded, his gaze a bit unfocused.

“I like the way your lips look when you’re drunk,” Timmy said.

I’m drunk?” Armie said with a laugh. Then he assessed his state, considered the two and a half glasses of scotch he had had before dinner, and conceded, “Well, that’s true.”

“They get extra soft and puffy and it makes me want to bite them,” Timmy said. He smiled, and then turned his attention back to his heaping bowl of spaghetti.

Armie glanced around to see if anyone had heard, since Timmy wasn’t capable of modulating the volume of his voice when he was drinking. No one was paying them any attention, so he relaxed again and returned to his own meal.

“Maybe later on, if you don’t pass out, you can,” he said, kicking Timmy lightly under the table.

“I plan to,” Timmy said, around a mouthful of meatball. “I also plan to play with your butt.”

Armie shifted uncomfortably. “Timmy—”

“What?” Timmy set his fork down. “What the fuck, Armie? We’re screwing around for weeks and you keep holding me off. Is it…” amazingly, he lowered his voice, “is it that you’re afraid if you let yourself do butt stuff you’ll have to admit you’re not straight? Because, I hate to say it, but sucking cock isn’t something straight guys do, and you’ve done a shit ton of that.”

“No,” Armie hissed. He set his own utensil down and then knocked back half of his wine. When he set it on the table, he took a breath. “It’s not that.”

“Then...why? Why do you keep putting me off? We’re sleeping in the same bed every night, you’ll come all over me...why won’t you let me touch you everywhere? Why won’t you do the same for me?”

Armie’s heart ached at the tone of Timmy’s voice. His lower lip jutted out, and he was slumped down in his chair, his arms crossed against his chest, looking very small. When he spoke again, it was barely above a whisper.

“Is it because you’re don’t really want me like that? Like...I’m good enough for the stuff we’ve done, the high school stuff, but not for...not for the real stuff?”

Armie leaned forward immediately, reaching both hands across the table. “No,” he said, sharply. “Cut that out, you know that’s not true.”

“Do I?” Timmy glanced up at Armie through his lashes. “I mean, I thought we had something going here. But if we’re just...if this is just a way to pass the time, I’m’s not…”

“Hey,” Armie said. He opened his hands in offering, and, slowly, Timmy uncrossed his arms and laid his hands in Armie’s. Armie squeezed them. “It’s not a way to pass the time. It’s something. I don’t...I don’t mess around with co-stars.”

Timmy raised an eyebrow. “But—”

“But I am with you. I also don’t let myself lose control, which, again, I do with you on a regular basis. And I never, ever spend the night, you know.”

“What?” Timmy’s brows drew together.

“I don’t. Ever. It’s not smart because it gives people the idea that what happened between us means something. So I don’t. But I do with you, and I’m okay with you getting the idea. I want you to.”

Timmy’s mouth formed a small oh

Armie swallowed, knowing he was about to make himself very vulnerable. “’s something. Me wanting to take it slow, that’s...not because I don’t want more with you, but that I want so much more with you I don’t want to rush it.”

“Armie,” Timmy said, his eyes luminous in the candlelight. “Take me home.”

Armie nodded. “Yeah, okay.”

He signaled for the bill.

The fifth time Armie broke one of his rules — don’t get caught unprepared — they were back at Timmy’s apartment. He was flat on his back, and Timmy was straddling him, kissing him senseless. They had managed to get each other’s clothes off and Armie ran his hands up and down Timmy’s body, circling his narrow waist before dipping down to squeeze Timmy’s ass.

“Is it time? For butt stuff?” Timmy asked breathlessly.

“A little,” Armie said. “Taking it slow, remember?”

“I never agreed to that,” Timmy said. “If we both think this is something, shouldn’t we get the most of the something for as long as possible? Wouldn’t you rather be an old man, looking back on your life, and thinking I fucked Timmy for forty-seven years, not forty-six years and four months?”

“Only forty-seven?” Armie said, his laughter rumbling in his chest. “I’m made of pretty strong stuff.”

“Just going by averages,” Timmy murmured, fulfilling his promise and biting Armie’s lip.

“Okay, here’s the thing.” Armie hesitated, and decided to be honest. “I’m kind of afraid of hurting you.”

“Hurting me?” Timmy pulled back. “You going to get all distant and ghost me after we fuck?”

“No,” Armie said. “I mean...I’m pretty fucking hung, Timmy, if you haven’t noticed. And you’re…”

“Tiny in comparison,” Timmy finished. “Yeah, I think it’ll honestly be fine, but if you’re really worried, we can do it the other way.”

“The other way?” Armie scrunched his face together. “What do you mean?”

Timmy rolled his eyes. “Look at you, assuming just because you’re bigger you have to top.”

Armie’s mouth dropped open. He honestly hadn’t thought about it any other way, simply because he had never bottomed. Hadn’t really wanted to. And yet…

“You want to fuck me?” Armie asked. “Now?”

“Yes.” Timmy practically bounced in excitement. “Fuck, yes. Unless you’re not okay with that.”

“I’m…” Armie surged up and assaulted Timmy’s lips, plunged into his mouth. When he retreated again, he said, “Yeah. I’m okay with that.”

He pushed Timmy off of him and rolled onto his stomach. Timmy’s hands immediately landed on his ass, kneading lightly. Armie lowered his forehead to the mattress and shifted his hips back. 

“Not so keen on taking it slow anymore?” Timmy asked, letting his thumb brush along Armie’s cleft. 

“Not so much,” Armie breathed. As soon as Timmy had suggested this, his body was very much on board. His cock, which was already hard, twitched and began to leak. “Get on with it, then, will you?”

Timmy smacked Armie’s left cheek. “You’re awfully bossy for someone who’s got his ass in the air.”

“And it’s my ass you’ve been drooling over for weeks, so I’ll be as bossy as I want.” He grinned over his shoulder. “Stop stalling.”

“I’m not stalling, I’m savoring the moment,” Timmy said. 

Then he pulled Armie’s cheeks apart and licked a stripe from his balls to the small of his back. Armie groaned. 

“Good?” Timmy asked. 

“Yeah. Do some more of that.”

Timmy went to work then, circling Armie’s hole slowly with his tongue for what seemed like hours before dipping inside. Armie fisted the sheets and humped the mattress, and by the time Timmy was thrusting in and out in a steady rhythm, he was moaning freely. 

Armie felt a hand close around his dick and jerked his hips. “Fuck,” he said. “You better not, I’m already on edge,” Armie said from behind clenched teeth. 

Timmy ignored his warning and continued to stroke him gently. As it turned out, Armie was wrong...he hadn’t been on edge, but after a couple of minutes of this, he would be. 

Finally, Timmy retreated, removing both his tongue and his hand. “How are you feeling?” he asked. “Still game?”

“Timmy.” Armie rolled his head to the side and glared. 

“Just checking.” Timmy rolled to the edge of the bed, rummaged in the nightstand, and returned with a container of lube and a condom. 

“You have lube?” Armie asked. 

“I got it the day you kissed me in the attic.” Timmy shrugged. “Always be prepared. That’s your rule.”

“Yeah.” Armie huffed out a laugh into the pillow. “Funny how I was completely unprepared for this.

“Really?” Timmy asked. 

“Timmy, I’ve one has ever…” he trailed off, unable to get the rest of the statement out. He didn’t need to. 

Suddenly Timmy was draped over his back, kissing his neck, his jaw, his ear. 

“Never?” he asked. “I’m the only one?”

“The only one,” Armie said, turning and letting Timmy kiss him hard. 

“Good,” Timmy said. “Keep it that way, okay?”

He kissed his way down Armie’s spine, trailing his fingers in long, slow loops behind his mouth. Then a slicked finger was pushing up against Armie’s hole, and without further warning, Timmy was fingering him open. 

Armie returned to his earlier moaning and shifting, the urgency returning the more Timmy pushed and stretched. This was so much better than he had ever imagined it might be. Each time Timmy’s fingers brushed against that special spot, Armie jerked and saw stars. 

“Please,” he murmured. “Please, Timmy, just...I need…”

“Shhhh.” Timmy’s fingers disappeared, and after a moment, his cock was in their place, nudging gently. “Here we go.”

“Fuck.” As Timmy slid home, a long, slow glide, Armie felt the tightness in his gut, the tremors in his ass, the shivery sensation in the tip of his dick. His heart began to pound. “Oh, that’s’re so good.”

“Mmmm.” Timmy was draped across his back again, a low murmur in his ear. “Yeah, you too. Shit, Armie, I—“

He cut himself off as he pulled out halfway and then slid in once more, haltingly setting up a languid rhythm. With each thrust, Armie’s chest expanded further, his cock throbbed harder, until he was choking back sobs. 

Timmy reached around and took hold of him, stroking him in time with his thrusts — speeding up when his hips pumped faster, slowing when he returned to the dreamy pace — and they moaned together. Timmy’s free hand crawled up the mattress and found Armies where it was twisted in the sheets, threading their fingers together and squeezing tightly. 

Teeth bit into the back of his neck, and Armie grunted and pushed back, and that seemed to be all it took for both of them. Timmy gave him one last hard stroke and thrust into him hard, and Armie’s orgasm punched into him like a medicine ball, knocking the air out of him. Behind him, Timmy cried out, his hand clenching around Armie’s and his chest arching up, before he collapsed, boneless, breathing heavily into Armie’s ear. 

They lay like that for a while, until the haze cleared from the edges of Armie’s vision and his heart wasn’t pounding in his throat any longer. Timmy drew in a deep breath and let it out in a sigh, then kissed Armie’s slack lips and lifted off of him. Armie whimpered as Timmy pulled out of him, and whimpered again a moment later as Timmy slid into place beside him, nudging him onto his side so they could cuddle together. 

Armie nuzzled into Timmy’s neck, smiling at the damp curls that tickled his nose. “That was incredible,” he said. 

“I thought so, too.” Timmy ran his hands through Armie’s hair and tugged at the ends. “And we still have a couple of weeks left.”

“Left?” Armie frowned and pulled away to look Timmy in the eye. “What do you mean, ‘left?’”

“Well...before filming is over, and you go back to your life. And...yeah.”  Timmy tucked his head into Armie’s chest, but Armie caught the distressed look. 

“Timmy, I’m not…” Armie tried to figure out how to say what he needed to say without assuming too much and setting himself up for disaster. He settled on a rough attempt at humor. “What happened to forty-seven years? Was that just sweet talk to get into my pants?”

It worked, because Timmy snickered. “No, but you don’t have to...I’ll understand if you don’t feel the same after we’re back to our real lives. And you have other options.”

“Wait.” Armie levered himself up on one elbow. “Were you angling for sex so hard because you thought this had a time limit? An expiration date? Is that what you want?”

Timmy sighed and rolled onto his back. “It’s not what I want, but I did think it was probably what you wanted. To have a little fun.”

“And that whole conversation at dinner? About this being something? That didn’t clue you in?” Armie brushed a thumb across Timmy’s cheek and then rested his hand on the juncture of his neck and shoulder. “Timmy...when filming is over, I don’t want this to be.”

“Oh,” Timmy said. 

“Yeah, oh.” Armie leaned in and kissed Timmy, letting the emotions he was feeling bubble up from his chest and pour straight into this kid who had stirred them up in him. 

Then he decided to break one more rule — never say it first — and he pulled back. 

“Timmy, I think I love you.”

The smile that spread across Timmy’s face, and the relief that made his eyes turn two shades greener, was like the sun coming out from behind the clouds.