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The buzz of the motor echoed in his ears as his body leaned forward, keeping the balance.

Face covered with a black helmet, a dark purple suit that hugged his body. He was sporting boots and gloves, the capturing weapon swung behind him. To his belt was attached a safe gun, and on his back was an average-sized backpack.

The wind whistled in his ears as he drove through the city, noticing the glares people around him were giving him. He didn’t care about them. After all, he had a very important meeting to attend, and the time was running short.

But it wasn’t his fault. Who in the world asked someone who had just finished a mission to attend a meeting? He fell asleep the moment he stepped for a nap in his commissioner's office and almost missed the third alarm clock. Yet, somehow, he found himself at the pit of the massive building two minutes earlier than the time of the meeting.

Parking his motorcycle was easy, and he took a moment to appreciate his life choices - because the parking lot for cars was stacked. After all, there were a lot of teachers and visitors in the over-glorified U.A high school.

Shinsou slipped his head out of the helmet, raffling his indigo hair with his fingers. To his lungs, finally, reached some fresh air. He needed to get going but he also needed to close his eyes for a moment and collect his thoughts. They could fuck off - he was going to take a moment for himself and just breath.

After that, he hopped off the machine and walked inside, noticing the puzzled glances the first year and second-year students were shooting him. A bunch of kids, honestly.

Fishing out his phone, he continued to walk over the teacher’s headquarters, checking which room Aizawa wanted him to come to.

A minute later and he already knocked on a heavy, metal door which led to a meeting room, mentally preparing himself for whatever was about to happen.

When Shinsou entered, he didn’t expect to see the familiar faces he saw. Not only Aizawa was there, but Principal Nezu in all of his bear-ish glory, Present Mic with his usual smug face, All Might as dominating as always, Midnight, grinning casually and Vlad King… The man’s expression was as indifferent as Shinsou’s so he had no opinion about his resting bitch face. No one judged those of their kind. Not to mention he spoke to him once and it was more than a year ago.

“Welcome back, Shinsou.” greeted his mentor, surprising Shinsou by the rather soft tone he used. All Might pointed at an empty chair between him and Midnight. Hesitantly, Shinsou sat, couldn’t deny the tense atmosphere. “How are you?”

“Fine,” he was dead tired but that was a story for another day.

“Do you know why did we call you?” asked Nezu, crossing his fingers.

Shinsou swallowed down a lump of nerves but kept his indifferent and stoic expression. “Not sure.”

“We called you here to congratulate you on completing your first mission!” Midnight clapped her hands, looking with a bright smile at him. “You did a great job. We received only good reviews about you, which is rare.” 

Shinsou fought with the crimson blush that threatened to color his cheeks, looking down at his feet. “Thank you.” blurted.

“You’re embarrassing him,” snorted Present Mic.

“Shut up.”

Aizawa and Vlad King growled simultaneously.

“What are your plans from now on?” asked him Nezu. His voice hinted that he was interested in Shinsou for some other task.

To complete his three years of studying in the U.A (according to a new study program that started only this year) he had to do another two missions throughout his last year of high school. Missions that Pro Heroes or some other rich twats gave him, like the one he did now.  

Anyhow, his brain was too fuzzy to think. Not to mention that if another someone would annoy him while he was dead tired, he would explode. Shinsou could get very mad when he reached the stage where even he craved for some sleep.

“For now, taking a break.” shrugged. 

“Okay,” Aizawa glanced at him, “Make sure to rest and relax. You all have tomorrow a day off and then we’re continuing our studies as usual.” reminded him.

 It wasn’t something he was happy to be reminded of, but Shinsou wasn’t fazed. He was angry that they dragged him here for fifteen minutes but locked his boiling anger inside.   

“Sure.” said through gritted teeth. “Now you’ll have to excuse me, I need some extra hours of sleep.”

“No worries, it was a pleasure to see you.”

Shinsou concluded that if he wasn’t going to sleep ( ahm-Insomnia-ahm ), he would simply go on a walk.

Most of his classmates were already back. The only one who was on their way home were Midoriya, Bakugo, and Hagakure. Those three had some complications as of what Kirishima told him, which he could expect from Bakugo and Midoriya but Hagakure? That was weird. 

He noticed before he walked out of the dorms that a few others weren’t there, but he guessed they went to relax somewhere too after the tough three days they all had. He breathed in and stretched as he shuffled nonchalantly down the street, yawning lazily. His body whined in pain, muscles sore and bruises pump, but he just brushed it off, sighing. 

These were quiet, peaceful hours, during which the people flooded the streets but it wasn’t crowded. He shoved his hands into his pockets and looked around, looking for perhaps some kind of cafe to sit and drink coffee and listen to music. He had a lot of time to burn until he had to head back to the dorms. 

Maybe I’ll go to the cat cafe? It wasn’t that far away and he always had a great time there. Cats, coffee and music - the best package deal ever. Smiling internally, Hitoshi already imagined the cats he would play with; but since when did things go according to a plan?

Never, and the explosion a few streets away emphasize his point.

He froze in his place and looked to the side, noticing the smoke rising in clogged clouds from some building, and of course, the screams and yells of the people came shortly after. His body tensed, and despite the utter will to just relax for a few hours and ignore the whole world - he darted there.

The Pro Hero in training had no weapons or his costume on, but it didn’t matter. He would do anything he could, that what he was taught to. That what the Hero License in his purse was for.

A few minutes later, he found himself braking right into the eye of the storm. Growling, Shinsou scanned the area carefully.

The evacuation team was already pushing people away, yelling among themselves. In the turmoil, they didn't even notice him. Deciding to enter the smoke: his eyes already searched for whoever caused the fuss.

A figure moved a few inches away from him, making ugly sounding roars and clacks with… Were those sharp spikes its teeth? Jesus Christ . It turned and let out a yell of anger, leaping forward - as a sudden burst of electricity hit it. In Shinsou’s memory, there was only one electrical user from the known people list, and that was no one else than the idiot that had studied with him in the hero course - Kaminari Denki. Also known as a Stun Gun Hero: Chargebolt.

Out all of the people he could meet during a villain attack, it just had to be him, didn’t it? Wasn’t he supposed to be at the dorms, chilling with everybody else?

The fog dissolved. He stepped forward, noticing a gun lying on the floor. Well, he didn’t have an official license to use cold weapons yet but it was an emergency, right? “Back up’s here!” he called out, trying to voice it louder than the roars. 

He received a glance from the blonde, who then jumped to the air and sent an electrical current to the beast.  “It’s alright!” he called back, landing a few inches away. “No need!”

And probably there was no need.

The blonde darted forward and facepalmed the beast that tried to bite his hand off, sending another wave of electricity down its huge body. It yelled and backed away, it's all body lit up from the currents. Denki watched it with a satisfied smirk as the beast fell, smoke arose from its body.

Then he turned to Shinsou, their eyes locking for a brief moment.

“Ah,” he blinked in surprise. “I didn’t notice it was you! Hey!” he greeted, his smile growing wider. 

Oh no. Shinsou wasn’t ready. He had no stamina for socializing. Not with Denki nor with any other except for coffee and cats. If the case was solved then he wanted to just get back to his original plan. Still, the blonde already bounced in front of him, his wide smile was blinding.

The sirens of the police, firefighters, and ambulance yelled from behind. People around were cheering for the teen, as for he defeated a monstrous beast. But Kaminari didn't seem fazed by it at all - in fact, it looked like he was ignoring everything and focusing on Shinsou and Shinsou only. 

“What’s up, man? How was your-”

But he was cut by a sudden creek that caught both teen’s attention, that came from the wall of the building they were standing under. Slowly, Shinsou looked up, noticing it was crumbling. Both stared at it in silence, and Kaminari let out a nervous laugh.

“Let’s- let’s getaway.”

For the first time, Kaminari had said something smart.

“Yeah,” breathed out Hitoshi. “Let’s.”

Not that his hopes were answered: for things to go well, that is. As soon as they took their first step, the wall suddenly collapsed. His eyes widened and he leaped, grabbing Kaminari's arm and pulling after him.

There was a terrible screeching noise in his ears as the wall lost against the gravity that pulled it to the ground; he increased the pace and so did the blonde, both running as rapidly as they could-

And then he noticed the shadow of the wall too close to them.

He leaped above Kaminari without thinking about it. Both teens crashed on the floor, his face bumping into Kaminari’s chest as he heard the boom around them when the cracks of the wall collided with the ground. For a moment he thought that they were safe, but still pushed himself to cover Kaminari’s much smaller body with his own.

It was bold of him to assume that it was over and that none of them would get hurt - because a second later, something crashed hard against his left ankle.

Eyes widening, body jerking suddenly and feeling the pain arising from his leg. But the most terrible thing was that he suddenly heard the beast roaring again. Are you kidding me?!

"Oya babe, I can do wonders in bed but that's the wrong circumstances, dontcha think?" 

Shinsou glared at the blonde beneath him, understanding that the situation kept on getting worse. “Shut. Up.” hissed angrily, his patience expired. He wanted to chill with cats, not being smashed by a wall atop of an idiot.

The floor trembled beneath them, the beast jumped with an ugly battle cry. Shinsou shot his head up, eyes widening in a momentary terror. He didn't have the time to think properly about his actions; the beast leaped at them and roared. He had to act fast.

His eyes spotted a metal rod, and he stretched his arm out, feeling his ankle cracking even more under the heavyweight of the ruins. And oh did it hurt like a fucking bitch.

"Zap it!" 


"Do it!" yelled Shinsou, feeling Kaminari's fingers wrap around his palm.

The beast darted at them, Shinsou swung his arm and clashed the rod against its head.  

Kaminari suddenly hit his forehand, yanking his body backward - and then next moment electricity hit the place, making Shinsou squirm and his grip around to rod tighten. The scream from the beast told him that it hit it too, but his whole body was shocked for a breath second - before it suddenly stopped.

Taking a deep breath, Hitoshi carefully opened his eyes, noticing that the monster was still in the process of electrification; but he wasn't. 

Looking down, he realized that Kaminari was still holding his forehead, biting his lower lip, sweat rolled down his chin and his eyes narrowed as he concentrated on Shinsou's eyes. The purple head guessed it was because he didn't let the electricity reach Shinsou, that he stopped it and manipulated only toward the beast and himself; yet he couldn't look away. His glowing gold eyes were devouring him. 

The whole process took less than half a minute before the beast fell unconscious to the floor. Kaminari breathed in heavily and let go, lulling his head back and hitting the floor. He coughed, salvia dripped down his chin. "M-man…" his fingers let go of the rod, "That was close."

"Yeah," choked out Shinsou. They were quiet for a moment, only panting and calming down, and then he cleared his throat. "Thanks… I guess."

Kaminari smirked, "You're welcome."

It caught him off guard that Kaminari didn't question him what he was thanking him for because he wasn't sure. He needed to sleep.

More awkward silence.

“Dude,” Kaminari clapped his palm on Shinsou’s shoulders, “I told you. I’m a beast in bed, really, I can be your best sex friend. But dude, my man, you’re heavy. Get off.”

It took a second for him to process the thrown words at him because at the same moment pain was shot up his left leg; making him wince. “ I can’t.” choked out, realizing the pain grew stronger with each passing second.

Kaminari’s eyes widened. “Oh shit, that wall crashed you?”

“Yes.” hissed through gritted teeth. “I probably broke my fucking ankle. And you know what? It fucking hurts so-”

“Okay, listen.” he cut him, cupping his face. “I’ll send a wave to your Nervous System and trick your brain to think that you ain’t broke shit. It’ll last for a few seconds because I’ll send a really low wave. At that time, you’ll have to move so I can crawl from beneath you okay? Then I’ll call the rescue team. Just don’t panic.”

It was odd, feeling his fingers on his cheeks and hearing his calm voice. He remembered a different Kaminari - a blonde idiot that short-circuited himself; that panicked when the smallest thing went wrong and acted dumber than his left shoe.

Well, he always felt that Kaminari had some hidden intelligence that was repressed, due to insecurity or whatever, but he was still very surprised. All he could do was to nod, dumbly. Anyway, now that the adrenalin ceased, the real pain kicked in.

Kaminari took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Shinsou guessed he was concentrating, and then, suddenly a warm wave of tickling electricity ran through his whole body. His shoulders relaxed, and on the next moment, his body lifted itself carefully.

Puzzled as for how did his body move on its own, he felt Kaminari crawling from beneath him. The blonde turned to be smaller than he thought, and it took him only a few short seconds before he rolled to the side and jumped to his feet.

The light feeling vanished a second later and pain exploded in his ankle. He choked a cry, letting go of the hold he had on the ground and bumped his face. Squirming, Shinsou bit on his lower lip, not letting himself to announce the pain aloud. The unexpected ruffle on his hair caught him off guard.

“Don’t move. I’ll be back in a sec!”

His consciousness was beginning to darken. It was too painful, and the zap Kaminari gave him turned him… Sleepy. He let out a shaky breath, trying to keep his eyes open, seeing Kaminari running somewhere. He didn’t hear him anymore, and black spots appeared in his vision.

And then, his conscious slipped.


Something hammered in his ears, as after what seemed like an eternity - some light began to flow into his consciousness. 


A growl. He made it, probably, because it vibrated in his throat. Opening his eyes was a tough mission, but eventually, he succeeded. Now, he waited for the tangling in his ears to cease. It took a moment or two, before he was fully aware of his surroundings and again for the crippling pain in his left ankle. 

The groan followed by the pain was slightly too expressive, he didn’t mean it like that but someone tugged so hard at his ankle that it made him jerk and cry in pain.

“Fuck- Senpai, hold him!”

“Right away,” a familiar voice.

Two palms were slapped against his eyes and his head was pushed back. Instead of meeting the floor it bumped into a pair of muscular yet soft thighs, and it made him puzzled. Shinsou found himself utterly confused, the pain and lack of sleep didn’t help. Not thinking, he pushed his arms back and clenched into the wrists of whoever was holding him, trying to move his palms off his face.

But then another tug on his leg made his body strain and he whimpered, digging his fingers into the skin he was holding.

Ouch, dude.”

“Shut up-” he choked, forcing back tears that threatened to roll down his cheeks. A few more miserable minutes passed, and then, he felt a pat on his knee. The pain suddenly decreased.

“Your leg is healed.”

“Ah?” he let out.

The palms that covered his eyes finally disappeared and the darkening sky of the early evening outspread before his eyes. He stared blankly at it for a few moments, noticing the clouds floating there slowly, peacefully. 

Hesitantly, he moved his ankle.

It still hurt, a bit, as if he had tripped on his feet - but it wasn’t broken. Slowly he pushed himself into a sitting position, round purple eyes focused on his leg. The only thing that hinted about it being injured was the torn apart pants. The realization that he was rescued from underneath the wall settled a moment later.

His eyes crawled up, to an unfamiliar guy, with white hair gathered into a ponytail that reached his shoulders, and green eyes. He smiled at him, teeth so white it was painful to look at them, as he stood up slowly. “I healed your leg.”

Shinsou cleared his throat. “Thanks.”

Now was a great time to observe his surroundings. He was still in the middle of the earlier battle scene but dragged a few inches away from the wall that had crashed. The police, paramedics and other people were running around the place, cleaning up the mess. The beast was pushed into a huge track and that… Kamui Woods was talking to a police officer.

Confused, Shinsou swallowed a lump of nerves, feeling drained.

Someone offered him a hand. He shot up to glare and his gaze met a pair of gold eyes. Blonde locks were messy on a rather small head, lips and nose were bleeding. When did it happen? He didn’t notice. His clothes were torn from the battle, but Hitoshi’s were too. Bruises, purple and blue mess, covered his face.

They stared at each other in silence, before Shinsou brushed off the offer and jumped on his feet. A short string of pain zapped him for a moment, but he ignored it. 

The look Kaminari gave him wasn’t offended, but ill at ease.

He glanced back at the third guy, that was standing and observing him too. Shinsou shifted uneasily in his place. For someone who observed and studied the environment and people around him a lot, he wasn't comfortable when others were doing it to him.

What caught his attention was the hero costume he was wearing - a pastel green cape that was bottomed up until his hips, and the rest of the cloth dangled until his thighs. His pants were loose, white-colored, and tucked into high beige leather boots. On his paws were white finger gloves. He looks like some rich twat.

"Senpai, are you alright?" he turned to Kaminari, and suddenly Shinsou felt as if he didn't even exist. Despite the hard eye contest they just shared.

Just for you to know, I definitely won. Scoffed.

The blonde blinked, shaking his head. "Yeah! Thanks, Hashimoto kun." 

And then it hit him. Senpai? Kun? Was Shinsou too tired to comprehend or did Kaminari's baby face toyed with people that much? Because next to Kaminari, the guy didn't look younger than him. Maybe older but definitely not younger.

Now, however, that he took another solid minute to observe him, it suddenly hit him that it was an intern high schooler like them, but one year younger. That looked older than Kaminari.

It wasn’t hard to look older than Kaminari, but still.

"I'm glad to hear so, senpai." he smiled fondly at the blonde.

Shinsou narrowed his eyes, wrinkled his nose: was that a sexual, one-sided tension he sensed here? Coming from the said kohai to his ignorant senpai that was too busy rubbing blood from his nose. He had to choke down a smirk, it was hilarious. 

Footsteps of more people were heard, as they made their way throughout the ruins. They were mostly police officers that came closer, staring at them with round eyes and rambling nonsense. He took a deep breath, rubbing his neck. What else would he have to do? Cross mountains to get some sleep?

"Hi," he glanced at Denki who shot him a weak smile, "I'll handle this. You can go."

"Okay," Shinsou nodded, not waiting any spare moment to just ditch the unwanted socialization that was flowing his way; shuffling out of the eye of the storm. The cats' plan, for today, was canceled. But, at least he would be able to get to the dorms and sleep. 

Without crossing any mountains - what a relief.