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And So What?

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“So you’re dating that Chimney guy?” Maddie replies cautiously “Yeaaah…”

“You’re ATTRACTED that guy-really?” Maddie puts the veggie wrap she’s eating onto her paper plate. “Just exactly what are you getting at, Kay?”

“I mean…the guys’… ASIAN” in a quasi-whisper…as if what she’s just stated needs no further explanation.

“You’re being super offensive right now, you know? I’ve lost my appetite, and so I’m going now. I won’t
report this to HR, as long as you never speak to me again.”

“Suits me. The President is working on getting rid of all these…PEOPLE who don’t belong here, anyway- MAGA, Bitch!, she hisses, careful to make sure that she’s not over-heard.

Stung and un-believing, Maddie quickly gathers her tray and rushes out of the break-room. As quickly as she can, without running, she heads down to find Chimney…

The minute she spots him, she takes him by the arm and leads him to a discreet corner, snatching him into her arms in an almost painful embrace.

“Hey, Hey, Babe, you okay?”

“Just HOLD ME…I can’t talk about it now…I WILL…but for now-just hold me-hold me TIGHT,” she says, her words muffled by his chest.”