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That was all Izuku could see. Carmine orbs, narrowed in annoyance at the world around them. Searching for something, someone. The eyes make contact with his own before the annoyed squint intensified, anger flashing in them, with the new knowledge they were being stared at. With as quick as the anger appears, it's chased away with surprise, then wonder and amazement before the red is almost eclipsed with the darkness of lust blown pupils.

They found what they were looking for.

Izuku takes a shaky breath and looks away to escape the red, clear his head, take in the dirty grey skyscrapers around him.

He scrunches his eyes shut in an attempt to reduce the stimulus his brain has to deal with. It was all too much for him.

Izuku reopens his eyes and his world is flooded with red again.

In the few seconds he'd shut himself off from the world the owner of the red eyes had closed the distance between them and was now standing in his personal space.

"You," the man growled, breathing heavily through his mouth, "pine, grass, sunshine. You smell like my favourite hiking trail. You smell like you belong."



The man was slightly taller than him so when he leaned down to inhale Izuku's scent directly from his neck Izuku's vision was filled completely with messy, stylised, platinum blonde spikes.

He felt a wide tongue leave a wet stripe up his neck, over his scent gland. Izuku shivers, overwhelmed with feeling.

"You smell like you belong to me."



Black was all Izuku could imagine with the man's gravelly words, the man's musky scent. The dark, crispy outside of a roasted marshmallow. The deep colour of the sky, dotted with bright stars. The colour that was left when a kerosene lamp was extinguished.

Izuku's breath stuttered when the man grabbed him by his waist to push him a step back and remove his mouth from his neck. His eyes were met with red again.



Green would be all this man saw. Izuku's deep emerald eyes and his dark green waves atop his head. He hoped he was something the man wanted to look at because as soon as Izuku had got a waft of the man's scent he had stopped in the middle of the footpath on his way to work. The heady scent of caramel, smoke and kerosene preventing him from going further until he found who was emitting the strong Alpha scent. Which is how the Alpha found him; standing there, lost, one half of a whole.

"Alpha," Izuku purred, already enamoured with the man, "you smell so good. Smoke, caramel, fire. Nights my mother and I would spend out camping together. You smell like home."

Their scents were already mingling. The bubble around them smelling heavenly, giving anyone who caught the scent a vivid image of clear cloudless nights where the stars shone brightly. A campfire crackling loudly as the logs beneath fed its life force. Tall pine trees surrounding the clearing, acting as a barrier, protecting them from anyone stumbling across the peaceful moment the couple was sharing near the fire.

Izuku stumbled back, not even realising he had moved and was now inhaling heavily, directly from the Alphas scent gland. His head clearing as he realised, he and this Alpha were scenting each other quite intimately in the middle of the busy footpath during everyone's morning commute to work. Rubbing their wrists together and brushing their necks together slowly.

"Mate," the Alpha rumbled, "you're my true mate." 

Deep down Izuku knew this. He could already feel his Omega responding, slick starting to trickle down his thighs into his briefs and down into his freshly pressed suit pants. His mind screaming at him mate mate mate mate MATE.

"Yes," Izuku breathed back, "you're my mate."

He and the blonde were dressed in fine tailored suits, but running into each other in the financial district of the central business area of the city it's no surprise they were dressed so well.

He took a better a look at the mate the fates had determined for him and Izuku’s mouth went dry. He was handsome; sharp angular jaw, high cheekbones and a tight waist indicating his Alpha worked out.

Slick started to leak out of his hole at a faster pace. His mate was strong, his mate would provide a safe home and strong pups, his mate was perfect.

The Alpha seemed to be getting his fill of Izuku too and he seemed pleased, a grin slowly working its way across his beautiful face as a heavy undercurrent of arousal fanned through his scent.

"I only live three blocks away, Omega."



The three blocks to the Alpha’s apartment were a blur. The two texting in sick to work on their way before pretty much sprinting through the crowded footpaths pushing people out of the way. The grey suit the Alpha was wearing was the only constant, a beacon in the sea of madness the crowd created, calling him and guiding him through the tumultuous waves. It was a whirlwind, going from the usual commute to his office to finding your partner you were destined to spend the rest of your life with.

It was fair for Izuku to have some whiplash.

They made it to the Alpha's apartment complex before getting into an elevator and heading up to the correct floor.

Coming to a stop on opposite sides of the elevator, the two shared a look, heavy with promised pleasures and fulfilled desires. Izuku’s breathing became heavier, panting and inhaling as much of the Alpha’s scent as possible. Looking across the elevator to the beautiful man in front of him. Their scents mingling in the confined space, making it hot and humid, until they couldn’t take it anymore. The two rush at each other from their respective ends of the elevator, meeting in the middle for a bruising kiss. The kiss is messy with spit, the excitement too much for either man to bother with setting a rhythm, both fighting for dominance. Hands snaking around waists, fingers slipping under shirts and onto smooth, bare skin, tongues preparing for battle.

The Alpha licked into Izuku's mouth and the taste caramel and smoke bursts into his senses making him release a needy moan. The Alpha grabs Izuku by his ass and brings him flush to his front, grinding their hard cocks together. The friction releases more slick from Izuku's needy, empty hole and a high-pitched whine from deep in his throat. His Alpha responds with a deep grumble, its vibrations felt through both their bodies.

The Alpha removes himself from Izuku's mouth, tending to his neck and now swollen scent gland and massaging the plush, heavy globes of his ass.

"What's yer name," the Alpha slurs, drunk on the lust pheromones dripping from Izuku's pores.

"Izuku," he mumbles, the flush over his body from the Alpha's ministrations fogging his head.

"Mm Deku, you smell so fucking good, my name is Katsuki, be sure to scream it later."

"Deku? No, my name is Izuku, Kaaa-cchan," Izuku moans through the end of his sentence, rendered basically incapable of words as the Alpha scrapes his canines over Izuku's scent gland.



They finally arrive on Katsuki's floor, leaving the elevator smelling like a large bonfire on a bright summer’s night. They reluctantly separate and make their way to Katsuki's apartment. He's pushed through the door once it's opened and all he sees before Katsuki sets on him again is a wall of windows, showing the blue, cloudless sky.

"Already given me a nickname, huh Deku?"

"Well if you're gonna call me Deku, Kacchan is here to stay."

“Heh, I like a sassy man,”

They make their way to Katsuki's bedroom, albeit slowly as they make out against almost every wall between the entrance and the door to his bedroom, stripping themselves of their suit jackets and Izuku of his tie.

Their lust pheromones fill the air, filling their airways with burning pine needles, their scents setting up camp and pitching their tent deep in their lungs. They were here to stay.

Katsuki grabs Izuku mid-kiss by the back of his thighs and hoists him up before throwing him onto his previously immaculately made bed. The display of strength going straight to Izuku's dick, turning him on impossibly more. Katsuki sets onto Izuku's prone form, still in shock, and starts to remove his slick soaked suit pants, pulling them harshly down his legs. His shirt doesn't fair much better, almost ripped off his frame as if it personally offended his soon to be mate.

Left in his black briefs that strained to contain his erection at the front and were flooded with slick at the back, Izuku stares up at Katsuki at the end of the bed.

A grin spreads across Katsuki's face as he takes in the sight before him. His Omega flushed and sweaty, all ready for him to devour. He slowly removes his cufflinks from the sleeves of his white, long-sleeved business shirt before he begins to unbutton it, making a spectacle of the thing. Izuku is getting impatient, squirming on the bed, but the show is too good to tell Katsuki to speed up.

An involuntary gasp leaves his mouth when Katsuki removes his shirt, his torso and arms sculpted like a beautifully crafted marble statue, rolling hills and valleys of pure muscle contained only by alabaster skin. And all his to play with. Katsuki's pants are removed without much fanfare and then before he realises it Katsuki is only in his briefs. Bright red and straining over a barely contained bulge, a slight, wet spot of precum on the front.

"I'd ask if you like what you see but your face and the sound you made earlier are kinda telling," Katsuki smirks predatorily, slowly making his way over to where Izuku sat on the bed, nervous for what was coming next. The Alpha looked huge; he didn't know if he'd be able to take his knot.

"I like what I see too. Your fuckin deep green eyes that just pulled me in from the second I made eye contact with you on the street, those cute as fuck freckles on your face that cascade tantalisingly down your body. They're like constellations that would decorate the night sky when we go camping. Your beautiful tight ass with these thick thighs, God your workout routine is amazing and I thank it."

Katsuki punctuates the sentence with a harsh bite to the inside of Izuku's thigh, soothing the budding red mark with kisses.

"Fuck I want you, you're so perfect and you're perfect to take my knot. Trust me, you're made for me."

Izuku relaxes with these words as the Alpha continues to kiss up and down his thighs. It's like he read his mind and heard his worries, they really are perfect for each other.

Katsuki looks up the length of Izuku's body from where he is situated between his thighs, reaches up and pulls down his underwear, his hard cock springing out and hitting his stomach. The cold air rushing around it causing him to hiss in surprise. Katsuki tosses the underwear somewhere in the room before putting his hands under Izuku's ass and lifting his slick, needy hole to his mouth.

The first lick to his rim has him seeing stars. He bucks up involuntarily into the Alphas mouth as more licks are placed in and around his hole.

"Oh god, you feel so good Kacchan."

Red eyes flick up from the end of the bed and crinkle at the sides that said Katsuki knew what he was doing felt good and he was smug about it.

“Keep telling me how you feel baby, let it all out.”

The tongue moves from placing kitten kicks to tease to burrowing its way into Izuku's wet hole, stretching it out with hard thrusts. The tongue picks up the pace and the sensation causes a wave of slick to exit his hole and he fails to hold back a wanton moan. The slick hits the Alpha's tongue causing him to moan loudly into Izuku's ass and grind his hard cock into the bed for some relief.

"You taste so fuckin delicious Deku," the Alpha says when he comes up for a brief breath of air before driving back down between Izuku's legs to continue his devouring.

His tongue plunges back in, licking the inside of Izuku's hole, lapping up as much of the slick as he possibly can before twisting in quick, harsh circles causing the Omega to gush more slick and cry out in ecstasy.

The Alpha moves through patterns with his tongue, not letting the Omega get used to anything. First thrusting in and out quickly, then sucking harshly on his rim before making circles with his tongue having his Omega cry out again. He could feel the thighs around his head start to tremble and close slightly around him.

"Stop Kacchan, stop!"

The Alpha delivers one more harsh suck to the Omegas rim before rising, licking his slick shiny lips and chin, eating up all he could of his Omega.

"God I'm gonna get so addicted to your slick," Katsuki rumbles.

Izuku flushes a violent red in embarrassment but manages to squeak out "Sorry I was gonna cum.”

Izuku looks up through his lashes, looking deep into his Alpha’s eyes, “Fuck me Alpha, please?"

His little Omega saying fuck went straight to Katsuki's dick and he lets out a quiet moan, proceeding to quickly strip off his underwear and smash his lips into Izuku's for a hard, passionate kiss.

Katsuki's hand snakes down towards Izuku's hole from where it was placed on his waist, fingers trailing gently over his skin and leaving goosebumps in its wake. He hooks his arm under the Omega’s leg, pulling it up over his shoulder and continues to run his hand down the underside of thick, toned thighs. As his hand passes Izuku’s ass he gives it a quick slap that causes Izuku to moan into their kiss, soothing right after with a soft rub along the smooth skin. The hand underneath Izuku’s ass moves closer to his needy entrance while the other moves to grab Izuku’s hair, pulling him harder into their passionate kiss.

The Alpha’s heavy, hot cock drags along the seam between Izuku’s dick and thigh, causing him to shiver in excitement, he could feel how big it was and he couldn’t wait to have it inside him. Suddenly and without warning the Alpha sticks a finger into Izuku, causing him to throw his head back and break their kiss, moaning loudly as the Alpha rubbed his silken inner walls.

“God yes, you look so beautiful like this, wait ‘til you take my knot Omega, you’re going to look so goddamn good stuffed full of my cum and pups,” Katsuki whispers into Izuku’s ear as he slowly adds a second finger into his hole, stretching him deliciously wider. “I’m going to stuff your pretty pink hole.”

The dirty words the Alpha is spouting go straight to Izuku’s dick, making him squirm in anticipation. God, he wanted to be bred by this big, strong Alpha.

“Alpha, please, I need you.”

“We’re almost there my cute little Omega, a few more fingers and I’ll give you the cock you’ve been crying for okay?”

Izuku mewled when the Alpha added another one of his thick, long fingers into his ass, he was slowly losing his mind as he felt his dick start to twitch. Izuku was close to coming untouched.

“Alpha! Alpha, please! I’m going to come on your long fingers Alpha, Katsuki make me cum!”

Katsuki growled, rolling his hips down into Izuku’s, rutting their hips together, the delicious slide made smooth with the copious amounts of precum they were releasing. The Alpha dives back down and captures his Omega’s lips once again, the need to feel his Omega in his entirety overriding his love of watching the man come undone underneath him. Katsuki twists his fingers inside Izuku, causing his wet hole to release a lewd squelch. He begins to pump his fingers in and out of his hole faster, before curling them to press against the front wall of Izuku’s hole, pressing against the spongy bundle of nerves located there.

“KATSUKI!” Izuku yells, breaking their kiss violently as his toes curl into the bedsheets and his back bows, pressing his entire front into Katsuki’s chest.

“Found it did I?” the Alpha smirks, watching Izuku’s mouth open widely, drool leaking out and sweat breaking out over his flushed face. “Come on Omega, cum for me.”

Izuku moves one of his hands from Katsuki’s back to his nipple, tweaking the pale pink bud in time with the rhythm Katsuki set with his prostate abusing fingers.

With a yell of Katsuki’s new nickname on his lips, the Omega came, his hole tightening rhythmically on Katsuki’s fingers, trying to pull them in deeper while slick gushed out around them. His cock spraying cum all over their stomachs.

“God that was hot,” Katsuki says, looking down with astonishment at Izuku, “I almost popped a knot just watching you, but I promised my Omega a breeding, didn't I? And I’m nothing but a generous Alpha.”

Katsuki removes his slick covered fingers from Izuku’s hole causing Izuku to whimper pitifully as his stretched-out rim clenched down on nothing.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ve got something much bigger coming for you, sit tight.”

Katsuki uses the slick on his fingers to lube up his engorged shaft, rubbing the sensitive skin at his base where his knot will form, teasing out a pearl of pre from his head. The Omega watches, his eyes trailing the large hand travelling across the flushed cock, enraptured with the thick veins and deep pink head.

“Are you ready baby?” Katsuki asks as he leans down, pushing the Omega’s sweaty bangs that were plastered to his forehead. He pushes loose locks behind Izuku’s ear to then follow the path his fingers made with his lips and leaving a searing kiss on the sensitive skin on Izuku’s neck behind the shell of his ear.

“Please Alpha, make me yours.”

That was all Katsuki needed to hear before he was lining up with the wet, abused hole and pushing in, bottoming out in one long, slow thrust. As soon as he’s hilted in his Omega Katsuki lets out a shuddering breath. Izuku almost came then, being with his fated mate was overwhelming.

Katsuki looks down to make sure Izuku isn’t in pain only to find the lewdest expression on the little Omega’s face, his eyes half-lidded, his mouth open wide so Katsuki can see his little pink tongue, moving in time with his breathy whines.

“Please Kacchan, move.”

“Oo-okay,” Katsuki stutters out, trying so hard to not cum right there, the faces his cute Omega makes driving him insane.

Katsuki starts with a slow, loving pace, using the slow thrusts to take his time laving his tongue all over his Omega’s tiny nipples, loving the breathy moans that escape his kiss-bruised lips whenever he would suck one into his mouth. He moved up his body slowly, kissing his way up the body below him, making stops along his collar bone and the small collection of freckles on pale shoulders. He places a tender kiss over the gland where he plans to stake his claim, marking it forever.

He reaches Izuku’s mouth where he captures it in another fierce kiss, his hips beginning to speed up and hammer into the pliant body beneath him. His tongue forces its way through parted lips to get a taste of his Omega’s moans. They’re sweet and smooth, causing him to release his own moan into the area their mouths share, filling the space between them with unspoken affections. Katsuki pulls away, a tendril of spit connecting him to his Omega still, not wanting to let go.

“God, I’m gonna knot you Deku, is that what you want? My fat knot stuffing your slutty ass full, my cum pumping so deeply into you that you’ll be able to taste it into next week? Tell me baby, how badly do you want my cum?”

The wet slapping of their skin had sped up significantly, the rough thrusts almost pushing the Omega halfway up the bed. Katsuki’s half inflated knot catching on the Omegas puffy, abused rim.

“Oh god, yes! Breed me Alpha, breed me. Make me yours, I want your pups!”

Katsuki growls at that, hips moving impossibly faster as he hammered his Omega into the mattress. That’s exactly what Katsuki wanted, to have this beautiful Omega underneath him round and heavy with his pups. He wanted to spend the rest of his days with his Omega.

“Fuck, Deku, I’m coming. Take it, take my cum. I’m gonna stuff your greedy hole, oh god.”



With one final thrust, Katsuki’s knot pops inside of Izuku and he leans down to bite over Izuku’s scent gland on his neck, the coppery taste of blood with an undercurrent of Izuku’s pine scent filling Katsuki’s palate. Izuku is blinded and all he sees is white. The bite causes him to scream out in ecstasy, coming hard and clenching on the cock tied inside of him. The clenching of Izuku’s hot walls on Katsuki’s cock cause him to come, spurting rope after rope of hot cum deep into Izuku’s womb. The Alpha rode out their orgasms, grinding his knot into Izuku’s stuffed hole until the overstimulation is too much. The Alpha tilts his neck, submitting only to his mate, and makes room for Izuku to bite down. He lays a matching claim on Katsuki’s neck. Now everyone knows they belong to each other, their scents changing slightly to closer match one another.

The Alpha flips them to their side while they wait for his knot to deflate and he begins to clean his mating mark on his mate with his tongue. The Omega snuggles into his mate’s neck and begins to do the same.



In a few years’ time, Izuku wears a stylish white tux with bright red accents as he heads down the aisle towards his mate, the love of his life and soon to be husband.