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And She, Waits For You

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And She, Waits For You

Chapter One

Present Day - Saturday 21st December – 1 AM

Elly struggled as she opened her eyes. The pain she felt at the back of her head was blinding but she forced herself to open her eyes. As soon as she did her surroundings confused her. Darkness surrounded the soon-to-be-mum.

What's happened to me? Where am I?

Elly was lying all alone in a dark confined place that she didn't know. Elly tried sitting up from her position but the pain she felt in her head extended to the rest of her body. She quickly reached out her hand to her baby bump, relieved when she felt the baby kicking almost immediately at her silent panic.

What's going on?  What do you remember last?

Getting the mail from the mailbox, seeing Chloe arrive home from work to the Brenaka's but then we waved awkwardly to one another as she walked over to Pierce's place...urgh to probably spend the night at his...I hate knowing she's in his bed...that she is most nights when she stays with him.

I wonder how much longer it'll be before Chloe moves in with him after Pierce…don’t think about that…it doesn’t matter that the only good thing about Chloe waving to you means you know that…

It’ll happen sooner or later…I have to accept that I've lost Chloe for good. 

That wasn't the last thing I remember...I was at home I the kitchen...talking to Finn...but I was in a foul mood after seeing Chloe going to Pierce's house because of the reminder that Chloe is with her billionaire prince Pierce instead of with me...her 9 months pregnant semi-ex who couldn't come to terms with my feelings for I stand any chance in the world of winning Chloe back.

I shouldn't be making such a big deal out of just seeing Chloe walking over to Pierce's.

It could’ve been worse…like the other day…that was a tough one…I'm glad I had Susan to talk to about it and she helped me cope with my thoughts on the situation I found myself in...but knowing what I's only going to lead to an even tougher day...and I'm just waiting around for it to happen because I can't stop it.

Try not to be jealous, Elly, Chloe isn't messed that up months ago when you couldn't commit to being all-in in a relationship with her and convince Chloe that you could prioritize her along with your pregnancy.

Chloe's moved on and she's need to let her go.

The last thing I remember...I think I got into an argument with Finn...I don't know what it was about...why don't I remember anything else? When was that? Is it still the same day, just late at night? Is it the next day? How long have I been unconscious?

Where am I?

Elly suddenly grunted when she heard the sound of metal scrapping against something. A door opened to her side and she found herself noticing the darkness of the sky and the stars in the sky for the briefest of moments, before the metal scrapped again, the door closing back to where it was. 

Elly blinked as a torch flicked on, pointed directly at the brunette.

"Hello, Elly. Glad to see you're awake," Finn announced cheerfully.

"Finn?" Elly sighed in surprised, "What's going on? What am I doing here? Where is here?"

"All good questions to be answered in time, my love," Finn smirked back at her.

Through the darkness, the light provided by Finn's torch was enough to show the glint gleaming across Finn's facial structure.

'My love'...what the hell is going...on? Oh, my fucking God, I was right!

Two days earlier - Thursday 19th December – Early afternoon

Elly sat across from her younger sister Bea at the dining table at the Kennedy household. The pair had shared lunch together with Bea returning home from work for her lunch break to spend it with her sister who was on maternity leave. Elly and Bea lived with their Aunt and Uncle, Susan and Karl, as well as Bea's boyfriend, Finn Kelly.

Finn was as complicated as men could ever get. Up until just over a year ago, he had dedicated several years of his life to extracting revenge on Elly for 'ruining his life.' Finn had meticulously plotted and acted out crimes upon Elly and her family, including abusing Bea into believing that he was a disabled man by the name of Patrick whom Bea became engaged to.

Finn terrorized the Conway/Kennedy/Nilsson family for months, setting up Elly to take the fall for a hit and run, tricking Bea into the position of looking like Elly and getting caught on camera so it looked like Elly was near the scene of the hit and run, messing with Susan's MS medications, abusing Bea emotionally to the point that she almost didn't trust another man again. Locked Elly, Bea and Susan up in a shipping container to die only for them to be rescued by Karl and Elly’s boyfriend-at-the-time, Mark. Then on top of all that, Finn nearly killed numerous students at the High School where Elly and Susan worked.

You'd think Finn would be rotting in jail for his crimes, right? Not so. During Finn's last acts of rampage, luring Elly, Susan, Bea and their friend Xanthe to the top of a cliff, intending to lead them to their deaths, the tables were turned on Finn.

When, in an act to protect the three young women, Susan had pushed Finn off the edge of a cliff. 

Finn survived. Barely. He spent months in hospital in a coma. Then when he did finally wake up, though he was still dealing with severe physical pain from the clifftop fall, emotionally he was a different man.


Finn had suffered amnesia and as a result woke up believing he was a 19-year-old boy, having now celebrated a birthday was now a 20-year-old boy, that didn’t remember a moment of the torture he had inflicted on Elly or her family. To avoid incarceration for the crimes that he committed, regardless of his memory, Susan found herself offering Finn a home to stay in with her husband and nieces, feeling guilty for nearly killing the young man.

As the month’s passed, Finn had somehow managed to convince Bea that he really was a changed man and won her heart so they began dating again to Elly’s disgust.

Elly seemed to be the only one who had not forgotten what Finn had put them through. But who would listen to Elly, when Finn continued to prove every day that he had reformed?

In that time, Elly had found herself pregnant to Finn’s younger half-brother, Shaun Watkins, via a one-night-stand. Not that Elly had known who Shaun was when she had hooked up with him. Now she was only days away from giving birth to her baby and Elly had suspicions that Finn was not all that he appeared to be but Elly couldn’t find a way to voice her concerns to her family without inciting them to defend the criminal whom had lived with them for most of the year.

As Elly sat there finishing off her meal in silence with her sister, she wondered how she should voice the concerns that she had found herself having for the last week.

There’s something different about Finn, I know I only recognized it last week but now I look back over the past few weeks…he’s different…I can sense it. Surely Bea can too…she’s the one in a relationship with him…

I think it’s finally happened without Finn letting anyone in…his memories…I think Finn’s got them back…why wouldn’t he tell us?

Because Finn knows what it means…he was spared jail due to his circumstances…he’ll be locked up if there’s any hint that he isn’t as reformed as he keeps suggesting he is…

I have suspicions but no outright proof that Finn is evil…I can’t leave Bea unknowing of my concerns. As hard as they will be to hear…I know a part of her has fallen back in love with Finn…I can’t let her be blindsided…by not seeing the monster within…so how do I tell Bea my concerns about Finn…?

That he’s possibly regained his memories and he’s not that that innocent 20-year-old boy that Bea has fallen back in love with?

Okay…you can’t just stay quiet. Bea…and well, all of us could be at risk if…I am right and Finn remembers all his past misdeeds and could possibly be pretending not to be the monster that he truly is.

Just break your suspicions to Bea in a calm and caring but assertive way. Bea needs to know that your serious but she also needs to feel compassion from you and that you will support her no matter what. Especially if Finn has returned to his former self…you can do this.

“Hey, Bea,” Elly broke the silence with her younger sister as they sat together having eaten their lunches and were just hanging out until Bea needed to return to the garage for work that afternoon, “Can I talk to you about something?”

Bea looked up from the magazine she was reading, feeling surprised that Elly had broken the comfortable silence they had been sitting in. Not for any particular reason, but Bea was enjoying the quiet. Bea finished the final mouthful of food she had before nodding at Elly, “Sure, what’s up?”

Okay…take a deep breath…stay calm and explain that you have fears that Finn may have gotten his memories back and we need to work how we address this with Finn before any further damage can be done.

Before Elly could stop herself, she blurted out, “Finn is evil!”