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Who Is The Real Villian?

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‘Today, we walk among the streets in green, honoring the memory of 14-year-old Izuku Midoriya. A boy who sadly died after saving his classmate and childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo. May he continue to rest in peace.’ The reporter spoke. I snickered under my breath. I watched as people walked down the street, with All Might in the lead. This happened after my “death”. I almost died but a villain called Dabi helped me out and took me off before anyone could see. I found it funny. The number 1 hero crushed my dreams and a villain gave me a better life.
I held back another laugh and other people glanced my way. My hoody hid my head, so they couldn’t see my face.
‘What the fuck are you laughing at!?’ I heard a familiar voice bark. Kacchan~. He graduated UA and is now a pro hero~! I looked up at him and made sure my hood still shadowed my face.
‘This. He died ten years ago. I even heard that you bullied him. Yet he sacrificed his life to save someone like you. It’s so stupid and pointless.’ I couldn’t help letting out a hearty laugh. It’s fun to think about how stupid you used to be. His hand wrapped itself around my throat. I grabbed his wrist and began using my quirk. Oh right, All for One (My boss) gave me a quirk! My quirk can control anyone’s blood if I’m touching them. If I use my own blood, which is more useful, I lose that blood and I could die from it.
I moved his blood away from his legs and into his heart area. He quickly blasted me away from him and he collapsed. I frowned at the fact I couldn’t make any of his vessels pop.
‘It’s Rabbit!’ Bakugo screamed. People all turned to face me, heroes and bystanders. I got up on my feet and started to run away. I giggled as I heard the chaos behind me. A good chase was always fun. I never really got to choose my name. I’m just good at losing people when I’m running, so everyone started calling me Rabbit. Nothing too exciting happened on the chase, and before I knew it, I lost everyone, and I was back at headquarters.
‘People are going to become aware that you aren’t dead if you keep going every year.’ Shigaraki spoke as I entered. I always ignore him, and this wasn’t an exception. I know he’s my boss, but I really couldn’t give a fuck.

‘Deku’s back!’ Toga cheered and wrapped her arms around me. I tried my best to pull her away and eventually got it to work. I saw Dabi and waved. He was the only person apart from All for One who I cared about in this place. He offers me a small smile and I slip into my room. I sighed and took off my disguise clothes and into something more comfortable. I unlock my phone and go through random feeds on Instagram and Twitter. Bakugo threating to destroy Rabbit and news surrounding Rabbit at Midoriya’s march. I mean like, can’t a guy go to his own death march? I soon see something that makes my heart flutter.
I know I’m a villain, but I can’t help but fall in love with one curtain hero. Shouto Todoroki. I’ve brought merchandise with the money I get after jobs and I always stay on top of his social media. The photo I was looking at was a picture of my grave and a hand leaving a bouquet of flowers. Half were red and the other half where white, just like him. I let out a small squeak and fall onto my bed. I hate how much I was in love with the hero.
The sun began to set, and I got up and put on another set of disguise clothing and ran out. I say a quick goodbye to everyone before running outside. I ran into a flower shop, just before it was closing. I chose a bouquet of yellow Chrysanthemum and pay. I left and walked down familiar roads. When I made it to my mother’s house, street lights where on and it was dead silent. I walk up on her doorstep and place the flowers. I go to ring the doorbell and run when I hear someone behind me.
‘What do you want?’ I ask before turning around.
Last night, Miss Midoryia asked a favor of me.
‘I know you’re really busy Shouto, but please. Every year someone leaves flowers at my door. The media doesn’t know where I live and every one of my friends say it’s not them. And when you see them, please tell them I said thanks.’ Inko smiled sweetly up at me with a tear rolling down her cheek. I always paid memory to the boy. What he did always struck out to me what a real hero is. Unlike my father. So, to see the boy’s mother asking, I had to accept. Which lead me to see a hooded man in front of her door. A bright yellow bouquet of flowers rested on the ground.
‘I don’t need to tell you.’ He replied.
‘Well, she just wants to know and say thank you.’ I replied. The man is silent for a second before bursting out laughing. I immediately recognize the laugh. Rabbit.
‘She shouldn’t be thanking me! God! If only you knew!’ He continued to laugh. Multiple house lights flicked on and people started walking outside to see the commotion.
‘Aww, you know me Todoroki! Anyway, I was just about to leave.’
‘But why?’
‘Huh?’ Rabbit tilted his head. He took a few steps towards me and away from the door. His head tilted down. I could only see a smile spread across his face.
‘Early today you were making fun of the death of Izuku Midoriya. And yet you’ve been giving her flowers for nine years?’ I question. In the corner of my eye, I could see Inko watch from her door.
‘It is stupid! Hahahaha! If only you knew the full truth! Oh, this world would fall to chaos! And fucking All Might. He doesn’t give any fucks. He just feels bad. I know it!’ Rabbit jumped, almost making his hood fall off. I caught a quick glimpse of his eye. It was a nice emerald green. The kind of color Inko’s eyes are.
‘Well, this was fun! I’m so glad I got to meet you! I’m your number one fan. Bye~!’ Before my brain could process, Rabbit was already gone. I curse under my breath and tell everyone to go to bed. I turn to see Inko, looking down at the flowers.
‘Are you alright?’ I asked, picking up the flowers. When she looked up, there were tears streaming down her face.
‘It... It… It’s…’ She stuttered.
‘I know. I wonder why Rabbit-‘
‘Pardon?’ I asked. What about Izuku?
‘Rabbit is Izuku. My son is…!’ She began to cry even more. Her legs gave out and she fell to the ground and buried her head in her hands.
‘Hold on. Izuku can’t be-‘
‘He’s alive! He’s really alive!’ She looked up to me and smiled. I felt my heartstrings pull at the sight. My mind ran back to the way Rabbit’s eye looked. It was exactly like Inko’s.
‘Shouto! Thank you! Thank you!’ She pulled me into a tight hug and continued to cry on my shoulder. I hugged her back, thinking of my own mother. I held doubt that the villain Rabbit was the poor, quirkless boy, Izuku. Rabbit was dangerous. He had a quirk and he was very much alive and evil. And Izuku. He was a quirkless boy who saved his classmate and now he lays dead.
I say goodnight to Inko and left to go back to my own home. The thoughts continued to swim in my brain. Was Rabbit really Izuku? What happened to him?