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Little Prince, Kneel II

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“Are you absolutely sure about this, my little prince?”

Harry murmured the question directly into Draco’s ear, pressing his lips gently against the outer shell as he spoke.

Draco reacted like he always did. It was a natural response, not a conditioned reaction to stimuli. He visibly melted at the soft vibrations, hummed softly and relaxed fully into Harry’s embrace. His eyes remained closed, and a little content smile curved his lips upward.

Harry knew that Draco loved the feeling of his warm breath ghosting over the sensitive skin around his ear and along his neck. It was one of Harry’s favourite places to tease and torment. Sometimes he peppered it with countless of kisses, and other times he covered the area in bitemarks and sucked until the skin turned a deep shade of purple and Draco moaned and writhed beneath him, lost in the throes of his pleasure.

Tonight, Harry kissed Draco’s earlobe lightly and flicked his tongue over it, then quietly reminded Draco that he still owed him an answer.

Draco slowly opened his eyes and looked at him through their reflection in the floor-length mirror of their bedroom. His silvery-grey eyes gleamed, and there was a spark of pure joy in his eyes, yet at the same time, Draco also looked incredibly vulnerable. It ignited something fierce inside of Harry and his desire to protect and cherish Draco overruled all others.

“Yes, Sir. I want this.”

Draco’s softly spoken response was music to Harry’s ears, and he ran his fingers along the tight hemp rope that presently ran across Draco’s chest. The vibrations of Harry’s light and deliberately teasing touch caused Draco to shudder. He whimpered softly and smiling, Harry pressed a kiss to Draco’s neck to tempt him a little further.

They’d only recently switched from jute to hemp, and the different texture of the rope was something Draco was still getting used to. It didn’t diminish his burning need to be bound in Harry’s ropes though.

Smiling, Harry continued to trace the rope restraints that hugged Draco’s chest tightly, keeping him bound. He’d spent the last thirty minutes creating a Shibari masterpiece with one long string of exquisite hemp bondage rope, he’d purchased especially for Draco.

The diamond-shape full-body harness, Harry had created, looked absolutely divine and with Draco’s pale skin as a backdrop, the dark grey colour of the rope stood out beautifully. Harry instinctively and possessively tightened his arm around Draco’s waist and continued to run his fingers along the six-millimetre-thick hemp rope, causing it to vibrate in all the right place.

He’d purposefully tied the rope right across Draco’s nipples, and Draco’s cock and balls sat snuggly between two diamond knots. One knot placed pressure against the base of Draco’s cock, while the other knot rested snuggly just behind Draco’s balls. The continued influence of the rope and its tightness would most definitely provide Draco with some delightful friction each time he took a step forward, sat down or stood up.

“You’re a sight for sore eyes, my gorgeous little prince, do you know that?”


Draco blinked, and his cheeks turned a marvellous shade of light pink as they flushed in response to Harry’s praise. He briefly averted his eyes and pressing another kiss to Draco’s neck, Harry clicked his tongue in a gentle reprimand.

“No, look at me, my love. You’re stunning like this. I love seeing you in my ropes.”

Draco whimpered softly but dutifully lifted his gaze to meet Harry’s.

“That’s my good boy.”

Harry praised Draco’s obedience and stepping around him, he stood directly in front of him and brought his hand up to caress Draco’s cheek.

“You’re so beautiful, my little prince, and so sexy. I’m not going to be able to think straight knowing that you’re wearing my ropes underneath your clothes, do you know that? I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my hands off you for very long. I’ll be thinking of all the things I could do to you while you’re bound like this. For example, I could easily slip a pair of nipple clamps under those ropes, restrain your wrists to the bed, blindfold you and then run my wand along every inch of those ropes. You’d feel every tremor, every single vibration. Your beautiful nipples would be so hard for me, and your cock would be dripping. I think you’d beg me to touch it, wouldn’t you? You’d beg and plead for me to fist your gorgeous hard cock and tease your tight little hole, perhaps even fuck you while you’re wearing these ropes. Or maybe you’d prefer if I just admired you and told you how beautiful you look and what you do to me. Hm? What would you like, my gorgeous little prince?”

Draco’s cheeks flushed a deeper shade of red, and he bit the corner of his bottom lip. He let out a low moan, and Harry smiled.

“Whatever you desire, Sir. I submit willingly, and I trust you.”

“Such a good boy, I love it when you’re like this when you give me free rein to do as I please with your body and mind, knowing I’ll never take things too far.”

“Only for you.”

Draco whispered the words into the small gap between them, and Harry nodded in silent agreement.

“Yes, my love, only for me. That part of yours will forever be mine to treasure. Now, please tell me, how do you feel? Are the ropes too tight or can you take it?”

Draco took a moment to consider the question. He shifted a bit and adjusted his stance, then smiled shyly.

“I feel good, Sir. The ropes aren’t too tight, they’re just perfect.”

Pleased with Draco’s honest response, Harry inclined his head in approval. He’d taken his time with the creation of the harness, wanting to make sure he got it absolutely right, but Harry wasn’t the one wearing it, and as such he relied on Draco’s feedback to let him know how he felt.

“I know we practised this, but you will be wearing the ropes for much longer than you ever have. I need you to promise me that you’ll tell me when it gets too much. Tell me right away, even if it’s just a bit unbearable. Do not play the hero, it will not please me, you know that. This is supposed to be fun for the both of us, but the moment you stop enjoying yourself, the fun stops for me too.”

Draco smiled softly.

“I know. I promise I’ll tell you if it gets too much, Harry. I won’t pull any stunts; you have my word.”

“Good, very good, my perfect little prince, you’re wonderful. One more thing, and yes, I’ve mentioned this as well, but I absolutely will repeat myself. These things need to be said often and repeatedly. Depending on how you move or stand, people will notice the outline of the ropes beneath your shirt and they will know that you’re wearing a harness. They are unlikely to point it out to you, and you said you can handle it, but I need to hear you say it one more time.”

“I admit it’ll be weird, but I think I can handle it. If I can’t, I’ll let you know immediately. It’ll either be our agreed hand signal or my safeword, Sir.”

Harry smiled.

“You really are my perfect little prince,” he said.

Draco’s blush intensified once more and Harry leant in to capture his lips in a soft kiss, which he gradually deepened until his tongue had found its way into Draco’s willing mouth. He let it dance around Draco’s tongue, delighting in teasing him and only pulled away after several long minutes of heated kissing and when they both struggled to fill their lungs with adequate amounts of oxygen.

“Will you leave the top two buttons of your shirt undone and wear my grey collar, my love?”

He whispered the question against Draco’s lips, then pulled back and thoroughly enjoyed the dazed expression on Draco’s face. It took him a moment to gather himself, and he closed his eyes, inhaled, then slowly opened them, and exhaled.

“Yes, Sir,” he breathed.

Harry’s heart skipped a beat.

Draco lowered his head in obvious surrender, and a jolt of excitement caused Harry’s chest to swell with pride.

It had been nearly two years since Draco had first submitted to him, but each time he did, it felt like he was doing it for the very first time. Harry truly treasured Draco’s gift, and he never missed an opportunity to tell him so.

“I love you, my little prince, you’re breath-taking.”

Draco let out a soft whimper and bring his hand up, Harry let his fingers run through Draco’s hair and then summoned the light grey wild leather collar, he’d placed on top of the bed earlier.

It flew over to him and catching it with ease, he gently fastened it around Draco’s neck, making sure that it fitted perfectly. When he was confident that it was neither too tight nor too loose, he drew the outline of an ancient rune onto Draco’s shoulder and locked the collar into place with a mumbled incantation.

Harry leant in to place one last kiss on Draco’s lips, then took two steps back and waited patiently for Draco to stop staring at his own reflection in the mirror.

He eventually turned his head slightly, and as he focused on him, Harry smiled.

“Get dressed, my love, then meet me in the kitchen.”

Draco nodded and turning on his heel, Harry left their bedroom without a backward glance.

Since he rather enjoyed watching Draco, naked or otherwise, it took a fair bit of effort, but he managed to concentrate on the evening that lay ahead instead of fantasising about Draco putting on the clothes Harry had chosen for him.

He headed downstairs and making his way into the kitchen, he got started on preparing two cups of espresso for them to enjoy before they left the house.

A few months ago, they’d met Malcolm and his partner Andrej for coffee at a small coffee shop near Kensington Gardens, and Draco had instantly fallen in love with the espresso machine at the café.

He’d waxed lyrical about it for weeks, refusing to drink any other espresso, and unable to resist the temptation to surprise Draco with his very own espresso machine, Harry had returned to the coffee shop to ask for more information.

The shop’s owner had been kind enough to put him in touch with the Italian vendor, who supplied the machine, and after a whole month of eagerly awaiting its arrival and making sure the courier dropped it off at a time when Draco wasn’t home, it had finally arrived a few weeks prior.

It had taken Harry a whole afternoon and a plethora of swear words to assemble it correctly, and when Draco had returned home from the Ministry that evening, his jaw had all but dropped to the ground. He’d stood in the kitchen doorway, looking flabbergast and had spent a whopping ten minutes grappling for the right words. Harry still felt intensely gratified over the knowledge that he could render Draco speechless by gifting him an original Italian espresso machine.

Harry chuckled to himself at the memory. Prior to that afternoon, he’d been convinced that it took a sensual spanking, edge play, a bit of teasing praise, or a box of expensive chocolates to rob Draco of his ability to articulate himself properly ― though occasionally a gag also worked ― but apparently unexpectedly receiving a espresso machine from his boyfriend had the same effect on Draco.

After another few minutes of admiring every inch of his new toy, Draco had, in his excitement, thrown his arms around him, and kissed him deeply. The snogging fest had ended with a steamy round of sex on the kitchen counter, and Harry had to resolutely push the memory out of his mind to stop his body from reacting to it.

He had no intention of spending all evening with a raging hard-on, although realistically and given the fact that Draco would be wearing his ropes concealed underneath his clothes, chances of not getting aroused were slim.

Caleb had invited them to a special event at the club, and once Draco had found out that they were going to attend a rope bondage party, he’d expressed the idea of wearing a body harness in public.

The boldness of Draco’s request had slightly surprised Harry, but after a long conversation about all the pros and cons of it, he’d decided to indulge Draco. It hadn’t taken him long to come up with a plan to get Draco used to the idea of wearing a tight body harness for several hours. They’d practised for a few weeks, gradually increasing the length to time Draco spent wearing the harness, and Draco had responded exceptionally well to the ropes.

In fact, he had thoroughly enjoyed himself, but Harry still worried.

Deep down, he knew Draco well enough and didn’t expect there to be a problem, but he was also aware of the fact that while they intended to spend the evening surrounded by friends, there would also be strangers and they would be able to see the harness underneath Draco’s shirt. Harry had initially offered Draco a loosely fitting long-sleeved shirt, but Draco had taken one dark look at it, scowled, and threatened to set the offending item of clothing on fire to disappear it for all eternity.

Apparently, a casual jumper wasn’t good enough for a party. It didn’t matter that it concealed the harness entirely; Draco refused to be seen dead in a jumper he wore to lounge around the house.

Harry hadn’t even tried to convince Draco otherwise. He’d been tempted, but after Draco told him that he would wear whatever Harry chose for him, all rational thought had fled from his brain. There was nothing Harry could say to that; all of Draco’s acts of submission, no matter how small, meant the world to him and he cherished each time he was allowed to pick Draco’s outfit.

Outside of play or at home it wasn’t a regular thing between them, so whenever Draco surrendered that power to him, Harry caved ― always. The gift of submission was his Achilles’ heel, so to speak.

“I’m ready, Sir.”

Draco’s voice pulled Harry out of his musings and turning around, he found Draco standing in the kitchen doorway, looking positively edible. He was fully dressed, yet there was something about him that instantly took Harry’s breath away, and it wasn’t just one particular thing either, but a combination of many things. It was the way Draco carried himself, with an air of refined elegance. He wore his light grey collar proudly and like the gift that it was, and despite the harness, Harry had tied around his torso and fastened between his legs and buttocks, he moved as though nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Stunning, just stunning,” Harry said.

He gave Draco a highly appreciative once-over. The pair of black tailor-made chinos, he’d chosen earlier, fitted Draco like a glove and the light-grey button-up shirt complimented both the trousers and the collar perfectly.

Draco smiled.

“Thank you, Sir.”

Harry beckoned Draco over and offered him a small cup of freshly-made fragrant espresso.

“How do you feel?”

Draco inhaled deeply, and his eyes gleamed. He took a sip of his coffee but held Harry’s gaze over the rim of his espresso cup.

“I feel good,” he answered.

Harry nodded.

“How are the ropes?”

“Tight enough for me to feel them when walking but not tight enough to make them uncomfortable.”

“Good. Do you think you’re ready for tonight?”

Draco smiled.

“As ready as I’ll ever be, Sir. I’ve nothing to compare this to. Tonight, I’m jumping into the deep end of the pool.”

“And that even though you still don’t know how to swim, how very bold of you.”

Draco chuckled.

He finished his espresso and set the empty cup down on the kitchen counter.

“Or insane. That depends entirely on how you look at it.”

Harry laughed.

“Well, if it makes you feel any better, I promise to jump right after you and rescue you.”

Draco grinned, displaying two rows of perfectly white, straight teeth.

“Sir, you truly are my knight in shining armour.”

Harry smiled fondly.

“Anything for my gorgeous little prince.”

Draco’s cheeks pinked just a little, and with a cheeky wink, Harry finished his own espresso. He wandlessly levitated both their cups into the kitchen sink, filled them with water and chose to leave them there for later.

“Ready?” he asked.

Draco nodded.

Harry offered Draco his hand, and the moment Draco took it, Harry pulled him close, wrapped an arm around him and concentrate on the dark alley near Pandora’s Box. From there it was less than a five-minute walk to the entrance of the club. The familiar pull of Apparition pulled at Harry’s navel and keeping a tight hold on Draco, as they both swirled through the air, they left Grimmauld Place behind and elegantly landed in the secluded backstreet a few seconds later. They smiled at each other and straightening up a little, Harry laced their fingers together, and they headed straight for the club.

The DM at the door greeted them both with a wave, pushed the door open and ushered them in. Instead of heading downstairs into the dungeons, they made their way upstairs to the first floor and walked down the corridor to the Sapphire room.

The door stood wide open, and Draco respectfully waited for Harry to take the first step over the threshold before he followed him into the room.

“Potter, Malfoy! Only took you half a lifetime. Let me guess, you just couldn’t keep your hands off each other and had to do the dirty before coming over.”

Caleb approached them from the bar, grinning broadly. Stefan trailed behind him but smiled just as enthusiastically.

Harry rolled his eyes.

“Crude, Reid, you’re just crude,” he said with a chuckle.

Caleb thumped him on the shoulder and extended a hand towards Draco, offering it to him to shake. Draco took it, and they shook hands. As they did, he took the liberty to correct Caleb about the reasons for their slightly delayed arrival.

“If you must know, Reid, Harry and I had some espresso before we left.”

Caleb’s smirk turned positively dirty.

“Espresso, huh? Is that a new euphemism for quick, hot, and dirty?”

Harry groaned.

“I swear, C, do you ever think about anything other than sex?”

Caleb laughed.

“Sure do, just not when you two are around.”

Draco pulled a face.

“Honestly, Reid, if your wank fantasies include Harry and me having kinky sex, I really don’t want to know.”

Harry tried biting his lip to suppress his laughter but failed spectacularly.

Caleb winked at him, then gave Draco a quick once-over.

Harry could tell that Caleb had spotted the full-body harness underneath Draco’s shirt, but instinctively knew that Caleb wouldn’t comment on it. He also wasn’t worried that Caleb might joke about it as that went against everything Caleb believed in. There were crude jokes and cheeky remarks and then there was a kind of kink-shaming and the latter was something that resulted in Caleb instantly seeing red. It was his trigger, and over the years, he’d fought hard to rid the local community of anyone who thought kink-shaming was acceptable. Caleb had a standard, and he expected everyone in the community to follow a standard code of honour and respect. If they didn’t, they quickly found themselves in Caleb’s bad books and that was a place nobody wanted to be in. Caleb had a reputation and a lot of experience, and many within the local community looked up to him and accepted him as one of their mentors.

“I don’t need to wank, Drake, I’ve got a very obedient pet to take care of all my needs,” Caleb said, and as he spoke, he placed an arm around Stefan’s shoulders, pulling him close.

Stefan wrapped his arms around Caleb’s waist and snuggled into his embrace and Harry smiled at their openly affectionate behaviour. He squeezed Draco’s hand lightly, and when Draco turned his head slightly, they both exchanged a quick look, then Harry turned away to glance around the function room.

“Where’s Charlie?” he asked.

Caleb shrugged.

“He phoned earlier to say he’d be late. Some sort of emergency just outside of London. Couldn’t really understand much over all the noise in the background. To be honest, it sounded like a riot was about to break out.”

Harry barely managed to contain his smirk and Draco actually sniggered. If only Caleb knew that Charlie’s job entailed the preservation and taming of magical dragons, but that was a conversation neither of them would ever have.

“Liam’s here though,” Stefan interjected. “He’s over in the lounge area talking to Ruby.”

“I’ll go say hi, if that’s alright with you, Harry?” Draco said.

Harry nodded and let go of Draco’s hand. He watched him walk across the room and swallowed hard when his mind supplied him with a series of delectable images of Draco’s body harness and the way it moved underneath his clothes, teasing him in all the right places.

Caleb raised an eyebrow at him in a silent question and smirked.

“Congratulations,” he said.

Harry smiled.

“Thanks, took a bit of practice but he’s enjoying himself.”

Caleb nodded.

“First time?”


“Make sure to keep an eye on him, just in case. These things occasionally do go pear-shaped.”

“I will,” Harry said.

“Good man. Now, join me for a drink?”

“Only if it’s not some super-sweet cocktail concoction.”

Caleb grinned.

“Nope. How about a Gin and Tonic without the gin?”

Harry rolled his eyes.

“How about a Mojito without rum?” he mocked.

Stefan giggled beside Caleb.

“Sounds good, A round of Virgin Mojitos it is then,” Caleb said, firmly ignoring Harry’s jab at the club’s no-alcohol policy for any events and parties that included any form of play, even if it was just a show scene.

The three of them headed for the bar, and while Caleb ordered, Harry perched himself on the edge of one of the leather-patted bar stools. He had an unobstructed view of the lounge area and smiled when he spotted Draco, who was engaged in an animated conversation with Liam and Ruby.

It was as if Draco could feel his eyes on him and less than a minute after Harry had sat down, he turned his head to the bar and looked over. They exchanged a smile and Harry used a hand signal to check in on Draco, asking him how he felt. Draco grinned and gave him the thumbs up. Relaxed and relieved, Harry turned his attention towards Caleb and Stefan but kept some of his focus on Draco, just in case. He wasn’t worried per se, but he was responsible for Draco, and he took that privilege very seriously.