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"Claiming and Banging"

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You walked down the hallway with your new male friend. Hes quirky, cool and pretty funny. Sometimes,he even reminds you of your boyfriend, Sans. 

You hear the sound of rain.

Shit.You forgot your umbrella. 

You texted sans to come and pick you up. 

   you:sans, can you come and pick me up?

   you:I forgot my umbrella :/


Suddenly, the skeleton appeared infront of you. 

"SANS! Give me a warning next time! "

"hehe. sorry did i shook you down to the bo--..... (y/n),whos this? ",he said as his eye lights landed ona your friend. 

"Oh, this is my friend! "

"He's Sans ,my boyfriend ",you whisper to the said friend which just caused sans' hand to twitch. 


Sans didn't say or did anything. He just kinda stood there with eerie stare. 

"Umm?... "

Then,  he spoke but with a.... grave tone. You recognize thar tone. That tone means that someone wil be havind a bad time. You gulped. 

"(y/n),i'm just gonna talk with this friend of yours..."


Then, he teleported with your friend to who knows who. 

You just hoped that he would be fine. 

5 minutes later sans came back. Without your friend. 

"Sans, where is-",at the speed of light, you were suddenly in your room. Pinned by an angry looking skeleton. 

Then, it clicked. 

"Sans, are you jealaaaa! ",you were suddenly interrupted by two diguts rubbing at your clit. 

"S-sans... "

Sans let out a feral growl and ripped your t-shirt off,showing of your breasts. He rubbed his already-hard dick that was still in his basketball shorts on the center of your pants. Gods, it felt so good. 

Without warning, he carried you bridal style and throwed you on the bed. He proceeded to climb on top of you and rip your pants like it was paper.

You tugged on his clothes to signal that you want him to be naked too. He got the idea and quickly tossed it on the floor,leaving only his boxer shorts containing a blue, glowing member. You rubbed it and it caused him to moan your name rather loudly.Next,you stroked his lower ribs and he let out a feral growl. 

He suddenly stopped you and held both your hands up above your head. He took out a rope from the drawer just right beside the bed. Sneaky bastard. 

He tied your hands up and ripped your bra in half. First, he proceeded to kiss you for about 7 minutes.Next,he bit your ear but not to the point that it will draw blood. Soon after, he lowered his head down to suck at your fucking nipple without warning ,while also rubbing his member on your wet clit. He used his other hand to twist and play with your other breast. 

Feeling satisfied, he took off both his and your last undergarments to show off your aching pussy,  and his erect ecto-dick. You could already see pre-cum leaking at the top. 

Naturally, you used your free foot to massage his dick rather intensely. He whined but let the action continue. Five minutes later ,he cummed.

He put your foot down and, for revenge, he went down to your leaking cunt and licked it. You shuddered and whined. You needed more. You needed him. 

He chuckled, seeming to enjoy your torture and continued on lapping at your clit. He  used his sharp phalanges to hold on to your ass. Yup, thats gonna leave a mark.

Then, the motherfucker speared his tounge inside your pussy. Due to his abnormally long tounge, he explored every sinle place inside of you. Including your G-spot.

You screamed his name,then cummed.The fucker drank all the juices that was let out with a proud smirk. 

He went back to the original position and held his STILL hard dick in the direction of your entrance. 

'"all abort the bone zone~"

"fuck yo-aaaAAAHH! "

He pushed inside you in one swoop and ravaged you like a fucking animal. Every thrust, every moan, scream, kiss felt like walking on cloud 9.

Fuck, he was good. 

"tell me... tell me that you're mine... tell me! "

"I'm-ah! I'm yours! "

He let out an approving growl and continued to fuck you senseless. Then, he pulled out your souls and slammed them together. 


You and Sans did this before but it still feels fucking amazing. 

You wanted to cum. You knew that he wanted to cum, too. So, he bit you on the shoulder and that pushed you both to the edge.

And he cummed.

And cummed. 

...and cummed. 

Oh, Gods... 

He licked your bite mark to pour magic in.It glowed a blue color that would probably stay for a while. Soon after, he collapsed on top of you. 

He was still inside you. Probably knotted.

Before you could ask where he brought your friend,you heard loud snoring.He fell asleep. Asshole. 

You sighed and took your phone out and changed a name in your contacts. 

  humerus_skelo -->jello_skello