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Come on, Angel

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"Crowley, no." Aziraphale said, shaking his head vigorously.


"And why not?" Crowley looked at Aziraphale over the top of his sunglasses.


"It's a very bad idea, Crowley. It's been quite a few years. There'll be questions...." Aziraphale looked worried.


"Questions that can all be reasonably answered. Come on, angel. We have to. Call it a moral obligation." Crowley smirked.


"A moral obligation? How is this a moral obligation?" Aziraphale crossed his arms.


"I...well.....I hadn't thought of that yet, exactly." Crowley pushed his sunglasses back up and shrugged. "I'm doing it whether you join me or not."


"But you can't..." Aziraphale was almost whining.


"And why can't I?" Crowley raised an eyebrow. The corners of his mouth twisted a little bit.


"I....hadn't thought of that yet." Aziraphale pouted and Crowley wanted to kiss it away.


"Like I said, angel. I'm going whether you do or not. The question is, are you going to join me?" This time he let himself smirk. Aziraphale looked torn. He seemed to be having an entire discussion in his head before he finally sighed and gave in.


"Oh, alright. I'll join you. I'll....come up with something." He made a face. Crowley smiled brightly now.


"You won't regret it, angel, I promise." He got to his feet and set down the newspaper he'd been holding, though tabloid rag was a more accurate description. On the cover was a picture of a very tense looking Thaddeus Dowling and a headline that read "Scandal in the Dowling household. Warlock Dowling, aged 18, has just become an unwed father."