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Filthy Rich

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- cockwarming

- jimin is rlly into dirty talk

- jimin is prego 

- jimin RUBS one out if you know what i mean ;)



Jimin hasn't felt full since Jungkook pulled his flaccid cock out from his aching heat this morning. Now, the younger is at work - the Alpha set out to provide for all of Jimin's needs today, (even planning on running by the grocery store to pick up the omegas favorite ice cream).

The older places his hands over the bump on his stomach - 16 weeks today and showing. Ever since last week, they were under the impression that there was only one little pup growing inside of the omega, but now - now they're fully aware that there are two.

Jimin hums with a smile as he pulls on one of Jungkook's white button-ups. He lets the long sleeves hang over his hands, and doesn't bother with pants. After shimmying on his tight black briefs, the Omega wearily eye's their bed.

A whine slips out past his lips as his heart clenches in his chest. Alpha. He wants Jungkook home so badly, hasn't been this needy since they started dating two years ago. The omega makes quick work of finding pieces of Jungkook's clothing and placing them in a ring shape around the edge of the bed.

He doesn't want to lay in it, not yet, not until Jeongguk is hoping to lay with him too. He shuffles different articles of clothing around until it's as perfect as he wants it, and then he heads for the door.

He looks back one time, nerves settling at the sight of his perfect little nest before opening his bedroom door.

Jimin's nose crinkles. Bacon is the first scent he catches - which is fine, he and the pups love bacon. It's the other scents he's not too fond of. Other smells lingering in his and Jungkook's home.

A small feeling of guilt bubbles in Jimin's stomach. It's not the maids or the cooks' fault that Jimin is so sensitive - they can't control their scents. They're all on suppressants anyways, but Jimin's pregnant body has every little thing so heightened that it makes him feel nauseous. He hates the smell of oak, bourbon, and vanilla. Cherry blossom that once did provide him with comfort now has him running for the toilet.

After Jimin has emptied the contents of his stomach, he quickly brushes his teeth. He needs to find their workers a different place to work, at least until the pregnancy is over.

He slides his phone out of the waistband of his underwear. He unlocks it quickly before pulling up his messages to Jungkook. 

We need to let go of our staff, please. I can't take all the different smells in our space. I can cook and clean and do the laundry, kookie. It's no big deal. 

He doesn't even get the chance to lock his phone before Jungkook's text bubble is popping up on the screen. 

baby daddy💓💓💓💓💓:
Are you okay? Do I need to come home? We will. I'll find them a different place to work.

thank you, alpha. 💓
and no, but if you wanna tell me what you want for dinner I can make us a nice meal for tonight. maybe light some candles. 🥰

baby daddy 💓💓💓💓💓:
Only thing I'm hungry for right now is that perky little ass of yours.

Stop 😭 you know you can't say stuff like that while you're at work and I'm home alone 
It's not nice 😭

baby daddy 💓💓💓💓💓:
Sorry baby boy. Italian would be nice. I love you. I have to get back to work now.

Jungkook has always been a good Alpha, even when the two were in high school together. The first time Jimin had met the younger was in his senior year of school. The omega had always been picked on - one because he was an omega. Two, he was always small and his parents weren't the richest. The only way he could afford to go to Jungkook's school was because he was on a dance scholarship.

The two met when Jimin's heat struck him halfway through a late-night dance practice. Jungkook had been a floor above him, in the recording studio. He was respectful when he picked Jimin up off the ground, body hot and already sweaty.

He took Jimin home, tucked him into bed, and made sure that he had what he needed. All before running out of there to leave Jimin to help himself.

After a week had passed, Jimin checked the studio schedule - and after seeing Jungkook had reserved recording studio 3 - he took the younger a home-cooked meal.

They became an official couple sometime after that. Jimin taught dance classes for a while, but that was before Jeongguk took over his father's company.

Now, two years later - they're mated with two pups on the way. 

Hours have passed of Jimin being lost in his thoughts, and eventually the need to have Jungkook home grows stronger. He's standing over the stove watching the noodles boil when the need to be close washes over him, his hole clenching. God, he'd do anything to have Jungkook's dick in him right about now. Not fucking him, but he could warm it.

It's intimate, the closeness always makes Jimin feel a little light-headed. Makes his heart soar, and that's what he needs right about now. He's like putty in Jungkook's hands - always. He takes the chance to warm him up whenever the opportunity presents itself. He especially loves it when he's cooking and the Alpha comes right up behind him easily pushes in; his face rubbing against Jimin's scent gland.

Jungkook sometimes knows what his omega needs before he even asks for it. 

When dinner is ready, Jimin carries it to the dining room. There's a small table there, just enough space for food, and the two consuming it. They pull the bigger table out when there are more guests, but when they're alone - they spend most of their time attached at the hip. After Jimin sets the table, he lights as many unscented candles as he can - some scattered over the piano, table, the ones that are in their holsters.

When he hears the front door unlock, a wave of warmth washes over him. 

Jungkook can smell Jimin from outside the front door. Something isn't wrong, he'd be able to smell it - but something is off. There's a warm bubbling in his stomach and he can't quite place it other than that Jimin needs him.

Once he's past the threshold and the door is closed, he calls for his lover. Toeing off his shoes and placing his briefcase down, he loosens his tie before making his way into his home. "Baby?" He calls.

He makes his way through the kitchen, spotting the older on top of the piano. One leg is brought up to his chest while the other hangs off the side of the sleek black piano.

He looks all soft in Jungkook's shirt, his makeup nicely done, brown hair softly brushed to the side and parted. There's only one button done on the shirt, and it's right above Jimin's bump. The shirt is parted, exposing his swollen belly. A predatory growl rumbles in the back of his throat.

"Welcome home, alpha." Jimin smiles, sitting up and opening his legs to accommodate Jungkook. They take a moment, skin touching; hands exploring, scent marking. The omega gasps at the feeling of Jungkook's lips pressing softly on his neck.

"Are you okay?" The alpha asks. "Could smell you all the way outside." He breathes out, hands pressed firmly against his lover's stomach. He kneels down, pressing kisses to the rounded belly, whispering "missed you" before returning to run a hand through his omega's hair.

"Just missed you. Had a lot of different feelings today." Jungkook hums.

"Like what?" The alpha asks, raising a brow as he pecks at Jimin's lips.

Jimin blushes, eyes falling to his belly where Jungkook's hand rests. "Well," He says softly. It's still kind of embarrassing to talk about, embarrassing to ask for.

Jimin can feel Jungkook smile. "Oh," The alpha says softly. "You wanna be full, huh?"

Jimin grimaces. He gets so shy when Jungkook addresses it like this. "Just wanna be stuffed full of your alpha's cock, isn't that right, baby?"

Jimin whines, nodding is head. "You want a knot or just-,"

"Just wanna be full. Can we eat too, please? Then a bath and bed?"

And who is Jungkook to tell his baby no?

They decide on eating first, Jimin sat on Jungkook's thigh the whole time. They talk about Jungkook's day and how stressful it is, about the next doctors appointment and how they'll find their maids a new place to work. "You're so cute," Jungkook smiles, laughing as he noses at Jimin's scent glad. "My full baby, full of food and my pups. God, I'm so lucky."

Jimin giggles. "Stop," he pushes at the alpha.

"C'mon, let's go upstairs. Dishes can wait." And Jimin couldn't agree more.

They bathe together, washing one another with hands. Jimin's back is pressed flush against Jungkook's chest, his cock pressed right between the omega's cheeks. The older whines, squirming back. "Kookie," He whines.

"Okay, okay, let's go crawl in bed." 

"You nested?" Jungkook smiles, placing Jimin down on the bed - wet hair falling in his eyes.

"Built it. Waited for you." He says. "Please hurry, wanna-be full."

Jungkook is quick to lube up Jimin's hole, pushing his half-hard cock inside. It's fairly easy, given that he stretched the omega pretty wide this morning.

They curl up together, Jungkook buried deep inside Jimin whilst the older's cock is trapped between their stomachs.

He sighs in content, smiling lazily into the younger's chest. "I may have to quit work if this is something you wanna' do every day."


"Oh, oh, baby - are you getting excited?" And Jimin shudders against the younger's hard chest. His hard cock is trapped between their stomachs, and he just can't help it as he rolls his hips - gently thrusting forward to create a warm friction that has him whimpering.

"Look at that, my baby can't even warm my cock without getting needy."

He lets out a long whine, fingers scraping at Jungkook's bare chest. Puffs of hot air hot the alpha's skin, making a chill run up his spine. Lips graze the arm flesh, and Jimin begins to move his hips faster.

"My pretty little omega humping me like the needy slut he is." Jungkook coos. "C'mon baby, make yourself cum. Wanna see you cum like you do when you're in heat."  He rasps right into his lover's ear.

Jimin lets out a moan as Jungkook tits his chin up - they kiss, the alphas teeth pulling the older's pulp bottom lip.

When Jungkook places the rough pad of his thumb against Jimin's nipple, he hisses. His breasts have just barely started to form, but the pink nipples on his chest have been so sensitive lately. Even if his shirt rubs too roughly against them, or if the silk of his robe gets too cold - he becomes a mess not even moments later.

"You're so wet for me baby, your slick is all over my thighs. I thought all you wanted to do was warm my cock? Do you wanna be daddy's toy today, baby? Just a little fuck hole for me to use?"

Normally Jungkook's voice is rough when they're having sex, there is normally a growl - a hint of a bite, but he's saying everything so softly right now and it's making Jimin cum the next time he thrusts up, Jungkook's cock finally pressing dead into his sensitive prostate.

"F-fuck," Jimin pants. He takes a moment to cool down, to catch his breath with Jungkook whispering soft praises of how well he did.

After a minute or two, Jimin is trying to pull away, to side down and suck off Jungkook until he releases in his mouth - to please his alpha, but a firm "stop" makes him pause. "Don't you want my pretty mouth around your cock?" Jimin asks, voices cracking as he runs his fingers through his hair. He's sitting up now, Jungkook's cock pressed firmly against his prostate.

"No," Jungkook rasps. "That's okay. I want you to sleep." The alpha says, pulling Jimin back so he's laying on his chest, arms wrapping snugly around him.

"Love you," Jimin says, giving him one slow kiss before calming down again.

His eyes flutter shut after he wraps a leg around Jungkook's waist. Safe. Secure. Happy.