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The Pain and Pleasure of Shopping

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People used to say Mikako was the perfect girl, the Yamato Nadeshiko of the school. Of course, jealousy grew among the female roster of the school. Then there was Yuki or Yoshiki as people called her—dressed like a slob, boyish, dyke. Those were always words floating over her head. They seemed to have some weight when she started dating Mikako. Maybe that's exactly why Mikako liked her.

Having lost a shopping girl friend once, Yoshiki should have been eager to get a new one on Mikako. Except the girl seemed a bit too picky about her fashion, and thinking of someone even more obsessed than Kaito sounded like a pain. Still, like the good partner she was, she obliged. She was at least relieved Mikako wouldn't push her own fashion tastes on her like Kaito did.

"Uhh, how much do these cost?" Yoshiki held in her arms various items: from pants and shirts, to belts and underwear.

"Don't worry, it's all on me."

Buying gifts for your girlfriend, that Yoshiki could understand, but did she have to be so extra about everything?

"Come on, let's get inside. I wanna see you try them on."

Maybe it was because they were two girls, but she had no trouble stripping in front of Mikako and changing into the clothes she set apart for her.

"You look so cool, Yoshiki! Hey, hey, try this on too!" It was like a fashion show for Mikako inside the dressing room. Yoshiki was wearing the same kind of clothes she bought for herself, except the price tags had some more zeroes.

"You act and dress like a boy, but you're a full-grown woman." Mikako's hands reached under Yoshiki's shirt to make her point.

"Now's not the time and place." Whispered Yoshiki, trying not to make a commotion in the dressing room.

"If you stay quiet, no one will know."

She was pulled along by Mikako to do even more outrageous things each time, and she would always get away with them. Yoshiki was willing to do anything to keep her away from Kaito, but somehow these kinds of things didn't always feel bad. Mikako had skills. She always said it was because she practiced with herself, Yoshiki didn't further question her.

Mikako applied more pressure to her caressings. She wanted to make this quick. Yoshiki would have agreed if she wasn't covering her mouth with her hand-the faintest of moans sipping through whenever Mikako pinched or twisted the pink peaks of her breasts. That sound was the answer she needed—while one of her hands worked on Yoshiki's breasts, the other moved under her pants. She had picked new underwear for Yoshiki, the brand lingerie stuck to the back of her palm while she explored her wetness. At some point, Yoshiki had started moving her hips in time with Mikako's fingers, she couldn't deny herself pleasure anymore, no matter how wrong the situation was. Her breath hitched, Mikako just had to stimulate a bit higher to get her to climax. This was her reward for putting up with her selfish requests.

Yoshiki finally came down from her high, the cold surface of the mirror pressed against her for support, her back was warm from Mikako's embrace.

"See, that wasn't so bad." 


"So did you decide on an outfit?" Mikako said cheerfully, still full energy.

"And we're still doing that..."

Shopping was still a pain for Yoshiki, but it might not be so bad once in a while with your dear girl friends.