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Blood On The Bluegrass

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 It’s an easy move, going from Kentucky, to Montana, to Massachusetts wasn’t fun, but it was easy. First off, Harley only has a backpack and two suitcases of stuff, one small and the other large, and secondly, he has no reason to stay in Kentucky, while he has a friend that he left in Montana, the reason he’s now in Massachusetts seems to be a more important matter to deal with, cut ties, go off the radar completely for a few months, then come back as a new persona, easy, at least for him, as he’s been doing this for at least six years.

 He sighs as he sits on the ground, his new apartment barren since he had to pack his bags and leave, who knew he’d ever come back to this state, this area... he sure didn’t, but here he is, beginning a new...ish... life. Pulling his laptop out of his backpack, he sets it on his lap, opening it and logging in before opening internet explorer, he has no deadlines right now, nor hits, so he decides to stay off of Tor for now and do some research on the four organizations he needs to become a part of, or at least get to know the leaders.


 He sets the computer to the side after about three hours of research with no results, pulling his legs up to his chest and resting his forehead on his knees, the light from the surrounding buildings, streetlights, and passing cars illuminating his room, he checks his phone, the time being around 10 pm now, he decides to get up and go roam around the streets, despite living downtown now and that probably being one of the worst decisions he could make, he grabs his phone, wallet, and switchblade, tossing a pair of sunglasses and hat on before heading out.

 The streets are pretty barren, cars driving down occasionally, but besides that, the road is dead, he pulls out his phone so he can look up restaurants in the area, looking around every few moments, scanning the area and trying to focus mainly on the noises of his surroundings so he doesn’t get jumped while looking for a nice place to eat. When he finally finds a place, as if on cue, he hears the sound of wood hitting concrete, heavy breathing following, and feminine whimpering, the sounds starting like a whisper in the back of his mind, but quickly becoming louder, he turns around when it sounds like it’s almost to him, phone now pocketed and hand on the switchblade in his sweatshirt pocket, a woman runs into him, almost knocking him over due to the force and size difference, Harley being a few inches shorter than her.

 “O-Oh God, I’m so so sorry..!” She quickly says, moving away as quick as possible, when Harley looks up, he examines her, noting that she looks tired and as though she had been crying.

 “It’s quite fine, Ma’am, are you alright?” He asks, shifting slightly so he can look behind her and make sure she wasn’t being chased, or at least isn’t now.

 “Um, y-es, I’m fine...” she says, wiping a forming tear her eye with the back of her hand.

 “Are you sure? You don’t seem like it...”

 “Yes, I do believe I am,” she says, now taking her turn to look behind her, she sucks in some air and slowly releases it, looking around before turning her attention back to Harley.

 “May I accompany you back to your house to make sure you get home okay? You seem upset, and looked like you were being chased, and I’d like to make sure you weren’t and don’t get followed, if that’s okay with you, of course...”

 The woman bites her lower lip, a worried expression crossing her face before she nods, “That’d be quite alright with me,” she almost squeaks, looking slightly calmer, but still anxious.

 Harley nods to himself, a small smile gracing his lips, “Alright then, lead the way and I’ll follow,” he says softly, making sure she knows that she’s safe and he isn’t going to harm her in any way.

 She swallows harshly, exhaling shakily, a trembling smile appearing on her face as she begins to walk, Harley following close behind, leaving about three and a half feet behind her so they don’t hit each other and she doesn’t feel uncomfortable.