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I Didn't Need Your Help But Thanks

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All Ritsu wanted to do was heat up a plate of leftover chinese. 

Grading chemistry homework with an empty stomach was difficult so he figured it would’ve been best if he ate something then go back to grading. Unfortunately, he thought it was a good idea to just mark a few more questions while he waited for the microwave the food to be done. So it wasn't a surprise when he started smelling smoke and a really loud and familiar alarm, which made him place his red pen down and sigh. Not again.

 Shou didn't understand why he needed to evacuate the building. Again. He was pretty sure it was for the same reason for every other day-or should he say, night-, one of the residents caused a small fire and now everyone had to climb down the stairs and stand at the front of the building while the fire department did...whatever they needed to do.

Touichirou stood next to Shou with half-awake eyes, leaning against his dad as the two of them waited until it was okay for them to head back in. This was probably the 5th or 6th time already and Shou was about to have a 1v1 battle with this pyromaniac. 

To be honest, Shou hadn't seen the guy before and he doubted they've encountered each other at all. If he had, he was pretty sure he would notice by now.

That was what he originally thought at least.

Before, Shou didn't bother poking his nose around and finding who exactly the guy was. Sure, he knew where the person lived but Shou never actually saw his face, even though he had the chance to see it almost every day. But unlike other days, today was different and that was because his kid had just started his new school year. Meaning Touichirou had a brand new set of teachers, Ritsu coincidentally being one of them.

So when the little boy had suddenly pointed at Ritsu and mumbled a tired: "Mr. Kageyama?", Shou automatically looked up from the ground groggily and met eyes with, what he assumed, was the culprit behind all those fire alarms. And, also, Touichi's teacher.

 Ritsu was talking to one of the fireman when he heard his name being called by a child's voice, which had instantly made his face paled just slightly. He didn't dare turn around to meet eyes with a-probably-student but turned around anyway. At first, it took a while for him to register who the kid was since the only light source currently was the red and blue lights from the firetruck and a few of the street lamps.

He managed to remember who the kid was, Touichirou was it? The kid esper that made his presence known by breaking a few of the beakers in the lab was here? Why? Did he live here? Might explain the pajamas, actually. Then the man next to him should be...


That's his dad?

He found himself staring right into the other man's eyes, which were icy blue in contrast to his fiery orange hair. He looked around Ritsu's age, if not older and he was staring right back at him. Ritsu blinked, his mouth slightly ajar before being snapped back into the conversation with the fireman. He made a mental note to avoid this man at all costs, even though they've probably met beforehand. 

Ritsu had seen this guy around before, like at the convenience store when Ritsu needed to have dinner or in the lift on his way to work or at 3 to 5 am in the morning when Ritsu set off the fire alarms again.

He just didn't pay too much mind to the other, since he was just another drop of water in the ocean. But now? Now this man was probably the most significant drop of water in his ocean, this man's now completely aware that his son's teacher was some lousy guy who didn't even know how to man the microwave right and Ritsu's definitely sure he's going to be pissed.

 Shou would have been pissed if Touichi's teacher wasn't so...good looking? It was obvious the teacher had been very popular during his school days, he had the looks that screamed playboy. Actually, Shou wouldn't have been pissed at all...maybe.

Touichirou noticed his teacher acknowledged his presence, stared at his dad and went back to having some serious conversation with the fireman. It didn't bother him, it was too early and he was too tired. Maybe he'll make a few chairs float away from the kids who are about to sit on them.

He never particularly liked Kageyama that much, mostly because he was an esper like him too and had the power to interfere with his everyday mischief whenever he liked. During small talks at the dinner table, Touichi would bring up about his chemistry teacher, purposely leaving the psychic part out, just so eating wouldn't be so boring and quiet. So it made sense that Shou had reacted when his kid had called Kageyama's name.

The first thing Shou noticed was how dead inside Kageyama looked. Maybe if he smiled more, Kageyama would have looked ten times better. 

Cross that out, if Kageyama smiled at all, Shou would have melted right then and there. He made a mental note to talk to this man later. 

When everyone was finally allowed to head back in, Shou quickly jogged over to where Kageyama was. The other, however, must have noticed he was coming, because he immediately started speed walking away back inside. Shou raised an eyebrow and jogged faster.


Shou stopped and turned around, noticing Touichi wasn't making the effort to trail along behind him. The older one raised an eyebrow. "Yeah?"

"Don't bother interacting with Mr. Kageyama, you'll just make him run away faster." Touichi went ahead and entered the building before his dad. "I'll go back to sleep now."

Shou huffed, sticking his hands into his pockets, except there were no pockets because all he was wearing was a shirt and a pair of shorts he picked up from the ground in his bedroom. Dang it. Maybe he'll say hi when they see each other in the morning. If they see each other in the morning.

 Ritsu fucking exhaled the largest breath of air ever. That was too close.

He had noticed Suzuki was making his way over, he didn't know what to do so Ritsu started walking off, hoping Suzuki wasn't after him. To his surprise, Suzuki was nowhere in sight when he finally got back into the building and Ritsu was glad that he was just being paranoid about stuff. It still doesn't change the fact that one of his students lives in the same bloody apartment as him.

It dawned upon him that since Touichi had psychic abilities, wouldn't his dad have them too? So with that being said, Suzuki would literally have no issues locating where Ritsu was in this building. Unless Suzuki was already aware that Ritsu lived in the same place but just didn't bother talking to him up until now since he had just became one of Touichi's teachers.

Ok so what if his student's parents knew Ritsu was an idiot that kept making the fire alarm blare loudly at night? It wouldn't matter too much would it? Maybe it'll bruise his ego, maybe the parents would start spreading the word to other parents, then he'll get fired because of that and he'll have to work with his brother at Spirts and Such. 

Which also happened to be where his other student worked at and oh boy would it be humiliating when Reigen started attacking Ritsu with curious questions like "Why are you working here now?" "Is it true you kept setting your house on fire?" "Why are you good at Bunsen burners but absolutely terrible with a stove?"

The thoughts made Ritsu's head swam, he sat back down at his table, the red pen still left on top of the last few ungraded papers and he picked it up. He'll worry about it later. He just hoped he won't be seeing Suzuki in the morning.