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Slow Hand

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Title is taken from the song Slow Hand by The Pointer Sisters

"And for the record, I also respect you a-and think that you're a... a good person."

"Hmm," David hummed in response. "It's just, I said nice person."

There was that little smirk on Patrick's face. "I know," he said, taking a step toward David, his hands sliding around his waist, pulling him closer. David couldn't help but notice that Patrick's eyes flickered down to his lips.


Anything else David may have been about to say was cut off as Patrick leaned in and kissed him. And those same fireworks, that feeling of warmth and light, spread from David's lips down to his toes. It was over far too soon and David couldn't help but pick up their banter from where Patrick had cut them off.

"I just need you to say nice person..."

"You're a good person," Patrick replied with a cheeky twinkle in his eye.

"That's not nice."

Patrick grinned. "I'll show you nice," he said, voice low and gravelly. He leaned in again, his hands resting at the small of David's back as he pressed their lips together again. This time there was more heat, Patrick was less tentative, more confident. He tilted his head and opened his mouth slightly and David sighed and wound his arms around Patrick's neck, feeling the wet heat of Patrick's tongue against his lips. He parted them, welcoming the gentle exploration of his mouth. He touched his tongue to Patrick's and felt it in his toes, his groin.

Letting one hand venture up into Patrick's short hair, David dragged his fingernails along the back of Patrick's head, eliciting a low moan from the other man. And he definitely felt that somewhere south of his belt.

"Fuck," he whispered appreciatively when they finally broke apart. "I take it back. Nice boys don't kiss like that."

Patrick chuckled and David was pleased to see the rosy blush of his cheeks, desire flushing the column of his throat and the patch of formerly alabaster skin exposed by those two buttons left undone at the neck of his shirt. "Fuck nice," Patrick breathed. "I've been wanting to kiss you like that for weeks."

David closed his eyes and tipped his head back. He wanted to pinch himself to make sure that this was real. Did people actually say things like that in real life?

Patrick couldn't help himself. David's beautiful throat was there, exposed to him. And he wanted - no needed - to see what it felt like to press his lips to his Adam's Apple. The sharp prickle of stubble surprised him, although he knew it shouldn't have. And he liked it. Like, really really liked it. He touched his lips to the spot again, more firmly this time, parting them slightly and letting his breath ghost over the skin. Judging by the way David's breathing had suddenly become very loud and uneven, he guessed that he was also enjoying this.

"This okay?" Patrick asked as he let his mouth explore David above the collar of his sweater. He reached his jaw and gently kissed his way to David's ear, taking the lobe between his lips and sucking before he worried it softly between his teeth.

"Fuck yes," David managed to breathe, still clutching at Patrick's scalp with his no-doubt perfectly manicured fingernails. "Do it again."

And Patrick did. And was rewarded with an absolutely gorgeous moan from David. His pants were growing uncomfortably tight and although he desperately wanted to make that sound come out of David again and again, he was still together enough to realize that maybe the middle of their store - in front of floor-to-ceiling windows looking out at the centre of town - was not the best place to be doing this.

He gave David's earlobe one final nip before he pulled back. David let out a delicious little whine and leaned forward, pressing his forehead to Patrick's. His eyes closed, dark lashes fluttering against his cheeks, he sighed.

"Why'd you stop?"

Patrick chuckled and rubbed his nose against David's, grinning as David scrunched up his face. "We're probably scaring off customers."

"Don't care," David replied petulantly.



"You will care when we have no customers, which means no income, which means I'll have to go back to working for Ray, and..."

"Ugh. Fine," David grumbled. "Go ahead and ruin the moment with your logic and reasoning."

Despite their words, they stood entangled in one another's arms for a few moments longer, gently swaying to the soft jazz playing over the store's speakers. Finally, David broke the spell and unwrapped himself from around Patrick, taking a step back and giving him a shy smile.

"That was really..."

"...Nice?" Patrick supplied, helpfully.

"I was going to say 'good'," David smirked.

"It's just, I need you to say nice," Patrick teased.

"It was very, very good," David affirmed. "And I want to do that again very soon. But we have a store to run for another..." he pulled his phone from his pocket and raised his eyebrows, "forty five minutes." He tucked his phone back into his pocket. "Plus I'm starving. With all the dead bodies piling up at the motel this morning I was too upset to eat, so..."

"David, there was one dead body," Patrick reminded him. "Hardly a pile."

"One dead body is one too many," David declared with a grimace.

"But your appetite is back?"

David's eyes glinted mischievously. "Oh, I'm definitely hungry now."

Patrick felt his cock twitch at the decidedly seductive timbre of David's voice and the way he raked his eyes over Patrick's body. He had to clench his hands into fists to keep himself from grabbing handfuls of David's sweater and pulling him in for a ravenous kiss.

"I'm gonna, um..." he stumbled over his words, feeling flushed, lightheaded and decidedly flustered under David's gaze. "I'll work in the back office and get, um... stuff done. There. So..."

"And I'll just get stuff done out here then, shall I?" David said, his tone amused at Patrick's decidedly un-Patrick-like state of discomposure.

"Um, yup. Yes. That would be... that's fine," Patrick said before disappearing behind the curtain.

"You sure it wouldn't be nice?" he heard David call out after him.

He sat at the desk and put his head in his hands, willing himself to think unsexy thoughts. He just needed to get through the next forty five fucking minutes.


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David busied himself with helping customers, restocking the items sold earlier in the day, unfolding and refolding the sweaters on the table, sweeping the floor, and obsessively checking, then rechecking the clock on his phone. Finally it was time to close and he raced to the door and flipped the sign before turning the deadbolt.

It had been a rollercoaster of a day - from the dead guy in room 4, to the misunderstanding with Patrick about the possibility of a sleepover... Fuck! He leaned back against the door and closed his eyes. Where the hell was he going to sleep tonight? He'd still not gotten a chance to figure that out, having been distracted by Patrick and his wonderful lips.

He really didn't want to bother Stevie. He could just imagine the day she'd had; actually having been in a room with a dead body? No thank you. He shuddered involuntarily at the thought. But he also was not into sleeping on a cot in his parents' bedroom next to his sister. That was just too disgusting to even think about. He could hear his father snoring through the thin walls of the motel. How would he get any sleep in the same room? And if he was going to be not sleeping anyway, he'd much rather be not sleeping with Patrick...

But Patrick wanted to go slow. And not sleeping together was the opposite of going slow. It was what David normally did at the start of a new relationship, and look how well that had turned out for him. Mid thirties and Sebastien Fucking Raine was his longest relationship to date.

He was determined to not make the same mistakes with Patrick that he'd made so many times before. He wanted this to work so, so badly. He really, really liked Patrick. And for some strange reason, Patrick seemed to really, really like him too. Alexis's words from that morning sprang unbidden to his mind; "Patrick is a sweet little button-face, David. So don't mess this up."

No pressure. None at all.

Steeling himself, he went to the register and rang out the till. He pulled aside the curtain and smiled as Patrick looked up from where he'd been working on his laptop at the desk. "Do you want to balance or should I?" he asked.

"I can do it," Patrick offered and David placed the cash tin down on the desk once Patrick had closed and set aside his laptop. "Why don't you take a load off. You've been standing all afternoon."

"Thanks," David said. He stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, trying to decide whether to sit on the lumpy and uncomfortable couch left behind by the previous owners, or to pull up another chair to the desk to be closer to Patrick. The couch was uninviting, hideously uncomfortable and kind of smelled. But on the other hand he wouldn't be a nuisance or a distraction to Patrick all the way over on the other side of the room. And the less distracted Patrick was, the sooner he would finish balancing. And the sooner he finished balancing, the sooner David could be kissing him again.

He was still weighing his options when the sound of wood scraping against wood sounded loud and jarring in the small room and he looked over and saw that Patrick had used his foot to reach out and drag the other chair closer to the desk. He glanced up at David and patted the seat invitingly.

"You were thinking too loudly," Patrick said as David lowered himself into the offered chair.

"I was what?"

"Thinking. Too loudly," Patrick repeated. "It was distracting."

"Oh really. And what, pray-tell, was I thinking about?" David asked, resting his elbow on the edge of the table and cupping his chin in his hand.

Patrick counted silently to himself for a moment and jotted down a figure into the ledger before he tucked the stack of bills into the deposit bag. He glanced at David, who batted his eyelashes innocently in response.

That earned him a knowing grin from Patrick who went back to his counting, diligently marking down the denominations of bills and coin in the ledger and tucking them away neatly for deposit at the bank the following day. David sat quietly and watched him work. Finally, Patrick tucked the deposit into the safe along with the cash tin containing tomorrow's float. He set the ledger aside and put his pen away in the drawer.

"You're doing it again," he said to David.

"I'm not doing anything," David exclaimed, trying for, but not quite mastering indignant. "I'm just sitting here, minding my own business, waiting very patiently for my business partner to be done so I can make out with him. Is that so wrong?"

Patrick chewed thoughtfully on the inside of his cheek. And then he did it again. He glanced down at David's mouth. And that was all the warning David got before Patrick lunged forward and crashed their lips together. David had to grab on to the edge of the table to keep his chair from tipping backward as Patrick landed sideways on his lap, his warm hands framing David's face, his thumbs scraping against the stubble on David's cheeks. His tongue was urgent, insistent and David gasped as he opened his mouth to let him in, moaning wantonly as Patrick swiped hungrily over his lips, his teeth, his tongue.


Patrick had been doing his best to keep it together, but it was like a switch had been flipped in him. He'd spent so long - so fucking long - feeling so empty, so unfulfilled. Kissing someone had never, ever felt like this. Kissing David made his toes curl, his skin vibrate and the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. And most of all it made him hard. So hard, so fast. Getting aroused with women had always taken so much work, but with David... God, after their kiss last night he'd gone back to his room at Ray's and needed to touch himself so badly that it hurt. He'd barely gotten his hand around his swollen cock before he came, biting his lip hard to keep from moaning too loudly and waking Ray.

And after finally getting to properly taste David this afternoon... God, he tasted so good. He smelled so good. And his body felt so good pressed up against his own. His fingers had itched to touch his own cock while he waited for the store to close, but he couldn't do it. What if David needed his help with a customer? Or came back to the office for something and saw him with his hand in his pants; Patrick would have been mortified. So he'd pulled out his laptop and looked at baseball stats, he'd checked the stock market, he'd pulled up some documents Ray had emailed him and asked him to review.

His body had tensed when he heard David finally - finally! - lock the front door and begin ringing out the register. When he came through the curtain with the cash tin, Patrick had offered to do the balancing. Not that David couldn't do it, but he was slower than Patrick, more methodical, less sure of himself and Patrick wanted to get it done now. What he hadn't counted on was how distracting David could be. He clearly couldn't make up his mind where to sit for some reason, and Patrick couldn't concentrate over the little mutters David was making under his breath. So he'd hauled over the other chair for David. Which was a mistake. Because now David was sitting right beside him, being very mindful of staying quiet and keeping his hands to himself. And Patrick could feel those gorgeous dark eyes on him, and it was so much worse than listening to him oscilate between the chair and the couch.

And then he was done. And he looked over at David. He looked so good. God, he was handsome. And for the first time, Patrick felt like he could really look at him without having to wonder if he was being too obvious. The cat was out of the bag now; Patrick Brewer was hot for David Rose.

David didn't look neary as hot and bothered as Patrick felt. He looked cool, calm and collected. His eyes flashed with amusement as they bantered, and Patrick couldn't help but fixate on his mouth, those lips, that tongue...

And he pounced. He threw himself at David whose eyes widened in surprise as he caught Patrick in his arms, on his lap. Plunging his tongue into David's mouth, Patrick revelled in the moan he drew from David's throat. He felt strong arms wrapping around him, pulling him infinitesimally closer. A hand slid up his spine while another slid downward, hesitating at his lower back. Patrick groaned frustratedly into David's mouth, desperately wanting that hand to go lower.

"You can touch my ass," he mumbled against David's lips.

Breathless, David broke their kiss, his chest heaving as he moved his hand to Patrick's hip instead. "That's not going slow, Patrick," he panted. "You said you wanted to go slow."

Their faces inches apart, Patrick opened his eyes to see David watching him carefully.

"It's okay, David," Patrick assured him. "I want you to." He leaned in to kiss him again, but David turned his head.

"I can't. Yet."

"David..." Patrick pleaded.

"We can't, Patrick," David repeated.

Patrick sighed and pressed his nose against David's temple. "Why?" he asked, already knowing the answer.

"You said slow," David said, the hand on his hip sliding down to gently rub Patrick's thigh. "And before we do anything that you might... regret once the moment has passed, I think we need to talk about what that means for you. And for me."

Patrick breathed a frustrated sigh. He knew David was right. But it didn't mean he had to like it.

"So what do we do now?"

David shrugged. "Dinner?" he suggested hopefully.

"David Rose, if you pressed pause on that amazing kiss because you are hungry..." Patrick teased, earning a bashful smile from David.

"You thought it was amazing too?"

Patrick's eyebrows rose and he sat back, looking quizzically at David. "How could I not? That was - I swear to God - the best kiss of my life."

David let out a relieved breath. "Good," he smiled. He squeezed Patrick's thigh.

"Does it... I mean... did it even rank for you?" Patrick asked before he'd had a chance to think about what he was asking. David's brow furrowed.


"Well, you have kissed thousands of people..." Patrick pressed. Why was he doing this? What was wrong with him? Stop ruining the moment, you idiot!

Reaching up with one hand, David placed a finger to Patrick's lips, biting his own as he stared contemplatively at the man on his lap. "It was the second best kiss of my entire life," he admitted.

"Oh." Patrick's face fell and he tried to pull back from David's embrace. "

"The best was last night," David rushed on, placing his hand on Patrick's jaw, as he had in the car outside the motel. "This was more intense, but that one meant more. To me."

He leaned in and gently touched his lips to Patrick's. It was soft, and sweet and oh so tender and it made Patrick's heart flutter in his chest.

"Fine. We can go eat," Patrick mumbled causing David to laugh into their kiss.

"Where do you want to go?"

"Cafe's closest," Patrick said, getting to his feet and extending a hand to help David up from his chair.

David made a face. "No offense, but my whole family will be there eating dinner, and if I have to spend the night sleeping in my parents' room with all of them I am going to need to not be around them for dinner."

"Well, where then?" Patrick asked.

"Can I..." David paused, looking at Patrick with a small, shy smile. "Can I take you on a date?"

"No Stevie?"

"No Stevie," David promised. He grabbed his bag from the floor beside the desk and reached to turn off the lamp. "I know a great pizza place in Elmdale. If you don't mind a bit of a drive."

Patrick picked up his car keys and phone from behind the register. "You sure you're gonna make it all the way to Elmdale?" he asked. "And then we'll have to wait for our food... I thought you were hungry."

"Oh I am," David assured him. He held the door open for Patrick, then took out his key and locked the deadbolt before tucking his keys into his bag. "But I think the wait will make it taste even better.” He nudged Patrick with his shoulder playfully.

They got into Patrick's car and Patrick put his key in the ignition, but didn't turn it. "Thank you, David," he said.

"For what?"

Patrick smiled, remembering their conversation from last night, parked in front of David's motel room. "Thank you for stopping things before I... got carried away."

"Please believe me, Patrick. It's not that I didn't want to keep going," David assured him. "I would've loved nothing more than to grab your ass and anything else you would’ve let me. But I..." He dropped his gaze to his hands folded in his lap. "I need to be careful. With you."

Patrick opened his mouth, about to tell David off, tell him that he wasn't some quivering virginal milk maid that needed handling with kid gloves. But the pleading look on David's face when he looked up, and the raw emotion in his voice stopped him. He placed a palm to David's cheek. "Ok."

"And I need..." David closed his eyes, leaning into Patrick's touch.

"What do you need, David?" Patrick asked softly. "Tell me. Please."

"I need you to be careful. With me," he said, so quietly Patrick scarcely heard him. "I have a... a history. I'm not good at relationships. You have to tell me if it's too much, or too fast," David said, his eyes still closed. "If I'm too much. I need to be able to trust you with that."

His vulnerability in that moment made Patrick's heart ache for him. "You can trust me, David," he vowed solemnly. "I promise, we'll be careful with each other, okay?"

The tension in David's jaw lessened under Patrick's palm. Patrick ran his thumb against David's stubbled cheek. "Now, I believe you were going to take me on a date?"



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Death by spontaneous combustion. That's a thing, right?

Patrick's not sure if it's just an urban legend or if there's some basis of fact behind it. But if the way he's been feeling this past week is anything to go by, he's becoming more and more certain that it's how his life will come to an abrupt and dramatic end.

"Whatever happened to Patrick Brewer?" people will ask.

"Didn't you hear? One day he just exploded," other people will reply knowingly. "Spontaneous combustion brought upon by intense sexual frustration."

Patrick groaned, shook his head and tried to refocus his attention on the inventory list on the counter in front of him. That was easier said than done, what with David swanning around the store with a feather duster, reaching up to get at those pesky corners above the shelves that displayed their wares. Every time he lifted his arms, standing on his tip toes to reach the highest shelves, his shirt rode up and Patrick caught a glimpse of a sliver of skin just above the waistband of his specacularly tight jeans.

The ass contained in those jeans looked delicious and Patrick's fingers itched to grab a handful and just squeeze. He'd gotten close a few times, but David had always tutted gently and grabbed his hands, placing them back on his waist or his hips, murmuring what was quickly becoming his mantra - and the bane of Patrick's existence - in his ear.

"Slow, Patrick. What's your rush?"

He had already had to excuse himself twice today to relieve the pressure building up in his pants and David hadn't even touched him, save for a chaste kiss in greeting when he'd arrived at the store shortly after 10 am bearing a tea and a scone for Patrick. Just seeing the man himself after a night spent stroking his cock to release while thinking about him had been enough to cause Patrick's dick to spring to attention again. He'd awkwardly accepted David's peck on the cheek before grabbing his tea and using the inventory clipboard to cover his crotch, skuttling behind the curtain and back to the relative safety of his desk.

Patrick had heard the guys in the locker room in high school talk about 'popping a boner' at the slightest provocation and he'd gone along with them, nodding his head and adding his own half-hearted "yeah, I hate it when that happens" into the conversation, all the while wondering what the hell was wrong with him. Sure, he'd gotten erections before but they were never something that just happened for him. They took work and preparation and were mostly embarrassing because he had trouble keeping them for long enough to be of use to anyone...

But then David happened. This gorgeous, smart, creative, funny, ridiculous man had come into his life and Patrick had finally begun to understand what those boys were talking about all those years ago. It was all so new for Patrick, this feeling of wanting someone. Of desiring them. Patrick had gotten pretty good at pretending over the years, so good he'd almost believed that what he had felt when he'd been with Rachel was desire. But he knew better now. The desire he had for David was something very different. And he revelled in the newness of it and desperately wanted to satiate it. The intense ache, the pull, the want. He wanted David. Wanted to touch him, taste him, be touched and tasted by him. It was thrilling and terrifying and overwhelming all at once.

The chime above the door jingled and Patrick once again pulled himself from his thoughts, plastering what he hoped was a welcoming smile on his face to greet their customer.

"Hey Stevie," he said as she entered the store, a bag of fresh apples picked from the crate outside their front door dangling from her hand.

"Hello yourself," she said. She smirked at him. "And how are you today?"

"Fine," Patrick said, warily clocking her expression. "Um... how are you?"

"Amused," she replied, dropping the bag of apples onto the counter between them. Patrick frowned confusedly. "I've been watching you oogle him from outside for the past five minutes," she informed him, a sly smile tugging at the corners of her lips. "You're practically drooling."

Patrick's mouth gaped open. He shut it, but it sprang open again. "I... uh... what?" He could feel his cheeks flushing with warmth and he knew he must have turned a horrifyingly telling shade of pink.

Stevie was full on grinning at him now. "You're looking at him the way a starving man looks at a five course meal," she teased.

Patrick ducked his head and kneaded the back of his neck with his hand. He glanced bashfully up at Stevie. "That obvious, huh?"

"It's not subtle," Stevie concurred. "But I get it. He's hot as fuck ." She turned and together they watched David bend over to rearrange something on a bottom shelf. Stevie grunted appreciatively.

"Mmm," Patrick hummed in agreement. "Yeah."

"So, things are going well?"

Patrick smiled and reluctantly dragged his eyes away from David's ass. "Yeah. They are," he said simply. "Really... really good."

She narrowed her eyes at him. "I'm sensing a but in there somewhere... and that's a but with one 'T'. Not that spectacular butt on display over there." She jabbed a thumb over her shoulder in David's direction, earning a chuckle from Patrick.

"I just... I mean, I'm sure David's told you that this is all... new. For me."

Stevie nodded, a sympathetic smile on her face. "Yeah. He did. I hope that's okay."

"Well, I don't exactly want him broadcasting it to everyone, but I know how close you two are, and I know your... um... your history. And I know that without you basically spelling it out for David - that I was like, really, really into him - that I'd probably still be trying to find a way to ask him out..."

"You'd have gotten there eventually," Stevie said encouragingly. "You don't strike me as the kind of guy who gives up easily when you've set your mind on something."

"I'm not. Not usually," Patrick agreed. "But, um... Thank you. All the same."

"You're welcome." Stevie was watching him closely now. "I'm still sensing that but..."

Patrick exhaled nervously. He glanced over Stevie's shoulder to make sure David was still busy on the far side of the store. He was.

"It's just that now... I, um... I don't know how to, um... like, I - we - want to take the next step. But..."

"But you told David you want to take things slow, and he's being annoyingly pedantic about the whole thing and moving at a glacial pace?"

"Ah. So he has talked to you about this."

"He has... expressed some frustration. Of an... intimate nature." Stevie grimaced.


Stevie took a deep breath and let it out slowly. How could she explain this to Patrick? She didn't want to overstep, but she also knew that David had a knack for self-sabotage that was verging on masterful. She also didn't want to have this conversation anywhere near where David might overhear them.

"I'm going to grab a coffee," she declared suddenly. "And you're coming with me." She turned and called out over her shoulder. "David, I'm stealing Patrick for a few minutes. Want anything from the cafe?"

David stood and peered over the central display tables at them. "What? Why? What?" he asked eloquently.

Leaving the apples on the counter, Stevie grabbed Patrick's hand and dragged him around the register and toward the door. "Me and Patrick. Coffee. Want anything?"

David narrowed his eyes at them. "My usual," he said, and Stevie nodded as the door closed behind them and she and Patrick were on the sidewalk in front of the store.

"What are you..."

"Come on," she tugged at his hand and they crossed the intersection, heading for the cafe. She pushed open the door and made a beeline to a booth in the back corner. She signaled for Twyla who waved her acknowledgement and indicated she'd be with them in a moment.


"Okay, so the thing you need to know about David," Stevie began, keeping her voice low, "Is that he is a pleaser." Patrick frowned at her. "I mean... I know it doesn't seem like it because he's so ridiculous and obnoxious and deeply, deeply selfish like, all of the time. But underneath all of that - like, super deep down - he just... he wants to see the people he cares about happy."

"Okay," Patrick said, his tone wary. "Now I'm sensing a but..."

"But," Stevie continued, "He's also... how can I put this in a way that doesn't sound awful?" She paused, glancing up to see Twyla heading toward their table. "Hey Twy. A black coffee for me, a tea for Patrick and... um..."

"Caramel macchiato, skim, two sweetners, with a sprinkle of cocoa powder," Patrick rattled off David's ridiculously complicated coffee order without a second thought. Somehow, that made Stevie's heart melf just a little bit.

"Coming right up," Twyla said with a smile.

"What?" Patrick asked defensively at Stevie's look.

"You know his order."

"Well... yeah," Patrick shrugged.

"I don't even know his order, and I've known him for four years."

"I... I guess I've been paying attention," Patrick said quietly.

Stevie smiled. "I'm glad you have," she said honestly. "He deserves to have someone that pays attention to him. I don't think many people in his past life did that. At least not for the right reasons."

"The right reasons?"

Stevie sighed. "I don't know how much David has told you about his past, and it's definitely not my place to speak on his behalf," she began, nervously fiddling with the salt and pepper shakers on the table. "I said before that he's a pleaser," she said and Patrick nodded, urging her to continue. "What I meant by that is that he will go to great lengths and do things to make the people in his life happy."


"David hasn't always filled his life with people that deserve to have someone like him working so hard for their happiness."

Patrick nodded silently and Stevie continued. "And sometimes the things he may have done to make those people happy were not necessarily things that he wanted to do, or that made him happy. Or safe."


"I don't know a lot of details," Stevie rushed on. It was a lie. She knew far too many details, but Patrick didn't need to know that. "I just want you to understand why he might be stalling. On being intimate. With you."


Twyla returned at that moment with Patrick's tea and Stevie's coffee. "It'll just be another few minutes to get David's order," she smiled. "I'll bring it over when it's ready."

"Thanks Twyla," Patrick said as she placed a bill down on the table between them. He watched as she walked away, then turned back to Stevie. "You were saying?"

Stevie sighed and scrunched up her face, trying to find a way to explain. "He really likes you, Patrick. If you asked, he would probably do anything for you."

"Well not... not anything, surely?"

"I wouldn't put it past him," Stevie replied. "I mean, he wouldn't like, wake up early, or go for a hike or play a sport. But he'd do almost anything else." Patrick stared silently back at her, his face unreadable. "So, you've told him you want to go slow."

"Uh huh."

"That's something you've told him you want, and he knows it's important to you. So..." She finally saw a glimmer of understanding flicker across his features. "So if you want things to move along a little faster, then it's going to be up to you to make it clear. Crystal clear. Like, totally transparent."

Patrick was thoughtful a moment. "I can do that."

Stevie smiled. “I figured as much. So what are you waiting for?" she asked. "Go get 'im, tiger."

He grinned at her and Stevie watched as he gathered his tea and stood, taking the bill from the table. He met Twyla at the counter, exchanging cash for David's caramel mocha-whatsits-chino. He turned to nod at Stevie before he pushed his way through the door and out into the street.


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“Fucking Stevie,” David muttered under his breath as he picked up the bag of apples she’d left on the counter when she’d dragged Patrick off to the cafe. “At least she didn’t steal them.” He had to concede that small victory. 

Opening the front door he stepped out into the sunshine, opening the clear plastic bag and placing the apples back with their fellows in the crate. Deciding that while he was out here, he might as well tend to the other fresh produce, he stepped back inside and grabbed the spray bottle before heading back out and misting the fruit and vegetables. 

He glanced over his shoulder at the cafe. He couldn’t see through the window, but he knew they were in there. Stevie and Patrick. Talking

He huffed as he gave the radishes one more vehement spray then went back inside. Talking. Stevie and Patrick. It never boded well for him when the two of them talked. 

Well... that wasn’t completely true. If he was being truthful, he had to admit that he liked the fact that his best friend and his... uh... Patrick (they were not doing boyfriend after only a week of hands-above-the-waist and all-clothes-stay-on making out, thankyouverymuch) got along so well. It helped that they shared a common passion for taking well aimed jabs at his ego.

He just preferred it when the pair of them did their trolling when he was around to hear what they were saying. This sneaking off to get coffee and talk about him - because what else were the two of them going to talk about? - made him uncomfortable. What if Patrick was telling Stevie that David wasn’t a good kisser? Or what if Stevie was telling Patrick the sordid details of their ill-advised and short-lived fling?

Or - ohmygod - What if they were over there right now comparing notes? 

He set the spray bottle down on the counter, squeezed his eyes shut and pressed his thumbs against his eyebrows, willing that unwelcome thought to get the fuck out of his brain. 

Letting out the breath he hadn’t even been aware he'd been holding, David opened his eyes and gazed around the store. He needed to do something, keep his hands busy so he wouldn’t let his mind wander into all the unpleasant what-ifs that were currently vying for their chance in the spotlight. 

Why had he already done all the dusting and sweeping? He should have saved those menial and mind-numbing tasks for just such an emergency. Glancing around the store for something out of place for his mind to fixate on, he groaned frustratedly. The store was perfect. Every product in its rightful place, shelves and tables fully stocked in beautiful, soothing, straight lines with all the labels facing out, just the way David liked them. 

He was debating on whether or not he should unfold and re-fold the alpaca throws when the bell jingled. He turned his attention to the figure awkwardly balancing two take out cups in one hand while he carefully maneuvered through the doorway. 

“Hey,” Patrick smiled warmly at him as he kicked the door closed behind him. He sauntered up to David who reached for his coffee, but Patrick bypassed his outstretched hand and set both cups down on the counter beside him, then slid his hands around David’s waist, pulling him close and brushing his lips tantalizingly against David’s. 

“What were you and Stevie-mmph!” David’s reply was stifled as Patrick’s tongue plunged into his mouth.  David closed his eyes and let himself lean into the man pressed against him, tilting his head and parting his lips to allow Patrick’s probing tongue more room to explore. His hands wound around Patrick’s neck, his fingers found their way into his hair, scratching and scraping for purchase against his scalp. He felt Patrick moan before he heard it, long and low, deep in his throat. And God, if that’s the sound he made when they kissed, imagine the sounds he would make when they finally fucked.

Slow, David. Patrick said slow. Don't mess this up. Do not mess this up.

Patrick shifted, his arms tightening around David, a hand sliding up between his shoulder blades, the other gripping a fistful of his sweater. David felt the edge of the counter pressed firmly against his backside, Patrick snug against his front. And there it was... Patrick’s hot, hard erection firm against the juncture between his hip and his thigh. 

”Fuck,” he murmured against Patrick’s lips as he began to slowly gyrate his pelvis against David. His own cock throbbed painfully and it was all he could do to keep himself from thrusting back against Patrick. He placed his hands on Patrick’s shoulders but didn’t push him away. He couldn’t bring himself to do it, to sever the connection and heat between them. But he knew he had to. This was too much and he needed to be the responsible one and put a stop to this before they got carried away, before they did something that they couldn’t undo. 

With a resigned sigh, he slowed the kiss, easing back from the fiery battle of tongues and teeth and lips and hands into something softer and more chaste. Patrick whimpered in response.

”Why?” he panted against David’s lips, hands still grasping his sweater tightly, his hardened dick still tight against David’s leg. 

“Patrick. You know why,” David soothed, rubbing Patrick’s shoulders, feeling the tension set firmly in his muscles. 

Patrick pulled back so he could look up at David. His face was flushed and his eyes were glassy and unfocused. His hair stood up in messy little tufts where David’s fingers had gripped and tugged. David thought he’d never seen anything so fucking beautiful in his entire life. 

“Do you feel that?” Patrick asked softly. Slowly, carefully, he undulated his hips, pushing his erection right into the crook of David’s groin and for a fleeting, exquisite moment, their cocks aligned and David was sure he saw stars. He nodded his head, unable to form words. “You did that, David. You’re the only one...” Patrick flicked his hips against David’s again and this time there were fireworks going off in David’s head. He closed his eyes and bit his lip, both hoping and dreading that Patrick would do it again. 

“No one, and I mean no one,” Patrick’s lips brushed against David’s ear, “Has ever made me so fucking hard, and all we’ve done is kiss.” His voice was so low and slow and deliberate, like molasses on a winter’s day. David shivered involuntarily and Patrick nipped at his earlobe. “I love that you are being careful with me,” he drew the lobe between his lips and sucked before letting it go and laving his tongue along David's jaw. “You’ve been so good, David. So amazing.”

David whimpered when Patrick’s lips and tongue were suddenly gone. He felt warm hands framing his face and he opened his eyes to see Patrick looking at him, his expression a confusing mixture of fondness, lust, and something more that David couldn’t place. 

“I know I said slow,” Patrick continued, letting his hands trail down from David’s face until they were resting on his chest. “And I need to thank you for letting me have this last week and for being the one to keep me from going too fast, too soon. I know it can’t have been easy for you.”

David watched as Patrick’s golden brown eyes took in his features, lingering a moment too long on his mouth. Unconsciously, David’s tongue flicked out to wet his lips and saw a spark ignite in Patrick’s eyes. 

“Oh, fuck,” Patrick sighed, closing his eyes and shaking his head. “Fuck David. I want you. So fucking badly.” 

Something funny was happening in David’s chest. A weird, wonderful warmth was spreading through him. Patrick wanted him. Patrick wanted him. Patrick. Wanted. Him.

It was a very new feeling for David. He’d been lusted after before by people who knew he’d be good for a quick fuck. He’d been desired by people who thought he could do things to further their artistic careers. He’d been pursued by people who knew he was desperate enough for their attention to foot the bill for a month long trip to Bali. 

But in all his life, he could not remember ever being wanted. Just for being himself.

”Hey, hey!” Patrick’s hands were back on his face, his thumbs wiping the tears David hadn’t even known he’d shed. “David, if it’s too much...”

“It’s not too much. I promise it’s not.” David shook his head vehemently. He let his arms wind around Patrick, leaning forward and resting their foreheads together. “It’s just... are you sure? Like really, really sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“God, I want you too. So badly.”

He wanted to tell Patrick, right then and there, that he was the first to make him feel this way. Wanted to tell him about the users, the abusers and the losers that had made up his past romantic experiences. Romantic. Ha! He scoffed to himself. They hadn’t been romantic. He’d had no real idea of what romance was until this last week. Until Patrick.

”Stay with me tonight?” Patrick whispered, nudging his nose against David’s cheek. “Please?”

David squeezed his eyes shut. That weird warmth was spreading now down to his toes, to the tips of his fingers. It made him feel like he could trust Patrick when he said things like ‘I want you’, or ‘I need you’, or ‘stay with me’. It made him feel safe. 

“Okay,” David replied. “I’ll stay with you.”

Patrick pressed kisses to his lips, his cheek, his jaw. David nuzzled his face against Patrick's shoulder. They held one another a few moments longer, hands above the belt, until the door chimed and they stepped apart. 

“I forgot my apples.”

Fucking Stevie

Chapter Text


Patrick paced nervously around his room. David was very particular and Patrick knew that this room was not at all up to his aesthetic standards. The furniture was dated, the wall paper was covered in jarring pink roses. Not exactly the ideal setting for... well, whatever was going to happen tonight.

At least the bed was comfortable. Glancing at his neatly made bed, the butterflies that had so far been fluttering gently around his stomach began to swarm violently. 

Was he ready to do this? The thought of getting David Rose alone in his room, in his bed, was something he’d been fantasizing about practically since the day they’d met. But now that the fantasy was about to become a reality, Patrick was worried.

He wasn’t worried about David. David had been nothing but accommodating this past week, always putting Patrick’s needs ahead of his own. But Patrick was worried about himself. This was all new for him. He worried about the logistics... he’d done some online research (because of course he had) and learned about ‘tops’ and ‘bottoms’. Which was he? Which was David? What if they both wanted to be top? He sighed and dragged his fingers through his hair. He had no idea how any of this worked. And Patrick liked to know how things worked. 

He heard the doorbell ring and he took one more look around his room to make sure everything was perfect - well, as perfect as it was going to get for now - before he bounded down the stairs two at a time.

”I’ve got it!” he called out to Ray who was just coming out of the kitchen, wiping his hands on a tea towel. “It’s for me.”

”Oh, sure,” Ray said, smiling broadly at him. “I didn’t know we were expecting company.” He gestured to the kitchen. “I made lasagne, if your... friend... wants to join us for dinner?”

”Uh... maybe?” Patrick replied uncertainly. He honestly hadn’t factored Ray into his plans for tonight. But he didn’t want to be rude, and he and David hadn’t made any other plans for dinner...

”Just let me know,” Ray said, tossing the tea towel over his shoulder and heading back into the kitchen. 

Nodding, even though Ray had already disappeared from the room, Patrick smoothed his hand down the front of the soft blue crew-neck sweater he’d changed into after work and let out a nervous breath. He opened the door and suddenly forgot how to breathe.

David stood on the porch looking sexier than any human being had any right to look. He had clearly showered and shaved, as the five o’clock stubble that usually shaded his jawline was more subdued than it had been only a few hours earlier when they’d closed up the store and gone their separate ways. His hair was expertly tousled, not the perfectly coiffed style Patrick was used to. He wore skin tight black jeans with ragged rips at the knees, and a fitted white t-shirt. But the piece-de-resistance was the jacket. Black leather with an oversized collar and lapel and overly long sleeves that fanned out slightly at the wrists.

”Holy shit,” Patrick croaked, his voice somehow not fully cooperating. He cleared his throat and blushed at the smirk that crept across David’s face. 

“Hey,” David said, stepping over the threshold, pausing to press a kiss to Patrick’s cheek. “You look nice,” he said, gesturing to Patrick’s very plain jeans and the sweater his mom had bought him before he’d left home.

”Uh, thank you,” Patrick replied, suddenly wishing he’d put as much effort into his appearance as David clearly had. “Um, you look...” Fucking delicious, his brain supplied, unhelpfully. “Really, really good,” he finished lamely.

David’s lips twitched upward, his dark eyes sparkling with amusement. “So, you failed to mention that you lived with Ray,” he said, taking a step into the front room that was still set up with some of Ray’s photography equipment. His eyes lingered for a moment on the desk that Patrick had formerly occupied, where they had first met. “Should I be jealous?”

Patrick chuckled and shook his head. “No. Definitely not,” he said, closing the front door and following David into the office area. “I needed a place to live when I got to town and Ray offered me a room and a job, so...” He shrugged his shoulders, shoving his hands deep into his pockets.

”So when you offered to let me stay with you when Alexis had lice,” David mused, his tone teasing, “What exactly was your plan?”

Patrick could feel himself blushing as he shrugged again. “I don’t know,” he said honestly. “I guess I would have let you have my bed and I would have slept down here.”

”Hmm...” David hummed, dropping his bag at the foot of the stairs and turning to Patrick. “What a shame that would have been,” he murmured as he bent his head and pressed his lips to Patrick’s.

Patrick sighed happily, leaning into the kiss and letting his hands find their way to David’s hips. God, David smelled amazing. Earthy and spicy, undercut with the scent of leather from his jacket. 

Patrick’s fingers toyed with the hem of David’s t-shirt. As their kiss deepened, he longed to let his hands roam up under his shirt, up David’s back, his sides, to plunge down the back of those tight jeans...

”David!” Ray’s voice rang out, causing the two men to jump apart. Ray beamed at them. “Patrick, you didn’t tell me that David was your mystery guest!”

”Hi Ray,” David replied, awkwardly tugging his shirt down over the front of his jeans. He grimaced at Patrick. 

“Oh, um, well...” Patrick shoved his hands back into his pockets and rocked back on his heels. “David and I are... um... h-he’s going to be staying. With me. Tonight.”

To his credit, Ray’s expression never faltered from hospitable delight at the prospect of having a new person to chat with in his home. The implications of David spending the night with Patrick - in his bed - never seemed to cross his mind. 

“Well that’s nice,” Ray said. He waved the tea towel in the direction of the kitchen. “David, I was just telling Patrick that I made lasagne, if you’d like to join us.”

David had the good grace to at least pretend to give Ray’s offer some thought before he nodded his head. “Lasagne sounds great. Thank you, Ray.”

“David, can I get you some more lasagne?” Ray offered, spatula poised over the pan.

David shook his head. “Thanks, Ray. But I think three helpings is as much as I can handle tonight.”

”Patrick?” Ray offered, pointing the spatula at the remnants of their meal in the pan. “Some more for you?”

”I’m good, Ray. Thank you.”

Ray smiled broadly at them. “I’ll pack the rest of it up in some Tupperware so you boys can take it for lunch tomorrow.”

”You don’t have to do that...” Patrick began at the same time as David said:

”That’s very kind of you. Thank you, Ray.”

They grinned at one another and David extended his leg, finding Patrick’s foot under the table. He gently slid his foot up Patrick’s calf then back down again, watching as a bashful smile spread across Patrick’s face.

“You’ve been a consummate host, Ray,” David said, getting to his feet. “Patrick and I can take care of the dishes if you’d like.”

Ray scooped the last portion from the pan, placing it in a container and snapping the lid firmly in place. “That’s very generous of you, David,” he said, stacking the containers one on top of the other and placing them in the fridge. “If you’re sure you don’t mind...”

David assured him that they could manage. Ray poured himself another glass of wine and excused himself to the living room, where they could hear the faint sounds of the evening news once he flicked on the TV.

David grinned at Patrick. “And when I say we’ll do the dishes,” he said, his grin widening playfully, “I really mean you.”

”Uh huh,” Patrick rolled his eyes, standing and collecting the plates from the table. “I figured as much.”

”These hands don’t do dishes,” David explained, holding his hands out in front of him and wiggling his fingers. He stepped toward Patrick and lowered his lips to Patrick’s ear. “They’re much more suited for... other activities,” he practically purred into Patrick’s ear, nearly causing him to drop the stack of dishes in his hands.

David took the plates and cutlery from him and placed them on the counter while Patrick stood, dumbfounded and immeasurably aroused, watching as David ran the water in the sink, added a squeeze of liquid detergent, and set the dishes into the sudsy water.

He stood back and gestured to the sink. Patrick blinked slowly at him before shaking his head, trying to remember where he was and what they were doing.

”Uh, right. Yes. Dishes,” he muttered to himself. He plunged his hands into the soapy water and began to scrub. “There’s a dish towel over there by the stove,” he said, using his elbow to indicate the direction.

”So there is.” David’s voice was soft and low and right in his ear again. Those hands - the ones that didn’t do dishes - snaked around Patrick’s waist from behind, coming to rest just above his belt buckle. He could feel David's chest pressed firmly against his back, his lips against the skin just below his ear. The feeling was new and exciting and incredibly, incredibly arousing. 

Patrick tried to concentrate, but he kept dropping the fork he was trying to wash, so distracting was David’s presence in his personal space. They’d kissed many, many times before, but this was different. He’d told David today that he wanted more, and he was suddenly very aware of how much David had been holding back this past week. Up until now, David had reigned in their touches, kisses and caresses. And despite Patrick’s protests, they had both known and accepted that nothing more was going to happen, at least not in the immediate future.

Now, however, Patrick was very, very aware that he was being seduced by David Rose. And despite the fact that he was wearing the same boring jeans he wore nearly every day and the shirt his mom had bought him, he felt very, very sexy. He realized suddenly that he had never really felt sexy before, with Rachel or any of the girls he’d dated when they’d been on their multitude of breaks. But in David’s arms, with his growing erection pressed into the swell of Patrick’s backside, his lips pressed into Patrick’s neck, his teeth gently scratching and biting behind Patrick’s ear, he felt like sex on two legs and it was incredible

“If you keep doing what you’re doing,” Patrick breathed, “I’m not going to be able to finish the dishes and we’ll never make it upstairs.”

”Would you like me to stop?” David asked, his arms tightening around Patrick’s waist and his lips lingering at his jaw. 

Patrick closed his eyes and took a steadying breath. “No,” he admitted. 

“Do you need me to stop anyway?” 

Patrick wanted to say no. But he also knew that the longer he took to do finish the dishes, the less time they’d have upstairs. “Yes.”

David pressed a kiss to his cheek and gave his love handles a squeeze before he stepped back. Glancing over his shoulder, Patrick saw him reach for the dish towel. He came to stand at Patrick’s side and picked up a plate from the rack on the counter.

Patrick nudged him with his hip and David nudged him back. It took only a few minutes, and soon they had the dishes washed, dried and put away. Patrick reached into the sink and pulled the plug while David refilled their wine glasses, handing one to Patrick before he gestured toward the kitchen door. 

“After you,” he said.

”Such a gentleman,” Patrick teased, leading the way through the front room and office space. He stopped at the foot of the stairs to pick up David’s bag.

”Not really,” David replied. “I mean, I have no idea where I’m going.” He smirked mischievously at Patrick as he took his bag and hooked it over his shoulder. “Besides, this way I get to check out your ass while you go up the stairs.”

Chapter Text

Patrick opened the door to his room, letting David in ahead of him. He watched as he dropped his bag on the floor beside the bed and shrugged off his jacket, revealing exactly how tight the t-shirt he was wearing beneath was.

”Wow,” Patrick breathed before he could stop himself. David looked over his shoulder at him, one expressive eyebrow cocked questioningly. 

“See something you like?” David grinned, giving his shoulders a playful little shimmy. 

“Yes,” Patrick replied honestly. He crossed the room and pressed himself against David’s back, letting his hands skim around David’s waist, coming to rest on his stomach. Unimpeded through layers of thick knitwear for the first time, he could feel the flat plain of David’s stomach beneath his fingers, muscles flexing and twitching at his touch. “You are so goddamn sexy,” he practically purred in David’s ear. “I almost came in my pants when I opened the front door for you.”

He saw David’s cheeks flush with colour and he ducked his head. “I wanted to look good for you,” he whispered shyly. “I thought maybe it was too much. Like I was trying too hard.”

”Uh uh,” Patrick assured him with a shake of his head before pressing his lips to the column of David’ s throat. “You looked perfect.” 

He felt David sigh with relief, leaning back into Patrick’s embrace. He tilted his head, allowing Patrick more room to explore his neck, his jaw. His hands settled on top of Patrick’s, lacing their fingers together. Patrick felt the cool bite of his silver rings between his fingers and lowered his face to nuzzle into the juncture where David’s neck and shoulder met. He breathed in deeply before parting his lips and sucking hard on the tender flesh, his mind reeling, groin throbbing at the moan he drew from deep in David’s throat. 

“Mmm... Patrick...” David breathed as Patrick gazed down at the mark he’d left on David’s otherwise perfect skin. Seeing the evidence of his lips on David’s body did something to him, and he brought his mouth back down to the spot and grazed his teeth across it before biting down. The sound David made as Patrick’s teeth bit into his shoulder was nearly his undoing. He pulled back, untangling his hands from David’s and gripping the hem of his shirt. 

“I wanna see you,” he said, unable to recognize his own voice, so deep and rasped with want. “Can I?”

Without a word, David raised his arms over his head and Patrick impatiently tugged the offending garment up and over his head, tossing it on to the chair where David had carefully lain his jacket. 

He groaned with longing, taking in the gorgeous expanse of David’s back. His broad shoulders, his back long and lean, narrowing down to his hips. His back was dotted here and there with a smattering of freckles that stood out against the light olive tone of David’s otherwise unmarked skin. 

“Fuck,” Patrick whimpered, his hand poised inches above David’s shoulder blade. “Can I touch you?” 

David nodded, glancing over his shoulder as Patrick’s hand skimmed down his spine, drawing a trail of goosebumps in its wake and a sharp intake of breath from David’s lips.

Patrick placed his hands at David’s waist, once again letting them slip around to rest on his stomach. His fingers sifted through the nest of hair on his belly, causing Patrick to groan and rest his forehead between David’s shoulder blades. 

“Oh my fucking God...” he murmured, letting his fingers twist and swirl their way through the wisps of curls leading up to David’s chest. He splayed his hands flat against David’s pecs, feeling the flatness, the firmness of David’s body beneath his fingers. It was so unlike touching any of his previous partners, and his body was reacting so forcefully to the newness of David’s masculinity.

Unwrapping his arms from around David, Patrick placed his hands on David’s shoulders, urging him to turn so he could see what so far only his hands had been able to enjoy. His breath caught in his throat as his eyes took in the sight before him. 

“Can we... I need to see you too...” David mumbled, grasping at Patrick’s sweater. Patrick acquiesced and tore off his shirt, throwing it carelessly to the floor at their feet. David let out a low appreciative grunt as Patrick stood bare-chested in front of him. “Damn... look at you. So gorgeous,” David murmured. He took Patrick’s face in his hands and kissed him, Patrick’s arms winding around David’s waist, revelling of the feeling of David’s upper body against his, skin to skin. 

Emboldened by David’s tongue in his mouth, the urgent moans and sighs he was making and the way David’s hands were scratching and scraping at the nape of his neck, Patrick let his hands drift down to the swell of David’s backside, fingers grasping and squeezing his firm, round cheeks. Patrick was so hard, his erection painfully pushing against the unforgiving fabric of his jeans. He didn’t think it was possible to get any harder, then David shifted his stance, edging his thigh against Patrick’s groin and gyrating against him, delicious and slow.  

Breaking their kiss, Patrick tilted his head back and let out a low, lusty moan at the friction against his already aching cock. 

“That feel good?” David’s voice was thick and rough in his ear.

”Yes,” Patrick mewled, his hands gripping David’s ass, pulling his body closer, closer, impossibly closer. “Oh God... David...”

He felt David’s lips on his ear, biting, sucking his earlobe, nipping at the tender skin of his neck, mouthing at his jawline. “I can make it feel even better,” David murmured against Patrick’s collar bone before he took the flesh between his lips and sucked hard, earning a keening whimper from Patrick’s throat. 

“Yes... please... David I want... I need...” Patrick’s brain was short circuiting, unable to verbalized his needs, his desires. “Please,” was all he could get out before his brain went offline.

Strong, steady hands took him by the shoulders, he felt the mattress against the back of his knees and he found himself sitting on the edge of the bed. He looked down to see David kneeling on the floor between his legs, hands rubbing soothingly up and down his thighs, David’s dark eyes molten with desire as he gazed up at Patrick.

“You back with me?” David asked, squeezing Patrick’s knees. Patrick nodded. “Can I... can we take off your pants?” Patrick nodded again. “Mkay, I’m going to need an actual yes or no here, Patrick,” David insisted. “There’s no wrong answer... I just need to know.”

”Y-yes,” Patrick finally managed to whisper. 

“Yes what?”

”Yes. Please. My pants. Off.”

”As you wish,” David said, his lips drawn to the side in an amused little bow. He reached for Patrick’s fly, flicking open the button and carefully easing the zipper down. Patrick breathed a sigh of relief as his cock - still encased in his boxer briefs - sprang free of the restrictive denim. 

David tugged on the jeans and Patrick lifted his hips, allowing David to pull them free of his legs. He sat back down on the edge of the bed, enraptured with the expression on David’s face.

”Well hello Mr. Brewer,” David drawled appreciatively as he gazed at the bulge in Patrick’s underwear, drawing his lower lip into his mouth and looking alluringly up at Patrick. “Can I touch?”

Patrick nodded, then at David’s warning eyebrow, said; “Yes... yes. You can touch.”

He watched as David palmed him through the fabric, palpating his length with the fingers of one hand, the other cupping his balls, giving them a gentle squeeze. Patrick’s hands came to David’s shoulders, his eyes fixated on the mark he’d left earlier. He ran his fingers over the tender skin, pinching it lightly and earning a hiss of pleasure from David. 

His hands found their way to David’s face, cupping his cheeks. He let his thumbs skim over David’s impossibly soft lips, in such contrast with the rough stubble on his cheeks and jaw. Patrick watched in awe as David opened his mouth and took one of Patrick’s thumbs between his lips, swirling his tongue around the knuckle and then sucking hard. 

“Fuck...” Patrick panted, chest heaving as he pressed his thumb deeper. “David, please... c-can you... I want...”

Releasing Patrick’s thumb with a pop, David scraped his thumbnail over the head of Patrick’s cock and the friction of the fabric against his oversensitive skin made Patrick shiver.  

“What do you want, Patrick?” David asked, pressing a kiss to the pad of Patrick’s thumb before his tongue darted out and licked where his lips had just been. “You want me to take your beautiful cock in my mouth? Is that it?”


”Want me to suck you and lick you and make you feel so good?”


“You want to cum in my mouth, want me to lick you clean?”

”Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!” Patrick was practically bellowing now, not caring one iota that Ray was downstairs, or that his window was open slightly to let in the cool evening breeze and anyone walking by in that moment could have heard him beg. 

Davids eyes glinted, and he ran his tongue along his lower lip while he tucked his fingers into the waistband of Patrick’s underwear, tugging them down, encouraging Patrick to lift his hips just long enough to get them off his legs. Once off, David tossed them over his shoulder. He placed his hands back on Patrick’s thighs, and looked up at him for confirmation. 



Patrick watched, awestruck as David wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, then bent his head to slide his tongue across Patrick’s leaking slit. He locked eyes with Patrick as he opened his mouth and took the head of his cock between his lips and began to suck.

Of their own volition, Patrick’s fingers tangled in David’s thick, silky hair, grasping and tugging encouragingly each time David’s head bobbed lower and lower along his shaft. His tongue swirled up the underside of Patrick’s cock, flicking and teasing at the frenulum before he dropped his hand to Patrick’s balls, cupping and squeezing them between his fingers. 

Patrick thought he knew what a blowjob was supposed to feel like. But nothing in his admittedly limited experience had ever felt like this. He let out a low, lusty growl as he felt the head of his cock hit the back of David’s throat. And then David swallowed around him, again and then again, sending jolts of electricity shooting up Patrick’s spine. 

He groaned, long and loud, his thighs quivering, fingers clutching desperately at David’s hair as the heat inside him threatened to boil over. “Fuuuck... David... I’m gonna... I’m gonna... I can’t...”

He threw his head back and felt his whole body tighten with the force of his orgasm, his toes curled and his fingers clenched as he pulsed, hot and fast, into David’s unrelenting mouth.

“Uuhhhnn... Ohmygod...holy fuck...” he panted, breathless and boneless as he came down from his climax. Opening his eyes, he looked down to see David grinning up at him, looking for all the world like the cat that caught the canary. “Hey,” he said, when he was finally able to catch his breath.

“Hey yourself,” David replied, placing his hands on Patrick’s thighs and giving them a squeeze. “Do you mind?” He pointed to his head and Patrick realized he still had his fingers buried in David’s hair. 

“Sorry,” Patrick said, releasing David from his grip and flexing his fingers, stiff with their recent exertion. “Oh God... your hair...” Patrick grimaced apologetically. 

Chuckling, David shook his head. “I don’t mind,” he said, running a tentative hand through his severely disarranged locks. “I’m a big fan of hair pulling, if you want to know. You know... for future reference.” He winked at Patrick before he braced himself, hands on Patrick’s knees, and pushed himself to his feet. He winced and stumbled awkwardly to the bed, dropping down to sit beside Patrick and rubbing at his calves. “Fucking skinny jeans,” he muttered to himself. He glanced sidelong up at Patrick and grimaced. “My legs fell asleep. I’ve got pins and needles.”

”Um, do you... c-can I, um, help you... with anything?” Patrick asked, feeling awkward as he gestured at the general vicinity of David’s crotch. 

“Oh, um...” David blushed and ducked his head, suddenly bashful. “I kind of already, um...” He bit his lip and looked up at Patrick . “The sounds you were making... kind of... did it. For me.”

”Oh.” Despite the fact that he still longed to touch David, to see and feel his cock, Patrick couldn’t help but feel a little bit - okay, a lot - proud of himself. “Well then...”

David stood up and began undoing his jeans. “Um, so can I grab a quick shower, and then we can, um...” He gestured to the bed. 

Patrick nodded eagerly. “Yes. Yup. Go shower. I’ll wait here for you.”

David grabbed his t-shirt and put it on - backwards and inside out - then bent to grab his bag. He paused, pressing a tender kiss to Patrick’s forehead. ”Mkay. I’ll be quick.”

As the door closed behind David, Patrick threw himself back on his bed and grinned up at the ceiling. He felt amazing. He felt alive. For the first time in as far back as he could remember, there was no feeling of shame. No sense of unfulfillment. 

For the first time in his life, Patrick Brewer felt right. 


Chapter Text

David used his hand to clear the fog from the mirror and took in his reflection. He ran his fingertips over his face, deciding whether or not to begin his nightly skin care regimen now, or...

He didn’t want to assume. Maybe a little light fondling and a blowjob was all Patrick had in mind for their first night together. David grinned at his reflection, more than a little proud of the very enthusiastic response he’d gotten out of Patrick. David had zero qualms about admitting that he was very, very good at sucking cock. But still, it wasn’t every day that someone was so demonstratively appreciative of his talents. 

What really surprised him was his own reaction to getting Patrick off. It had been a very long time since David had come in his pants like a horny teenager. In fact, he was pretty sure the last time he had done that, he had actually been a teenager. 

Reaching into his bag, David grabbed his soft grey lounge pants and a t-shirt. After pulling on the pants, he unfolded the shirt, realizing that in his haste to pack, he’d inadvertently grabbed the oversized shirt with the word DON’T printed in large block letters across the front. Feeling as though that might be sending a less than welcoming message to Patrick, he shoved it back in his bag and grabbed the t-shirt he’d worn earlier, pulling it over his head. The shirt was much tighter than he preferred wearing to bed, but it was a sacrifice he was willing to make if the way Patrick reacted to it earlier in the evening was anything to go by. 

Deciding to leave his nighttime facial regime for later, David stuffed his jeans and his sullied underwear into his bag and zipped it neatly before he flicked off the lights and stepped out into the hallway. 

“Hey,” he said as he closed the bedroom door behind himself. 

“Hey,” Patrick replied. He was sitting cross legged on his bed in a pair of blue pyjama bottoms and a white t-shirt that probably came in a three-pack from Fruit-of-the-Loom, with his laptop on his knee. He looked young and boyish and beautiful. Patrick looked up at David and smiled, and David watched as his gaze slowly roamed down David’s body, pausing at his, ahem, zipper region, eyes widening. 

Realizing that the thin fabric and lighter colour of his lounge pants left little to the imagination, David’s fingers itched to tug the hem of his t-shirt down. But as Patrick’s eyes glazed over and his ears turned pink, David thought better of it.

Dropping his bag on the floor beside the door, he crossed the room and sat down on the bed beside Patrick. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to Patrick’s lips, secretly pleased at the still vacant look in Patrick’s eyes. He turned his attention to the laptop. 

“And what do we have here?” he asked. 

“Oh, um...” Out of the corner of his eye, David saw Patrick give his head a shake and blink rapidly a few times. “I thought we could maybe, um, watch a movie?”

Ah. So no more fooling around. David sighed inwardly. So he should have done his facial routine. If they were going to lay in bed and watch a movie, he knew he’d probably fall asleep and the last thing he wanted was to wake up next to Patrick in the morning looking like something that had crawled out of a dumpster. 

Patrick’s eyes flicked nervously up to meet David’s, his plump lower lip tucked tantalizingly between his teeth. It took all of David’s willpower to keep himself from leaning forward and pulling that lip into his own mouth. But, oh… Patrick was saying something.  

“And, um... we could... we could cuddle?” 

Oh. Well, that’s something different. David honestly couldn’t remember the last time he’d cuddled up in bed with a partner to watch a movie. In fact, he was pretty sure he had never actually done... that. Usually after fooling around, he would just leave. Or ask the other person to leave. There was never any... cuddling. 

“Um... we could... yeah, we could do that.”

Patrick flashed him a relieved grin, as if he’d been worried that David would’ve run for the hills at the suggestion of a cuddle. And if it were anyone else, he probably would have. But Patrick - sweet, earnest, sexy Patrick with his button face and his bite-able lips and his thick, beautiful thighs - was worth sticking around for.

“Really?” Patrick bounced up on to his knees atop his bed and wrapped his arms around David’s neck. They were the same height in this position, and David made a mental note of how hot it was to be eye to eye with this beautiful man. 

“I get to pick the movie,” David declared, hands moving to Patrick’s hips. Patrick grinned at him and nodded eagerly before leaning in for a chaste kiss. 

“I’m gonna go make some popcorn,” Patrick said, hopping down off the bed and heading toward the door. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back.”

David watched Patrick go (he liked watching him go) and then he looked at the bed. He’d forgotten to ask if Patrick had a preferred side. Not wanting to overstep on this, his first night - hopefully of many - at Patrick’s, he remained perched on the edge of the bed and pulled the laptop toward himself. Patrick had been scrolling through the Action and Adventure category and David let out a tsk of displeasure. Incorrect, Patrick, he thought to himself, redirecting his search to the Romantic Comedy section. There. Much better. 

He’d just selected The Proposal from the list when the door opened and Patrick entered, the scent of fresh, buttered popcorn wafting enticingly into the room. 

“Hey,” he said, walking around to the far side of the bed and setting the bowl down on the bedside table. “So, what’re we watching?” Patrick asked as he eased himself down onto the bed. He rolled on to his side, propped up on his elbow, his head resting in the palm of his hand. 

“The Proposal,” David said, maneuvering the laptop to the middle of the bed and lying down, mirroring Patrick.

Patrick frowned. “Yeah, this isn’t gonna work for me,” he said, sitting up. A flash of panic rose in David’s chest. 

“W-we don’t have to… we can pick something else. You can pick the movie…”

Patrick leaned forward and kissed David quiet. When he pulled back, he was smiling fondly. “Not the movie David. I couldn’t care less about the movie,” he assured, and David was momentarily affronted, letting out a squawk of protest. Sandra Bullock was a comedy goddess and who did Patrick think he was ?

“You’ve made your feelings on Sandra’s movies very clear,” Patrick said, his eyes looking even fonder than they did a moment ago. David realized with horror that he must have said that last bit out loud. Patrick lifted the laptop and wiggled closer to David. Close enough that their noses touched. “Hi,” he said, and pecked David lightly on the lips. “Roll onto your back.”

David did as he was asked and Patrick grabbed a spare pillow, balancing it on David’s legs and setting the laptop on top of it. Then he grabbed David’s arm and wound it around his own shoulders before snuggling cozily into his side, his head resting in the hollow of David’s shoulder. 

“Mmm… this is nice,” Patrick hummed, wrapping his arm around David’s chest and tangling his feet up with David’s. 

“Y-yeah… this is… this is very nice,” David said softly. 

Despite the fact that they were watching one of his Top Ten, Desert Island, All-Time favourite movies, he could not keep his attention on the screen. His entire body was paying attention to Patrick. He saw the way his fingers toyed with the fabric of David’s shirt; he felt the laughter rumbling in Patrick’s chest before he heard it; he smelled Patrick’s cheap drugstore shampoo and body wash. It was a lot . But it wasn’t nearly enough. 

David let his cheek rest against the top of Patrick’s head, let his hand slide down so he could feel the bare skin of Patrick’s arm under his fingers. He closed his eyes and let himself feel everything. Because this ... this was the nicest, most intimate experience David had ever had. And he wanted to memorize every single thing about it. 

Chapter Text

Patrick blinked his eyes open. It was dark outside and the house was quiet. The bedside lamp was still on and his laptop was open, the movie long finished and his screensaver now illuminating the screen. He felt the gentle rise and fall of David’s chest beneath his cheek and he closed his eyes and just let himself enjoy this moment. 

Except that he’d woken for a reason, and his bladder was only going to let him enjoy the moment for so long. So it was with some urgency that Patrick carefully untangled himself from David, grabbing the laptop and snapping it closed before setting it back on his desk. Then he quietly opened his bedroom door and snuck down the darkened hall to the bathroom where he relieved himself, washed his hands and brushed his teeth. 

Before flicking off the bathroom light, he looked at his reflection. A smile began tugging at the corners of his lips. He had been so nervous about tonight; nervous about how things would go, how he would react, what David would want from him. But all of that worry seemed so silly now. David had been… God, he’d been amazing. He’d made Patrick feel amazing. Made him feel so safe and so much more right than he’d ever felt before. And Patrick’s only regret so far was that he hadn’t been able to return the favour, as it were. 

Turning off the light, Patrick crept back down the hall to his bedroom and shut the door soundlessly behind him. David was still asleep, his features relaxed in a way that Patrick had never seen before. There was always something happening on David’s face, some story trying to play across his features, some emotional journey taking place just beneath the surface. And while Patrick always thought David was beautiful, it didn’t seem like enough in this moment. Ethereal? Maybe. That was closer at least. 

Patrick climbed into bed and wiggled as close to David as he could. He settled his head back on David’s shoulder and curled into his side, letting his hand rest on David’s chest, tracing lazy patterns on the thin fabric of his t-shirt. Patrick’s fingers meandered aimlessly until they found their way to David’s nipple and he couldn’t resist, letting his fingers draw slow, featherlight circles around that tiny, tantalizing bud. He caught his bottom lip between his teeth in concentration, both watching and feeling the nipple harden and perk under his touch. It was so different than it had been with Rachel, her breasts all softness and curves. But David’s nipples were set atop his surprisingly firm pecs, nestled in a thicket of gorgeous dark curls that Patrick longed to see and feel again. 

He’d had so little time to explore and enjoy David’s body earlier. But maybe now wasn’t… he shouldn’t be doing this. Not while David was sleeping. David had been so careful with Patrick, asking for his consent before each new touch, and now Patrick was just groping him while he was at his most vulnerable. He pulled his hand away and was about to get out of bed, put some distance between himself and David, when he felt long, gentle fingers close around his wrist. 

“Mmm… feels good,” David murmured, his voice so low and gravelled from sleep that it sent a shiver of lust down Patrick’s spine. “You can… you don’t have to stop.”

“I’m sorry,” Patrick whispered. “I shouldn’t have… I should have asked.”

David blinked sleepily at him and brought Patrick’s hand back down to his chest. “Ask me now.”

Patrick searched David’s face for any sign of hesitation, any sign that he was only humouring Patrick, that he didn’t really want this; but there was none to be found. Just David’s steady gaze, open and inviting. 

Patrick cleared his throat. “Um, can I… I’d like to touch you?”

David’s lips tilted upward and he nodded his head. “I’d like that very much, Patrick. Please touch me.”

Sliding his hand down to David’s stomach, Patrick tucked his fingers beneath the hem of his shirt. “This okay?” he asked as he let his fingers rake through the coarse hair covering David’s belly. 

“Mmm. More than okay,” David replied, his dark eyes glinting in the lamplight. 

Beneath the t-shirt, Patrick guided his fingers slowly back to David’s nipple. He pinched it, then flicked it lightly with his thumbnail, causing David to draw in a quick breath before letting out a hum of pleasure. Patrick’s pulse quickened and he did it again, then moved on to do the same to David’s other nipple. 

“Ohhhh, shit,” David murmured appreciatively. 

“Is that… do you like that?”

“Mmm… yeah. Yeah it’s good Patrick. It’s good. You’re good.”

Feeling a little bolder, Patrick gripped the bottom of David’s shirt and began pushing it upward so it gathered beneath David’s armpits, exposing his chest. Patrick bent forward and brushed his lips over one nipple, then the other. He licked them, kissed and teased them with his tongue until David was squirming beneath him and letting out the most delicious little gasps. Patrick nuzzled the thick hair at the centre of David’s chest with his nose, his lips, then went back to nip and suck David’s nipples. He felt his cock go hard almost instantly at the low, lusty moan David let out when Patrick caught his nipple between his teeth and began to flick the captured nub with his tongue. 

Patrick pulled back and gazed down at David who stared back at him with lust-hooded eyes.

“God, you’re so gorgeous,” Patrick whispered reverently, letting his hand trail tantalizingly down the centre of David’s chest, playfully circling his belly button. Patrick’s eyes were drawn to the prominent bulge in David’s sleep pants, the thin fabric leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. He glanced up at David, licking his lips and letting his hand hover just above David’s erection. “C-can I?”

David nodded his response, then seemed to remember his own rule about verbal consent. “Yes. Yes, Patrick.”

Patrick set his palm against David’s cock and let out a low groan. He could feel David’s length, hot and hard and leaking through the fabric. Patrick’s heart skipped a beat at the thought that he’d done that, David was hard and leaking because of him. 

Patrick curled his fingers around David, marveling at the weight, dumbstruck at the feeling of finally - finally - feeling another man’s cock in his hand. And not just any man; this dazzling, sensitive, amazing man that had taken such pains to take care of Patrick, respected his boundaries, put him at ease while Patrick sorted through the complicated gamut of emotions these past few weeks as they’d negotiated their way from acquaintances to business partners to something more, something deeper. 

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” Patrick confessed in a hushed breath. “I don’t know what to do.” He felt a warm hand in his cheek and looked down at David. 

David had his lip tucked between his teeth and he lifted his hips, pressing his hardness more fully into Patrick’s hand. “What you’re doing is so good,” David assured him. “Anything you want, anything you’re comfortable trying.”

“I want… I want it to be good for you.”

David smiled up at him and lifted his hips again, and Patrick responded by curling his fingers more tightly around his clothed cock. “Yeah, baby. Like that,” David encouraged. “So good. So, so good.”

Patrick’s heart fluttered. Baby? He had never been one for pet names - had hated it when Rachel called him ‘Hon’ - but hearing that word from David, directed at him? Well, he could get used to that. 

Leaning in, Patrick captured David’s lips in a heated kiss, sliding his tongue into David’s mouth and exploring the warm wet heat within. David moaned softly and his hands came up to wrap around Patrick’s neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. Patrick’s head swam when David sucked on his tongue, his fingers raking through Patrick’s hair and sending delicious shivers down his spine. He tightened his fist around David’s cock and David responding by grinding his hips up into his hand. 

“Fuck,” Patrick breathed when they broke apart, letting his forehead rest on David’s heaving chest. “God, you feel so good. Everything’s about you feels good.”

“Yeah?” David asked, running his hand down from Patrick’s shoulder, his fingers enveloping Patrick’s hand on his cock. “You feel amazing, Patrick.”

Patrick loosened his hold on David, let him guide his fingers up to his waistband, gently urging Patrick to slip his fingers under the fabric. “If you want to,” David said quietly. “Y-you don’t have to…”

Patrick lifted his head and looked down and where his fingers were tucked just into the waist of David’s pants. “Can I…” he plucked at the drawstring and glanced up at David. “Can we take these off? I want… I want to see you.”

“Yeah,” David smiled, nodding his head. “Yeah, we can do that.” 

Nudging Patrick aside, David sat up and pulled his t-shirt over his head, tossing it unceremoniously onto the floor. Then he stood with his back to the bed and pushed his pants down his legs, kicking them free and off to the side next to his discarded shirt. He glanced alluringly over his shoulder at Patrick before he bent to grab his bag, unzipping it and pawing through it for a moment before withdrawing a small bottle. 

“Lube,” he said, handing the bottle to Patrick and setting his bag back on the floor. 

“David—“ Patrick began, uncertain but David placed a finger to his lips, shaking his head.  

“Not for that. We’re not ready for that yet, I don’t think.”

“Oh. Okay,” Patrick said, relieved that he and David were on the same page. 

David sat on the edge of the bed. “How do you want me? Laying down again?”

Patrick’s mind swam with all of the different ways he could touch David. But for now, for his first time, he thought it would be best to keep it simple. “Yes. Yeah. That’s… that’d be good.”

David smiled and leaned in to press a quick, comforting kiss to Patrick's lips, then settled himself back down on the bed. Patrick took a moment to appreciate the long, lean lines of David’s body laid out before him. He had thick, dark hair on his legs, and his cock - Jesus, his cock - lay hard and tantalizing on a thick but obviously manicured bed of the most gorgeous dark hair. 

Patrick looked down at the lube in his hand. “Is this for—“ he nodded in the direction of David’s erection. David smiled fondly at him.

“Let me guess… you only ever used lotion on yourself?”

There was no judgement in his voice, but Patrick felt himself blush. “Well… yeah.”

“Mmm,” David hummed, folding his arms behind his head and leaning back on his pillows. “Then this is going to change your life, Patrick,” he said, a teasing glint in his eye. 

Patrick shook his head, but dutifully flipped up the lid with his thumb and poured a generous amount of the clear liquid into the palm of his other hand. It was smooth and not at all sticky like he thought it might be. He glanced up at David who was watching him, his dark eyes focused on Patrick’s hand as it closed around his cock. David sighed and let out a long, slow breath as Patrick began to slowly move his fist up and down David’s length, coating him with lube from root to tip.

“Fuck, yeah,” David exhaled. “Mmm… oh shit. Yes.”

Patrick’s gaze oscillated between watching David’s face and watching his own hand work up and down David’s glistening cock. Both were truly sights to behold.

Patrick could feel David growing harder and thicker in his hand and he bit his lip as he watched his fingers curl over the head, then glide effortlessly back down to the root, over and over again. 

“God, that’s so hot,” Patrick said, more to himself than to a David. “Fuck, David... holy shit.”

He could feel his own arousal growing again, building like an inferno deep in his pelvis, his erection beginning to strain against his pyjamas. He let his free hand fall to his lap, idly running his fingers up and down his own length as he continued to jerk David off.

“Look at you,” David purred, and Patrick looked up to see his dark eyes focused on the very obvious tent in Patrick’s pyjama bottoms. “Touching yourself while you touch me…”

Patrick let out a low groan, wanting more friction on his own cock but not sure if his lust-addled brain was coordinated enough to do that while still working David with his other hand. “I… I need…”

“Tell me what you need, Patrick.” David’s voice was breathless.

“I don’t… I can’t…” Patrick fumbled for the words as his hand fumbled into his pants and squeezed his cock. “Fuck…”

Sitting up, David gently pried Patrick’s lubed hand from his pants before he took Patrick’s face between his palms. 

“Patrick? I want to help you. Let me help you.”

“No I… I can do it I just… God!” Patrick blew out an exasperated breath, overwhelmed with the need to touch David - to keep touching David - while at the same time getting his own pleasure. “I just… I want you… I want it all. Now.”

“I know, baby. I know,” David soothed, brushing his lips against Patrick’s sweaty forehead. “This is all new, and it’s a lot. I know.”

Patrick grunted in agreement, nodding his head, keeping his eyes averted, embarrassed. 

“Do you want to keep going? Or…” David bent his head to try and catch Patrick’s eye. “Can I… I’d like to do something with you. That I think you’ll like.” David rubbed his thumbs gently along Patrick’s jaw. “Can I… will you let me take care of you?”

“Yeah,” Patrick agreed quietly.

David’s smile was dazzling, his dimples popping and his eyes crinkling in a way Patrick didn’t get to see often. David leaned in an drew his tongue along the seam of Patrick’s lips, and Patrick darted his tongue out, feeling an electric spark when their tongues tangled together. David moved his hands to Patrick’s shoulders, pushing him gently onto his back, never breaking their kiss.

Patrick let his hands trail up David’s back as David shifted so he was kneeling astride Patrick’s hips and Patrick felt his clothed erection nestle into the cleft of David’s ass. David rocked himself slowly - so fucking slowly - against Patrick, causing Patrick’s fingers to dig into the supple flesh of David’s ass and let out a low groan. 

“David… oh God…”

David trailed his lips to Patrick’s collar bone, tongue darting out to lick in the cleft at the bottom of his throat, slowly undulating his hips in a lazy circle over Patrick’s cock. It felt so, so good, but Patrick wanted more. He wanted to feel David’s skin on his. He gripped David’s ass more tightly, squeezing his firm cheeks with his fingers as he bucked his own hips up, pressing their bodies even closer together and earning a low, lusty growl from deep in David’s throat.

Suddenly, David pushed himself up and hooked his fingers into the waistband of Patrick’s pyjama pants. “Can we lose these?” he asked breathlessly. Patrick nodded his head and lifted his hips as David practically ripped the pants off his legs, tossing them carelessly over his shoulder. 

Then David stretched his body on top of Patrick’s, nudging his thigh in between Patrick’s and bracing his hands on either side of Patrick’s head. He slowly began to undulate his body, grinding their hips together and a shiver of electricity shot through Patrick’s body. He felt David’s slick cock slide against his and he pressed his head back into his pillow and let out a shuddering breath as David continued to move. 

“Oh fuck… oh David… oh my God…” Patrick chanted, his hands desperately scrabbling along David’s back, clutching at his ass, digging in his fingernails in deep and hard. 

“You like that, baby? That feel good?” David breathed in Patrick’s ear and Patrick desperately nodded his head. He bent his knee, raising his leg and hooking it over David’s hip, pulling their bodies infinitesimally closer, the pressure building between them. 

Patrick felt his orgasm approaching like a freight train and his body tensed and he let out a long, guttural moan, turning his head to bury his face in David’s neck as he felt the warm wet of his come on his belly. 

David moaned and pumped his hips a few more times, his rhythm faltering and stuttering against Patrick’s softening cock, and then he grunted and his body went rigid as he came between them. 

“Oh my god,” David panted, his sweaty forehead pressed against Patrick’s shoulder. “Fuck.” Pushing himself up on shaky arms, David’s face hovered over a Patrick’s and they grinned at one another. David’s eyes raked over Patrick’s face, his dark eyebrows furrowed. “Was that… was that okay?”

Patrick skimmed his hand up David’s back and nodded his head, a wide smile splitting his face. “Yeah. Yeah, David. It was… wow .”

David smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to Patrick’s lips before he carefully rolled onto his back, laying down beside Patrick. They lay side by side, staring at the ceiling and trying to catch their breaths. 

“What time is it?” David asked and Patrick turned to check his phone on his bedside table.

“It’s just after 5,” Patrick said, setting his phone back down. “Ray is gonna be up soon, so maybe we’d better grab the shower before before he gets up.”

David groaned, raising his arms over his head and stretching. “God. This is the earliest I’ve been up in like, forever.”

Patrick turned his head and smiled at David, taking in his rumpled bed head and his skin still flushed with a post-sex glow. “I’m really glad you stayed tonight, David,” he said softly. “I… this was… um, thank you.”

David kept his eyes trained on the ceiling, but Patrick could see the dimple forming in his cheek as his mouth bunched up on one side in that little lopsided smile of his. “Thank you, Patrick,” he replied, his voice barely above a whisper. “This was the nicest date I’ve been on in… well… ever.” He cast a quick glance over at Patrick before abruptly sitting up. “Um… so should I go first? Or do you want… or, you know, we could…” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively, and Patrick couldn’t help but giggle.

“Come on. Let’s go,” Patrick said, getting up and holding out a hand to pull David to his feet. “If we’re quick we can come back to bed and get a bit more sleep before we have to get up for real.”