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Pet to a Vampire

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Eric watched as the patrons moved around Fangtasia, trying to get a vampire to notice them. He couldn’t help but laugh at that, for he knew that most of the humans in his club didn’t stand a chance. The desperation was strong in the air, and Eric felt disgusted. His eyes drifted around the club, and watched as the humans tried helplessly to get the attention of any vampire that would even glance their way. A human tried to make their way towards him, and he simply gave him a hungry look, and caused the human to back away. Eric was growing bored of the crowd, and knew he needed to check on his new pet. Ever since humans learned that vampires existed, his club had grown in popularity, and the hunters were kept at bay. “Pam.” Eric quietly spoke. His eyes watched as his child made her way effortlessly through the crowd.

            “What?” Pam asked. Eric couldn’t help but let a small smile form across his mouth. Her attitude was just perfect, and he didn’t want her to change.

            “Watch the bar for a little bit.” Eric informed her. “I’m getting a drink.” He could feel the jealousy forming in her eyes. Not that he blamed her, his new pet’s blood did taste amazing. It was something new on Earth, something he never tasted before. In a blink of an eye, Eric got up from his thrown and was at the basement door. He knew it was dangerous to be feeding during business hours, but he needed to satisfy his hunger. Eric looked around and quickly entered the room, securing the door tightly. Slowly, Eric made his way down the stairs, loving the smell in the air, and that smell was fear. He could hear chains rattling, and he knew that his pet knew he was coming. Eric loved a good game, so he decided to slowly walk down the rest of the way. With each step, he heard the heart rate of his pet increase, and that made his mouth water. Fear always made the blood taste sweeter, and this was especially true with his new pet. “What’s wrong, pet?” Eric slowly asked, as he reached the bottom of the stairs. His eyes landed on the half-naked man he had chained up. Eric loved the blue eyes of his new pet, and thought those were his striking feature.

            Eric watched as the man pulled at the restraints, and he smiled. He could smell and see the fear going through his pet’s eyes and movements. The face of his pet was glistening, and Eric could tell that his pet was crying. “How beautiful you look, pet.”

            The man started to cry a fresh wave of tears, and Eric laughed. He watched as the man started to breath heavier, and he could hear the man trying to plead through the gag. The begging was all muffled, but with Eric’s hearing, he could tell what the man was saying. “Thought you could use the company for a little bit.”

            Eric watched as the bound man pulled at the restraints, screaming through the gag. He merely laughed at the man’s attempts, and walked over to the small table he had placed in the room. Eric grabbed a few things out of a draw, and made his way back to his pet. “It’s just for a quick drink, then I’m going to my office.” He held the needle and slim tube up, as well as a glass. He watched his pet struggle harder against the restraints. “It will be quick.” Eric approached the man, and slowly reached out and stroked the man’s arm, loving how the man shook under his touch. The blood pumping through the veins was driving Eric crazy, and he knew that he needed to feed. Through his touching, he found the perfect vein, and pierced the vein with the needle, watching the blood begin to flow. As it approached the end of the tube, Eric held his glass underneath and watched as the blood flowed into the glass. The delicious smell of the blood was giving off was driving him crazy, and it was taking everything in him not to rip into his pet’s throat. When the glass was half full, Eric quickly took the needle out and forced all the remaining blood in the tube, into his glass. “I’ll see you later.”

            Eric headed back up the stairs, and slowly sipped the blood. His mouth watered as the blood ran over his tongue and down his throat. The taste was amazing and it took everything in him not to down the entire glass. What kind of human is that? Eric thought. He made his way to his office and sat in his chair. The memory of how he came into possession of his new pet swirled in his mind, and he just smiled. Eric didn’t believe in fate, but he couldn’t help but wonder if it was fate that brought his pet to him. Another sip, and it took all his self-control not to go back into the basement and sink his fangs into his pet’s throat. Just sitting there, he looked at the wall and saw how a chain and collar were there. An idea struck him. “Pam.”

            Within a few seconds, Pam was entering the room, looking aggravated. “What now Eric?” Eric couldn’t help but smile. He had to admit that she was very loyal and would do whatever he asked, even though she could have a bit of an attitude.

            “Go to the basement. Bring my pet to my office, and chain him to the wall over there.” Eric explained. He pointed to where the chain and collar were, and proceeded to take another sip of the blood. “And if you are quick about it, I may be generous and allow you to have a sample of my pet’s blood.”

            Eric watched as Pam quickly turned heal, and vanished out the door. He didn’t have to wait long, for within a few seconds Pam was securing his pet to the wall. “I’ll be back later for a taste Eric.” She turned heal and left once again.

            Once Pam left the room, Eric made his way to where his pet was. He knelt in front of his pet and just stared into the eyes of his pet. “Your blood is delicious, the best I’ve ever had.” He listened as the man whimpered behind the gag. Eric simply reached out and slowly began to stroke his pet’s face. “I’ll take the gag off, if you don’t make a fuse. It will also make it easier for you to eat when Pam brings your dinner.” Eric explained. He continued to stroked the man’s face, enjoying the small shakes going through his pet’s body. “Do we have a deal?”

            The man shook his head quickly, and Eric smiled. He reached around the man’s head and released the gag. Slowly, Eric removed the gag, and just listened as the man was heavily breathing. “Th…thank you.”

            Eric smiled as he went back to his desk, and took another sip of the blood. The taste was something the he was never going to get used to, and he smiled at the thought. His eyes drifted back to the area where his pet was, and studied as the man tried to make himself disappear into the wall. “What is your name, pet?” Eric watched as the man flinched, and he smiled. It was just driving him crazy, and it was taking all his self-control not to kill his pet and drain all the blood out. “I asked you a question, pet. What is your name? I do not like to repeat myself. And you better not lie to me, pet. I will be able to tell.”

            The man wished he would disappear into the wall, still trying to understand how he ended up where he was. He was sent here by his friends on a case, to get information, and somehow, he ended up a prisoner of the vampire. The man slowly swallowed, knowing that the vampire would hurt him if he didn’t answer. “Castiel.” The man quietly spoke. Cas wrapped his arms around his legs and huddled closer to the wall. “My name is Castiel.”

            The name sounded heavenly to Eric, and he let it bounce around in his mind. “Castiel.” Eric thoughtfully spoke. He took another sip of the blood, and smiled. “Tell me Castiel, why does your blood taste different from another human’s blood?” He watched as his pet moved closer to the wall. Eric finished off the blood and decided to approach his pet once again. “Tell me why? Tell me why your blood tastes so different?”

            Castiel wanted to escape, and wanted to get back to the Winchester’s, but he was a prisoner to the vampire. “I…I don’t know why. Just let me got. I only came for information.” Cas couldn’t move quick enough as he felt the vampire’s cold hands on his face, forcing his head against the wall. “Please! I just needed information and then I’ll be out of your hair!” He couldn’t stop himself from shaking, and still didn’t understand how he had become a pet. “It’s against the law for your kind to imprison humans! GAH!” The teeth pierced his flesh, and he couldn’t help but cry out. He could feel the vampire slowly drink his blood, and he wished he had the strength to push the vampire off. The only problem is he didn’t know how long he had been the vampire’s prisoner, and he was weak from being drained and lack of food. To feel the blood being sucked out of his body yet again, was making him light headed. Before he knew it, the teeth were out of his neck, and he could feel the blood seeping out of the wounds. “L…let me go.”

            Eric simply licked his lips, enjoying the taste of his pet’s blood that lingered in his mouth. “With how your blood tastes, I can never release you.” Eric happily spoke. “You came poking around here, and so you are paying the price. I could always simply glamour you, make you a mindless idiot to perform on the stage. Letting any vampire sink their fangs into you. You would probably be dead by now with the way you taste, pet.”

            Cas couldn’t stop himself from hyperventilating. The way the vampire spoke sickened him, but he knew that the vampire wasn’t lying either. He only wondered why Dean and Sam hadn’t come for him yet. Do they even know I’m missing? Cas thought. “I won’t say anything. I’ll forget everything. Just let me go.” Cas was only there for a case anyway, for they had reports of rogue vampires attacking humans. It was made difficult since vampires decided to expose themselves, and hunters had to be careful if they set out killing the monsters. All he remembered was speaking to a red head vampire, and then the blonde vampire attacking him. Cas felt fingers digging into his face, and he was forced to look at the vampire in the eyes.

            “You were asking questions. Questions that could hurt the peaceful reputation that vampires are working on building.” Eric spoke. He was tempted to drink some more blood from his pet, but he could tell how weak Cas was, and drinking anymore blood would cause serious damage to his pet. “Now answer my question. Why is your blood different?” That was the one thing that Eric wanted to know, had to find out with his pet.

            “I…I’m an angel.” Cas whispered. He knew that the vampire could hear him, and he knew if he tried to do much movement he was going to pass out. “I’m an angel of the Lord.” Cas couldn’t help but flinch as he felt the vampire’s nails digging into his face. Just let me go! He breathed a sigh of relief when the fingers left and the vampire walked back to the desk. Once he heard the chair scrapping the floor, Cas dared to look in the direction of the vampire and saw that he was writing something. The sound of the door opening had his eyes darting to the door to see the red headed vampire walk in, holding a bag.

            “I got the human some food as requested.” Pam spoke. Cas watched as she entered the office and placed the bag down near him. He didn’t even read what was on the bag, but quickly began to dig into the bag and began devouring the first thing he grabbed. “I hope you don’t mind Eric. I got him fast food, didn’t feel like finding anything fancy for him.”

            “No. Just food so he can keep up his strength.” Eric spoke. “I did promise you a taste Pam, and if take a quick sip, then you can sample him.” He watched as Pam grabbed a hold of his pet and forced the angel to stand. “Just don’t get addicted to his blood. It’s apparently angelic, no telling when we’ll get another one like him.”

            Cas was simply too weak to fight back as the vampire forced him to stand, and he dropped the burger he was in the middle of eating. His body was shaking, afraid that he was going to die at the hands of the vampires. At least he learned the names of his captures. “Don’t.” It was all he could say before he felt teeth sinking into his throat once again. He felt the blood leaving his body, and felt that he was on the verge of passing out. Before he had time to react, he felt the cold hard floor underneath him. His vision was fading in and out, but he heard Eric yelling at Pam to get out, and then nothing. Cas prayed that either he was dead, or that he would wake up from the nightmare. He prayed that Sam and Dean were on their way to save him.