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Shall We Dance?

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Ash Ketchum was late. Well, that wasn’t unusual. He wasn’t exactly a morning person so who could blame him? But did he have to sleep in today of all days? Okay, let’s turn back time for a while...


Pallet Town Institute Of Ballet

Miss Joy clapped her hands, making her class pause their stretching and standing at attention. An excited whisper came over the group of dancers as an old man appeared in the doorway. "Hello, I'm professor, Oak, the new ballet master of the school. Except for ballet, of course, I have also been studying space and possible life sources on other planets via satellite investigation...sorry, I'm rambling" professor Oak had noticed that some of the students couldn't keep themselves from yawning, even though they tried to do so discretely "but, what I wanted to say is that I have a few...lodgers who have shown great interest in dance and particularly in ballet. Therefore, if you" he swiped his arm in a gesture that clearly meant all the students in Miss Joy's class "are interested, you will have the chance to be teachers or dance buddies of sorts to help these lodgers who also happen to be an intergalactic spieces-" the professor didn't get any chance to continue because when the students heard the word "intergalactic", chaos erupted. One student (whose name Ash had forgotten) became so excited that he fainted. They had to get some water and splash it on him to wake the boy up.
Miss Joy clapped her hands once again, the noise died down.

The professor cleared his throat. "So. Your new friends would very much like to see how the culture of our planet works. They're a very artistic species and so I thought I'd introduce them to dance. If you're interested, please sign up here." He held up a piece of paper.