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Let your Body Take the Wheel

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Norisuke had brought a watermelon home.

Joshuu had found it strange, even if it was summer and the fruit was totally of this season, his dad didn't usually bring watermelons from work. He said they didn't look good with the furniture, they were too heavy to bring around and very slippery if taken in the wrong way, that was why Norisuke usually made his employees move them. Joshuu had understood that watermelon weren't for his fragile arms when he was young, he still remembered the spanking he had when he let one big watermelon fall on the floor. That wasn't part of his fondest memories.

Yet here it was, in all his beautiful smoothness and bright green colour, sitting on the table like it was the king of the house.

No one was home except the watermelon and Joshuu, everyone had to do their own things, be it job or school or whatever, honestly he didn’t really care. He was glad he was alone, so he could take all the time he needed to study the fruit in front of him.

Joshuu curiously walked towards it, there was hesitation in his steps, like he was afraid if he ran too fast the watermelon would magically fall on the ground, splattering the red pulp all over it, ruining the perfectly shaped ceramic that probably costed more than the entire house.

Once he was close to it, Joshuu felt his throat getting dry at the sight. It was bigger than his head for sure, it shone so brightly under the sunlight that it nearly made him want to cover his eyes. He felt like he was staring at something forbidden, like he wasn’t supposed to be here.

Joshuu gulped. Seemingly under a charm, he lifted his hands up to reach for it, suddenly having the need to touch it. He barely noticed his fingers shaking, he was too mastermized by the fruit in front of him.

When finally his fingers reached the smooth surface, Joshuu felt a spark of electricity running down his spine.

His mouth opened wide while his fingers trailed up and down the watermelon. It felt so… good. Joshuu thought this could be how a breast felt, the size was the same as the ones he saw in porn and, minus the hardness, he was sure a woman’s tit would be as smooth and nice as this.

Joshuu barely realized his pants had gotten suddenly tight, his dick was pressing against his underwear, throbbing in need. Joshuu’s hands squeezed the watermelon, flexing his fingers to feel just how hard it was, but his mind had already sunk in his imagination and he almost felt like the surface had bended slightly, giving a ghost sensation of false softness.

“O-Oh fuck…” Joshuu’s tongue slit out his mouth to lick his upper lip, tasting the sweat that had formed there. “I-I wonder if Yasuho’s tits would feel like this… so smooth… yes… Yasuho surely has nice skin…”

He didn’t care how desperate that sounded, he was too engrossed in his fantasies to care. Plus no one could hear him right now, so it was fine.

Joshuu moved his hands harder, coddling the watermelon with fervor but making sure it wouldn’t fall. A grin had formed on his lips, tugging them up to split his face in two. He kept squeezing it, caressing like it was a lover. In his mind he wasn’t doing anything bad.

Joshuu’s back bended forward, his clothes were starting to feel awfully tight and sticky on his body, he wished he could take them off but his hands weren’t moving from the fruit, he was afraid the magic was going to break if he withdrew them suddenly.

Uh .”

His lips pressed against the surface, he kissed it gently, tasting the waters. The watermelon was cold, smooth like he thought it would be. It’s different from the one - and only - time he managed to steal one of Yasuho’s kisses. He tasted drops of water on it, like they were oozing out from the fruit, but he wasn’t sure if that was the case. Joshuu couldn’t keep a moan down, it came out without him meaning to, his senses assaulted by the new sensations. He didn’t know why he was so turned on, but his dick was hard and that was a fact .

“S-Shit… I need more…” Joshuu’s voice was weak, but had that undertone full of desire that boys at his age had when they got too excited. He kissed the watermelon again, this time more firmly, pushing his lips so hard against it it almost hurt.

But Joshuu wasn’t satisfied yet. His tongue darted out and he started to twist it around, making sure to coax that spot in his spit. Joshuu couldn’t believe this, he was making out with a watermelon and he was loving that.

“Uh… ah…” Joshuu’s tongue darted up to lick a bead of water that was rolling down the green surface. He caught it with the tip and swallowed loudly.

Joshuu groaned in pleasure. He pressed his forehead against the fruit and panted loudly. Without noticing, his hand was already palming his erection through his pants to get some relief, but he only managed to shudder, desiring more.

He realized that this wasn’t enough, his heart was beating so fast in his chest, he felt like it might explode. He had to act fast, he couldn’t lose even a second.

Joshuu’s eyes turned to his side, staring at the kitchen in search of anything useful. He bypassed the expensive cups and plates until his eyes fell on Norisuke’s precious knife collection. It came from Italy, but Joshuu never bothered to learn the name or how much they costed. Knives were knives, no matter how much money one spent to have them.

With trembling legs, he stumbled towards them and grabbed one of the medium-size ones. It felt heavy, the blade was obviously sharp. Joshuu had never actually grabbed a knife, he felt powerful but also scared of cutting himself on accident.

Many scenarios passed in his head, but when he turned his eyes back to the watermelon that laid on the table, everything was clear.

Wiping the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand, Joshuu stomped towards the green fruit, the knife held tightly between his fingers.

Ignoring the sweat that was forming on his palms, Joshuu laid his free hand on the watermelon, keeping it in place while he used the tip of the blade to draw rough lines on the surface, ruining its smoothness. Once Joshuu was satisfied with the drawing of what looked like a circle, he finally began to carve it.

It was much harder than he thought he would be, his arm flexed, his veins became visible and he could feel sweat gather in his armpit, making him quiver for the unpleasant wet sensation.

“Fuck…” Joshuu muttered under his breath. He sighed in relief when the green surface finally popped out on the table, joined by some of the red pulp. It was like the watermelon was bleeding out and the seeds were unknown part of the body scattered around. Joshuu’s dick twitched at the mere thought.

He pushed the knife inside the circle he had just made and tried to dig out as much juice and water as he could. He was making a mess on the table and on his hands, but he didn’t care about any of that, he was too occupied in what he was making.

When he was finally satisfied, Joshuu placed the knife as far was he could without moving and quickly unbuckled his belt, letting his pants and underwear fall down around his ankles. He moaned pleased when his cock was finally free from the tight clothes and stroked it a few times, making it even harder.

Finally, he moved the big fruit on the edge of the table. His toes curled in his socks and he was biting his lower lip while he brought his hard dick against the entrance he had made.

Joshuu wasn’t as big as he thought, his dick was less than average in size, nothing that would make girls drool all over him, but the boy didn’t seem to realize that since he thought he was actually nice packet. So, when his dick entered in the slimy hole without problems, his mind rationalized that as he carved the watermelon wider than he thought he had.

Ah… ah!

Joshuu threw his head back, his entire body shuddering at the new sensation. It was cold, fresh, sticky . His hot dick was in paradise there, Joshuu could feel the inside coddle his length, sending sparks directly in his brain. It was making him dizzy.

He took hold of the watermelon with both of his hands, making sure he had a firm grip even with shaking arms, then he pulled back slightly and pushed inside again, slapping his hips on the hard surface.

It was amazing. Joshuu thought this was what he was going to feel when he finally got the chance to fuck a girl. Maybe it was cold than a cunt was going to be, but the red insides were moving and opening up around his dick so perfectly .

“F-Fuck…!” Joshuu took his lower lip between his teeth, closing his eyes tightly. Many faces passed in his mind. Yasuho, his favorite porn actress, that pretty girl that sat in front of him during math class, Josuke -

“Y-Yes…!” In his fantasies they were all screaming at him to keep going, to fuck them harder. They wanted this, they were begging Joshuu to cum inside of them. He was being so good, so good they wanted him to keep fucking them until they didn’t remember their names anymore.

Joshuu panted, his hips slapping against the watermelon. Pain wasn’t registering in his body, only the overwhelming pleasure that kept going up and down in his body mattered.

“L-Like this… baby… I’m almost there…!” Joshuu was sinking his nails in the green surface painfully, the table was creaking dangerously, but he was too busy to care about any of that.

His balls were tightening up fast, his dick was twitching like crazy inside the watermelon. The temperature difference was too much and it wasn’t like Joshuu had a great endurance to being with.

Fill me up, please, Joshuu!

The voice in his fantasy whispered those words in his ear lowly. That made him come. Honestly, he wasn’t even sure who had said that in his mind, if it was male or female, but Joshuu was sure he never had an orgasm as intense as this was.

His eyes rolled in the back of his skull, spurts of semen splattered inside of the watermelon, his back arched painfully. He had come so much some of his white cum was falling from the carved hole on the table down to the floor.

It took Joshuu a minute to regain some of his composure. He swallowed loudly before he slowly took his dick out and, very carefully, he tucked himself back in his pants.

He wiped the overwhelmed tears that had formed in his eyes with a napkin, then he looked back at the watermelon that laid accusingly on the table, the hole oozing cum like an used pussy.

“S-Shit…” Joshuu didn’t know what to do now.

His eyes fell on the knife he had used previously.

An idea quickly formed in his mind.


“Joshuu, my boy, thank you for cutting the watermelon up! I’m sure it was a lot of work.”

Joshuu accepted the praise with a wide smile while he observed Norisuke take a bite of a slice of the watermelon he had cut up hours before.

His entire family was sitting around the table, enjoying the fresh fruit with gluttony. No one seemed to notice anything wrong about it. Joshuu was glowing, trying to hide his smirk as he watched like a hawk.

“Ah, I really needed this after going to the gym!” Hato hummed happily, taking a generous bite before she spit the seeds on the plate in front of her, looking at them with disease. “You should have taken the seed out too though…”

Joshuu furrowed his eyebrows at his sister, but before he could reply to her harshly, Mitsuba cut in with her gentle smile. “Oh, but there aren’t too many anyway, even Tsurugi is eating them without complaining.”

Jobin nodded at his wife’s words. He had an amused smile on his face as he ate the watermelon. Joshuu felt like Jobin knew something was up, his heart was throbbing in anxiety, but his older brother wasn’t saying anything so he rubbed it off like only his paranoia talking.

Joshuu coughed against his hand and turned towards Josuke, who seemed to have difficulties with the seeds, spitting them out from the corner of his mouth but making some pinkish water fall out too, dirtying his white pristine clothes.

Joshuu didn’t move to help or correct him. He had soon learned that Josuke did things in his own way.

“So, Josuke, this is your first time eating watermelon, how is it?” Joshuu hid his smirk behind his hand while he watched Josuke blink a little, thinking at his question.

“It’s… fresh… but too watery.”

Norisuke laughed at that. “Well, of course, watermelon is made mostly of water! I would be worried if something else came out!”

Josuke didn’t seem like he understood the concept, but he ate another bite, spitting water all over himself once again. Joshuu wanted to laugh maniacally but he managed to restrain himself, even if barely.

Daiya was the last one to speak. When she took a bite, she made a strange face before she swallowed then her head moved towards where Joshuu was sitting, her unblinking almost blind eyes were moving around trying to find his face.

“It’s… a bit salty… but it’s not bad.”

Joshuu couldn’t help but chuckle at that.

He wondered what face his family would make if they knew exactly what made the watermelon have such unique taste.