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“What are you doing?” Hoseok giggles softly to himself, his fingers thread lightly through the elders hair. He tugs gently on Yoongi's dark strands earning him a pleased hum in response.
“Mmph seeping!” Yoongi mumbles, his words muffled by the way his face is squished into Hoseok's stomach. As if proving his point he gently nuzzles his face into the fabric of Hoseok's shirt. His face comically squished into the light chub of Hoseok’s tummy. He sighs quietly in content and there is a brief moment in which he longs to remove Hoseok’s over sized shirt and lay his cheek on the soft flesh of his boyfriend's cute little tummy, maybe nip lightly at his beautiful caramel skin – he doesn’t though because he knows that, that isn’t what today is about. No, today is about him spending quality time with his favorite person in the whole world.
A boy can dream though and he does dream. He dreams of kissing every inch of Hoseok’s body, doting on him at every given chance. Yoongi dreams of one day finally being able to tell Hoseok , to tell the world every word that he has never been able to say out loud, every wonderfully intense emotion Hoseok stirs up within him. For now though he lies peacefully on his boyfriend’s stomach, looks up to meet the younger's eyes. Hoseok is staring down at him with so much fondness that it makes Yoongi’s heart ache a little his trademark gummy smile on full display. At this point it’s an involuntary response to simply being in Hoseok’s presence – he sees Hoseok : he smiles (it's science okay!)
Hoseok smiles shyly back at him, his hands continuing their soothing movements , easing all of Yoongi’s tension with a simple touch as he tugs at a few strands every now and then.
“Hi!” Yoongi beams
“uhm hi?” Hoseok’s face flushes a light shade of pink at his boyfriend’s antics. ‘God he is so beautiful' Yoongi thinks to himself, for what’s probably the hundredth time this week and he is! That’s the thing, there's this ethereal beauty about Hoseok , this all consuming, other worldly glow that takes over his entire face whenever he smiles, his entire face lights up, his pretty eyes crinkle into half moons and his heart shaped lips spread wide…and okay wow Yoongi has never been so in love before.
“You’re spacing out again” Hoseok accuses eyeing him suspiciously.
“You’re pretty” It’s not what he meant to say but the way Hoseok’s face turns a deep red makes him really glad that he did.
“Hyung are you drunk?” Hoseok teases
“Drunk in love maybe” he snorts
Hoseok’s hands still their movements, his body shaking uncontrollably with the force of his laughter. Yoongi gets a little giddy at that , he scoots up pressing his ear to Hoseok’s chest. The steady beat of his sweet Seokie's heart grounding him. In this moment nobody else exists. It’s just him and his Hoseok.
His…The thought makes him thrum with so many emotions. He surges forth capturing Hoseok’s lips abruptly cutting off his laughter. He internally smirks at Hoseok’s reaction, the way his breath hitches and his lips move fervently against Yoongi’s own. It’s a sweet kiss, both of them smiling too much making it harder to continue kissing. Yoongi eventually breaks the kiss choosing instead to pepper Hoseok’s face with tiny pecks that have his boyfriend giggling sweetly.
“Seriously Yoon what’s going on with you?” Hoseok manages to speak in between giggles. Yoongi sits up straddling his waist now, tapping a finger against his chin feigning an internal debate. He furrows up his eyebrows in mock thought, lips pouting as Hoseok eyes him with amused eyes.
“Let me think” Yoongi trails off tilting his head this way and that way, looking very much like a confused puppy.
“Don’t hurt yourself” Hoseok giggles , earning him a harsh glare in response.
“Oh haha and here I was about to sprout sonnets in your honour. Oh what a cruel world we live in!” He makes a show of it. Placing a hand on his heart as if he were on the verge of having a heart attack before falling down dramatically to lay next to Hoseok. Staring at the ceiling as he blocks his eyes from view with the back of his hand.
“Well I’m not opposed to hearing you recite poetry..”
“No! No! Why should I burden you with the surge of my affection?!” He makes a show of turning unto his side faking genuine offense. It’s mostly to hide the shit eating grin that’s about to spread on his face but it helps with his kicked puppy spiel anyways.
“Aw I’m sorry Yoon, come on I wanna hear what you have to say!’ Hoseok whines.
Yoongi does grin this time . He loved Hoseok …really he did but the guy was just so easy to mess with sometimes…most of the time. Okay … always.
Yoongi sticks out his lower lip pulling on a loose thread of the pillowcase, his gaze downcast to add to his air of disappointment. In reality he wasn’t even upset at Hoseok but the younger was just so cute. Brimming with purity and a kindness that Yoongi rarely see’s in this cold world. Hoseok isn’t naïve far from it actually, he has been through many hardships and yet despite that he still views the world with such child like wonder, such simplistic innocence.
“ No I don’t want to inconvenience you with my feelings. It’ obvious that me being affectionate isn’t welcome.” He sniffs pouting childishly.
Hoseok rolls over to face him, coming up behind Yoongi. He peaks a head over Yoongi’s shoulder wrapping an arm around his slender waist.
“ I didn’t mean it like that Yoon, I love it when you’re affectionate and I always want to hear what you have to say! “ he presses soft kisses to the nape of Yoongi’s neck and Yoongi closes his eyes enjoying the sensation, smiling to himself at the honesty behind Hoseok’s words. He knows this , he knows that Hoseok is the one person he can talk to about anything , the one person that actually listens to what he has to say, that encourages him to be more open with his feelings.
Yoongi smiles wide turning to face his adorable boyfriend, he intertwines their hands and holds it in the small space between them.
“ Should I tell you then Hoseokie?” he whispers. Something in the air shifts. A slow tension building between them, Yoongi’s voice has lost all hints of playfulness replaced by a slow drawl meant to entrance Hoseok. Coax him into replying. He examines Hoseok’s hand admiring the way it seems to fit so perfectly with his own. The flats of their palms touching, fingers wound tightly around each others, connecting them to one another. He mentally compares the contrast between Hoseok’s long elegant fingers and his own bony ones. Where as he has veiny, calloused hands ; Hoseok’s hands are smooth and almost as soft as the rest of him. When Hoseok doesn’t reply he inches closer eliminating any remaining space between them, resting their interlaced hands in between both their chest’s gently. Always gentle when it comes to Hoseok.
“Should I tell you Seokie?”he asks again his lips skimming the knuckles of each of Hoseok’s fingers
“Y-yeah” Hoseok breathes his voice coming out spacy. The tension between them seems to have escalated ten fold and Yoongi knows that today was set aside to relax with Hoseok away from the busy schedules and the stresses of being part of one the most famous bands in the world but he just can’t help himself. He just wants, always wants. He is greedy when it comes to Hoseok. His love, his attention, his body.
God …his body.
Yoongi licks his lips staring intently at Hoseok’s face. The younger staring back all wide eyed and questioning. He let’s go of Hoseok’s hand then, cupping his face in the palm of his hands. His thumb brushes across Hoseok’s cheekbone. The touch is as light as a feather and yet Hoseok’s eyelashes flutter clearly affected by the small gesture.
“Seokie..” he makes sure to use his ‘bedroom voice' as Hoseok once called it, all low and sensual. The voice that seems to make his boyfriend come apart at the seams. Hoseok let’s out a shuddery breath and Yoongi feels his heart swell with pride at having Hoseok fall apart with just the sound of his voice.
“Tell me please” Hoseok begs
Yoongi smirks seductively at Hoseok’s glazed over eyes. He looks desperate, desperate for anything that Yoongi could give him and when it comes to Hoseok he is a weak man. In fact there isn’t much that he wouldn’t do if the younger had asked him to. So he turns Hoseok on his back and gets on top of him, his smaller frame somehow seeming to engulf Hoseok’s slightly larger one. He leans down to suck on Hoseok’s bottom lip. His tongue running across the supple flesh before he sucks on it lightly. When he pulls back there is still a small string of saliva connecting them. Yoongi brushes at Hoseok’s kiss swollen lips that look so beautifully bruised at the harsh treatment they received earlier. He leans forward resting his forehead on Hoseok’s, their noses almost touching. Yoongi is so close to him that he has to cross his eyes a little to be able to stare in Hoseok’s own. It’s a little awkward but Yoongi relishes in this close proximity between them.
“ What’s going one? You’re what’s going on. You have no idea how hard it is for me to control myself. How can I not want to constantly kiss you, or hold you , or praise you? My precious Seok. You ask me what’s going on? You’re what’s going on! I just love you! I love you so much do you know that?”he pulls back to look into Hoseok’s eyes only to find that Hoseok is staring at him in slight shock, his pretty eyes dewy with unshed tears.
“Why are you crying baby?”
Hoseok seems to snap out of his shock, blinking once, twice and then shutting his eyes again willing away his tears. He let’s out a breathy little laugh.
“I -Yoongi-hyung-“he starts but somehow the words die in his throat. His mind still reeling from the fact that his boyfriend who is supposedly not very good with expressing his feelings had just confessed his love for Hoseok so boldly and without restraint. If he weren’t so overwhelmed with the amount of love and adoration that he is being showered with, Hoseok with make a quip about how Yoongi is just a soft marshmallow disguised as a tough rapper but as it stands he can just stare back at Yoongi at a total loss for words.
“Shh baby you don’t have to say anything. I know this is unusual for me but like I said I can’t control myself around you. I – just needed you to know.”
Yoongi kisses him lightly a press of the lips and nothing more, pulling away when he realizes that Hoseok has gone stock still underneath him, gaping at him with his pretty pink lips parted. There is a little hesitance , a look of some sort of uncertainty that Yoongi immediately picks up on. As much as he really, really wants to be intimate with Hoseok he would never push for sex when Hoseok wasn’t in the mood. He respected him too much to do that. Loved him too much to put him in any situation that he didn’t want to be in.
“We don’t have to do anything tonight. We could just cuddle for a bit yeah?”
“No!” Hoseok protests. His face burning a fiery red at his own sudden outburst. He had still been lost in his own thoughts when Yoongi had kissed him, still soaking up the tenderness all the while wondering what he had done right in his life to deserve such a loving boyfriend. The thought of Yoongi cutting short this intimate moment between them, breaking him out of his revere and sending a wave of panic throughout his entire being. He wanted Yoongi to keep talking, to keep touching him, to never ever stop touching him.
“ Oh does my angel want to play?” Yoongi teases a devilish smirk set on his pouty lips.
Hoseok only manages to nod eagerly.
“What do you need baby?”
“C-can you t-tell me…”
“Tell you what darling?”
“I-i…”Hoseok turns his face away, looking overwhelmed. The blush on his cheeks an ever present sight now. His eyes downcast, gaze bashful and a little unsure but Yoongi is having none of it. He gently tilts Hoseok’s chin holding it in place lightly, forcing the younger to meet his eyes.
“Hey none of that sweetheart. Come on now tell me what’s going through your mind “
There is a prolonged silence. Hoseok looks deep in thought so Yoongi uses this opportunity to press teasing kisses along his neck. Hoseok shudders causing Yoongi to smirk into his skin, he can almost picture the bruises that will no doubt form on Hoseok’s golden skin. They would be dark and splotchy and contrast so greatly with the baby soft smoothness of his boyfriend’s skin. The thought sends his mind reeling so much so that he almost doesn’t hear Hoseok’s whisper like reply.
The question catches him off guard. He pulls back hastily from the crook of Hoseok’s neck.
“Huh?” he questions lamely
“Why do even love me so much?”
Yoongi stares at Hoseok completely perplexed because okay where did that even come from? The younger’s eyes swirl with so many emotions as he stares boldly into Yoongi’seyes. Yoongi frowns taken aback. He felt his frown deepening the longer he stared at Hoseok’s face. Hoseok fixes him a challenging look and Yoongi feels himself tense up, absolutely loathing the look of doubt in Hoseok’s eyes.
Did Hoseok doubt him? Did he truly believe that Yoongi didn’t love him as much as he claimed? Dammit where did all this doubt even come from?! It’s madness!
“Seok-ah how can you even ask me that?”
Hoseok huffs pouting lightly, he turns his face away from Yoongi away from his piercing gaze, trying to wriggle out of Yoongi’s grip. Yoongi eases up slightly allowing Hoseok to sit up and push Yoongi off of him completely while the former watches confusedly. Yoongi shuffles back sitting on his haunches, watching intently as Hoseok turns unto his side facing his back towards Yoongi. The way he practically curls into himself making him seem impossibly small even though he is actually a few inches taller than Yoongi himself.
Yoongi moves to lie next to him, his front flushed with Hoseok’s back. It’s silent now and Yoongi can barely comprehend this sudden shift in mood. He knows that Hoseok gets like this sometimes. Lost in his own insecurities and deepest darkest thoughts, thoughts that he shuts away in order to live up to the name J-hope but there are days when he simply can’t shut them down, days when his mind is too loud with negative thoughts and feelings. Being an idol as rewarding as it is , isn’t a cup of tea. Between never ending schedules and constant scrutiny from the media, high expectations from their beloved fans and even more pressure to silence their haters -it’s enough to push even the strongest of people into a hole of emotional instability.
Hoseok was one of the strongest people he knew, always carrying the burdens of his members. Playing the role of the mood maker, the happiness pill, the go between that links the maknae line with the hyung line and holds the band together by the sunshine radiance of his brilliant smile. It hurt knowing that Hoseok truly believed all those negative comments about himself. Those horrible comments about him not deserving to be a part of Bangtan or those off handed comments about him being the least attractive member of the group. It hurt because it was all bullshit and yet Yoongi couldn’t protect Hoseok from all those horrible lies. It made him feel as if he had failed at being a good boyfriend, failed at showing Hoseok how special he really is , to Yoongi, to Bangtan …hell to the world in general.
He would change that tonight. Tonight he would worship Hoseok’s body the way it deserved to be worshipped, he would eradicate every inkling of doubt running around in his boyfriend’s pretty little head but only if Hoseok gave him permission. Even though every fiber of his being was screaming at him to claim Hoseok , to absolutely wreck him until he is sobbing in pleasure the way he deserves, he would never take advantage of Hoseok’s fragile state. If Hoseok just wanted to cuddle then by God that’s what they will do.
Yoongi presses soothing kisses to Hoseok’s flushed cheeks , the former decidedly silent as he grabs Yoongi’s hand and fiddles with his fingers absent mindedly. He once again seems deep in thought, contemplating exactly what he wants to say.
“I’m sorry” he breathes out and Yoongi finds himself feeling confused once more. He had no idea why Hoseok was apologizing. He voices his opinion quietly -afraid that if he raises his voice above anything other than a whisper, Hoseok would retreat back into his shell of insecurity and not tell Yoongi exactly what he was feeling. Hoseok plays idly with Yoongi’s ring finger turning to face him now. He doesn’t lift his eyes when he speaks, voice small and soft…too soft for someone as loud and energetic as Hoseok.
He shrugs non committedly
“I’m sorry for ruining the mood. Here you are being all sweet and attentive and I can’t even shut my stupid mouth for five seconds and just enjoy it…me and my dumb mouth” he mumbles the last part burying his face in the juncture between Yoongi’s shoulder and whoa this is not okay.
Yoongi shushes him pulling him to lay his head on Yoongi’s chest. Hoseok likes to joke about how broad Yoongi’s chest is for someone of his small stature but Yoongi knows that he secretly loves it, loves placing his hands on Yoongi’s chest while he rides him, loves playfully biting at it when the two are getting undressed and he especially loved resting his head on Yoongi’s chest falling asleep to the soft ‘ thump thump' of his rhythmic heart beat.
“You didn’t ruin anything baby” Yoongi coos pecking Hoseok’s forehead lightly.
“Yes, yes I did Yoongi-hyung. I mean who even wants to be with someone who can’t even get through foreplay without having an emotional break down. I’m a mess, I talk too much and I -I just -why do you even put up with me?!,”he argues
What the fuck.
What the actual fuck.
Put up with him. Hoseok thinks Yoongi just puts up with him?
What. The. Fuck.
“Put up with you?!!”he pulls backing shooting Hoseok a look of utter disbelief mixed with disappointment. Hoseok’s own eyes are shiny with tears once more and Yoongi feels his chest bubble with emotion.
“Were you not listening to a word I said earlier?! I fucking love you Seok!” and he knows that his chest is heaving with the repressed urge to rip his own hair from his scalp because he honestly feels like the worlds shittiest boyfriend right now. For how long had Hoseok been feeling like this? For how long has he felt like Yoongi was just tolerating him? How long had he been stuffing down his negative thoughts. Honestly he was so pissed off at himself for not noticing how insecure his boyfriend must have been feeling. Poor Hoseok it must have been awful to feel that way for God knows how long whilst Yoongi remained blissfully oblivious.
Hoseok gets up from Yoongi’s chest wincing a little at the look of hurt on Yoongi’s face.
“I know! Fuck I know but sometimes I wish you realized that you deserve someone better, someone more secure. Someone who isn’t so -so me!”
That's it!
Yoongi see’s red
“Someone better than you?!”he growls. Something in him snapping as he moves swiftly pushing Hoseok unto his back, adding a little pressure so that he couldn’t escape. He pins Hoseok’s hands above his head earning him a surprised squeak which he promptly ignores too riled up to do anything other than try and calm down his own laboured breaths. Hoseok squirms under him but he secures him in place closing his legs tightly on either side of Hoseok’s thin waist.
“Why would I look for somebody else when you’re the only one I fucking want? You fucking ruined me for anyone else!God I’ll never find anyone better than you. You’re the fucking best!” he finishes burying his face in Hoseok’s neck sucking on the skin there with renewed purpose. Hoseok moans softly the sound causing all of Yoongi’s blood to rush south.
Yoongi teasingly grinds his plump ass back on Hoseok’s crotch, hands still pinning him down.
“If you don’t believe my words then-then let me show you baby. Please let me show you how much I love you” he grinds down harder feeling Hoseok’s erection starting to swell underneath him.
“Yeeesss”Hoseok keens tossing his head back at the feeling of Yoongi’s insistent rubbing, his eyes glazing over in arousal.
“Just want to make you feel good baby, just like you deserve”
The words cause Hoseok’s breathing to quicken, he licks his dry lips suddenly at a loss for words. He knows he might be being a little ridiculous but sometimes he can’t help but feel that him being in a relationship with Yoongi is holding the elder back from doing greater things, he feels like he could never catch up to Min Yoongi genius producer and heart throb of thousands. It’s stupid. It’s so fucking stupid but his mind keeps yelling at him, those evil thoughts telling him that Yoongi deserves someone as talented and amazing as Yoongi himself. Someone who could stimulate him mentally instead of just physically. He jokingly brought it up once but all it earned him was a pinch to the nipple and Yoongi rolling his eyes ‘ Nice try Seok but I’m afraid you’re stuck with me ‘ those words causing flutters in his stomach at the thought of being with Yoongi for a long time.
That’s the thing that upsets Hoseok; Yoongi has told him countless of times that he was the only one for him but when he gets caught in his own head those doubts run rampant, he loved that Yoongi knew exactly how to make him unravel when he was wound too tight. He knew that Yoongi loved him unconditionally but sometimes he couldn’t help but feel like this is all too good to be true. Like he didn’t deserve to be in a band with friends that are closer than brothers, like someone as flawed as him didn’t deserve to be with someone as effortlessly beautiful as Yoongi. He has dealt with so much of hate throughout the majority of his career that sometimes he couldn’t help but wonder just how much of what those people say could possibly prove to be true.
Yoongi pulls back looking down smugly at Hoseok, internally smirking at how wrecked he looks already. Hoseok’s eyes are glossy, his bottom lip pulled in between his teeth as he stares up at Yoongi looking a little dazed. There’s a pretty shade of red tinging the apples of his cheeks and the very tips of his ears.
“Pretty baby” he praises leaning in for a sweet kiss. His tongue licking at the seam of Hoseok’s lips, tongues sliding against each other sensually. Yoongi groans at the needy noises Hoseok keeps emitting, he let’s go of Hoseok’s wrists allowing the younger to grip his hair tightly, combing through his mused strands. The kiss quickly turns desperate both of them eager now. Yoongi pulls back chuckling at Hoseok’s cute little whine of protest. Hoseok chases Yoongi’s lips and tilts his own lips in a downward pout when Yoongi creates a little distance between them. If it were up to Yoongi he would spend hours kissing Hoseok until his lips were puffy and swollen but right now he has more pressing matters to deal with(like the one that’ steadily getting harder directly underneath his ass),so he reluctantly backs away from Hoseok’s sinfully sweet lips, choosing instead to try and undress him.
“Can I take these off darling?” his tone is sweet letting Hoseok know that he had all the power, that Yoongi would only take charge if that’s what Hoseok really wanted.
He receives a shy nod in response and Yoongi thinks he might die from an overload of cuteness(is that a thing?). Hoseok eyes him through lidded eyes as Yoongi gently lifts his shirt halfway silently gesturing for Hoseok to sit up. With the shirt fully off and discarded carelessly, Yoongi drinks in the sight of a shirtless Hoseok. Hoseok’s chest is flushed a light pink, his nipples dusty and budding beautifully. At first glance Hoseok appeared lanky and a little on the skinny side but in reality he was all light muscle and unbelievably soft skin. His frame sturdy and body sculpted lightly from years of dancing.
Yoongi bends down to place a peck on his lips, then his cheeks, his nose. He reaches those gorgeous collarbones biting at the flesh there, his cock twitching at the mewl that leaves Hoseok’s lips.
“Look at you …so gorgeous Seok” he praises a little in awe of Hoseok, of the fact that someone as breath taking as Hoseok could exist and would even allow Yoongi the honor of seeing him like this. He continues his kissing, his tongue flicking at Hoseok’s left nipple that has Hoseok squirming in pleasure. He continues sucking on the perky bud loving Hoseok’s soft ,breathy moans. He switches sides giving the other nipple the same treatment , moaning out in pleasure because Hoseok is gripping his hair now his back arching into Yoongi’s touch, pulling Yoongi in closer to his chest with the harsh grip he has on his hair and damn that’s so hot.
“Oooohhh” Hoseok moans, his body twitching in pleasure. Yoongi looks up seductively while still sucking fervently on Hoseok’s nipple and Hoseok swears that he feels his blood absolutely boil at such an erotic sight, he suddenly feels too hot and so, so very turned on. Yoongi pulls off of his nipple blowing on it playfully, the sensation of Yoongi’s hot breath on his already sensitive nipples causing a shiver to run down Hoseok’s spine.
Yoongi treks further down placing random kisses on the smooth expanse of Hoseok’s chest, stopping at his stomach. Oh how he loved Hoseok’s tummy. Hoseok was always a little self-conscious about his slight pudge. Yoongi saw the way that he eyed Jungkook enviously whenever the maknae was working out. ‘ I wish I were that ripped’ he commented jokingly and Jungkook beamed happily thinking that his hyung was paying him a compliment but later that evening Yoongi had walked in on Hoseok frowning at his shirtless reflection in the bathroom mirror. It shattered Yoongi’s heart knowing that Hoseok couldn’t even see his own beauty but tonight Yoongi would show him.
He feels Hoseok wriggle around feeling a little uncomfortable at having Yoongi pay so much attention to a part of himself that he wasn’t really happy with but Yoongi just rests his cheek on Hoseok’s soft stomach. The skin beneath his cheek is warm and soft to the touch. He kisses it once before laving little sucks on it, a hot pink tongue dipping into his belly button making Hoseok gasp.
“Mmmm so soft” he murmurs before pushing his face against Hoseok’s stomach, moving his face from side to side thoroughly rubbing his cheeks against it. Hoseok breaks into a fit of giggles at the ticklish sensation, the sound of his laugh light and airy causing butterflies to swarm in Yoongi’s own stomach.
“I love your tummy baby”
“R-really?” Hoseok asks shyly his eyes fluttering at the compliment.
Yoongi nods working on pulling off Hoseok’s sweatpants humming in agreement.
“Yeah in fact there isn’t a part of you that I don’t love” as he says it his eyes roam Hoseok’s lower half, pulling down Hoseok’s sweatpants achingly slow ,relishing in every inch of golden skin that his eyes can behold. Hoseok lifts his hips to help him and oh!...oh his boyfriend isn’t wearing any underwear. (Yoongi feels blessed)
Finally Yoongi pulls the sweatpants off completely. He allows himself a moment to appreciate the view. Hoseok’s sizeable cock is thick and curving unto his stomach. The shaft is a beautiful red and the pink head is already leaking a little precum at the tip. Yoongu licks his lips his mouth watering at the sight, his hungry eyes rake over Hoseok’s muscular thighs, skin smooth and hairless. Those long, long legs that Yoongi really wants wrapped around his waist while he makes love to Hoseok.
He moves his own body downward bending Hoseok’s legs and placing them so that his feet are planted firmly on the mattress, nipping at his delicate ankle and kissing his way up to Hoseok’s muscular calf.
“I love you here” he whispers moving forwards kissing Hoseok’s inner thighs loving how whiny Hoseok is beginning to sound. Yoongi takes his own sweet time sucking bruises unto the sensitive flesh of Hoseok’s thighs, hungry hands groping the rest of his glorious legs.
“And here” he continues placing an open mouthed kiss to Hoseok’ hip bone. He is purposely ignoring the youngers erection wanting to tease him a bit , wanting him to lose control and forget about everything except the way Yoongi is making him feel. Hoseok whines pitifully bucking his hips trying to get Yoongi to touch his aching cock.
“Oh and you definitely know that I love you here” he smirks, coming to face with Hoseok’s hard length. Gripping it loosely and running his tongue from the base to the tip in one fluid motion. He sucks lovingly on the head moaning at the taste of Hoseok’s precum on his tongue.
“Oh Yoongi -hyung!” Hoseok cries out his hands flying to Yoongi’s hair bucking his hips in a silent plea for Yoongi to take him deeper. Yoongi allows it enjoying the way Hoseok feels in his mouth, his cock heavy on his tongue, he let’s Hoseok take what he needs. Opening his mouth wider and relaxing his throat as Hoseok fucks deeper into his mouth. Hoseok uses his tight grip on Yoongi’s hair to move his head rhythmically, panting and moaning obscenely. His hips and hands move in tandem , movements getting a little frantic. After all that teasing he is so close, his body moving on it’s own accord chasing his orgasm but suddenly Yoongi is prying his fingers out of his hair and pulling his talented mouth off of Hoseok’s cock and Hoseok wants to sob but before he could Yoongi is manhandling him unto all fours, pressing lightly at his back so that his chest hits the mattress. Yoongi grabs a pillow positioning it under his hips so that it’s a little more comfortable.
“ I-I was so close!” Hoseok sniffles his head swimming. His entire body is humming with pleasure and the lingering pain of a missed orgasm, making his mind go all fuzzy around the edges.
“Shh baby I’ll let you come soon. It’s gonna feel so good…”Yoongi drawls purposely making his voice low to add to the intensity of his lustful words.
“I-I wanna..”Hoseok sniffs his hips rutting against the pillow in search of friction, moaning when his sensitive cock rubs against the smooth fabric if the pillowcase. He isn’t making much sense now too far gone in the pleasure that Yoongi is offering, the promise of a release. Yoongi thinks that he has never seen a anything as painfully arousing as Hoseok losing all his inhibitions and getting lost in his need.
“Soon darling” he promises kissing the nape of Hoseok’s neck ,trailing a single finger down the line of Hoseok’s spine, his fingernails running down quickly followed by hot , insistent lips. Hoseok moans into his arms and Yoongi huffs wanting to hear more of his delicious sounds.
“I wanna hear you sweetheart. Want to hear you moan so prettily for me when I make you feel good with my tongue “
Hoseok moans brokenly at that and Yoongi smiles setting to work. He gently kneads the flesh of Hoseok’s ass enjoying the way it fills out in his palms. He presses a brief kiss at the very base of Hoseok’s spine, leaning down further pulling Hoseok’s cheeks apart, groaning at the sight of his little hole.
Yoongi runs the pad of his index finger against Hoseok’s entrance watching in fascination as it flutters slightly at the attention.His tongue quickly follows kitten licking at first before he flattens his tongue and flicks it in an up and down motion.
“Ohmyfuck!” Hoseok moans
Yoongi grips Hoseok’s cheeks pulling them apart enough for him to stick the very tip if his tongue into Hoseok listening in delight as Hoseok sobs. He fucks his tongue in deeper feeling Hoseok’s hole loosen around his tongue, moving his tongue in and out vigorously forcing Hoseok up the bed with the force of his movements.
“Yoong- yoo.’ Hoseok cries desperately , fingers fisting the bed sheets in a death grip. Yoongi moans in response probably enjoying this as much as his boyfriend was. It’s messy and wet, obscene slurping noises filling the room mixing with Hoseok’s wrecked moans to create a beautiful melody and if Yoongi weren’t just a little possessive he would make a song out of Hoseok’s moans to let everyone know how fucking good he sounds in the throes of pleasure.
Hoseok is moving his ass back unto Yoongi’s face now, receiving double stimulation as his cock rubs against the pillow with every move of his hips. It feels so good and Hoseok feels a little light headed. His moans getting increasingly higher in pitch to a point in which he can barely recognize his own voice anymore. Sure Yoongi and him have had their fair share of mind blowing sex during the duration of their relationship but something about this moment feels infinitely more intimate. Maybe it’s the fact that Yoongi’s tongue is literally up his ass or perhaps it’s the fact that Yoongi is still fully clothed while he himself is on full display, vulnerable and feeling so open to the love he is being showered with. Whatever it is something in him is raging with the need to come, his cock leaking and aching in the best way and yet there is a part of him that wishes that this moment would never end.
Yoongi finally pulls back taking a deep breath after what felt like hours. He groans at that sight of Hoseok’s pink, puckered hole loose from his tongue and shining with his spit. Thumbing at the rim hearing Hoseok gasp at that. Pulling lightly at Hoseok’s rim he let’s the fingernail of his thumb dip into Hoseok’s hole brushing at his soft walls teasingly.
“P-please hyung more” Hoseok begs , his voice scratchy from all his moaning and honestly who is Yoongi to deny such a polite request? So he removes his thumb entering his index finger instead. There's barely any resistance, in fact Hoseok is rocking his hips back eagerly in a silent plea for more. Luckily for him Yoongi hears him loud and clear pushing past the first knuckle increasing the speed if his movements.
“Oh hyung yeah yeah please!” he begs nonsensically jolting with a startled moan as Yoongi grazes his prostate with the tip of his finger.
“Hyung! There oh r-right there!” Hoseok sobs dangerously close to his orgasm, his hips pushing back unto Yoongi’s finger and grinding harder down unto the pillow. His back muscles are tense ,his whole body going rigid as Yoongi presses unto his prostate and keeps his finger there .Hoseok’s eyes rolling into the back of his head , his balls tightening.
“I'm coming! I’m-“he warns as he grinds down on the pillow once more , spilling his load and honest to God sobbing in pleasure.
“Yeah” Yoongi breathes his finger still pressed unto Hoseok’s prostate letting him ride out his orgasm, only removing it when Hoseok wriggles away whining at the over sensitivity.
He gently turns Hoseok on his back. Hoseok looks absolutely fucked out. His eyes closed and his breathing still slowing down. There is a salty streak of tears running down his cheeks and Yoongi laps it up with his tongue. Hoseok makes an almost inaudible sound his eyes fluttering open looking far away.
“Hi gorgeous “ Yoongi laughs kissing his lips, Hoseok kisses back lazily still recovering from his orgasm.
“Wow” Hoseok giggles. Wow indeed Yoongi thinks eyeing Hoseok’s body, littered with varying shades of bruises. Yoongi’s heart feels full of pride at the way Hoseok’s previously unblemished skin is now marked with his love bites, knowing that Hoseok will probably feel the slight sting from them for a while, that he could admire Yoongi’s handiwork and be reminded by every purplish-red blossom: that Yoongi loved every inch him.
Hoseok giggles again and it’s such a beautiful sound, so pure and full of unfiltered joy. He goes to settle his head on Yoongi’s chest shifting to tangle their legs together but the action causes his thigh to make contact with Yoongi’s hard on causing Yoongi to wince.
It was easy to ignore his own painful erection when all of his attention was focused on making his baby feel good but now that Hoseok had come and was basking in his afterglow Yoongi’s own cock gave a painful throb. The truth was that he had been fully hard from the moment he saw Hoseok naked and it was beginning to get a little unbearable. Hoseok stiffens in realization turning his gaze to Yoongi before pouting.
“You didn’t get off” his voice comes out almost whiny, as if Yoongi not getting off was some kind of personal offense to him.
“It’s okay darling tonight was about making you feel good” Yoongi chuckles booping Hoseok’s nose trying to shift slightly and barely suppressing a wince when the action causes his crotch to brush against Hoseok’s bare thighs.
“I uhm should probably take care of this. Gimme a minute” he goes to get up and head to the bathroom so he can finally ease some of the pressure in his groin but he is stopped by Hoseoks grip on his wrist pulling him down. He lands on his back with a soft thud and Hoseok is crawling on top of him , nibbling on his earlobe.
“I’m sure you can last longer than a minute can’t you hyung? “ Hoseok teases his hands dipping into the waistband of Yoongi’s own sweats playing with the tip if his cock before making a move to remove Yoongi’s pants and underwear.
“Seok-“ Yoongi wants to protest that’s it’s not necessary, that Hoseok shouldn’t feel obliged to do anything but before he can Hoseok leans forward to moan into his ear.
“ I wanna get you off hyung, want you inside of me” he grips Yoongi’s sweater now, Yoongi getting the hint and sitting up to remove the article of clothing moaning at Hoseok’s lewd words.
“Oh please hyung I need you so bad” Hoseok whines and usually Yoongi would be the first to make a snarky comment at such cheesy dirty talk but right now he is horny and hard and Hoseok looks like a literal angel sitting on his thighs adorned with Yoongi’s love bites. Hoseok’s exaggerated pout is anything but innocent ,he knows exactly what he is doing and Yoongi has to shut his eyes briefly to keep from coming at just the sight of Hoseok.
“ Yeah baby take what you need” he encourages resting his hands on Hoseok’s waist , the younger leaning in for a chaste kiss. He then places his hands on the middle of Yoongi’s chest touching every inch that he can get his greedy hands on. For a minute he seems so transfixed that it takes Yoongi gently squeezing his hips to break him out if his stupor. His face turning scarlet at being caught so shamelessly drooling over Yoongi’s broad chest. Yoongi shoots him a knowing smirk which makes Hoseok even more flustered, hiding his face in the crook of Yoongi’s shoulder.
“You’re s so cute!” Yoongi gushes kissing his cheek, Hoseok whines nipping at Yoongi’s neck to hide his own embarrassment. Yoongi groans turning Hoseok’s face toward him their lips meeting in a searing kiss. They make out for a while before Yoongi’s erection gives a dull throb causing him to pull back.
“Baby…” he says thumbing at Hoseok’s bottom lip, the palm of his hand gently caressing his cheek. Hoseok leans into the touch kissing the palm of Yoongi’s hand. He leans in for another kiss moaning helplessly when Yoongi sucks on his tongue.
“Lube ..we need lube” Hoseok moans reluctantly breaking the kiss to reach for the lube in their top drawer. Yoongi busies himself with sucking on a previous love bite causing Hoseok to hurry his movements. He is already half hard despite having already had an orgasm, the needy feeling from before returning full force. Really it’s just a testament to the intense feelings that Yoongi stirs up within him.
Lube in hand he goes to straddle Yoongi once more smiling down at him cheekily before coating his fingers with lube and hastily pushing one into his already loosened hole, all the while never breaking eye contact with Yoongi. He is still a little stretched from earlier so he is quick in adding another finger, spurred on by Yoongi cursing beneath him and involuntarily bucking his hips upward.
Hoseok slicks Yoongi’s erection with lube too impatient to wait any longer, he slaps Yoongi’s cock against his entrance a few time moaning at the sensation.
“Oh fuck” Yoongi pants as Hoseok lowers himself unto his cock.
Hoseok’s face scrunches up beautifully as he sinks down further. Yoongi’s length is way bigger than two fingers but he doesn’t mind the slight burn not when Yoongi stretches him out so wonderfully. He relishes in the fact that he will still be able to feel Yoongi for days afterward. Yoongi inhales slowly resisting the urge to thrust up into Hoseok’s delicious heat, waiting for him to adjust to his size.
“So big” Hoseok moans moving his hips experimentally his face going lax with pleasure, lips forming an ‘o’ shape.
“You take it so well darling” Yoongi rasps, his words making Hoseok moan loudly rocking his hips back and forth to get used to the feeling of having Yoongi inside him. Yoongi’s hands grip at his hips silently encouraging him to bounce on Yoongi’s cock. Hoseok is fully hard again, Yoongi’s big cock brushing against all kinds of sensitive spots inside him. He pulls off of Yoongi’s cock only to sit back down in one go.
Yoongi throws his head back, his lips parted as he pants, his hands moving to grip Hoseok’s hip whilst he plants his feet flat on the mattress. His hips bucking upward to meet Hoseok’s movements. It’s all so sensual despite them being so desperate. Their bodies move together in a gentle push and pull, Yoongi’s thrust going in slow and deep rubbing against Hoseok’s walls smoothly.
On a particularly hard thrust the head of Yoongi’s cock makes direct contact with Hoseok’s prostate causing him to cry out in equal parts surprise and pleasure. He falls forwards catching himself by resting his hands on Yoongi’s chest his eyes misting over.
“ Love your chest hyung” he moans running his hands all over Yoongi’s chest still bouncing frantically on Yoongi’s cock.
“I figured” Yoongi snorts earning him a glare which honestly isn’t all that intimidating seeing as how Hoseok’s movements hasn’t ceased.
“Are you making fun of me?”
“No?” Yoongi struggles to hold in his laughter at Hoseok’s narrowed eyes and accusatory tone.His laugh causing Hoseok to cross his arms over his chest childishly and completely still his movements (which was harder than it looked -no pun intended)
“I could just leave you know, get off of you and leave you hanging”
“Honestly I’d rather you get me off instead “ Yoongi makes sure to lower his voice. His tone playful but at the same time seductive.
“Well I’m not so sure I want to anymore” Hoseok argues ,petulantly turning his face away from Yoongi.
“You wouldn’t be that cruel to me , would you baby?” Yoongi questions thrusting upwards. He can tell by Hoseok’s gasp that he already won. Hoseok squirms a little trying not to give in, trying to act like he isn’t affected but Yoongi’s cock is still pressing at his prostate making it harder for him to think(again no pun intended).
He knows that he can’t keep up his act so instead he decides to embrace it licking his lips and moving his hips in figure eights.
“I -I wish I could hyung but you-you feel so good inside if me” he goes back bouncing on Yoongi’s cock loving the way Yoongi is moaning for him, his eyes squeezing shut.
“Yeah Seok-ah does hyung feel good?”
“So -so good the best!”
Yoongi thrusts up faster too close to reaching his own peak to draw this out further. Hoseok is a moaning mess, crying out in pleasure, his blunt nails lightly scratching at Yoongi’s chest even as he is jostled by Yoongi’s quick thrusts.
“ Can’t-hyung oh please!” he begs. Teetering on the edge of orgasm but his thighs ache from exertion making it hard to match Yoongi’s movements. He whines pitifully tears of frustration stinging at his eyes.
Yoongi flips then over his cock still buried deep inside Hoseok his hips working over time. Hoseok’s legs wrap tightly around Yoongi’s waist trying to pull him even deeper.
“ Hyung please!” he begs so close to his release that he can practically taste it on the tip of his tongue
“Shhh baby hyung will take care of it”
Yoongi pounds into Hoseok hitting his prostate repeatedly, causing his eyes to roll all the way back literal seconds from coming completely untouched. He grips Yoongi’s neck intending to pull him down for a kiss only to end up moaning into his mouth as heat pools in his lower abdomen.
“Hyung.. I’m gonna-“ he warns and Yoongi nods jerkily, burying his face into Hoseok’s neck before whispering into his ear;
“Come on hyungs cock baby”
That’s it.
Hoseok opens his mouth in a silent scream as wave after glorious wave of pleasure rolls through his entire body. He tightens around Yoongi’s own cock making it nearly impossible to keep thrusting but it doesn’t matter because Yoongi is coming with him. Groaning into the skin of his neck as his length pulses hot come into Hoseok.
Yoongi thrusts in weakly riding out his orgasm. Hoseok’s legs are still wound tightly around him trapping him- and honestly it’s not like he minds. He would gladly be Hoseok’s prisoner, spend the rest of his days a slave to his every whim. There's nothing like this, being one with Hoseok. Post orgasm and heavy breathing, in this moment Yoongi’s world feels complete…Hoseok made him feel complete.
He pulls back from the crook of Hoseok’s neck wanting to look into his eyes, to kiss him slow and sweet but Hoseok’s hands are covering his eyes, hiding his beautiful face from Yoongi. Yoongi pulls out slowly grabbing Hoseok’s wrist to remove it from his face but Hoseok doesn’t budge, his face remaining hidden by his hands.
“Seokie?” Yoongi questions a little worried. His worry only increasing when Hoseok remains eerily silent. Yoongi nearly panics. Did he hurt Hoseok? Was he too lost in chasing his orgasm to realize that he was being too rough? Oh no!
Then (to his relief) he see's Hoseok peeking at him through his fingers.
He was shy Yoongi realizes smiling fondly down at Hoseok. Count on his boyfriend to be moaning like a seasoned porn star one minute and then get completely flustered the next.
“Don’t hide from me, I wanna see your pretty face”
Hoseok shakes his head in refusal, still peering at Yoongi through the gaps between his fingers. With an exasperated sigh Yoongi pulls at his wrists with a little more force, prying Hoseok’ hands away from his face. He is met with a red face Hoseok, blushing fiercely and averting his gaze away from Yoongi. Yoongi tilts his chin holding him in place.
“So shy” he murmurs pressing his lips against Hoseok’s. It’s nothing more than a simple press of the lips and yet Yoongi can’t help his slight shudder basking in the softness of Hoseok’s cherry lips, pillowy and soft.
“ You weren’t this shy when you were moaning for me” he bends down to suck on Hoseok’s earlobe nibbling at it playfully.
“Oh please hyung please! “ Yoongi moans mimicking Hoseok’s voice, deliberately raising his voice an octave too high mainly because he knew that it would rile Hoseok up and well, what’s better than flustering someone as painfully adorable as Hoseok- nothing that Yoongi can think of that’s for sure.
Hoseok promptly slaps in the chest, attempting to throw Yoongi off of him. Scowling when Yoongi doesn’t budge.
“Get off me you jerk!” he pushes at Yoongi’s chest again ,getting even more pissed off when he realizes that his efforts are in vain. It was honestly so amusing to watch that Yoongi decides to kick it up a notch.
“Aww come on Seok you didn’t mind me being on top of you just a few minutes ago. Oh hyung ! Hyung ! he moans again laughing maniacally when Hoseok finally manages to push him off turning over on his side, pouting at the way Yoongi was making fun of him
“Fuck you! I don’t even sound like that” he pouts jutting out his bottom lip.
Yoongi coos wrapping an arm around his waist ,kissing the back of his head
“I think you prefer it when I fuck you-ouch “ he doesn’t get to finish that sentence because Hoseok turns around to glare at him elbowing him in his ribs.
“ Don’t you dare finish that sentence Min Yoongi!
“Min Yoongi? Yah I’m your hyung. But you already know that from how you were-
“Oh my God! Stop!”
“You’re cute and as I was saying before I was interrupted you sound better than that.”
“Yeah” Hoseok smirks shifting so that he is facing Yoongi, raising a brow at him. The wheels in his mind turning, already planning his revenge.
“Mm” Yoongi hums kissing his forehead.
“So you like it when I moan for you?”
“No…I absolutely love it when you moan for me.”
“Really now” Hoseok’s voice is smug and Yoongi finds himself a little surprised at how quickly Hoseok can go from sexy to shy, to teasing. It never fails to amaze him. Learning each and every part of Hoseok and Yoongi honestly loves them all. He manages a curt nod in reply.
Hoseok shifts closer grabbing the nape of Yoongi’s neck before drooping his eyes and tipping his head back. His expression sultry as be parts his lips and moans theatrically.
“Oh Yoongi-hyung mmm yeah!” he moans and Yoongi feels his jaw go slack at Hoseok’s cheeky display and if he hadn’t just had one of the strongest orgasms of his life, Yoongi is sure that he would have been fully hard and ready to pounce on the little minx in front of him. He tells him as much mumbling a “fuck Seok”
Hoseok giggles giddy at his little victory, placing his head on Yoongi’s chest. The two fall into a comfortable silence simply enjoying each others presence but there is a thought lingering in Yoongi’s mind.
“Hey Seok”
“Should I be worried at how good you are at faking it?”
Hoseok giggles.
“I never have to fake anything with you hyung”
It’s a simple statement but the sincerity in Hoseok’s voice warms Yoongi’s heart. Tomorrow he plans to have a heart to heart with Hoseok, talk about his feelings and insecurities but for now all he can do is wrap his arms around Hoseok as tight as he can hoping that such a simple gesture would convey every reassurance of his love for Hoseok and when Hoseok smiles up at him, dimples on full display before placing a peck on the place where his heart beats rapidly in his chest…Yoongi knows.
That sometimes love is more than just words.