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With My Feelings On Fire

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“I wanna be the one that makes your day, the one you think about as you lie awake~” Kirishima sung quietly to himself as he stood under the steaming hot shower, his voice echoing off the now foggy glass walls around him.


Bakugou had texted him about twenty minutes earlier saying he would be home soon. And while the redhead would usually wait for his boyfriend to come back so they could shower together, he eventually decided to head in by himself. 


It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy being pressed up against the other while his hands wandered wherever they pleased - how could he not? - it was just that Bakugou had been quite distant as of late, deflecting his advances and simple touches, even coming home late with the excuse that he’d had a lot of paperwork to finish, so Kirishima doubted that he would join him anyways.


Even after being with the blond for over five years now, Kirishima couldn’t tell what was wrong. 


And that scared him.


His partner never had any problem telling him what he wanted, in or out of the bedroom. And the few times where he was slightly more stubborn to get an answer from, Kirishima had no problem figuring it out.


He’d already tried subtly bringing the subject up with him a couple nights earlier, but Bakugou was quick to brush it off and had went back to making dinner. 


Kirishima’s anxiety and mental health in general had definitely improved since graduating UA, but he couldn’t help the doubts in his mind from making themselves present. 


What if he wants to break up? What if he’s gotten bored but just feels sorry for me and stays? Am I not satisfying him enough anymore?


Kirishima was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice said blond coming up behind him before two strong arms wrapped around his waist.


He jumped from the sudden contact and spun around, his eyes wide as he stared into those blazing crimson ones that he continued to somehow fall more in love with every passing day.


“What’re you so jumpy for?” Bakugou asked and pulled him closer. 


“Nothing! I just didn’t think you’d be home so soon..” I didn’t think you’d actually come in here with me.


“I texted you ages ago, Shitty-Hair.” His boyfriend replied as he leaned into Kirishima and began kissing along his jaw.


“U-uh right..” Kirishima stuttered, surprised at the overwhelming amount of affection after practically having none at all for over a week. He placed his hands on Bakugou’s hips, giving them a small squeeze. “I missed you.”


Bakugou hummed against his throat. His rough hands trailed up Kirishima’s body, one coming to a stop on his pec while the other went to the back of his neck. He pulled the redhead down and kissed him thoroughly, his tongue almost immediately meeting Kirishima’s.


Kirishima moaned into the kiss. God he’d missed this so much.


Bakugou pulled away and Kirishima tried to chase after his lips, but the other held him back. 


“Pass me the soap, would ya?” Kirishima suppressed a whine and stepped back, reaching over to grab the bottle from the shower rack. When he held it out to the other, he didn’t take it, instead Bakugou just glared at him.




Bakugou clicked his tongue. “We’ve been in here for however long and you haven’t even looked at my fuckin’ dick once. Something’s wrong.”


“K-Katsuki!” Kirishima flushed at the blunt statement.


Bakugou crossed his arms over his chest. “It’s true. Now spill.”


Kirishima nearly let himself get distracted by the way the action made his boyfriend’s pecs squish together. He quickly returned the soap bottle to the rack. “Katsuki you’ve been avoiding me for a week and now you’re all over me like that didn’t even happen! Not that I mind having your hands on me but that’s not the point it’s just that-“ He was interrupted by Bakugou sighing and turning around. Kirishima figured he was storming off but he stopped short, now facing Kirishima side-on.


“Get it now, asshole?” The blond watched him closely as Kirishima let his eyes explore his lover’s body.


Kirishima’s brow furrowed, becoming more and more confused as to what Bakugou was talking about, but his breath hitched as soon as his eyes latched onto something that had certainly not been there a week ago.


A tattoo of two traditionally drawn koi fish ran up his thigh and hip with a few simple blossoms varying in size spread throughout the design. Some hints of blue went around the koi, they themselves were mostly black and grey but orange highlights were added to the smaller details. 


Kirishima’s eyes stayed glued to it as he made his way back over to Bakugou and reached out to gently place his hand on his hip. “Katsuki..”


“I should’ve fuckin’ said something before.. ‘m sorry.” Bakugou grumbled the last part, but it was more than enough for Kirishima. 


He was mesmerised as the water from the shower cascaded down his boyfriend’s body and along the tattoo. “It’s gorgeous..” You’re gorgeous.


“It better be. Hurt like a bitch.” Bakugou complained, his gaze never leaving Kirishima’s face.


The redhead chuckled. “So this is why we haven’t been..”


“You know how we get.” Bakugou smirked. “It was supposed to be finished all in one day, but some shit happened and I had to re-schedule with only the line-work done. And I knew if we got carried away then you’d see it and the surprise would’ve been for nothin’.” He turned and wrapped his arms around Kirishima’s neck. “Planned to show you the night it was all done but it was sore as hell.” Kirishima shivered as Bakugou leaned up to whisper, “And we also know how you get when I get a new tattoo.”


He blushed. It was true. Bakugou already had two tattoos - a large piece on his right shoulder with two beautiful red roses surrounded by intricate leaves and vines, and a traditional dragon on his left forearm. Both times Bakugou had gone to get them done, Kirishima tagged along.


Before then he didn’t know he had a thing for tattoos, but as Kirishima watched the designs come together on his boyfriend’s skin he realised that yes, maybe he did have a thing for them. It was evident after Bakugou had cleared his throat during their second time at the parlour and caught his boyfriend’s attention. His eyes had quickly motioned downwards and Kirishima was horrified as the realisation hit him that he was fucking hard. He’d quickly excused himself and went to the bathroom to try and hide it. He came back out with his shirt untucked and he noticed Bakugou smirking from where he sat.


Luckily they weren’t there for much longer, and as soon as they’d arrived back home Kirishima showed Bakugou exactly what his tattoos did to him.


Yea, he fucking loved when Bakugou got new ink.


“It’s not my fault you look so hot with them..” Kirishima pouted. “Why did you get this one anyways?”


“You said you wanted one that only you could see.” Bakugou replied.


Kirishima vaguely remembered them lying in bed late at night just a few weeks ago when he’d said something along those lines. “I was just joking!”


Bakugou slowly leaned in closer, his eyes half-lidded. “So you don’t like that I got one for only you to see? Should I go show it off to everyone else?” He asked. “What do you think Tape-Face and Sparky would think of it? Or even that metal-face friend of yours?”


Kirishima knew he was just saying all of that to get a reaction. 


And damn did it work.


Bakugou hissed as he was pushed back against the tiled wall. “That’s cold, shit-face!”


“I think that should be the least of your worries right now, babe.” Kirishima watched Bakugou’s Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed audibly.


Oh, this was gonna be fun.


Kirishima surged forward, crashing his lips against Bakugou’s. He blindly reached for the small bottle of lube they always kept on the shower rack as his other hand wrapped around his boyfriend’s cock. Bakugou whined, arching into the touch.


“Y’know, I’m kinda jealous..” Kirishima breathed, his mouth brushing over Bakugou’s as he spoke. 


“Hah? The fuck for?”


“Well, you say it’s only for my eyes to see, but someone else had to draw that on your body Katsuki, touch you where only I get to,“ Kirishima said, detaching himself from Bakugou. “I don’t know how I feel about that..”


“You’re being an idio— oof!” The blond didn’t get to finish before he was being turned around and manhandled back into the wall. 


Kirishima caged him in from behind, leaning in to kiss and nip along Bakugou’s neck. “I bet they wished they could see you like this. Ground Zero submitting to them so easily, just waiting to be fucked.”


Eijirou—“ It started out as a growl, but his voice strained as Kirishima inserted a now lubed finger into his hole.


“Hm? What is it baby? You gotta use your words.” He teased, slowly moving it in and out.


“F-fuck you..” Bakugou managed to retaliate.


“Aw, you’re so cute when you’re trying not to lose control just from me using one finger..” Kirishima licked up the side of his neck and stopped just below his jaw, sucking at that spot as he prodded a second finger up next to the other.


Bakugou trembled against him. “Hurry the fuck up or I swear—ngh!” Kirishima knew exactly where to go by now to find his prostate, and loved using it to his advantage any chance he got.


“That’s not very nice, babe..” He growled low into the other’s ear, “I think I’m gonna need to hear you beg for it.”


“Like hell I will!” Bakugou protested weakly. His hands shook where they were placed against the wall as leverage. Kirishima smirked.


“C’mon.. you’ve done it for me so many times before,” he said, rutting his now fully hard cock in between his boyfriend’s thighs. “just one little word, Kat, and I’ll do anything you want.” His unoccupied hand took purchase on Bakugou’s hip, smoothing over the tattoo there as a third digit teased at his entrance. “That’s all you need to do for me.”


“Fuck..” Bakugou breathed out hoarsely. Kirishima continued his ministrations as he waited patiently, taking the time to admire the artwork on his lover, as well as his body of course - which was now easily taking three of his fingers.


He looked back up as Bakugou turned his head so that Kirishima could see one shining red eye through wet blond bangs. A moment passed and they simply gazed at one another. It was one of those moments where Kirishima wished he knew what the other was thinking, even just for a second.




The word snapped him out of his trance. 


“There, I said it fucker. Now would you fuckin-“ Kirishima cut him off once again by grabbing his chin and guiding him into a messy kiss. After a few more excruciating seconds of stretching Bakugou, Kirishima gently pulled his fingers out before lining himself up. 


“You ready?”


“I’ve been ready, you fu—agh!” He nearly came then and there from the whimper Bakugou let out as he thrusted up into him. Kirishima knew the other wouldn’t want him to wait for him to adjust, so he wasted no time gripping onto Bakugou’s hips and began a steady pace.


“Fuck, I’ll never get enough of this.” He panted. “You’re so good for me Katsuki, taking my cock so well.” He slid his hands down further and spread Bakugou’s cheeks apart, watching himself slide in and out of his boyfriend’s entrance as he tightened around him at the praise. “Like you were made just for me.”


Bakugou moaned. “’M not made of glass, Shitty-Hair,” he grumbled, “you should know this by now. Fuckin' harder.”


Kirishima hummed, his eyes staring down at the tattoo as Bakugou’s ass rippled with each thrust. “And you should know by now I like to take my time before I make you scream my name, Katsuki.”


“You’re such an—ngh—ass..” The other growled.


Kirishima chuckled, nipping from Bakugou’s jaw up to his ear. “Who knew you’d turn out to be such a bratty bottom?”


“The fuck did you just call me—hah!” A particularly hard thrust had Kirishima wrapping his arms around Bakugou to make sure he stayed upright.


“You good?” He didn’t even try to hide the amusement in his voice.


“Cocky bastard.” 


Kirishima grinned. 


A few more minutes went by, with Kirishima giving praise like it was all he knew how to say, and just like he’d predicted, Bakugou was now calling out his name, not giving a single shit about who might’ve heard.


Fuuuck— harder, Ei!” He moaned, pushing back as best he could against each hard thrust given to him. Kirishima could tell he was getting close with the way he shook and his voice broke every so often.


Kirishima groaned and clenched his teeth. “Katsuki—“


“Please!” The other begged desperately. “Shit- please Ei, fuck me! Fuck me fuckmefuckme—


The last of Kirishima’s restraint snapped and he pulled the other away from the wall and against his chest, now absolutely pounding into him. One hand came up Bakugou’s front and wrapped around his throat, squeezing in a way he knew drove the blond wild.


He let go of Bakugou’s hip and reached around to grip his cock, pumping him fast and skilfully. "Fuck you're beautiful, Katsuki," he whispered, "come for me baby."


He watched Bakugou’s face as he came undone almost immediately - his head thrown back against Kirishima’s shoulder, brows knitting together as he cried out with the redhead’s name on his lips, his walls tightening around him. It was enough to send Kirishima right over the edge with him and he hugged his boyfriend close and spilled into him.



It took the two a while but eventually they settled into bed together. They’d went for another round in the shower, this time with Bakugou latching onto Kirishima like his life depended on it as his boyfriend held him up against the tiles. Then he’d carried the blond back to bed before eating him out and getting the last of his own come out. Bakugou had called him gross for it, but by the way he moaned and tightened around Kirishima’s tongue and fingers the redhead didn’t think he minded all too much.


“Fuck, I should surprise you with tattoos more often..” Bakugou huffed out breathlessly as he laid bonelessly against Kirishima’s chest.


Kirishima snorted, running a hand along his boyfriend’s back. “Maybe with a little more warning beforehand though?”


“Yea yea I know, I already said I was sorry,” he mumbled.


“I know,” Kirishima smiled, kissing the top of his boyfriend’s head. “I love you Katsuki. And the tattoo.”


“Yea, I figured as much.” He felt his boyfriend smile against his neck. “Love you too.”



Inspiration for Bakugou's tattoo!