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Seeing you grow older-Day 5: Ghost

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Toshinori could see the end coming. That’s why he, before going to face his nemesis, gave his nine year old son his legacy and explained everything in a letter to Inko. If everything turned out ok, then he’d be able to train his son so that he could retire peacefully in the future, knowing that others could bear his burden. His tiny son, slept peacefully, him secretly giving a drop of his blood in the dinner, so the assimilation process had started. He gave his freckles a kiss and saying goodnight, he left his home in the middle of the night.

Only for him to never come back alive.




When Toshinori woke up he freaked out. The last thing he’d seen had been All for One twisting his insides with a sadistic smile. He looked at himself only to be utterly shocked: He was floating above his own dead and bloody body. Was he…dead? Hadn’t his strength been enough? What would the other tell his family? He…he…he was having a panic attack and he wasn’t even alive.

Once he calmed down a bit, he floated around, unsure of what to do. He was a ghost now, he was free to go wherever he wanted, but should he go to see Sir and Gran Torino? His heart had it clearer than him, because he was being pulled towards a very particular direction. His home.

He later learned that he had indeed succeeded in his task. He had killed All for One, even if it had taken his life away. Sorahiko was at his home, having just told Inko about everything. Izuku was desolated.

Seeing them like this, Toshinori couldn’t bear it and stood outside his home, not looking inside:

“Honestly, I thought that your big dumb and caring heart wouldn’t allow you to pull something like that in the battle”

Toshinori turned to see a very familiar face almost three decades later:


“Oh no, don’t ‘Nana’ me! You suffered when I left, I thought that you wouldn’t do the same to your family!”

“It had to be done. So that they will grow in a safer world.”

Nana smiled. They hugged, and Toshinori sobbed in silence.

“You know, even if you can’t exactly live to be with your family, you still can see them grow. It will be hard. Painful sometimes. Distance is too big, and I understand. Bit in the end it’ll be worth it.”

“Do you promise, sensei?”

“I promise, Toshinori.”