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For Your Pleasure

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Tonight he had a plan...well, no--this was more like an outline really.

He knew his lover's preferences well, despite the kyubbi never even implying that he wished for the dragon to participate. In truth, the once-Hell Lord was leery of indulging in his lover's desires--not out of some nonsensical belief that those desires were 'odd', but because he was unsure if he could keep himself fully under control during the game.

A game...that was what it was, right? Just a game...a game of dominance and submission.

He shook his head, raking his fingers back through his, currently, unbound black and red-toned hair--this could be stupid, really could go so horribly wrong. A scowl grew on his face as he paced the width of their bedroom--fire-hued eyes narrowed in concern, as the last thing that he wanted to do was hurt his lover...again. If he lost control, he could hurt him, couldn't he?

No--there was no need to worry; his kyubbi was more than strong enough to go toe-to-toe with him--be it in their true forms or their human-like guises--on any given day. This would be fine--he had this.

The click of the paneled door beginning to slid open, seemed to echo loudly in his ears; he took a slow, deep breath as he relaxed his posture--it was showtime.

The kyubbi stepped into the room, raking clawed fingers back into the hip-length mane of sable that cascaded down his back; he looked over at the dragon standing in the center of the room--golden eyes blinking in momentary confusion. The once-Hell Lord's back was to him and something in the air itself felt off--warmer than normal, even by the fire-user's standards, and seemingly...charged.

"...Vakaash? Is everything well?" The Lord of the East ventured as he slid the door shut behind him--wariness sparking behind his passive mask. In all honesty, he was in no mood to deal with Inferno if the beast had decided to take over--the kyubbi had already had a very long, trying day of trade negotiations with delegates from Queen Driretlan of Europe.

"You're late, Youko." Came the dragon's rumbling reply--the other glancing back over his shoulder at his lover, eyes narrowed as if in contemplation. "Whatever shall I do with you?"

"I was unaware that I had a curfew." Youko deadpanned--confusion flickering to life on his tanned face. He walked over to the dragon as Vakaash turned to finally face him--the other male clad only in his black pants and belt. Strange...but not unpleasant really--in all honesty, the sight was very appealing.

The dragon's hand came up in a fist to lightly rest beneath his lover's chin as if he were forcing Youko to keep eye contact with him. "I recently learned of an interesting little secret of yours."

"Really now? I have many secrets. Which one are you referring to?" Came the low, honey-sweet drawl--the kyubbi's ears still twitching in response to the low, commanding growl in the dragon's tone; he could not help his curiosity at what could possibly have sparked this, but he had no intention to complain...for now.

"The games that you played in the North with Toushi." Vakaash said, using his fist under Youko's chin to bring the other male in close--momentarily surprised at just how easily the kyubbi had allowed himself to be drawn in; this might be easier that he had first thought. "Not to mention your little collection of restraints."

A cold chill shot down Youko's spine in response, but only millennia of practice kept his expression neutral. "...We all have our, how do they say it, 'turn-ons'?"

"I am well aware of that, I assure you." Vakaash chuckled darkly--the sound quiet, deep, and intimate--before he leaned in to whisper into one fur-covered ear. "I just wish that you had told me sooner. After all...think of all of the fun that we could have been having."

With that, the dragon stepped back, regarding his lover coolly--so calm and composed even now...but he wanted to see that flawless, blank mask shatter from a pleasure different than the many times that he had witnessed before. "I do believe that you are far too over-dressed, my love. Remedy that situation."

As the dragon's hand fell away, the kyubbi's own rose and began undoing the obi at his waist--barely a thought flickering through Youko's head at the sudden, lust-driven impulse to follow the given order. Soon enough, the dark violet-colored cloth fell to the floor--followed in short order by the fire-patterned burgundy kimono coming to pool around the male's bare feet.

The dragon reached up once more and began threading his fingers back into the night-dark mane...before coiling his fist tightly into the length and pulling just enough to encourage the kyubbi to tilt his head back--baring the vulnerable column of his throat to his lover. Vakaash leaned in, blowing a hot puff of flame over the bronzed skin before moving in and grazing sharp teeth of the flesh--soothing each nip with his tongue as he trailed a path from Youko's shoulder to his jaw and down again to sink his teeth into the deceptively firm muscle of the kyubbi's shoulder. Youko gasped sharply and brought his hands up to grasp onto his lover's shoulders, but the once-Hell Lord gave his lover's hair a sharp tug--pulling back from the minor wound that he'd inflicted to growl lowly against the bloodied flesh.

"You will do nothing unless I tell you too, beloved." His free hand raised to grip Youko's jaw as he pulled back--forcing the all-too-willing male into eye contact with him. "Is that clear?"

"As a vodka martini." Youko all-but purred, his voice dropping to a sultry tone...before a half smirk formed on his lips and his dry, even tone slipped free. "Do you wish for me to call you 'Master' as well? Perhaps 'my Lord' or 'my Liege', or something else to that nature?"

Willing or not, the kyubbi simply could not pass up a chance at needling the Hell dragon--after all...what better way to properly set the mood?

"I imagine that you would not hold your tongue even if I were to gag you." Vakaash remarked--tone ripe with dismissiveness...but he took careful note of the kyubbi's excited shiver. Well...that would be a interesting attempt for another night if all of this went well, wouldn't it? "On your knees."

"And...what if I were to say 'no'?" Snarky and playful even at his age--always entertaining...well, most of the time was more like it.

"Well...I would say that I respect your decision..." Vakaash said with the utmost calm, before tugging downward harshly on Youko's hair--the kyubbi rapidly lowering himself to his knees at the lover's bare feet with a low growl...and earning a dark chuckle from the dragon. "...But I really must insist."

Golden eyes--half hooded and quickly taking on a glazed, lustful look--peered up at the once-Hell Lord. "Anything else that you desire of me?"

"Oh, rest assured...we have only begun, beloved." Vakaash growled as he took in the sight before him--oh yes, he could get used to this game between them.
Slowly, he circled his kneeling lover--unable to resist relishing in the sheer thrill of having his only true equal so willingly at his feet like this. Oh, the dragon knew all too well that Youko would revoke his submission in a second should Vakaash do anything that the kyubbi did not like...and that thought--that this could so easily turn into a match of wills and strength between them--sparked a rush of adrenaline that was as intoxicating as seeing his naked lover so eagerly awaiting his next command.

Best to not disappoint then.

Vakaash knelt behind Youko, one hand coming over the kyubbi's broad shoulder to cup his jaw--the other hand slowly raking over the other's flanks, tracing the ridges and valleys of his lover's sculpted torso. "This is what you desire, is it not, beloved? To be owned...controlled--your will completely in the hands of another?"

"I do believe that you are merely getting off to the sound of your own voice, Vakaash." Youko deadpanned...yet the heaviness of his breathing betrayed his highly interested state of mind. "Do you intend to talk all night...or--?"

"Mark my words, Youko." Vakaash whispered huskily, leaning up to nip at one of Youko's ears before murmuring into it. "I intend to have you seeing spirits that do not exist before tonight is done."

A shaky, fluttering breath was the only response that he received from the kyubbi before the dragon moved his hand from his lover's defined abdomen, and back behind himself to grab at the coil of rope barely hidden beneath the low bed. Vakaash glanced to the side as he brought the rope into view--unfurling the loose coil with a discreet flick of his wrist; he leaned in to seal his mouth over the healing wound that he'd left on the kyubbi's throat--licking at the drying blood as Youko willed all of his self-restraint to keep from reaching back for his lover.

He glanced back at the crimson-toned hemp rope--some would have suggested that he use jute but, one touch, and he knew that jute would be far too soft and weak to even pose a mockery of a challenge to his lover. Vakaash rubbed a thumb over the tightly-wrapped, thumb-thick cord--the rough texture oddly pleasant against his skin...and the dragon could only wonder how much Youko would enjoy it.

Slowly, he drew the kyubbi's wrist up--leaning forward to press an open-mouthed kiss to the underside of the joint--and began looping the rope, threading the length through the first loop to bind Youko's forearm to his bicep. The dragon could barely resist the smirk beginning to form on his lips as he wound and threaded the rope twice more, securing the limb in place. Vakaash brought the rope around his lover's chest and back to begin the process anew on the other arm--his lover's quickened breathing urging him forward.

With the second limb secured, he wound the rope back over the kyubbi's chest and back--looping the rope and pulling it snug...and barely restraining the groan of pleasure that threatened to escape him at hearing the sultry moan that had slipped free of his lover's lips. Vakaash curled his hand around Youko's jaw, keeping the kyubbi's head tilted back towards him as he took in his handiwork--the knotwork was simpler than he imagined that his lover was used to...but the kyubbi's scent, heavy with arousal, was more than enough of a cue as to how pleased he was by the dragon's efforts.

"You...are aware that I can break free of these bonds with ease if I desire." Youko said, trying to look back at his lover from the corner of his eyes. Vakaash merely chuckled, pulling the length of rope at his lover's back just enough to 'encourage' the kyubbi's back to arch; slowly he dragged his hand down from Youko's jaw and along the kyubbi's chest and abdomen--sharp nails drawing fine scarlet lines over the flesh.

"I know...but you will not--" The dragon whispered as he leaned forward and bit into the side of Youko's jaw--slowly licking at the wound before he trailed kisses and nips down the length of his lover's throat; he drew back up, words a husky growl as he spoke. "--Because you crave this."


A sharp tug at his hair, once more, silenced the kyubbi as a low, warning growl passed the dragon's lips. Vakaash coiled the length of rope in his fist and pulled back--jolting his lover's body. "You are at my command, my love, and you would be wise to not forget that...or I will have to punish you severely for your disobedience."

Before more than a sharp intake of breath could escape Youko, the once-Hell Lord was speaking again. "Not another word, Youko...unless you are screaming my name as if you believe that I am a god."

Youko's jaw clenched as he nodded--biting back the playful snark as Vakaash took more and more of his control with each breath.