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Jungkook’s the least subtle person he knows but it’s something that he’s learnt to embrace over the years, especially through his hyungs’ constant reminders for him to “never change”. Apparently, he bemuses, it’s what makes him…him.

That’s his reasoning anyway for why his open palm is shamelessly placed over his Jin-hyung’s upper thigh, the cool exposed skin terribly soft to the touch. He appreciates how Jin-hyung responds with a mere glance at his hand before deciding he’d rather focus on the road.

Jungkook scrolls through his phone with his free hand as Jin-hyung drives the car in silence, and he’s perfectly okay with not talking about it if Jin-hyung isn’t going to address it.

Two can play at this game; yes, even the most un-subtle person like himself is up for the challenge if it means he gets to be territorial without either of them making a big deal out of it.

He narrows his eyes at the way Taehyung was openly ogling at Jin-hyung’s ripped jeans, an inquisitive hand reaching out to touch the bare upper thigh in awe.

“Hyung! This is too sexy, don’t you think?”

Jungkook chews on the straw in his mouth, restraining himself from hurling his almost empty banana milk container at the wall from the way Taehyung’s hand is still caressing Jin-hyung’s skin.

“It’s just ripped jeans. It’s as sexy as Jungkook’s ripped jeans or Yoongi’s or Hoseok’s or–”

“Okay, I get your point, but none of theirs show off their inner thigh, hyung.”

Jungkook tosses his trash into the waste bin and strides over to Jin-hyung’s side in two seconds flat, a possessive hand over that broad shoulder.

“It’s a fashion statement. It’s not as sexy as you make it out to be, Taehyungie-hyung.”

He’s lying through his teeth but he’d do just about anything to get Taehyung to step away from Jin-hyung and stop looking at him like he wants to mark that unblemished skin.

Jungkook inwardly cheers when Taehyung sighs and takes a step back, finally removing his hand from Jin-hyung’s thigh.

“The fan sites are going to go wild, hyung.”

“Let them.”

Jungkook looks at the smirk on Jin-hyung’s self-assured face and realizes he’d never wanted to kiss a man so badly until then.

Those jeans – everyone called them Sin Jeans - were simply ripped jeans that just took things to another level. Jin-hyung said he found those devil pants in some designer store, but those details were unimportant to Jungkook.

All that mattered were how they looked on Jin-hyung.

Jungkook knew he and Taehyung weren’t the only ones who were fixated on the scandalous upper thigh exposure. Other than the members, staff, and fans, Jungkook also noticed how strangers who had no idea who they were would stare.

He’d usually find his hand on Jin-hyung’s lower back in such instances, a quiet yet bold warning gesture to indicate some level of possession. He’s not subtle and he doesn’t care if it means those who stare know exactly who gets to touch Jin-hyung, and who doesn’t.

Today is one such instance.

They are on a plane ride to the US and the only air steward working the business class area is being extra friendly to Jin-hyung, and because Jungkook knows his hyung is a natural-born charmer (re: flirt), the exchanges that were taking place between the two men made his blood simmer. He’s easily the most jealous person in the group and while he’s thankful that he’d outgrown some of his childish behaviour, he was this close to throwing a tantrum.

So, he does what he felt was the only thing he knew to do.

Casually scrolling through his phone with one hand, he reaches out his other hand and slides it over Jin-hyung’s upper thigh, going so far as to stretch his fingertips into the inner thigh region. He makes eye contact with the obviously surprised air steward and puts on his most fake smile as he interrupts the unnecessary small talk taking place.

“Could I get a banana milk please? And some ear plugs? I didn’t realize it was going to be such a noisy flight today.”

He’s glad that the air steward could take a hint, not feeling a tiny bit bad at the embarrassed flush on the man’s face as he nods and scurries away. He sends a mild glare at Jin-hyung who only raises an eyebrow at him.

His heart races when Jin-hyung parts his thighs slightly, letting his fingers dip deeper. He tears his eyes away from Jin-hyung, afraid that he’d lose control from the sudden rise in temperature in the air between them. However, he presses his fingers into the willing flesh a little bit more possessively, hoping that he’d leave fingerprint-bruises on Jin-hyung’s skin.

When his banana milk and ear plugs arrive, Jungkook accepts them with a big smile and an overly enthused Thank you so much!, all the while leaving his left hand on Jin-hyung’s upper thigh.

The air steward does not attempt any more small talk with Jin-hyung for the rest of the flight and if Jungkook tries to cop a feel of Jin-hyung’s dick through the hole in his jeans when the lights were dimmed, no one was there to bother him.

(Jungkook, in fact, did feel his hyung up and it was the closest he’d ever considered getting his mouth full of cock while high up in the air but Jin-hyung only rolled his eyes at the suggestion and let him suck two of his fingers instead to take some of the edge off.)

“You’re going to leave a mark, Jungkook-ah.”

He drags his tongue over Jin-hyung’s inner thigh, pleased at the sight of the soft purple mark he’s been working on for a good minute.

“Um. Oops?”

He loves this, losing himself in between Jin-hyung’s legs, those hands in his hair tugging at him to slow down or speed up. He grins at his hyung before tugging those hips closer to his face, burying his mouth on the underside of Jin-hyung’s semi-erect dick.

“I won’t be able to wear my sin jeans tomorrow if you leave a mark, Jungkook-ah.”

He holds the base of Jin-hyung’s dick as he laps lustily over the cockhead, digging the tip of his tongue into the slit. He watches with hooded eyes as Jin-hyung groans lowly, his barenaked body so beautifully flushed from everything that’s been done to him.

“Don’t worry, hyung. I made sure that the only way anyone can see the bruise is if their head was in between your thighs…And if they’re sucking your dick through your jeans.”

He shoulders forward, lifting Jin-hyung’s hips higher off the mattress. Jungkook licks lower, over Jin-hyung’s waiting hole, and drowns himself in the ecstasy of rimming and making his hyung whine. God, he could do this all fucking day if Jin-hyung would let him.

“How considerate of you to make sure you didn’t leave a visible bruise. Could always count on the golden maknae to be mindful of his hyung’s needs.”

Jungkook growls at that, knowing that Jin-hyung’s trying to rile him up, so he flips his hyung over so he’s on his hands and knees.

“I had no idea a pair of jeans could get you like this, Jungkook-ah. Maybe I should sew a patch over the holes in those pants.”

He tears a condom with his teeth, desperate to fuck Jin-hyung until he shuts up for once.

“Don’t you dare desecrate what is your only good piece of clothing, hyung.”

He squeezes lube into his hand and pumps his dick a couple of times for good measure before sliding into the tight heat, maintaining eye contact. He loves how Jin-hyung’s eyes grow wide almost in panic before he closes them, heady from the pain and pleasure, those lush lips parting as he cries unabashedly out loud.

Jungkook loves all of this; how tight and hot Jin-hyung is around his cock, how pliant Jin-hyung gets when he’s stuffed full of dick, how loud he gets when he’s being fucked.

More. Fuck me harder, Jungkook. I can take it.”

And so he does, partly because he’s an obliging dongsaeng, partly because his brain is now solely connected to his dick. He gives all that he can, and the hotel bed creaks dangerously under them but he loves it even more, knowing that there’s a real potential for both of them to be found out.

He smacks a hand down on an asscheek, stilling himself suddenly as he holds on to Jin-hyung’s hips.

“Fuck yourself on my dick, hyung.”

Jungkook smacks the other asscheek when Jin-hyung hisses at him, but he bites his lower lip in pleasure when Jin-hyung begins to rock back against him, his hyung so greedy for his climax that his head’s pressed against the pillow as he takes what he wants.

“Your dick’s mine, yeah? Just fucking…mine.”

He whines at the unexpected possessive words.

“Tell me. Say it, Jungkook.”

He presses all ten fingers into Jin-hyung’s hipbones, knowing he’s leaving bruises.

“Yours, hyung. I’m yours.”

Jungkook hears Jin-hyung shout before he feels him clench around him, and he comes so hard he nearly collapses on top of his panting hyung.

It takes him a good two minutes before he is coherent enough to crawl over his frustratingly beautiful hyung so he could kiss him softly.

“I’m yours, hyung. Just fucking…yours.”

He relishes the way Jin-hyung’s hands hold him securely.

“Wear those jeans tomorrow, alright? I want to see you in them.”

He rests his head against Jin-hyung’s chest, already knowing that he’d say yes, but wanting to push it because it’s part of who they are to each other.

“Why do you want to see me in them? Afraid you can’t look as good in them anymore, hyung?”

He lets head fall back from the way Jin-hyung’s tugging his hair. Their eyes meet and he sinks into the depths of surrender.

“I want to see everyone look at you.”

He wets his lower lip, hazy.

“You want to show me off, huh?”

“Yeah. The pleasure of having you to myself afterwards will be additionally exquisite since it will be at the expense of everyone’s inability to have you…You know exactly what I mean, don’t you?”

He smiles, already aroused at the thought.

“I do, hyung. I do.”