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Twist Me Up ‘Til We Blur The Lines

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It’s so easy, Jimin thinks. So easy to get exactly what he wants from Yoongi. With his teeth firmly digging into the flesh of the older’s shoulder, having his boyfriend whine in desperation because Jimin just won’t let him slide in.

He closes his lips and chuckles against the reddened skin and the marks his teeth have left on it, eventually kissing it and pulling back from the other entirely, sliding back onto the couch, breathing heavily as he lets his back rest on the soft fabric of the blanket they’d covered it with to not make a mess.

“You’re driving me insane”, Yoongi says, crawling over to Jimin on small space, spreading the younger’s legs to kneel in between them.

“Can I touch myself now?”, Jimin whimpers, trying his best to not make his desperation too obvious. God, how he just wants to feel Yoongi inside of him right now, how he wants to fall apart beneath him. But not yet, he tells himself. He’d spent all day teasing his boyfriend, he could as well hold out a little longer. Because Jimin knows, the longer he’ll let Yoongi wait, the rougher he’ll be. And that’s really what it’s all about.

Yoongi thinks he’s in charge.

And Jimin lets him think he’s in charge. He’s keeping the illusion alive while still getting exactly what he wants.

“I don’t know,” Yoongi replies. He’s nearly growling now and Jimin needs to hold back on the curses that want to slip from his mouth. “Are you finally letting me fuck you?”

Jimin purses his lips, looking at the ceiling as though to indicate that he was thinking. “I don’t know.” He eventually looks back at his boyfriend, sliding down on his spot.

Now that’s the perfect position for him to just wrap his legs around Yoongi. And also the perfect position for their cocks to be pressed against each other. Jimin bites down on his bottom lips and dares to glance down between his legs. Yoongi’s cock is throbbing, rock hard against his own length, both their tips glistening with precum. The whispered curses crossing the older’s lips are giving away exactly how sensitive he is right now.

Jimin looks at Yoongi’s face, he’s looking back at him with hooded eyes, sweat dripping down his forehead, and that’s when the boy knows he can’t possible go much longer.

He barely notices Yoongi’s hands sliding between their legs, embracing both their cocks, but holding entirely still. Yet Jimin can’t stop his hips from bucking up. Now, his boyfriend smirks. “Fucking knew it.”

Jimin’s legs are trembling now solely from the pressure of his boyfriend’s hand and cock against his length, soft whimpers slipping from his mouth.

Yoongi removes his hand simply to gather the precum on his fingers, then proceeds to slide down between Jimin’s buttocks, letting one finger slide into him. There’s no point to this, Jimin thinks, as he’s already fingered himself open mere seconds ago, and Yoongi knows that.

But the smirk on the older’s face is giving away that he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Well, maybe Yoongi is in charge. Sometimes. A little bit.

Jimin can’t help but try and meet his fingers, as Yoongi clearly purposely avoids to brush against his prostate.

“You’re a fucking tease”, he whines out.

Yoongi chuckles. “Says you.”

“P-please.” Jimin pinches his own nipple, whining once more when Yoongi pulls out his finger and he feels so empty. Too empty.

When his boyfriend moves and leans over him, Jimin knows very well how desperate he must look right now, because Yoongi’s pupils grow to the size of the moon within a second. “Fuck”, he groans, then presses his lips down on Jimin’s, where they’re quickly caught by the younger’s teeth.

“Please,” Jimin pleads once more after letting go of Yoongi’s lip, “please, fuck me.”

“Thought you’d never ask.” Yoongi uses his hands to lift Jimin’s legs just so over his shoulder.

When Jimin finally feels the other’s tip against his entrance, resting there for a second or two, their eyes meet again. Yoongi loves looking at him when he’s pushing inside, Jimin can only guess why. He throws his head back, hands desperately trying to find something to hold on to, and they quickly find Yoongi’s arm as the older one reaches out to gently wrap his hand around Jimin’s neck.

Yes, Yoongi is indeed very rough now, and from the way they’ve both been too desperate, too sensitive, they’re very aware that none of them will be able to last long.

But Jimin doesn’t mind. The room is quickly filled with the sounds of their moans, the warmth that’s spreading through their bodies escaping into the air that’s already so full of the smell of their desire.

“You can touch yourself now”, Yoongi says, clearly short on air, moving fast, hitting Jimin’s prostate over and over again, the younger one falling apart, trembling too much to make a single move now.

Luckily, Yoongi notices Jimin’s lack of movement and retreats his hand from the boy’s neck - when Jimin nearly whines out because he wants it back, right there where it was mere seconds ago - and wraps it around his cock, moving it to his own rhythm, and Jimin can’t help but scream with pleasure, no longer able to ignore the rising heat in his lower stomach. He comes, all over his stomach and Yoongi’s hand, body trembling as his boyfriend won’t stop his movements.

Jimin holds his arm in front of his face, mainly to muffle the loud moans still escaping his mouth, but also to bite down on his own skin, as Yoongi is bringing him way beyond a point of pleasure and then finally, finally comes inside of him with loud groans.

“Fuck, Yoongi”, Jimin cries out as the other’s movements are getting slower, hand still wrapped around Jimin’s now slightly aching cock. When he’s done, he doesn’t quite pull out yet. Yoongi leans in as far as he can, tracing Jimin’s collar bone with small kisses.

Jimin’s fingers find their way into Yoongi’s hair, softly playing with some single strands and removing the ones that are stuck on his sweating forehead.

It’s only a few moments later when they’re still on the couch, not yet having the motivation to clean up the mess they’ve made. Jimin is lying on his stomach, head resting on crossed arms, Yoongi’s head is resting in the crook between the younger’s butt and back, fingers slowly tracing down his spine.

“You know,” Jimin mumbles, “I’m not really sure if I want Namjoon to come and visit us.”

“What, why?”

Jimin smiles at the sound of confusion in his boyfriend’s voice. “We can’t do any of this when he’s here.”

There’s a moment of silence before Yoongi finally replies, and when he does, Jimin nearly chokes on air, although he’s quite sure his boyfriend is joking. “Yeah, or we can just invite him.”

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They did, in fact, not invite Namjoon to have sex with them. Jimin is nearly disappointed, mainly because Yoongi’s friend has been here for a week now and there has basically been zero sexual activity with Yoongi alone, the sloppy morning blowjob Jimin received this morning aside.

It was fun having Namjoon around, though. It’s very obvious that him and Yoongi have been friends for a long time, not a lot of people knew how to deal with Yoongi’s moods and needs for some alone time. Namjoon was a guy for deep talks, and also a guy whose cooking was absolutely terrible.

Yet, Jimin loves being sexually active, and the fact that Namjoon suddenly began flirting with him, even with Yoongi in the room, who didn’t seem to mind much at all, didn’t really help him suppress his needs.

Peak moment of the past week was last night, when they’d had dinner together - fire noodles - and Jimin had complained about his lips hurting from how spicy they were. Namjoon immediately joked about his lips being twice their size now, and Yoongi had thrown in a comment, saying “You’d be surprised to know what these lips are capable of.” Namjoon laughed and said something about having no doubts about it, afterwards they continued talking about some irrelevant stuff as though the conversation about Jimin’s lips never happened.

This morning, Namjoon came into the kitchen, naked. Jimin ducked out of his way immediately and made his way past him, unsuccessfully trying to forget about how goddamn big that man is.

Now, he’s in bed, waiting for Yoongi, although he’s damn sure he could just switch off the light and sleep because this is just going to be another one of those nights where nothing is going to happen. When his boyfriend finally does come in and lies down next to him, Jimin immediately wishes that his moods wouldn’t always be so damn obvious.

“Are you okay?” Great, Yoongi does sound concerned.

Jimin doesn’t want to tell him the truth solely for the fact that he doesn’t want to come across as a thirsty whore. On the other hand, they are together for two years now, so Yoongi should know that he is, in fact, kind of a thirsty whore. So, Jimin just looks at his boyfriend and sighs.

“I need dick.”

Yoongi chuckles. “Oh wow, I nearly forgot how grumpy you get when you’re deprived.”

“It’s not funny! Namjoon should know that we are two fully grown men with needs and desires.” Jimin sighs once more. “It shouldn’t be an issue if he hears us, right?”

Yoongi furrows his brows and swallows thickly, eyes focusing on the closed bedroom door. Very slowly, he begins to nod his head yes.

Jimin slides closer to his boyfriend, can’t hold himself back from sliding his hand past the waistband of Yoongi’s boxers, surprised to find that he’s already halfway erected. “See, you need it, too.”

“Fuck, of course I do.” Yoongi finally turns his head to look at him, pupils already so big that Jimin’s heart starts racing in an instant. “It’s not exactly easy, having to restrain myself from bending you over the kitchen counter.”

Jimin presses his forehead against the older’s, hand in his boxers slowly beginning to move. So far, he’s done the bare minimum and yet, Yoongi keeps growing in his hand. “What’s holding you back? Weren’t you the one suggesting Namjoon could join us?”

“Fuck, wouldn’t that be amazing?” The last part of Yoongi’s question nearly disappears in a moan as he bucks his hips up, Jimin lovingly circling the tip of his boyfriend’s cock with his thumb, now feeling his own length pressing against the fabric of his boxers.

“You like it, don’t you?”, he asks, tightening his grip around the other’s. “You like when he’s flirting with me? When he’s looking at me as if he’s trying to undress me with his eyes?”

Yoongi hums. “Would love to - shit”, he bucks his hips up once more, “would love to watch him fuck you.”

Jimin halts for a moment, surprised to hear his boyfriend say those words. He never really expected Yoongi’s mind to drift to those places. And yet, he too likes the thought of it, of having Yoongi watch as Namjoon fucks him senseless. The cock twitching in his boxers agrees.

He finally retreats his hand from the other’s cock, just to slip out of his - now extremely uncomfortable - underwear. It doesn’t take Yoongi long to get out of his own, and shortly after the cloth fell to the ground, Jimin is on top of him, leaning down to catch the older’s lips.

Yoongi, besides everything that’s going on, manages to reach into the bedside drawer, taking a few seconds to find the lube. Jimin’s cock twitches excitedly at the thought of what’s about to come.

For a change, Yoongi is the one fingering him open, slowly, lazily, while Jimin stays sat on top of him, caressing both their lengths with his hand, teasing Yoongi’s tip with his thumb until the older one groans and throws his head back.

“Can you- can you please take off your shirt?”

It’s rare for Yoongi to kindly ask for things, but there are no complaints. As soon as Jimin takes off his shirt, the other comes in action again, one hand once more sliding around the younger’s body, fingers sliding between his buttocks again, the other exploring Jimin’s upper body, eventually pinching one of his nipples, which leaves him gasping and trembling for a second.

It’s as though there isn’t someone sleeping in the living room next to their bedroom, neither Jimin nor Yoongi hold back on their moans. Not when the older one finally slips inside, not when Jimin starts moving, not when Yoongi starts bucking up to meet the younger one halfway. And not when Jimin eventually starts trembling on top of his boyfriend, his own hand working his length, volume of his moans drastically increasing until he finally comes, all over the older’s shirt.

Yoongi swears and quickly orders Jimin to lay down on his stomach, just to slide in again from behind, his movements now rougher, Jimin’s muffled screams being caught by the pillow as skin slaps on skin. Yoongi lasts long tonight and by the time he finally comes inside of Jimin, the younger one is already eager enough to keep going, much to his boyfriend’s liking.

Yoongi turns him over, legs still trembling from the orgasm he had mere seconds ago, then slips inside Jimin again, not to move, but to give him the feeling of being full that the boy likes so much, and wraps his hand around Jimin’s cock, moving quickly, soon leaving him to fall apart again as he pinches his own nipples, screaming Yoongi’s name over and over again.

Jimin is so close, and so dizzy, but there’s one thought that won’t leave his mind, one thing he so desperately wanted to experience ever since Yoongi and him first met. He knows it never happened because his boyfriend doesn’t like the taste, but —


The other immediately stops his movements, looking down at Jimin with so much love in his eyes that he thinks his heart is going to burst. “What is it, honey?”

“Please— can I please cum in your mouth?”

Yoongi seems to think for a second, then pulls out and places his body further down on the mattress, enough to reach Jimin’s cock with his mouth. His tongue slides over the tip a few times before he finally takes him in. Jimin resists the urge to throw his head back, it doesn’t happen too often that Yoongi sucks him off - which is a shame, he’s so good at it - and god, he’s so beautiful, it would be a shame not to look at him as he does so.

Jimin’s hand finds its way into his boyfriend’s hair, tugging on it lightly as the younger tries his best not to buck up too much, but eventually he can’t help it. The sound of Yoongi gagging turns him on even more, and he feels that he’s close. The pace of his breath is increasing and he can barely stop moaning anymore.

Just when he’s about to warn Yoongi, it’s too late, but the other isn’t complaining. Instead he keeps sucking, then continues to put his tongue to the tip of Jimin’s cock, stroking it out with his hand, mouth opened, making sure to catch all of it until the younger one is done, now merely a sweating, trembling mess on the mattress.

When Yoongi finally lies down again, Jimin scoots closer to kiss him. “Thank you.”

“Not for that.” Before Jimin can answer, Yoongi’s lips are on his again. He’s defeated.

Eventually, they both need to clean up. Jimin slips back into his boxers, making his way to the bathroom first. As he walks past the living room, Namjoon is sat there, looking at him with wide eyes.

Jimin smiles at him. “Oh, sorry.”




When Jimin wakes up the next morning, Yoongi isn’t next to him. It doesn’t take him long to remember that his boyfriend mentioned something about work that morning. So, this means he is alone with Namjoon, right? The visitor is only staying for three more days, Jimin thinks that they should make it worthwhile.

He flinches when he hears the sound of something breaking and his mind immediately wanders to the expensive, new plates him and Yoongi had bought the other month. Cursing under his breath, Jimin slips out of bed and quickly throws on a shirt before leaving the room.

As expected, he finds Namjoon in the kitchen, picking up the remains of what seem to be a broken mug. So, luckily not one of the new plates. “Careful not to cut yourself”, he says quietly to not startle the man.

“Ah, sorry about the mug.” Namjoon smiles up at him. “My thoughts drifted away for a second and I—“

“Don’t worry,” Jimin interrupts him. “Been trying to get Yoongi to buy a few new cups and glasses, you can break some more if you want. Maybe that’ll convince him.”

Namjoon huffs a laugh when he finally gets up to throw the porcelain into the trash bin. “Do you have a broom?”

Jimin nods. “I’m gonna take care of it.”

The energy in the room bugs Jimin. But then again he doesn’t know how he expected Namjoon to act after he’d heard him and Yoongi fuck the other night. Jimin almost feels a little sorry for not trying to keep quiet.

He makes breakfast for the two of them and they eat in awkward silence. Jimin feels like there has to be something they can talk about, as they didn’t have an issue with it those past days. But no topic will come to mind. He does notice the glances Namjoon shoots at him, but for the love of God, he doesn’t know how to react to those.

Finally, Namjoon puts down his chopsticks and clears his throat. “You know, when Yoongi said you’re loud, I thought he was exaggerating.” When he sees the look on Jimin's face, he quickly continues. “Sorry if that’s too personal, shit, shouldn’t have said anything.”

Jimin clearly is a little caught off guard by those words, but he figures he’s rather surprised by them. He shakes his head and laughs. “He told you I’m loud?”

Namjoon smiles and nods his head yes. “I mean, he wasn’t lying.” He takes a sip of coffee. “But what surprises me most is that he’s loud, too.”

Jimin furrows his brows. “What do you mean?”

Namjoon seems a little panicky now. “Shit, I’m not sure if I can tell you this, how much you-“

“You guys have a past, I know.” Jimin smiles against his cup as his opposite clearly relaxes. Of course Yoongi told him about his past with Namjoon, once more mentioned it when he asked Jimin if it was alright if his friend came to visit for a few days. This was no big news to him.

“Good, yeah, okay. So, back then, Yoongi wouldn’t make a sound. Like, not the slightest.” Namjoon places his hands on the table. “It’s a bit confusing to see it’s different now.”

Jimin nods. “He wasn’t always that vocal, honestly. But, I mean: Do you like watching porn without sound?”

Namjoon rapidly shakes his head. “Hell no.”

“Exactly. I don’t like sex without sound.” Jimin gets up. “So, we practiced, I helped him learn to let go of what’s so desperately making him stay quiet. And guess it worked.”

Jimin decides to go back to the bedroom after breakfast. For some reason, he feels too awkward to be around Namjoon right now. The thought that Yoongi told him about their sex life is weird to him, but he also knows that friends do such things. It just leaves Jimin to wonder what exactly they’d talked about.




It’s late afternoon when Yoongi finally comes home, he brings dinner for the three of them. Jimin and Yoongi had planned on going to the cinema tonight for a while now, and after making sure Namjoon was really okay with being alone for a bit they’re making their way out.

Originally, they’d planned on doing something after the movies, but the weather was terrible, entirely ruining their plan to stay outside, so they’re slowly heading home, ready to just have a comfortable evening in bed, even buying some snacks at one of the convenience stores around the corner. Both of them are very careful not to terrify Namjoon any further, they guess they’d be able to move on for a few more days.

Those thoughts are entirely crushed when they walk into their apartment and find Namjoon sitting in a chair by the dinner table, head thrown back and a hand around his length as the other one cups his balls. Yoongi and Jimin feel a little awkward standing there and watching him, especially since their friend doesn’t notice that they stepped through the door.

That awkwardness shifts then, when Jimin looks at Yoongi and smiles. His boyfriend just nods. Excited about this completely new situation, Jimin quietly puts down the bag of snacks, slips out of his shoes and walks over to the table, surprised that Namjoon still hasn’t noticed their presence. “Need any help with that?”

Before opening his eyes, Namjoon’s movements come to a halt. Then, his head snaps up, he looks at Jimin with wide eyes. His eyes dart to Yoongi who’s now standing behind his boyfriend. “Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fu—“

“Jimin asked you a question.”

Jimin doesn’t turn around and yet he can hear the smile in Yoongi’s voice. The panic is still strong in Namjoon’s eyes as they dart down to his erection and then once again switch between the two boyfriends standing in front of him. “For real?”

“Yeah,” Jimin says, “for real.” He fears that Namjoon will not slip out of his state of panic if he doesn’t act right now, so he playfully cracks the bones in his neck and gets down on his knees, right next to the chair. As his hand slowly wanders up Namjoon’s inner thigh, closer and closer to his - now not so hard anymore - length, Jimin rests his mouth on the other’s knee, teeth slightly digging into the flesh.

“Just answer the question”, Yoongi says, and Jimin’s excitement rises, “need any help?”

“Fuck, you guys are for real, aren’t you?” Jimin chuckles a little at Namjoon’s words, hand now resting on the man’s inner thigh, not going to do anything before he gets a clear yes. And that’s to come soon. Namjoon looks down at him and there’s an immediate twitch to his cock, giving Jimin the urge to put not just his hands, but also his lips on it. “God, fuck. Yeah, okay, let’s do this.”

Jimin chuckles in excitement, and he hears Yoongi gasp behind him as he finally puts his hand around Namjoon’s cock, his other hand soon joining up to massage the balls. It doesn’t take the other long to grow fully hard again, and oh God, how badly Jimin wants to suck that dick.

He turns to look at Yoongi. “Can I suck him off?”

Yoongi seems to snap out of some sort of trance when his boyfriend addresses him, and before giving Jimin a clear answer to his question, he just tells him to wait. He disappears into the bedroom for a moment and when he returns, he’s holding the bottle of lube. Without a word, he walks over to the two of them and grabs Jimin by the hips, pulling his butt into the air, followed by Yoongi’s thumbs reaching into the waistband of his jeans and boxers at once, pulling them down altogether. “Now you can.”

Jimin flicks his tongue over the tip of Namjoon’s cock, gathering some of the precum that’s collected there. He decides to not go easy on the man, so for now his lips are merely closing around the tip, tongue teasingly circling around it as though it was a lollipop. He sharply sucks in some air as he feels Yoongi’s finger spreading some lube around his entrance, and that’s when his mind clicks and Jimin realizes that his boyfriend is about to finger him open. For which of the two, he doesn’t know. He’s excited.

Honestly, his position isn’t exactly comfortable. His knees are starting to hurt and he’s struggling taking Namjoon into his mouth completely as that one leg is still in the way. But Jimin can’t help but be too damn turned on by everything that’s happening right now. Namjoon’s fingers in his hair, guiding the pace and the movements of his head, that cock in his mouth, simultaneously Yoongi filling him with more and more fingers, occasionally gently slapping his buttocks, making him moan a little louder every time, and the sounds of Namjoon’s moans. There’s precum dripping from Jimin’s cock onto the floor, and he’s already so desperate for release that it’s beginning to ache. However he doesn’t want it to be over yet. Apparently he’s happiest when he’s full, and fuck, right now he’d give everything to have his boyfriend fuck him as he gets Namjoon to the edge.

He frees his mouth from Namjoon’s cock, letting his tongue slide over the tip one, two more times before he finally speaks through moans and whines. “Shit, god, fuck me, please.”

Jimin whines when Yoongi pulls out his fingers. His boyfriend hums. “Not me.”

Jimin’s eyes wander up to Namjoon’s, then back down to his cock. He’s clearly bigger than Yoongi, but he’s not sure if he’ll feel better than him. Yet, a jolt of excitement runs through his body again. Jimin quickly gets up and entirely frees himself from his pants and boxers, surprised to see how wet he is as a big amount of the floor is covered with his precum.

He turns to look at Yoongi, who now gets up to free himself of his own clothes, and Jimin nearly wants to get down on his knees again when he sees the other’s cock spring free from the boxers. “What about you?”

Yoongi kisses him, sloppy and wet and Jimin nearly gives in and pushes himself against his boyfriend’s body, but Yoongi grabs him by the shoulders. “This isn’t about me. I mean it is, but not like that.”

“We’ll need a condom”, Jimin says then.

His opposite is confused for a second. “But- okay.”

Riding Namjoon bareback seems tempting, yet Jimin doesn’t want to. That’s for Yoongi, and for Yoongi only. It only takes a few seconds for his boyfriend to grab a condom from the bedroom. He hands it to Namjoon who puts it on wordlessly. Jimin doesn’t know whether Namjoon is purposely so teasingly slow with it, he wishes he’d just done it himself. He then, without a word, grabs Jimin by the hips and pulls him closer with zero resistance.

Their eyes meet for a second, Namjoon’s hooded, and that’s when Jimin remembers that this truly is about Yoongi after all, and how much Yoongi loves to see his face when he’s being filled, and that he wants nothing more than Yoongi seeing him as Namjoon fucks him. “I’m going reverse, okay?”

Behind his back, he hears Yoongi groan a quiet “fuck”. When Namjoon nods, Jimin turns around again, awkwardly gets between the man’s legs before lowering his body down onto his cock. Namjoon’s hands guiding his hips as one of Jimin’s hands is on the other’s knee for support, the older one reaches down to his cock, guiding it between Jimin’s buttocks.

When Namjoon’s tip slides in, Jimin curses. He looks at Yoongi who’s now sitting in a chair opposite to him, looking at him with lidded eyes, one hand around his own cock.

It takes some time to get used to Namjoon, as expected. Slowly, Jimin is getting more and more aware of how small he is compared to Namjoon and that it takes the man little to no strength to control his entire body just by grabbing his hips. And then he thinks of how it must’ve been when Namjoon fucked Yoongi, and a rush of pleasure shoots through his body.

Jimin’s legs barely reach the floor as he’s in Namjoon’s lap, so most of the work is going to the other, which is a good thing. Honestly, the younger one would barely have the power to move at all. Namjoon is slow at first, careful almost, and just when the pace is starting to annoy Jimin, the other picks up the speed, pushing deep inside Jimin, making the boy tremble in his legs, a scream of pleasure escaping his mouth and meeting the groan that’s escaped Yoongi’s.

The pace Namjoon is moving with nearly makes it feel like he’s vibrating and it doesn’t take long for Jimin to be on the edge, actual tears of pleasure pouring down his cheeks as his hips are bucking up with each of Namjoon’s thrusts. He wishes he could reach down to touch himself, but both his hands are now holding on to the older’s arms for support. And fuck, Yoongi looks so good over there, he wishes he could taste him right now, show him how good he’s feeling, make him feel the same.

“Fuck”, Jimin cries out when Namjoon manages to go even faster. “Yoongi”, he manages to breathe out between moans, his boyfriend’s eyes immediately widening as he takes a closer look at him. “please come ‘ere”, he moans, “‘wanna taste you.”

Yoongi gets up so fast the chair nearly falls over. He rushes over to Jimin who dares to let go of Namjoon’s arm with one hand, just to immediately wrap it around Yoongi’s throbbing cock, picking up some of the precum with his thumb, not able to resist licking it off the skin again. “You need to- ah, fuck, on the table.”

Despite the lack of words Yoongi knows what Jimin is trying to say. When he finally sits down on the table, Jimin leans forward and wraps his lips around his boyfriend’s cock, closing them around the tip. Yoongi’s hips are immediately bucking up in response and Jimin gags a little. He pulls back for a second, leaving behind a trace of salvia. He figures he won’t be able to use his hand for guidance, so he’ll have to deal with the gagging.

Yoongi’s moans are now joining those of Namjoon and Jimin, the air in the room seems to be so thick now that it’s nearly suffocating. Jimin can’t help but nearly scream around Yoongi’s cock, as Namjoon is getting him closer and closer to release, the sweat of his forehead dripping down onto his boyfriend’s stomach.

When Yoongi cums, he grabs a fistful of Jimin’s hair, pulling on it, and the younger one feels like he’s about to pass out from pleasure, fuck, he loves this too much. Jimin swallows all of it, making sure not a single drop goes to waste. After that, it doesn’t take long for his entire body to tremble in Namjoon’s lap. He lets go of the man’s arms and puts them down on the knees instead, trying to slow down the movements, but fails, Namjoon is too strong and picks up the pace once more. At this point Jimin is merely screaming, he’s too overwhelmed, this is too much, fuck, it’s amazing.

Namjoon pinches Jimin’s nipple through his shirt and before the boy can scream, he feels Yoongi’s lips on his as their friend finally comes with loud moaning and groaning.

Jimin gets up on wobbly legs, leaning his body against Yoongi’s whose arms immediately wrap around him to hold him up, leaving kisses on his forehead as he does so. “You okay?”

Jimin hums. “‘Feel so good. So sleepy.”

Yoongi chuckles. “Let’s get you cleaned up and into bed then.”



Jimin barely remembers the way Yoongi carefully helped him get into the shower, legs still shaking. He barely remembers Yoongi putting lotion on him and making sure he smells good before helping Jimin slip into an oversized shirt to sleep in. He barely remembers how Yoongi tucked him into bed and kissed him so gently that his heart once again felt like it was going to burst.

Barely. But he remembers.

Chapter Text

After that one night, Jimin thought there was no way that his life was going to go back to normal.

But obviously life does go on. They both go back to their usual jobs, Jimin goes to university, their sex life is amazing - especially now that they started to experiment more in the bedroom - and things are great. Yet, neither Jimin nor Yoongi can stop themselves from wanting to experience something like this again. Not necessarily the same, but similar. It’s not that they aren’t enough to each other, oh no, Yoongi was more than enough to Jimin. It’s just that they had a taste of something new that they like and now want to do again.

It’s nothing they think about all the time, but sometimes they’ll sit together and talk about it, wondering how they’d meet people they could have sex with, because honestly, it’s nothing that you’d simply address in your friend group. They do think about asking Hoseok, one of Yoongi’s friends, but eventually decide not to.

So they wander clueless for a while. Until one night, when Jimin stumbles across a dating website.

“We’re not trying to date anyone, though, are we?” Yoongi raises his eyebrows.

“No, no, not dating like that. It’s more of a, uh, fuckbuddy website?” Jimin shows him the screen of the laptop. “The description says something about people looking for fun with no strings attached.”

Yoongi’s eyebrows stay in their spot as he reads the description. “You know, that could work.”

Jimin nods. “I think we’ll just have to settle on preferences.”

“Right”, his boyfriend responds. “I never asked you about boundaries.”

“Because it’s clear I don’t have any unless it involves body fluids?” Jimin chuckles. “We just need to sign up and- oh hey, we can even choose the option that we’re a couple.”

So they’re going through the entire signing up process, upload some cute, cuddly pictures of themselves and write a description.

They both forget about the website until about two weeks later, when Yoongi eventually asks Jimin if they’d gotten any messages.

“Shit, I completely forgot about that.” He quickly opens the laptop and starts it up, while Yoongi scoots closer to him so they can have a look together.

There are, in fact, many messages. Most of them sadly are couples, trying to find people for a partner exchange, which neither of them are interested in as they settled that whatever they do, they do it together.

“Hey, what about this one? He sent four messages?” Yoongi points at a message on the screen. “Tiger95, what an ordinary username.”

“We’re DirtyCoupleXX, I’m not sure we’re the ones to judge.” Jimin opens the messages and a small “Aww” escapes his mouth.


Tiger95 [12 days ago]: Hello! I just found your profile and I was surprised to see people my age on this site! It would be nice to get to know you, maybe something will come out of it?

Tiger95 [12 days ago]: I’m Tae btw, not sure if people use real names on here but, yeah

Tiger95 [6 days ago]: It says last online one week ago so I’m messaging you again hoping it’ll push my messages to the top

Tiger95 [3 hours ago]: I’m sorry if I’m being annoying, I just really want to get to know you guys :)


“Are we replying to him?” Jimin asks.

“Let’s have a look at his profile.”

Jimin clicks on the profile and they have a look at it. This boy seems very attractive on his pictures, Jimin is glad that they’re not the only ones not posting nudes on their accounts. They scroll down to the introduction and preferences tab.

“He says he has some ideas of what he’s into but didn’t have many chances to figure it out for real, that’s kinda cute.” Jimin scrolls down some more, but there’s only ads to some porn sites shown on the page. Clearly not placed there by Tiger95 himself.

“I think we should message him back”, Yoongi says.


DirtyCoupleXX [2 minutes ago]: Hello Tae! Sorry, we kinda forgot about this website until just now. We’re Yoongi and Jimin, and we’d love to get to know you :)

Tiger95 [1 minute ago]: Oh wow. I was slowly losing hope! You don’t think I was too annoying, do you? Alright, then let’s get to know each other


And they do. They invite Tae to their home around two days later, making sure he knows it’s really just for the purpose of getting to know each other because they don’t really want to sexually engage with a stranger the first time they’re meeting up. Tae claims that he’s very relieved about that and when the evening rolls around and he shows up at their door, it’s almost like they’ve known him for years.

He’s easy to talk to and the reason of their meeting isn’t even addressed until later on in the evening, after dinner and now engulfed with a round of Monopoly, Jimin owning half the board and Yoongi and Tae struggling with the little money they have left.

“Tae, can I ask you something?” Yoongi passes the dice to Jimin and looks at their guest sitting opposite of him.

“Sure! What is it?” He looks a little concerned, to be honest.

“You stated you have an idea of the things you like, but you didn’t specify.” Yoongi smiles. “So, what are those things?”

“Well, yeah. I think I like- I think I’m into toys. And into being used. But. well, yeah.” Tae shrugs.

“Hey, I’m building a hotel here.” Jimin passes some money to Yoongi who voluntarily chose the bank position on the game, then he turns to Tae. “Why aren’t you sure, though?”

“It’s a little awkward”, Tae says, rolling the dice. “I, uh, I’m still a virgin.”

“How?” Jimin's eyes widen. “You’re so attractive?”

“Takes more than that”, the other responds. “I’m terribly, and I mean terribly shy and insecure. Every time there was an opportunity I ran off.”

“So you want to have your first time with not one, but two guys?” Yoongi raises his eyebrows.

Tae shrugs. “I don’t really care, actually. Is that an issue?”

“Not at all”, Jimin says. “It’s surprising, though.”


They finish their game of Monopoly - Jimin wins, obviously - and then Tae decides to leave as he has classes in the morning. They say their goodbyes and agree on talking about the next time they’ll meet.

When their visitor is gone, Yoongi looks at Jimin, brows furrowed. “Do we really want to take this guy’s virginity?”

“I don’t see an issue with that”, Jimin replies, walking back into the living room, sliding into the corner of the sofa. “If he wants to, we can.”

Yoongi and Jimin have already expected Tae to be scared of them when he suddenly messages them a week later, asking if they want to come over on Saturday. His roommate isn’t going to be at home and he would feel more comfortable in his own four walls, only if they wouldn’t mind.


Tae seems excited to see them when they arrive that Saturday night. He leads them into his room, which is bigger than they could have imagined, and Yoongi immediately makes himself comfortable on the bed, lying down with his arms crossed behind his head.

“Honestly, I’m a little nervous.” Tae still stands by the door.

Jimin sits down on the edge of the bed and smiles at him. “Understandable. But you don’t need to be. We’re not going to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”

“You mentioned something about toys”, Yoongi mumbles, and Jimin swears he’s going to punch him if he dares to fall asleep over there. “Do you have any?”

Tae nods and eagerly walks over to his bedside table where he opens the drawer and pulls out a box, bigger than the size of the drawer might give away. He sits down on the bed next to Yoongi and puts the box on the mattress, Jimin hastily reaching for it and opening the lid in curiosity.

“Did you ever put these to use?” he asks, holding up a pair of leather cuffs.

Tae shyly smiles and shakes his head no. “No one gave me the chance to.”

“We could, if you don’t mind”, Jimin shoots back, already tossing the cuffs aside and scanning the box for more toys. He likes what he’s seeing, the stuff in there might actually be useful. He almost regrets Yoongi and him not ever really using toys at all.

“They’re all disinfected”, Tae says quietly as he sees Jimin hesitate to reach into the box.

The other laughs. “I’m not concerned about that, I just don’t know where to start.”

Eventually, they do have a look at each toy, and Tae seems to get more excited with each of them that leaves the box. Jimin can’t help but notice the other’s eyes basically beaming once he takes out the anal beads and the vibrating wand - which he, himself also is very, very eager to use.

Finally, Jimin moves the toys aside. “We can use them. I mean, most of them.”

Tae has no time to respond before Yoongi slightly tugs on his shirt. “Come here”, he says when the boy turns around, patting down on his own thigh, still lying down. Tae looks at Jimin for approval, and when he receives a small nod, he’s slowly lifting his leg to climb onto Yoongi’s body - which comparably is quite small to Tae’s own. As he straddles Yoongi’s lap, the older one runs a hand over the boy’s torso. “You can kiss me, if you want.”

And Tae does.

Yoongi and Jimin have thoroughly talked about this night, the way they’re going to handle Tae while taking care of their own needs. Yoongi was surprised when his boyfriend wished for him to be more active, but eventually he agreed. They settled their boundaries - the older one making very clear that he wasn’t going to suck a dick that wasn’t Jimin’s - and made sure there’s something to come out of this for all of them.

Jimin watches them for a moment and his breath hitches as he notices Tae grinding against Yoongi’s crotch, the older’s hands placed on his hips, guiding the movements. Tae’s hands are resting on the sides of Yoongi’s head, the wet sounds of their kisses are way more exciting to Jimin than he’d like to admit. He shuffles into the space next to Tae, his hands sliding over his boyfriend’s as they make their way beneath the other boy’s shirt, his fingertips teasingly gracing the skin there.

Tae gasps when Jimin finally pulls up the shirt, immediately interrupting the kiss with Yoongi so it can be taken off. “Lie down”, Jimin says, watching the other boy as he does as told.

He’s already breathing heavily when Jimin spreads his legs and gets between them, slowly opening the zipper of his jeans, as Yoongi finally got up and gets rid of his clothes. “Safeword.”

Tae looks confused. “Huh?”

“We’re not going to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Give us a safeword.” Jimin curls his fingers into the waistband of Tae’s jeans and boxers at once. “So we know when to stop.”

“Oh, well, uh.” The other boy bites down on his bottom lip, thinking for a moment. “Milk?”

Yoongi chuckles, making his way back into the bed. “Alright, Milk it is.”

With that, Jimin pulls down the pants, they’re soon to hit the floor with the boxers, leaving Tae entirely stripped on the bed. Just as Jimin thinks it’s a little unfair that he’s the only one still wearing all his clothing, Yoongi steps into action, gently kissing him before helping him get rid of the fabric. He then proceeds to reach down between Jimin’s legs, wrapping his hands around his length, helping the boy to grow fully hard before they continue. Tae is watching, breathing heavily, his own erection already leaking onto his stomach. When Jimin smiles at the other boy, moaning as Yoongi picks up pace with his hand, covering his neck with kisses, Tae throws back his head, biting his bottom lip, as though he’s the one currently being handled by the older one.

Yoongi finally pulls back, reaching for the leather cuffs Jimin had tossed onto the bed earlier. Tae let’s himself get tied to the bed by the other one without fighting back, his hips even bucking up a little when he realizes there’s no way he’ll be able to use his hands now.

“Shit”, Jimin hisses, catching a smirk from his boyfriend as response.

“You’ve sucked dick before?” Yoongi asks, looking down at the tied up boy, who eagerly nods as the older one puts his cock to his lips, and then immediately opens his mouth to take him in.

Jimin isn’t used to having no one tell him what to do, the realization comes much to his disliking. When he finally grasps that he’s supposed to do something, though, he leans down and runs his tongue over the tip of Tae’s cock, the boy immediately moaning and trying to buck up his hips, not getting far with the pressure Jimin puts on them with his hands.

This goes on for a while, the sound of lip smacking and Yoongi’s and Tae’s moans filling the room, Jimin leaking precum onto the mattress, already too damn turned on with nothing happening to him, his own cock twitching from the jolts of excitement. He eventually reaches out for some lube and the anal beads, shuffling down on the mattress for good placement.

Without warning, he puts some of the liquid on his fingers and presses them against Tae’s rim, the boy immediately trembling from the mere touch. This is going to be fun. Jimin lets one of his fingers slide in, gaining immediate response, as Tae moans loudly around Yoongi’s cock, the older one caught by surprise, pushing deeper into the boy’s mouth, who seems to be taking it so well.

Jimin doesn’t open him up too far, that’s the job the anal beads he’s finally going to use now are ought to do. He easily slides in the first few, paying close attention to the boy’s reaction. It’s only with the fifth bead inside of him, when Tae moans, bucking up his hips, and Jimin notices the amount of precum leaking onto the other’s stomach. Fuck, how badly he wants to lick it off the skin right now.

When Yoongi gets off of Tae, the boy whines, making it obvious he doesn’t want to stop sucking his cock right now, there’s a rattle on the head of the bed as he tries to move his hands. The older one gets to his boyfriend’s side, taking the bottle of lube into his hands. “Keep going, babe”, he whispers to Jimin, who had no intentions of stopping in the first place, but appreciates the words of encouragement.

Jimin is at the last bead when Yoongi slides his finger inside of him, making him moan simultaneously with Tae who’s trembling beneath his hands. He needs to stop for a second there, taking in the movements of Yoongi’s growing amount of fingers, then reaches for the vibrating wand and turns it on. As he puts it to the tip of Tae’s cock, the boy immediately cries out loudly, trying to move his hands once more, yet again being restricted by the cuffs. His fingernails are digging into the palms of his own hands as Jimin leaves the wand on the tip, refusing to move it.

His own pleasure is growing, more precum dripping on the mattress as Yoongi pushes a third finger inside and repeatedly hits his sweet spot. It takes Jimin a lot to focus through his moans. He teasingly leads the wand up and down Tae’s length as he begins pulling out the beads again, slowly, one by one, the boy moaning loudly with each of them. “S- so close, ‘gonna come.”

Jimin hums. “Don’t think so, sweetheart.”

“Fuck, p-please”, the other boy cries out as Jimin removes the wand from his cock, leaving him to be a trembling mess without release. “Please, wanna come.”

Jimin merely leans down to collect the precum on the other’s skin with his tongue, making Tae whine out once more as he starts gently sucking on the tip of his cock, he, himself already so desperate that he nearly falls apart when Yoongi reaches around him to stroke his length. “Fuck”, Jimin gasps, barely able to keep himself together.

Yet, he puts the wand back on Tae’s tip, resulting in louder moans and handcuffed knuckles turning white from the pressure of his fist. Jimin knows that if they keep going like this, both him and Tae will have an orgasm before they’ll even get to the main part of this. So, Jimin continues, a little faster than before, now frantically trying to meet Yoongi’s fingers. He, too, is desperate for release.

When he’s done pulling out the anal beads, accompanied by loud moaning from Tae’s and his own side, Yoongi also retreats his fingers from Jimin and the younger one nearly snaps at him to put them back in. Instead, he leads the wand up and down Tae’s throbbing cock a few more times before eventually turning it off and tossing it aside. “How do you feel?”, Jimin asks, his own voice shaking.

“Empty, so empty”, Tae mumbles between heavy breaths.

“We’ll change that”, Yoongi throws in, “but we’re going to have to make this more comfortable.” He gets up and searches the floor for his jeans, eventually pulling condoms from their pockets. He hands one to Jimin to put on Tae, keeps the other for himself. Jimin gains an immediate response from Tae’s hips as he swiftly puts the condom on, Yoongi is groaning in his back. He can only imagine how sensitive his boyfriend must be now, after not having received anything in those past minutes. Jimin wants to taste him, but he knows that’s not going to happen.

“What are we going to do?”, Tae asks, insecurity clear in his voice.

“You’re going to fuck me”, Jimin says, the corners of his lips curling up. “And Yoongi is going to fuck you.”

It sounds nasty, because it is. Tae gasps at his words, then looks up at where his hands are still tied to the bed. As though he’s able to read the boy’s mind, Yoongi crawls over the bed and undoes the cuffs, then turns Tae over to lay on his side, putting his own body down behind him. Jimin shuffles over to lie down at the other’s front, back touching his chest. He almost wants to complain about not being able to see his boyfriend, nor Tae, when he notices the mirror on the wall opposite of him. Yoongi’s eyes meet him in the reflection.

Jackpot, Jimin thinks.

When Tae enters him, Jimin can only see himself in the reflection, and he thinks he finally understands why Yoongi likes to watch him. He can barely recognize himself lying there with hooded eyes, lips parted ever so slightly, some spit running down his chin, his length throbbing at the image of himself. Tae is big, his cock not quite as thick as Namjoon’s, but longer, and much to Jimin’s liking immediately brushing his prostate as he enters him. “Fuck”, he moans, burying his face in the flesh of his upper arm.

He knows right away when Yoongi enters Tae as well, as the boy’s body is so sensitive, so reactive, that he pushes deep into Jimin the second it happens, dizzying him a little, making him hold on to the cover of the mattress a bit too tightly. For a second they just lie there, Jimin looking at himself in the mirror, his chest heavily rising and falling. “Please”, he says eventually, “fuck, please.” He barely expresses how desperate he is, but right now it’s inevitable. He feels Tae throbbing inside him, and he swears to God if that boy isn’t going to move soon, he’s going to do it himself.

And when it does finally happen, Jimin sees nothing but stars. Tae is biting down on his neck, deep moans in Jimin's ear, as Yoongi fucks him roughly, barely able to move his body himself, movements all controlled by the oldest at the back. It’s like Tae is the toy Yoongi is using to bring Jimin to the edge, and God, he does it so quickly.

At one point, Jimin realizes his eyes have been closed and when he opens them again he’s not sure whether that screaming moan is coming from the sight or from the fact that Tae is so deep, so fast, that Yoongi is groaning, taking deep thrusts into the other boy, that Tae is just whining into Jimin’s ear now.

It’s a lot to take in, and Jimin feels like he’s going to fall apart when Tae wraps his arm around him to reach for his nipple, pinching it slightly, at the same moment Yoongi, reaching over the guy in between them to embrace Jimin’s length with his fingers, roughly working him up to his orgasm.

Tae is the first to come, with loud moans filling the room, his body trembling, trying his best not to push away from Jimin as it gets too much as Yoongi won’t stop thrusting until he eventually comes, pressure around Jimin’s cock tightening as he does so, also finally bringing him over the top. Jimin thrusts into Yoongi’s hand as the heat takes over his body, cumming hard, partly into his boyfriend’s fingers, another part onto his stomach and the mattress. Tae behind him is whining still as the movements won’t stop, continuing to pinch Jimin's nipple, biting into his skin, until all of them have finally ridden out their orgasms.

Yoongi doesn’t pull out yet, he lifts the cum-covered hand up to Tae’s mouth, having the boy lick it clean without hesitation. Jimin drops his head onto the mattress, still breathing heavily, too exhausted to move.

When they finally move apart from each other, Jimin remains there for a few seconds, looking at his own reflection. He looks fucked - literally.

“Can you get something to clean us up?”, Yoongi asks Tae, who’s soon out of the room. Then he kneels down in front of Jimin. “You good?”

He hums. “More than good.”

Yoongi chuckles. “What’s the use of a mirror this big when I can’t even see you?”, he complains.

“Maybe we need one for our own bedroom. I, uh, I enjoyed looking at myself, actually.” Jimin smiles as Yoongi kisses his nose.


After cleaning up, they decide on ordering some food before finally heading home. Tae keeps repeating how amazing he feels and how he can’t thank them enough. “We could do it again some time? I mean, only if you guys are down for it.”

And God, Jimin is so down for it. He can think of a million more things to do with that guy.

When they get home, Yoongi and Jimin somehow are in the mood for another round, just the two of them. It’s amazing, Jimin thinks, how despite everything, nothing will ever compare to how Yoongi is making him feel. And this time, he makes sure his boyfriend can watch him very closely.

Chapter Text

Tiger95 [2 hours ago]: Would you guys mind exchanging phone numbers? I completely forgot to ask Saturday night! Not sure how much time I’m gonna be spending on this website now, actually thinking about deleting my account.

DirtyCoupleXX [3 minutes ago]: Hey it’s Jimin, I’m gonna give you my number then. How are you feeling today?

Tiger95 [1 minute ago]: … remind me to never do this again the day before I need to get a paper done


“You might want to put that down, not that anyone sees the kind of websites you’re on.”

Jimin nearly throws his phone over the table. He turns around to where the voice came from and rolls his eyes. “Not that it’s any of your business.”

“So, how’s Tiger95? Good in bed?” His opposite raises his eyebrows, smiling.

Damn, that guy has some good eyesight.

“I repeat, not that it’s any of your business, Jungkook.” Jimin puts his phone into the front pocket of his backpack. “You could pay attention to the professor instead of stalking your classmates.”

“Hah, please, it’s barely stalking when you’re not even trying to keep it a secret.” Jungkook furrows his brows. “I’m just wondering, don’t you have a boyfriend or something? Does he know about this?”

Jimin groans. Out of all the people who could possibly find out about this, obviously it had to be the worst of them.

Jeon Jungkook, the typical university heartthrob. Somehow, everyone’s in love with him, including the professors, and somehow, he doesn’t even seem to have friends here. Every time Jimin sees him, Jungkook is either alone or being hit on by some random girl. And yet, he doesn’t seem to be engaging with anyone, unless when he’s trying to get into everyone’s business.

Okay, maybe Jungkook wasn’t the worst to find out about it. Technically, if he had no friends to gossip to, how exactly would that information be useful to him?

“Jesus, why do you care?”, Jimin snaps at him. Now that he thinks of it, the two of them haven’t talked before, unless that one time Jungkook asked him for a pen. “You don’t even know me.”

Jungkook shrugs. “Maybe I don’t like cheaters.”

Jimin grits his teeth. He prefers not saying anything right now, that guy really doesn’t need to know the details. But also, he’s always been self-defensive as fuck, so obviously he does continue talking. “Maybe it’s not cheating, thought about that? But yeah, it really is none of your business.” He takes a few sharp breaths during that last sentence, putting emphasis on each word by doing so.

The bell rings, and Jungkook gets up without saying a word, grabs his bag and walks away, leaving an angry Jimin behind, who ends up so deep in his rage that he forgets he wanted to ask his professor about restrictions for the paper they’re writing, and once he remembers said professor has already left the room.



“How much do you think he saw?” Yoongi sits down opposite of Jimin, placing two big mugs of coffee on the table between them.

Jimin decided to spend his lunch break at his boyfriend’s workplace. God knows why Yoongi still works here, their payment is terrible, just like the extra shifts he needs to take all the time, but hey, free drinks.

“Not sure. He just asked if he’s good in bed. And if my boyfriend knows about it.” Jimin takes a sip of the - still way too hot - coffee and curses as he burns his tongue. “It’s not like he has any friends that could find out about it, but he’s just so-“

“Annoying?” Yoongi smiles as he interrupts Jimin and the boy can’t understand how the other stays so calm. “Is he cute, though?”

“I- what?” He takes a few moments to realize what Yoongi is hinting at. When it finally clicks, Jimin rapidly shakes his head. “God, fuck, no. We’re not going there.”

“I was just thinking. Maybe we can put him into his place.” Yoongi won’t stop smiling.

“I’d rather have my dick locked up for the rest of my life.” Jimin leans back in his seat.

“So he isn’t cute.” Yoongi pouts, nodding his head slightly.

“That’s completely besides the point”, the other responds. “He’s an ass! Maybe, just maybe a handsome ass. But no.”

“Handsome ass, huh?” Yoongi wiggles his eyebrows, and finally Jimin is laughing. “Don’t worry about it too much, okay? He’s probably just teasing.”

Jimin nods, wrapping his hands around his mug. “When are you coming home tonight?”

The other checks the clock on the wall. “I finish at nine.”

“Nine? You’ve been here since seven.” Jimin sighs, shaking his head.

“Short on staff”, his boyfriend simply says.

“This place has been short on staff for months now.” He cocks his head to the left and their eyes meet. “I miss you at home.”

“God, you’re making me want to quit this job right now.” Yoongi stretches his neck. “Hobi is coming over tonight, but I probably won’t be home when he does. I just don’t want to cancel on him again.”

“It’s okay, I’ll keep him entertained until you’re coming home.” Jimin knows that discussing Yoongi’s job is useless, and that his boyfriend simply can’t quit until he finds something in his field. They have rent to pay, after all.

Jimin decides to ditch his afternoon classes and spend some time in the city when Yoongi needs to get back to work. Spontaneously, he asks Tae to meet up with him and he actually agrees. So now they’re walking through one of the many shopping streets, Jimin surprised at the amount of money Tae is able to spend. “How can you afford all of that?”

“Hah”, Tae sighs, “actually, I can’t. Don’t remember the last time I checked my bank account.”

“You have a spending problem.” Jimin keeps an eyebrow raised, but the topic on hand is immediately forgotten when they walk past a shop that catches his attention. “Hey, can we go in there?”

The other one looks surprised. “Oh, man. I’ve never been in one of those, I usually order my stuff online.

“There’s a first for everything”, Jimin says, already walking towards the door of the sex shop. “I’ve never been in one, either.”

Turns out his new friend knows more about sex toys than about the act itself, probably. And Jimin? Damn, he’s curious. He walks through the shop with eyes wide, like a little kid on their first trip to Disneyland. He’s very keen on buying one of those vibrating wands Tae also owns. And cuffs. But rather than plain black ones, Jimin chooses a pair that’s pink. When he turns around, basket in his hand that was given to him by an employee, Tae comes walking around one of the shelves, holding some stuff in his hands.

“Now don’t call me weird”, he starts, “but these would kinda look cute on you.“ Jimin’s eyes widen as he looks at the things his friend is holding. A set of kitten ears, a choker with a bell, and an anal plug - a tail attached to it. All in a very lovely shade of pink.

His skepticism is soon replaced by excitement. The amount of times Yoongi had called him kitten before, Jimin wonders how he’d react to this. “Shit, I never thought I needed this.”

His opposite is surprised at the sudden expression, so Jimin explains. “Well, maybe he’d like an actual kitten.”

“Or two”, Jimin says, searching the shelf for the same set in another color, eventually finding the things in black and handing them to Tae. For a second there he’s surprised at how easy it seems to be, thinking about involving Tae in pet play - and actually inviting him to do it.

Jimin ends up buying a lot of stuff. Much of it he’s not sure when he’s ever going to be able to use them. At one point he realizes that him and Yoongi never really talked about kinks, which makes the purchase of some of those toys a little risky, maybe pointless. A cock ring? Ropes? Ball gag? Remote controlled vibrator? Fuck, who knows if his boyfriend is into that stuff, but Jimin is way too eager to try them.

“I’m going to talk to Yoongi about his schedule”, he says as they walk out of the shop, “and then suggest him to invite you over. Unless you want to go back to your place, obviously.”

Tae shakes his head. “My dumbass roommate is home most the times when I am, your place is probably better.”

“We could just invite him”, Jimin laughs, thinking back to the time Yoongi said the same thing about Namjoon.

“You know”, the other explains, “sometimes I think about it. He’s hot. But a dumbass.”

“You don’t talk a lot then, I suppose?” Jimin halts for a second to scam the area for a place that sells lemonade.

“Oh, we do. I think the thing that makes him so annoying is that he’s a damn know-it-all.” Tae shrugs. “And also a fucking brat.”

Jimin laughs. “Sounds like me.”

“Believe me, he’s worse.”



When Jimin gets home, he doesn’t have much time left before Hoseok comes to visit. So he quickly brings the purchased toys into the bedroom and stores them in the closet. He’s got enough time to hop into the shower before the guest arrives and nearly has a heart attack when he leaves the bathroom to find Hoseok sitting on the sofa.

“Shit”, Jimin says, clearly startled. “I keep forgetting you have a key.”

The other laughs. “Hey, Jiminie.”

“I see, you already helped yourself.” He points at the glass of water on the table in front of Hoseok.

“Haven’t been here for too long, don’t worry. Ten minutes or so.” He sighs. “Yoongi texted me he’s working overtime again.”

Jimin sits down next to him. “Yeah, as per usual.”

“Please don’t be too mad at him.” Hoseok pouts.

“Huh?” Jimin’s eyebrows shoot towards his hairline. “I’m not mad at him. He needs to make money somehow. I just miss him a lot around here.”

“Would be much easier if he could finally work as a producer around here”, the other says.

“Companies aren’t hiring producers. Freelance is risky. He’s stuck.” Now, Jimin is the one to sigh. “But we’ll manage.”

“Reminds me”, Hoseok says, “you still working at that stupid bar?”

The younger rolls his eyes and scoffs. “Please, don’t remind me. Those two night shifts a week are enough to wreck my nerves.”

“I’m opening my own dance school soon.” His opposite just looks at him, when he realizes that Jimin doesn’t get the hint, he continues. “You could work there?”

“Me?” Jimin laughs. “I haven’t danced in years, Hobi.”

The other shakes his head. “But you’re good at it, I’ll obviously take care of everything, choreographies and all, but I feel like two teachers are better than one.”

“What are you imagining?” Jimin is tempted to say yes right away. He hates his current job, but he loves dancing.

“I’ll show you the choreographies, and you help me teach them. That’s all. I mean, obviously that’s more than two night shifts a week, but—“

“I’ll do it.” Hoseok’s idea still is somehow blurry to Jimin, but he thinks he knows the direction where this is going. He’s sure this means spending time at the dance studio at least five days a week for practice and teaching, but if he’s doing something he loves, it can’t be too bad, right?

“That took much less convincing than I thought”, Hoseok laughs. “Yoongi said you might not be keen on doing a job that takes more effort than your current one.”

Jimin nods in agreement. “Yeah, it’s gonna be a change, but if that means I can get rid of that bar, I’m down.”

They spend much more time talking about Hoseok’s vision of his own dance school, Jimin feeling so incredibly proud of him that he can’t help but smile all the time. He knows him for a while now, even longer than he knows Yoongi - Hoseok being the one who introduced them to each other - and Jimin also knows how hard he always works to make that dream come true. To see it finally happening is truly incredible.


Yoongi comes home a few minutes past nine, meaning he probably quit work earlier than he supposed. He’s bringing dinner for the three of them, as so often. They quickly update him on the plans about the dance school, making Yoongi smile from ear to ear. “I’m so glad you get to do something you love. Both of you.”

As they’re watching a movie, Jimin's phone screen lights up to a message from Tae.


Tae: Did you talk to Yoongi yet?


“Oh hey, honey, quick, how’s your schedule next week?” Jimin looks up at his boyfriend from where he’s laying in his lap.

“Uh”, Yoongi exclaims, thinking for a second. “I’m off on Wednesday and Thursday, I think. Why?”

“Tae and me have been thinking if he can come over some time”, Jimin explains.

“Oh, would love that, actually. Invite him over, then.”


Jimin shoots a quick text to Tae asking if Wednesday would be alright for him. When he puts down his phone again, Hoseok reaches for the remote and looks at them. “Who the fuck is Tae?”

Yoongi and Jimin exchange looks that might as well scream oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck. Jimin is sure, though, that the two of them have known Hoseok for long enough to explain it to him. And apparently, Yoongi thinks so, too. “Uhm, he’s a new, uh, friend we made.”

“A friend you didn’t tell me about? Rude.” He takes a sip of his coke. “How’d you guys meet him.”

Jimin chuckles nervously. “On a fuckbuddy website.”

Hoseok nearly chokes on another sip of his drink and it takes a few seconds for him to recover before the conversation goes on. “A what website?”

So, they explain it to him. The threesome with Namjoon, how they eventually craved more, how they met Tae and the threesome with him. “It’s really not that deep.”

“You guys are some kinky motherfuckers”, Hoseok says, laughing. “Incredible. I’m actually impressed.”

The two of them are relieved to see that their friend is taking it so lightly, which leaves them back to wonder why they didn’t tell him sooner. The topic is dropped entirely afterwards, they just continue watching their movie as Yoongi playfully runs his fingers through Jimin's hair.

Jimin looks up at his boyfriend, whose eyes are focusing on the television screen. He takes in all of his features and sucks in a deep breath. Yoongi really is the love of his life, huh?

He’s distracted by his phone screen lighting up once more. He checks it, quickly reading over a response from Tae.

Tae: I’ll probably regret this as I have an exam the next day, but let’s do it!

Tae: I’ll come around 7, then? And I’ll bring the stuff we bought today?






“Soooo, tell me more about that tiger of yours.” Jungkook drops down in the empty seat next to Jimin, who’s trying his best to ignore him. “Come on”, he says when he’s not getting a reply, “I’m just trying to start a conversation here.”

“No, you’re trying to be annoying”, Jimin snaps at him. “For real, why do you care?”

“I’ve been thinking”, Jungkook responds, “If it’s not cheating, then it’s some weird couple fetish, yes? See, that’s kinda hot.”

Jimin wouldn’t be surprised if there was steam coming from his ears, he really needs to try his best to stay calm. “And?”

“I was wondering, technically, if your boyfriend really knows about your shenanigans, you guys could invite me over, no?”, Jungkook smiles brightly, spinning his pen between his fingers.

“I’d rather chop off my own dick than have sex with you.” That is a lie. Ever since Yoongi asked Jimin whether Jungkook is cute, he can’t help but pay more attention to his classmate. And fuck, he is hot.

“Alright, was just asking. Hit me up if you ever change your mind, yes?” With that, Jungkook turns to look at the professor, not speaking a single word anymore until the end of the class.

Jimin’s fist is clenched on the table and he can’t really focus on the class. He suddenly is too aware of Jungkook’s presence and he hates it - or at least tells himself that he does. Why’s that guy built like a god? Why does he smell like a fucking field of flowers? Is that Victoria’s Secret? Fuck, it’s unfair. It would be much easier to hate him if he wasn’t so damn handsome.

This time, Jimin is the first one to run when the bell rings.


When Tae arrives in the evening, it doesn’t take long for Yoongi to realize that they forgot to do groceries in the morning. In other words, Jimin had the groceries in mind all day, just didn’t do them in hopes Yoongi would get them in the evening, leaving some preparation time for him and Tae.

The second the oldest is out the door, Jimin and Tae share excited looks and head to the bedroom together. They both get undressed, then help each other putting on the cat ear clips and the matching collars. “Cute”, Tae says, flicking one of Jimin’s ears.

They’re laying down next to each other to finger themselves open enough for the butt plugs to fit. Not yet feeling the spirit of it, and not too much, just enough to prepare themselves for what’s about to come. Jimin feels like he won’t really be able to get into the mood until he knows whether Yoongi is going to like this or not. As they wait for him, Jimin is on his side, Tae is lying on his stomach, excitedly wiggling with his butt, and Jimin does have to admit that the tail looks hella cute, it would be a bummer if his boyfriend won’t share those thoughts with him.

When they hear the sound of the door falling shut, the two of them fall into a short moment of panic, not really sure how to position themselves on the bed. They quickly decide on Tae’s original position on the stomach, just facing the door this time.

“Did you guys start without me?”, Yoongi asks, quickly coming in through the bedroom door, eyes widening at the sight of two kittens on the bed. “Fuck.”

“Hi”, Jimin says, smiling, his heart rapidly beating in his chest.

“You- you’re kittens.” Yoongi seems to be in shock.

“Hmmm”, Jimin mewls, wiggling his butt and with that drawing Yoongi’s attention to the tail. “You like it?”

“I’m mildly overwhelmed and incredibly turned on right now.”

It doesn’t happen all too often that Yoongi seems to be surprised to the point where he’s incapable of moving, but it’s endearing. Jimin chuckles and gets off the bed, slowly tiptoeing to where Yoongi’s standing right now, proceeding to rub his nose against the other’s jawline, then running the tip of his tongue along it as his hands wander beneath the fabric of Yoongi’s sweater. The older one gives in right away, lifting his arms up enough for Jimin to take the clothing off of him.

When the sweater hits the floor, Yoongi cups Jimin’s cheeks with his hands and kisses him, hard. There’s mere seconds between their lips touching and the older’s tongue finding its way into Jimin’s mouth, Jimin melting at the way Yoongi now removes his hands from his cheeks and runs them down his body, eventually grabbing him by the hips and pulling him close, enough for Jimin to feel his boyfriend’s already half-hard cock through the fabric of his jeans. “Feel what you’re doing to me?”, Yoongi sighs into the kiss.

Jimin suddenly remembers that Tae’s still in the room and draws away from Yoongi to have a look at the boy on the bed. He’s just smiling at them, clearly enjoying the view. “I aspire to have a relationship like yours one day, for real.”

The other two chuckle at that. Jimin crawls back onto the bed, getting back into his original position quickly, still surprised how easy it was to get Yoongi hard with that setting,. “Why don’t you come play with us?”

Yoongi sucks in a sharp breath, then seems to catch himself again. “Play with each other for a while, why don’t you?”

That’s enough of a cue the kittens need to turn to each other and shuffle closer to cross the distance between them. Jimin places one of his legs around Tae’s upper thigh and playfully runs his tongue over the other’s nose before pressing his lips on his. Tae easily gives in to the pressure of Jimin’s lips and opens his mouth ever so slightly, allowing the other’s tongue to slip in without complications.

Yoongi is audibly cursing under his breath from where he’s still standing by the door, and Jimin wonders how long he’s planning on watching them. He’s not complaining, though, one thing he’s always loved about their relationship is knowing how much Yoongi loves to just look at him, especially when he’s being consumed by his sexual desires. He knows how much Yoongi is enjoying this right now, and the thought alone is enough to get him hard, faster than he’d like to admit.

His and Tae’s moans soon fill the room, both their cocks now fully erect, getting in touch as they grind against each other. They haven’t stopped kissing, there’s loose threads of spit dripping from both their chins and Jimin wishes that butt plug could be replaced with his boyfriend’s cock right now. He pulls back from the other, looking at Yoongi with pleading eyes. He doesn’t know when Yoongi took of the rest of his clothing, but as he’s standing there, entirely naked and fully erect, precum dripping from the tip of his cock already, Jimin reaches out to him, asking him to come closer until he can finally wrap his lips around the older’s length, sucking on it a little, instantly making Yoongi groan. He lets go again with a smack of his lips, continuing to look up at him.

Yoongi is smiling, seeming like he’s just letting it happen the way Jimin likes it, and Jimin enjoys to see that Yoongi’s not desperately trying to be in charge as he usually does. “You know, just to be clear”, he says as he sits up on the edge of the bed, uncomfortably aware of that damn tail, “I do enjoy this a lot, but please don’t make me meow for you.”

Yoongi chuckles and ruffles the hair at the back of Jimin’s head. “Don’t worry, kitten, I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t enjoy.”

That’s all he needs to hear right now, and within seconds Jimin’s lips are back around Yoongi’s cock, taking him all the way in, enjoying the way his boyfriend falls apart from just the feeling of his wet mouth and tongue teasingly playing with the tip. He feels Tae shuffle besides him and retreats, looking at him. He knows the boy is asking to share, and he has to fight his inner egoist to agree to that. Now both their mouths are all over Yoongi’s length, tongues fighting over who’s allowed to have a taste of the liquid escaping from it.

“Fuck, you two are driving me insane”, the older one growls, throwing back his head, his hands holding onto a fistful of hair at the back of both their heads. Jimin decides to let his tongue drift up along Yoongi’s shaft, over his torso, until he reaches his nipples, tongue running over sensitive skin a few times before he takes it between his teeth, gently nibbling on it, making Yoongi slip a few curses from his tongue. Tae’s mouth is now closed entirely around the older’s cock, but Jimin has other things in mind. He finally gets up, once more tracing his tongue over his boyfriend’s jawline until his mouth is close enough to Yoongi’s ear. “I want to feel you inside me so badly right now.” His words are merely a whisper, but enough to make the other groan.

There’s a shift when Yoongi takes a step back, breathing heavily. Tae is still on the bed, now lying down on his back, licking his lips, eyes darting between the two boyfriend’s standing there, a broad smile spreading on his face. Yoongi grabs Jimin by his hips and pushes him onto the bed, telling him to scoot up before spreading his legs and sliding in between them.

Just like Yoongi and Jimin had a talk before their first night with Tae, Jimin also had a talk with the other boy, asking about the things he is okay with. Much to his surprise, Tae claimed he’s completely alright with third-wheeling, and if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have chosen to get in touch with a couple. And this seems to be coming in handy right now, as Jimin feels so terribly selfish.

As Yoongi slowly begins to pull on Jimin’s tail to remove the anal plug, he turns to Tae. “Will you hand me the lube from the drawer, kitten?” Jimin nearly hisses at the way Yoongi calls the other one a kitten, when he feels like it’s a nickname only for himself. He makes a mental note to stop being so damn egoistic when they planned on doing this together, after all.

When Tae hands Yoongi the lube, the butt plug is already somewhere on the floor and Jimin immediately hates feeling so empty, after having gotten used to the tail inside of him. He pouts at Yoongi, who just smiles and shakes his head before putting some of the liquid onto his fingers and pushing them against Jimin’s rim. “Two at once”, Jimin says, breath hitching. “The plug did more than enough.”

“You sure you aren’t just being impatient?” Yoongi chuckles, yet does as Jimin pleads and lets two fingers slide inside of him, immediately gaining traction from the boy who’s now bucking up his hips. “You’ll have to hold still, can you do that?”

Jimin whines and places his butt back on the mattress, trying his best as Yoongi’s fingers repeatedly slide in and out of him. Tae places himself next to him pressing his lips against the skin on Jimin's shoulder as his hand finds his length, slim fingers wrapping around it and applying some pressure, making the other moan out loud. It’s a surprise to Jimin, really, that Tae was a virgin until not so long ago. He’s so skilled, no one would guess that if they didn’t know.

Jimin is getting close, and he nearly doesn’t admit it. His body is screaming for release, his legs are trembling and the way both Yoongi’s and Tae’s hands are making him feel so good is nearly driving him insane. The only reason he eventually tells them to stop is because he wants to feel Yoongi inside him. “S-stop, don’t wanna come yet”, he manages to breathe out in between loud moans. Within seconds, the other two stop their movements. “Please”, he says, looking at Yoongi, “please fuck me”.

“Shit”, Yoongi groans, already getting into position when his eyes meet Tae’s. “But-“

“Don’t worry about me”, the other boy interrupts him. “You guys are quite nice to look at, I’ll be fine.”

Yoongi’s hands are visibly shaking as he lifts Jimin’s butt into his lap. “Look at me, kitten”, he says, and the second Jimin does look at him, he pushes inside, immediately being so rough that Jimin can’t help but throw his head back into the pillow again, screaming in pleasure. Tae next to them hisses sharply, his fingers now wrapping around his own cock, which doesn’t sit quite right with Jimin. Tae doesn’t mind third-wheeling, but Jimin hates exclusion.

“Hey, Tae”, he cries out by accident, as Yoongi brushes over his prostate that exact moment. When the other boy looks at him, he fails to speak, so Jimin just opens his mouth, tongue sticking out slightly, hoping he’ll get the hint. Gladly, he does.

Jimin’s lips close around Tae’s length and he swallows him nearly entirely as the other thrusts into his mouth. For a second his mind gets clearer and he hopes Tae pulls out before coming, as they are too much in a daze to think of a condom. But then again, Jimin also wants to take it all. One day he might be able to make up his mind about things that aren’t Yoongi.

His moans are muffled due to his mouth being full, but he needs to push Tae back at his hips a few times to gasp for air, and to let a few noises slip his mouth, as Yoongi thrusts into him recklessly, continuously picking up his pace, the sounds of skin slapping on skin, Yoongi’s deep groans and Tae’s whines are quickly driving Jimin to the edge.

When Jimin’s body begins trembling, Yoongi is fast to catch that his boyfriend is about to come and reaches forward to embrace Jimin’s length with his fingers. It takes mere second from there for Jimin’s climax to kick in, hips bucking up, pulling his lips away from Tae to gasp for more air and moan, loud enough he’s sure the neighbors can hear it. When he’s sure of being able to take more, his lips close around Tae’s cock once more, only a few minutes before the boy cries out and pulls out of Jimin's mouth, finishing off himself, coming all over Jimin’s chest with loud moans, barely able to keep himself up, his free hand frantically trying to find the head of the bed for support.

Yoongi picks up pace once more, moans getting louder and louder, Jimin whines from the feeling of overstimulation as his boyfriend keeps hitting his prostate. “You’re doing so good kitten, ‘gonna come.”

“Stop”, Jimin pleads, “wanna taste you.”

Yoongi is quick to react and pulls out, continuously stroking his own cock even when the tip is touching Jimin’s bottom lip, groaning loudly as he finally unloads into his boyfriend’s mouth. Jimin slightly tugs on Yoongi’s hand still on his length and pulls it away, replacing it with his own hand, stroking out the older’s orgasm until there’s not a single drop of liquid left for him to swallow. Before he lets go, he places a kiss on the tip, Yoongi smiling down at him, sweat dripping down his forehead.


“You know that you guys are disgustingly in love with each other, right?” They’re having dinner in the living room afterwards. Tae decided to sit on the floor and is looking up at the two of them now.

“Disgustingly?” Jimin raises his eyebrows.

“Toothrottingly sweet, you guys.”

Jimin and Yoongi laugh.

“Jealous?”, asks Yoongi.

“Not at all, it’s a little like-“, Tae stops for a second. “You guys are giving me hope to find someone, you know?” He looks down at his vibrating phone, an annoyed sigh leaving his mouth before he picks it up.

“Everything good?”, Jimin asks once he finished the call.

“My dumbass roommate left his keys at home. He’s in the area and would pick me up so we can go home together.” He sighs once more. “Fucking moron.”

Chapter Text

“Ugh”, Tae looks at Jimin, “He asks if he can use your bathroom for a second.”

“Yeah, fine, whatever”, Jimin says, carrying their empty plates into the kitchen. Yoongi opens the door to Tae’s roommate and the second he spots him, Jimin ducks behind the kitchen counter.

They’ve got to be kidding him.

“Sorry, Seoul traffic, you know how it is, babe.” Jimin’s eyes roll into the back of his head as he hears the other talk. “It’s gonna take ages until we make it home, by then I’ll probably have peed my pants.”

“Fuck, Jungkook, just pee so we can get home”, Tae snaps.

When the boy disappears into the bathroom, Jimin comes up from his spot behind the counter. “You guys don’t mention that I’m here. I’m going to kill you if you do.”

“But you live here”, Tae says.

“What’s going on?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow.

“Remember that asshole I told you about? My classmate?” Jimin frantically gestures with his hands.

“No way”, Yoongi says, trying to keep himself from laughing. There is just a questioning look on the other’s face.

Before Jimin can hide behind the counter again, Jungkook steps outside the bathroom, immediately catching sight of Jimin’s figure. “What, no way! Jimin!”

He’s smiling at him as though they’ve been friends for years, Jimin feels the strange urge to punch him in the throat. “You peed? Great! You can leave now!”

“Woah, not so fast!” Jungkook turns to Tae. “You didn’t tell me you’re friends with Jimin!”

“Yeah, probably because I don’t like telling you anything.” Tae crosses his arms in front of his chest and there’s a change in Jungkook’s expression that almost makes Jimin feel sorry for him.

“Maybe next time you come here, I can join?” The boy’s biting down on his bottom lip now, seeming nervous.

Jimin doesn’t know what’s gotten into him, but at this very moment he can’t get himself to say no. He merely walks around the counter, gesturing to the door. “We’ll see about that, but for now you can leave, yes? Thank you.”


When the two are finally gone, Jimin can’t shake off the weird feeling he’s having. Yoongi speaks up, saying exactly what his boyfriend is thinking right now. “I think the guy’s really not as confident as he wants to come across.”

Jimin nods. “When Tae said he doesn’t want to tell him anything, I think my heart broke a little. And I don’t even know why, I can’t stand this guy!”

“Because he looked sad,” Yoongi sighs, “It’s that same kind of sadness I saw in Namjoon when I invited him to a party years ago after just having met him, told him to bring his friends and he blandly said he doesn’t have any. That kind of sadness.”

“Shit”, Jimin sits down on the sofa, “You think Tae needs to be kinder to him?”

“Maybe not only Tae?” His boyfriend raises his eyebrows at him.



Jimin had approximately twelve hours to think about his boyfriend’s words before having to show up at uni again. Just this morning, as he was brushing his teeth, he decided to give Jungkook a go.

So, when he shows up to class, seeing that the boy’s already in his seat at the very back, Jimin walks straight to the free spot next to him and sits down. Jungkook looks at him, visibly surprised. “Okay”, Jimin says, “let’s get one thing straight. If you stop being an annoying brat, there might actually be a chance I’m going to talk to you.”

Jungkook huffs out a laugh. “Yeah, really? Is this Taehyung playing a prank on me?”

Jimin startles at the response. “What? No, I-“

“He doesn’t like me, I know it.” Jungkook leans back in his chair. “So why should I believe you now, after the night you suddenly find out I’m his roommate?”

“You’re lonely, aren’t you?” Jimin takes a deep breath, waiting for a response.

The other stares down at his hand on the table in front of him, then shakes his head. “Nah, fuck that, I’m not having this talk with you.” He gets up and grabs his backpack, leaving the classroom before the lecture even starts.


Me: I think I was right

Me: But I also think I upset him

Me: :(

Darling : Yikes, what happened?

Me: Can I call you in my break?


“He just left?” Yoongi sounds concerned.

“Yeah,” Jimin sighs, “I didn’t mean to upset him, really.”

“Maybe it’s just a sensitive topic for him. You should talk to Tae about it.” Even through the phone, Jimin can hear Yoongi clicking his pen.

“I feel like I need to know why they hate each other so much, no?”

“Fair enough, it seems like Jungkook doesn’t hate Tae, but the other way around.” There’s a short moment of silence. “Yeah, you should talk to Tae.”



Three weeks pass, and Jimin, in fact, does not talk to Tae. He just doesn’t quite know how to approach him, no matter how curious he seems to be about this whole thing. Instead, he sits in every damn class that he shares with Jungkook, who hasn’t talked to him since that one day, and genuinely seems to avoid talking to Jimin in the first place.

When Jimin eventually ends up having dinner with Tae as Yoongi works overtime once more, he finally gathers his courage and puts down his cutlery, looking at his opposite. “Tae.”

The other boy immediately looks up from his food, seemingly noticing Jimin’s nervousness. He furrows his brows. “What is it?”

“What’s the deal with you and Jungkook?” At the confused expression on the other’s face, Jimin sighs. “Why do you hate him so much?”

Tae leans back in his chair. “I mean, I don’t hate hate him. It’s just that- fuck, I never talked about this with anyone.” He takes a deep breath. “We- we got along just fine the first two weeks after moving in with each other, really. But then my brain acted up and I’m still not sure if I misread the signs but, I felt like he was flirting with me. And I just know that he’s exactly the kind of guy I’d fall in love with, so I-“

“You started pushing him away?” Jimin raises his eyebrows.

The other nods. “Yeah. I felt like pretending I hate him was easier than falling in love with him. His entire appearance screams trouble.”

“The poor boy barely has any friends”, Jimin quickly throws in.

“God, I know!”, Tae whines. “He doesn’t have anyone at all, and I don’t understand why. And there’s this look on his face every time I’m being rude to him. I fucked up and now he actually believes I hate him.”

“Can’t you just like, stop being rude to him?”

Tae huffs a laugh. “Theoretically speaking it’s a good idea, but every time I try to be kind, he thinks I’m pulling a prank on him. So I stopped trying.”

“That explains a lot”, Jimin says then.

“What do you mean?” Tae picks up his chopsticks again.

“That night he picked you up at our place, he looked so sad, so I thought that maybe I’d give him a try, you know?” Jimin takes a sip of his drink before continuing to talk. “But he thought I was only acting, coming to the conclusion me making a move on him was just you trying to play a prank on him.

“Shit”, Tae hisses, “I really need to fix this. I feel like I’m the reason that poor boy has major trust issues now, and I hate that.”

They finish their food remaining nearly entirely silent and Jimin feels a little bad for ruining the mood. Though, when they eventually move separate ways to get home, Tae thanks him for addressing it, saying he needed a reminder of how things with Jungkook just can’t go on like this and that the guilt definitely overweighs the fear of falling in love - whatever that means.



Yoongi doesn’t come home before eleven that night. By then Jimin’s mood is already so bad that he doesn’t even want to talk to his boyfriend anymore. When he just urges Jimin to finally talk to him, he snaps. “You said nine. Have you checked the clock?”

“Jesus, someone has to lock that damn café when it closes.” Yoongi sits down next to him, trying to place his hand on Jimin’s thigh, the other swats it away with a single move.

“I’m just wondering,” he says, “why is it always you? There’s at least two other people working with you at this fucking place, why is it always you who needs to stay longer? We had plans for tonight, I came home at eight because I wanted to be here when you come, and you didn’t even text me about coming home later.”

Yoongi swallows thickly. “I’m sorry. I know it doesn’t change much, but I really am sorry. You know”, he says, followed by a sigh, “more hours also means more money.”

“And also means less time with your needy boyfriend”, Jimin mumbles.

“Yeah”, the other laughs, “but it’s that needy boyfriend’s birthday soon.”

Jimin feels stupid for not understanding where this is going. “What?”

“You’re so oblivious, babe.” Yoongi chuckles. “The last few years, all I got for your birthday was a stupid take-out dinner, simply because I was too broke to get you the things I wanted to get. I wanted to change that this year, to get you something you deserve, and also want.”

Jimin finds himself straddling his boyfriend’s lap. “You’re an idiot. I already have everything I want. Right here.” He points at Yoongi’s chest.

The other shakes his head. “You know that’s not true. You keep talking about vacation, wanting to get away for a few days.”

The younger one rolls his eyes. “Yeah, but you know, I also prioritize the things I want, and if I need to choose, it’s always you.”

“I think Tae was right”, Yoongi says, lips curling up to a smile as he sees the confused look on his boyfriend’s face. “We are toothrottingly in love with each other.”

Jimin doesn’t reply. Instead, he captures Yoongi’s lips with his own, his hand quickly finding its way into the other’s hair. Yoongi gasps at the sudden tug at his hair, maybe also because the other grinds down on him, soon letting his lips wander down to the older’s neck. Sometimes, Jimin wishes he wasn’t so damn needy, but he can’t help already crying out when Yoongi’s hands wander beneath the fabric of his shirt, moving up his body until he’s taking it off of him.



Slow, lazy sex really isn’t something the two of them are enjoying often, but Jimin loves the way Yoongi is spooning him from behind right now, face buried in his neck, covering it with sloppy kisses as he gently pushes inside Jimin, who’s so reactive to his touch and loudly moans into empty space. He so desperately wants to hold Yoongi’s hand right now, but that would also mean that his boyfriend would have to remove his hand from Jimin’s cock and - ah, fuck it. “Gimme your hand”, he whispers in between short breaths.

Yoongi does as told, and Jimin locks their fingers in front of his chest as his boyfriend picks up pace now to make up for the lack of stimulation on Jimin’s length.

Jimin really can’t bother with the continuous vibrations of his phone over on the bedside table, he’s too engulfed in the feeling of Yoongi pushing deeper inside of him, brushing that sweet spot over and over again, slowly driving him to the edge as his hand holds onto his boyfriend’s tightly. Yoongi bites down on his neck, getting him closer and closer to release. When he feels that he’s getting too close, the older’s moans in his ear giving away that he’s not so far himself, Jimin decides that he’s not quite ready to let go of Yoongi’s hand. Instead, he leads both their hands down, slowly letting go to let the other’s fingers embrace his cock again, then puts his own hand on top of Yoongi’s.

Yoongi chuckles. “You’re so soft today. I like it.”

Jimin can’t reply, he’s too aware of Yoongi picking up pace once more, fingers around his cock tightening. He comes at the same time as his boyfriend, who’s loudly groaning into his ear, movements getting slower again now that he’s riding out their orgasms to a comfortable point.



When they’re finally cleaned up and ready to sleep, Jimin checks his phone for the notifications he missed earlier. “Oh my God”, he says, staring at the messages in disbelief, only really opening them when Yoongi is next to him to have a look at the screen as well.


Tae: This is a mess

Tae: He’s crying ????

Tae: I don’t know what to do


There’s a one hour gap between these texts and the ones Tae sent afterwards.


Tae: I really need to rethink my way of fixing things.

Tae: We had sex

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Jimin crashes onto the wooden floor, panting hard, trying to separate the sticky fabric of his shirt from his body. He’s sweating in places where he didn’t even know they were capable of emitting sweat. “Please, no more”, he whines.

Hoseok laughs, sitting down on the floor next to him. “Are you sure you’re going to survive tonight?”



Those past weeks went by fast, it was somewhat of a blur. Tae has somehow established a love-hate relationship with Jungkook, the love part mainly taking place in one of their beds, the hate part consisting of them not talking for days until they’re all over each other again. However, Tae still comes over once a week to spend the night with Yoongi and Jimin. He keeps mentioning how he is able to do this as long as him and Jungkook are merely fucking, and none of the other two complained.

Jimin was asked to join an extra course by his professor who apparently recognized his huge potential and would hate it to go to waste, which is fine by him, but also means four more hours of uni every week, which in the beginning heavily collided with his practice hours with Hoseok that had finally started.

With Hoseok paying Jimin nearly three times as much as his previous job did, Yoongi had finally cut shorter on hours and now spends a fair amount of the time Jimin isn’t home trying to produce some more music, hoping that his hard work will result in a proper job at one of the many entertainment companies in town.

It’s hard for Jimin to believe that five weeks have passed since him and Yoongi had that short discussion and that now his birthday is just mere days away.

In those weeks, they also told Hoseok more about their ongoing affair with Tae and eventually, they finally got over themselves and invited him. Their friend took a few days to think about it, saying he wasn’t sure how much they’d enjoy his preferences.


And now they’re here. They told Yoongi to come around eight so they could still practice a little, as the first dance classes will be taking place next week. Jimin doesn’t know why Hoseok insisted on staying in the studio, but now it’s slowly dawning on him as he lays there on the floor, eyes wandering along the big, mirrored wall. Fuck.

“Do we really need that many candles, Seok?” Yoongi comes in without saying hello. He’s carrying two entire bags of candles.

“Well, hello to you,” Hoseok smiles up at Yoongi, “Yes, we do. But you’ll have to sit down here for a second, we need to talk before this whole thing starts.”

Yoongi furrows his brows and sets the bags on the floor, then proceeds to sit down right next to Jimin’s head, gently smiling down at him. “Is it that serious?”

Hoseok swallows thickly. “I don’t want to do anything you guys aren’t okay with. And I haven’t done this in a while, so I’d like we settle some- uh, rules, before this is getting out of control.”

Jimin looks up at his friend, an eyebrows raised. How bad can his preferences be? “Okay, shoot.”

“Well”, the other says, nervously shuffling in his place, “first, we need a safeword.”

“Milk”, Jimin shoots back immediately, and as he sees the confused look on his friend’s face, he explains. “It’s our safeword with Tae. Easy to memorize.”

Hoseok nods. “Alright, then, uh.” He turns to Yoongi. “How okay are you with taking orders?”

Jimin’s lips immediately curl up into a smile as he feels his boyfriend stiffen, then quickly relax next to him. “Never tried it”, Yoongi says, “but I’m listening.”

They talk for about half an hour more, making sure everyone involved is one hundred percent comfortable doing this. Hoseok’s nervosity seems to vanish more and more with every word spoken, and Jimin feels that it was a good idea to have that talk so they’re kind of aware of what’s about to come. He already knew it was going to be different than the times they’d spent with anyone else, but their chat was further confirmation of that.

“Alright”, their friend eventually says, getting up. “Did you bring your stuff?”

That’s Jimin’s cue to finally get up and walk to the other side of the room to grab the backpack he brought with him earlier. When he returns to the other two, he hands it to Hoseok right away. He turns it over and empties it on the spot, eyeing all the toys.

He eventually reaches for the leather cuffs. “Good I also brought a pair, we’ll need them.” He then proceeds to put all the other stuff back into the backpack, leaving Jimin only a little disappointed but now more curious about what’s to happen. “Can you guys set up the candles and get naked? I’ll go get ready, then.”

When he leaves the room, Yoongi and Jimin look at each other and immediately burst into laughter. “I can’t believe we’re doing this”, Yoongi says then, picking up one of the candle-filled bags.

“It’s kind of exciting,” Jimin says, “not knowing what’s going to happen.”

“I have a feeling it’s going to be painful.” The older one now places the candles in a safe distance to the walls and mirrors, leaving enough space in the middle of the room.

“Nice.” Jimin does the same on the other side of the room.

When they’re done lighting all the candles, they meet again in the middle of the room and help each other get undressed. Sure, they could’ve done it to each their own, but it just wouldn’t feel right.

Jimin runs his eyes over his boyfriend’s naked body, and catches himself realizing that he doesn’t admire him all that often, when he really, really should. “Do you even know how fucking beautiful you are?”

Yoongi does something Jimin really doesn’t expect. He blushes. Ever so slightly, yet noticeably. The younger one crosses the distance between them and gently places a kiss on the other’s lips.

Their moment of tooth rotting sweetness is over when Hoseok comes back into the room, radiating an entirely different energy than he did when he left.

Jimin never figured how toned the other’s body is, probably because he’s never seen him shirtless. However, Hoseok is still wearing a pair of seemingly way too tight leather pants and boots. His hands are covered with black gloves. For a second Jimin thinks that what must’ve taken their friend so long was getting into those pants. They look extremely tight, more so than comfortable. Hoseok’s black hair is falling into his face, but doesn’t quite cover his hooded eyes. Before Jimin’s mind can drift any further, the other turns off the lights, the room now merely filled by the light of the burning candles, then turns back to them.

“On your knees.” It takes a second for both Jimin and Yoongi to snap out of it and do as they’re told. When they finally do, Hoseok takes the leather cuffs he’d placed on a chair earlier and walks over. “Alright, let’s get started.”

Yoongi grits his teeth, groaning loudly as Hoseok’s hand meets his buttcheek once again, the sound of skin slapping on skin filling the room. His eyes are closed when he sharply sucks in some air, not quite enough until the other raises his hand and smacks down onto the probably reddened skin once more.

Both, Yoongi and Jimin are in the same position, but somewhat mirrored, head to head to each other. Their cheeks pressing to the wooden floor of the dance studio, facing the big mirrors, hands tied on their back as their buttocks are in the air, ready to be used at any moment.

Jimin has figured that, despite liking to take orders and being handled roughly, even a little rudely, he does not enjoy the feeling that comes with being spanked. His turn ended with him using the safeword. However, he seems to enjoy the throbbing aftermath in the places Hoseok hit him earlier and he’s so close to asking him to start again, just to have that feeling last longer afterwards.

The only thing that’s stopping him from doing so is the sight of his boyfriend in the mirror. As much as Jimin dislikes being spanked, as much Yoongi seems to enjoy it. So much. And Jimin wishes his hand could replace Hoseok’s, just to gain the same physical reaction from Yoongi as their friend. With every slap, the older’s butt jerks further into the air, hands on his back turning into fists as Yoongi keeps his eyes tightly shut, gritting his teeth. And god, the moans that escape his mouth are nearly driving Jimin insane. He’s never seen his boyfriend like this before, so seemingly small compared to another person, so desperate, looking so sweet with his hair sticking to the sweat on his forehead, his face pressed down and his cock leaking precum onto the wooden floor.

Hoseok finally kneels down next to Yoongi and roughly grabs a fistful of his hair and forces up his head. “Open your eyes.” As Yoongi does, Jimin bites his lower lip. He nearly hisses as his boyfriend’s hooded eyes meet his in the reflection. “No, no”, Hoseok says, “look at yourself, see how desperate you are.”

Yoongi’s lips form into the smallest o, as though he can’t believe that who he’s looking at is really himself. Focusing too much on his own reflection now, he’s caught off guard by Hoseok’s hand rushing through the air again, landing on his ass with a loud smack. Jimin whines out loudly at the moan that slips from his boyfriend’s mouth, feeling his own cock twitch in its place. He knows Hoseok is looking at him now, but he can only pay attention to Yoongi, who’s breathing heavily, the mere reason his head is still raised being Hoseok’s fingers tightly in his hair.

With his free hand, Hoseok reaches to the floor beneath Yoongi, fingers sliding through the liquid he’s leaked. He then moves his hand back to Yoongi’s buttock, grinning when the older one gasps at the pressure against his entrance. Jimin closes his eyes tightly for a moment and immediately regrets it the second he opens them again, as Hoseok has now pushed a finger inside Yoongi, whose lips are pressed shut.

Jimin knows what’s about to happen but he doesn’t quite believe it yet. He never said it aloud, but the thought of watching his boyfriend get fucked is a fantasy he’d never thought would come true. Just the thought of it is aching him, and he’s so close to tell Hoseok to please hurry the fuck up.

Yoongi is now lifting his bottom, trying to meet the three fingers sliding in and out of him in a teasingly slow pace. He’s now biting down on his bottom lip, still looking at himself in the mirror, Hoseok’s hand long gone from his head, now repeatedly bringing it down to the already sensitive skin on the older’s butt with softer slaps, still enough to lure a sound from Yoongi’s throat that’s not quite describable.

Jimin’s eyes meet Hoseok’s in the reflection of the mirror, the older one grins as the boy looks at him with angel eyes, who is just now realizing how sensitive he is and how badly he craves release. On the other hand, though, he would die on the spot just for the chance to see what’s about to happen with his boyfriend.

And gladly, Hoseok makes him choose. “You like watching us, sweetheart?” As Jimin just nods, he twists his fingers inside Yoongi, who immediately moans out loud. “Want me to fuck him? Want me to make him feel good?”

“Fuck”, Jimin says, just now realizing that he’s been drooling onto the floor. “Yes, y-yes please.” When Hoseok breaks eye contact, his eyes dart back to Yoongi, whose face is now on the floor again, one side of his lips curled up into a weak smile.

The other pulls back from Yoongi entirely only to get up and grab a condom from the bag by the door. He’s back in no time, though, now almost frantically trying to open the button of his still way too tight leather pants. It’s just now that Jimin starts wondering how Hoseok was able to hold out in those pants for so long, his wonder even growing stronger when the other’s throbbing cock springs free, Hoseok hissing a few curses under his breath. It looks like he struggles taking off the pants and boots for a moment, his impatience so obvious that Jimin can basically smell it.

When he finally kneels down between Yoongi’s legs, placing his cock in the older’s buttcrack, he closes his eyes for a second, then opens them again to have a look at the mirror, Yoongi specifically. And honestly, it’s understandable. The older one looks as though he’s already been fucked for hours, sweat glistening on his body, chest heaving, eyelids fluttering nearly entirely closed whenever he takes another deep breath. The sight is a lot to take in, at least for Jimin. It takes some more of Yoongi’s precum as lubricate until Hoseok finally pushes inside, making the two men moan in unison. Jimin keeps his eyes focused on his boyfriend, swallowing thickly as their eyes meet when the movement starts and Yoongi’s mouth opens wide, a loud moan escaping from it.

Jimin figures that he now clearly is in pain from being so aroused. He grits his teeth thinking that he’ll be damned if he doesn’t enjoy this to its fullest, unsuccessfully trying to ignore his throbbing cock. However, Jimin knows Yoongi isn’t used to this, knows that he’s never been so sensitive before, and with thus he probably won’t last long. So for now, it’s just enjoying the view, soaking in each of his boyfriend’s moans and those desperate whines he’s hearing for the first time.

Hoseok mumbles some curses, then groans, obviously slipping out of character. He picks up pace every few seconds or so, thumbs digging deeper and deeper into the dimples on the other’s back, making Yoongi gasp every time he does. He seems to snap out of it soon, though, and removes one of his hands from the other’s back to lift it up, roughly slapping down on the skin of Yoongi’s butt, quickly driving the other to the edge. It takes mere minutes from when they started for Yoongi to reach his absolute high, bottom nearly collapsing under Hoseok’s as he comes, and Jimin would much rather enjoy being able to taste him instead of all the cum ending up on the floor, but quickly accepts that he can’t.

Yoongi’s body is now merely held up from Hoseok by the hips as he keeps fucking into him, not losing the pace. He completely gives up on keeping his eyes opened, or to keep any tension in his body whatsoever, now so overstimulated that the only sounds still escaping his throat are mere whimpers as the other won’t stop. Those whimpers are getting to Jimin so much that the boy can’t help but moan as he watches his boyfriend.

Those sounds are eventually what make Hoseok stop his movements and look at Jimin, still balls-deep inside the other. He grins, sweat dripping down his forehead. “Oh, you’re still here?” Jimin grits his teeth. Where else is he supposed to be? “How bad I’m about to finish.”

“Please”, Jimin whispers, lifting up his head to look directly at the other, “please don’t.”

Hoseok shakes his head no. “Do you think you deserve to cum?” He laughs. “God, you want it so badly, don’t you? But I don’t know, I don’t think so.”

Jimin isn’t sure whether being a brat is going to get him anywhere, but when Hoseok finishes talking, he pouts. The other raises an eyebrow at him. “P-please”, he stutters. “Please, Sir.”

They originally agreed on not doing this, mainly because Jimin hated the thought of addressing someone as an authority. But Hoseok has made it very clear how much it riles him up, and Jimin is in so much pain, so fucking desperate for release. And hey, if it works it works.

And it does work. Hoseok’s eyes widen for a second before he pulls out of Yoongi and frees himself of the used condom, then proceeds to quickly grab a new one. In no time, he’s behind Jimin, the boy already pressing his buttock against the other’s hard cock, his own immediately twitching at the touch. Hoseok seems to have grabbed some lube as well, as Jimin now hears a bottle open and close. He’s so desperate he didn’t even realize he wasn’t fingered opened yet. He whines when one of the other’s fingers slides inside him without forewarning. It definitely feels rushed, it’s not a sensational feeling, but Hoseok does the job and opens Jimin up just enough in a short amount of time, as though he knows exactly that this really isn’t a good time for long, teasing and sensual foreplay. In reality, though, Jimin knows that Hoseok is just as impatient for release as him.

His eyes scan for Yoongi again in the mirror. When he spots him, Jimin’s chest flutters for a few seconds. His boyfriend is now laying on his side, hands still tied on his back, breathing heavily, eyes opened to their slightest, looking back at Jimin, a smile on his lips. That moment is over when Hoseok finally slides inside him, Jimin immediately clenching around the cock now filling him and brushing his prostate right away. He moans loudly against the floor, not even having realized he turned his head down to have his lips touch the wood. He thinks about putting his tongue to it, solely for the sensation of having something against his mouth. That’s when Yoongi moves. He weakly slides over to have his head lay next to Jimin, and brings his mouth to the other’s. For a moment, Jimin thinks that this must look like that iconic upside down kiss in the Spiderman movies, except they’re naked, none of them is spider man, and one of them is currently being roughly fucked by a friend.

Hoseok doesn’t complain, he simply picks up the pace and groans, letting his hands run all over Jimin’s back, whose moans all get lost in his boyfriend’s mouth. Yoongi is amazing, Jimin thinks. He must be so exhausted, and yet he’s here making sure Jimin feels good. And with that in mind, he comes, all over the floor as the older one did earlier, his screams muffled by Yoongi’s lips all over his own, tongues heavily engaged with each other. His legs are trembling and now that he’s finally getting the release he craved so badly, he knows he won’t be able to keep his body up much longer. And he doesn’t have to, luckily. Hoseok comes too, his fingers pushing into Jimin’s tied up arms as he loses in pace, making sure he rides it all out before he finally pulls out and Jimin is able to pull his lips away from Yoongi’s, collapsing onto the floor, now lying in his own cum. He’s still breathing heavily and his legs are shaking, yet he doesn’t waste a second and opens his mouth to speak right away. “Untie me.”

That’s probably when all of them know it’s over, because now Jimin is the one giving orders. Hoseok chuckles and does as told. Jimin immediately crawls over, lying down right next to his boyfriend and cupping his cheeks with his hands as Yoongi is also being untied. The younger one puts his lips on the other’s, just for a moment, before he lets his forehead rest on Yoongi’s.

There’s an intense round of verbal aftercare taking place between Yoongi and Jimin as Hoseok cleans them up, then makes sure to put some lotion onto the reddened skin on their buttocks, knees and wrists. Really, Jimin doesn’t ever want Yoongi to stop telling him how good he’s been, how loved he is, how beautiful he is, and saying those same things back to him, gently caressing his boyfriend’s cheeks with his thumbs.

But he does interrupt once Hoseok is done and sitting down at their feet. Jimin remembers something that someone has said to him a long time ago and didn’t come in handy until now.

“You know, Doms need aftercare, too.”

He smiles at their friend, then shuffles away from Yoongi just enough to create some space for Hoseok. “Come here”, he says, smiling.

They lie there for a lot longer than one might expect, and maybe all of them do fall asleep into a light nap and then wake up with an aching back about an hour later. But despite all the pain and the smell of the candles that have now entirely burned down, Jimin can’t help but think that tonight was perfect.

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“... and in order to achieve that goal, I will be starting to give private tutoring lessons to each one of you.” The professor sits down on his table. “The papers you submit will then eventually be forwarded to the teacher committee, if you’re lucky enough they’ll be used as teaching material for freshmen.”

The girl behind Jimin whispers a snarky comment on how professors now seem to be too lazy to create their own damn content for classes. Bad for her that she seems to have forgotten there’s only ten people in this room, the professor who’s now turning to her with his eyebrows raised included. “It was your own choice to take part in this class. If you want to leave, you can do that right away. Gladly so, it’ll save me at least two hours of work every week.”

The girl swallows thickly, but doesn’t reply.

“Alright,” their tutor then says, “let me give you an explanation of this private tutoring kind of thing. Because this university sucks and doesn’t want to give me a room to use every day, I’ll have to make home visits to some of you. The tutoring will be filmed from the second we sit down until the end, so the committee will have a clear insight on the work and will be able to make sure you didn’t cheat your way through your papers. Don’t worry, though, the videos will only be seen by the committee and the most handsome person you’ve ever seen. Me.” Jimin huffs a laugh out of kindness. The professor shoots him a wink. “Okay, now come up front so we can arrange some dates.”


Jimin groans once the door to his home falls shut behind him, then lets his backpack drop to the floor, Yoongi shooting him a glance from the kitchen. “You alright there?”

The younger one approaches his boyfriend, complaining. “This extra class I chose to take. It involves private tutoring. At home. My first appointment is tomorrow. We’re going to have some thorough cleaning.”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow, head turning with eyes quickly scanning his apartment. “It’s clean, though?” He chuckles. “Honey, that’s your professor, he comes to tutor you, not to grade you on the cleanliness of your shared apartment with your boyfriend.”

“You know me”, Jimin sighs, “You know what’s the worst? I agreed to a meeting in the morning, right after I get home from my shift at the bar.”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “You won’t even be able to focus on that tutoring.”

Jimin hums in agreement. “You got to work, right?”


Yoongi nods. “I’m literally starting when you finish work. You could come by for coffee before heading home?”

The younger one shakes his head. “He’s dropping by at seven.”

“Seven? Does your professor not value a good night’s sleep? Is he okay?”


When Jimin finally leaves the bar the next day, he inhales a sharp breath of cold morning air. You can tell autumn is coming, the temperature has dropped rapidly and he actually catches himself regretting that he didn’t bring a scarf. He does consider stopping by at Yoongi’s workplace for coffee after all, but given the fact that an inconvenience at work made him leave late, he now has twenty minutes to get home before his professor arrives.

The mere pressure of time moves Jimin to just call a taxi off the street, knowing it would get him home quicker than the bus, especially since the Seoul traffic wasn’t too bad by now. More regret creeps into him as they pass the tall buildings, the car making its way into the not-so-glamorous parts of town. He’d had a few shots on an empty stomach with his coworkers only about an hour ago when the bar had been nearly empty — as they usually do, and he now definitely feels the aftermath of it. The effect alcohol has on his body and the rising heat in his lower abdomen definitely can’t be considered a good thing when he was about to see his hottest professor in the walls of his own home.


“Good morning, Professor Kim!” Jimin blurts when he leaves the taxi, his tutor already standing in front of the door. Hey, he still has five minutes left.

As he comes closer, the other wrinkles up his nose. “You smell like a bar, Mr. Park. Were you out partying?”

“God, no”, Jimin contradicts, “I work in a bar. Night shift.”

“Aren’t there better jobs for pretty boys like you?” Professor Kim raises his eyebrows at Jimin, corners of his lips slightly curling up when the boy seems clearly startled by his words.

“I, uh, I already got a new one.” Jimin finally unlocks the door. “My friend opened a dance studio, but he’s not making any income before next month, so I gotta make money somehow.”


They make their way upstairs and Professor Kim is quick to ask for a spot to set up the camera. As he does so, Jimin prepares coffee for the two of them, mind somewhat in a haze and the somewhat horny feeling not quite fading yet, no, it even feels more intense now. Jimin wants to curse his own body and brain for being the way they are.

When he finally returns to the living room and sets the cups down on the coffee table, he chuckles. “You know, I was wondering what drove you to make an appointment at seven in the morning.”

“Ah”, the professor exclaims, shaking his head, “stupidity. I tutor another two classes and messed up my personal schedule. So, now it’s work, all day every day, until I die. Or well, at least until the end of the semester.”

“Poor you.” Jimin sits down on the sofa next to his professor. “Doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of time to unwind.”

The other laughs. “God, I can’t remember the last time I could truly relax. But okay, okay, we only got three hours, let me turn on the camera real quick. Also, I know I’m your professor, but this is a private setting, so please call me Jin.”

“Jin, huh?” Jimin just realizes he’s never heard his first name. “I’m Jimin, but you know that.”


The tutoring lesson passes by slowly. Despite the coffee, it’s more than obvious that one of the two is sleep deprived from working all night, and the other generally seems to be extremely exhausted. Jimin can’t help but wonder how much sleep Jin gets at all. After an hour, Jimin has three pages of notes and there’s exactly two words written for his essay.

“God”, Jimin interrupts Jin mid-sentence, “I’m sorry, but I can’t really focus. Shouldn’t have agreed to the early appointment.”

“We’ve made a good progress so far, though. We can take a break for a few minutes if you want.”

And this is when Jimin’s brain seems to go entirely crazy. He turns to face his professor, eyes wandering down his body. Jin’s body is god-made. His broad shoulders stand in perfect harmony with the defined waist that's so clearly visible through the thin fabric of his white shirt. Jimin can’t help but think that these thighs are made for riding and even catches himself fighting back the urge to put his lips on Jin’s plump ones that very second.

He shouldn’t do anything, he knows it. First of all, this was his professor and he could face a lot of backlash for fucking up. However, Jimin is sleep deprived and those shots still sit in his guts wanting him to do something, anything, and fuck, this guy smells so good. He decides to test the waters and slowly moves his hands towards Jin’s thigh. Once it’s there, Jimin watches his reaction closely. The older one looks down at Jimin’s hand, eyes widened from shock, then his eyes dart to the camera. He swallows thickly, but then seems to snap out of it again.

“You know,” Jin says, eyes again locked on Jimin’s hand on his thigh, index finger now drawing small circles on the fabric of the jeans, “this class was never supposed to have private tutoring lessons.”

Jimin’s eyes widen at these words. “What?”

“That one day in the copy room in your first semester, when you didn’t realize I was a professor.” He swallows once more. “God, the way you were bending over that copying machine, sucking on that straw. You wouldn’t stop looking at me. You remember that?”

Jimin, in fact, does remember. It was his second day at uni and he had been assigned to copy some papers for a class. However, he couldn’t figure out how the machine worked so he decided to wait for someone else to come in, someone who could help him. He had his upper body resting on the copying machine, trying to suck the Tapioca pearls from his Bubble Tea when Jin came in and just remained standing there watching him, as Jimin continued sucking on his straw, wiggling his butt as he glanced over his shoulder to check out the handsome stranger that just came in. Yeah, he was flirting and very much aiming to get laid. He probably would’ve continued if one hour later he wouldn’t have found out that Jin was his professor. Bad luck. Or maybe not, considering him and Yoongi started dating mere weeks after that.

Jimin remembers very well, but he doesn’t want the other know that. He rather wants to hear what Jin has to say. So he shakes his head no.

“You looked so good, fuck. I didn’t even know you and I just wanted to take you right there.” Jin shakes his head. “The shameless flirting had me go insane. And when I saw you in one of my classes, I was screwed.”

Jimin can just stare back at Jin. If a touch to the thigh riles Jin up this much, how long exactly did he keep these thoughts to himself?

“You know,” Jin huffs a laugh, “there’s always talks between the professors, about starting shit with the students. Some of them are eager to give a good grade for some dick. I never understood that, until the day I saw you in that copy room.”

Jimin is smiling now. “There’s a first for everything.”

“The first few weeks I couldn’t even focus on teaching with you sitting there, looking the way you do. I constantly showed up late to the next classes I had to teach because I needed to calm down after just seeing you.”

“Calm down, huh?” Jimin moves his hand closer to the bulge in Jin’s pants ever so slightly.

The other inhales sharply, eyes now stuck on Jimin’s hand again. “I got over it, kind of. Until I invited you to the advanced class. Fuck, your existence does things to me, Jimin.”

“You are doing private tutoring because you want to fuck me, then?” Jimin licks his lips.

“Fuck, I don’t even know.” Suddenly, Jin gets up, arms trembling for a second before he catches himself. “It’s fucked up, and wrong. Isn’t it? Shit, I need to use the bathroom. Can you tell me where it is?”

When Jin is out of sight, Jimin picks up his phone from the table. He knows what he needs to do. If Yoongi doesn’t consent to this…


Me [08:13]: Good morning. Can I fuck my professor?

Darling [08:13]: What

Me [08:14]: Please?

Darling [08:14]: Not if I can’t watch.


Jimin panics for a second, before he remembers the camera in the room. His eyes are quick to find it, he smiles straight into the lens.


Me [08:15]: What if I told you you can watch it whenever and as often as you want to?

Darling [08:15]: …. for real?

Me [08:15]: yes

Darling [08:16]: Go for it then


Well, that was easy. Now Jimin just has to make sure he actually gets a copy of that file when they’re done.

When Jin returns, he seems just as distressed as before. Jimin puts his phone back on the table, smiling at the older one who’s slowly approaching from the other side of the room.

“I shouldn’t have told you all this.” Jin sits down again, eyes facing the floor and hands visibly shaking.

Jimin is quick to put his hand back into its original spot on Jin’s thigh. “I appreciate honesty.”

When the other doesn’t respond, Jimin takes the silence as a cue to move on, his hand now hovering above Jin’s bulge, waiting out for a few seconds before putting some pressure on it, the other one cursing out loudly. “We shouldn’t”, Jin winces.

Jimin moves his lips close to the other’s ear. “No, but you want it. You’re already a mess and we haven’t even done anything yet.” He swiftly lifts his leg to place himself on top of his professor, pressing his own crotch to Jin’s who’s already breathing heavily with his eyes closed. “You can touch me, you know.”

Jin opens his eyes and they immediately lock on a point behind Jimin. “The camera.” It’s merely a whisper and the younger one isn’t quite sure whether this is a lame excuse or just a quick notice that it’s still filming. That is until Jin continues speaking. “Can we leave it on?”

“Want a memory?” Jimin chuckles, grinding down into the other’s lap, luring a moan from Jin’s throat.

“God, yes.” He takes a deep breath. “Also, I- I like being watched.”

Jimin keeps grinding when he buries his face in the other’s neck. “Gonna show it to my boyfriend. He’s going to love it. So much.”

“Shit.” Jin finally moves his arms, hands now immediately wandering under the fabric of Jimin’s shirt. It’s quick to find the floor, his own shirt joining soon. Jimin can’t help but be in awe about Jin’s body once more. He can’t wait to cling onto those shoulders as Jin fills him up and makes him feel good. One of the older’s hands is now sliding down between them, nervously fumbling on the button of Jimin’s jeans until he can finally open it. “Can’t wait to fuck you, princess.”

Jimin intuitively hums at the pet name and grinds down harder for a moment. Shit, he didn’t know he’d like it this much to be called princess. He's sure Jin will make him feel like one, too. He quickly gets up to take off his jeans and boxers, then gets down to his knees in front of the other to help him slip out of the rest of his clothing as well. When Jin’s boxers slide down and his erection springs free, Jimin licks his lips. God, that guy is huge.

Jimin is eager to have a taste of the older one and reaches forward to grab Jin’s hips, pulling slightly to indicate him to slide towards the edge of the sofa. The rough carpet is already rubbing harshly against Jimin’s knees, but that never stopped him before, and it sure as hell won’t now. He leans in, hands still on the other’s hips, and without a second of hesitation he wraps his lips around Jin’s cock, the other immediately moaning out at the warmth of Jimin’s mouth. “Fuck, princess, you’re driving me insane.” When the boy hums in response, the other throws back his head. “I’m not gonna last long.”

Jimin knows that. He knows there’s little chance for him to have an orgasm before Jin erupts. It’s an easy guess considering how well the older responds to Jimin’s every word, every movement. And for some reason, he doesn’t mind. Not this time.

Jin roughly grabs a fistful of Jimin’s hair, now being perfectly able to guide the younger’s movements, leading him all the way down, cursing under his breath when he figures Jimin doesn’t have any troubles taking him all in. “Fuck, so good for me.”

Hearing Jin curse like that makes the younger one mewl around his cock, his own erection throbbing in its place and already leaking pre-cum onto the carpet. He pulls back from Jin with a loud smack of his lips, the older one immediately whining at the loss. Jimin takes a few deep breaths before he dares to look up at his professor, who’s sitting there like a god with his chest heavily raising and falling, hooded eyes looking down at him.

He doesn’t break eye contact when he once more opens his mouth around Jin’s cock and takes him in again, this time not going past the tip, just sucking on that and occasionally running his tongue over it to collect the pre-cum that’s leaking there. “So close, princess.”

That’s Jimin’s cue to go faster, his movements as well as the sounds he’s making growing messier as he swallows Jin whole again, moaning around the older’s cock as his fingernails dig into the skin on Jin’s hips. Jimin barely is able to gasp for air when Jin gets a hold of his hair again and roughly pulls him away. “Wanna come on you. Wanna make you all messy.”

Jimin happily obliges as Jin leads him onto the sofa with quick movements, yet shaky hands. He finds himself lying on his back, the other placing his legs next to his body. Jimin cries out when skin brushes against his hard cock, throwing his head to the side. “So hard for me, I'm going to make you feel so good, princess.”

The younger’s impatience grows as he turns his head back to Jin, who’s now letting his body down on top of Jimin and with thus putting a lot of overwhelming pressure onto his sensible erection. He cries out loudly as Jin starts stroking his own cock, thrusting into his hand. Jimin fears that, if the other isn’t going to finish fast, he’s going to erupt before the main part is even happening. Gladly, though, Jin picks up pace and moans loudly, quickly driving himself to his climax, which Jimin nearly misses from being so overwhelmed. “Look at me, Jimin.”

Jimin has a hard time keeping his eyes opened, but he looks at Jin with hitching breaths, biting down on his bottom lip. The older one groans and finally comes, all over Jimin’s stomach and chest, the younger one wishing he could have a taste of it. Instead, though, he watches Jin stroke it out with loud moans, trying to not let his own sensitivity get to him as his cock twitches beneath the other’s body.

“So good, princess. So, so good for me.” Jimin whines once more at the nickname. His legs are already shaking to a point he feels like he could probably come untouched any second now. He’s just getting more overwhelmed when Jin reaches forward, collects some of the cum on Jimin’s body and puts it around Jimin’s nipples before taking them between his fingers and pinching them. Hard. Jin chuckles as the younger’s back arches up. “Already so desperate. I’m gonna make you feel good now, promise.”

Jin moves off Jimin’s body and instead gets between his legs now. Jimin finds himself wishing Yoongi was here to see him, and then remembers the camera. His eyes find the lens quickly, gaze lingering over it for a few seconds before they squeeze shut from the sudden sensation of Jin’s tongue running along his cock. He moans out loudly and when Jin finally takes him in, he just hopes that none of the neighbors can hear him, the volume of his moans drastically increasing as the other brings his teeth to use.

Jimin’s fingers find their way into the other’s hair, firmly taking ahold of it as he tries his best to not buck up his hips - and eventually fails. But Jin takes him in with only a little gagging, swallowing around Jimin’s cock and driving him even more insane. The rising heat in his stomach feels like a whole fire right now. “Please”, he moans, “‘m gonna come.”

With that, Jin pulls back entirely, so fast that it almost feels as though he wasn’t there only a second ago. “No. Not yet, princess.”

Jimin lets out a frustrated cry. He’s so sensitive and overwhelmed, his entire body is shaking from the desperate need for release. He’s not even sure how he manages to tell Jin the location of the lube and condoms, and he’s so tempted to just touch himself as the other leaves the room to get these things, his mind not being fast enough to actually decide on doing so until Jin comes back into the room. He goes back to his original spot between Jimin’s legs. “God, you’re looking so good like this, princess. So pretty and messy, all for me. Move your legs up a little, will you?”

Jimin does as told, and it doesn’t take the other long to put some lube onto his finger and tease the rim of Jimin’s hole for a few moments, making the younger one cry out in desperation again. He just wants to be filled. It really isn’t a lot, but when Jin’s finger finally enters him, Jimin’s back immediately arches up and he isn’t capable of holding up his legs anymore, however, they’re swiftly caught by Jin’s shoulders. It takes way too long until the older one finally puts a second finger inside, this time moving them in a quicker pace. When they brush Jimin’s prostate, he cries out again, his cock achingly twitching against the naked skin on his stomach.


He doesn’t know when he starts crying. Maybe when Jin denies him another orgasm, pulling his fingers out quickly and waiting for Jimin’s body to shake it out, the boy putting a hand on his mouth to muffle out his own, desperate screams. Or maybe when Jin finally puts on the condom and brings the tip of his cock to Jimin’s hole, letting it sit there for a minute as he now watches the younger one squirm beneath him. “Please”, Jimin whimpers through spread fingers, “please fuck me.”

“So pretty, princess, so pretty when you’re desperate.” Without another word, Jin enters him, immediately making him scream out loud, the hand on his mouth being no use at all now.

“Fuck”, Jimin growls, now wrapping his legs around Jin’s body as the other slams into him in quick movements. Until now, Jin’s hands have been besides Jimin’s head for support, now he lifts one of them and brings it down to the younger’s nipple, pinching it roughly, making Jimin cry out yet again.

Jimin is feeling incredibly dizzy and lightheaded, but he feels so good at the same time. He’s once again close to another orgasm, hoping that this time he’ll finally be allowed to have it. He reaches in between them, hand wandering to his cock - but Jin swats it away. “You won’t need that, princess.”

And god, he’s right. Once Jin finds the perfect arrangement to hit Jimin’s prostate over and over again, he picks up pace, thrusts growing faster and stronger, and the younger one can barely even keep his eyes open let alone have a single clear thought. Just when he begins to think that he might actually pass out, his body tensions, legs wrapping around Jin even tighter, and then, finally he comes all over himself with loud screams and heavy trembling of his body.

He can only guess that Jin finished too, considering he’s still moaning and shaking when the other pulls out, small whines leaving the back of Jimin’s throat.

After the heat comes the cold. Jimin doesn’t even have the physical strength to talk nor form a sentence in his head, but when the orgasm wears off, he begins to feel as though he’s freezing. He feels Jin roam around the apartment, not exactly sure what he’s doing, but he wishes he could let him know how cold he is.

Jin comes back to him, though, with a washing cloth, and cleans him up and dries it off quickly with a towel, before throwing a blanket over Jimin. It’s the thick winter blanket him and Yoongi are already using in the bedroom, and god, it smells so much of his boyfriend.

The older one stays until Jimin is somewhat recovered, even makes him some toast and a cup of tea. When Jimin finally has the strength again to sit up and speak, he looks at Jin. “This isn’t going to affect anything, right?”

Jin’s body stiffens for a second, but relaxes quickly. “No. Though, I’d like our next tutoring to take place in one of the university rooms, we do need to get that paper done after all.”

Jimin nods, then points at the camera. “Can you leave me the memory card? I’m going to return it to you tomorrow. With the footage, of course.”

The other nods and finishes dressing back up, then chuckles. “Let’s talk about our next appointment tomorrow, yes? I’m kind of in a hurry right now.”

“I wonder why”, Jimin says with a smile.


Jimin did have a few hours to recover before Yoongi comes back home in the afternoon. He wisely used that time by taking a shower, doing some cleaning and cropping the video file down to the main part - without actually having an actual look at it, because he wants to see it all together with Yoongi.

When his boyfriend finally comes home, Jimin is lounging on the couch in a big, oversized shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

They greet each other with a kiss and Yoongi doesn’t hesitate for a second before dropping down on the couch next to Jimin. “So, what were you up to today?”

“Fucked my prof”, Jimin responds blandly.


“Missed you.” He smiles at Yoongi who’s raising an eyebrow at him, corners of his lips slightly pulled up. “Can I show you?”

“Wait, you were for real?” Yoongi’s eyes widen.

“The tutoring program demands video logs. He left me the memory card. I seriously wouldn’t have done this if there wasn’t something for you in this, too.” Jimin chuckles at the look of disbelief on his boyfriend’s face. “Okay come on, I’ll show you.”

He leans forward to open the file on the laptop that’s conveniently placed on the coffee table and then hurries to make himself comfortable behind Yoongi, not allowing him to be the big spoon because today Jimin decides it’s his turn. With his arms wrapped around the other, chin resting on Yoongi's shoulder, they both pay attention to the screen.

Jimin doesn’t remember this whole thing lasting for nearly two hours, but he has to admit that watching it is hot, and by the way Yoongi feels through the fabric of his jeans when Jimin decides to reach for his crotch, his boyfriend must agree, too. The younger one slowly unbuttons the jeans and opens the zipper, then lets his hand slide beneath the waistband of the other’s boxers to wrap his hands around Yoongi's cock.

Yoongi throws back his head and sighs with hooded eyes that are still locked on the screen.

They don’t get to watch the whole thing, once again too riled up by each other, Jimin’s cock stirring beneath the layer of fabric he’s wearing, and Yoongi moaning as his boyfriend works his erection so nicely, yet almost teasingly slow.

Jimin nuzzles his nose against Yoongi's shoulder. “Honey, I want to try something.”

The older’s breath hitches for a second before he responds. “Hm, what is it?”

Jimin takes a deep breath, tightening his grip around Yoongi’s cock and picking up the pace with his hand. “I want to fuck you.”

Chapter Text

Jimin has never topped before. Fair enough, it never really crossed his mind. He likes to be on the receiving end, likes to be the one that’s absolutely wrecked during and after the act. But since that night in the dance studio, where he saw Yoongi turn into such a mess, the thought of it didn’t leave his mind.

Now, with Yoongi actually squirming beneath him, wearing those cute cat ears he likes to see on Jimin so much, the younger feels like he’s about get a taste of what heaven feels like. Who knew those ears would suit Yoongi even better than him? Who knew how responsive he’d be to Jimin doing the bare minimum?

Jimin is still fully dressed, his erection showing through the thick fabric of his sweatpants due to the lack of underwear, as he grinds down on Yoongi who, much to his demise, is nearly entirely naked, if it weren’t for those boxers. Jimin chuckles as the elder throws his head to the side, lips shut to a thin line. “You’re so easy”, he says, the sound of Yoongi grunting as he digs his fingernails into Jimin’s thigh being music to his ears.

The younger leans down to press his lips to Yoongi’s exposed neck, the other gasping loudly as the pressure on his cock shifts. He digs his teeth into the flesh, firmly, yet enough to leave a mark when he pulls back. “Tell me,” Jimin says, then runs his tongue over the marks his teeth have left before continuing, “tell me you want me.”

“Please”, Yoongi sighs, merely audible, but Jimin hears it well enough, hears the desperation in the other’s words and needs to try his best not to collapse and drop this entire thing, asking Yoongi to take over again.

Jimin slides off his boyfriend, whose immediate response is to buck up his hips, trying to regain the friction he just lost - unsuccessfully. The younger licks his lips when he sees the obvious stain the precum has already left on Yoongi’s boxers. “I want to tie you up”, he explains slowly. “Please, can I?”

Yoongi’s breath hitches when he nods his head yes, lips yet again pressed to a thin line, eyes shimmering in a way Jimin’s never seen before. The younger proceeds to curl his fingers around the waistband of Yoongi’s boxers and pulls them down, quickly sliding them off with a little help from the other, who lifts his bottom during the process. Jimin whines as Yoongi’s cock springs free, thick and veiny against his stomach now, throbbing as the precum emits from the tip. He finds himself regretting this thing once more, thinks about how badly he wants to be filled, but shakes the thoughts off quickly. Tonight he’s going to give. Tonight he’s going to make Yoongi feel the way he’s so capable of making Jimin feel.

When the boxers finally hit the floor, Jimin gets up and reaches for the ball gag and leather cuffs he’d put on the edge of the bed earlier, then places himself back on the mattress - this time next to Yoongi’s head. The older’s eyes widen as he sees the ball gag, but there’s no resistance when Jimin leads it to his mouth, Yoongi willingly opening it and taking the red orb between his teeth, grunting once more when Jimin fixates it at the back of his head.

“So pretty”, Jimin mumbles, stroking some of Yoongi’s hair, then giving a flick to one of the cat ears. “All mine.” Yoongi looks up with wide eyes, a smile playing around their corners. The younger continues to reach for the leather cuffs, his boyfriend already holding his hands above his head, making it easier for Jimin to cuff him against the headboard of the bed.

Jimin feels very insecure for a second there, his inexperience clear when he’s just sitting there, looking at Yoongi in awe. The older still looks up at him with those crinkles around his eyes, taking a deep breath in, which strangely gives Jimin a lot of courage. Yoongi trusts him.

He nods then, more to himself than anyone else, and crawls down to the other end of the mattress, now reaching for the vibrating wand he’d also bought when he was shopping with Tae. Jimin places himself between Yoongi’s legs, kneeling down on the spot, then wraps his hand around the other’s cock without any warning, making Yoongi thrust into it as a surprised moan is muffled by the ball gag between his teeth.

Jimin works his hand up and down Yoongi’s cock in a teasingly slow pace, even for Jimin himself, giving it enough room to twitch in its place between the younger’s fingers. He wants to take it into his mouth so badly, but resists. It’s not part of his plan, after all. Yoongi squirms from the touch, hands pulling on the headboard of the bed as he hums around the orb, and Jimin nearly moans out loud when he sees the trails of saliva dripping from the corners of his boyfriend’s mouth.

Eventually, Jimin retreats the hand, making the other thrust his hips up into nothing, throwing his head to the side as he does. The younger turns on the wand, choosing the lowest setting first, and leads it to the sweet spot below Yoongi’s tip, gaining immediate response from the other who begins squirming already from the very low vibration, which leads Jimin to be very tempted to turn it to max right away.

But he doesn’t. He’s way too amazed by the way Yoongi is so reactive to everything, especially since he usually seems so collected and calm, radiating such a strong energy. But now, all of that seems to be gone. And the best part about it is that Yoongi seems to enjoy it so much, not having once tried to take over, letting it all happen, just letting Jimin do.

Yoongi thrusts up once more when Jimin turns up the vibration not by one, but two levels, moaning around the ball gag, the spit now running down his chin, and Jimin suddenly is way too aware of the fabric of his sweatpants pressing down around his hard, throbbing cock. He hisses when the other roughly pulls on the chains of the cuffs and whines in desperation when he realizes once more that he can’t put his hands to use.

With one hand still holding the wand - now slowly running it up and down Yoongi’s erection - Jimin leads the other down to his own crotch, firmly grabbing his own erection through the sweatpants and stroking it ever so slightly, the friction making him moan. “Y-you’re so beautiful, babe”, he stammers, “never thought I’d have you like this.”

Yoongi merely whines to that, and Jimin doesn’t have much time to remove the wand to stop him from coming, the sudden disappearance of stimulation making the other whine even louder, toes digging into the mattress, hands turning into fists where they are still tied to the headboard of the bed.

This goes on for longer, Jimin continuously turning up the power of the wand, removing it from Yoongi’s cock every other time right when he’s just about to climax, his muffled moans getting louder and louder. Jimin doesn’t know how many dry orgasms Yoongi went through by now, but the older merely is a shaking, screaming mess now, sweaty body sinking deeper and deeper into the mattress with every time Jimin doesn’t allow him to erupt.

Jimin himself is steadily going crazier with each sound that comes from Yoongi, not even daring to stroke his cock anymore, just keeping his hand placed around it, feeling it twitch as there’s more and more precum soaking into the fabric of the sweatpants. He would love to go on, turn Yoongi into even more of a mess, but he needs to put an end to it eventually, for his own sake.

This time, when he removes the wand yet once again, Yoongi screams around the orb, noticeably biting down on it. That’s when Jimin takes a closer look at his boyfriend's face, who continues to heavily breathe around the gag, and he notices that there’s something else than just the drool around Yoongi’s mouth and chin.

Yoongi is crying.

Jimin hastily moves up and puts his hand on Yoongi’s head between the ears, the other finding the clasp of the band to open the ball gag and eventually remove it. “You good?” Yoongi sucks in a sharp breath once the orb is gone, just to exhale it in the form of a long, dull moan. “Safeword?”

“N-nuh”, the other mumbles. “G-go on.” A sob escapes his throat and he throws his head to the side, away from Jimin. “Fuck, please. Please go on.” Jimin is in too much of a haze to figure whether Yoongi’s face is turning red from the heat or if it’s an actual, shy blush popping up on his skin.

“Okay”, he then says, softly. “But promise to safeword me when it gets too much.”

Yoongi only hums, Jimin accepts it. He slides back into the space between Yoongi’s legs, licking his lips as he notices the precum that’s collected on the older’s stomach, and this time he can’t resist. He leans down and dips his tongue into the liquid, collecting some of it, moaning when the taste spreads on his tongue. Jimin ends that short intermission by swallowing the precum he’s collected on his tongue and sitting up again, now finally deciding that the weight of the clothes on his body is too much.. He quickly takes off his shirt, then gets up to get rid of the sweatpants, swearing as his cock finally springs free.

He then scans the mattress for the lube, only to realize that it somehow fell to the floor without him realizing. Once he picked it up he’s quick to be back on the bed, guiding Yoongi’s legs even more apart before opening the bottle and spreading some lube on his fingers. “Gonna open you up now, babe.”

He smears some of the liquid around Yoongi’s rim and then slowly slides one finger in, gasping as the other clenches around it. Yoongi only relaxes slowly, needing time to get used to the feeling of being filled, as it doesn’t happen all that often. When Jimin slides in a second finger, now pushing deeper inside, he seems to brush the other’s prostate, as Yoongi lets a loud scream escape from his mouth, and fuck, it’s so much better when it’s not muffled by a gag in his mouth. Jimin’s cock twitches excitedly as he brushes the same spot with his fingers over and over again, Yoongi’s screams turning into loud whines as he keeps thrusting into thin air.

Jimin’s already working with his third finger when Yoongi tries to turn away in a desperate attempt to somehow remove himself from Jimin, hole clenching around the younger’s fingers, body violently shaking. “Fuck, I’m gonna- fuck, no!” Jimin leaves Yoongi begging, empty, the older trying to pull him in by wrapping his legs around his boyfriend’s body. “Jimin, darling, please.”

Jimin’s heart picks up on pace when he notices the desperation in Yoongi’s voice, that last word nearly turning into a whisper. “Please, what?”
It’s hard for him to keep a straight face, definitely way too hard to not instantly slide into Yoongi and give him what he wants, all of it and more.

“God, do I really need to say it?” Finally, Yoongi turns his head to look at him. Jimin sits there, smiling, a look on his face that Yoongi is able to read in an instant. “Please, darling. Please fuck me.”

And that’s enough to nearly drive the younger over the edge, all the heat in his lower stomach building up and the next thing he knows is that his lips are on Yoongi’s neck, sucking on the sweaty and sensitive skin. The other keeps pleading for Jimin to finally fuck him, and eventually he can’t not give in. Not only because Yoongi keeps begging him so sweetly, talking to him with an angel’s tongue. But also because Jimin himself is so desperate and can barely think from the occasional jolts of pain he’s feeling in his cock.

So, he slides back between Yoongi’s legs and lifts the older’s bottom to place his own legs beneath them. When Jimin’s tip finally pushes against the rim of his boyfriend’s hole, both of them gasp, seeming as they’re both ready to explode any minute now. Neither of them are able to hold back on their pleasure once Jimin slides in, whining as he feels Yoongi’s hole clench around him, his body filling with so much bliss that he’s having a hard time to even start moving. However when he finally does, it seems like all the neurons in his brain are exploding.

It’s all a bit overwhelming. The way Yoongi feels so tight around him, the way the older keeps moaning to a point he’s nearly ecstatically screaming, the headboard creaking dangerously as Yoongi keeps pulling on the chains held there by the leather cuffs. It feels so good, and yet Jimin wishes there was something inside him as well. He stops his movements, Yoongi cursing under his breath as it seems he was about to reach an orgasm yet again. Jimin whines, so desperate to keep moving, but also so desperate to be filled at the same time. He reaches for the bottle of lube, quickly smearing some onto his fingers, then reaches behind him and enters himself ever so slightly, all while not slipping out of Yoongi.

A few moments pass, Yoongi watching his boyfriend as he fingers himself open, still squirming beneath Jimin. He needs to slide out for a second to get the box from under the bed, then quickly takes out the remote controlled vibrator and doesn’t hesitate to slide it into himself before placing the remote into Yoongi’s hand that is still tied to the bed above his head. His boyfriend smiles. “Still my boy, after all.”

Jimin hasn’t even entered Yoongi again when the other already turns on the vibrator, and for a second the younger loses balance, nearly crashes onto his boyfriend’s body. “Fuck, fuck”, he whimpers, trying to get back into place. When he slides his cock back inside, he doesn’t waste another second, immediately thrusting in hard, Yoongi intuitively increasing the power of the vibrator, both of them moaning unison as Jimin frantically fucks into him.

Yoongi moans, then groans, followed by a scream that could probably shatter glass, all of it too much to take for Jimin, whos slowly losing balance from the double stimulation sending jolts towards his cock, resulting in deeper, rougher thrusting. “Fuck, please don’t stop this time.”

Jimin looks up at Yoongi who’s staring back, entirely fucked out already, not breaking eye contact as his body violently begins to shake and Jimin doesn’t even have a chance to lay a hand on his boyfriend’s cock before he comes untouched, yet still wraps his fingers around the length to stroke it all out. Seemingly so blissed out, Yoongi still manages to turn the vibrator power to max, Jimin trembling as he keeps pushing into his boyfriend with hard thrusts, coming inside him with loud moans, fingernails digging into the soft skin on Yoongi’s thighs. “Shit,” Jimin mumbles as he finds himself unable to stop moving until he’s done, the vibrator bringing him to a point of overstimulation that makes him whine.

Jimin only notices that there are still small moans escaping from Yoongi’s mouth when he manages to pull out of him and finally gets rid of that vibrator before he entirely loses his mind. He then drops onto the mattress right next to Yoongi, whose entire body is still shaking, and puts his hands to his chest, gently caressing the skin until his boyfriend stops moaning and shaking altogether. Jimin undoes the handcuffs, and despite being so fucked out and obviously exhausted, Yoongi’s initial first reaction is to turn to him and cup his cheeks, just to harshly bring their lips together. “I love you. I love you so much, god.”

“I love you, too.” Jimin chuckles, feeling equally as exhausted as Yoongi, probably. “You’re cute when you’re begging.”

Yoongi buries his head in the crook of Jimin’s neck, cat ears rubbing against his jawline. “Stop.”

The younger laughs. “What- oh my god, are you blushing?” He shakes his head. “Don’t pretend you didn’t like it.”

“God, I’d be a terrible liar.” Yoongi falls silent for a second there, his thumb now drawing circles on Jimin’s back. “Where’d you even get all that stuff?”

“When I was shopping with Tae”, Jimin explains in a half-yawn. “Wasn’t sure if we were going to use it all, but seems like it was worth it.”

Yoongi doesn’t ask any further. “We should get cleaned up.”

Jimin hums in agreement, yet none of them move. They remain there for a little longer maybe falling asleep and waking up a few hours later to the dreadful realization that now they’re sticky and disgusting and definitely need to change the sheets before going back to sleep.


The next day at uni, Jimin nearly regrets it all. Maybe yesterday was a bit too much, seeing as he didn’t only have mind blowing sex with his boyfriend, but also his professor earlier that day.

Nearly, though, because nothing can really replace what he had with Yoongi.

He fears that things are going to be weird between him and Seokjin, but when he approaches him to hand him the memory card, as promised, the professor is as kind as always, keeping the volume of his voice low as he asks Jimin whether his boyfriend liked the gift. Jimin just winks, as another student lines up behind him now.

When he turns around and scans the room for an empty seat. he’s surprised to find Jungkook waving at him, then, as he finally catches Jimin’s attention, pointing to the seat next to him. Jimin wonders what’s gotten into the other, but figures that he’s glad Jungkook seems to have somehow made up his mind.

When he drops into the seat, Jungkook nearly beams at him. “First of all, I want to apologize. I’m pretty sure Taehyung’s told you about everything that happened.” When Jimin just nods, slightly flabbergasted, the other continues. “Alright, so, you probably know that the boy is leaving for the weekend. And I don’t want to be home alone so I was wondering if maybe I can come over on Saturday?”

Jimin furrows his brows, still confused about the sudden change of mind. Eventually, though, he smiles. “Sure, Yoongi’s going to be home too. We can just watch a movie or something.”

Jungkook nearly jumps in his seat and for a second it seems like he’s trying to clap. “Amazing! I can bring some snacks. Hey, your boyfriend is a barista, right? Can he make me some coffee?”

“You’ll be lucky if he makes you a cup of disgustingly bitter instant coffee.” Jimin shrugs. “But I’ll make sure we got sugar and milk to pep it up.”


“How was uni?”

Jimin can’t help but notice the amazing smell coming from the kitchen first thing when he comes home. He’s suddenly incredibly glad that Hoseok canceled practice for tonight, for reasons still unknown.

“Jungkook is coming over on Saturday.” He drops his bag onto the floor and greets Yoongi with a small peck on the cheek.

“Say what” the other responds, nearly dropping the pot of noodles he’s carrying over to the sink.

Jimin shrugs. “Honestly, I’m just as surprised. But he apologized and said Tae’s out of town so he’d like to come over.” He looks down to check the vibrating phone in his hand. “Speaking of the devil.”

Yoongi leans over to have a look at the messages as well.


Tae [18:23]: Heard you invited Jungkook over

Tae [18:24]: Not that you need my permission or anything, but if you want to, you could…. you know

Tae [18:24]: Ding Dong :)


“Interesting”, Yoongi says.

Very interesting”, Jimin agrees, mischievously smiling at his boyfriend.

Chapter Text

The rest of the week passes quickly.

On Wednesday, Jimin has another tutoring lesson with Jin, this time in the uni’s facilities. He doesn’t miss the way his professor stares at him, licking his lips at Jimin’s every move. But he likes it, nearly bathes in the feeling of being wanted. Yet, nothing happens, and he actually manages to gather some much needed information for his damn paper.

On Thursday, he stays at home, deciding to ditch uni altogether with Yoongi ditching work because they’re in need of some alone time. They spend most of their day on the couch, cuddling. Yoongi suggests they go out for dinner the next day and Jimin’s heart flutters in his chest. They rarely have the money for that, last time they actually went out was Yoongi’s birthday, and they had to cut down to eating instant noodles the majority of March afterwards.

So, when it's finally time to meet up in front of their favorite sushi place friday night - Jimin having put his best efforts into looking absolutely fantastic - he feels all giddy when he figures Yoongi actually managed to finish work on time, now approaching him in a quick pace. Jimin’s boyfriend seems to be in a strange mood and he curses himself for only now noticing how little Yoongi has smiled or genuinely laughed in those past weeks. But right now, the weight of the world seems to have lifted from the older’s shoulders, and Jimin is about to find out why.

Without any warning, Yoongi just spits it out. “I quit my job today.”

Jimin’s eyes widen and he can’t stop himself from dropping his chopsticks onto his plate, where they land with a loud rattle. He collects them quickly before staring at his boyfriend. “You what.”

“I didn’t tell you anything because I didn’t want to put your hopes up, but the past two weeks have been somewhat of a hassle.” Yoongi sighs, then proceeds to tell Jimin about an offer he got from one of the entertainment companies a few weeks back. “I ignored them at first, thinking it was a scam. But one of their agents actually came to see me at work. They loved the samples I put online and needed me to send in some more.”

“When did you even have the time to produce more samples? You’re at work all day, and if you’re not at work, you’re working me.” Jimin is still in disbelief, hoping Yoongi knows that he’s not upset, if anything he feels relieved to hear his boyfriend finally quit that hellish job.

“You need sleep, sometimes.” Yoongi chuckles. “Not gonna lie, I nearly passed out from sleep deprivation the other day. It was a good thing you asked me to ditch work. Anyways, I’m starting in January. I know that’s still a little more than two months from now, but I thought that with Hoseok paying you well and the extra shifts giving me some spare cash, we can work our way around it.”

Jimin’s fist clenches around the chopsticks. He hates the feeling growing in his chest, especially since they’re still in public, but the next moment he’s crying. “Darling, shit. I'm so happy for you.” He reaches his free hand out for Yoongi’s.

Suddenly, the sushi tastes much better, the world feels a little better to Jimin, just by knowing his boyfriend won’t have to torture himself through a job he hates anymore and is now actually able to put his degree to use. And Yoongi obviously is relieved as well. He’s not the talkative kind, but now he just keeps blabbering on and on about how he’s finally going to do what he loves most - music. “I mean, I’m already doing you. So that’s a jackpot.”

Jimin laughs out loud, gaining a weird look from the waitress that passes them that very moment. “Speaking of which. It’s my birthday next week.”

“Oh shit, already?” When Jimin shoots him a glare, Yoongi chuckles. “Just kidding, how could I forget? Got any plans?”

“I want to- I want to do something wild. I want to try it, please don’t think I’m crazy.” When his boyfriend just raises his eyebrows at that, Jimin continues. “I want to invite them over. All of them. Tae, Namjoon, Hoseok and Jin.”

Yoongi seems to understand quickly. “What about Jungkook?”

Jimin purses his lips, thinking for a second. “Depending on how tomorrow will go, I’ll invite him, too.”

Yoongi nods. “Alright, let's do that, then.”


Jungkook is oblivious.

Too damn oblivious.

He seems to be completely unaware of the two boys that have been flirting with him for three hours now. Jimin is growing more and more frustrated, which on the other hand just seems to amuse Yoongi, who wasn’t expecting too much of the day to begin with.

The two of them are currently in the kitchen getting drinks as Jungkook is in the living room, his feet kicked up onto the coffee table, focussing on his phone screen.

“He can’t be this blind, can he?” Jimin wraps his hands around the edge of the kitchen counter.

Yoongi shrugs and closes the fridge. “Maybe we should just be, uh, a bit more straightforward? I’m a little worried he’ll think we’re trying to do something he’s not okay with.”

Jimin sighs. “You think he might?”

Their talk is interrupted as the subject of their conversation is walking into the kitchen, one hand still clasped around his phone. “Starving.”

So, they have food.

And then they decide to watch a movie, Jimin’s head resting on Jungkook’s thigh as his feet are in Yoongi’s lap. He’s trying not to get too grumpy, whereas Yoongi’s seemingly very amused by his boyfriend’s frustration.

Jimin soon accepts the fact that nothing will happen today and actually allows himself to relax a little, the sleepiness finally catching up on him now. He freezes, though, when fingers find their way into his hair. He knows damn well it isn’t Yoongi, as his hands are still lazily massaging Jimin’s feet.

He doesn’t open his eyes just yet, allows himself to enjoy the feeling of Jungkook curling some strands of hair around his fingers, then release them and stroke through the hair with his fingertips. Jimin finally opens his eyes when Jungkook’s hand moves from his hair down to his neckline, leaving small traces on the skin. He notices that the boy is looking at Yoongi, and as Jimin’s eyes dart to his boyfriend’s face, he figures that they’re very much smiling at each other. Yoongi nods, not breaking eye contact, and Jimin brings himself to close his eyes again before either of them can look at him, hoping that this is the right way to figure out what the hell is going on.

Maybe he’s putting too much of his head into the situation? Maybe Jungkook just wanted to know if Yoongi is okay with what he’s doing?

Jimin feels like he might be wrong with that last thought when Jungkook stops being oh-so-gentle and puts his hand around Jimin’s neck at the same moment as Yoongi shifts under his feet. The pressure to his throat makes his heart race, not because he’s scared, no, but because suddenly his excitement is coming back, even more so when Yoongi pushes his legs apart and places himself between them.

He wants to open his eyes again, but desperately tries to keep them closed. Jimin feels Yoongi shift some more, until the other’s breath is right there against his face. “You’ve been patient, baby”, he says, before putting his lips on Jimin’s.

Now, fair enough, Jungkook’s hand around his neck and Yoongi’s lips on his are making it very hard for Jimin to grasp a rational thought, but he’s pretty sure he’s slowly figuring out what’s going on. He inhales sharply and finally opens his eyes when Yoongi eventually retreats - with a smirk on his face that makes Jimin want to punch him.

“You played me”, he whispers, eyes widening as the other’s smirk turns into a smile.

Yoongi shrugs. “I wasn’t exactly sure if Jungkook would be in on the fun if he doesn’t know what’s going on.”

“You played me”, Jimin repeats, a smile creeping around the corners of his mouth. He looks up at Jungkook who’s chuckling now, his thumb drawing small circles on the skin of Jimin’s neck.

“Yoongi likes teasing you, I figured.”

To that, he responds nothing. Mostly because he doesn’t get the chance to since now Yoongi’s hands are fumbling with the button of his jeans and he soon finds himself lifting his bottom so they can be taken off altogether with the boxers, his already hard cock finally springing free.

“Jesus,” Jungkook says, looking at Yoongi, “you were right, he is easy.”

“I’m what?” Jimin looks down at his boyfriend but doesn’t have more room for complaint as the eldest is now wrapping his lips around the tip of his cock, gently suckling on it until Jimin can’t help but let out a whispered moan. If his head wasn’t so nicely held up by Jungkook’s thigh and hand, he would probably struggle a lot with keeping it up on himself.

Yoongi doesn’t move past the tip which is nearly driving Jimin insane. He tries to thrust up into his mouth, but the older’s grip on his thighs, pushing them down onto the sofa with much pressure, is holding him back from doing just that.

Jungkook removes his hand from Jimin’s neck only to lead his thumb to his slightly parted lips. Jimin doesn’t hesitate a second to take it into his mouth, closing his lips around the thumb and moaning around it as he begins to suck, making Jungkook gasp and shift a little in his place.

It feels good having something in his mouth, although it’s not quite as filling as Jimin wants it to be. He grabs Jungkook’s wrist to pull the thumb from his mouth, then quickly replaces it with the other’s index and middle finger. The boy hisses under his breath as Jimin continues to suck on those and gently bites down on them with a loud moan as Yoongi finally moves his head down his shaft to swallow Jimin’s cock whole.

Yoongi now allows Jimin to thrust up into his mouth. He tries his best to not be too harsh, but soon finds himself in an ecstasy that makes him lose control. There’s spit running down his chin and his lower body seems to be burning, Jimin knows that if they don’t stop now, he’s going to come very soon. He tries to communicate, but fails, mainly because no one can understand him with those fingers in his mouth. Yoongi pulls back regardless with a loud pop of his lips before looking at Jungkook. “You could get anything sucked right now, and you’re choosing your fingers?

Jungkook seems to take a second to process what Yoongi just said, but then his eyes widen and he’s quick to remove his fingers from Jimin’s mouth, saying no less than a quiet “fuck”.

It takes a few seconds for them to rearrange their positions until Jimin finally has his head laying on the armrest of the sofa, having it hang down a little, perfectly adjusting to the way Jungkook is lined up there now, his hard cock finally getting the release it needs as the boy takes off his pants and boxers.

Yoongi seems to be eager to continue as he already has his lips back around Jimin’s erection before Jungkook is fully ready. It comes without forewarning, for Jimin was too busy gaping at the big cock that was just revealed in front of him, so the younger one harshly thrusts up into Yoongi’s mouth, much to his surprise, making him gag and move back to regain himself again. He once again does not get the chance to speak as Jungkook’s tip is now against his lips. Jimin willingly parts them and laps at it a few times before allowing Jungkook to move closer so he can wrap his lips around the length.

Jungkook moans immediately, his and Jimin’s sounds quickly fill the room, until Jimin can’t moan much anymore because the younger’s cock is there now, fucking his throat and only giving him little room to breathe every now and then. He realizes that both his hands are in Yoongi’s hair now, strongly tugging on it, but the other doesn’t seem to complain, too busy bopping his head around Jimin’s now spit-covered cock and occasionally lapping at every drop of precum that escapes the tip.

Jimin swallows hard around Jungkook’s length and quickly closes his lips when the other pulls out for a second to indicate that he really needs a breather, one that turns into a loud moan as Yoongi, without a warning, slides a finger inside him. “How did you even-“

But he can’t continue talking and pushes his head further into the armrest, feeling the wood beneath the cushion against his skull. His unspoken question is answered when Yoongi pulls out his finger to gather some of the spit that has collected at the base of Jimin’s cock, then leads it back, inserting two fingers this time. The younger whines out loudly, hips bucking up again when his prostate is brushed, but this time Yoongi is prepared and doesn’t flinch at the sudden thrust.

Jimin opens his mouth again for Jungkook, who is quick to place his cock between his lips again, yet is more careful now and doesn’t go all too deep, which Jimin is really thankful for as he really needs the air to breathe.

With Yoongi’s fingers working inside him now, brushing that sweet spot over and over again, he is closer to his very high with each second that passes, tearing up a little at the overwhelming feeling as he keeps thrusting up into his boyfriend’s mouth as he simultaneously moans around the twitching length in his own. With being so engulfed by listening to Jungkook’s moans Jimin nearly misses the moment the heat in his lower stomach rises, but not quite entirely.

Yoongi’s fingers and head pick up on speed, Jimin’s grip in his hair tightens as his toes curl into the fabric of the sofa and he comes into his boyfriend’s mouth, who is surprisingly very willing to swallow all of it and takes each of Jimin’s thrusts until the orgasm wears out, not letting a single drop slip from his lips. He teases Jimin’s prostate some more, making the younger one tremble and moan uncontrollably around the cock still between his lips, making Jungkook moan out a few curses.

When Yoongi finally retreats, he gently smacks the skin on Jimin’s butt, and that’s when Jungkook pulls back as well and Jimin realizes that neither of the other two have come - or in Yoongi’s case, been touched - yet.

There’s no time to be tired. Not now.

“Let’s move to the bedroom, shall we?” He gets up on shaking legs and leads the way. “Get on the bed, god, and take off that damn shirt”, he says to Jungkook once he sets foot into the room and the boy surprisingly obeys immediately.

Yoongi just stands there, watching Jimin get rid of the piece of fabric that still covers his upper body, before he finally curls his fingers around the waist and of Yoongi’s jeans to pull him closer, luring an undefinable sound of the older’s throat. Yoongi’s hands quickly find their way to Jimin’s neck and he uses them to pull his face in for a kiss. “This was a bad idea”, the older mumbles against his boyfriend’s lips.

Jimin, who has been fumbling on the button of the other’s jeans, finally unbuttons it and chuckles, his hand quickly sliding past the waistband of Yoongi’s boxers to find his fully erect cock there, twitching as an immediate response to the touch when Jimin wraps his fingers around it. “I wonder what makes you think so”, he says.

This is nice, Jimin thinks. The way Yoongi’s throwing back his head with his eyes closed and lips slightly parted, the way he’s holding onto Jimin’s shoulders now as the younger strokes his cock in slow movements, as well as leaving small kisses on the sweaty skin on Yoongi’s neck.

Jungkook on the bed clears his throat to get their attention, a frustrated sigh leaves Yoongi’s mouth and Jimin is damn close to cuss the kid out, but that’s when he remembers that he quite literally asked for this. He helps the older get rid of his pants before sliding onto the bed, waiting for Yoongi to find the box with the toys and hand him the - by now well used - leather cuffs.

“Oh”, Jungkook exclaims once Jimin tied his hands to the headboard. “I can’t use my hands.”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow at him. “That’s, uh, kinda the whole point of those.” He shares a look with Jimin and holds up the vibrating wand. Jimin wasn’t aware of how much Yoongi seems to like that thing by now, but he’s not complaining.

Jimin stays kneeling on the mattress next to Jungkook’s upper body whereas Yoongi moves down between his legs. Just when the older turns on the wand, Jimin leans down to lock his lips with Jungkook, growling a little when Jungkook moans into the kiss seconds later as Yoongi leads the wand to the tip of his cock.


As tough as he seemed earlier when he mercilessly fucked Jimin’s throat, they are soon to figure that Jungkook is sensitive.

Very sensitive.

It takes mere seconds of that vibrator on his cock to already be a squirming mess, loudly moaning into Jimin’s mouth as he harshly pulls on the leather cuffs. For a second, Jimin is actually scared the headboard might break. That moment is when Jungkook seems to be so close to release and Yoongi turns off the wand. Jungkook whines loudly and bucks his hips up to meet nothing but air, groaning when he realizes there actually really is nothing.

Yoongi chuckles. He waits a few minutes, in which he gently massages Jungkook’s inner thighs, before repeating the entire thing, all the while Jimin’s body is now pressed to Jungkook’s, still engulfed in the kiss. Jimin’s cock is hard again and now pressed against Jungkook’s side, already leaking pre-cum, and he can’t help but wonder how Yoongi must be feeling right now, given the fact that all he seems to do tonight is give.

Jimin flinches as Jungkook bites down on his bottom lip when Yoongi refuses him yet another orgasm. The youngest tries to suppress a moan, which only results in him groaning loudly, which then turns into a scream when Yoongi puts the wand back on that sweet spot on his tip for a mere second before removing it again. Jungkook kicks with his legs, like a child that’s just gotten its favorite toy taken away, and whines once more.

“Let’s switch,” Yoongi says, looking way too distressed for Jimin’s liking. “I need to open you up, baby.”


Jimin decides that he doesn’t want to proceed using the wand and now perfectly places himself on the mattress to once again suck Jungkook’s cock as his boyfriend opens him up. Yoongi lines up behind him and is quick to enter him with the first lube-covered finger. Jimin moans around the length in his mouth, the stimulation soon making Jungkook’s body tremble, the youngest now not holding back on his loud moans anymore.

Yoongi is nearly frantically inserting a third finger now, and Jimin can’t blame him. By now he just wants to make sure his boyfriend feels good and gets to have the release he deserves. He sighs frustratedly as the older purposely tries to avoid his prostate. Jimin feels sorry that, by the time Yoongi is done opening him up, Jungkook is encountering another close orgasm that Jimin can’t grant him, making the boy scream out.

Yoongi lays down flat on his back next to Jungkook and Jimin quickly shuffles over and places himself on top of him, not hesitating a second before lowering himself on Yoongi, who immediately throws back his head and sighs as the younger starts moving slowly at first, but picks up on pace incredibly fast. Yoongi’s hands are getting ahold on Jimin’s thighs and for a second both of them forget that Jungkook is even there, gaping at them with wide eyes, his own aching cock laying flat against his stomach.

“I know you’re having a moment but- fuck.”

Jimin, his hands resting on Yoongi’s chest, looks down at the boy, then at Yoongi. “What do you want to do?”

Jimin hesitates before speaking, biting down on his lower lip. “Want you both.”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “As in-“



Jimin and Yoongi have done double penetration before, but it always only included a toy. He isn’t sure whether Yoongi would like doing it with another person.

A few minutes later, though, he finds himself on his knees, butt in the air once again. Yoongi insists on opening him up a little further, and Jimin knows it’s wise to do so.

When he’s finally done, Yoongi undoes the cuffs to finally free Jungkook from his misery, then orders the boy to sit opposite of him and hands him a condom once he does so. Their legs now placed next to each other’s bodies, they’re so close it only leaves little space for Jimin to get between them, but that’s where he’s lucky to be small and doesn’t need much space anyways.

He slides between them, facing Yoongi, who now gets ahold of his hips to guide him down. He gasps excitedly when he feels the two tips against his rim. He slowly gets down on them, inhaling sharply when they slide in. In that moment he secretly thanks Yoongi for opening him up a little more, for the pain is quite bad despite the preparation.

It takes a few long seconds for Jimin to adjust to the two cocks inside of him once he’s properly sitting on them. When Yoongi loosens the grip on his hips a little, Jimin begins to move ever so slightly, but consistently so, to get used to the feeling some more.

When it finally stops stinging, Jimin picks up on pace which comes to a surprise to both Yoongi and Jungkook, who start moaning in unison, which only riles him up more. He throws his arms around Yoongi’s neck, their lips soon intertwined, whereas Jungkook’s hands are busy exploring Jimin’s upper body, making him moan by roughly pinching one of his nipples.

Jimin honestly can’t tell left from right anymore, his brain being in a kind of haze he hasn’t ever experienced before. There’s the feeling of Jungkook’s teeth digging into the skin on his shoulder, Yoongi’s moans now in his ear, and the two cocks inside of him, all these things steadily bringing him to another orgasm.

Jungkook starts cursing under his breath and removes his hands from Jimin’s body to use them as support on the mattress as he thrusts into him - that is, as best as possible with the weight of Jimin on top of him. His moans pick up on volume and when he finally comes, Jimin does need to give him kudos for holding out so long despite being denied several orgasms.

Jungkook starts trembling, continuously moaning as Jimin keeps riding himself and Yoongi to their high, quite literally.

Jimin laps at the skin on Yoongi’s neck, tasting the saltiness of the sweat there, subconsciously picking up on pace as Jungkook groans through gritted teeth behind him. Despite the obvious overstimulation, Jungkook leads one hand back around Jimin’s torso and down to his throbbing cock. The extra stimulation is what gives Jimin the rest. He buries his face in the crook of Yoongi’s neck, continuously riding himself into ecstasy. He can’t help but notice that the older’s moans are getting louder, and before he can grasp what that means, they both come at the same time. Yoongi inside of Jimin, and Jimin all over Jungkook’s hand and his and his boyfriend’s torsos. He rides it out for the two of them, their moans filling the room once more before they’re finally dying down.

Jimin places a kiss on Yoongi’s lips before finally getting off the two cocks, legs still trembling, and falling down onto the mattress. Now that the orgasm is wearing off, the sleepiness kicks in, but he decides to fight it. Jungkook drops down next to him as Yoongi leaves the room - probably to get something to clean them up.

The boy is still heavily breathing, and Jimin can’t blame him. “I really thought you were cheating on him.”

Jimin laughs. “I could never.”

“When Tae told me how he met the two of you, I felt bad. I owe you an apology.”

Yoongi comes back with a few wet washing cloths and towels. Jimin thinks that a shower probably would be better now, but he says nothing.

“We’re good, we really are.”


As planned, Jungkook stays the night. So they all get dressed into some more comfortable clothes and drop on the couch once again to return to their movie.

They prepared some of the cup ramen Jungkook brought earlier today and are eating in silence, their eyes focusing on the television screen.

“Hey”, Jungkook says, putting his empty cup on the table. “Is there any chance you’d like to do any of that with Tae and me?”

Jimin is caught off guard by how casually Jungkook is asking that question, but also glad that he doesn’t turn this into something that’s never supposed to be talked about. He looks at Yoongi, who seems to understand and nods, then turns to Jungkook.

“Actually, I’m planning on inviting a few people over for my birthday.”