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Twist Me Up ‘Til We Blur The Lines

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It’s so easy, Jimin thinks. So easy to get exactly what he wants from Yoongi. With his teeth firmly digging into the flesh of the older’s shoulder, having his boyfriend whine in desperation because Jimin just won’t let him slide in.

He closes his lips and chuckles against the reddened skin and the marks his teeth have left on it, eventually kissing it and pulling back from the other entirely, sliding back onto the couch, breathing heavily as he lets his back rest on the soft fabric of the blanket they’d covered it with to not make a mess.

“You’re driving me insane”, Yoongi says, crawling over to Jimin on small space, spreading the younger’s legs to kneel in between them.

“Can I touch myself now?”, Jimin whimpers, trying his best to not make his desperation too obvious. God, how he just wants to feel Yoongi inside of him right now, how he wants to fall apart beneath him. But not yet, he tells himself. He’d spent all day teasing his boyfriend, he could as well hold out a little longer. Because Jimin knows, the longer he’ll let Yoongi wait, the rougher he’ll be. And that’s really what it’s all about.

Yoongi thinks he’s in charge.

And Jimin lets him think he’s in charge. He’s keeping the illusion alive while still getting exactly what he wants.

“I don’t know,” Yoongi replies. He’s nearly growling now and Jimin needs to hold back on the curses that want to slip from his mouth. “Are you finally letting me fuck you?”

Jimin purses his lips, looking at the ceiling as though to indicate that he was thinking. “I don’t know.” He eventually looks back at his boyfriend, sliding down on his spot.

Now that’s the perfect position for him to just wrap his legs around Yoongi. And also the perfect position for their cocks to be pressed against each other. Jimin bites down on his bottom lips and dares to glance down between his legs. Yoongi’s cock is throbbing, rock hard against his own length, both their tips glistening with precum. The whispered curses crossing the older’s lips are giving away exactly how sensitive he is right now.

Jimin looks at Yoongi’s face, he’s looking back at him with hooded eyes, sweat dripping down his forehead, and that’s when the boy knows he can’t possible go much longer.

He barely notices Yoongi’s hands sliding between their legs, embracing both their cocks, but holding entirely still. Yet Jimin can’t stop his hips from bucking up. Now, his boyfriend smirks. “Fucking knew it.”

Jimin’s legs are trembling now solely from the pressure of his boyfriend’s hand and cock against his length, soft whimpers slipping from his mouth.

Yoongi removes his hand simply to gather the precum on his fingers, then proceeds to slide down between Jimin’s buttocks, letting one finger slide into him. There’s no point to this, Jimin thinks, as he’s already fingered himself open mere seconds ago, and Yoongi knows that.

But the smirk on the older’s face is giving away that he knows exactly what he’s doing.

Well, maybe Yoongi is in charge. Sometimes. A little bit.

Jimin can’t help but try and meet his fingers, as Yoongi clearly purposely avoids to brush against his prostate.

“You’re a fucking tease”, he whines out.

Yoongi chuckles. “Says you.”

“P-please.” Jimin pinches his own nipple, whining once more when Yoongi pulls out his finger and he feels so empty. Too empty.

When his boyfriend moves and leans over him, Jimin knows very well how desperate he must look right now, because Yoongi’s pupils grow to the size of the moon within a second. “Fuck”, he groans, then presses his lips down on Jimin’s, where they’re quickly caught by the younger’s teeth.

“Please,” Jimin pleads once more after letting go of Yoongi’s lip, “please, fuck me.”

“Thought you’d never ask.” Yoongi uses his hands to lift Jimin’s legs just so over his shoulder.

When Jimin finally feels the other’s tip against his entrance, resting there for a second or two, their eyes meet again. Yoongi loves looking at him when he’s pushing inside, Jimin can only guess why. He throws his head back, hands desperately trying to find something to hold on to, and they quickly find Yoongi’s arm as the older one reaches out to gently wrap his hand around Jimin’s neck.

Yes, Yoongi is indeed very rough now, and from the way they’ve both been too desperate, too sensitive, they’re very aware that none of them will be able to last long.

But Jimin doesn’t mind. The room is quickly filled with the sounds of their moans, the warmth that’s spreading through their bodies escaping into the air that’s already so full of the smell of their desire.

“You can touch yourself now”, Yoongi says, clearly short on air, moving fast, hitting Jimin’s prostate over and over again, the younger one falling apart, trembling too much to make a single move now.

Luckily, Yoongi notices Jimin’s lack of movement and retreats his hand from the boy’s neck - when Jimin nearly whines out because he wants it back, right there where it was mere seconds ago - and wraps it around his cock, moving it to his own rhythm, and Jimin can’t help but scream with pleasure, no longer able to ignore the rising heat in his lower stomach. He comes, all over his stomach and Yoongi’s hand, body trembling as his boyfriend won’t stop his movements.

Jimin holds his arm in front of his face, mainly to muffle the loud moans still escaping his mouth, but also to bite down on his own skin, as Yoongi is bringing him way beyond a point of pleasure and then finally, finally comes inside of him with loud groans.

“Fuck, Yoongi”, Jimin cries out as the other’s movements are getting slower, hand still wrapped around Jimin’s now slightly aching cock. When he’s done, he doesn’t quite pull out yet. Yoongi leans in as far as he can, tracing Jimin’s collar bone with small kisses.

Jimin’s fingers find their way into Yoongi’s hair, softly playing with some single strands and removing the ones that are stuck on his sweating forehead.

It’s only a few moments later when they’re still on the couch, not yet having the motivation to clean up the mess they’ve made. Jimin is lying on his stomach, head resting on crossed arms, Yoongi’s head is resting in the crook between the younger’s butt and back, fingers slowly tracing down his spine.

“You know,” Jimin mumbles, “I’m not really sure if I want Namjoon to come and visit us.”

“What, why?”

Jimin smiles at the sound of confusion in his boyfriend’s voice. “We can’t do any of this when he’s here.”

There’s a moment of silence before Yoongi finally replies, and when he does, Jimin nearly chokes on air, although he’s quite sure his boyfriend is joking. “Yeah, or we can just invite him.”