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The air in their room was unusually thick. It was so heavy, so hot, Alisaie could feel it draped around her shoulders like a winter coat. And just like one, it felt comforting, almost natural. Of course she was embarrassed. This was the first time she laid everything bare for another pair of eyes to see. Her eyes averted, she sat on the large bed of the inn room she had walked to, hand-in-hand with her beloved Warrior of Light. Or, should she say Warrior of Darkness?
A soft smile curled her lips at the vieran woman claiming yet another grandiose title. She really was no match for her, was she now? But, when she looked at the mismatched eyes of sky blue and ruby red, she felt as if the two of them were equals. Never had she treated her as anything less, even before she had left her with the high promise of ‘when I return, I will not disappoint you’. What a cheesy line it was, looking back. But it had been nothing but her truest feelings. Of course she wasn’t one to conceal how she felt, with her, however, she felt like there wasn’t even a need to. Joy, anger, sorrow. The two of them had felt it all, by each other’s side. And, lastly, the seed planted so long ago had blossomed. At first she had thought it was certainly just admiration she felt. Who wouldn’t, when a real hero stood before them? So when the time came and she first thought about how beautiful her lips look, when she first wondered how it would feel to hold her hands, not as a friend but as a partner, she panicked. She learned that love was strong, pure and raw, but also… scary. Her head had been filled with worry. With fear. After all she had believed that her brother and the viera were going to one day outgrow their friendship. Or perhaps that there was another that would swoop her off her feet. Not an unrooted fear, as competitors were plentiful. People that she saved, people that she met on her travels. Even among the scions there were undoubtedly those that had at least considered making their moves on her. And where was her place in all of this?
Even now it seemed surreal. She could scarcely believe that this was not yet another dream, instead the rava was right here with her in this candlelit room. Wearing nothing but a lacey one-piece at that. The way the black lace hugged her curves tightly, it was a sight to behold. Without a doubt, she would never forget this sight, ever. The way it made her heart beat faster by the second, filled her with excitement, made her breath ever so slightly heavier… and how it made her nervous. This was her first time, and reading material on this particular subject was scarce at best. She didn’t know what to do, almost feeling a little helpless as she sat there, her most beloved approaching. ‘Please don’t let me underperform’, was the thought that bore its way into her subconscious over and over.
“Relax, Alisaie.” The deep voice of hers rang out, low, and in a tone that made her skin tingle. “Don’t worry, my love. There is no need.”
Of course she saw right through her, when has that ever not been the case. Even if she was the worst at hiding her feelings, it was very much appreciated. Perhaps that was one of the reasons talking to the viera came so naturally to her.
When her head tilted upwards to take in the sight that was now clearly revealed by the candle light of the bed stand, blue eyes widened.
“Beautiful.” She whispered, smitten with the sight of her girlfriend. She hadn’t intended for it to come out as weak as it did, but it seemed her breath had been taken away. In return, she got gifted a smile that made her heart once more jump into action, even more so as she perceived her following words.
“Oh? I’m happy you enjoy my pick, but…” Her eyes broke loose from Alisaie’s gaze, wandering down the elf’s body. “... I desire to see a bit more of you, my love, if it is alright with you.”
How was she going to say no to that? A line delivered so smoothly and yet so teasingly. How would anyone say no to that?
No sooner had she nodded, that she felt her body being gently pushed down onto the mattress.
Her eyes searched for her partner’s, and she found them, looking at her with what can only be described as pure love. It was almost overwhelming, this moment. How long had she dreamed about this? Dismissing it as nothing but an unreachable fantasy. But this… It was real. The heat she felt where her hand touched her shoulder, their breath drawing heavy with anticipation. This was not a dream.
“I love you, Alisaie.” The older woman confessed, leaning down far enough for their noses to touch, gently rubbing against one another. She followed her tall-grown lover’s lead, eyes fluttering closed as they simply rested in that position, her breath warm against her lips as she whispered a silent “I love you too, Lithia.”.
So much had happened, in their world, this world and between the two of them. Memories, experiences that had forged their bond into what it was now. There was no doubt that this? This would last forever. A love so true and pure had blossomed from the seeds they sowed that day, and neither of them would have it any other way. Forever. It seemed like such a long time, but with the bunny-eared heroine by her side she knew no fear of time, of the future.
As their eyes opened once more a mutual smile was shared, and for a moment they simply gazed into the other’s eyes. Then, the woman on top moved in, capturing the young elf’s lips with her own. She couldn’t wait any longer, as she was overwhelmed by the feelings of love she had thought lost. Alisaie was all too happy to return her affection, gently pushing her own lips against the viera’s. They were soft, inviting. And most importantly, their union felt natural. It was as though she could keep kissing her forever, and perhaps there was a strong part of her that wished she could do just that. But, the longer it went on, the longer she could feel something else stirring inside of her. A feeling that wasn’t new to her, and yet oh so different. More intense. A passion building up. It was by said passion that her skin burned wherever her love touched, her anthracite hands wandering down her side, only to capture her motionless hand. As she brought it up next to her head, their fingers intertwined, pale and dark.
For a second their kiss broke, her beloved uttering her name softly. Had she noticed? Noticed how her breathing had grown ever heavier, how her body had started pushing up against hers where there hips and stomachs touched? Surely there was no way she had not. And so she opened her eyes, half-lidded gaze meeting her lover’s.
Desire. It was plain to see, written all over their panting bodies. After a moment that seemed endless, the scholar once more took the initiative, bringing down her lips to first plant a kiss on her cheek. A simple peck that would form the beginning of a trail of kisses leading to her pointed ear.
“I always wondered… are they sensitive?” The teasing woman purred, her hot breath hitting her ear, enough to send a shiver down her spine. When she felt her tongue tracing the elven ear’s outline, however, leaving warm saliva in its wake, her body reacted in a way that she had never experienced. Goosebumps covered her delicate skin, the heat in her groin growing ever stronger and… her lips, they parted to let out a sound of pleasure. She had never heard herself sound this way. It was a sweet sound, then why did she feel embarrassed?
She perceived a low, satisfied chuckle of her vieran lover. “That’s a yes~ you’re so cute, my love.” By the twelve, how was this even remotely fair? The teasing, the heat. Yes, she was embarrassed, but somehow this felt… good. Comfortable, and more than that it was so incredibly arousing. Everything of her girlfriend was, but the way she knew how to push buttons that Alisaie didn’t yet know existed… She felt blessed.
The nibbling on the tip of her ear continued, and, as she soon found out, that gasp of pleasure wouldn’t be the last of its kind. Her beloved’s free hand moved down to her chest, her index finger tracing its path, leaving behind a tingling heat wherever it touched. And when it found the clasp that held together her simple, white bra, it opened it with ease, the cups jumping away to the sides. Even in her arousal-fogged mind, the elezen found herself wishing she had spent a bit more time thinking about her underwear, not only while purchasing but also while picking for the night. Yet, her beloved didn’t seem to care. The look she had on her eyes when she first undressed her, the simple compliment of how beautiful Alisaie was - it had been nothing but genuine. There wasn’t much time to reminiscence, however, as her breast was cupped easily by the bunny’s elegant long fingers, causing her to let out a gasp at the new sensation. Unbeknownst to her, a pleased smirk had grown on the woman’s face. She couldn’t help herself, the sharlayan’s reactions were far too pure. And so, she decided to take it a bit further. Her hand began to massage her chest tenderly, making sure that she wasn’t being too rough - the last thing she desired to do was scare the person she loved more than anything. Slowly she pulled away from Alisaie’s ear so it wouldn’t grow numb to the sensation of being teased, and turned her attention to her breasts. She couldn’t deny that she had imagined how they would look nude, and, now that they were laid bare in front of her, she was mesmerized. They were small, perhaps enough to fill an A cup, and her protruding nipples were a pale pink. The viera couldn’t help but think about how cute they looked, her large ears giving a barely noticeable pleased wiggle. There wasn’t much time to stare, however, because no matter how much she loved teasing the adorable red mage, she didn’t want her to feel a stinging embarrassment. She wanted her to feel safe, for this to be a first time that would be a happy memory, and a healthy base for their future intimate encounters.
And so, her head was lowered, at first planting a kiss or two on her décolleté before moving south. Painfully slowly, in the elezen’s opinion who let out an impatient moan which only caused her beloved to grin. Her silent wish was soon granted, her lips brushing against the breast that had been ignored by her hand. As she did, the girl held her breath in anticipation of what was to come, and come it did. The older woman’s skilled tongue circling her nipple, occasionally teasing is with a flick, and finally, her lips engulfing it, sucking on it. And by the gods, it felt incredible. Her mouth formed desperate moans as she felt herself getting even wetter than before, her hips moving subtly as they searched for the friction she desired. Before too long, they had found it. The viera’s knee was placed between her thighs, granting her unspoken wish. It felt incredible. Her clit, through the thin fabric of her panties, rubbed against her leg, spreading her wetness. The sweet sounds she made were music to the large woman’s over-sized ears, and so, after nibbling on her nipple for just a while longer, she became greedy. Greedy for more, she wanted to make her love sing ever louder. And more than that, she wanted to taste her.
Much to Alisaie’s, albeit temporary, dismay, her girlfriend pulled away, leaving her panting and wanting for more, her desire painfully obvious. Lithia, however, simply smiled at her, finally letting go of her hand that she had held onto tenderly this entire time. But now, she needed both of them.
Nimble fingers found their place on the sides of her hips, the waistband of her panties in their grasp as slowly, admittedly teasingly slow, she revealed what she wanted to see, to taste. Mismatched eyes laid on the younger woman’s bare core, taking a moment to simply enjoy the view. The white pubic hair, barely hiding her pale pink folds… she couldn’t help but think how charming it was. As she snapped out of her brief trance, her eyes wandered up the panting woman’s body. She looked away, a slight blush visible on her cheeks. There was no denying it, Alisaie felt embarrassed. Exposed. This was the first time she had shown anyone her most private parts. Did they look odd to her? Oh how she wished she could simply hide them again. Not because she didn’t want Lithia to see, no. Simply out of shame.
“You’re gorgeous.” Once more her lover had broken the silence, her gaze slowly wandering to the source of the compliment. A loving smile that reached her eyes. But of course, there was no shame to be felt between the two of them. Still, this was new and she couldn’t help it.
In horror and in anticipation, she watched as the viera lowered herself once more, her raven hair falling down and tickling her thighs. How did she do it? The confident, caring smile that she carried throughout this, as she kissed her mound of Venus, as her lips wandered to her thighs and back up. Gods she loved this woman, never would she look at anyone the same way she looked at her. That she swore, she knew, she felt.
“Lithia…” Her mouth uttered a desperate plea. She wanted to feel it, her tender kiss on her other lips. And her partner was more than happy to oblige. Mere seconds later, she could feel the hot, almost burning sensation of her beloved’s tongue wander up and down her slit, just barely stopping before her clit. Pleasured moans filled the air, as the scholar continued to tease her lovely little prey, until finally, she gave her the stimulation she wordlessly begged for. Tongue circling it, before giving it a tender sucking, the sounds the small sharlayan made were more than enough motivation to go harder ever so often. And so was the sweet and tart taste spreading on her tongue.
And sounds she made, she could barely believe this to be her own voice. But the loving, the teasing she received, it was what she had dreamed of and more. Never having experienced it, her fantasies had been lacking in this department. Of course she imagined it to feel good, but how could she have known it would feel this incredible? As her lover continued, her hands dug into the soft mattress, looking for a hold as she felt she was about to lose herself. The heat, it was so much, so overwhelming. She didn’t understand what was happening to her body, neither could her mind form any clear thought. The only thoughts that filled her mind were her desire for more, and her love for the rava that made her feel this way.
“I… love you…” She managed to utter between moans and pants, a confession that was rewarded with a soft nibble on her clit. “Gods.. I… I…” There it was, the feeling she had tickled out of herself whenever her love and frustration of not being with her, now, girlfriend had become too much. But this, this was different. It felt much more forceful, a feeling that spread throughout her body like a tidal wave washing over a shore, an explosion of heat that left her body burning even after it happened.


Heavy pants brushed against the viera’s chest, her hand lovingly stroking the pure-white hair of her beloved who had snuggled up against her. For a while, they simply laid there, enjoying the other’s company, bathing in the sea of emotion that they felt. It wasn’t until after the fact that the elezen noticed something that displeased her, and she was going to audibly complain, her brows furrowed. “You… didn’t get undressed.”
Lithia glanced down at her beloved, stifling laughter. “Oh? If that is your only complaint, it would seem I did well.” That comment earned her a blink. It seemed a bit more teasing was in order. “Not that I had any doubt, you sang such a beautiful song, Alisaie~” Now this, this looked to be a critical hit, perhaps a direct hit even. Her mouth open as if to complain, her cheeks painted a hue of red. It was nothing short of an endearing sight.
Yet, she couldn’t deny it, the voice the viera had tickled out of her was one she had never heard before. “Perhaps I could sing again for you… Tomorrow…” Her gaze was averted as she spoke her proposal, but she did speak it and her swiftly beating heart was proof of that.
“That would be lovely. Yours is a voice I shall never tire of.”