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Best Friends Forever

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   The night grew darker as every student grew louder. It seemed like everyone was happy, laughing, drunk and safe. Feeling safe despite being out in the middle of the woods, pitch black surrounding them where the glow of the fire didn't touch. Animals and insects sang around them, enjoying the night in their own ways. Some of their class decided to take a small camping trip, just something to do on a random weekend. Hardly planned. A spur of an idea turned real when they'd realized they had a supply of tents, blankets, marshmellows, and alcohol.

Kirishima begged Bakugou to tag along, they were close, very close recently. Bakugou and he started holding hands sometimes, sharing kisses, speaking softer to each other. Everyone who encountered the pair knew they were in it forever. Bakugou didn't want to join the group, he'd rather spend his weekend soaking up Kirishima's secrets between soft pecks of their lips and gasps.

Kirishima however wanted to get away from their school's grounds for once. So here they were, because Bakugou would be damned if he allowed Kirishima to leave him alone for an entire weekend.

When the group wasnt camping they were hanging in and around a small cabin, it had plumbing and a stove so it was perfect. Regardless of the cracked and shaky frame, or the foliage growing inside.

Bakugou kind of adored the sight.

Reminded him of his own happily-ever-after. One where he's the number one hero and not Deku, one where he comes home to sweets, baked goods, and Kirishima's open arms and legs.

Bakugou smiled thinking of it, his body filling with butterflies and bubbles.

Bakugou stretches, humming quietly as Kirishima giggles along to something someone screamed into the night. The blond was tired, and a bit tipsy. Kirishima was extremely drunk, his heavy body hung across Bakugou, touching and groping wherever he wanted in random intervals. Nobody cared, or noticed.

Midoriya seemed to be calling the night in as well as he stood up slowly, brushing any chips the log he'd been sitting on off of his bare skin. He was wearing the dumbest shorts ever, but damn they looked good on his full thighs.

The tall green haired teen gave a drunken laugh, sloppily clutching his shirt as he watched Tsu's tongue indignantly flop around.

Everyone was so drunk.

Bakugou would never admit how much he cared about these idiots but he really really did.

He feels Kirishima spread his legs wider, Bakugou groans and tries to shut them. Kirishima whines in his ear.

" C'mon- please!" Kirishima says, his voice drunk and shaky in his ear

Kirishima's strong hands come to rest on the inside of one of Bakugou's thighs, his chest pressing heavy into Bakugou's arm and shoulder. The blond sighs.

" Gonna make love to you all night." Kiri breathes, he's more than likely just going to pass out as soon as they get in their tent.

Bakugou doesnt fail to blush, embarrassed at the sickly, affection his... Best friend was displaying.

He catches Midoriya staring, but he quickly turns and walks off deeper into the woods where he assumes he's got his own tent. Midoriya and he fuck around too sometimes, sometimes Kirishima and he do too. Respectively in their own privacies. It'd been an odd dynamic to get used to. Kirishima wanting him, and Midoriya begging for him. Eventually they found themselves in a group chat. It was all about Bakugou initially, who gets to fuck him on what days.

After some time Kirishima confessed to wanting to feel Midoriya underneath of him, wanting to fuck him out too.

Although, he wouldn't call Midoriya his best friend. Midoriya was a fun fuck sometimes and that's about it.

Bakugou brings his attention back to the problem at hand, he stands, trying to get Kirishima to stand as well but he just whines about wanting to 'have more fun'.

Denki's laid out on the grass, feet dangerously close to the spitting fire, blazing high into the sky. He points to where Bakugou and Kirishima were quietly fighting with each other.

" You two are always so cute!!" He shouts, his head flops back into the grass and he makes a strange noise before puking.

Yeah. They all needed to go to bed.

Eventually Bakugou gets Kirishima into their tent, he ties up his hair with his favorite pink hairtie and turns out their lantern. Kirishima's pink cheeks are barely visible as he giggles softly, pulling the blond into his arms. Bakugou encapsules him in a strong grip, he buries his face into his throat.

" Go the fuck to bed." Bakugou says, he's not upset, he's actually so content it confused him.

Kirishima reaches down to palm Bakugou's clothed crotch loosely, he hisses as if he'd been groped himself.

" Gonna mess you up real bad, make you scream and-" he hiccups sharply, his licks smack together messily before he continues, " then you're gonna fuck me back, use me like a toy... Like you always do- just how you like me."

Bakugou groans again, " Shut up and go to sleep, you idiot." He tries not to dwell on how filthy Kirishima's mouth has gotten since they started exploring their sexualities deeper.

Adding Deku opened up a lot for them admittedly.

They'd tried collars, whips, rope, fem-play, never on Bakugou though. His pride was above whatever puppy eyes Kirishima threw his way. He wouldn't give in ... yet.

Kirishima eventually nods off, snores coming heavy and fast. The redhead sprawls across their pallette of blankets and pillows as if the world was his. Bakugou watches for a while, his mind racing with thoughts of admiration.

He loved his softness.

Eventually Bakugou gives in to his heavt eyelids too, and without dreaming he wakes to a blinding sun piercing through the thin tent.

His hair is more of a disaster then he's ever seen it and Kirisima's red hair is probably in every crevice of Bakugou's neck. His favorite hairtie must be clinging for dear life somewhere in the depth of the mess.

He hears his tent unzip and a freckled face peaks in.

" Mornin', Kacchan." Midoriya greets with a warm smile. He's got on a different pair of yellow shorts now, and his green 'Deku' tattoo on his thigh compliments them well.

Bakugou nods to him, he detaches from Kirishima's sticky grip. " What do you want?"

Midoriya looks at Kirishima's limp body, " Wanted him... But he's barely alive so... Guess I'll just take you instead."

Bakugou rolls his eyes at the implication that he's some kind of settlement for Midoriya's sex drive. He knows that's far from the truth. Knows it's a joke. But he still wants to slap him for even saying it.

" I Just woke up you fucking slut. I look like shit." Bakugou croaks.

Midoriya shrugs, " I'm gonna get some breakfast then, but I'll be back." Midoriya gives one last warm smile, his dimples catching Bakugou's attention like they always do. He was a fucking cutie.

Bakugou waits for a moment, basking in the warmth of the sun that wasnt quite hitting his skin. Midoriya was long gone by the time he managed to shower himself and eat something small.

Bakugou finally crawled back into their tent, Kirishima had since gotten up and worked himself into a morning sweat.

" Twenty four, twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight-" Kirishima glanced at the freshly showered blond, " Hey babe." He continued doing push ups until he reached one hundred.

Bakugou sat watching, waiting for Midoriya to show up and take his dick or suck it or something. He didn't care that they were in a tent in broad daylight.

" Deku's comin, gonna fuck him, so you should find something to do." Bakugou spoke, he subconsciously fixed his hair.

Kirishima smirked, " He's a slut," Kirishima pulled his T-shirt off, probably headed to take a much needed shower, " Don't tell him I said that. I love him. He's a loved slut."

Midoriya was a slut. As far as Bakugou knew he and Todoroki have been going pretty hot and heavy this year. It's funny to see how everyone's changed. So comfortable with one another. He knew by their Senior year they'd probably be closer but he would've never guessed they'd be fucking.

It was only revealed to him while Bakugou was deep inside of Midoriya's spasming body, only moments after Kirishima had finished inside of the green haired slut. Bakugou was only talking shit, riling Deku up even more, making him lose his mind with it.

He'd teased him a bit, not expecting a real answer. ' Bet you let everyone fuck you, dont you? ' Bakugou had teased, pulling on his curly hair.

Midoriya violently agreed, shaking his head yes in a furious movement. His legs were spread impossibly wide, his wet dick was smashed against Kirishima's sheets, ass perched as much as he could. Enticing for Bakugou.

' You let that half and half little bitch fuck you too huh? ' Bakugou teased, slamming into the other teen as he screamed obscenities.

Midoriya had said yes to that, over and over he said yes.

Bakugou was a bit shocked, only truly soaking that in the next day as he watched Midoriya practically purr for Todoroki's undivided attention.

Midoriya shook as he came that night, breath escaping him harshly. Bakugou listed off men and grew more surprised with every suspicion Midoriya confirmed. Only a few disagreements having passed through his lips.

So yeah.
Midoriya was a slut.
He spent so long fantasizing and obsessing over pro heros. Made sense that he would just spread his legs for any hero that asked.

Kirishima finally left, Midoriya came soon after, bubbly and sunkissed. He zipped the white tent up and crawled to where Bakugou was sitting.

" Kirishima's obviously awake now, why don't you go spread em for him instead?" Bakugou snapped, he watched as Midoriya chuckled quietly.

" Ssh, everyone is sitting right outside." Midoriya revealed.

Bakugou blushed, " Why aren't they at the lake." He quieted his voice down significantly.

Midoriya slipped his shorts off, his freckled ass glowing pale where the sun hasn't been touching him. Bakugou begins to pull his sweatpants down, only to be stopped by Midoriya's hands.

" N-no, not right now. Right now I'm going to sit on your face and that's all." Midoriya whispered.

Bakugou's blushed harder, his ears turning beet red. Deku liked to get bossy sometimes, was too confident he could do whatever he wanted to Bakugou. Truthfully anyone could do whatever they wanted to Bakugou they just had to understand his ques, his discomforts, and his confusing nature.

So Kirishima and Midoriya were pretty much the only ones who truly could get whatever they wanted from him. Playing him like a game of chess. And f u c k do they win a lot.

Bakugou made a face, " I'm not eating you out unless I get to fuck you after."

Bakugou starts to take off his shirt, Midoriya finally reaches and touches his skin. Gliding his hands wherever the shirt revealed. He slipped into Bakugou's lap, arching into him like a kitten. The blond tossed his shirt across the tent.

" Please?" Midoriya begged. Bakugou knew he wasn't even started with his bullshit yet. He'd run circles around Bakugou's brain until it felt like the only logical thing to do was to bury his face into his soft ass. Bakugou knew this already and still he fell for it every time.

Midoriya ground down into his crotch, " C'mon, you do it the right way. The best way."

Bakugou sighed, trailing his hands just above Midoriya's naked ass. " I'm fucking good at everything."

" Yeah you are." Midoriya breathed, " You're always so good at everything you do. "

Bakugou hissed silently. He was painfully aware of the group about 20 feet from his tent.

" Kacchan, please let me cum?" Midoriya begged. " Be nice to me, Kacchan."

Bakugou groaned, he smoothed his hands over the teen's back, he let his mouth fall to his throat. He sucked a tiny bit, but mostly licked at the sensitive skin. He didn't want any hickies popping up.

Bakugou brought his hands to the boys chest, he smoothed over his nipples, feeling the hard nubs catch on his fingers.

Midoriya pushed Bakugou on his back, he remained straddling him. " Didn't touch myself at all today. Didn't get any yesterday. Was gonna ask your boyfriend to do it, but your lips know me better."

Bakugou's expression darkened, " Not my fucking boyfriend. And fuck yeah I do. You will never be able to replace me, Deku."

Midoriya shivered, " I know, I know, I know... You're the best out of anyone here. I dream about you, Kacchan."

Bakugou grips Midoriya's thighs tight, he pulls until he's straddling Bakugou's face. Midoriya strokes himself slowly.

" I'm gonna fuck you Deku." Bakugou assures.

Midoriya shakes his head, " Kacchan, p-please be nice to me. I just want you to eat me out."

Bakugou growls and scratches angry marks in Midoriya's flesh in his inner thigh. " Why can't I fuck you?"

Midoriya runs his precum slicked fingers through Bakugou's hair, " Don't wanna scream."

Bakugou licks his lips, he is usually the one topping Midoriya. His soft bubble ass was no match for his precise thrusts. Sometimes Midoriya would shove him to the mattress, force Bakugou's legs apart and take him. Either way it was loud. Bakugou couldn't think of the real reason he didnt wanna be fucked today. He couldn't think. Because Midoriya was playing him so well. Boasting and stroking his ego, covering him in his pre cum.

Midoriya purred, " Can't wait till you lick me out, gonna make me cum all over myself."

Bakugou swore under his breath, he's gotta. He has to do it.

Midoriya turned, keeping his rosy hole a twitching art piece above Bakugou's hungry eyes. He leaned down slowly, shoving his face into Bakugou's crotch, he moaned quietly, making a show to sniff and nibble at the area. Bakugou gave in.

The damn slut was too tantalizing.

Midoriya continued to sweet talk him, " Don't make me scream Kacchan, p-please don't be too hard on me. Be gentle Kacchan, I'm begging you." He gasped, his body twitched above Bakugou.

He couldn't deny that. He wanted to make him scream from just his tongue. He could. He knew he could. That's what Midoriya wanted anyways, he wanted him to be sloppy and rough. He wanted Bakugou to try his absolute hardest to make him scream his name. Reverse psychology or something. Bakugou always felt like a pawn in Deku's game. He was too good at analyzing people, he knew how to manipulate.

Bakugou spread him apart and hungrily licked at his twitching hole. Deku went silent, his hands gripping Bakugou's sweatpants tightly. Bakugou kissed and sucked at the smooth skin until it was dripping with saliva. He could still hear the loud conversations of their classmates, could even hear Kirishima.

He knew Kiri was aware of what they were doing. He knew Kirishima would make sure no one disturbed them even if it did start to sound strange inside the tent. But they were being quiet. Sneaking behind everyone's back.

Midoriya's perky balls flushed pink, his cock head leaked onto Bakugou's exposed skin and he lapped at his hole quickly. His tongue dragged against it, the friction making Midoriya gasp.

Bakugou's knuckles turned white as he kept Midoriya in a stone grip. He refused to let him wobble at all, knowing he'd try to run from the sensations to control his volume better. He refused to give him a break.

Bakugou bit into the sensitive wrinkles, making Midoriya yelp.

Midoriya turned to glare at Bakugou and the blond was greeted with a breathtaking sight. His hair was messy and covering a lot of his eyes, his nose and cheeks were dusted red as his freshly tanned skin and freckles broke through the color. His lips were bitten raw, wobbling pathetically.

Bakugou growled again.

He felt Midoriya hurriedly fumble Bakugou's heavy cock out of it's confines. Bakugou sighed, relief at last. He slapped the teen's ass lightly, encouragingly. Bakugou felt Midoriya's breath against his cock. Warm. Hard breaths.

He knew he was smelling it, the freak loved men so much Bakugou didn't know how he ever masked it. He didn't know when Deku decided he needed to be everyone's cock slut, but he was so grateful for whatever tipped him over.

" Kacchan, Kacchan, oh my- Kacchan." He begged, " Please make me cum. Let me please? You're so nice to me, rewarding me with your heroic mouth... Thank you, Kacchan." Midoriya shivered, his hole spasming in front of Bakugou's very eyes.

Bakugou couldn't resist that. He simply could do nothing to shield his sex clouded brain from eating that up. He was rewarding this nerd with his tongue. Yes. Yes he was. Bakugou was so charitable to fuck him with his tongue. His own face burned pink as he felt his cock drip too.

How did Deku do this to him?

Make him feel so weak in a way that was so unique to them.

The way he begged and pleaded, Bakugou was powerless to say no.

Bakugou dived back in, slipping his tongue as far he could. He wanted Midoriya to scream his name. He wanted everyone to know how good he really was. Bakugou wanted everyone to know he wasn't always mean, he was making Deku cum all over himself. He wasn't always just a rival. Bakugou shivered as Midoriya swallowed him into his mouth, deepthroating him all the way.

Bakugou ate him out sloppier, his nose and cheeks were slick with spit, he needed to make him cum. He had to prove he was the best. Midoriya began to choke and spit as he struggled to handle the intense pleasures.

He popped off of the blond's cock and gasped into the air. His slick mouth made strings of saliva appear down his chin.

He was close.

His perky ass bounced as he fumbled to get away from the sensation. He was so close.

Bakugou growled low and deep, tongue wiggling inside of the boy. Midoriya choked on air as he spasmed.

He sat up now, sitting back snug against Bakugou's face. The blond could hardly breath. Midoriya's mind buzzed with want, he fisted at his cock and yelped when he came. His cum shot ropes down Bakugou's abs. The blond didn't stop. Didn't want to stop.

Midoriya's face twisted into one of pure euphoria. His mouth hung open as he tried desperately not to scream.

" Kacchan fuuuuck." He whined lowly, his voice smooth as dark chocolate. Finally he lifted himself away from the sinful mouth.

Bakugou stared up at him, his lips and cheeks were covered in his own saliva. Parts of his hair were slick with it too.

Midoriya hummed happily, stretching his legs as he stood up. His softing cock hung pretty between his legs. Bakugou wanted to take a picture, the body in front of him belonged in history books. He turned to face Bakugou who was laying with a face of greed. Bakugou looked like he wanted to mount him.

And he did want to.

But Midoriya already came.

Midoriya giggled and grabbed Bakugou's T-shirt, he wiped away the excess saliva from his thighs and ass and tossed the shirt on the blond's chest. He knew Bakugou was still rock hard, pulsing on his stomach. He pulled his shorts back on and fixed his hair the best he could.

" Thank you Kacchan, I told you you wouldn't fuck me." He teased.

Bakugou growled. But he made no move to protest.

If Midoriya was a slut then Bakugou was a bitch. More specifically. He was Kirishima and Deku's bitch. He would never admit that to any living breathing soul. But they all knew it to be true. Teased him with it. Danced around it. Knew he'd do anything as long as they worked him just the right way.

Midoriya was a dangerous display of sex appeal.

" Technically I did." Bakugoi tried, he grabbed his cock finally, stroking it quickly.

" You didn't. For the record. But you can tell yourself you did." Midoriya teased again, a snake's grin taunting Bakugou.

Fuck. He lost.

Midoriya crawled out of the tent, not caring to help Bakugou with his situation. Midoriya wasnt selfish at all, if anything he was doing that to fuel something in Bakugou.

He knew it'd make him hungrier for the next time. It'd make their sex better. He kept it fun between the three of them more than Kirishima or Bakugou could figure out how. Midoriya used to plead to suck Bakugou off, now its almost an act he plays to make Bakugou squirm. Then he leaves him wanting more. Makes Bakugou beg instead.

Bakugou came.
His ejaculate squirted so suddenly he almost shot himself in the eye.




" Get off of me." Bakugou snapped. He didn't want to play this game right now. But he did. But he couldn't be honest about that. That's why they have a safe word.


They came up with it last summer, Bakugou was worried about Kirishima after a bad night. Kirishima was restrained too tight and was really in pain, Bakugou didn't know if he was doing a bit or if he was serious. He was serious.

So. Applepie it was. Because Bakugou often said 'no' to things he desperately wanted. And Kirishima didn't want to ever be in a dubious situation again. Bakugou texted Midoriya later that night, ' Safe word's applepie you fucking freak.'

Midoriya sent a heart emoji back.

They were in their tent towards the end of another exceedingly fun night. They hungout with their classmates, gone to the lake, they had gone to a pond, played games with each other, gotten drunk again, a few people were even high. 'Crossfaded' as they say. It ended in sober heart to hearts in the moonlight that poked through tall trees. Kirishima's eyes were glossy with affection, his face bright from the fire. His hair was out, soft, not gelled up at all. It blew in the soft winds, Bakugou wanted to stick his nose in it, inhale everything that was his lover.


Kirishima had brought a blanket out for them to share, they were cuddled into it. Listening to their classmates discuss heavy topics so easily, bouncing off of each other like they belonged there in that moment and nowhere else. Bakugou felt like he belonged there too.

They were all safe here.

Things took a turn when Midoriya started undressing him with his eyes, fucking Bakugou in his imagination. The blond couldn't ignore it, blushing harshly.

Kirishima smirked and excused them from the activity. Their classmates didn't seem to think anything of it. Surely they weren't opting to have sex intead of hanging with them in this moment.

As far as they knew. No one was fucking anyone at all this entire trip.

That was probably completely false. Midoriya alone had probably gotten laid several times.

Either way. There he was again. Drinking in the sight of Bakugou, silently urging him to be alone with the other.

Kirishima gave an apologetic look to his mates, " I'm feelin really light headed. Think it's all the drinking...I'm not sure. Bakugou and I are gonna turn in."

Their friends gave sympathetic looks, " Feel better Kiri." Ochako gave.

Midoriya bit his lip and snuck away with them. If anyone noticed. No one made it vocal. They could easily play it off as Midoriya being overprotective of his friends. Wanting to watch other Kirishima for a bit, make sure that he's truly okay.

But that's where they were now.
Bakugou was being pinned to the soft blankets of the tent, nothing except his underwear hanging around one ankle. Midoriya had his wrists pinned. Bakugou really couldn't escape, he'd have to hurt Deku to actually try. Fuck he was strong with that quirk of his. That stolen quirk.

Kirishima was behind him, whispering filthy words into his ears. They of course didn't have their latern on. So it was too dark to tell exactly where every body part was. But Bakugou knew Midoriya was sitting in front of him. He could be naked. He could just be wearing his pants. Bakugou didn't know. He didn't know anything. He was at the mercy of the two men. As soon as he stepped into the tent with them, Midoriya started ripping the clothes off of him. Bakugou protested, prying the invasive hands off of him.

He really liked this shit though.
Liked to feel powerless.

Again he could hear their classmates conversations clear as day. Only separated by a bit over 20 feet of gound. Bakugou felt fear strike through him, if Kirishima fucked him he'd struggle not to cry out. His cock twitched pathetically.

With Midoriya pinning his wrists, Kirishima was behind him, laying over his body like a blanket. Kirishima was clearly naked. Bakugou couldn't feel any clothing on the redhead.
His back was slick with sweat, he could feel it sticking to Kirishima's abdomen.

" Get the fuck off of me, Eijirou." Bakugou swore harsher. He heard Kirishima chuckle, a dark, sadistic laugh that made Bakugou's breath escape him.

Midoriya's breath was on him now, ghosting over his lips. He tried to kiss him but failed. Another laugh. The same devious tone, only from a new source. Bakugou's hair was pulled roughly, his brows furrowed with concern, he was genuinely worried he'd blow their cover. Everything felt too good already.

Kirishima spreads his thighs wider, knocking them apart like he was a sex doll without feeling. Bakugou hissed at the burning in his legs. He was flexible but shit, he couldn't just do a split. He felt Kirishima's fingers lightly tap at his hole. Bakugou just focused on breathing steadily. He could still feel Midoriya's breath on his face, as if he were watching him. But he couldn't be. It was too dark.

He felt Kirishima reach over him, he could feel his arm next to his face, w-what was he doing?

He heard Midoriya sucking on something. He could hear his soft moans as he lathered whatever it was with his suctioned mouth. With a lewd sound it stopped. Bakugou felt his heartbeat in his dick. Midoriya leaned in closer to him, his eyelashes tickling Bakugou's face.

" He's gonna fuck you, Kacchan." Midoriya whispers.

Bakugou's entire body feels warm, he needs to get out. He needs fresh air before he loses his mind. He wants to see Deku, so he can properly react to him. He wishes he could find the words to be defiant but he's afraid of it coming out as a whimper.

Bakugou feels wet fingers push at his hole. Oh- that makes sense.

" He's gonna tear your ass inside out." Midoriya purrs.

Bakugou's breath catches and he wonders if he'll accidentally stop breathing and die tonight. The filth of that comment making him grind into the ground.

Kirishima fucked different than anything he'd ever witnessed. He fucked Bakugou with such conviction it made Bakugou speechless. There was never any slick remarks from the blond when Kirishima was inside of him.

Tonight would be no different.

He felt Kiri's fingers dive into him one at a time but so close together in intervals that he hardly had 30 seconds to adjust to the first one. They were slick with spit of course and his hole accepted them greedily. His ass burned with it, a mental fight whether to rut against it or run away. He ended up gasping into Deku's open mouth. Finally he got a kiss. A quick wet kiss from Midoriya before he was gone. The hands around his wrists disappeared, he could hear shuffling and could see a slight silhouette of Midoriya on his knees now. Bakugou felt Midoriya's thumb on his bottom lip.

He opened his mouth, but instead of his thumb slipping in it was the head of his cock.

Bakugou accepted it. Licking the slit hard, digging his tongue into it. Midoriya sighed. Bakugou moaned at Kirishima's fingers fucking him harder, rubbing his gspot like an itch he'd been dying to scratch all day.

Bakugou's hips twitched, his eyes rolled at the overwhelming abuse to his prostate.

He choked out noises that were quickly shut down with Midoriya's dick slipping further into his mouth. He briefly heard the two kissing above him. Taunting him.

They were tag-teaming him, taking advantage of him and rewarding themselves with deep kisses. Kirishima must've liked it a lot because he took his fingers out of Bakugou in favor of wrapping both hands around Deku's throat.

He brought the freckled teen in for a better kiss, sucking into his mouth unrestrained. Their soft tongues glided together perfectly, they both hummed, Midoriya hissed as Bakugou choked around him. He was fully aware of his cock pushing into Bakugou's throat as he leaned forward. He didn't care.

Finally Kirishima lubed up his own member, thankfully he used real lubricant and not his spit. Bakugou didn't know if he was ready for it, but he loved pain and Kirishima knew that. The redhead hesitated the first few times he fucked Bakugou too hard for his own liking. After a while he began to enjoy the primal, raw noises that came out of the blond when he fucked him like he was nothing. He even enjoys when Bakugou does the same to him. Bends him over the nearest surface and slams into him at a pace that sends the furniture a couple inches forwards. Most nights Bakugou is slow though, quiet, missionary, with slow kisses. The way Kirishima prefers to bottom.

Midoriya slipped his member out of the hot mouth. He got himself back to Bakugou's level.

Kirishima's tip penetrated him, his hole slid around it with ease. Deeper. Deeper.

" Deeper." Bakugou croaked.

Midoriya snapped, " Shut up, bitch."

Bakugou froze, fuck he loved these games. Midoriya restrained him again. His hands encompassing his wrists effortlessly.

Bakugou was immobilized, he could barely move his legs because of Kirishima's ravenous hands pressing them apart further and further. Kirishima settled all the way inside of Bakugou, making him struggle to catch his breath.

Fuck he was so full of dick.

" Good boy. Take it." Kirishima teased in his ear.

Bakugou hated being degraded. He absolutely despised being degraded. The only exception was in bed, during these games specifically. Any other time and it was a sharp 'applepie' with no chance of soothing Bakugou's anger. Bakugou's brain was filled with fog. He could hardly speak and Kirishima hadn't started yet.

" Your ass is so tight Kat, you haven't been fucked in a while huh?" Kirishima chuckles.

Bakugou breathes out a shaky, " Yeah."

" Don't speak." Midoriya commands again.

Kirishima drags his cock out of him slowly, pressing in just as slowly. Bakugou's gspot is being pressed excellently at this angle, the thorough, slow, drags, causing his ass to quiver around Kiri.

Kirishima's voice gets deeper, " You like being taken like this dont you bitch?"

Bakugou nods feverishly, being taken so close to a group of people that could hear them at any moment. Being forcefully fucked by two of his friends.

" Answer me." Kirishima hisses, he slams into Bakugou hard. Bakugou gasps loudly.

" Shit- y-yes" Bakugou answers, his eyes roll again.

He feels a palm strike him. Right across his face as if he just spit on Midoriya. Midoriya doesn't say anything this time. Bakugou knows it's because he was told not to speak.

Kirishima laughs, its shaky though, as if he's barely keeping himself from reaching orgasm too soon. Kirishima fucks him harder now, the sound of their skin smacking together must be recognizable outside of the tent.

Bakugou tries not to make a sound, his face straining to handle Kirishima's thick shaft pounding into him. His eyes fill with tears that threaten to spill over as his prostate is assaulted.

" You're clenching around me baby, god.. I know you're gonna cum soon, aren't you?" Kirishima asks.

He fucks Bakugou out so good the blond has to let out weak sobs instead of crying out Kirishima's name like he usually would. Midoriya removes one hand from Bakugou's wrists, now only clutching them both in one. He knows Bakugou won't move though.

Kirishima drags his nails into Bakugou's back, " I didn't hear you."

Bakugou starts to shake, " I'm c-cumming-"

Midoriya slaps him again, harder this time. It's not fair. Bakugou leaks into the blankets, his pre cum being fucked out of him at such a rate he's not sure if he's peeing or not. Kirishima's heavy body presses into him fully now, his hands play with Bakugou's hard nipples. The blond moans openly by accident.

They're definitely found out by now.

Kirishima hushes him.

The redhead bites into his shoulder softly, his hips have slowed down a bit, swiveling inside of Bakugou, teasing his hole.

Bakugou's eyes roll back further, his jaw is slack as he claws at the ground. Midoriya laughs in his face, he can hear him stroking himself in front of Bakugou. He just can't fucking see like he wants to.

" Your ass is so sloppy, damn, it didn't take much to get you like this. You're too weak Katsuki, can't even keep yourself from cumming from my dick." Kirishima moans, he pants in Bakugou's ear before biting the lobe.

Midoriya's breath hitches too, he slides a hand into Bakugou's hair and presses himself to his lips again.

" E-Eijirou!-" Bakugou whines loudly, " F-fuck!" His breathing is choppy and his heart pounds in his ears.

Midoriya whimpers too, his grip tightens in Bakugou's hair, making the blond sob again. The tears fall down his face and onto the tent with a soft noise. He can't stop crying now. It feels too fucking excellent.

Kirishima picks up the pace again, drilling him more. Bakugou's body surging with each pound. Midoriya's hand works faster over himself, craving his release. Bakugou knows he'll have to swallow it. And he's more than ready to oblige.

Kirishima holds him still while he drills into him, chasing his orgasm now.

" Be a good bitch, take it and shut the fuck- mnnn- ssh." Kirishima struggles to form words.

Bakugou is beyond words, he's already cumming across the blankets. His semen pooling underneath him as he cries out. Real sobs tearing through his body as he realizes all of his humiliation. Everyone knows he's a pawn for them now. The tough Katsuki Bakugou can't help but to cry and moan for more dick. Taking it any way it's given to him like a starving animal.

" E-EIJIROU!" He screams as he desperately tries to get him to stop.

Midoriya fills his mouth with his pulsing member and Bakugou can only choke on the hot bursts of saltiness that fill his throat. His eyes squeeze shut and he shakes so violently he feels Kirishima have to try and catch his legs.

Kirishima lifts his hips and fucks him harder, the slaps of their skin ringing in Bakugou's ears.

Midoriya finally finishes, he sits back and catches his breath. Bakugou can still feel eyes on him.

Though a sick part of himself thinks maybe its his classmates, staring from outside of the tent, whispering about them, making fun of Bakugou's pathetic noises.

" Fucking cockslut... I wonder if those agencies that want you so bad know how much you like to be fucked... Jesus, you're disturbing our friends vacation, bitch." Kirishima degrades him one last time before his hips stutter and he spills over.

Bakugou can feel the warm liquid wash over his walls. Bakugou cries louder, his own cock spurting out little ropes of cum that couldn't help but release.

" Stop- fucking stop! Fuck!" Bakugou wails.

Kirishima fucks him until Bakugou's begging annoys him enough to stop.

Kirishima slips out of him. He huffs behind him and he feels Midoriya let go of his wrist. He's going to have countless bruises tomorrow. He can't wait.

Midoriya hums a familiar happy tune and slips on his shorts. He kisses Bakugou on the forehead, " You okay?"

Bakugou nods, he hums as well knowing Midoriya needed a genuine answer. He certainly needs a moment, or a xanax.

Midoriya crawls over him and kisses Kirishima next, " Good job, very Daddy-ish of you."

Kirishima chuckles and kisses Midoriya deeper. Bakugou closes his eyes and sniffles. His heart didnt stop pounding yet. His finger and toes tingled, he was sticky and humiliated. He didn't know how their dynamic went when they were alone together but Midoriya referring to Kirishima as any variation of 'Daddy' gave him a good hint.

Eventually Midoriya left the tent, Bakugou tried not to think about the deafening silence of the outside world. Had they all grown so uncomfortable they left the fire completely? Or where they stunned into silence, sitting, waiting for it to be over.

Kirishima snuggled next to him, Bakugou pulled himself together, curling into a ball as his thighs burned from the stretch. Kirishima showered him with kisses, wiping away any tears that were left over.

" You're so awesome." Kirishima praised.

Bakugou sniffled again.

Kirishima pulled their blankets over them and tucked his face closer to Bakugou's. Bakugou wrapped his body around Kirishima's, they were both sweaty, but warm. Bakugou felt sparks in his tummy as Kirishima kissed him softly.

" It's okay, baby. You did amazing. No one is judging you. You're okay." Kirishima reassured.

Bakugou nodded, " Okay." He responded weakly.

He was tired. He cried. He humiliated himself. He might have peed a little too. Bakugou never wanted to leave this tent again, he didnt want to deal with tomorrow. The questioning stares, the teasing, the alienation. He wanted to be in Kirishima's arms forever, listening to the insects, the distant wolves, the leaves rustling.

Kirishima brushed his hair away from his face, " I love you." He sang.

Bakugou laughed a bit, " I know that, dumbass."

Bakugou could hear the familiar sound of speaking again. He tried not to listen too closely for fear of hearing something awful too.

" Thank you for letting me do that." Kirishima spoke.

Bakugou just hummed in response, he closed his eyes.

" I love you to the moon and back, Katsuki." Kirishima said again, kissing his nose.

Bakugou blushes, " I love you too or whatever."




Sero was the first to break the silence at breakfast. " Alright I'm just gonna say it..." He looked at Bakugou, Midoriya and Kirishima. Midoriya's face was absolutely shameless. Bakugou however was red all over, mind dizzy with anxiety. Kirishima just smoothed a hand over his back.

Sero continued, abandoning his cereal that Bakugou knows he probably didn't have an appetite for anyways. " Did y'all fuck last night?"

Everyone stared at Sero.

Midoriya shrugged, " Yeah." He took a bite out of his sandwich.

Bakugou would have fainted had Kirishima not been quick to sooth him.