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a certain romance

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The ride back to the hotel is awkward, to say the least. 


They’re all exhausted after a hectic week filled with performances and TV interviews, their tightly packed schedules leaving no room for any form of rest between appearances. Comeback season had always been mentally and physically draining, and this particular promotional period had been no different; if anything, with all the added pressure from the international attention they have been receiving lately, this release had been the most stressful of all. However today had marked the last show recording before a well-deserved week long break, and while the prospect of relaxing for seven whole days filled all of them with relief, the atmosphere in the car is strangely tense. 


For almost the entire duration of the journey they sit in uncomfortable silence, no one brave enough to address the elephant in the room. It’s only when they’re a few minutes away from their destination that Namjoon finally plucks up the courage to acknowledge what is bothering them, to say what’s on everyone’s minds. 


“Listen,” he says, voice authoritative as he turns in his seat to face Jimin and Jungkook, who are both sat together in the back of the car, although there’s a considerable distance between them—almost as if they’re avoiding each other. “Whatever is going on between you two needs to be resolved quickly, okay? It’s affecting everyone else and it isn’t fair.”


“Tell me about it,” Hoseok chimes in, “Jungkook’s scent is so strong and bitter it’s giving me a migraine.” 


This earns him a few amused chuckles and hums of agreement from the other members, who are all pretty tired of having to endure the repercussions of the young alpha’s foul mood. Of course, they’re nothing but supportive and understanding of the youngest in the group—since Jungkook is only a newly presented alpha, it’s much more difficult for him to control his hormones—but even so, their patience can still wear dangerously thin sometimes. Especially when they’re tired and grouchy like right now, after such a long, gruelling week. Jungkook’s strong pheromones flooding the air with negative energy certainly does nothing to boost their morale, after all. 


Jungkook says nothing in response to Namjoon, only dismisses his hyung’s concern with an apathetic grunt, before folding his arms over his chest and turning to watch the city lights whip past window, with a furrowed brow and squinted eyes. 


Namjoon’s eyes flash towards Jimin to make sure he’s alright. Jimin tries to smile at him reassuringly,although he imagines it probably looks more like a grimace. As an omega, Jimin is naturally more sensitive to alpha scents, but there is nobody he’s more attuned to than Jungkook. Whenever the alpha is upset or angry, it automatically has a detrimental effect on Jimin’s own mood. 


Everything had been fine this morning. They’d arrived at the studio shortly after 8am, sat in hair and make up for an hour or so before filming began. Jimin and Jungkook had been seated next to each other, as always, shooting each other flirtatious glances when nobody else was looking. The stylists seemed to be putting a lot more makeup on Jimin than they usually did (not that he was complaining—he couldn’t help but admire his reflection in the mirror; the smokey eyeshadow made his gaze look seductive and alluring, and the glittery gloss they’d generously applied to his lips emphasised their size and shape, flattering his features in every way possible), and they also dressed him in a loose fitting blouse with a plunging neckline that exposed his chest, paired with an expensive looking diamante choker; an outfit that strayed quite far from BTS’ usual aesthetic, but Jimin didn’t dwell on it.  Besides, from his peripheral vision, Jimin had noticed Jungkook gawking at him in awe on several occasions, which only made his ego soar with pride, thrilled that the alpha found him so desirable. 


Jimin had been selected as one of the MCs for the show, alongside two other male idols that he had briefly met before, Wonho and Jackson—both of whom just so happened to be alphas. 


It had dawned on Jimin very suddenly then, why they had put him in such a sexy, revealing outfit, why they had coated his face with such dramatic, sultry makeup. It was because the producers clearly wanted to draw attention to his omega traits. Putting him next to two tall, broad and handsome alphas would only stress his omega rank even more. 


Omega males are a rarity after all, especially in the entertainment world. When Jimin had first presented, not too long after debut, he had tried everything he possibly could to hide his omega side and instead feigned the demeanour of an alpha. As time went on, however, he slowly learned to accept who he really was, and gradually allowed himself to become softer, more delicate. He stopped feeling like he had something to prove, stopped worrying about whether being an omega somehow lessened his worth as an idol, as a person . Eventually, the fans started to go crazy over his omega-ness. They were constantly gushing over his unique omega charm, raving about how he could be so inexplicably adorable and seductive at the same time. 


Therefore, whilst Jimin didn’t let his omega traits define him, he definitely had no qualms about flaunting them. Which is why he understands the producers’ motives—if they showcase a male omega so openly on their show, it’s almost guaranteed to attract more viewers and boost their revenue. Jimin gets it. He enjoys being in the spotlight, anyway. He’s always thrived being the centre of attention, naturally radiating confidence. 


For a majority of the day, Jimin felt great . He was well aware of how amazing he looked, of the captivating energy he exuded, how everyone’s eyes were drawn to him like magnets. Jimin strutted around like a supermodel; his gait elegant, regal even, like every step he took had been carefully choreographed. In the back of his mind, he imagined Jungkook watching him from backstage, with dark, smouldering, lust-filled eyes. It made heat pool in the pit of his stomach and a shiver run up his spine.


Throughout the day, the camera crew kept encouraging Jimin to playfully “flirt” with the other two alphas, particularly Wonho, who with his rugged handsome features and rippling muscles, was quite frankly epitome of alpha male masculinity. Although this request made Jimin uneasy, he had no choice but to acquiesce, reluctantly obliging to each and everyone of the crew’s commands: “Jimin, get a little closer to him”; “Jimin, giggle like he just said something funny”; “Jimin, touch his arm, show off his muscles to the camera”. 


The entire thing was so horribly contrived that Jimin couldn’t help but cringe all the way through their segment. When he had decided to be an idol, he knew what he was signing up for—things like this were part and parcel of the lifestyle and whether he liked it or not they were simply expected of him. Needless to say, it was all just an act for the cameras, playing into meaningless fanservice: audiences would no doubt enjoy seeing a pretty little omega cosying up to two dashing alphas, even if it was painfully obvious that their lighthearted, flirtatious banter was scripted—and very poorly at that. 


Jimin’s mood had rapidly deteriorated when he hurried backstage to meet up with the rest of BTS prior to their scheduled performance. It was always organised chaos just before they went on stage, with a flurry of stylists frantically touching up their makeup and adjusting their outfits, sound technicians milling around, checking that their mics and earpieces were functioning correctly. Amidst the commotion, Jimin tries to capture Jungkook’s attention, but the alpha deliberately avoids him, averting his gaze so that they don’t make eye contact. Jimin frowns. He wriggles away from a stylist who is patting Jimin’s skin with a power compact whilst simultaneously combing his hair to step towards Jungkook, smiling in greeting. Jungkook fails to require the gesture, his expression stoic as he turns his back on Jimin and strides towards the stage entrance without looking back.


Although hurt and confused by Jungkook’s strange behaviour, Jimin tried not to let it bother him, as he didn’t want his distress to take its toll on the other members, particularly when they were just about to go on stage and perform. Even though the others acted like everything was perfectly fine, being the professionals that they are, it was obvious that they knew something was wrong with the youngest of the group. Jimin could easily detect the spikes of concern in Namjoon’s scent, could sense Yoongi’s watchful gaze flickering between himself and Jungkook curiously. 


Fortunately, despite the hostility that hangs in the air, their performance goes ahead without a hitch. But even with the exhilaration that always comes after a successful show, Jimin feels deflated. The rest of the day passed by sluggishly, and Jimin soon found himself sitting next to an unusually silent Jungkook on the journey back to the hotel.

The car finally pulls up outside of their hotel and they all hurriedly bundle out, eager to climb into the comfy beds that await them. Jimin and Jungkook’s room is located on the top floor of the luxurious building, and the elevator ride up to it is excruciatingly awkward; not only because they haven’t spoken a word to each other in what feels like an eternity, but also due to the fact they have to share the cramped elevator with a few other guests. 


Once they arrive on their floor, Jungkook marches down the corridor towards their room and Jimin hastily scurries after him, panic steadily rising in his chest. The feeling of dread that has been brewing in his gut is beginning to make him feel nauseous. In general, alphas tend to have a short fuse, but Jungkook is normally able to control his temper, even in the most stressful circumstances. Jimin knows that he’s uncharacteristically furious right now because he’s not saying anything , not even waiting for Jimin to catch up with his long strides as he usually would. He worries that as soon as they step into their room, Jungkook’s anger will truly explode, erupting like a volcano that’s been dormant for far too long.


Jungkook presses the key card to the door and swings it open. Jimin, who is still a few paces behind him, quickens his pace to keep up, and before he knows it, Jungkook is grabbing hold of his wrist and yanking him inside the room. 


The door has barely even closed behind them when Jungkook slams Jimin’s smaller frame against the wall, caging him in. Jimin blinks up at him, eyes wide in shock; he opens his mouth to speak, but whatever he had planned to say gets lodged in his throat. Jungkook buries his head into the juncture where Jimin’s neck slopes into his shoulder, his nose tracing over the scent gland located there. Jimin’s initial reaction is to push Jungkook away and scold him for being so forceful, but before he can do anything at all he’s succumbing to his instincts, his body going limp and neck baring in submission to give the alpha better access. He really hates how his body always betrays his mind like this, but suddenly, Jungkook’s scent is everywhere, engulfing all of his senses, surrounding him like a thick fog, and Jimin can no longer think coherently. 


There’s something untamed and primal about the way Jungkook scents him, like his instincts have completely taken over. Normally when they scent each other, it’s a sweet and affectionate gesture, but this is almost aggressive , as if Jungkook is doing it in pure desperation, unable to control his urges. His hands fly to Jimin’s slender waist, pulling the omega towards him so that their bodies are pressed together. A little whimper claws its way out of Jimin’s mouth as he melts into the embrace, legs almost buckling beneath him, his omega completely and utterly overwhelmed by the other male’s frantic advances. 


Jimin’s not entirely sure how long it goes on for, since his mind is dazed and delirious with the rush of hormones that ensue after Jungkook scoops him up into his arms, but he soon finds himself drifting back into consciousness and becoming vaguely aware that Jungkook is staggering away from him. He blinks, a little dumbfounded. It’s rare for him to be so consumed with the impulse to surrender himself to Jungkook like that, to be so intoxicated by the alpha’s scent that it detaches him from reality, like being in a trance. It’s somehow frightening yet titillating all at once.


After finally regaining his composure, he narrows his eyes at Jungkook, his face set into a scowl. “What the hell was that?” he demands. 


The alpha hangs his head in shame. “I’m sorry,” he just about manages to choke out, words laced with guilt, “I don’t even know what came over me but—fuck, I just had to, hyung.” He looks up at Jimin sheepishly, his eyes pleading with the elder to understand. “I wanted to do it for so long...I couldn’t wait any longer. I really am sorry for startling you.”


He sounds so sincere it makes Jimin’s chest ache. “What’s gotten into you, huh?” he asks, his tone a little softer now. “You’ve been acting weird all day. I thought you were mad at me or something.”


Jungkook starts to pace up and down. He heaves a sigh and runs his hands over his face in exasperation, frustrated with himself. “I’m not angry at you, Jimin. If anything, I’m angry at myself . I know that I should be able to control myself better but it’s just so difficult...I couldn’t even stay calm...I felt like such an idiot .” Throughout his rant, he’d managed to rile himself up again. He groans and flops down onto the bed. 


Jimin is beside him in an instant, crawling onto the bed and hooking his leg over Jungkook’s thigh, nuzzling his head into the alpha’s chest. “It’s okay,” he soothes, “Just tell me what’s wrong. Take your time.” He reaches for Jungkook’s hand and intertwines their fingers, his thumb gently grazing over the younger boy’s knuckle in an effort to comfort him.


Jungkook takes a deep breath to try and regulate his erratic breathing before he begins to speak. “Do you have any idea how difficult it is have to watch people throw themselves at you?” 


Jimin cocks his head to the side. “You mean Wonho and Jackson? Babe, come on, you know that was all just a show for the cameras, it didn’t mean anything—”


“Yeah, I know it was all for the cameras, but that doesn’t make it any easier for me, you know? And the way they were looking at you...oh my god, I couldn’t stand it. They were totally undressing you with their eyes, staring at you like you were just some piece of fuckin’ meat .” He spits out the word like its poison in his tongue, his voice rising the more worked up he gets. “They kept getting so close to you— too close. I dunno how I stopped myself from going up there and ripping their throats out ‘cause I can’t even tell you how much I wanted to.”




“When you came backstage before the performance I couldn’t even be close to you because I knew if I smelled them on you I’d lose my mind. And then when we got in the car, you sat next to me and all I could think about was how you just didn’t smell like you anymore and I wanted to fix it so badly but I knew I couldn’t because I didn’t want you to think I was being too...intense, I guess?”


“—babe, it’s okay—”


“And the thing is, it wasn’t even just Wonho and Jackson. Everyone in that studio today wanted you. I mean—fuck, I get it, I really do. You’re amazing and beautiful and mesmerising but I hate that I have to share you. I know that probably sounds weird and creepy and I feel so stupid ‘cause I know I should be able to handle it better but—”


He doesn’t get to finish his sentence because Jimin shuts him up with a kiss. It’s soft and chaste, just a peck really. But it’s enough to calm Jungkook down, his tensed up body immediately relaxing, his agitated alpha instantly placated, something sweet trickling into his scent. 


“You’re kinda cute when you’re all flustered like that,” Jimin murmurs against Jungkook’s lips as he threads his fingers through the latter’s hair before caressing his cheek. 


Jungkook huffs. “It’s not cute. It’s embarrassing . Everyone always says that alphas are supposed to be mature and level headed—like Namjoon. But I’m nothing like that. Jimin, as soon as someone gets too close to you or looks at you a certain way I can’t even think straight. And the fact we can’t tell the rest of the world we’re together makes it so much harder, because people would back off if they knew. I just...I wish I was better at this.”


Jimin understands. It’s already hard enough trying to navigate the complexities of a newly formed relationship without having to do so in secret. The threat of being exposed and having their careers tarnished overnight looms over them constantly like a dark, ominous raincloud. Of course, the rest of the members and other trusted friends and family are aware of their relationship, but they can’t risk too many people knowing since there’s just too much at stake. And on top of that, their raging hormones don’t exactly make the process any easier, either.


“I know it’s hard,” Jimin nods, “But it will get easier. Besides, it’s totally normal for alphas to be territorial, so don’t be too hard on yourself. And to be fair, you’re a lot better than you used to be. Remember when you first presented? You used to growl at Namjoon and Yoongi whenever they so much as looked in my direction, and I’m pretty sure you were ready to fight Taehyung at one point for hugging me, and he’s not even an alpha.” 


Jimin chuckles fondly at the memory, but Jungkook groans in mortification. 


“Please don’t remind me of that,” he whines, “I’m already embarrassed enough right now.”


Jimin shifts so that he’s straddling Jungkook’s waist. He then leans down and plants a lingering kiss to Jungkook’s lips. “What I’m trying to say is, you’re doing really well, okay? I know that it’s uncomfortable for you at times but you always manage to keep your composure, for the most part. And not gonna lie, it’s kinda sexy seeing you get all possessive and jealous from time to time.”


Jimin swears that he sees Jungkook’s mouth twitch with the ghost of a smirk, but it vanishes as fleetingly as it came. His expression changes to a more serious one, and his shy gaze flickers up to meet Jimin’s. He hesitates before speaking. “I just think I would feel better if we were mated, you know?” He watches Jimin carefully to gauge his reaction. 


Jungkook’s honesty takes the omega by surprise. They’ve discussed the prospect of lifelong commitment before, albeit briefly. And it’s not that Jimin doesnt want that—because, quite frankly, he’s never wanted anything more in his entire life—but they’ve worked too hard for too long to get to this stage in their careers, and taking such a big step like that would make all those years of hard work pointless. It’s so ridiculously unfair, but there are certain sacrifices that need to be made in order to be an idol, and unfortunately, this just happens to be one of them. 


“You know how much I want that,” Jimin says with a long, wistful sigh, “But we’ve talked about it before. Right now, that’s just not possible for us.” Jungkook’s face immediately falls, and Jimin’s heart wrenches with guilt. “And anyway,” he continues, “I don’t need a mark on my neck to prove anything, because I’m already all yours.”


At the end of the day, even though Jimin is flattered by—and frequently basks in—all of the attention he receives from others, there’s only one person who he really, genuinely wants to impress—and that’s Jungkook. The alpha is clearly pleased by this, as his wide eyes sparkle with interest at Jimin’s remark.


“Yeah, you’re all mine,” He hums approvingly, his large hands coming to rest on Jimin’s thighs, gently squeezing the soft flesh beneath his fingertips—reverent in his touch. 


Jungkook’s hands on him sends sparks of electricity coursing through Jimin’s veins. Perhaps it’s because they haven't been able to enjoy each other’s bodies in so long due to how busy and downright exhausted they’ve been recently, but arousal is already burning like hot coals in the pit of Jimin’s stomach, the spicy tang of lust already dripping into his scent.


“You know what I kept thinking about today?” Jimin whispers huskily into Jungkook’s ear, as if they’re exchanging a secret, whilst he slowly grinds his hips down to rub their crotches together. 


Jungkook gasps at the contact, his grip on Jimin’s legs immediately tightening. The shift in the atmosphere is palpable. It makes Jimin’s nerves tingle with anticipation. 


“Kept thinking about the way you looked at me while I was getting my makeup done,” Jimin purrs, peppering kisses along the alpha’s neck as he shivers beneath him, “Like you wanted to just wreck me .”


Jungkook’s hands slide to Jimin’s waist and he begins to steer the omega’s hips back and forth, controlling the pace of his movements. They both hiss at the delicious friction of their lower bodies sliding together, and the alpha’s small display of dominance has Jimin’s head spinning.   


“God, yes,” Jungkook nods feverishly as his dark eyes glaze over with desire, “Wanted you so fucking badly.”


“I thought about letting you have me right there, backstage where we could easily get caught,” Jimin rolls his hips with a little more vigour now, emboldened by the way Jungkook is responding to him. “I wanted you to just take me somewhere and fuck me so hard.”


A groan rumbles deep in Jungkook’s chest and his eyes flutter closed. Jimin is saying all the right things and it’s on the verge of driving him crazy. 


“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Jimin carries on, depositing a trail of kisses along Jungkook’s jaw and the column of his neck, enjoying the way he can feel the alpha’s pulse quicken beneath his lips. “Fucking me full of your cum just before I have to go on stage. I bet it would make you feel so good knowing it was trickling out of me while I was up there—you’d be the only one knowing it was dripping down my legs, making a mess of me.”


Jungkook’s eyes instantly ping open at that, staring up at Jimin with a slaw jawed expression. “ Fuck , baby,” he gasps incredulously, “Gets me so fucking hot when you talk like that.”


Jimin just giggles cutely at how his dirty talk is able to excite Jungkook so easily. The arousal in the alpha’s scent is so potent it’s beginning to make him feel dizzy, his inhibitions long forgotten. Jungkook is groping his ass now, his fingertips digging into the flesh in a way that’s almost certain to leave bruises behind. The knowledge that his body will undoubtedly be littered with marks after tonight has Jimin’s omega practically swooning, and soon enough he finds himself grinding against Jungkook with a sense of urgency, dry humping him like a horny teenager with no sense of self control.


Jungkook just lies still, allowing Jimin to use his body in whatever way he wishes. It’s quite an adorable sight, watching the omega pleasure himself like this. His small fists are clutching Jungkook’s shoulders for leverage, his pretty features scrunched in bliss and little wanton mewls falling from his lips. He can feel Jungkook hardening underneath him and the sensation is somehow too much and not enough all at once. 


Curious, Jungkook dips his hand beneath the waistband of Jimin’s underwear, slipping a finger between his asscheeks to prod at his hole. He’s surprised to find that a decent amount of slick has gathered there, some of it oozing down the omega’s inner thighs and soaking into the thin material of his jeans. 


“Oh my god,” he inhales sharply, suddenly hyper aware of how powerful Jimin’s scent is, of the needy pheromones he’s emitting, “You’re leaking so much already. Are you that desperate for my cock, baby?”


There’s a teasing lilt to his voice and Jimin whines brokenly in response.    


“I’m not desperate,” Jimin denies petulantly, in a weak attempt to preserve at least some of his dignity, just before Jungkook is dragging him downward so that their lips meet in a searing hot kiss. 


It’s more teeth than lips, and although it lacks finesse, it’s enough to get them both even more worked up. When Jimin pulls away he’s panting, half delirious with want. He starts to fumble with the bottom of Jungkook’s oversized sweater, whining frustratedly when the alpha doesn’t help him remove it. 


“Off,” Jimin hastily tugs at the garment, “I want it off.”


Jungkook smirks but doesn’t waste time in indulging him, sitting up a little so that he can pull the sweater over his head. Jimin has seen the alpha naked so many times before that he’s lost count. He’s familiar with every crevice and curve of the younger boy’s toned physique, but even so, he doesn’t think he’ll ever tire of seeing Jungkook shirtless.


The countless hours he spends in the gym are very clearly evidenced by his chiselled chest and defined abs. Jimin has a particular weakness for his arms; he ogles the alpha’s biceps as they pull taut beneath his tan skin, fantasising about Jungkook pinning him down to the bed and forcing Jimin to submit, to be completely at his mercy. He feels more slick drip down his legs at the thought. He knows that Jungkook senses it because something akin to a growl rips from his chest, and Jimin’s omega immediately reacts with a whimper of submission. 


“You’re so fucking hot,” Jimin can’t help but say. He doesn’t tend to praise Jungkook all that much. And it’s not because he isn’t completely in awe of his boyfriend, because he is. It’s just that knows alphas can get obnoxiously arrogant if their egos are pampered too much, and he’d prefer to keep Jungkook as humble as possible. But still, it would be a crime not to compliment beauty every now and again—he is drop dead gorgeous, an absolute heartthrob, and Jimin feels so lucky to be with him. “Wanna suck you off,” he moans, hands shaking as he starts to unbuckle the alpha’s belt as fast as he can. 


The cocky grin that spreads on Jungkook’s face has Jimin playfully rolling his eyes. Jungkook runs his hands up and down the omega’s sides, eyes twinkling with mirth. “I thought you said you weren't desperate?” he laughs. 


“Okay, maybe I am a little desperate,” Jimin concedes, pride be damned. Seeing Jungkook get so protective over him had affected his omega way more than he cared to admit. He’s horny out of his mind right now and he genuinely feels like he might die if he doesn’t get to taste Jungkook’s cock soon. He pulls down Jungkook’s jeans with all his strength, and the alpha raises his hips to facilitate the removal. He gets rid of Jungkook’s boxers next, sucking in a breath when his thick cock springs free. Like so many other things about himself, Jungkook is extremely modest about his size—heaven knows he could brag about it if he really wanted to. Jimin looks down at the younger’s throbbing length and feels his own cock twitch, heat licking up his spine. He scrambles to rid himself of his own clothing but all of a sudden Jungkook is grabbing hold of his wrists, halting him. 


“Not so fast, baby. Why don’t you...put on a little show for me?” Jungkook suggests. His seductive tone of voice makes warmth spread all over Jimin’s body like wildfire. 


It takes Jimin’s brain a few seconds to register what his boyfriend is alluding to. “You mean, like, strip for you?” Jimin clarifies with a quirked brow—a little taken aback, but not entirely opposed to the idea.


Jungkook nods slowly. “You just look so amazing in that outfit and... god , I wanna see it so bad. Wanna see you be good for me.” 


Jungkook is playing dirty, because he knows fine well a comment like that will send Jimin’s omega into a frenzy. It’s not that Jimin needs much convincing, though. His omega doesn’t have the strength to deny Jungkook of anything, and if he’s being totally honest with himself, the idea of performing a striptease turns him on a ridiculous amount. In fact, given all the kinky territory they’ve explored together, Jimin is quite shocked (and maybe even a little disappointed) that they haven’t done this already. He loves taking full advantage of any opportunity to drive his alpha wild with desire.


“Okay,” he breathes, reluctantly tearing himself away from Jungkook to stand at the foot of the bed. 


Jungkook’s body is sprawled on top of the sheets in all of its naked glory; he’s propping himself up on his elbows, lazily fisting at his cock to keep himself hard. He looks so sexy without even trying, and if Jimin wasn’t so focused on the task at hand he would take a few moments to marvel at him. 


Jimin clears his throat and begins to slowly shrug off his blazer. His insides are suddenly knotted with nerves although he can’t possibly fathom why—maybe it has something to do with the predatory way Jungkook is staring at him, or how intense this intimate situation feels. He can go on stage in front of thousands of people and not feel even the slightest bit anxious, yet standing before his boyfriend like this makes him strangely apprehensive. Shy , even. 


Jungkook must be able to tell he’s feeling a little out of sorts, because his alpha is releasing calming pheromones a moment later. It helps to make Jimin feel at ease straight away. 


“You’re so stunning, it’s unbelievable,” Jungkook says breathily, his hungry eyes raking over Jimin, drinking him in. “I swear I have the best view in the entire world right now.”


Jungkook is always showering him with compliments, the hopeless romantic that he is. You’d have thought Jimin would be used to it by now, however he still gets butterflies whenever Jungkook spoils him with flattering remarks. 


“Mine isn’t too bad either,” he replies cutely, just as his blazer hits the ground with a very faint thud.


It’s true—Jungkook really is a vision, looking like he’s in the middle of a Vogue cover shoot with his handsome lopsided smile and lightly tousled hair. His fingers are still curled around his cock, his thumb teasing at the leaking slit in a way that makes him groan softly. Watching Jungkook pleasure himself has Jimin feeling like he’s on the very brink of insanity. 


He reminds himself that he can ride his gorgeous boyfriend’s cock to his heart’s content later, but right now he has a job to do and he can’t afford to get distracted. 


Fixing Jungkook with his hooded gaze, he runs his hands under his blouse, the silky material riding up to expose his stomach. Jungkook watches him like a hawk as he pulls the expensive shirt over his head, leaving his top half bare, save from the glittery choker hugging his neck. One of his dainty hands goes to his chest, the pad his index finger circling the ring of pigmented skin surrounding his nipple. He begins to pinch the sensitive bud with his thumb and forefinger, his head falling back as he whines at the sensation. Of course, he’s totally exaggerating how good it feels in order to make this whole experience more entertaining for Jungkook; it definitely seems to be working, judging by the way the alpha’s breathing turns ragged. 


When he looks back at Jungkook, there’s a devilish glint in his eyes and he’s biting his bottom lip in a sort of oops, how naughty of me type of way. 


“Such a tease,” the alpha grunts.


“Isn’t that the whole point of this?” Jimin retorts cheekily as he kicks off his shoes. 


“No, I mean y-yes, but— fuck , baby.”


Jimin’s ego is about to burst with pride knowing he’s capable of transforming his boyfriend into a flustered, babbling idiot. It’s not very often that he finds himself in a position of dominance in the bedroom, and the imbalance of power goes straight to his head. He adores being watched, loves it when Jungkook fawns over him like this. It’s so easy to get lost in the headiness of it all. 


He removes his jeans next, going ridiculously slow because he knows it’ll make it all the more agonising for Jungkook. Once they’re fully off, he palms the bulge that has formed at the front of his underwear, his plump lips parting in a soft gasp. 


“‘M so hard, Kookie,” he whimpers, batting his eyelashes in faux innocence. “So wet for you.”


It requires all of Jungkook’s mental strength to not bend the teasing minx over the bed and fuck him into oblivion right this second. By some miracle he manages to restrain himself, staying put long enough to see Jimin clamber back onto the mattress, his hips swaying as he crawls towards him in an almost feline manner. Jimin rests back on his haunches, reaching behind his head to unclasp the choker he’s wearing. 


“No, keep it on,” Jungkook licks his lips, almost embarrassed by how eager he sounds. “It’ll look hot when I’m fucking you.”


Jimin thinks that Jungkook’s request is a little odd, but he agrees with a shrug regardless. He then shuffles forward on his knees until his crotch is only inches away from Jungkook’s face. 


“Um, babe, I think you forgot about these,” the alpha says snarkily, gesturing to Jimin’s underwear. 


“Take them off,” Jimin commands. 


Jungkook is only too happy to comply, instantly reaching up to grab hold of the waistband. To his dismay, the omega bats his hands away with a shake of his head, and Jungkook glares up at him with a scrunched brow as if to say, what the hell are you doing ?


“No hands,” he says with a wicked little giggle. He knows that he’s pushing it, that Jungkook’s docility will only last so long, but still, there’s a certain kind of thrill that comes with testing the waters like this, to discover just how much the alpha will let him get away with. 


The rush of arousal that floods his scent betrays Jungkook’s guise of annoyance. He exhales through his nose, lips pursed in apparent displeasure. “You’re gonna pay for teasing me like this, you know that, right?” he asks. 


“Of course I do,” Jimin sing-songs. He’s only acting like such a brat because he knows Jungkook won’t hesitate to punish him for it. But he has a sneaking suspicion that the alpha is already well aware of his motives. “For now, be a good boy and do as hyung says, yeah?”


Jungkook glowers up at him, hardly delighted to be coerced into obedience like this. He lets Jimin have his way though, leaning forward so that he can latch onto the top of Jimin’s boxers with his teeth. It’s a little humiliating, having to remove them like this, and he feels his face burn as he starts to pull the elastic down. It’s a lot more difficult than he expected it to be, however he’s not one to shy away from a challenge. Jimin observes Jungkook’s struggle with a smug grin, cooing at the light blush dusting the younger’s cheeks, endeared by his obvious embarrassment. 


After a couple of minutes, Jungkook finally succeeds: he gives the tight material one last tug with his teeth. Luckily it works, and he makes a triumphant noise when Jimin’s swollen cock is freed. 


“That wasn’t so hard now, was it?” Jimin croons. He’s enjoying being a cocky little shit far too much. 


“You’re unbelievable sometimes,” the younger grumbles indignantly, “Can’t wait to put you back in your place.”


“Oh, I’d like to see you tr— ahh !”


Jimin’s voice tapers off into a whine as Jungkook begins to mouth at his balls before laving his tongue over the scent gland situated in his inner thighs. 


“Fuck,” the omega curses under his breath, eyes rolling into the back of his head.


Jungkook rarely ever sucks him off. It’s not that Jimin doesn’t like it, he just prefers the alpha to stimulate him in other ways. Having said that, he definitely doesn’t protest when the brunette gives his cockhead a kittenish lick before taking the pink tip into his mouth and suckling. 


Oh , Jungkook, that’s— ah !” 


Jungkook swallows more of his length easily and Jimin buries his hands into the alpha’s dark hair, pulling at the strands woven through his fingers as he moans, loud and unabashed. Jungkook’s mouth is a hot, velvety vice around him, and Jimin can’t help but instinctively snap his hips forward to bury himself in deeper. The intense pleasure gradually builds in his stomach, spreading throughout his limbs like a roaring flame, until his whole body is trembling from how good it feels. Unfortunately, it’s short lived because Jungkook is pulling off all too soon when a lewd pop sound. 


“Turn around,” he orders, a little breathless, “Want you to sit on my face.”


Jimin frowns a little in disappointment, but Jungkook is so blunt in his demand and the omega knows better than to argue. Besides, the offer of having his ass rimmed is far too tempting to refuse. Jimin scrambles to get into the correct position, almost falling onto his face in his haste to oblige. If he wasn’t already so comfortable with Jungkook, he’d feel ever so slightly ashamed of his eagerness. 


Whilst Jimin rearranges himself so that his knees are bracketing either side of Jungkook’s waist, the alpha takes a second to admire the view; the beautiful curve of Jimin’s spine, the way his tiny waist slopes inward, giving way to the voluptuous swell of his ass; so perfectly proportioned, so flawlessly sculpted that it takes Jungkook’s breath away. As Jimin carefully lowers himself down, Jungkook wastes no time in grabbing hold of his cheeks and pulling them apart to reveal his little pink hole. There’s so much slick dripping from the taut ring of muscle that it’s practically obscene.


“You really are so wet right now,,” Jungkook says in amazement. He uses two fingers to smear the sticky fluid across Jimin’s skin and the latter quivers almost violently at the contact. “Did it get you all worked up, having your way with me like that?”


He licks at a trail of slick that has dripped down to Jimin’s perineum, chuckling at the way the omega mewls like a kitten in response. Jimin tries to say something witty in retaliation but the words get tangled on his tongue, a high pitched moan slipping out instead.


“What, you can’t even talk?” Jungkook sneers. “I’ve barely even touched you and you’re already a mess.”


Seeing as though Jimn is in no condition to speak, he decides to put his mouth to use another way. Hearing Jungkook moan in surprise when he leans down to close his lips over the alpha’s cock is the sweetest revenge he could’ve hoped for.


“Hmm, such a good omega. I didn’t even have to tell you what to do.” 


Jimin is in a complete dilemma with himself—his omega is desperate to please, even more so now that he’s been encouraged by the alpha’s praise, but his human side is naturally more stubborn and not as easily conquered. He resorts to teasing, as he so often does: he licks at the tip of Jungkook’s cock as if he’s shy, tonguing at the slit in a way that’s bound to drive him mad. 


Just when Jimin thinks he’s gotten the upper hand, Jungkook is swirling his tongue around his entrance, lapping up slick like it’s spun sugar and he wants to taste every last bit of it. Jimin’s legs shudder and he groans around a mouthful of cock. He forces his head down, taking in as much of Jungkook as he possibly can. He gags as the tip hits the back of his throat, his vision blurry with tears. He knows that his makeup is going to end up smudged but Jungkook likes it when he looks a little dishevelled and fucked out so he doesn’t really mind.


His jaw aches as he stretches it to accommodate the the alpha’s girth, although he’s more than willing to endure the dull throb if it means making Jungkook feel good. He wraps his hand around the length he’s unable to fit into his mouth, pumping it in tandem with the bobs of his head, squeezing the shaft on every upwards motion of his wrist. Jungkook appears to really like that, if his low hums of approval are anything to go by. Jimin’s body heats up with a warm rush of satisfaction, his omega sated by the knowledge Jungkook is pleased with him.


The alpha licks up the crevice between his cheeks, focusing his attention around Jimin’s hole to coax him into relaxing his muscles. It works like a charm, which is no surprise since he knows how to work Jimin’s body better than Jimin does himself. His skilled tongue zig-zags over the bundle of nerves around Jimin’s rim, causing a symphony of soft, muffled moans to fill the air. Jimin thinks he can see stars when the alpha sucks at his entrance before slowly edging the pointed tip of his tongue inside, breaching the initial stubborn ring of muscle with ease. He delves it in a little deeper, swirling it around Jimin’s walls and groaning as a new wave of slick drips straight onto his tongue, some of it dribbling down his already coated chin. 


It gets harder and harder for Jimin to concentrate on the blowjob he’s currently in the middle of performing when Jungkook removes his tongue from Jimin’s hole and replaces it with his finger, driving it in all the way up to his knuckle. Jimin clenches around the digit, almost choking on the cock lodged down his throat when the alpha inserts another, which is met with a little resistance before it eventually slips right in thanks to all the slick Jimin is producing. 


“So tight,” Jungkook groans as he wiggles his fingers in a way that has Jimin twitching uncontrollably, “How are you always this fucking tight for me, baby?”


He works his fingers in and out for a while, loosening Jimin up. He peppers open mouthed kisses over the omega’s thighs before hooking his fingers at just the right angle, locating Jimin’s prostate within seconds. The sudden pressure against his sweet spot very nearly sends Jimin over the edge. He pulls off Jungkook’s cock with a yelp. 


“Who said you could stop, huh?” Jungkook chides with a disapproving tut. He uses his free hand to deliver a smack to Jimin’s ass. The latter recoils from the impact, his mouth falling open in a silent moan. The sting that ensues is soon relieved as Jungkook massages the sore red skin, alleviating the ache he had only just inflicted. The heady mix of pain and pleasure is so intense it makes Jimin feel woozy. “I thought you were being good for me, hm? Are you not gonna be good?”


There’s absolutely no doubt about it, Jungkook is doing this deliberately. Jimin’s omega is utterly distraught at the idea of not meeting his alpha’s expectations, of leaving him unsatisfied. And Jungkook, being well aware of the effect his words have on Jimin, is selfishly playing right into it. 


“You’re being unfair,” Jimin sulks, his lips twisting into a petulant pout. 


“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Jungkook replies, feigning ignorance, which only infuriates Jimin even more. 


“When you say things like that— ah , fuck, right there —you know exactly what it does to me. Know I can’t control it.”


“Do you want me to stop?” 


He sounds genuinely concerned, like he’s worried that he’s overstepped some kind of boundary. Which is ridiculous, really, because they’ve been together long enough now to establish each other’s limits, and Jungkook using Jimin’s omega instincts to his own advantage is pretty damn tame compared to other stuff they’ve done in the past. And yet, he still feels obligated to check that Jimin is okay, that what he’s doing is definitely consensual, since he values his boyfriend’s trust and comfort above everything else.


“You’re way too sweet to me, you know,” Jimin grits out, as coherently as he can for somebody who currently has two fingers pressed up against his prostate, “But no, fuck —I don’t want you to stop. You should know by now that I love it when you go all alpha on me.”


“Hmm, that’s true.” Jungkook laughs, “You like to pretend that you’re too feisty to submit but your scent always says otherwise.”


Jimin doesn’t even bother to deny it. 


“Anyway, I can’t focus on sucking your cock when you’re doing that ,” he whinges.


Jungkook pushes a third finger in alongside the two already nestled inside the omega’s tight heat, licking his lips at the lewd squelching noises as he scissors his open. The intrusion steals the air from Jimin’s lungs. 


“You’re such a pillow princess,” Jungkook accuses, although it’s playful. “Always making me do all the work.”


“I am not!” Jimin retorts, offended.


“Oh yeah? Why don’t you prove it by riding me then? I’ll just sit back and enjoy it while you work up a sweat for once.”


“Alright then,” Jimin agrees without a second of hesitation, determined to prove his boyfriend wrong. Yeah, okay, maybe Jimin likes to be taken care of a tad bit more than the average person does, but he is definitely not lazy . He’s appalled that Jungkook would ever imply such a thing, even if he is probably just joking to get a rise out of him.


Jungkook pulls his fingers free so that they can reposition themselves and Jimin hates the emptiness that follows. He swivels himself round so that he’s facing Jungkook, shuffling back a little until he’s hovering over the alpha’s cock. He reaches behind and takes hold of it, making sure it’s aligned with his entrance before he ever so slowly sinks down. 


He winces at the feeling of being stretched. It’s not entirely unpleasant, however the sting is worse than he anticipated it to be. Even though Jungkook had three fingers buried inside him barely a minute beforehand, the sheer size of him is still a lot—a little too much, in fact. Jimin knows that soon enough the pain will subside and become pleasure, but that doesn’t make the process of sheathing himself on Jungkook’s cock any easier. 


“You okay?” Jungkook asks, visibly concerned. He puts his hands on Jimin’s waist, using his thumb to massage circles into the jut of his hipbones. 


“I’m fine,” Jimin squeaks, “It really doesn’t hurt that much. It’s just...God, did you get bigger since the last time we had sex or something?”


“We haven’t had sex in a while,” the other male reminds him. It has been a pretty long time since they last slept together due to how busy they’ve been over comeback season. They’ve barely had a moment to themselves over the last few weeks. “I guess you just need a while to get used to me again.”


It’s a slow ride to the hilt. Jimin drops down inch by inch with his teeth clamped over bottom lip to smother his mewls and whimpers. When he finally bottoms out, they both moan in unison. Jimin doesn’t move for a minute to get used to the feeling, and although Jungkook’s hips are itching to buck upwards, he forces himself to keep still, knowing that the omega’s body needs some time to adjust to his shape. 


After a while Jimin starts to experimentally roll his hips. The slight friction makes Jungkook inhale sharply, his scent getting stronger. The omega continues to gently rock back and forth until he’s found a pace he’s comfortable with. The warmth of Jungkook’s cock inside him makes him feel deliciously full. Sparks of pleasure splinter through his limbs, making his toes curl. He lifts himself up almost all the way, only to immediately drop back down, his ass landing flush against the alpha’s thighs. He repeats this motion over and over, steadily gaining momentum. 


“Just like that, Jimin, oh my god.” Jungkook gasps, “Keep bouncing like that, baby. Always ride me so fuckin’ good.”


The praise spurs Jimin on. He gyrates his hips with newfound enthusiasm, devoting all of his energy to it till he’s on the verge of overexerting himself. Beads of perspiration are beginning to cling to his forehead, his movements becoming sloppier and less coordinated since he’s losing stamina. He doesn’t give up though, ignoring the protests of his spent muscles. 


“Pretty sure I can feel you in my s-stomach,” he says inbetween pants. “You’re so big , Jungkook. Always fill me up so well. Feels like you’re gonna t-tear me apart.”


Jungkook grabs at his ass, squeezing the flesh roughly. “Fuck. I’m not gonna be able to hold back if you keep saying things like that.”


“Maybe I don’t want you to hold back,” Jimin says coyly, goading him. “Maybe I want you to lose control a little.”


Jungkook gapes at him like he can’t quite believe what he’s saying. “Seriously? Is that really what you want?”


“I can tell that you’re always afraid of really letting go around me. And I love how caring and attentive you are, I really do, but I want you to know that it’s okay to lose yourself sometimes. I’m not as fragile as you think, babe. I’m not gonna break, I promise. Just want you to fuck me and use me however you want.”


It’s like Jimin’s words rouse something in Jungkook, awakening a part of him that he’s never tapped into before. He pulls Jimin into a kiss, his tongue sweeping across the former’s bottom lip before drags his teeth along it. The omega moans wantonly into Jungkook’s mouth as he pistons his hips upward, plunging his cock in deeper and hitting Jimin’s prostate with expert precision. 


Jimin slumps against him, more than happy to let Jungkook take over. The alpha fucks into him faster and faster, digging his heels into the mattress to steady himself as he thrusts in and out like his life depends on it. Jimin cries out in euphoria, feeling like his orgasm is lingering just on the periphery. Before he can even start to chase his climax, though, Jungkook is flipping them over, handling Jimin like a ragdoll. His eyes have clouded over with an emotion Jimin doesn’t quite recognise, his scent so all-consuming it renders the omega speechless. 


“Looked so beautiful today, no one could keep their eyes off you. But only I get to see you come apart like this, right? Only I get to fuck your greedy little hole loose and sloppy, yeah?”


Jimin shivers at the possessiveness in Jungkook’s voice. He just nods along, too overwhelmed to contribute anything other than the odd moan and gasp. Jungkook’s hands slide down Jimin’s sides, pulling the smaller boy’s waist upwards so that he can fuck him deeper, ramming his cock in as far as their positioning will allow.


“You’re always so tight ,” Jungkook’s grinding into Jimin a little faster now, his balls smacking against the former’s ass. “Swallow me up so good every single time. Like your body was made for me. Yeah, your hole was just made for me to fuck, wasn’t it? It’s mine, always fuckin’ has been.”


“Y-yours,” Jimin chokes out in agreement, refusing to meet Jungkook's eyes. 


Jungkook grabs hold of his face, fingertips squeezing his chubby cheeks. He roughly turns Jimin’s head towards him so that their eyes are forced to meet. “Want you to look at me when you say it.”


“I'm yours !” he sobs, fisting at the blankets as Jungkook thrusts deeply into his stretched out hole.


“That's right,” Jungkook pants, leaning down to whisper directly in Jimin’s ear, his hot breath flowing down his neck, causing goosebumps to erupt across Jimin’s clammy skin. “Hyung belongs to me .”


 Jungkook’s tongue drags along the shell, dipping into the crevice before he takes the lobe into his mouth, sucking and grazing his teeth along the soft flesh. Jimin shudders, his hands clawing at Jungkook’s back, nails digging into his tan skin so hard they leave behind imprints in the shape of crescent moons. He can feel himself leak more and more slick, the bedsheets no doubt soiled with it all. He’s far too blissed out to even consider how high the dry cleaning bill will be right now though. Jungkook then buries his head into Jimin’s neck, scenting him before nipping at the skin with his teeth, marking him up. Jungkook’s gums ache with the urge to bite, and Jimin shivers at the phantom sensation of the alpha’s teeth sinking into his flesh to claim him.


Resting against his lower stomach, Jimin’s neglected cock lays red and swollen, jerking each time Jungkook fucks into him. The blushing head is weeping, precum dripping down the pulsating length. Unable to restrain himself any longer, he reaches down to touch himself, only for Jungkook to bat his hand away. 


“Did I say you were allowed to do that, huh?” Jungkook emits something like a snarl, cackling wickedly when Jimin cries out in frustration. “Thought you were so big and clever earlier, didn’t you? Teasing me like that. Well now I’m calling the shots, okay? You’ll cum when I say you can. Gonna let me use you like a fucktoy until I’ve had enough, aren’t you?”


Jimin has no choice but to comply, nodding as a single tear races down his ruddy cheek. His climax has been building for so long now that he’s half delirious, yet still lucid enough to anticipate it, knows that it’ll make him come apart at the seams. The bedframe smacks against the wall on a particularly hard thrust, the two of them letting out an elongated groan as their bodies move together in sync. Jungkook’s hand comes up to wrap around Jimin’s neck, applying just enough pressure to make him writhe. Jungkook feels him gulp against his palm, breath hitching in his throat. 


Jimin’s eyes widen because they’ve never experimented with asphyxiation before, but perhaps what is more surprising than Jungkook’s boldness is the way the omega’s body responds to being so vulnerable. The wave of arousal that washes over him is literally mind-numbing. He loves how vulnerable it makes him feel.


“So perfect,” Jungkook murmurs, tightening his grip ever so slightly. It’s not enough to properly choke him, but it has Jimin’s heart racing in exhilaration nonetheless. “Always have been and always will be mine . Not gonna share you anymore, hyung. Not gonna let anyone else even look at you.”


Jimin makes a high-pitched mewl in affirmation, not trusting his ability to produce a coherent sentence right now. Pleased with his response, Jungkook retracts his hand from Jimin’s neck and instead grabs at the pits of his knees, pushing his legs back until he’s practically bent in half. The new position makes it easier for him to hit Jimin’s prostate dead on, drilling into him relentlessly until Jimin’s tensing up, an indication that he’s close. The alpha grabs hold of Jimin’s cock, stroking it in an effort to milk his orgasm out of him.


“Are you gonna cum, baby? You’re so close, I can tell,” he purrs, “Gonna be a good omega and cum for me, yeah?”


Jungkook is unsparing, jackhammering his cock into Jimin’s abused rim until the blonde is shaking as his orgasm erupts. It’s more intense than he could’ve ever imagined, rippling through him in waves as white lines shoot from his slit, splattering across his tummy. He’s pretty sure he sees stars, almost blacking out in the process before coming back down to reality, chest heaving as he struggles to regulate his breathing.


“Fuck,” he wails, shuddering through the aftershocks. Jungkook is still ploughing into him with all his might, enthusiastically chasing his own climax. Jimin’s spent cock flails helplessly between their bodies as he squirms in oversensitivity. Jungkook pulls almost all the way out before ramming his cock back into Jimin’s clenching hole, the motion so powerful it makes a wet, lewd squelching sound. He repeats it over and over, slamming into Jimin like an animal. The latter finds himself half expecting Jungkook to knot him, despite the fact they’ve never done that before. The strange wave of disappointment that hits when Jungkook pulls out makes Jimin bleat pathetically. 


Jungkook finishes himself off with his hand, fisting at his length until he finally comes with a low, guttural moan, spilling his load over Jimin’s quivering tummy beneath him. He smiles, satisfied because his omega finally smells like him, his scent wrapped around Jimin like a blanket. 


They collapse in a heap, a tangled mess of naked limbs, with Jimin curled up agaisnt Jungkook’s side. It’s sticky, with all the cum, slick and sweat, but neither of them can be bothered to move just yet, quite content to lay in their mess. After their ragged breaths have subsided, Jungkook rolls out of bed to fetch something to clean them up with. Jimin whines and holds his hands out, silently asking for a hug. Jungkook has to hold back an almost aggressive urge to coo.


“I’ll cuddle you in a second,” he laughs, before disappearing into the bathroom. 


Jungkook reenters a minute later,  yawning loudly and scratching at his unruly hair. As he approaches the bed, he notices that Jimin is curled up in a fetal position, clutching the blankets tightly to his chest, shivering like the temperature in the room has dropped below freezing.


“Are you cold, baby?” he asks as he slips back underneath the covers. It’s difficult to see Jimin clearly in the dim light of the room, but the pale, silvery moonlight illuminates his face just enough for Jungkook to make out the tears shimmering in his eyes. “Wait, are you crying?”


He immediately scoops Jimin up into his arms, cradling him against his chest. The unexpected affection only serves to make Jimin more upset. He buries his head into Jungkook’s shoulder as quiet sobs shake his body, scenting the younger to calm himself down. Jungkook shushes him, gently rocking him back and forth. “Shh, it’s okay. It’s alright. What’s wrong, Jimin? Come on, tell me. You’re worrying me.”


“I-It’s nothing,” he sniffs, embarrassed by how much his voice wobbles. 


“It’s not nothing. You’re literally shaking right now. Just tell me, please.” 


Jungkook always crumbles completely when he sees Jimin cry. Although he’s trying to remain calm for Jimin’s sake, he can’t disguise the way panic floods into his scent. 


“It’s stupid,” Jimin lisps. 


“It’s not stupid at all., did I do something wrong?” Jungkook gulps thickly as it dawns on him that perhaps he took things too far. “Was I too rough? Was it the things I said?”


Jimin starts to shake his head, but the alpha is already off on a tangent, desperate to redeem himself. 


“Oh my god, I can’t believe I even choked you without asking you first...I’m so sorry, Jimin, I really don’t know what came over me. I’ll never do anything like that again, I swear. Fuck--I’m such an idiot. I’d never make you uncomfortable or hurt you on purpose, you know that right?!”


“Babe, stop,” Jimin giggles through his tears, “You’re such an overthinker. You didn’t do anything wrong, okay? Not a single thing. I mean it when I say that was some of the best sex we’ve ever had. You made me feel so good, honestly.”


Jungkook basks in the warm rush of pride, chest puffing out a bit. “Yeah?” His frown soon comes back though. “But if you enjoyed it so much then why are you crying?”


The other male sighs, kneading his eyes with his knuckles. “It’s dumb but...I think my omega is upset because you didn’t knot me. I guess all the pheromones you were releasing made me think you were gonna do it. It felt like I was craving it, you know? God, I hate these fucking hormones sometimes. Always messing with my emotions. Making me cry when I've just been fucked into another dimension. How inconvenient.”


Jungkook blinks innocently. “Oh. Well...I’m sorry still. Since it’s kinda my fault.”


Jimin laughs and rolls his eyes, playfully slapping Jungkook’s chest.  


“I’m gonna go run you a nice hot bath,” Jungkook announces, “I’ll order room service, we can get the most expensive bottle of wine they have. You can sit and soak with a glass while I feed you grapes or something. Sound good?”


The omega hums contentedly before leaning up to capture Jungkook’s lips in a kiss. “You’re kinda perfect, you know. I love you.”


“I love you too.”