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Rose Above

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Kari had regrets. Really, truly, deep rooted regrets.

To be fair she was rather in the habit of ignoring things that told her to not trespass. Yeah a lot of places could be dangerous, but she was pretty good at taking care of herself and it was a really nice mountain. Complete with local folklore she decided would be fun to investigate. Not that she expected to find anything, but poking around such places was always fun.

That attitude had, unfortunately, what had caused her to end up in a mountain with a very well disguised pit in it leading to a series of caverns inside. And while the monsters and magic were pretty cool, Kari was one hundred percent sure she would like it better if they weren't trying to kill her. The worst had been that giant goat monster. It had been horrifying seeing him turn to dust in front of her, but he had been trying to trap her. And she didn't let anyone do that.

Kari looked around the woods cautiously. She had a nagging feeling that despite the snow and trees she was not, in fact, outside.

Work was was always at least a little boring and stressful though. But today was quiet which was worse cause there was nothing to occupy him...and if Sans caught him sleeping again he was in for it.

A dog treat hung lazily from his fingers as he watched the path from his tree perch. He didn't have it in him to stay cramped in the sentry station (clearly built for smaller monsters than himself) for today. Then...something new. Someone approaching from the side of the ruins, but nobody had gone by earlier. So whoever it was...wasn't from here. He stilled listening as the steps proceeded.

Kari stepped forward slowly. Would there be more monsters? She stuck to the edge of the path and looked up at the trees contemplating if she should risk trying to climb them in the cold. Well, there went boredom. He popped to a spot behind her content to watch for now. If she got too smart he'd interfere.

Okay. Tracks in the snow that went to a tree and disappeared. Someone was in the forest. And it looked like it was time for her to disappear too. Looked like she was risking it. Kari contemplated for a moment before pulling her sleeves down on her hands to help protect her palms and grabbing the tree. She quickly pulled herself up and looked up, noting the cavern ceiling. "So still inside. Just like he said."

She noted the crevice leading even deeper underground and the heavily trapped bridge and stopped to try and figure a way to cross without going through it. Mutt tilted his head leaning against the trunk of the tree he was standing in. He flicked a small bone attack toward a tree a few feet away causing the branches to rustle and snow to drop. Time to see what she would do when spooked.

Kari shot a few trees over and started running hard, instantly dropping into tactics for avoiding pursuit.

Smart girl, very smart. She couldn't have been here that long. Word would have spread if she had... he followed after her popping around through the trees. Valiant effort on her part, hopefully she didn't slip off any cliffs. Sans wouldn't be pleased with a loss like that.

Kari eventually slowed down back to her normal travel pace after an hour, though she checked around her a few times. It seemed she wasn't pursued. She still needed to figure out a way out though, and she'd found a rather icy river, so she would have to turn around if she wanted to keep going.

Eventually she was forced to stop and take a break. It was getting cold and she was slowing down. Which was really bad. Kari needed to start warming up, find a place to warm up, or risk dying slowly.

He popped into a tree a bit ahead of her sitting in a low hanging branch, let her think she approached on her own. He lit up a dog treat and slumped his arms to his knees.

Kari eyed the monster ahead of her warily. At least she assumed he was a monster. She couldn't quite tell from the distance. But maybe if she kept her distance she could get information from him before needing to run. And she couldn't keep going like she had. So far her best bet was tracing her way back to the death bridge. "Hello," Kari called out when she was still a few feet away. She didn't plan on getting closer than seven feet.

Mutt tilted his head, "It speaks, what's a tiny thing like you doin' out in the cold?"

Kari grinned playfully. "Desperately trying to get back out of it."

"Inn in town, not sure it'd be the best spot. Could probably sleep in a booth at Muffets, but she'll require you to pay for somethin' that may or may not be safe to ingest." He let the smoke from the dog treat curl around his head and float off into the cavern around them, "Start getting dark soon. Could take you back with me."

"Really? Just gonna offer guidance to a young girl in the woods just like that?" Kari asked dryly. She was not stupid. She wasn't going near him unless he admitted a price that was tolerable to pay.

"Gotta head back anyway. M'lord's already gonna be impatient with bein' out so late. Might as well offer." He dropped out of the tree landing with a soft crunch of snow underfoot. "Got a name?"

"Kari. You?" Kari stepped slightly closer, if still maintaining the distance.

"Real one, or the one I actually respond to?" Mutt questioned with a small smile shoving his hands into his pockets.

Oh, that was a good question. Kari grinned. "Gift me both? And let me guess which is which."

He tilted his head, "Tell you what. Give you both if you agree to take the shortcut back? Decent walk back without it, wouldn't want someone freezin on my watch."

Kari considered her chances of parting ways with him and not dying. She noted that her fingers had long since gone numb. He had her in a hold. She couldn't risk going on. "Deal."

He nodded noting her hesitation. She was right to do it, who knew how well his brother would really take the news, "Could use Papyrus, or Mutt." He held out a hand, "Let's get you somewhere warmer teeny thing."

"Well that wasn't challenging to guess at all," Kari snorted. She looked cautiously at the hand. "I would prefer to not touch."

"Just a little bit. Said you'd take the shortcut, little hard to do it without touchin' ya. Just a hand, I don't bite...unless you ask first." He held the hand steady out in invitation.

"Uh huh." Well. Death either way. At least she had a chance if she went with him. Kari reached out for his hand and took it. Well. Definitely a monster. She was holding hands with a skeleton. Kari quickly stifled giggles at the thought it wouldn't be long before she was one too. Mutt grinned and took a step closer getting a better grip on her with his other hand by the shoulder and popping them back to town.

Kari flinched and started struggling to escape. The sharp twist in the world was disorienting, leaving her stumbling and trying to find her balance. What had-what was going on? Mutt let her go, she had already been struggling against his hold. Feisty little thing she was, almost like a less refined Sans. He jerked a thumb to a couple of posts sticking out of the snow, "Was a welcome to Snowdin sign at one point."

"What..." Kari stared in surprise. "Teleporting?" She should have realized that kind of thing was possible. "Huh." She looked at the skeleton. "Thanks." Even if she was still unsure why he had done this.

He dropped his hands back down, "Welcome, least I could do after scaring ya."

Kari shrugged, and headed for the nearest building to warm up. She’d figure out what to do after that. Mutt watched her as he fiddled with his phone. She certainly was a bold one, or ignorant...possibly a good mix of the two.

A few strides and he was back beside her again, "Got Muffets right over there, usually safe inside, don't eat anything she gives you to go. And inn's down that way, depends on mood how much they're gonna charge you for a night. Used to be a library, mostly just stripes running around there anymore."

“Stripes?” Kari asked cautiously. And she didn’t know what he got from giving her useful information like this. She did change direction towards Muffet’s not planning on eating but definitely willing to grab sanctuary where she could. Further up ahead monsters began to vanish into hiding. Mutt knew that pattern, and oh yep there went one of the bunnies scampering back home out of the wake. "Underage."

“Hm.” Kari noticed the scattering monsters and decided to pick up her pace to Muffet’s in the hope of avoiding being dragged into whatever was going on. She vanished inside just as Sans caught up.

He glared at the door accusingly. “GREAT.”

Mutt snorted, "She's pretty fast for something so small."

Sans inclined his head and glanced at Mutt. “YOU DIDN’T TRAP OR KILL HER.” There was a question under the statement, heavy with trust and curiosity. Did his brother have a different idea?

"Wasn't gonna dust her without talking to you first. Plus it was quiet for the day, I was bored." He shrugged, "She made it from the bridge back toward the ice flow river without breaking. She’s got stamina on her."

Sans shook his head and hit his brother. “CARELESS. HUMANS ARE DANGEROUS, NOT TOYS.” It was like his brother to decide to play with a human. Really, why was he the responsible one?

"I didn't let her see me until she was tired out and doubling back. She wasn't happy about me grabbing her for the shortcut either. Name’s Kari." He supplied.

Sans tilted his head. “WANT TO KEEP THIS ONE?” Trapping a human would be an interesting challenge. And as powerful as he was he had never been interested in absorbing a human soul.

Mutt looked between his brother and the door, "Might be fun trying." It would certainly be a challenge. Sans considered it. He had originally planned to kill any humans and collect their souls to spite the queen, and maybe one day get him and his brother to the Surface. A live human had never been in the plans. But as long as they played it safe, why not?


"Course not M'lord, can't leave you to shoulder everything." Mutt replied hands in his pockets. Might be time to hit up the old barstool for a bit.

Satisfied that his brother wouldn’t do anything stupid Sans headed back to the house, scanning for any potential threats. He grinned at a dog monster that looked like it was contemplating something, breaking into a smirk when it retreated. As expected.

Mutt watched the exchange until Sans was out of sight. Now to try his hand with the human. He turned back to the door and popped inside rather than take the steps to open it landing sloppily on his normal perch.

Kari had found a seat next to a window. She’d checked, and she was pretty sure she could break it to escape if she had to. She curled up thoughtfully, watching the monsters eye her and each other suspiciously. It was almost comforting, seeing everyone act so openly. She saw Mutt pop in at the bar and snorted quietly to herself before resuming rubbing her arms for warming up.

Mutt spoke quietly to one of the many tiny spiders littering the walls and table edges. It skittered off to the area behind the bar. A few moments later Muffet was standing beside the window herself placing a warm cup down, "From the cur taking up my barstool, Dearie. Unusual for him."

Kari looked up at the spider monster and accepted the drink. “Thank you. Excellent service.” She sipped at it, a little surprised how the warmth flooded through her. She’d thought that would take longer.

Kari sipped at it for a while before finally getting up and walking as confidently as she could to Mutt. “So it seems I’ve picked up a stray.”

"Not exactly a stray," he flicked at the tag attached to the collar, "just good at wandering off leash."

Kari leaned in to look at the collar. “Property of Sans, huh?”

"You juuust managed to miss him earlier." Mutt replied with a tiny smirk.

“Let me guess. He was looking for his dog?”

He shrugged, "Woof."

Kari chuckled. “So, why are you following me? And don’t pretend it’s a coincidence. I’m not that dumb.”

"See any others like you down here? Interesting." He sipped out of a bottle of barbecue sauce in his hands.

“I was under the impression your kind wanted to kill mine,” Kari stared dryly.

"Queen's orders, not M'lord's. Don't listen to one and relatively bad at following orders from the other." He admitted.

Kari snorted. “A badly trained mutt eh? How charming?”

"I can be plenty charming, on the right occasion."

Muffet tossed a cleaning rag at him, "If you so much as scuff my bar I will double your tab."

Kari shook her head. “So I’m being stalked. For entertainment.”

"Now who said anything about being stalked? Haven't been here all that long." He dropped the damp cloth onto one of the spiders skittering along the baseboard and Muffet huffed at him again.

“Right. Conveniently following me. That better?

"You happen to be in my favorite place next to home. For all I know you could be the one stalking me. How long you been keepin' an eye out?"

“Long enough to see you arrive after me.” Kari relaxed. “Drink was nice though. What do you want in return?”

"Really? Just annoying this sweet little thing over here." He jerked a thumb towards Muffet who had wandered off to attend to other patrons. "Kinda a everyone knows everybody type thing going on here. New isn't always best."

“Showing off you met me first, hm?”

"Making sure nobody with ill intent thinks twice."

Kari startled slightly at that before managing to catch herself. “What?” She misheard.

Mutt tapped at the gold tooth, "Wasn't exactly born with this."

“And how does that apply to me?”

"Lot smaller and who's gonna miss the new person? Anybody gonna be backing you up?" He tapped his fingers along the edge of the bottle.

“Never expected back up. Never expected a welcome. And that’s a lot of work for entertainment.”

"Stick around for a spell and you'll understand why... an’ all I did was order a drink to add onto that tab I keep dodging." He winked.

Kari looked at him warily. “Right. As you say, it was just a drink.” Then that’s all she’d acknowledge debt wise. “I should head out. I do need to find a way back up still.”

"That'd be all the way through to the queen and beyond." Mutt replied quietly setting the bottle down, "I wouldn't suggest trying too hard."

“Why’s that?” Kari challenged. Her eyes glinted with fire.

"Easy way to end up dead."

“Most things are easy ways to end dead.”

Mutt laughed low, "Ain't that the truth."

Kari grinned. “Yeah.” She leaned back. “I could take my time though. It’s not like I plan on coming back once I get out.”

"Don't think anybody would."

“There aren’t any better monster communities to move to?”

"Snowdin is about as calm as it gets, and that's thanks to M'lord."

“Huh. And I’m guessing you’re not the type to decide to live out on your own. Or try and blend with humans.”

"That'd require being able to get to other humans." Mutt responded.

“What do you mean?”

"Nobody explained the barrier to you?"

“I’m guessing it’s more than a fence with guards?

Mutt snorted, "Maybe just a bit."

Kari hummed. “Do I need to worry about it? Since I’m know.”

"I'd be worried about the wrong eyes or ears....or lack of. know."

“But I can pass it. Good.” Kari relaxed.

"Closer you get the harder that'll be. Rarely guards out this far just M'lord and his troops."

“So I’ll just have to be extra sneaky and fast! Take my time planning and go at a run when I’m ready.”

"Sounds like a plan. Could also bargain off safety." Mutt shrugged.

“True, but I’d need to find something worth more than my death to trade.”

"You're surface dwelling yeah? Information's always good." Mutt leaned against the bar top fishing in his pocket. Muffet returned from the other side of the room, "If you light up one of those mangy smoke bombs in here Dearest I will have to ask you to leave." She pointed out sugar sweet.

He waved her off, "Alright fine ya silky wench. Not getting you in trouble for anything."

"How thoughtful. Say hi to the Captain for me, won't you? I'll keep an eye, or a dozen or so on this one."

Mutt looked between the two and sighed, "You let her choose about that one yeah Muff?"

Kari looked at Mutt calculatingly before nodding. “Yeah, talking to Muffet sounds good.” Maybe she would know why Mutt was being so friendly.

Mutt looked between the two and nodded once standing from the stool and shoving his hands into his pockets. He actually took the door rather than popping out. Muffet crossed her arms watching him go, "Degenerate that one. Don't know how the Captain puts up with it."

“I imagine he’s got his uses.” Kari turned and grinned back at Muffet. “So. Know why he’d be so invested in me?”

"I'd imagine it's because he collects lost causes." Muffet replied wiping down the bar, "Though him and Sans are probably your safest bet for now. Lot of respect thrown their way, and as loathe as I am to admit it...Papyrus does take care of his own."

“You think I’m a lost cause?” Kari winked at Muffet. “Am I a cute one at least?”

Muffet reached over with a free hand pinching her cheek, "Now now, flattery will only get you so far. Though now I think I'm beginning to see what he does. Kindred spirits the two of you."

Kari beamed as sweetly as she could. “Thanks! So, what do you take in trades?”

"Well, Papyrus was right on the information front. There’s also gold, though if what my little darlings overheard was right you probably don't have much to your name."

“Ooh, you’ve got a lovely info network.” Kari grinned. “Must be pretty easy for you to find what you want.”

"Mostly Dearie. Though sadly, I do lack most of the muscle that other's flash about." Muffet smiled adding a perfectly folded napkin to a plate being hauled past by a small multitude of spiderlings.

“Alas, that’s one of the things I also lack.” Kari shook her head sorrowfully.

"Well Dearie, that's where hooligans like Papyrus come in very very useful."

“He doesn’t strike me as a very biddable tool.”

"Oh he has his moments. It all depends on how willing to cooperate with him and Sans you are. Not an offer that's extended to very many. And an easy one to lose." Muffet nodded to a patron on their way out the door with a cheery smile.

Well, it seemed Kari had some pretty strong incentive to put up with whatever Mutt wanted her for until she managed to make her plans. Kari grinned at her. “Good to know. Anything I can do for you? Since you’ve been such a generous host.”

Muffet let out a tittering laugh, "Oh I'm sure I'll find something to make of you. Just try and keep your tab caught up if you decide to stick around."

“Got it.” Kari saluted happily. She slid off the stool and headed out to look for Mutt. She had a bargain to strike.

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Sans was fairly satisfied with the security in the converted room and waited impatiently for Mutt to come back.

Mutt popped back into the room leaning against the wall.

Sans spun around and rushed over to hug his brother. “Papyrus. Hey.”

Mutt smiled accepting and returning the affection, "Have fun with your prep?"


"Not yet, though I'm not entirely certain how Muff plans to string her influence." Mutt responded flicking his lighter open and shut in his pocket.


"Entirely possible, could be a good work environment if she's sticking around...possible intel on Muff too if she could be convinced."


"Within reason, if shes trustable...though she seems to operate on a barter system naturally. Fits in pretty well, and has decent stamina for someone who doesn't appear to have training."

He frowned. “HUMANS AREN’T TRUSTWORTHY.” He stepped over to check if the human had somehow managed to do something to Mutt.

"I didn't say I thought she was, I said if." He knelt down practically sitting on the floor before the shorter.

Sans studied Mutt carefully before relaxing again. “IT WOULD BE DANGEROUS. MY REPUTATION IS STRONG, BUT A HUMAN IS VERY TEMPTING.”

"Won't do anything you don't want."

Sans snorted and patted his head. “OF COURSE NOT. NOT UNLESS YOU WERE SICK.” He paused, and eyed Mutt suspiciously. “YOU DID CLEAN YOUR ROOM YESTERDAY RIGHT?” Was Mutt telling him this because he’d decided to weasel out of his chores again? Mutt nodded, he had for the most part. Under the bed was probably riddled with socks, wrappers, and various other less than savory things....he hadn't checked.


"Might have not checked less than obvious places..." he grumbled eyes cast to the floor.


Mutt shrugged snickering back, "Just stick anything moving on people's doors."


"That's one hell of a kink." Mutt replied in jest. Sans stuck his tongue out and Mutt reached over flicking the tip of the magic appendage, "I'll clean it later tonight..."

That was his brother. Sans scowled at him before checking his uniform. “I SHOULD GO SECURE THE HUMAN.”

"You prefer to do that alone?" Mutt questioned. He had said I... but Mutt still worried.


Mutt nodded standing back up, "Night patrol it is then."

Sans walked out of the house, Mutt obediently on his heels. He headed to Muffet’s scanning for the human, and spotted a new person walking by. Sans looked to Mutt to verify it was the human.

Kari relaxed seeing Mutt and turned toward him, eyeing the smaller skeleton in front of him. She was guessing that was Sans.

Mutt gave the briefest of nods to the other skeleton, "Looks like she has indeed left the spider's web."

Sans surveyed the tiny human before him, silently pleased that he was taller than her, if not by much. “HUMAN. LET’S MAKE A DEAL.”

Kari grinned a touch uneasy. She knew Mutt wanted something. She just hadn’t expected him and his master to seek her out for it. “Sounds good to me.”

Mutt slouched, his hands in his pockets, but eyes ever alert scanning around them.

Wow. Sans knew Mutt was good, but he was still surprised by how easily the human agreed to a deal. Sans smirked and puffed himself up proudly. “YOUR KIND ARE RARE AROUND HERE, AND CLAIMING THAT YOU’RE MINE WILL GIVE ME A LOT OF PRESTIGE. IN EXCHANGE YOU WOULD STAY WITH US, AND FOLLOW CERTAIN RULES.”

Kari tilted her head, hands clenched tightly. “What rules?”


“Not gonna have me ask permission to wander?” Kari asked sarcastically.

Mutt tilted his head muttering lowly, "Not really jailers."

Sans gritted his teeth. “I DOUBT YOU WOULD MAKE THE DEAL IF YOU FELT TOO RESTRAINED.” He would prefer having more control over her, but he could see Mutt was right. Too many limits and he would be forced to jail the human, and that would only end with one of them dead. Not what he wanted to do to someone Mutt seemed intrigued by.

Kari weighed it heavily. “Fine.”

Mutt stared down at the two of them. Just like that huh? He had expected a bit more of a back and forth, though Sans had been particularly compliant with her. A tiny smile curled one side of his grin, that would be just like him holding back for his brother's sake. He'd need to do something nice for the other as a thanks.

Sans nodded sharply. “RIGHT. FOLLOW US TO THE HOUSE THEN.” He turned around and marched back to the house, Kari trailing behind them.

Mutt rechecked the locks behind the three of them twice. Habits die hard it seems. Then he proceeded to flop onto the edge of the couch slouching heavily, but keeping an eye on the other two, how interesting would things get? Kari looked at the locks, measuring how easy it’d be to undo them for an escape. They might like being locked in, but Kari definitely preferred having a way out.

“THIS WAY.” Sans opened the door to a room that while comfortable, had the windows completely barred, a secondary prison door, and two shimmering layers of a magical barrier. Kari took one look at that and bolted for the nearest window.

Mutt caught her around the upper chest as she bolted past. "Hey, whoa, try using words?" Kari just fought like mad, not even thinking. She just needed out!

“WELL! THAT’S A NICE THANK YOU,” Sans fumed. Really! He’d made sure the room was quite comfortable! Mutt sighed and caught his brothers gaze for a second before he popped himself and Kari out to the roof.

What? It was a perfectly nice room! Sans looked at it. Okay, it had been designed as a human cage, but he had put a lot of effort into making it comfortable. He thought it was nice. And it wasn’t like he was planning to use any of the locks thanks to their deal.

Mutt held onto her shoulder to keep her steady on the snowy surface, "Wanna try this again?"

“Can’t....can’t...” Kari grabbed at Mutt, torn between fighting him and just hanging on.

"Want a dog treat? Helps calm the racing down some."

“A what?” Kari hyperventilated as she stared at Mutt. “A dog treat?”

He pulled one of them out of his pocket with he free hand, "Helps with the anxiety."

She stared flatly at it. “And you those.”

That started a laugh out of him, "Nope, you saw me with one earlier."

“This is what you were smoking?”

He nodded, "Not that bad once you get past the first couple taste issues."

She shook her head. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

He shrugged dropping it back into a pocket, "Little better now though?" At least she was breathing a bit easier.

“I am, honestly.” Kari took a few more deep breaths. “I’m thinking your brother wouldn’t have been so friendly if I hadn’t agreed to the deal.”

"You didn't see the room before he worked on it." Mutt pointed out. He had for sure put effort into it. "You did agree to the terms, I'm sure there’s more explanation to go with how much he altered the original state. What was the worst part?"

“No escape.”

"Fairly certain you could ask about some of that setup. Though he's not going to move all of it. Humans are dangerous."

Kari laughed. “Right. I’m absolutely terrifying with my complete and total lack of fighting skills.” Okay, that wasn’t the complete truth, but the few fights she got into were definitely aimed at getting away, not at winning.

Mutt snorted, "That's worse, no structure. I was lucky you didn’t decide hurting me was the best way to get out. Wanna go back and talk like civil things?"

He wasn’t wrong. If hurting someone was what it took to secure her freedom, then hey! Whatever it took. Kari took a deep breath. “I made a deal. I don’t break those.”

"Good to know. Just so we're clear...don't touch him."

She heard the threat loud and clear. “Fighting’s not my style anyways.” He grinned stepping forward to hold her a little easier and popping them back inside. This was still a risk...and the last thing he wanted was Sans getting hurt because of his curiosity.

Sans perked up as Mutt and the human came back. “FINALLY!” Mutt let go of Kari to stand off to the side between the two.

Kari looked at Sans. “I can’t stay in a room I can’t leave.”

Sans opened his mouth to protest, and paused. He had made that room extremely secure, hadn’t he? Sans drooped. “RIGHT. I’LL GET ANOTHER ROOM SET UP.” It seemed he wouldn’t get the chance to use his human cage after all. Stupid deal.

Mutt shrugged, "I can take the couch, sleep there often anyway."

“ONLY BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO LAZY TO CLEAN YOUR ROOM,” Sans scolded. He gestured for Kari to follow him up to another room. Kari hesitates briefly before trailing up after him.

Kari entered the rather bare room and looked around. “MY BROTHER’S. DON’T LOOK UNDER THE BED.” Sans paused, a painful look crossing his face. “OR THE CLOSET.”

Kari snorted. “Got it.” She was definitely going to be looking to see just how gross it was.




“No phone!”


Kari dropped onto the mattress. “Got it.”

Sans shook his head. “WE’LL GET YOU A COLLAR LATER.”

Kari stiffened and sat up. “What?”

Mutt leaned in the doorway, "Visual on the don't touch this one. M'lord has enough clout to keep most of the trouble off."


“LESS PERMANENT THAN OTHER CLAIMS TOO.” Sans casually stepped over to touch Mutt’s collar and renew his magic. Mutt tilted into the reach easily.

“I see.” Kari studied the pair. They were surprisingly close to each other.




Kari arched a brow. Sans stared back. “Alright.”

Sans relaxed. “GOOD.” He tugged at Mutt to follow him to his own room.

Mutt gave her a casual wave as he followed after his brother.


Sans flopped face first onto his bed.

Mutt snorted, "Not exactly how I envisioned being invited here for a night."


Mutt snickered sitting on the edge of the bed, "In a way you did. She was terrified."


Mutt flopped across the others lap, "Screw proper. That makes things hard."

“MUTT!” Sans petted his skull. “YOU’RE SQUISHING ME!”

Mutt purred at the touch. "If that's the worst I ever do..." he chuckled.

“GET OFF ME,” Sans complained half heartedly.

Mutt sighed heavily, "I would have used those in a different order, but whatever you say." He rolled snagging the other and pulling down so he could cuddle up to him.

Sans didn’t have time to think about what Mutt said before he was pulled down and cuddled into Mutt. Sans let out a faint purr. “YOU’RE LUCKY I’M SO GENEROUS.”

Mutt rumbled back, "Your plenteous affections are most appreciated."

Sans smirked and curled up happily, for the moment everything right in his world. He did need to figure out how to use the human still. And why Mutt liked her. And he really wanted an excuse to use his human cage.

Mutt nuzzled at the top of Black's skull, "Thinkin too hard M'lord."

“IT’S MY JOB,” Sans answered reflexively. “I HAVE TO THINK TO RUN SNOWDIN.”

"Mmm also need rest."

“THAT’S JUST BEING LAZY,” Sans scoffed.

"Maybe. Better than sick though."

“I HAVEN’T GOTTEN SICK IN AGES!” The bone fever he’d had a few months ago when Mutt had to drag him home absolutely did not count.

Mutt raised a brow at him, "I seem to recall something not too awfully long ago."

“THAT WAS NOTHING,” Sans protested

"You melted through a snow poff like one of naps’ old cartoons."

“IT CHALLENGED ME,” Sans blatantly lied.

"Oh, so you were hearing the snow speaking?"


"So it was a threat just sitting there?"

“ER, YES?”

Mutt gave him the most deadpan stare he could manage despite wanting to laugh so hard he'd fall off the bed. "You're right M'lord. Snowdin does need a protective hero."

Sans huffed and beat on his brother. “IDIOT!”

Mutt broke into chuckles, "Woe is the one who invokes your wrath."

“I SHOULD KICK YOU BACK OUT,” Sans complained even as he made no move to do so.

He nuzzled the smaller skeleton again, "Admit it, you find my lazy ways charming. You're just prideful."

“NEVER.” Sans nuzzled Mutt back contentedly.

Mutt settled back down now snuggling up slightly drowsy, "Just try to sleep. Don't want you hurt cause you were tired dealing with the tiny thing."

“SHE IS QUITE SMALL,” Sans agreed smugly.

Mutt hummed in affirmation.

“WELL. I SUPPOSE I CAN SPARE A FEW MINUTES.” Considering how absolutely no one commanded Sans there were no problems taking time for himself as long as he showed himself regularly to remind everyone who was in charge. Mutt grinned curling further around the smaller, wrapping an arm over him for good measure.

“SPOILED MUTT.” Sans snuggled down contentedly. This was perfect.

Mutt didn't respond, to content to just bask in the others presence until he drifted off.

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Sans chuckled evilly to himself as he checked his armor for the day and kept an eye on the specially Mutt baited breakfast. Nearby Kari sat on a counter munching on toast and watching in amusement wondering what he was up to. Still, free entertainment!

Mutt wandered down the stairs drawn by the smells of food and noises from the rest of the house. He never did like waking up in the morning, especially when the bed had been warmed by another body as well as his own...but he could only put it off so long before his brother would be back to pester him.

He knew the moment he saw the plate something was up. He looked to his brother in question, was he missing a day here? Sans pretended not to see anything.

Mutt tilted his head, what was the catch here? "A good morning then M'lord?"

“SATISFACTORY,” Sans stayed dryly. Kari grinned and leaned forward. Mutt eyed the other two, was she in on it whatever it was? She seemed awfully amused. He plucked a piece of fruit off the plate.


“TESTING SOME THINGS,” Sans answered. “GOT A NEW TRAP TO SET UP. AND A COLLAR TO BUY.” Kari rolled her eyes.

"New stuff?" He questioned. Sans did have a special way with mechanics.

Sans grinned, eyes gleaming with LOVE. “Yes. Anyone who triggers it is losing at least one limb.”

Mutt eyed the other gauging if there was danger to leave him alone, "Sounds like something to be careful setting up."

Sans reined himself in carefully. “YES. IT WOULD BE BEST IF YOU KEPT CLEAR.” Sans paused. “THE HUMAN TOO.”

Mutt glanced to Kari then returned his focus to Sans. "Of course." Kari considered the interaction carefully. There was a playfulness to it, but also an odd wariness that didn’t seem to fit? She’d have to try and figure that out.

Mutt nodded taking the plate and heading for the couch.

“AHA!” Sans spun around and grinned triumphantly. “STEALING FOOD!” He grinned playfully.

Mutt rolled his eyes, "I knew you had something planned."

“MWEHEHE! YOU FELL FOR MY NEFARIOUS SCHEME!” Kari tried to suppress her laugh.

Sans grabbed Mutt by the arm and dragged him to the human cage to push him in. “YOU’LL BE THOROUGHLY TRAPPED. A COUPLE HOURS IN THERE WILL STRAIGHTEN YOU OUT!” Sans beamed with pride at his vicious plan.

Mutt looked around blinking confused at first, then he flopped himself over, "But M'lord..."

“NOPE! YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR IMPUDENCE!” Sans cheerfully snapped the locks on the inner door shut. Mutt shook his head with a grin he lazed on the floor for a few moments.

Sans finished sealing Mutt away with a grin. “You lock your pet up whenever you feel like it?” Kari asked. She continued to munch on her toast pretending not to care.

“HE’S MINE TO DO WITH AS I WANT,” Sans sniffed.

Kari considered that. Considering Mutt’s complete lack of care about being stuffed in that room and locked up it was either a common occurrence or not as serious as it seemed. She’d have to see which one it was. Either way she didn’t plan for that to happen to her.

Mutt patted down his pockets looking for his phone...drat not with him. Oh well time to see what all his brother had provided in the room. The pillows and blankets were almost sinfully comfortable. There was a radio set just out of reach, with a simple remote to turn it on and off but not to tune it, to keep as few things available as possible for weaponization. There were also three Fluffy Bunny books, a notebook, and five crayons. Mutt smiled at the book choices, of course he would leave these in here. He eyed the radio, but decided not to bother. Instead he took to rearranging the furniture, leaving the bedding in a pile in the very middle of the room. And the bed itself conveniently blocking the door.

When he was done he sat in the blanket pile surveying the chaos...before nodding to himself and carefully popping a seam thread out of the edge of a pillow and scattering the insides about the floor. There. He laid down to wait, eventually drifting off. The bed was cozy.


“COME ON.” Sans headed down towards the general store. Kari hesitated, looking to where Mutt was trapped, before carefully slinking behind Sans. She was a clever thing, wasn’t she? Quick to pick up on what was around her and obey as long as she had incentive. She was highly sensitive to the idea of being trapped. Sans would have to step very carefully to keep her tied to him and Mutt.

The various monsters either watched the pair respectfully or got out of the way as Sans proudly made his way through. Kari was privately a little impressed. As far as she knew people didn’t bend easily, and this little skeleton had a whole town treating him with respect. He entered the general store and walked over to where some collars were kept.

“Captain,” the cashier said quietly. The rabbit’s ears twitched. “I wasn’t aware you kept pets.”

“CALL IT A HOBBY OF MINE,” Sans replied callously. “I DO ENJOY THE UNUSUAL.”

Kari kept her face blank at the words. She knew what the deal was. Inwardly she was debating whether pretending to be his pet was amusing or humiliating. She hadn’t quite made up her mind yet.

Sans selected a steel chain collar and pulled out a tag that he quickly burned his claim into, Property of Sans writing itself out on it.

Kari examined the few clothes that were available before shrugging a jacket on. Sans placed the collar on her, nodded at the cashier and left. The rabbit monster gritted her teeth, but didn’t call them back to pay.

“Funny, I thought I was the only one who had a “take what you can” policy,” Kari murmured.
“SHE OWES ME. SAVED ONE OF HER KIDS.” Sans grinned. He might not like kids, but that was more to do with being uncomfortable and having nothing to do with them than any wish to see any harmed.

“So she just lets you take stuff?”

“WHEN I WANT TO.” Sans did pay when he felt like it, or wanted higher quality stuff. It tended to be a touch random for him, as he considered everyone in the town as owing him. Kari shook her head, tracing a hand over the warm metal at her neck. Whatever he’d done to it, it was nice that it wasn’t cold and biting.


“Got it.” But she might still peek in. Sans studied Kari, decided she was being honest and headed off. Kari headed back to the house to check on Mutt.

Kari knocked on the door. “Hey Mutt. You alive in there?”

He popped into the hallway behind her, leaning against the wall with a yawn, "Yep."

Kari jumped sideways, spinning around to eye Mutt. “Geez! Gotta scare me?”

"You'll get used to it eventually." He grinned. "Nice accessorizing."

Kari touched the collar self consciously before putting her hand deliberately behind her back. “Better than something more permanent, right? And I can take it off whenever I want.” It’d be easy to slip off and escape. Not that she would. She had her deal to hold up.

Mutt shrugged, "Wouldn't mind somethin’ heavier myself."

“So being locked up normal for you?” She paused. “Being locked in a room you can escape normal for you?”

He blinked at the door to the room, "Nah, he's just throwing a hissy cause he didnt get to 'trap the human'. An’ it ain't like I never give him grief anyway."

Kari looked at the room, Mutt, the room again, and then Mutt one last time. “He’s sulky about me refusing to let myself be locked up and decided to take it out on you?” Was she getting this right?

"He knows I'm capable of getting out. Left him a decent surprise." Mutt winked.

Kari snorted. “I can’t believe you’re just messing with him.” She grinned at him playfully. “Gotta teach me some of your tricks, hm?”

Mutt raised a brow, "You wanna steal my tricks for dealin’ with Sans?" He chuckled, "Just flirt a bit."

“He can’t handle it, hm?”

"Can't... is a strong word."

Kari’s grin widened. “So he doesn’t blush or splutter?”

Mutt tilted his head with a matching grin, "Dangerous game you're thinkin'a playing...but I never said that either."

“I’m a good girl,” Kari purred. “Look, I even got a pretty collar.” She tilted her neck.

Mutt ran a finger along the top edge of the collar finger brushing along her skin, "Sure did Teeny Thing."

Kari shivered a little, skin tingling at the gentle touch. Okay, that was surprising. Was No he was just teasing. Kari pulled away slightly and smiled at him.

Not receptive then, still smart. He let his hand drop, "Nobody gave you trouble on the way back then?"

“Nope! Not sure if that was Sans or because I kept to the shadows, but either way it was convenient. And I got myself a pair of gloves.” She could actually do proper climbing now.

"Least you won’t freeze out there now." Mutt replied. He tilted his head toward the kitchen, "Probably should get started on making lunch."

“Sounds good.” Kari lazily trailed after him to the kitchen.

Mutt leaned against the countertop looking Kari over, "Humans eat anything funny?"

“What do you mean?”

"Took a chance ordering you a drink last night. Wasn't really sure what you can and can't have." He shrugged and started digging through the fridge.

Kari laughed. “Humans,” she informed Mutt cheerfully, “can and will eat anything. Including stuff that’s poisonous. How as a species we haven’t managed to kill ourselves off is proof of how stubbornly hard to get rid of we are.”

"Well that'll work to your advantage down here. Have a favorite food?" he asked pulling out various things, whether for use or just to get at other stuff was a mystery.

Kari shrugged. “I like fruit.” It was always easy to find and grab. Roots were decent too, but they weren’t as sweet.

Mutt looked back at her over his shoulder with a grin, "Girl after my nonexistent heart."Kari laughed and winked at him. He stuck his tongue out at her and went back to his search.

Sans entered the house a couple minutes later and knocked his boots clear of snow before heading for the kitchen. Mutt didn't so much as blink at the noise. He just grabbed some form of dough and used a foot to shut the fridge door behind him.

Sans froze as he saw Mutt before chucking a sharp bone at Mutt. “YOU ESCAPED!”

Kari promptly decided to make herself scarce until things stopped being thrown.

Mutt simply ducked the projectile, "I did, couldn't leave the human unattended, and food isn't just going to make itself."

Sans threw another one at Mutt’s head. “I TRAPPED YOU!” He hissed.

Mutt popped out of the way reappearing behind the other, "Yes, and it was a very nice setup."

Sans threw another bone before Mutt’s words caught up to him. “YOU THINK SO?”

"Of course. If I couldn't just poof I wouldn't have stood a chance." Mutt replied, "Now, can I finish making those pocket things that are so easy to take out on patrols?"

Sans nodded. “YES. MAKE SOME FOR ME TOO,” he ordered. He grinned, very pleased with himself. “IT WAS DIFFICULT HM?” Kari popped her head back out. Wow Sans sounded pleased.

Mutt nodded at the order clicking the oven on to start preheating as he diced up filling ingredients, "Of course, was made by the Malevolent Sans wasn't it?"

He paused, "I do owe you a pillow though, I managed to go in without my phone. You know my impulse control."

“WHAT?” Sans spun around and rushed to check on his human cage. He opened the door and stared at the mess inside. “MUTT!!!”

Mutt chuckled and finished up stuffing fillings onto their spots sealing the pockets shut and allowing tiny spots for heat to vent, "I'll fix it M'lord."

“YOU BETTER!” Sans headed back to the kitchen fuming. “I WORKED HARD ON IT!” Kari chuckled.

Mutt nodded, "As soon as I get these put in to finish up." Sans nodded sharply and sat down.

“Look on the bright side,” Kari offered cheerfully. “You got to use it!”

“ONLY ON MY IDIOT OF A BROTHER,” Sans huffed. He brightened up. “BUT IT DID WORK PRETTY WELL!”

Did he say brother? Kari glanced over to Mutt.

He nodded, "It did, I was there until she came back." Sans preened. Mutt just grinned setting the tray of food into the oven when it beeped. He made his way over to where the other was sitting hovering behind, "You can take that out when it's done, can't you M'lord?" He clacked a little kiss to the top of the others skull and popped out of the room to go rearrange what he had messed up.

Sans grumbled and looked warily at Kari. She made a show of looking utterly uninterested. Sans shook his head. “I’M NOT STUPID. YOU’RE MORE AWARE THAN THAT.”

Kari dropped the act and looked over at Sans. “Figured you’d be more comfortable if I didn’t push. I don’t plan on getting too involved in whatever personal business you have.”


“I’m sure that’s all true,” Kari agreed.

Sans squinted at Kari. “THAT’S ALL YOU’RE SEEING,” he warned.

“As you say.”

Sans really hoped she wouldn’t try and turn it against him. She seemed uninterested in that, but could he trust it?

A faint smoky scent reached him.

“Think that would be lunch.”

“RIGHT!” Sans hastily pulled out the hot pockets.

“Hey! Your hands!”


Kari stared at his skeletal, very unburnt hands. “Er...That doesn’t hurt?”


Mutt popped back into the room having stashed the pillow remains away, "Everything alright down here?"

Kari’s eyes finally snapped away from Sans’ hands. “Do skeletons feel anything at all?”

“OF COURSE WE DO,” Sans scoffed.

"Felt you earlier." Mutt shrugged.

She was not going to blush. She was not going to blush. She was not going to think about the fact that a skeleton might be flirting with her.

Sans looked at Mutt. “SOMETHING I SHOULD KNOW?”

"Just complimented her on wearing your collar pretty." Mutt responded with a little grin.

“IT WAS A GOOD CHOICE.” Sans looked at Kari admiring how a human wore his claim. He wanted to purr in satisfaction.

Mutt nodded, "That it was." Okay, this time she did flush. Kari held her head high, but did feel a little bit like running off from their scrutiny. Sans chuckled. She was an interesting pick of Mutt’s. Definitely more fun not dead.

Mutt wandered over picking up one of the food pockets, "Got your newest gauntlet set up?"


"Want a test subject?" Mutt asked nonchalantly leaning against the countertop.

“NO!” Sans shook his head and glared at Mutt. “TOO DANGEROUS FOR LIVE TESTING.”

"Never said it would be a live one." He shrugged.

Sans tilted his head. “THAT EAGER TO SEE IT?”

"Didn't you make it?" He shot back like he questioned why this was even being asked. Sans grinned and grabbed a hot pocket to snack on cheerfully. Kari watched in disbelief before edging over to poke one. Sure enough, the hot pockets were still too hot for her to eat.

Mutt watched her, "Won't take too long to cool off."

“How are you doing that?” Kari asked. She probably shouldn’t be so openly curious, but she could pass it off as worry that they’d hand her things that would hurt her.


"I think she's more worried about the temperature. She nearly froze in the snow...human bodies are... temperamental."


Okay, that was funny to hear someone ask. But they were different species. “I’m good between 12 and 30 degrees Celsius physically. I’m most comfortable between 17 and 24, but I’m good for further than that. Anything below 12 I start needing layers, and anything above 30 starts risking health issues if lingered in for too long.”


“I can briefly touch things that are hotter or colder than that, but anything longer than a minute or so risks damage. I don’t actually know the specifics there.”

Mutt listened to her talk, "No wonder you were having trouble with the exposure yesterday. It can drop much lower than that especially when whiteouts hit."

“Yup,” Kari agreed cheerfully. “Could have dropped dead if out there long enough.”

Sans struggled to take this in. Humans were terrifying beings of destruction. And she was suggesting that just being somewhere could kill them? Mutt looked to his brother, this was How under the stars did you keep something like that from happening when the subject wanted to move? And Hotland if she ever chose to cross the borders...?

Kari tilted her head. “Something wrong?”

Mutt blinked, "Just seems odd..."

“It’s not that bad. Just gotta wear layers when it’s cold and make sure to have lots of water and planned places to cool down where it’s hot.”


Kari tilted her head. “I guess? It’s just something I do. Humans are pretty good at adapting to what’s around them and remembering how to prevent ourselves from dying. There are accidents of course, but not too common.”

“RIGHT.” Sans turned the information in his head. Perhaps he should adapt some of his traps to simply contain instead of trying to damage. It wouldn’t work for monsters, but humans....

Mutt took a bite out of his own food contemplating this newer info. Was the strength in humans mostly from ingenuity? Or were they just powerful enough to have all the time needed to amass the ability to cater to their own needs?

Kari finally seized a hot pocket for herself and cheerfully dug in. “Oh, this is really good!”

Mutt tilted his head letting his mind wander to his earlier musings. What all would he need for that project he thought about?

Sans watched Mutt and Kari as he ate before finally deciding he was ready to head out. “MUTT. WE’RE GOING.”

“Mind if I tag along?” Kari asked cheerfully.

Mutt blinked looking between the two as he rolled back to standing rather than leaning against the counter. If she wanted to come he didn't mind at all, but would Sans?


Kari shrugged. “Alright.” She’d just start poking around the town and testing how far she could go before she started being tested then.

Mutt nodded falling into place just slightly behind the other. He had a sneaking suspicion about whether or not she would be into mischief, but didn't voice it. Let her learn on her own.

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Sans wove through the trails confidently, eyes out for anyone who was crossing his territory. He threw a bone at a stray snowdrake, the icy bird quickly taking off back to his own territory. Good riddance. Mutt followed along behind his brother, barely giving the idiot coming out of bounds a second glance. He was no threat, certainly not one enough to bother Sans.

They arrived at the trap Mutt traced the patterns of wire laid out mapping the thing in his mind. Thin gossamer wires laced over the ground, the mechanics hidden in bushes and up in trees to activate the deadly teeth designed to slice limbs. It was well thought out, and expertly executed, as usual.

"You did good M'lord."

Sans puffed up under the praise. “WE’LL SEE.” He carefully used his magic to construct a bone mannequin and sent it out. The trap whirled silently and shattered the bones. “NO EXPLOSIONS OR LOOSE WIRES. GOOD.”

"You were expecting something to explode?" Mutt questioned raising a brow.


Mutt looked back to the trap scanning it over again, "I'm not certain where .15% I'm missing is...but that's still a fairly low chance."

“ENOUGH FOR ME TO WISH TO TEST IT BEFORE LEAVING IT ALONE.” The trap would either behave as he wished, or tinkered with until it did.

"Course, you always have been thorough." He responded with a small smile. The other really was something.

Sans grinned at Mutt. He summoned another construct to test a slightly different section. “HM. I NEED TO INCREASE THE SPEED THERE.”

"Shouldn't be too hard. Knowing you, you'll have it figured out in no time."

Sans grinned at Mutt and pulled out his toolkit. He didn’t bother asking for Mutt to watch out for him. He knew his brother would. He shifted his gravity to allow him to do longer jumps and headed over to the box of gears tied to the wires he was working on. He settled down and began to work.

Mutt took up the watch, mostly unnecessary now, though very much ingrained in his behavior. He grinned at how eager the younger was to get this up and working, he was always so enthusiastic, regardless of circumstances.

Sans talked quietly to himself as he worked, making notes before jumping down to the patch that he’d tripped. The trap snapped but he easily divested it and set to work on the teeth. “Should be ready to take people down now,” he said cheerfully.

Mutt nodded relaxing the tiniest bit now that Sans was clear of the trap itself, not that he lacked faith in the other's abilities...but accidents did happen on occasion.

Sans carefully stepped clear and grinned at Mutt. “NO ONE WILL BE ESCAPING THIS ONE.”

"Sure won't M'lord." Mutt responded returning the grin sent his way.

Sans basked in his brother’s affection before turning and heading back into the woods. He’d do a quick check of the rest of his traps while he was out here.


Alright, so traps were a lot more common than Kari had expected when she started exploring. To be fair she hadn’t known that it was possible for icicles to be launched like that. Then again, she was in an underground cavern populated by magical monsters. Assuming anything was stupid.
Kari quietly bound the scrape she’d gotten on her arm, more than glad she had the materials for it.

A small patter of feet echoed in the cavern. A tiny rabbit came ducking around a corner in the path trying to stay as low to the ground as it possibly could. Not far behind a low howl came drifting along. The poor thing shuddered and tried to pick up the pace tripping over their own feet and stumbling through an icy spot.

A bipedal wolf easily multiplied times larger than the rabbit came barreling around the corner hopping a wire trap. Kari observed the racing pair for a moment before grabbing onto a tree branch and pulling herself partly up. She waited until the rabbit was almost past her before grabbing it and pulling it up after her. The monster gave off a squeak of alarm before clamping its mouth shut shaking. Thrown off the wolf took a completely different path winding to loop back with a curse.

The rabbit looked up at Kari with little blue-green tears rolling down its face, "You're gonna make him mad at you."

“No idea who that is,” Kari said cheerfully. She grinned at it. “Seems you owe me now.”

"I don't know his name either...and what do you want?" The little one tried to sneer, but the crying marred and fierce that might only have maybe worked on such a baby face in the first place.

“Hm.” Kari tapped her lip thoughtfully. “Got any bandaids?”

The bunny blinked, "I do at home...but that's a ten minute walk and that ring picker is still down there. I don't wanna be a bait bunny for some LV crazy creepo."

“I’m guessing you’re not much of a climber.” Kari considered the situation slowly. She didn’t think she would be able to carry the small monster. Just climbing when the trees were iced over was hard enough.

The rabbit snorted rolling up the tattered sleeves of it dark grey striped sweater and flipping its paws. The fur around the pads was slightly matter from the wet ground, and though the pads themselves seemed scuffed they were obviously not built to be useful around branches, "What're you, soft in the head? Of course I'm not."

Kari snorted. “Right. Well I’m not planning to stick around here, so we’ll just have to hit the ground running.” She gently grabbed the monster before swinging down to the ground and letting it go. “After you.”

The monster squeaked again covering its face with its paws on the way down. It tucked in close to the ground and took off back towards the middle of town, "You really are mental!" It hissed over its should at her.

Kari just ran leisurely behind it. “Doesn’t matter,” she huffed, “you’re still gonna pay me back.” She observed around them carefully dodging the traps she’d already noted.

The rabbit hopped a pitfall and snorted muttering to itself, "Geeze the captain must really like them crazy."

“And this is my payment. A smart mouthed rabbit,” Kari retorted. “Should have left you running.”

The thing sniffed, "Coulda made it back without you yanking me off the ground!"

“Right. So you weren’t crying about being an inch away from dying.”

"NO! That's was from the cold you-you- what the hell even are you, furless wonder."

Kari’s mind raced rapidly reaching for an answer. “I’m a sprite. What, never seen one before?”

"A what?" The bunny stopped twitching its little nose at her. It gave her a hard once over and shook its head, "Whatever, you ain't my business. Just stay close and don't try not to snitch us out to your captain or his funky brother." Then it took a sharp turn and headed around the back of an old building the sign faded to illegible mess. It hopped up and scrabbled through an old broken window that was only partially boarded over.

Kari peered in, and decided to give it a couple minutes before following inside. The little face peeked back. "Really? You let the captain close enough to touch you but you're scared of a little bunny?"

Kari shrugged. “I have a deal with him.” She looked around the dilapidated building.

They pressed their ears to their head, "Blah blah blah I do not want to know anything about that shit!"

Then they proceeded to move some old floor boards and bring up a pack digging through for a couple of rolls of bandages.

Kari snickered. “Not that kind of deal” She accepted the rolls and settled down, rolling up her arm to change out the temporary binding on her arm to a proper one.

"Why don't you just tell the crazy dog to fix that?"

“Because that’s not part of the deal.” Kari looked at the rabbit and grinned. “Unless you’re saying you’ve got a better deal for me?”

A snort was her reply, "What am I gonna do? Tell you to be my mom?"

Kari paused. This was a kid? She hadn’t known. Now she was even happier that she’d saved him. “Meant for you to pay me with brat, not for me to give you. You definitely couldn’t afford me taking you in.”

The bunny rolled its eyes at her, "Yeah cause I'm dumb enough to try and steal from the charcoal king. Captain's scary enough without him hating my guts."

Kari chuckled. “Thanks for the rolls kid. Hit me up if you want to make any more deals.” She wouldn’t offer her help for free, was a kid. She could at least offer being open to listening.

The kid made an indignant noise, "Just don't go ratting us out. He knows we're here...but that's different than knowing."

Kari rolled her eyes. “Whatever.” She headed back out, mentally noting that there was more than one kid there.

As she left another two pairs of eyes peeked from under an overturned bookcase, though they didn't dare to come creeping from their hiding spot.

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"THE HUMAN'S TROUBLE," Sans grumbled as he scribbled down some ideas. "THE TOWN'S TALKING ABOUT HER. HOW SHE DOESN'T STAY STILL OR NOTICE BOUNDARIES." It seemed she'd needed his protection more than he'd thought.

Mutt shrugged peeking over his shoulder, "Used to say the same stuff about you."


"Probably." Mutt replied with a grin.

Sans twisted around to flick his brother in the forehead. "YOU'RE ENJOYING THIS," he accused.

Mutt chuckled, "I can reset most of the traps if you'd rather stick to normal patrols."

"I HAVE A BETTER IDEA," Sans announced. "YOU'RE GOING TO FOLLOW HER, AND TAKE CARE OF THINGS BEFORE THEY BLOW UP." He crossed his arms and grinned, pleased with his master plan.

Mutt blinked "You want me stripes sitting the human? M'lord that hardly seems necessary."


"Guess that makes sense." Though he would keep her from getting too banged up, she was collared.


Ah, the real reason then. "That is concerning, humans are supposed to be violent..."


"Maybe she has a sense of honor?" Mutt shrugged, whatever it was she made for a good distraction from monotony.

Sans turned around to look at Mutt. "A HUMAN. BEING HONORABLE WITH A MONSTER."

He shrugged, "Can't say that for sure, just thinking out loud."

Sans sank into silence for a long stretch. "IF...IF SHE'S REALLY HONORABLE," Sans said slowly, "DO YOU THINK...THE SURFACE?"

"No’s a nice thought though." Mutt replied. Maybe...maybe he did need to follow her around some. Do some info recon if nothing else.


Mutt nodded, Stars this was almost nostalgic. It had been awhile since they had talked about the surface. "Would be something wouldn't it?" He replied softly and rubbed the back of his knuckles across the top of Black's skull, purely because he could.


"Sink and freak all the onlookers out." Mutt snorted.


Mutt snickered, "Alright, I'll keep an eye on her and see how it goes."

"AND YOU'LL COME BACK IN ONE PIECE." Sans spoke it as an order, as if simply saying it made it true.

Mutt thought about simply detaching a finger just to be smart about it, but that would be too far.
"Course M'lord, always do."

Sans purred. "GOOD MUTT."

Mutt purred back leaning down to wrap around the other in a hug. Sans happily nuzzled his brother. It was nice to think of a future on the surface. He'd given up on that dream years ago as a child when he realized that the barrier being broken would only bring war. Now, now he could dream of it again. At least until the human proved herself untrustworthy.

He was happy enough to stay right where he was and allow the mellow moment. Though part of him was concerned about how things would go if it turned out the surface wasn't what they were thinking. There was always a chance it wasn't.

“ALRIGHT.” Sans reluctantly pulled back. “YOU SHOULD GO FIND HER.” Mutt nodded and obediently pulled away.

Kari sat on a bench near the edge of town. It had taken her ten minutes to give up. “Subtlety isn’t in your vocabulary, is it.”

Mutt popped over slumping over the back of the bench, leaning on his forearms. "Damn what gave it away this time?"

Kari chuckled swinging her legs. “It could have been the fact you’ve been following me since I left the house. Or the humming.”

Mutt snickered, "Oh come on, you really want me doing it where you don't know?"

“True, I am a lot happier knowing where you are,” Kari agreed. “Just figured you’d have something better to do than watch me poke around your town.”

"More M'lord's than mine." Mutt mumbled. "But you're welcome to the poking if you like. Might join in on it some, sounds like a good time."

“Maybe you can give me tips on identifying traps,” Kari said cheerfully. “A lot easier to cross if I don’t have to dodge an activated trap every ten minutes.” Okay that was an exaggeration, and she was learning. But this wasn’t her world, and asking a native was smarter than trying to do it all on her own.

"Always assume it's a trap." Mutt responded with a little grin. "I can in fact show you where most of them are set up regularly, but they do get moved on occasion. Or sometimes new ones get put up. And some are false just to fuck with you." He would know, he had set up a couple of those himself.

“If only I could move properly. I might actually have fun.” Kari sighed wistfully.

"Somethin' keepin you from it?" He asked curiously. It's not like the traps were that bad once you learned their placements.

"The cold and ice. It slows me down and I can't climb as easily as I normally do."

"You'll get used to that though, eventually." He pointed out, "Just a little practice."

Kari laughed. "I doubt I'll be here that long."

"Don't're out here all the time. Already doing at least a little better spotting the traps."

"I've only been here a few days." Kari looked over at Mutt. "Gotta say the company's better than I'm used to."

Mutt laughed, "Must not have a lot of company then."

"Nope! I'm pretty much a lone wolf." Kari leaned towards Mutt.

He tilted his head, "Must be lonely living like that." He didn't want to imagine a world where he wasn't living with Sans. That wasn't anything he'd want to repeat over.

Her breath caught lightly. “I suppose. But it’s better than being with others and still alone.”

"World hasn't been a nice place for you has it?" He questioned, he hadn't missed that hitch in her breathing.

"That's how it is." Kari shrugged and grinned up at him. "Don't imagine it's been easier for you."

"Maybe not, but there's always been Sans to worry about. Being completely alone...terrible." he grinned and reached over to ruffle her hair, "Anyway, let's go fuck up some people's hard work yeah?"

Kari ducked slightly at the touch and stuck her tongue out at him. "Race you." She took off, quickly heading deeper into the woods.

Mutt stood from his hunched position over the bench, "That's cheatin'." He called after her, right before poofing off into nothing and appearing further in front of her.

"Hey! What do you call that?" Kari changed direction to charge right at him.

Mutt shrugged seemingly unthreatened by her charge, "Never said I was gonna play fair. Didn't set any rules to start with."

Kari caught up and grabbed his arm to swing past him, laughing cheerfully.

Mutt snorted as she took off past him, did he want to put effort into following her on foot? Eh she was short enough, although she was very quick, that his legs would catch him up soon...what the hell, why not? He waited for her to gain some distance before he loped after her.

Kari’s heart raced, the thrill of the chase for once not tainted with fear. She grinned ferally as she twisted through the trees, feeling him gain on her. This was surprisingly amusing. She was agile and small enough to duck trees and spaces that his size made much more difficult. Hopefully she was still paying attention to where she was stepping out here.

Kari spun around a corner and slipped on a patch of ice. She cursed as she dug for anything to help herself stop from sliding.

Mutt snickered and caught the back of her jacket keeping her from sliding away, "Alright there?"

Kari got her feet beneath her and twisted to look up at Mutt. "Aw man. I was sure I wouldn't be caught."

"Would you rather be eating ice about now?" He shook the back of her jacket, "Could always let go."

"You wouldn't!"

Mutt raised a brow and lightly shoved her back, magic at the ready in case she really did start to bite ice.

Kari whooped and laughed as she spun on the ice before catching her balance. "Ha!"

Mutt leaned against a tree and watched her, "Big enough patch there to just slip around a bit."

Kari hummed as she slid back and forth over the ice. "Nice."

"When we get back later let me see your gloves."

Kari looked at Mutt warily. "Why?"

He shook his head, "That part’s a secret. I'll have them back to you by morning before you go skittering off."

Kari considered it before shrugging. She could always just conveniently forget to wear the gloves again. “Alright.”

He nodded settling against the tree as he watched her slide around.

Kari eventually turned back to Mutt with a wide grin. “So, help spotting the subtler traps?”

"Sure startin' with other side of the ice over there. See the little bump?" He nodded off toward the side.

“Trap?” Kari examined it carefully, looking for anything to make it stand out from normal bumps in the snow.

"In a way. Ice gets to heavy, thickens up to much...sets it off and it snaps. Cracks the whole thing apart. Get too close and you can get hit."

“Huh. I thought you only had to worry about ice getting too thin.”

"You see this place? There hasn't been a good hard snow in a couple months."

“Hm.” Kari stepped off the ice and grabbed a stick to deliberately poke the bump.”

Mutt popped up just behind her taking hold of the hand with the stick, "Try it this way." He directed her arm to tap at the front of the little hill. With a large snap the trap triggered slamming down a large rock that sent a crackling web of pattern across the ice.

Kari jumped back as soon as the trap snapped. “Well, I definitely am not making assumptions now.”

"Always the best idea." Mutt replied scooping her up to navigate across the breaking ice chips to a safer space.

Kari stiffened, for a moment considering fighting his hold before deciding to tolerate it. She didn’t know how the ice behaved well enough to be able to cross safely herself. “This is why I keep getting pushed back. I don’t know enough.”

"It'll come. You already made a couple of mistakes, ones you probably won't make again right?" He set her back down into the snow once they were past the slick cracked surface.

Kari took a couple quick steps away from him. “Yeah. Some of those traps would have maimed me if I hadn’t been fast enough.”

"Then it's a good thing you are isn't it?" He grinned back ambling along. "You could set your own you know. Block off a little place to hide for a bit if you needed."

Kari blinked slowly. “What?”

"Didn't think about it? Setting up a couple trap of your own around to ward off others...not such a different thing around here. Could ask M'lord for notes on how to make somethin decent."

“I doubt it’d work, but making a couple traps could be fun.”

"Usually you don't mess with someone's space...less you got a bone to pick with them." He shrugged.

“What? Someone’s space?” Kari tilted her head. “You can’t own stuff.”

Mutt blinked, "Really now? That's an interesting way to think of things..."

“It’s only yours as long as you can keep hold of it. And I’m not strong enough to keep hold of anything.” Kari shrugged.

Mutt tilted his head, "So that why you freak out getting picked up?"

Kari shrugged languidly. “Not used to others touching me.”

He shoved his hands in his pockets, "Damn was gonna make some handy jokes if you said yeah."

Kari snorted. "I am not a mini human to stick in your pocket and tote around." She grinned widely at him.

He chuckled, "That's fine, I ain't a purse pooch either."

“You sure? I could try to fit you in,” Kari teased.

"You actually carry a purse?" Mutt asked slightly surprised.

“I’m sure we could find one.” Kari batted her eyes innocently.

Mutt snorted, "Ah I see. Tame the feral beast type eh?"

“Yes, that’s entirely my type.” Kari laughed again.

He grinned, "Would explain a few things for sure."

“Oh? Like what?”

"Why you're so fun to watch for one."

"It's not my charming habit of falling into traps?" Kari joked.

"Maybe if you'd figure I could help and let me." Mutt responded eyeing the arm he knew had bandages recently if not still.

"Sure! Having you tag along sounds fun."

"High compliments."

Kari snickered. She headed back into a section with traps, carefully moving around and looking for a clear path through to let her go out further.

"Two steps left." Mutt trailed along behind her.

Kari paused, took two steps to the left, and examined the area she'd been about to walk into. Was that some kind of glimmer, or was she imagining things?

Mutt dangled a small stick over her, "Wanna check it out?"

"You know me too well." Kari accepted the stick and poked.

Mutt watched the pikes that flashed as they moved about once triggered. Careful not to get close enough to chip a bone again Sans would be pissed.

"Whoa. That was almost beautiful."

"And there goes your illusion of sanity." Mutt teased.

Kari laughed. "What, you don't think something working well is beautiful? It's like watching a deer in flight, or someone dancing, or fighting. Yes it's just a trap, but someone crafted it. And there's a beauty in that."

"I'd say practical over pretty." Mutt shrugged, "I suppose both work though."

"I think you don't take enough time to see it."

"You sound entirely to much like M'lord." He ruffled her hair, "Should I be referring to you as the Mistress?"

"What, really? The big tough captain that terrifies the town talks about how pretty the world is?"

Mutt faked a gasp slapping a hand over his chest above where his soul would flutter if exposed, "Now where did you hear such a vile rumor?" He grinned through the whole thing.

"Might have heard it from a passing dog," Kari joked.

"Must have been one mangy ass mutt." He snickered motioning her on.

Kari laughed as she wandered out further out. She might actually break further than she normally did.

Mutt followed along with a watchful eye, "What's it like up there?"

"What? On top of the mountain?"

"Outside of the underground in general." He replied shoving his hands back into his pockets, "Most of us...don't actually know."

"Who put the barrier up?"

"Humans...a long time ago. You don't know any of this?" He questioned.

“Nope! Doesn’t surprise me though. Humans tend to forget about things they don’t like.” Kari stretched out. “The world above this mountain? I could never describe it. There’s too much. You could wander the world for a hundred years and still haven’t seen even a tenth of what it holds.”

That...was a scary thought, but at the same time incredibly exciting as well. He hummed a little in thought, "And if the barrier did break?"

“Are you asking how humans will react, or what will happen to monsters? Cause I honestly don’t know for the second.”

He shrugged, "Not sure really. Just thinking out loud."

Kari hummed. “People won’t like it, but I bet you and your lord would be fine. The world’s big. You’d find somewhere.”

Mutt laughed under his breath, "Sure if we get out. Just like that the fighting ends?"

Kari laughed. “You’re not that naive.”

"No, but at least here I know the rules."

Kari hummed, before stopping and turning to look at Mutt. “You follow the rules you choose. That’s true even above ground. The only real rule? Don’t get caught.” She grinned widely. “And you’re too good to be caught.”

Well, that wasn't exactly the most true thing ever said. Close enough to it though. "There's the real reason I like you."

“What? My ability to boost your ego?”

"Your view of the world. I don't really need the boost, save that for Sans."

Kari shrugged. “Just pointing out the obvious.”

"Its refreshing. Haven't been around anyone that blunt about it for awhile." He admitted half lost in thought.

Kari laughed. “Yeah, I do tend to be too blunt. Know I shouldn’t be, but whaddya know? One of the things I just don’t care about.”

"Nah, not too much. Or maybe I just don't care either." He laughed about it, but it was honest truth.

Kari hummed softly walking along with him. She slowed as it began to grow foggy.

Mutt tilted his head watching to see what she would do.

“I think this is the farthest I’ve gotten before.” Kari took another step directly into a trap.

Mutt snatched her backward popping them to another spot, "Heading into waterfall past here."

Kari shivered slightly. “Great. Is there a bridge past it?”

"You can get around for the right price, same as anywhere else down here." He shrugged, "Not as familiar with it as I am Hotland or the capital. Few folks here and there....but mostly keep out."

“Wait, it’s a place? Not a waterfall?”

"There is a waterfall. Just like Snowdin has snow. Hotland'll want to lose the coat pretty quick."

Kari shook her head. “Okay. So this should be interesting. And most people don’t go there?”

"Most people stick to their own spaces. We move a little more freely because M'lord is guard Captain." He explained.

“He’s really important here, huh?” What an interesting dichotomy. Snowdin being so much more open while the people derided the one who made it possible.

"For the most part." Mutt nodded, "But there's always flaws in the system."

“Of course.” Kari tilted her head. “Are you aware of the kid monsters running wild?”

"The library ones? Yeah, parents dusted for whatever reason and no family to take 'em in. Do all sorts of odd jobs around to get by. Wasn't that different not to long ago."

Kari nodded. “Why are they terrified of Sans knowing? Since I’m pretty sure he already does.”

"Cause if someone could prove it, easy points for guard to come clear them out. He'd be obligated for position to put in the paperwork, puts a big target right on their backs." Mutt fumbled in a pocket finding a dog treat, "Guard knocked my screws loose, and I was a lot closer to out of stripes than any of them are."

Kari shivered. She shouldn’t be surprised. This place didn’t hide its ugly, but she had heard of similar things. Funnily enough she was wishing for the veneered pretense that people protected kids. Kari rubbed her arms. “Huh.”

"There's not much else to do except ignore that they're there legit. Shops toss imperfect wares and things that they need. They know to make the rounds."

Kari gave a half shrug. "Well, it works."

He nodded, "It does."

Kari shuffled slowly through the fog. “How did anyone see well enough to even leave traps?”

"When you've been here all your life you've seen thinner days, and thicker days, and learned the pathways." He avoided one of the traps he knew was there on occasion, "And it only takes once to mess up and be gone."

“This’ll thin?”

"Thin some, but never really be gone." He nodded.

"I should try on a day when it's thinner then. I don't like my chances if I try today when I'm still learning to pick out traps in areas it's clear."

"Smart. Where you wanna go?"

"Back to that area that had like ten traps in it? I should study them more."

Mutt nodded holding out a hand with a little smile, "Hey little lady want a ride?"

"Got a price on that?"

"Call it a perk." He tapped on the collar, "Comes with advantages."

Kari jerked slightly when he reached for her neck before relaxing. "Right. Sounds good to me then."

"Ain't out to hurt you. Not part of the deal."

“I know.” Kari grinned easily at Mutt. She knew she had protection, that Mutt wouldn’t hurt her. That would break the deal.

If only that actually carried over to how she felt.

Mutt nodded, she had no reason to trust him yet, her reaction made sense.

She boldly stepped over into his reach. “So. Shortcut?”

Mutt smiled taking hold of her, "Sure thing teeny girl." He popped them back to the area she was asking about, outside the fog.

Whoa, that was still disorienting. Kari held onto him for a moment to reorient before letting go and stepping back. “Teeny girl?”

He looked down at her pointedly, "Can you think of a better word?"

Kari laughed. “Alright.”

“So, trap advice! I’m gonna need something better than “avoid suspicious snow patches,” considering how pretty much all the snow qualifies for that.”

"Worry more about depressions rather than drifts. High traffic areas are more likely to have trap along them. Keep watch out for wires or threads around ankle height to." He suggested.

“Huh. I would have thought the paths were safe spots for the trap makers.”

"You'd think, except they're mostly built on the safest terrain physically. So you make for easy targets as you follow along."

“I really need to get better at handling ice.” It seemed the trees were her safety even more than normal here.

"Take it there's not a lot of it up there?" He questioned.

“There are in some places, but I’ve never needed to linger. I could always leave, and there were always safer places for me to be.”

"Shoe size?" He asked sizing her up a bit. It had been awhile since he'd had to work with someone not used to the weather, but he had taught himself, and Sans.

“What?” That was a random segue.

"What's your shoe size?" He repeated, fairly straightforward. "Might be a to help, but need the tools to do it."

“Six.” Kari looked at her feet, wiggling her toes in her shoes. She probably would have been better off with boots.

He nodded, "Alright. Watch your step."

Kari plunged into the deeper snow, shivering slightly, and stepped over to examine the indents for glimpses of wires or shimmers of magic. Mutt kept a careful eye on her, she was already shivering. If she ended up soaked it could be worse for her hp. Kari spotted quite a few tests, and a handful of spots that might be snow shine or a trap. She didn’t poke at these, just content to test herself and wander around. Mutt followed along behind her lazily slumped into his slouching posture. He did flip the finger at a tiny spider once, probably not the best to antagonize the woman it was attached to but oh well.

“You flip the woods off often?”


“Ah. So you just flip off the proprietor of the only good source of cocoa in town.”

"Ouch my pride."

Kari walked over and patted Mutt’s arm. “It’s alright. I’m sure you’ll recover.”

He grinned at her, "Maybe."

“Need me to kiss it better?” Kari teased.

"Wouldn't argue against it." He shrugged.

Kari blew him a kiss, laughing. He paused with a grin for a second, not entirely expecting her to play along. Huh who knew? Obliviously she turned away and walked back through the woods. He followed along after her, he might really have to own up to making cocoa sooner rather than later. She looked like she was getting chilled for real.

“Alright, we should go back.” Kari looked at Mutt. “You can tell your lord I did not in fact make any nefarious plots.”

"Could just tell him yourself." Mutt grinned grabbing her shoulder and popping them back to the living room. Mutt let go of the girl and flopped himself over onto the couch, "You gonna be good, or should I be trying the whole body heat thing?"

“Do skeletons produce body heat?” Kari shrugged her jacket off and headed for the blankets.

"We are living things." He snorted, "Same as anything else we fluctuate."

“Well I certainly wouldn’t object to cuddling. That fall under privileges too?”

"Without question." He grinned opening his arms. Kari hesitated for a moment before sauntering over to lean on Mutt. He pulled her in a bit twitching around until he was able to curl about her.

“Well whaddya know. You’re like a mini furnace.” Kari leaned into him contentedly.

"So I have been complained at before."

“Complained huh?” Kari laughed. “And who was doing that? Lover? Your brother?”

"Maybe both, once upon a time." He teased back, "Gonna add to the list?"

“Nah. This is pretty cozy.” Kari suppressed a yawn.

Mutt snuggled down into the couch, "Nap time?"

“Sounds good to me.”

Sans found them like that later. A rare fond look crossed his face, and he grabbed a blanket to tuck around the pair.

Chapter Text

A badly scarred lynx walked into town, patches of fur turned white from growing back over scars. She snarled at a kid that came too close, sending the winged monster fluttering off the best that he could. Mutt rolled his eyes at the posturing from his post leaning against a tree. He recognized that swagger though, probably wore it himself a few times over the years come to think about it.

The lynx spotted the skeleton and paused. “Papyrus?”

Aw shit they noticed him. He inwardly sighed, just another day. Do not engage…

The monster squinted and moved closer. “You are Papyrus, aren’t you?”

"Who's asking?" He eyed the other, hands flexing in his pockets.

“Lexra.” The lynx laughed. “I thought you were dead! Man, you had a good run in the rings didn’t you?”

"Nah, still slumping around." He shrugged, "Was decent for awhile there."

“Decent? I wish I was decent,” Lexra snorted. “Hey, why don’t you let me buy you a drink? You can tell me how retirement’s treating ya.”

He should decline. Sans would be beyond livid if he was late. Should didn't mean he would though. "Sure we can hit up Muffet's." old habits die hard

Lexra grinned. “Great! Lead the way Papyrus.” The lynx walked confidently beside him, completely heedless of the fear the captain’s mad mutt bestowed on the populace.

"How's the ring going anymore?" He questioned strolling over to the oddly cheerful door to Muffet's.

“Same old, same old. We had to move when Undyne started getting a little too interested in the winners.” Lexra ordered an orange liqueur and sipped at the sweet drink. “We’ve got a new champion coming up if he doesn’t dust in the next rounds.” Muffet crossed one pair of arms handing off a bottle to Mutt giving them both a very pointed look. There were rules to her establishment thank you very much. Dust wasn't welcome in her linens.

"Sounds promising. Might have to look up the track record."

“I remember hearing about you. You were what? Not even out of stripes when you started?”

"Had a few years still in them, yeah." He agreed. Stars did people really remember that shit? Surely things weren't that slow around the rings.

"We've got a kid claiming to be following in your footsteps coming up. Seems he's a real fan." Lexra laughed. "If he knew you were alive you can bet he'd be here challenging you."

"Kids oughta just be kids." He snorted, "Remember being that idiot though."

"What?" Lexra snorted. "You've gone soft or something?"

"No." He grinned, "Said I remember being the little idiot. Grew into a bigger one."

She laughed, throwing back another drink. "Hey, you really oughta come by. Meet our current champ, Baxter. He's an ugly one, but he's got the LOVE to make up for it."

"How high?" He questioned sipping out of his own bottle. That would be so easy, pop in and watch a couple rounds, get back home before he was really missed.

"He's a thirteen." Lexra grinned. "Almost as high as the captain."

Mutt didn't correct that it was right around on par. There was an itch starting to build to really go check this situation out. If nothing else just for old times sake. It was where he had learned a lot of stuff.

"Well?" Lexra asked.

"Might be tempting." He replied playing with the bottle in his hands, "Exciting to check out the newbies if nothing else."

"And more entertaining than retirement! Seriously, what are you doing?"

"Depends on the day...but mostly half dusting from boredom. Occasionally chasing something or other." He replied.

"Seriously? Why on earth would you do that?"

"So I'm only half way to dust." He snorted.

Lexra punched Papyrus in the shoulder and laughed. "Ha! Good one!" She drank more. "I'll let the guys know you're coming down. We're down in the gutter of Waterfall, just past the dump."

"Yeah, let them know. I'll find my way over there." He grinned.

Lexra finished her drink. "Good to see you Papyrus." She dropped some coins to pay for her drink and headed back out. Who would have guessed Papyrus was hiding out here?

He nodded after her. Muffet came over to collect the funds and glass, "Your brother is going to dismember you if he finds out Pappy dear."

"You gonna be the one squeaking at him?"

"Of course not. Much more lucrative to let you dig your hole and place a few bets." She admonished. He shrugged, she was probably right.

Sans paced in the living room. "WHERE IS HE?" Mutt was always home on time. Had something happened? Why was he late? Had he just gotten distracted? Should he look for him, or would that look too close to a weakness?

Mutt popped in shaking some snow from a small flurry outside off his shoulder by the door.


He blinked, " caught up at Muffet's. Maybe took a little to long finishing a drink." He moved over to kneel by the side of the couch, he was well aware the other was flustered about the whole thing.

"IDIOT!" Sans hit Mutt, breathing heavily. He was here. He was safe. He'd just been a little slow, that was all. Just a normal, everyday thing. Nothing to panic over.

Mutt let the blow hit home with a satisfying burn, "Sorry M'lord." He leaned over placing his face calmly against the other's chest.


Mutt nodded nuzzling against the other, "Wanna go now?"

"YES. YOU CAN SERVE ME SUPPER IN BED LIKE A GOOD PET." Mutt simply wrapped his arms around Sans and rocked to his feet bringing the smaller with him. Sans curled automatically into the safety of his big brother.

Mutt simply adjusted his hold on the other to carry him easier. Heading for the bedroom, "Any requests in that case?"

"RAVIOLI," Sans demanded.

"You want that from scratch or will predone work?"

"SO LAZY," Sans tsked. "FINE, PREDONE WILL DO." He didn't want Mutt to leave him for too long.

"Right away your highness." Mutt sassed teasing.


He grinned lightly mouthing at the others shoulder.

"PAPYRUS!" Sans squirmed playfully but didn't pull away. He laughed and popped them the rest of the way to the bedroom. No point in not speeding up the process. Sans sat imperiously on his bed waiting for his brother to return with supper. After a few moments he was back, balancing a tray in his hands. He was quiet coming over to sit by the smaller balancing the tray across his lap.

Sans nodded at his brother and took his bowl of ravioli to eat. Mutt reached over snatching the fork from the others bowl, "Nope, you said serve. Let me do my job."

“WHAT?” Sans scowled at his brother. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Mutt grinned with a little hum and worked the utensil between his fingers a bit before offering the other a bite, "Told you, just doin' my job."

Sans deadpanned at his brother. “YOU’RE FEEDING ME.”



"Mhmm," he wiggled the fork at the other, "you gonna cooperate?"

Sans pouted. “I’M NOT A BABYBONES,” he complained.

"Didn't say you were. Not the point either." He replied.

Sans looked suspiciously at Mutt. "NOT A JOKE?"

"Not a joke, just a gesture." He confirmed with a nod.

Sans debated it for a moment before opening his mouth. Well look there, he would go for it. Mutt really hadn't been sure he would, it set him to purring as he fed the other delicately. Sans slowly relaxed. This was a little weird, but his brother was here and they were safe. Hearing Papyrus purr was nice too. He flashed a grin at his brother. Good, so Sans wasn't angry with his idea either. That was a relief. He continued on feeding the other, taking in any subtle cues about mood quietly.

"SOMETIMES I THINK YOU TAKE SERVING ME TOO FAR," Sans remarked quietly as he finished off a bite.

"Do I? I could always do more." He shrugged, and happily so.


"Yep, what of it?"

Sans rolled his eyelights. "I DOUBT YOU COULD GO FARTHER."

Mutt tilted his head, "There are other things I could do for you, if you cared to ask."

"OH YEAH? LIKE WHAT?" Sans challenged.

Mutt shrugged, "Could always bed warm."

Sans paused. "REPEAT THAT?"

"Really, or is this one of those I don't get it moments?" He questioned.


"Well thank Stars for small favors." He grinned, "Would make things awkward having to explain that."

He crossed his arms and pouted. "I'M NOT AN IDIOT."

"No you're not. You're the very genius captain of the guard." Mutt replied poking at his cheek, the face really was cute.

"MWE!" Sans stuck his tongue out. "BUT REALLY. I WOULDN'T-I MEAN-A BED WARMER? I THOUGHT..."

Mutt raised a brow, "You thought?"



"AND...BROTHERS DON'T HAVE SEX TOGETHER. RIGHT?" Sans fidgeted a little.

"Not regularly no." He shrugged.

"OH." Sans thought that over. "BUT THEY DO DO IT?"

Mutt shrugged, "I wouldn't know. Not exactly privy to all of the Underground's sex life."

"JERK!" Sans fidgeted. "I DIDN'T KNOW."

Mutt snorted, "Should I run a survey?"

"NO!" Sans elbowed Papyrus. He grinned swaying with the blow, not enough to drop the bowl or upset the tray on his lap, but enough to be exaggerated.

"YOU ARE A DISASTER," Sans complained. He looked at his brother. Really looked this time, taking in his long limbs and strong bones. He supposed his brother was handsome. But did he want him? Sans had never felt any particular desire for his brother. He hadn't even occurred to Sans as an option.

"Never did claim I wasn't." Mutt quipped back suddenly very aware of the other's stare on him, he stilled. Sans didn't feel himself burning with lust or any desire to jump his brother. In the end he shrugged and turned back to the food, reaching to steal back the fork.

Mutt leaned back out of the way holding it beyond reach, "Really now is that needed?"


Mutt shrugged, "You didn't seem to have an issue before." He offered up another bite. Sans pouted before accepting the next bite. Mutt was right back to purring, otherwise silently feeding the other.


Mutt blinked, "Does it bother you?"


"How I act." Sure he was a little out there, but he could try reigning it in as much as possible if it was causing Sans problems.

Sans snorted, before looking at Mutt and blinking. "YOU'RE SERIOUS."

Mutt shrugged, "For the most part try to be."

"WELL." Sans quickly climbed into his brother's lap and looked up at his face. He traced a hand over the scar over his eye. "YOU'RE MY BROTHER. MY LOYAL DOG. MY PROTECTOR. I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO ASK YOU TO CHANGE."

Mutt nodded, ok then still good. Things were ok. He leaned his head down on the other's shoulder.


He nodded against his brother's shoulder once before leaning back and offering up another bite. Sans pulled himself up proudly and ate with all the grace of a king hosting a grand feast. It might as well have been with all the confidence and happiness he had where he was. Mutt went back to smiling, Sans always had that way about him. He'd command more attention than the Queen herself in the same room.

Sans finished off his meal. "GO CLEAN THAT MESS UP," he ordered.

"Right away M'lord." Mutt responded with a wink popping out of the room.

"MOUTHY BROTHER," Sans complained to no one. He strode over to the bookshelf before picking out one on the history of traps. He crossed to the bed and settled in it before waiting for Mutt to return.

It took a few moments for the other to return considering the fact he actually took the time to wash up the dishes properly, and perhaps calm some... racing thoughts. He popped in next to the door.

"MUTT." Sans gestured for his brother to come and kneel at his bed. He did so without question, or hesitation; folding himself impressively small for his stature. “TONIGHT’S BOOK.” He passed it to Mutt to read to him.

Mutt took the book examining the cover, a history lesson then. He grinned flipping it open and starting to follow along the page eventually settling to lean against the side of the bed so he could tilt the book and allow the other to see the small diagrams that accompanied many of the theories.

Sans listened eagerly, tracing his gaze over the various diagrams as they were made relevant. He loved hearing how traps became so prominent. From simple territory protection, to used against humans; from the war to the change in being Underground.

And there was the pivotal difference in him and his brother. The wild enthusiasm from the other was encouraging, even when the subject matter wasn't something he preferred. He grinned occasionally glancing from the book to the other's face much more interested in the excitement of Sans' features than the actual content of the book.

Eventually Sans decided that was enough for the night. “ALRIGHT. COME JOIN ME.”

Mutt rocked to his feet to set the book back in its place before coming back to the bed. He crawled on curling around the smaller form.

Sans sighed contentedly. “YOU SCARED ME,” he admitted softly.

"'M sorry. I shouldn't have stayed that late without shooting you a warning." He murmured settling in.

“DO WARN ME NEXT TIME. OR MY RESPONSE WON’T BE AS PLEASANT.” He squeezed Mutt as if he’d disappear if Sans let go.

Mutt nodded wrapping the other up tucking him under his chin and curling tighter around him, "I'll do better about it."

“GOOD.” Sans breathed in his brother’s scent, letting the mix of honey and smoke assure him that this was real. They were still together. Mutt hummed a lazy reply snuggling the younger male. Sans drifted off to sleep, warm and content in his brother’s arms.

Chapter Text

Mutt leaned against the door frame and knocked a couple of times. Was the human even in the room?

Kari opened the door, hair half brushed out and falling in her face. “Yeah?”

Oh no, that was ridiculously cute. He held out the pair of gloves, modified to help with the situation. "You gonna need help with that?"

Kari pushed some strands out of her face and accepted the gloves cautiously. “Looking for an excuse to touch?” She joked.

"Maybe." He shrugged, it did look soft.

“Sure. Better than chopping it all off.”

Mutt raised a brow, "You do that yourself?"

“Cutting in a straight line isn’t too hard. And I can pickpocket enough money for a decent cut every once in a while.”

Huh, so she could thieve decently...interesting. He reached over running a single finger through the brushed out section of hair. Kari grinned and moved away to put down the gloves and brush out the other half of her hair. Mutt tilted his head following after her to watch how she worked through her hair. Kari slowly worked gently through the tips up higher into her hair.

“Gonna stand there or are you going to help?” She teased.

"Not exactly used to working with that material ma'am." He quipped back.

Kari tilted her head, and held out her brush to him. “Here. Just gently run it through.”

"From the bottom?" That seemed counterproductive but it's what she had been doing.

“Yup, and then work your way up. Keeps the tangles from tugging on my head.” He hummed an agreeable noise carefully taking the brush to her hair soothing his hand over the top of the section in an attempt to curb any pulling.

Kari closed her eyes. “Not bad for a beginner.”

Mutt pet her hair gently working through any tangles he found carefully. "Everyone's hair this soft?"

“Nope! I have some of the finest hair, which means it tangles like nothing else, but most people have slightly coarser hair. Some people’s hair actually feels wiry, but that isn’t common.”

"Huh interesting." He wondered if she would be opposed to letting him mess with it more often.

“So I’m guessing most monsters take after animals? And don’t have hair?”

"Some do, some don't. Never messed with anyone's though."

Kari thought about it and snorted. “Right. I forgot about Muffet.”

"Undyne's was longer, about waist length last I saw her. Been awhile from that though."

“Yeah? Who’s that?”

"She's a scientist. Nasty businesses..." he finished up with the brush running his fingers carefully through to test for hidden knots.

Kari winced slightly when he tugged a little too hard on a knot,

Mutt carefully worked his fingers out and took the brush back to the area, "Sorry..."

“It’s fine. It happens.”

"Doesn't mean it isn't painful."

“Your brushing actually feels nice for the most part.” He was a lot gentler than she was with herself.

"It's not too much?" He questioned simply. This was actually fairly soothing, how odd.

“No. You’re being pretty nice about it.”

"Nice..." Not something that was usually tossed about in the same body of language with him.

“Yup. I haven’t had anyone else brush my hair except when my hair’s being cut for...I don’t know. Years.”

"Happy to be of assistance then." He grinned at her. Kari turned her head to smile back. Mutt blinked and handed her back the brush, fighting himself not to rub his face in her hair. "You have plans?"

“I was going to see if the fog thinned, and then see if Sans is willing to show me how to rig some traps for myself.”

"Solid ideas." He nodded, "Want a lift to the outskirts, or would you rather walk?"

“Walk with me?”

Mutt grinned, "Aw Teeny thing I am touched, of course I'll be your escort."

Kari laughed. “Gotta take my time with you when I can. I am madly infatuated with you.” She blew a comical kiss and mimed fainting.

Mutt snickered, "Well isn't that a kick? Could always appreciate time catering to you too."

“I bet the girls swoon over you with that attitude.”

"Who said anything about other girls?" He questioned lightly.

Kari blinked, before forcing a light laugh. “What, you don’t escort all the pretty girls?”

"Nope, just a specific one, recent development to."

No. He couldn’t like her. If he liked her, he’d want to keep her. To keep her, he’d trap her. She couldn’t be trapped.

Kari flashed a wide blinding smile at him. “Right. Alright, I need to change my clothes.”

Mutt nodded backing out of the room, "Need help just whistle."

“Of course.” As soon as he was out and the door was closed Kari headed out the window. She couldn’t get past the traps keeping her in Snowdin, but right now she couldn’t think of that. She just needed to run.

Mutt blinked listening to the scuffle in the room, well that was a bit unexpected. Too much? Probably too much. Should he go after her, or just let her be? And that was the window, huh. She was a brave little thing. Mutt chuckled and headed back to the living room. Another time then.

The entrance for the fight ring was rather cleverly hidden behind a waterfall, revealing a cave that had been carefully excavated to allow more people. It lead down to where plenty of monsters brushed shoulders, for once being cheerful about the crowding rather than sour. Pets serviced their masters in plain view while others were boasted about. And in the center was a simple ring, only a faint glimmer to show the magic keeping the fighters from spilling out into the frenzied crowd.

Mutt wandered through the crowd, for the most part well used to the behaviors around him. Hell he even caught sight of a decent amount of familiar faces...that was probably more disturbing than anything else.

“Entering the ring! Scrappy and Lizzar!” The announcer shouted. Two kids entered the ring, a dog monster that looked far too skinny and a lizard that looked almost ready to leave stripes.

“Papyrus!” Lexra shouted. “Over here!”

Mutt glanced to where he heard his name and then looked back to the ring as he picked his way around the crowd to Lexra, "Got a decent crowd goin."

“I would expect so! Got a couple beasts going in the next round.” Lexra downed a drink as her golem companion looked at Mutt. “You’re Papyrus?”

He surveyed the other monster with a lazy grin, "'So 'm told."

“I’m Jadite. How many rounds did you fight?”

He shrugged, "Lost count. Was here years before I ever stepped foot in, spent a few years doing it."

“Years?” The golem looked to Lexra to confirm it.

“Yup! You should see if you can get him to show you his style. It’s gorgeous,” The lynx said cheerfully. In the ring the dog monster finally managed to tear out their opponent’s throat.

"Lacking fleshy bits helps lines look straighter, it isn't half as elegant as people think." He grinned.

Lexra laughed. “We’ll have to test that,” Jadite offered. An aquatic monster with tentacles entered next, racing against an armor monster.

Mutt sized the two in the ring up thinking about the subtle offer, he shouldn't. But the rush from a good fight- from winning a good fight..."Might just have to."

“We got a new contender?” A fire elemental asked curiously. The tentacled monster in the ring took a limb off its opponent.

Mutt watched in slight amusement, there was a joke for that. He just knew it. "More like an old one."

The fire elemental looked him over. “Haven’t heard of you before.”

“Before your time. Remember Papyrus? That skeleton guy we all thought died?” Lexra said.

“That’s you?”

"I'd say in the flesh, but." He shrugged.

Jadite laughed and slapped Mutt on the back. “Ha!”

Mutt just grinned at the friendly gesture, "Lex said you guys had a high LV kid runnin' around here?"

“What, Ty? You interested in seeing him?” The elemental asked.

"Might make a couple of bets if he seems worth it." Mutt responded flicking his lighter in his pocket.

The tentacle monster roared, going into a LOVE fueled rampage when the monster dusted and hurling itself at the ring to try and get to the crowd to get more dust.

"The kid'll be thrilled," Jadite said.

Mutt nodded watching the monster struggle to get between the boundaries around it to the spectators. "Someone outta knock the shit outta that thing."

Lexra cracked her knuckles, and her and a couple other fighters entered the ring to beat the monster down and out. They didn't kill it, just dragging it out. "Hopefully it'll remain sane enough to keep fighting," an insectoid monster commented. "A fight against a dust crazed monster is never entertaining once they've lost their head and skill."

"'S true." Mutt nodded.

"And now for the event of the evening! Ty versus Kerberus!" The crowd roared as the three headed wolf monster entered the ring, a raptor monster in stripes entering from the other side.

Well...what do ya know. Really was a kid, part of him had assumed it might have been someone posing, but this boy still had the immature quality to him. Mutt crossed his arms sizing them both up, the kid would win there was no doubt in his mind. Not only was his LV high but he knew that look. Kid had shit to prove.

Kerberus had an advantage at watching his surroundings, but occasionally his heads would bicker. Ty on the other hand was quick, the claws on his feet deadly, and incredibly acrobatic. The magic they tossed at each other was sharp too, Ty using flashes of orange and blue to confuse his opponent and force them into a corner. He was panting heavily when he finally managed to kill the monster, several injuries bleeding dust. The crowd roared in excitement.

Damn, that was actually pretty impressive. Kid was sharp, used blind spots and special awareness to his advantage. Nice, he had a lot of potential. The fighters congratulated the kid, a few measuring him up and calculating how they might take him down before he did the same to them.

“Hey Ty!” Lexra shouted. “Look who’s here!” The smirking kid turned towards them, and froze. Huh, knew him by sight then. Mutt sized up the injuries on the other, more than a few were fine to be left alone, but some were pretty nasty.

Jadite laughed and slapped the kid on the back, not caring that it had to hurt. “Scared speechless, huh?”

Ty shrugged away from the golem and looked at Mutt, scowling fiercely. “You were one of the best, right?”

"You'd have to ask the record books for that." Mutt responded with a shrug, "You gonna stand there dustin all over the place forever?"

The kid moved his tail to pick up a bottle of healing magic, running a Check to make sure it wasn’t tampered with before chugging it down. “I’m going to replace you.”

Mutt chuckled, "You go right on ahead with that kid."

Ty scowled and pulled himself up even further. “I’m going to be great. Just you wait!”

Mutt bent peering at Ty, "Don't stop at me kid. When you set an aspiration is when you choke."

He glowed at the advice his hero gave him. “I won’t!”

Mutt nodded, "You did good, smart use of confusion. You watch the other fights right?"

“Of course!”

“Heh, look at the little brat,” someone muttered.

"And idiots like that are exp." Mutt murmured.

Ty’s face darkened and he nodded. “Right.”

Jadite stepped forward. “Come on, I’ve wrangled am opening for us to fight. You’re a lucky kid, you’ll get to see your hero in action.”

Mutt stood back up turning to follow after Jadite, "See you on the flip side."

“We have an old contender here, come back to test out the skills of our earth shaking golem, Jadite! Will Papyrus show why he was a beast back in the day? Or will the old timer be left as nothing but dust?” The announcer called out.

Mutt snorted, pretentious wording. The rings had always been that way. He went ahead and pulled his hands out of his pockets, might as well be ready.

“No hard feelings,” Jadite joked. He cracked his hands, and sent his magic into the ground, causing sharp spikes to erupt from below.

Mutt shrugged standing next to him in the next second, "None taken. All part of the ring."

The golem growled and threw a punch at him, a surge of stone moving to drop Mutt into a crevice. Mutt dodged the punch sending a splintered bone flying at his opponent he skirted the very edge of the opening. Perhaps not the brightest move, but the extra rush from the possible danger felt wonderful.

The ground crumbled under Mutt’s feet as Jadite caught the bone in his arm. He winced hard. That hurt more than he’d expected from a retired fighter. Welp yeah that wasn't a good idea. He stumbled a bit with the ground movement; only managing to get one foot to a safe area before where he had been did the crash and burn, whoops. Sharp spires of stone rapidly sprouted up to trap him down, the golem roaring as he rushed the skeleton.

One of the spires managed to scrape the gap between radius and ulna near his wrist, fuck. That wasn't gonna be easy to hide. He jerked it free last second slamming a booted foot toward the golem. He grunted in pain but caught Mutt’s foot to drag him towards him. His other foot went for the face, shoving another splinter edged bone floating between the two along it's way.

The golem let go and backed up, but not without catching the bone in his other arm. Angrily he grabbed a chunk from the ground and flung it, magic causing it to swell. Oh that was nifty, and dangerous. A wave of bones sprung from the ground shaking on impact with the projectiles few crumbling but ultimately serving their purpose only a small chunk flying through to hit his already injured arm. Jadite smirked and stomped his foot to send a series of spikes through the ground weaving up and down.

Mutt wasn't as agile as his brother, but he made up for it with the shortcuts, and the ability to take pain if needed. He popped up behind the other threading the injured arm around one of Jadite's his good arm holding a bone weapon.

"Think they're having fun?" He gestured out to the crowd around them.

“Oh yeah. Listen to them,” the golem grunted. He twisted to try and punch Mutt. The arm was already hurt, wrenching it a little wasn't any worse. He let the momentum sling him backward jabbing the weapon into the back of the other monster's knee. He hissed in pain falling to one knee.

Mutt leaned over the other hands on Jadite's shoulders, "Wanna give them a last smile?"

“No,” he growled proudly. He jerked again to try and get away. Mutt shoved down hard as a bone wave sprung up from below. The golem shuddered and dusted. The crowd went nuts. Mutt shook the injured arm, and frowned at the amount of dust on his jacket. Ugh that was gonna take awhile to get out.

“AND THE WINNER IS PAPYRUS!” The announcer shouted. Curses could be heard from people who lost money betting against him.

“Yeah Papyrus!” Ty shouted. The young raptor bounced on his feet.

Mutt nodded to the kid and headed for the exit the warmth of LV spike rolling. He'd had worse ones, but he would probably need to blow off steam before getting to town proper. The echoes of the crowd sounded behind him before being replaced with the sound of rushing water and leading back to the quiet of Waterfall.

He made it to the other side of the sheeted water entrance before porting to the outskirts of Snowdin to wreck some trees. The handful of monsters that had been in the area promptly vanished. No one wanted to get on the wrong side of the captain’s mad attack dog.

Welp, it was probably a good thing anyone around vanished. The last thing he needed in the middle of an LV spike was more rolling in. The whine of a charging blaster would chase off anybody else that hadn't the message. This one happened to be slightly larger, best way to knock off the extra magic.

The blaster fired several more times before he stopped it panting lightly. He stopped the laser, gave the weapon a small pat to the muzzle, and dispelled it before he disappeared once again.

Mutt shoved his boots and jacket off by the door and took to the couch. At least the clothing under the jacket weren't as bad off. He shoved the sleeve of his sweater up inspecting the injuries to his arm. A small amount of dust did fall from the scrapes to the sensitive inner bone. Crap he'd need to treat that.

“Mutt?” Kari leaned out of the kitchen where she was snacking on a weird magic fruit of some kind. It tasted pretty good.

He tensed for a second, but relaxed at the sight of the human. "Yep." He replied sauntering over to one of the stashes of healing supplies.

“Something happen?” Kari asked idly.

"Nothing worth noting." He shrugged taking the little box back to the couch.

“Alright.” Kari ducked back into the kitchen to finish her snack.

He pulled out a canister of thick ointment, it smells fairly nauseating but the minty shimmer was good for the inner spaces like were hit earlier. In the process the zlee e he shoved up rolled back down. He huffed in annoyance with it and decided to strip the whole thing off instead of fighting it the whole time he was working.

Shirt sleeve out of the way he set about tending to the scrapes.

Kari walked back into the room and sat down. “You’re not wrapping the wounds?”

Mutt glanced to her, "Will when I'm done with this." He tapped the lid of the container opening it to scoop a small glob onto a finger.

“What does that do?”

"Slows the dusting along the edges of the wounds. Helps the healing process." He replied smearing it along one of the scrapes with a shudder.

“Huh.” Kari watched for a while longer.

Mutt finished covering the shedding wounds and grabbed a roll of bandages.

“Need help there?” Kari offered.

He watched her for a few seconds, "If you want, won't stop you."

Kari carefully stepped over and took a roll. “Okay, I’ve never bandaged a skeleton before, so bear with me.” She carefully wound the roll around the cut between his bones, taking care to not brush the insides with her hands as she wrapped it.

"Pretty good for someone who hasn't done it before." He grinned. She was a lot more gentle that he would have been with himself.

“Guess practicing on myself paid off,” Kari joked.

He shrugged, "Guess it did." Kari checked the tightness before securing her roll and moving on to another Mutt poked at one of the spots on his arm where rock debris had hit, tender but not horrid.

“Can bones bruise?” Kari asked curiously.

"Little bit. Lot harder to do than on fleshy beings."

“So there is some bonuses from being all bone.”

"I'd say there were a few." He chuckled.

“Oh yeah?” Kari asked cheerfully as she worked to wrap the next part.

"Makes for more than a few jokes."

“Got a few rib ticklers huh?”

"I'd like to think them humerous."

Kari snickered.

He laughed outright, "So spend a lot of time working bandages up there?"

“Enough.” Kari shrugged. “Falling out of trees happens.” She double checked his bandages and leaned back. “Looks like you’re good to go.”

He nodded, "Whatcha want?"

“Show me the path into Waterfall? Or how to deal with the traps there.”

He blinked, "Sure, simple enough."

“Great!” One step closer to getting out. She smiled up at Mutt and stayed to bask in the quiet companionship. It was nice to be around someone so straight forward.

Chapter Text

Kari rocked on her heels impatiently. She'd been here for too long. She was more than ready to see Waterfall.

Mutt grinned, "Impatient? Looks like its thinned enough to see the bad spots."

"I have been here for a couple weeks already." Kari grinned at Mutt. "Don't know how you live with staying in one spot."

"Easier defense knowing your area....safer down here." He shrugged stepping over a trip line.

"You can also be found more easily," Kari countered as she followed him. "And I'm not built to fight, so if I'm found..."

"Sans wasn't exactly built for it either. Lot of it’s learned. You know how to throw a punch?"

"Well enough to help me get away." He snorted, and here he had assumed humans were threatening. Kari looked up, staring at the tops of the trees. "Sans is lucky. He has magic, which means he can actually equal someone bigger than him. Humans? We're all physical. If someone bigger than me comes after me my only hope is to keep my distance."

"There's more to fighting than just being bigger. Gotta be smart about it....should ask him about it sometime." He gently pulled her a few inches over to her right to keep her from stepping on a weak spot, not necessarily a trap.

Kari tilted her head thinking about it. "Maybe."

He watched her face for a moment, "You making mental notes on where things are?"

"Of course," Kari replied. "Pretty automatic."

He nodded, "Good, this place doesn't change too much."

“Sounds dull.” And nerve wracking.

"Little less so with the new addition." He replied patting her head.

Kari grinned. “Glad you’re getting so much out of my company.” She slowed down as they reached the caverns of Waterfall, peering at the occasional stone that hadn’t been pried out to be pawned.

Mutt tilted his head, "Those interest you?"

“They’re pretty.” Kari ran a hand over the cool surface of one.

"They're just bioluminescent. Lots of things in waterfall are."

“Call me silly. I like shiny things.” She startled as a flower echoed back “I like shiny things.”

Mutt laughed tapping the flower gently with a boot for it to repeat again, "Just an echo flower."

“It talked.” Kari poked it again, fascinated at the tiny recording of her voice.

"Nothing up there does I take it?" He tilted his head.

“Nope. I mean, there’s some reeds that whistle when the wind blows through them, but this is entirely new.” She grinned as the flower repeated the end of her sentence.

"How strange." How different was the world up there really? Who knew other than her? Nobody here ever spoke of it, but people here never spoke of much fantasy business at all.

Kari laughed. “Guess so!” He grinned at her, he hadn't seen anybody excited over the flowers since Sans had still been in stripes. “What allows them to talk? Do they last if picked?”

"It’s magic, and I've never tried?" Huh, now he was curious too.

“Well then, let’s see.” She bent over a flower, thought for a moment and talked. “Hello Sans!” She plucked the flower, and then carefully tapped it. A very quiet version of her greeting came out. Kari laughed in delight.

Mutt watched her mind racing down different avenues. It was quieter when picked, would that mean eventually it would fade? Or just that the supply of magic was smaller and thus the sound weaker? How long would it stay as it was now, forever, a short while?

“Looks like we’re taking this souvenir home.” Kari very carefully tucked it into her hair.

"Thinking about our place as home are you?" Mutt hummed.

Kari almost tripped before straightening up. “Figure of speech.”

He grinned ruffling her hair, "Sure thing Teeny."

Kari looked away uncomfortably. She didn’t have a home. Didn’t want one. That would mean being found. She hurried further down the cavern to escape the thought.

Huh, well shit that had really upset her hadn't it? There was a story there. He popped further up to watch and make sure she didn't get into trouble.

Waterfall was pretty interesting. The traps were different from Snowdin, playing more with light and dark and making the already slippery areas and streams of water more deadly. She would have to spend more time examining them when she wasn't bent on going as fast as she could past the area. She idly noted a couple places that could be homes, before reaching a cluster of houses, each one heavily defended and apart from the others.

Mutt hung back allowing her to explore as she wanted. Silently wondering how she would handle anybody coming at her.

Kari paused at what looked like a poltergeist wrecking someone's house. As soon as the ghost realized someone was watching Kari skittered off. Monsters she could do. Dead things? Not a chance in hell.

Mutt popped up right beside her, "Boo." Kari startled, racing halfway through the area and triggering a trap that she dodged with sheer speed.

Mutt blinked, well shit. He followed her popping ahead a few times to keep track of her twists, "What spooked ya so bad?"

“Ghost!” Kari looked around, finally slowing when she realized she wasn’t being followed by someone other than Mutt.

"Well...yeah? You got a problem with ghosts in particular?"

“I don’t like the dead walking around.” Kari shivered.

Mutt raised a brow, "Dust doesn't walk, just kinda floats a bit until it settles."

“Really? Could have sworn I just saw a dead person wrecking vengeance on a house.”

"Oh him? No he's very much alive. Complaints about his misadventures float around decently often, not sure about his name though."

Kari stared flatly at him. “The ghost. Dead spirit walking. Is alive.”

"Humans think ghosts are dead?"

“Yes? I mean, you do know that skeletons are what’s left of a human after all they die and their flesh is torn away, right? And we have a lot of superstitions about magic and beings that come from it. Like how ghosts are born of a painful death, either tragic or angry, and how they’ll harm humans they encounter.”

"I mean...there is a theory that humans have a skeletal system. But I assure you that ghosts aren't dead humans. They have their own souls and everything." Mutt replied, holy shit humans had some wild ideas.

“I can confirm that theory is correct! Humans have skeletons!” Kari paused. “I wonder if you got it from us? I know pretty much every animal on the Surface has skeletons, so I doubt it’s the other way around.”

"I doubt the two are related at all. Humans are made of physical matter. Monsters are just magic that houses our souls."

“Yes, but you do look like a skeleton instead of...I don’t know. One of those jelly monsters.”

He shrugged, "I can...kinda change that? Not really..."

Kari slowed and took a really long measuring look at Mutt. “If you’re telling me you can shapeshift...”

"No, just fill in some of the gaps." He shrugged condensing magic around his middle and plucking at the bottom of his sweater.

Kari reached out and poked him. “Huh. Not air.”

"Nope, just magic," He shrugged dropping the magic again so it was a gap, "or not."

Kari laughed. “Just when I start thinking I’ve got the hang of things.”

"Wise ones never think they do."

“Very wise.”

"For sure not my words." He chuckled.

Kari grinned and looked around. She had no idea where she was. Well. She could always find a new place to hole up while she kept working her way to the border.

Mutt tilted his head, "Lookin for something in particular?"

"Just realized I have no clue where I am," Kari said. She was perfectly relaxed, just as tense as she was in the house with him and Sans.

"This is Waterfall, keep going to the other side you hit Hotland, and on from there is the capital...and then you're pretty much at the end." He shrugged.

"Huh. That's a convenient layout."

He blinked, "Convenient?"

"Yup. It's in a perfectly straight line. Don't gotta try and keep from wandering off into a district in the wrong direction."

"It's really not that big down here." Kari bit her lip. Life was not easy. It had never pretended to be. But it bothered her to know the monsters were trapped.

She hated cages.

"Wanna head back, or are you stickin around?" He asked following along beside her at a leisurely pace.

"Go back?" Kari questioned.

"You know I can just pop you right back here tomorrow? You can come back with me and sleep and then back out exploring again tomorrow."

"Well. I do have that flower for the captain." Kari touched it gingerly, listening to it speak again.

Mutt snickered, "A most gracious gift." How would his brother react to a pretty girl with a flower?

"Let's go back then." Kari grinned at him.

"Your orders then." He held out a hand fully willing to allow her the choice of if they walked or he carried her through a shortcut.

Kari hesitated before taking his hand. Mutt's explanation did not settle her fears at seeing a ghost, and she did not want to run into it again.

"Shortcut? Or would you prefer to walk?" Kari shrugged, and tugged on her hair. "Do you often tug like that?"

"What?" Kari fiddled with her hair more.

"Your hair, do you pull like that often?"

"Uh, no, I guess not." Why did he notice? She tugged on it again.

He reached out with his free hand tugging on the same lock she held, "Gonna make your scalp sore."

"So you're gonna tug on it instead?" she joked.

"That an open invitation?" He grinned back, rubbing his finger carefully along the strands; mindful not to slip and cut them with the sharp filed points.

Kari laughed. "Guess so."

His grain only widened a fraction before he plucked her easily from the ground popping them through the void back home. Mutt promptly dropped the both of them onto the couch in a heap and twirled a small swath of her hair through his fingers. Kari laughed, almost breathless as she leaned back into him. Mutt stayed still carefully sifting the strands around.

"Humans are soft for something so deadly." He murmured watching how the pieces fell.

"Humans are a wonderful bundle of contradictions. Soft to the point of being unable to harm even an insect. Sadistic enough to torture someone for hours. Campaigning to save those who are in danger, whether it's a people suffering famine or a species of animal struggling to survive. Trying to wipe out other humans for being different. It's...frustrating, but wonderful how different we can be." Kari smiled at Mutt. "It means there's always something new to discover."

"Probably the most frightening, and intriguing aspect." He murmured back carefully nuzzling against her hair.

"Agreed." Kari was a little amused at the nuzzling, but it felt nice and she knew Mutt wouldn't hurt her, so she stayed still. Mutt simply tugged them both into a comfortable lounging position. At least this particular human wasn't as bad as the stories.

Chapter Text

Sans entered the room and paused, taking in the pair curled on the couch. "MUTT. PET."

Kari grinned. "Hey there Sans. Got a gift for ya." She pulled the flower out of her hair and walked over to give it to him. Sans stared at the flower, then at Kari, then at the flower again. A faint purple flush hit his cheekbones.


"It's an echo flower. Watch." She tapped it, and the tiny "Hi Sans" greeting played out.


"Giving it to you," Kari teased. Mutt watched the two a small grin on his face, oh look she had managed to flush him.


"You don't like it?" Kari pouted.


"I know!"


"Because it's fun?"

Sans huffed and crossed his arms. Kari waved the flower in front of his face. "Come on. You know you want it."


Kari laughed. "Alright."

"I MEAN IT!" Mutt bit back a laugh of his own hiding his wide grin in Kari's hair. Sans shot Mutt a scolding look. His brother had something to do with it, he knew it!

"HMPH." He stalked over to the couch. "NAPSTATON HAS A NEW SHOW PREMIERING."

"Fun," Kari chirped.

Mutt curled his legs up so the other had room to sit, "Naps was a ghost...before his shows started. Or that's the rumor."

Kari shivered. Sans smirked. "HE'S VERY SEXY."

Mutt rolled his eyes, "Two perfectly normal fairly attractive bodies in the same room and he gushes about the bot."

Sans flushed. "I-I-HE'S VERY POPULAR!"

"Yeah yeah, loud too. Sounds kinda familiar on paper."


"Yes?" He looked at the other with an air of innocence long since devastated. Kari snickered.


"Is there another way to do it?" Kari asked innocently.

Sans screeched.

Mutt chuckled, "Settle down M'lord, watch your station showing."

Sans grumbled, shooting another dirty look at Mutt. He knew taking in the human was a bad idea. Yes Mutt was happy, but he'd infected the human with his stupidity! Kari just laughed.

Mutt tilted his head to peer at the other, "Would you prefer to hold her?"

He could do that, couldn't he? And Mutt was right there if the human tried anything. "YES."

"Wait, what?"

Mutt simply shrugged, easily shifting to hand her over to the other skeleton. Kari stiffened as Sans hummed, pulling her close. She was really nice and warm. And soft. It was almost nice.

She shot Mutt a puzzled look. Mutt just grinned back at her with a wink. Sans watched his show as he snuggled into Kari like she was a giant teddy bear, the girl doing her best to not giggle at the tough captain cuddling her. Mutt shrugged and switched positions so he was draped around the both of them.

"MUTT," Sans grumbled. "I'M NOT CUDDLY."

"Nope, just snuggly." The other replied burying his face in his brothers shoulder. Sans sighed and turned back to the show to watch Napstaton dust a monster in the background of his new song. Mutt purred happily half watching half dozing.

Kari felt a bit like she was in the twilight zone. She was cuddling with two skeletons watching a music concert with heavy death themes on a couch in a domestic manner. Really. Maybe the Addams family was a better comparison. How funny that she was fine.

Eventually Mutt slunk off to the kitchen to begin a meal prep. Chicken was a decent idea right? He ran through different recipes as he made his way across the room.

Sans tensed slightly as Mutt crossed to the kitchen, leaving him alone with the human he was touching. Kari felt the increased tension and immediately pulled away to put distance between them. Sans scowled. He hadn't wanted that.

Mutt peeked around the corner, "You both ok with..." he paused looking between the two. "Something goin on?"

"No?" Sans' scowl deepened. Mutt raised a brow at the other skeleton. Sans straightened up and pulled Kari closer to him, causing the human to stiffen in fear. He scowled more. She should be relaxed like she was earlier!

"Can we not fight on the couch? That wouldn't be an easy fix. Chicken work?"


Mutt nodded, "Play nice kiddos." He leaned back out of sight beginning the cooking prep process. He decided every so often he'd check in on them, surely they wouldn't get into too much trouble with each matter how many similarities they seemed to share.

Kari stayed on Sans' lap, the small skeleton fussing and trying to get her to not be tense while still being tense himself. She mouthed 'help me' at Mutt. Mutt snickered and moved over to them draping a blanket from the back of the couch over the two of them bending to tuck it around them he leaned close to her, "Just relax some."

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I’M NOT SOME TAME PET TO WRAP UP,” Sans complained even as he snuggled down. He cheered up as he finally felt some of the tension in his human pet ease.

Mutt raised a brow, "Of course not, just making sure of your comfort." He pressed a kiss to the top of his brother's skull and beat a hasty retreat back to finish up cooking dinner. Sans threw a bone at his brother’s head barely missing. He grumbled at Kari’s chuckles.

Mutt stuck out his tongue at the other as he returned a short span of time later balancing a set of plates. Sans accepted his dinner moodily and dug in as Kari ate more slowly. She paused.

“You know, I just realized I never questioned how you ate without stomachs.”


"Yep, take it that's not how humans work?"

“Tends to be a little more complex than that,” Kari agreed. “We gotta break down our food in our stomach to separate it into the nutrients our body needs to function.”

“REALLY?” Sans asked in fascination.


"Odd creatures." Mutt mumbled picking at his own food.


“I’m pretty sure we’re not the strangest.”

"Didn't say that." There were all manners of things out there. It was possible there was much odder things than humans.

Sans poked his brother with his foot. “SHUSH YOU. STOP MAKING TROUBLE.”

Mutt blinked at the other and stilled, the only movement coming from the shifting of the couch cushions. Kari looked between the pair. Sans went back to eating, half his attention on Mutt in case this was some kind of trick.

Mutt just continued to sit unmoving.

“...I don’t think he meant stop breathing,” Kari muttered.

“WHAT?” Sans looked up over at Mutt and scoffed. “IDIOT.”

“No, really, I don’t think he’s breathing.”

Mutt had to work very hard not to twitch and laugh at the pair.


“Doesn’t he need to?” Kari reached over and poked at Mutt.


“To live?”

Mutt lost it and chuckled poking Kari back.

Sans grinned widely. “SEE? FINE!”

Kari startled backwards and laughed. “Whoa!”

"But really lungs?"

Kari paused and blushed. “Right.”

"Inhaling does help pull in magic from your surroundings though." Mutt responded running a finger over her flushed cheek, it was interesting.

Something sour settled in Sans as he watched Mutt and Kari. That was his brother. His! He quickly shoved Kari to the floor, the human startling and retreating as Sans took her place wrapped around Mutt. Mutt blinked a bit shell shocked at the sudden movement. He glanced between the two bending to speak softly to his brother.

"Was that really necessary M'lord?

"YOU'RE MINE." He clacked his teeth against Mutt's skull possessively. Kari blinked up from the floor, before silently slipping away.

Mutt curled around the other, "Nobody is questioning that." He soothed.

"GOOD." Sans nuzzled his brother. He looked over at where the human had slipped off. "SHE WAS TOUCHING YOU. A LOT."

"We're friendly. You touched her an awful lot. Should I be worried?" Mutt questioned pausing just short of nuzzling at the other skeleton.

Sans hummed in thought before sighing. "NO. I JUST...WANTED TO BE TOUCHING YOU AND HER."

Mutt hummed, "You're always welcome to touch me. Might have made her fairly skittish with that move."

Sans growled. "SHE RUNS A LOT." He didn't know how to be soft with her.

"I don't think she's had anyone not to run from before. At least she doesn't act it."

Sans thought this over as he continued to curl into Mutt and occasionally nip at him. "SHE HAD NO ONE?" That wasn't completely unthinkable, but...everyone had someone at least until they were old enough to survive on their own.

Mutt purred nuzzling his brother, "Hasn't said much about it, but she doesn't respond well to touch...or pretty words. She jumped out the window the other day."


"I might have implied she was pretty. She jumped out the window instead of talking more."


"Pretty sure it scared her."

Sans considered that. "...I DON'T KNOW HOW TO NOT SCARE HER."

"What would you like for someone to do for you? It seems you two have quite a few things in common."

"I'M NOT SUBMITTING," Sans quickly denied.

"I didn't say to. it careful. Be a little softer with her, yeah? Not the whole enemy lines routine."

"I WILL...TRY," Sans gritted out. He nuzzled Mutt again.

Mutt grinned clacking his teeth to San's cheek, "That's the spirit."

Sans grumbled a little more but finally settled and stopped pressing his magic on Mutt.

Mutt rolled his eyes, but pulled the other closer using him as a chin rest, "You know you come first."

“I DO.” Which had made the sourness he felt at seeing Kari and Mutt together odd. He’d never reacted like that before.

"That ain't changing just cause another pretty face shows up."


"Or ever." He assured nuzzling the other again.

Sans sighed contentedly. "RIGHT."

"Bed?" he questioned not shifting the other, "I can finish the dishes after we get you settled."


"Not a child, just loved." Mutt responded poking the other along his nasal ridge and popping them back up to Sans' bedroom. Sans nodded, and let Mutt leave to tidy up. Mutt would always stay with him. And one day he’d convince Kari to do the same.

Chapter Text

Where was Mutt going? He had changed his routine. Mutt was always there when Sans expected him to be, but Mutt wasn't hitting his usual haunts, and had changed the path he'd taken. Concerned his brother had gotten into something he was trying to fix before Sans found out, he stalked after his brother silently into Waterfall. The one monster that had tried to ambush him had easily been dusted before he peered down.

Mutt knew that being watched feeling, he wasn't new to it. He was slightly on edge knowing where he was going and having that particular feeling chasing him down the pathways heading for the entrance to the fight ring chamber. Usually it meant people were sizing you before you even got inside, and the idea that it was going on for him for the second time in his life could be problematic, Sans still wasn't aware he was involved at all...unless he had somehow figured things out. But he would've had words about that if he had right?

He ducked through the waterfall covering the entranceway and shook off any drops clinging to the outside of his jacket.

Mutt was gone. Had he taken a shortcut? Sans stepped out and looked around, warily scanning his surroundings for where his brother could have possibly gotten to.

A rather excitable, and frankly oddly shaped, fish monster with a large underbite ducked through the flow of water, dashing away with a look of panic in Sans' direction. Sans immediately started after the monster, summoning bones and chucking them at it to try and keep it from escaping. The poor thing yelped a fin like webbed hand becoming pinned between the attack and the cave wall just out of reach of the water.

Sans stalked towards the monster analyzing it sharply. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

"J-j-jussss out for a w-walk Captain Sir." shit could he hear anything coming from down the tunnel? The monster glanced down the way out of nerves not thinking about the possibility of leading him straight to the rings.

"HM. I DON'T THINK SO." Sans summoned a bone threateningly, purposely shifting it blue to make it painful to remove. He followed the monster's gaze. "WHAT'S DOWN THERE?"

"I can't...I'm dust if anyone finds out!" The stupid thing whined pitifully squirming only to further injure its trapped appendage.

Sans slammed the bone into its chest. "YOU SURE YOU'RE NOT GONNA TALK?"

The fish thing choked on a gasp of pain whimpering, "Ring! It's the fight ring. I just watch I swear! Never even placed a bet, not even on your dog I promise!"


The fish paled. Oh no, he hadn't known?

Sans cut the fish open and watched it dust before snorting and heading down to where the monster had stared at. He poked past the waterfall, and growled as he heard the noises from further in. "A FIGHT RING." He had nothing against fight rings. He had a lot against his brother risking himself. Sans summoned his hammer and headed down further.

Mutt leaned against a wall opposite the entrance watching the different monsters who trickled in, if someone was watching him he should keep an eye to figure out who it was.

Sans spotted his brother. "MUTT!"

Mutt snapped to attention, inwardly panicked at the appearance of his sibling. Oh Stars that's who had been following him wasn't it? He took a few steps coming directly to heel, "M'lord."

Sans hit him with the hammer. It wasn't that hard, considering the intent was to express how terrified and furious he was at finding Mutt there, but it still had to be painful.

Mutt hissed out a breath stumbling slightly with the blow. "My apologies." He chanced a quick glance around to be sure it hadn't set off some sort of riot mentality.

Sans looked around them, ready and willing to murder anyone that approached the pair. A few watched the brothers in amusement, and Sans weighed whether or not he thought it'd be worth it to kill some of them.

"Not here." Mutt murmured, "Most of them aren't worth it."

Sans bristled and summoned a wave of bones to send spiralling out from around them. Most of the monsters got out of the way, a few being injured. He grabbed Mutt harshly and hit him again. "WHAT WAS THAT? DID YOU TRY TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO?"

He moved with the blow fluidly "No, just informing M'lord. Few have worth outside set competitors."

"THEN I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT," Sans hissed, "THAT YOU WOULDN'T HAVE SULLIED YOURSELF BEING HERE." He dragged Mutt out of the cave, magic still crackling with anger.

Mutt stumbled following after in a hunched position from being drug along, "Said a few worth it."


"Maybe a couple, though one of those I'd actually feel bad about." Mutt shrugged, "Cute kid, has a lot of spunk."

"I DON'T DUST KIDS," Sans sniffed. Not if he could avoid it at least. He stopped to pull out Mutt's leash and clip it onto his collar before continuing to march back to their home.

"Didn't mean to imply you would. Wonder how far he is from being out though...he's getting pretty high up."


He didn't elaborate further than that. That risked the other finding out he had done this with bets years earlier as part of keeping them afloat. He wasn't going to touch that.

Reaching the house Sans kicked Mutt inside before carefully securing the door shut. He checked the house was secure before turning to scowl at his brother. "TRY AND EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I SHOULDN'T LEAVE YOU BEGGING TO BE DUSTED."

Well honesty best policy and all. "I can't. I knew you would worry." He settled on his knees huddled down. Sans screeched in rage and beat on the other skeleton. Mutt shuddered under the onslaught.
He could feel his claws scraping over his brother's bones and the force that he struck Mutt with, but he was so mad. He just had to hit him, again and again, feeling how solid he was and working out his anger and fear.

Mutt grit his teeth at the continued attacks, the intent behind them was clear, and the stinging left was...quite frankly a lot. A low rumble not quite a purr spilled forth.

Sans paused at the noise. "PAPYRUS?"

He blinked, the noise cutting off, oh shit...that was...something. "M'lord?" Well, no getting around that.

Sans tried to figure out what to say. He dug his claws into his own arm as he thought. Mutt curled one finger under the hand Sans had hold of his own arm with. He could easily end up hurting himself.

Sans huffed but accepted digging into Mutt instead. "YOU RISKED YOURSELF. POINTLESSLY."

"Wasn't enough risk that I'd worry, or I wouldn't go." Mutt responded eyeing where Sans' claws dug into his own bones.


"Didn't need to gain anything. Fills time, brings a rush...Do that again?"

Sans growled, pulling back from his brother. He wanted Sans to hurt him? Fine, he could deal with that. He could hand out any punishment Mutt felt he deserved. But he would listen first. “YOU ARE MINE. YOU DO NOT RISK YOURSELF THAT WAY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! IF YOU NEEDED SOMETHING I WOULD HAVE PROVIDED!”

"Wasn't needed," he frowned, "Just interesting."


"No... that's different. She's different." He shrugged. Kari was more like a mental puzzle, intricate. The rings were purely a physical rush, only a few passing thoughts on stats and strategies and he could just get lost in moving.


Mutt debated it, "You wouldn't really hurt...but maybe. Couldn't hurt."


"I meant you weren't innately dangerous to me." Mutt shrugged, "But...I wouldn't tell you no."

Sans stared at his brother, thinking. “YOU LIKE BEING HURT.”

"From the right sources."

Sans’ hand twitched. He was tempted to strike Mutt again just because he could. He knew he had a sadistic streak. It was just one he controlled well. “SO EVERY TIME I PUNISHED YOU FOR DISOBEYING...”

"Message gets across mentally." He admitted with a small shrug.

Sans slapped his own face. “GREAT.” It was assuring to hear the punishments weren’t useless, but still annoying to hear. “YOU’RE LUCKY I DON’T HAVE THE PATIENCE FOR COMING UP WITH NEW TRAINING METHODS.” Sans paused and brightened up. “IT DOES MEAN I CAN HIT YOU WHEN YOU DO WELL.”

Mutt blinked peering at the other, "You don't have to indulge me."


Mutt tilted his head, "That happy with my misadventures then?"

Sans smacked Mutt hard across the face. “NO! YOU ALMOST LEFT ME! AND YOU SWORE YOU WOULDN’T!”

"I wouldn't have gone into that ring if I didn't already know I'd make it out."

“No. You Would.” Sans shook his head. “You Don’t Think Unless You Think I’ll Get Hurt. You Stand Close To Death, Like It’s Nothing.”

Mutt sighed, "I- you're right." He let his head fall to his brother's shoulder, "You're always right."

Sans patted Mutt slowly. That had been a hard scare. He hadn’t known that Mutt needed more than he’d been given. He hoped training would help with that. “IN THE MEANTIME. YOU’RE LEASHED TO ME FOR THE NEXT COUPLE WEEKS! YOU SLEEP ON MY FLOOR, SIT AT MY FEET, AND ACT AS MY SHADOW UNTIL I SAY OTHERWISE. GOT IT?” Mutt nodded against the shoulder by his face. He could live without the temptation of the rings, he'd done it for years. Sans petted Mutt.

Behind them the door sounded with a knock. Sans tensed at the intrusion.

"Probably just Teeny...oughta make a key." Mutt murmured quietly.

“RIGHT.” She’d been around for a few weeks now. She shouldn’t still surprise him. Sans walked over and opened the door.

“Hey captain,” Kari greeted cheerfully. She stepped inside, and her veins chilled. Mutt was covered in gashes, as if he’d been beaten badly. Mutt watched her carefully when her expression morphed. He grinned at her with a little wave, pained but not hurt. Hopefully she could tell the difference.

“...something happen today?” Kari asked cautiously.


“I see.”

Mutt just peered up at the both of them, waiting to see what her overall reaction would be. She didn't seem as angry as his brother, but she didn't have a reason to be either.


“Sounds like a plan,” Kari said cheerfully. “Need help bandaging him up?”


Kari paused. “Um, so it stops hurting?”

“HE WOULDN’T LEARN FROM HAVING HIS PUNISHMENT HEALED.” Was she reading too deeply into things? Or was Sans suggesting he was why Mutt looked so rough?

Mutt shrugged, "Not bad enough it really needs it." Honestly the only thing he would really need wrapped was fractures or breaks.

Well, Mutt wasn’t upset. She tugged lightly on her hair. “Right. I’ll...go get food.” She inched around to the kitchen. Sans watched her in puzzlement.

“YOU WOULD THINK SHE’D NEVER SEEN...” Right. She didn’t have a person she’d ever been safe around. She probably saw this as another threat. He shook his head. “MUTT, CALM THE HUMAN. AS SOON AS YOU’RE DONE WITH HER RETURN TO MY SIDE. NO DETOURS.”

Mutt nodded popping off into the kitchen.

Mutt appeared slouched lazily sitting on one of the countertops, "You doing alright there?"

Kari startled slightly, whirling around with a fork pointed at him. “Oh. Just you.” The tension eased. “Guess I was just...a little surprised. Um, how did you get hurt?”

Mutt tilted his head raising a brow line at the fork, "Kinda a long story with me and Sans about that. I tend to do stupid things, he tends to keep me in check. We agreed to it a long time ago. Round about the time I got my nonexistent ass handed to me and he just...took up everything I couldn't anymore."

“What do you mean?” That sounded a lot more complicated than her first impression had created.

Mutt tapped at the large scar and the fake tooth, "Wasn't born with this. Got jumped, nearly took me out. Sans was right about out of stripes. He went after the group turns out it was guard... not sure if any of them are around anymore. But I was never the level of responsible he is. And didn't make any of that better. Sans is reasonable when I'm not. Sometimes you just gotta kick the shit outta me to get through my thick skull."

“That sounds...pretty harsh.” But it was a harsh world. Mutt was lucky to have Sans there for him. She hummed tilting her head. “You think he cares?”

"Probably not the same as I do." Mutt shrugged, "But he does. He wouldn't bother if he didn't. Sans doesn't waste time with trivial dislikes."

That sounded addicting. Having someone who cared, even if it was just to use her. And it seemed that Sans mostly used Mutt to back himself up and have someone to talk to.

"Not like I don't benefit either," Mutt chuckled pressing a finger to one of the gashes the smaller had left on him sending a little spark through himself, "everything in turn."

“Masochist?” Kari joked.

"Wanna find out?" He grinned leaning towards her.

“Maybe.” She winked.

"That's more a yes or no question Teeny."

“Then consider it a yes.”

Mutt blinked at her grin widening, "Well look at you getting all bold on me."

Kari flashed another grin at him. “Seems so.”

He was going to get himself in so much trouble. How far was she willing to go?

"Open invitation then Teeny."

Kari laughed and pushed her hair back. “I’ll just have to take you up on that.”

Mutt nodded, cool he could work with this. "Really should be calling you the Mistress I guess."

“You think so?” That certainly wasn’t a title she’d pick for herself. She wouldn’t pick any title for herself, really.

"I're stalling yourself." He replied with a hum.

Kari laughed. “Yup.”

He laughed back, "Feeling better about things?"

Kari tilted her head. “Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I certainly hope Sans doesn’t touch me like that, but it’s good you’re fine.”

"I don't think he intends still make him nervous." He shrugged. "Anyway...earned myself a prison sentence. Be seeing ya round bout the other side."

“Wait, I make him nervous?” Kari grinned. Who knew about that? “Have fun with that.”

"Sans isn't used to anyone in his space but me. Then suddenly there's a pretty girl who's supposed to be dangerous...but turned out pretty neat." He shrugged giving her a wave and backing out the doorway to return to his brother.

Well, that was an interesting way to think of things. Kari nibbled thoughtfully on the snack she’d pulled out. She should spend more time with Sans.

Chapter Text

Sans strolled into Muffet's and took a seat, ordering a hot chocolate. He shot an expectant look at Mutt to sit at his feet, and not his usual spot. Mutt curled down to the floor poking at one of the small spiders using the top of a baseboard as a pathway.

Muffet gave the skeleton on the floor a distasteful look, "Do try not to distract them too much Pappy dear."

"DID YOU KNOW HE'S AN IDIOT?" Sans asked conversationally as he took out some gold to pay for his drink.

Muffet smiled at the smaller skeleton a respectful nod, "I very much doubt anybody who has known him for too awfully long is unaware he has his lapses."

Sans nodded. "THE IDIOT THOUGHT HE COULD DO CERTAIN THINGS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. AS IF HE DOESN'T BELONG TO ME!" Sans casually kicked at Mutt's shoulder lightly.

Mutt swayed with the action and Muffet rolled a single set of eyes, "I have told him, you have told him, and I'm sure somewhere in there he has told himself he'll get into trouble with his rash decisions."

She leaned back snagging the mug containing his drink from a small serving window handing it over. She sent another scathing look in the older brother's direction, "You would think he'd remember how rash those decisions truly are."

"HE'S LUCKY HE'S SO USEFUL," Sans sniffed. He accepted the drink and happily sipped from it. "GOOD AS ALWAYS."

Behind him he listened as a bear entered. "Blasted guards," the bear grumbled. "Gonna have to move the ring again."

"What? They conducted a raid?"

"I heard the-" the bear glanced over to Sans, who was pretending to not be listening. "Heard the captain himself lead it." Mutt glanced in the direction of the gossiping idiots, but said nothing. He picked at a loose thread in his sweater wondering if Sans would track them down once they were all outside.

Muffet smiled, "Of course, I have enough standards not to threaten a friend even with so small of a thing as subpar services."

"I heard he was part of the fight ring, and was thinking of selling his mutt to it."

"What? He's kept him for years! You think he finally grew tired of dealing with the mangy mutt?"

Sans' hand slowly tightened on the cup.

"They did say that the raid at the fight ring went wrong cause the idiot disobeyed. Maybe the captain got tired of dealing with it."

Mutt leaned against his brother's leg, best not to add broken dishes to the list of Muffet's displeasures.

Sans relaxed a little and looked at Muffet with a smile. “YOU ARE ALWAYS EXACT.”

“Either way the ring has to move again,” someone grumbled.

“What a nuisance!”

Mutt snorted at that one, it really wasn't all that hard to set things up. Word of mouth traveled fast. The hardest part was the actual magic of the ring and even that wasn't to incredibly difficult.

Muffet waved sweetly and moved along to tend to other customers.

Sans looked at Mutt warningly. He wasn't forgetting why the ring was being moved. Mutt had the grace to avert his eyes to the floor again. Sans turned back to his drink as the gossip continued, talking about who might be left behind in the move as not worth investing, who they might make bets on, and why the captain would suddenly take an interest.

He calmly finished his drink and turned around to look at the gossiping trio. They all immediately tried to flatten themselves down. He grinned cordially. "DON'T WORRY. I WON'T UPSET MISS MUFFET BY STARTING ANYTHING HERE."

The monsters started to sweat. Mutt watched carefully, hopefully they weren't as dumb as they appeared. Sans continued to smile and watch them. One of them broke, racing for the door.


Mutt nodded taking off after the running monster allowing him to get a few feet outside the door before he reached around locking an arm around the fleeing fodder's neck, "Angel be with you." He muttered pausing by the door. Waiting with the present like a good dog.

Sans stepped out of the restaurant and grinned at the monster. "GOOD BOY." He reached over and effortlessly snapped the monster's neck, beheading it. "DARING TO BESMIRCH WHAT'S MINE," he growled.

Mutt waved the most of dust from the death away from his face with a displeased face. He did not want gritty sockets thank you very much.

"NOW TO WAIT FOR THE OTHER TWO TO COME OUT." Sans grinned cheerfully as he settled against his brother.

Mutt towered over the shorter looming as he acted as a leaning post. The monsters knew they couldn't stay inside forever. But they could try and wait it out. Sans just hummed, patiently petting Mutt and enjoying himself.

"Muff's gonna be pissed if she has to throw them out." He muttered with a grin sliding across his face.

"THAT WILL MAKE IT EVEN EASIER." Sans toyed with the idea of making an example of one of them. But he didn't really want them to be too scared to talk around him. That could make things more difficult.

Mutt crouched so he could nuzzle fondly at his brothers shoulder keeping tabs on how the ones still in the establishment watched. Sans snorted as the one decided to throw their companion to them and try to rush off. Sans easily summoned bones to pin the one ditched down, leaving the second for Mutt.

Mutt was gone in a flash popping up right in the runners face hands in his pockets, "Not very nice to ditch a partner."

"Not everyone's an idiot dog," the bear snarled.

Mutt tilted his head with a wicked smirk, "Woof." He promptly swept the gossipers feet out from under him sending him sprawling into a trap. Not lethal, but painful.

The bear screamed as the trap fastened around his limbs and began to pull. With the threat of running taken care of Mutt merely looked over to Sans checking his position.

Sans nodded at Mutt in satisfaction before pulling out his hammer to crush the one beneath him. He strolled over to Mutt. "HE'S A DECENT PET. HE'D BE A WASTE IN THE RINGS." He looked pointedly at Mutt before swinging his hammer down to finish crushing the last monster.

Mutt snorted, "Could have just showed off at the new location if that was your point."

"YOU AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE NEAR THERE." Sans grabbed Mutt and forced him down, kicking him hard. Mutt whined scrabbling to right himself before he ended up with snow in eyes.

"MANGY CUR," Sans grumbled. Mutt nodded along getting enough balance to sit on his knees. A couple monsters watched, but most accepted the abuse as simply something that Mutt took as part of being the vicious captain's pet. Mutt glanced about and shuffled a bit closer folding himself smaller.

Sans looked away disinterestedly and walked off to go check his traps. Mutt sighed but followed after him slouching a little lower than normal.


"Yes M'lord." He echoed back hands shoved into his pockets scanning the area around them.

Sans grumbled a bit more about unappreciative mutts that tended to wander off before stopping at a trap to check it over. Mutt turned automatically covering the shorter skeleton's back.


Mutt blinked, was it...that was interesting. "Still echo?"

"YES." Sans stepped away from the trap and walked on. "WHAT A SILLY WASTE."

"In what way?" Mutt asked following along.

"WELL." Sans didn't exactly have an answer for that. He just was really flustered that Kari gave him a flower. "YOU KNOW!"

"Nope, I really don't." This was actually a pretty good experiment.

Sans waved his arms wildly. "SHE JUST PICKED A FLOWER! AND GAVE IT TO ME!"

"Yes?" He failed to see anything wrong with someone giving Sans positive attention.

"IT'S-IT'S-THERE'S NO POINT TO IT?" Sans huffed kicking at the snow.

"Didn't come across as nice?" He asked.


"Seems to be how cultures who date regularly do things." He shrugged, "Some people appreciate tokens."


"I wouldn't say that, but she doesn't seem to mind us like we assumed humans would."


"She's confusing." Mutt nodded.


"That was only," he paused to give it thought, "twice..."

“RIGHT,” Sans snorted. “LIKE WE NEEDED IT TO HAPPEN MORE THAN ONCE.” He stopped at another trap and pulled out a device from his pocket to make minute adjustments to.

"Like you've never blown anything up."


Mutt shrugged, "Missing half the fun."

Sans flicked a few bones at his brother. Mutt stepped aside dodging the majority, one did hit home though. He stared at the hole it made in his pants less than interested in having to mend them.

Sans looked up and snorted. “LOVELY.”

"Eh, they've had worse."

Sans considered it for a moment before smirking. “NO, I DON’T THINK SO. YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO TAKE THEM OFF.”

Mutt raised a brow, "Here?"


Mutt hadn't expected that in the slightest. He crouched to undo his laces carefully keeping his gaze toward his brother to see what the reaction was. He stood back to slouching height, slipped out of his shoes, and tugged off the pants off. Silently questioning what to do with them now that they weren't on his person.

Sans grinned and took the pants, tucking them in his inventory. “LOOK AT YOU, A WALKING DISASTER.”

Mutt was very aware of his luck in actually full dressing that morning. And probably a touch more thankful for his magic control, as it was he had trouble fighting down the flush of excitement from all of this, a less inclined younger version of himself...would be having a much more vivid problem.
"You work miracles M'lord."


"More than you think." Mutt murmured quietly. Sans grinned, not catching his words. It felt great having so much power over the other, even getting him to strip out in the cold and snow. He reached for Mutt’s collar. Mutt bent, lowering himself slowly to easy the height difference. He wouldn't obstruct his brothers hold for anything, especially not now of all times.

Sans grinned, twisting the collar in his grasp and pulling Mutt down. "WHO DO YOU BELONG TO?"

Mutt bit back a whine at the pull, "You M'lord."


"M'lord is."

"GOOD BOY." Sans shoved Mutt back and continued his walk through the woods, mostly just to force Mutt to parade around without his pants on. He stumbled at the shove, barely managing not to get an inlet full of snow. At least he still had jacket pockets to help his hands busy. Focus on the surroundings, not how hard it was to force down instinct.

Sans stopped at another trap and actually used his device on it, checking the magic ratios. "HM. NEEDS A TOP UP. MUTT."

Mutt nodded, that would be helpful, not like he didn't have a bit of a thrum going anyway. "Of course M'lord." Sans watched Mutt charge the trap, before stepping over and lightly smacking his exposed butt. Mutt shot straight spined for once, what under the stars? He turned to peer down at his brother wide eyed.

Sans smirked. "IS THERE A PROBLEM?"

Mutt blinked silently at him for a second still slightly stunned, "No M'lord." Not at all. He relaxed back into his usual slouch finishing up the end of the trap setup mostly on automatic mode mind running circles.

"GOOD." Sans waited patiently for his brother to finish that time before walking on.

Mutt followed behind occasionally sneaking curious glances to the smaller brother almong his usual area vigilance.

"NEED SOMETHING?" Sans asked casually.

Mutt flicked his lighter in his pocket, "Just surprised."


Mutt tilted his head, "By your gracious attentions M'lord."

"I COULD LEAVE YOU TIED TO A TREE," Sans mused idly. Not that he'd leave Mutt alone. He'd camp out in a tree to keep his brother safe.

"If you wished." He replied cautiously. That would certainly be different, though the lack of things to do stuck to a tree wasn't the most thrilling prospect.


"'s part of it at least."

Sans brightened up and grinned at Mutt. He was right? That was helping to get the message across?

Mutt smiled at the excitement from Sans. As long as he could keep giving reasons for that type of expression...he could make it through anything.

Sans coughed and quickly re-assumed his stern expression. "GOOD. THEN THE LESSON WILL STICK."

Mutt nodded also falling back into his neutral to disinterested demeanor. Idly wondering about how much longer they were going to be parading about. Sans walked out to check a few more traps before finally heading back to town.

And now the real test of patience, actually being home...

Chapter Text

Sans entered the house and casually headed to their room. He had a couple ideas after checking the traps. Mutt followed along quietly. Stars this was hard. Sans settled at his desk and looked at Mutt expectantly. Mutt shuffled over and dropped to his spot just far enough not to be in the way as Sans moved in and out of the chair.

Sans patted Mutt on the head. "GOOD BOY." He turned and began to scribble down his ideas for storing magic more long term. Mutt leaned into the touch just slightly, completely subconsciously. He was in fact busy trying to keep his cool. He would not step over boundaries Sans had put forth. Sans shifted absently so Mutt could lean on him more comfortably.

It helped, and then in some ways it didn't. He leaned over resting his chin on Sans' knee. The near interceptable itch to do something crawling up his spine. Sans hummed happily, absently petting Mutt. Mutt purred shifting to rub his face against the leg he had been resting on. Sans didn't seem to notice. Mutt just continued on as he was. Face pressed against Sans' leg. He would be calm, not too forward.

Sans finally finished his ideas and looked down at Mutt. "YOU BEHAVED WELL ENOUGH TODAY. LET'S SEE YOU KEEP THAT UP."

Mutt just nodded lightly dozing against the other. Sans hugged Mutt's head to himself happily. His brother was awesome. And his. He would make sure the fight ring didn't happen again. Mutt would not leave him. Mutt snuggled into the hold, stars his brother would be the real death of him. Riling him up only to let him stew that way.

Kari walked around the kitchen making a quick thing of spaghetti. It was weird to be making meals that were more than just raw ingredients she ate on the run, but it was nice too. Smarter than trying to rip Miss Muffet off too, she saw what she did to that last monster.

Sans walked down proudly and into the kitchen. Kari glanced over. "Hey guys, want some spaghetti?"


"Yup!" Kari paused. "You forgot your pants dude."

Sans smirked and looked over at Mutt. "HE IS RATHER ABSENT MINDED."

Mutt snorted, "New trend, get with the times people."

Kari snickered and turned back to the spaghetti to serve up three plates. She set them on the table, only for Sans to take one and set it on the floor by his feet.


Mutt shrugged and made a little show about panting.


“No going to the fight ring?”


“I see.”

Sans tucked into the spaghetti and hummed. “THIS IS...ADEQUATE.” He ate more eagerly. Mutt grinned winking at her and taking his place on the floor next to Sans' chair. He tucked into his his own plate quietly, shooting her a thumbs up.

Kari grinned. “Good. I haven’t cooked a real meal in ages.”


“That’d be nice!” Kari grinned, and Sans hurriedly buried himself back into his food. Kari gave him some time to enjoy his meal and enjoy it before starting up again. “Tell me you know how to make more than spaghetti. My repertoire isn’t that big.”


“Ooh, That sounds pretty good.”

Mutt tilted his head, "It is, as long as you can do hot."

Sans kicked Mutt absently. "IT REALLY IS."

"Spicy, huh? How hot are we talking?"

"AS HOT AS MY PASSION!" Sans shot up, fist held close to his chest.

Kari blinked, taking in the overly enthusiastic pose and trying to figure out how that translated. "Wow. That, uh, sounds really hot."

"Has to match the maker." Mutt teased from the floor. Sans twitched and reached over to flick Mutt in the head. Kari snickered at the byplay.


"You were expecting something else?"

"RESPECT!" Sans puffed up.

Mutt tilted his head purring at the small flick, "He says this like I don't." Kari laughed more.

"YOU PULL AWFUL PRANKS ON ME," Sans complained.

"I just walked through town with no pants."

Kari snorted, entire body shaking with laughter at this point.

Sans just sniffed. "YOU DESERVED IT."

Mutt looked to the floor and muttered under his breath. Should have just gone for him.

Satisfied that he'd proved his point he finished off his dinner. "THIS WAS REALLY GOOD."

"Thanks! Hopefully you don't get tired of that anytime soon, as that's the only thing I know how to make for more than one person."


"Nice." Kari winked. Sans flustered a little.

Mutt bunted his head against the other skeleton's side with a little smile. Sans punched Mutt. He got it! The human liked him! And he...maybe liked her. But Mutt could calm down on the teasing before he ended up purple! Mutt laughed under his breath and stood up, he glanced between the two and took dishes back to the kitchen to wash up.

"So I take it you had fun reversing the tables on Mutt today?" Kari asked playfully.


Mutt leaned out to stick his tongue out at the both of them while the sink filled. Kari grinned and stuck her tongue back out at him.


"Cause it's fun?" Sans paused. That was right, Kari tended to not worry too much about stuff. She just lived. Mutt's grin widened just a small bit, but he didn't comment.

"You don't do a lot of that?" Kari asked.

"I...I'M BUSY."



"Well, next time you have free time, wanna go poke at traps in Waterfall with me?"

"...MAYBE." Sans scratched his cheek.


In the kitchen Mutt snickered to himself, oh that could go fantastically.

Sans resisted the urge to check what Mutt was laughing at. "I HAVE SOME BOOKS ON TRAPS YOU COULD READ," he offered.

"Are they useful for identification?" Kari asked curiously.


"Oh yeah, variation is the spice of life!"


“...what?” She had to mishear that. Or misinterpret.


"You got it memorized?"

"NO." Sans frowned at Kari. "I DON'T USE A RECIPE."

"How do you, uh, make it then?"

"BY FOLLOWING MY SOUL!" Mutt emerged from the kitchen sleeves a little damp from washing the dishes. Sans looked at Mutt and smirked. "OH LOOK. YOUR SHIRT'S DAMP. YOU CAN'T KEEP WEARING THAT NOW."

Kari paused. Was Sans asking Mutt to strip? In front of them?

Mutt tilted his head glancing between the two, "If you say so."

"I DO." Sans crossed his arms and leaned back expectantly. Kari grinned and tilted her head, watching to see if Mutt would. Mutt shrugged and tugged the sweater off offering it up to the other skeleton; leaving him in just the collar and boxers. Sans tucked it away, slowly looking over Mutt's frame. Yes, he looked good like this. A part of Sans wondered if his brother would look even better in only the collar. Instantly he went to squash the thought, only to remember he didn't have to. But...then what?

Kari looked over Mutt. "Well. Someone's pretty skinny."

Mutt winked, "What did you expect? I'm nothin but bones."

“NO!” Sans groaned.

“I can see right through you,” Kari joked.

"I've always been a transparent kind of guy."


Kari snickered. “You do have a solid skeleton at least.”

Mutt grinned and returned to his spot kneeling next to Sans. "At least."

“STOP THAT,” Sans complained.

“Stop what?” Kari asked innocently. Mutt echoed her question with a look of innocence directed up to his brother.


“Got a bone to pick with Mutt?” Sans screeched again as Kari laughed. Mutt laughed along with her.


"Oh come on M'lord, it's not all bad. Good food, eye candy, decent manners."


“I am enjoying the eye candy,” Kari joined in.

Mutt purred, "You know you like it."

“I DO NOT,” Sans protested.

Mutt tilted his head peering up at him, "That so? What could I do to change your mind?"


"On how much fun we're having. I could try for puns, but that's effort."

Sans hummed thoughtfully. Kari stepped over to drape herself on Mutt’s back. “Does this help? Seeing both of us?” Mutt glanced at her over his shoulder with a surprised little grin. Well he sure hadn't expected that, but it wasn't unwelcome. He turned his attention back to his brother.

Sans stared taking them both in. He didn’t feel sour like he had previously. Not with Kari’s bright blue eyes twinkling at him. “HELPS.”

Oh it did, did it? Mutt grinned twisting a lock of hair around a finger. "Maybe I do owe an apology for my humor..."

“So quick to give in?” Kari pouted, still watching Sans. Who watched the show so hungrily. It was good she could foist Sans off on his brother.

"I didn't say I'd stop just apologize for it." Mutt tugged lightly on her hair, "There is a difference there." That was unexpected. Kari let out a quick breath of air at the light tug before hiding her face in his shoulder.

“AN APOLOGY COULD BE FUN,” Sans agreed. Mutt chuckled at her hiding her face reaching to pet her head gently. He nodded to his brother awaiting further instruction.


Mutt leaned forward resting his face against Sans' knee, "My apologies for the deterrent known as my sense of humor. How would M'lord wish to be compensated?"

Sans grinned. Except...he didn’t know what to do next. Well, he could act like he did. “SURPRISE ME.”

Mutt had expected that, not like Sans had much experience. He grinned glancing down to Kari, "What do you think Teeny? Any idea on how I should make it up to him?"

“Kiss and make up?”

Mutt's grin inched a fraction wider, "Sounds good to me." He slipped just far enough away from her not to knock her over in the process of moving up. He hovered just far enough from the other to pause in case this was too far, question clear on his face. Sans looked back, a touch hesitant but curious and welcoming. Kari decided now was a good time to slip off. It seemed the brothers, as odd as that thought was with what they were doing, would be getting a lot closer.

Chapter Text

Mutt traced a finger down the line of Sans' jaw and gently pressed his mouth to the others, the intent behind the gesture much fiercer than the actual action. Sans pressed into the kiss, enjoying the feel of their bones and teeth touching. Mutt purred at the motion, tugging carefully at Sans to pull him closer. Sans went with the motion wrapping his arms around Mutt.

Mutt shuddered lightly as Sans held onto him. He backed off just enough to talk, "So am I forgiven?"

“I’M NOT CONVINCED YET,” Sans answered cheekily.

Mutt chuckled at the response. "Of course it wouldn't be that easy." He murmured leaning in and kissing Sans again. Sans happily kissed him back, one hand grabbing onto Mutt’s collar to try and pull him closer. This was good. Better than he’d expected. He should have done this before. Mutt whined low in pitch at the collar tug, slipping his hands along Sans' shoulders.

Sans clacked his fangs sharply and grinned at Mutt. Mutt tilted his head, a self offering. Sans paused, not entirely sure what Mutt was offering. He ran a flawed hand over the vertebrae of Mutt’s neck around the collar. Mutt shuddered pressing into the touch lightly. He liked that. Sans did it again, scraping harder. Mutt whined again flexing his fingers against the other.

Sans twitched a little. “PAP,” he gasped. He stilled for a second at the call, giving the younger a few seconds to adjust before he tested anything. Then he slowly drew his hands down the back of Sans' ribs.

“MORE,” Sans ordered. He nipped at his brother hungrily. He never had been one to refuse a direct order. Mutt nipped back at Sans' jaw, soothing a conjured tongue over the spot. Sans’ jaw dropped open as he whined with pleasure. Yes, this was good. Very good.

He traced his tongue along the lower jaw to the edge of Sans's teeth and pressed forward again flicking it over the backs with a soft rumble. Sans summoned his own tongue, panting a little as he messily pushed his tongue out to taste Mutt back. Mutt inhaled sharply and curled his own tongue around Sans'. The soft noise grew a bit in timber with his excitement.

Sans rumbled, pleased with the reaction he was getting, and promptly tried to devour Mutt’s mouth rather clumsily. Mutt let him explore occasionally brushing his tongue along the others. He focused more on working his hands beneath the top still adorning the other's body. Sans could feel his body flush with magic, whimpering and panting as he leaned into Mutt’s touches and clawed around his ribs to hold on. Mutt arched into the hold the other had on him, and trailed one hand down Sans' spine.

Sans pulled back when he could feel his magic thickening in his pelvis. “I SHOULD...” What? Stop? Keep going? He wanted so much, but he didn’t know what. Mutt stilled, leaving his hands lightly in place.

"Should?" He questioned voice low, airy.

Sans squirmed. “BEDROOM.”

Mutt nodded tugging him closer again and popping them both up to Sans' room. Mutt dropped them both onto the bed with a small bounce he waited for Sans to say anything about what was going on. Sans hummed, before putting his head on his brother’s chest and pulling his pants down. He could almost pretend he was just jerking off in private. Except he hadn’t dismissed Mutt. But this at least felt a little more familiar. He teased the magic slowly until a thick short cock formed for him to pump. Mutt whined forcing himself to stay still despite wanting his hands on the other.

“Stay There,” Sans muttered a little unsurely. This was still good, right? He rubbed his cock, squeezing it a little at the thrill of pleasure it sent through him. Mutt whimpered and clutched the sheets under them to focus, he would listen. This was important.

Sans flashed a brief smile up at Mutt. His brother was so, so good. And maybe it wasn’t so awkward having someone else there. He let out a low whuff as he felt a particularly pleasant spot making him jerk his hips. The blankets were soft, deep breaths- ok maybe not, breathing deeply just got him a graceful of the smell which didn't help his struggle for self control. And then Sans jerked and his own magic snapped to attention.

Sans startled slightly, before staring at the orange glow. He licked his fangs and reached out to prod it. Mutt shuddered screwing his sockets shut and whimpering again at the touch.

“GOOD?” Sans asked cautiously, pulling back. He’d never touched someone else’s.

Mutt nodded, "Yeah, just hard not to do too much."

“WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?” Sans pushed his hand over his brother’s magic, still hidden in his boxers, again.

Mutt twitched at the touch, "Anything, something..."

Well, he trusted his brother. “SHOW ME.”

He opened his eyes looking the other in the face, "You're sure?"

“YES. I WANT,” Sans gestured at Mutt and himself. He didn’t really have the words for what he wanted.

That was all he needed to hear for now. Mutt pressed Sans backward sprawling them both down onto the bed and pressing his mouth back to the others. One hand traveled down to grasp at Sans' cock giving an experimental tug. Sans gasped and jerked up at the touch, swallowing down the kisses.

Mutt rumbled a low growl at him, "Tell me what I can't do."


"Including me?" He questioned thumbing over the tip of the cock still in his hand.

Sans thought it over. “THIS TIME YES.”

Mutt nodded nuzzling into Sans' neck, "You're always in charge."

“GOOD.” Sans hummed contentedly tugging on Mutt’s collar. “NOW DO SOMETHING. I’M HARD AND WANT TO GET OFF.”

Mutt clenched his jaw at the tug and grinned, "Of course." He ducked down beginning to work his hand on the other again and started his tongue along Sans' ribs.

Sans let out a surprised and pleased sound, arching into the touch. That was new. It had only ever been his hands, and now Mutt’s tongue caressed between the ribs just right. It was almost irritating how good it felt without pushing him over the edge. Thankfully Mutt’s hand was doing a good job of helping to push him towards that, leaving his hips bucking. Mutt purred loudly squirming down some and tracing his tongue along Sans' spine as went, pausing every so often to lavish attention on the flow of magic between the joints.

“AH, AH, PAPYRUS,” Sans panted. He was squirming all over the place, just about to burst.

Mutt hummed pleased with the vocals. He debated on where to go from there...he had been told no penetration but he hadn't been expressly told not to use his mouth. He ducked just the much farther and curled his tongue around the head keeping his fingers just out of the way.

Sans jolted hard in surprise, feeling himself begin to spill. “WHA, AH, AH!”

Mutt slowed his hand working Sans through it softly, if he ended up a little messy so be it.

Sans shivered in the aftershocks. “THAT WAS GOOD.” He petted Mutt absently, panting a little. Mutt purred leaning into the petting. Sans quickly purred back at him. This wasn't bad for a first time. At all. Mutt curled to the side of his smaller brother content enough just to laze and play the scene over in his head.

Sans looked down at himself. "NEED TO CLEAN UP."

Mutt lazily nuzzled against his hip, "Showers good for that."

"RIGHT." He heaved himself up and let his magic dispel.

Mutt watched him snuggling down into the blankets careful not to make any sort of mess. Sans stripped off as he walked and entered the shower to get himself a simple solid clean up. It'd be nice to scrub down properly. Mutt waited, to excited to doze off. He kept playing it over and over, shifting slightly.

Sans came back into the room cheerfully. He paused as he took in a clearly still worked up Mutt in boxers. “WELL. THIS IS SOMETHING.”

Mutt blinked at him with a lazy noise of acknowledgement.

Sans hummed and climbed onto the bed before settling beside his brother to just look at him. His form was so familiar, yet new now that he saw there could be more. Mutt watched his brother look him over. Wondering what the other was thinking about at this point.

Sans met Mutt’s gaze and grinned at him. Mutt tilted his head, but grinned back. Sans hummed thoughtfully, before moving to straddle on top of his brother. Mutt shifted flat so it was easier for the smaller, giving him a questioning look.

“YOU BROUGHT UP WANTING ME FIRST, AND YET YOU’VE DONE NOTHING.” Sans slowly trailed a hand down Mutt’s ribs.

"Told you," he watched Sans' hand as it drifted over him, "you're in charge. Didn't say I could."


Mutt twitched under the other, either way had merit. "That depends on what you want to do next."


Mutt blinked, "You want it there all night?"

Sans smirked. “PROBLEM?”

Mutt shook his head, "Just gonna be there..." This was going to be torture.

Sans let his hand slip to Mutt’s spine. “YES. A PLEASANT EVENT TO LOOK FORWARD TO.”

Mutt arched into the touch with a quiet whine. Playing dirty, wasn't that usually his tactic?

“SOMETHING THE MATTER?” Sans tightened his grip so his claws dug into Mutt’s spine.

Mutt gasped forcing himself not to roll his hips into the other.


"Sans please..." testing, pushing. He could play the game, it might hurt a bit in the short time, but it would be worth it.


"No-" he moaned low, "just-" his head spun with the mix between the pain and pleasure.

“JUST WHAT?” Sans loosened his grip to drag his claws a little before going back to more gentle petting.

He trembled, "Just... be fair. Been thinking about this a lot longer than you have."

“TRUE.” Sans sighed happily and leaned down to give Mutt a quick kiss. “ALRIGHT. GIVE ME A SHOW.” He shifted so he could see Mutt’s bulge.

Mutt nodded shifting his hips to remove the underwear. He thought about how to really go about it briefly, and ultimately took himself in hand working himself up slowly, no sense in rushing a show. Sans watched curiously. Mutt was so slow and calm in comparison to how Sans worked himself.

Mutt grinned at the expression on the other's face, "Something in particular you want to see?"

“I WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU’RE THINKING AS YOU DO THIS.” He delicately traced down and around Mutt’s dick.

Mutt let out a heavy exhale at the touch, jerking up into it. "Same thing that's always there," he panted locking eyes onto Sans' face, "Please him." Sans purred in pleasure at the response. "It's all jumbled, to many ideas. Keep goin' like this, sink onto my fingers, beg you for help..."

“YOU WOULDN’T GET IT,” Sans said haughtily.

He whimpered as he worked himself over, "Wouldn't...expect it...but you asked."

Sans purred at the whimper. “FINGER YOURSELF?”

Mutt whined at the words unclenching his free hand from the sheets, "Ne-ed to move for that."

Sans pouted. “WORK AROUND ME.”

He laughed breathlessly slowing his hand, "Meant me. Angle's weird for that."

Sans tilted his head curiously. “MOVE TO WHAT?”

Mutt tilted his head, "Knees works better... could go face down."

“KNEES. I WANT TO SEE.” Sans moved so Mutt could adjust.

Mutt nodded moving so he could reach easier and resuming his touch. He leaned back sinking onto his own fingers dry, with little whine from it, a shudder traveling the length of his spine. Sans felt himself flush. That was different. And very new. He tried to stop blushing.

Mutt curled into himself a bit both hands working, "I-" he shuddered, "you still want me to wait?"

“N-NO.” He was going to watch. No matter how flustered he got.

Mutt nodded shakily picking up a slightly faster rhythm curling his fingers scratching lightly at himself. The tiny spark of pain helped hitch him across the finish, spilling over his hand with his brother's name on his tongue.

Sans flushed deeper, hiding his face behind his hand even as he peeked through. That had been so hot, but so new and different. Mutt was still trying to settle his breathing back from a panting, he watched the other withdrawing his hands from his own magic with a shiver.

Sans wanted more. To watch again and again until he understood what he was looking at. That this was his brother who came crying his name. That this was real and happening. At the same time it was so new Sans was too flustered for it. So he just huffed at Mutt as he tried to look like he was calm.

Mutt didn't really leave him the ability for long leaning over and pressing a kiss to his mouth. "I'll take the top layer to the washer."

Sans flushed all over again. “ALRIGHT.”

Mutt grinned taking a couple of steadying breaths before he stood and carefully bundled up the top layer of bedding.

Sans watched Mutt go before shuffling further into the bed. So that was sex. Kind of. More so than just doing it by himself at least. He definitely liked it.

Chapter Text

Sans walked down proudly to the kitchen, Mutt slumping along behind him. He smirked proudly as he took in Kari sitting inside already, feet swinging from her spot on the counter.

"Morning Sans," Kari greeted.


"Have a good night?"


Kari bit her lip, a mix of embarrassed and amused. Sans cheerfully walked around to the fridge and pulled out some leftover chili. He put it on the stove and immediately began to heat it up. That was definitely not what Kari would count as breakfast food.

"So, got plans for the day?"


"That sounds delightfully fun."

"YOU SHALL JOIN ME," Sans decreed.

"I will, will I?"


Kari hummed, twirling her hair as she considered whether or not she'd go with it. "I suppose I might be able to spare some time for that."

"YOU'RE MINE," Sans reminded her sharply.

"For now."

Sans crossed his arms. That deal. Kari wore his collar but didn't obey him. It itched. She was so wild, and he couldn't keep a hold on her.

The heating chili began to smoke.

Mutt listened to the two bickering back and forth, "M'lord?"

"YES?" Kari quickly picked up a cup to hide her grin behind.

"And you get upset with my smoking." He pointed out.

“WHAT?” Sans turned his head and screeched, quickly moving to grab his chili. He filled his bowl and grinned. “SUCCESS!”

“Of some kind,” Kari laughed. Sans stuck his tongue back out. Mutt laughed at the two of them, leaning in the doorway. Kari winked at the brothers.

“YOU’LL LIKE WHAT I’M BUILDING,” Sans said confidently as he tucked into his meal.

“Oh? What is it?”


"It always is."

Sans graciously chose to ignore Mutt’s words despite Kari chuckling. As soon as he finished his meal he stood up. “COME.”

Sans lead the way into a workshop area and pulled out some parts. He quickly began to work, tightening various screws. Mutt peered curiously at what he was building over his shoulder.

Kari wandered the workshop, looking over the various parts. “Are these for traps?”

“NO. THEY’RE JUST IDEAS. THINGS I DID BECAUSE I COULD. NOT EVERYTHING I’VE COME UP WITH HAS PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS. TAKE THE HOVERBOT FOR EXAMPLE.” Sans put his item down to pick up a grey cylinder. He sent a pulse of magic through it and it suddenly grew wings, floating in the air. “IT DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I CAN’T DO INDEPENDENTLY WITH MY GRAVITY MAGIC.”

Kari watched with awe, reaching out to brush her fingers along the edges of the wings. “Wow.”


“Yeah. I’ve seen a lot of stuff, but there’s always new things to admire.”

Sans grinned at Kari. She looked so happy, studying the little hovering gadget. He wanted to show her more. It had to keep her smiling if he did. Mutt poked around older gadgets, he tended to take things apart rather than leaving them to reminisce over later, but then again his things had less practical uses than Sans'.

“LOOK AT THIS ONE.” Sans took down another one and activated it. It sprouted legs and walked almost like a spider, if a little stiffly and jittery.

“Gift for Muffet?”


“It’s cool that you can make stuff like this though.”

Sans puffed up in pride. “MWEHEHE! IT’S FUN.”

“I can see that.” Kari looked at the robot a little wistfully. “It’s certainly beyond what I can do. I don’t really make anything.”


Kari beamed at Sans. “Not the same as creating something, but thanks.”

Mutt tilted his head poking at an old toolbox taking stock of what pieces were haphazardly tossed into it, "Could learn."

Sans straightened up. “RIGHT! I COULD SHOW YOU!”

Kari almost stepped back at that. “What?”


“A battery?”

“NO A SPARK BOX. IT SHOOTS SPARKS.” Sans walked over and picked up a different gadget to show Kari. He tapped it and sparks of blue, purple, and green shirt up. “SEE?”

“Oh hey! That’s cool.” Kari stepped over to examine the box as Sans reveled again in being taller than her.

“IT’S PRETTY STRAIGHTFORWARD AS A PIECE. YOU JUST SET UP THE CIRCUIT AND LEAVE IT A PLACE TO BLOW THE EXCESS MAGIC OFF THROUGH.” It was more of a simple magic circuit than anything purposeful, but Sans tended to go back to it to test different efficiencies. And seeing the sparks was a good measurement of if it was working or not. Sans went and picked out some gears, triggers, wires, and a soft blue crystal. Kari picked up the crystal to examine.


Kari looked at Sans before down to the pieces, biting her lip. “Er, okay?” She looked at the completed spark box, before carefully moving the pieces to try and get something similar.


"Maybe start with explaining in detail." Mutt replied sitting in the corner picking at a set of wires.

"ALRIGHT." Sans settled down to explain how it fit together, how the wires were insulated to carry magic, how the gears fit in to wind, how the crystal took in the magic and would gather ambient magic to power the spark box, and how the circuit had to be altered to allow the magic to bleed off the circuit and shed the sparks in a safe manner. Kari sat there listening in awe to the technobabble.

When he finally felt that it was time to put it together Sans guided Kari through the steps. His hands were deft and sure next to her own. She couldn’t help being a little distracted, sneaking peeks at the skeleton. He was so alive in this moment here with her.

Kari’s fingers would occasionally dart away from the box. Sans was amused at how quick and agile she was, even in this. It made him want to hold her even more, just to show that he could and that she wouldn’t slip away. At last the spark box was completed.



Sans paused. She couldn’t pulse her magic through it to turn it on. But! She could tap the crystal! He grinned. “TOUCH IT HERE.”

Kari obeyed, and a gasp escaped her as bright coloured sparks exploded. Sans beamed watching her light up. “BEAUTIFUL.”

“Yeah,” Kari agreed. She looked at Sans and smiled. “Thanks for showing me this.”

Mutt watched contentedly from his tinkering in the corner. They were adorable, it was almost like watching some sugary Naps movie. Except this had no script and could very much potentially sour easily...very fine line they were walking.

“MWEHEHE! OF COURSE!” Sans reached out to pet Kari. She half ducked away, but actually let him touch her. Sans could have exploded with happiness. He looked over at Mutt to share his victory.

Kari shook her head. “I’m gonna go for a walk. I’ll see you for supper?”


Mutt grinned at the excitement coming off of Sans, had he ever been this happy about a challenge before? Mutt wasn't sure he really had. He gave the girl a distracted wave lost in his thoughts as she headed out for a 'walk'.

Sans carefully put the spark box down before rushing over to hug Mutt. “SHE’S GREAT!”

Mutt chuckled with a nod, "She's up there." She was rapidly catching up to Sans in position of worth. How had that happened?


"You'll have to play it carefully." Mutt warned lightly, "She's so flighty."


"That's possible. Just be careful about it." Mutt responded dropping a kiss to the top of Sans' skull.

Sans grinned. “I WILL. THEN I’LL HAVE YOU BOTH.”

Mutt nodded with a little grin, wouldn't that be something.

Chapter Text

Sans couldn’t get it out of his head how Mutt had looked, fingering himself and cumming with Sans’ name on his tongue. It looked so good. He had to know what it was like for himself. The house was empty for the moment. Sans knew Mutt and Kari could be back at any time, but that didn’t bother him. He knew that technically he didn’t need to wait to be alone, but he was still embarrassed at the thought of jerking off in front of his brother. Despite how hot the thought made him.

Sans had removed his pants and underwear before carefully kneeling on the bed the same way that Mutt had. He traced a hand down his spine, feeling tingles as he caressed the sensitive bone down to his coccyx. Sans rubbed around there, picturing Mutt in his mind. It was an odd feeling. So sensitive, not enough to be painful, but...not enough to give him pleasure either. Sans huffed in frustration. Was he doing it wrong?

Mutt had popped in from his shift ending, at least he had things to plot about anymore so he wasn't so bored. There was a huff from his brothers room. Odd, what was frustrating him now? He peered into the room, and almost did a double take. What under the stars?


Sans froze. This was awkward. He turned and looked at Mutt. “WHAT?” He could hold his dignity, even like this.

"Just" He grinned, "Need a hand?"

Sans growled but pulled his hand out. “YES.”

Mutt perked, he hadn't actually expected an affirmative answer. He came into the room popping the door shut with a heel, "What are you going for?"


"Like I..." oh, well that was a fantasy idea. He came over to the bed kneeling beside it. He could help some for sure. "Where have you tried touching?"


Mutt nodded, "But I was already worked up also. And everyone has their own preferences. What works for me may not be as strong for you."

Sans huffed and crossed his arms. “YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT BEFORE I WASTED MY TIME.”

Mutt chuckled, "It might not be. You just have to figure out yourself." He reached up and delicately traced a finger along the crest of a hip.

Sans shifted slightly at the touch. That actually felt good. “DO THAT AGAIN.” Mutt tilted his head and drew his finger across the spot again, touch almost feather light. Sans grumbled. “NOT LIKE THAT. TOUCH IT MORE.”

Mutt nodded cupping Sans' side running a thumb over the spot again, "Closer to this?"

Sans let out a partial rumble. "YES, LIKE THAT." He took his own hand to play over the other side, dipping to rub around his hip bones. That felt better.

Mutt let his free hand trace along the others leg, "Where do you usually touch yourself?"

“COLLARBONE, LOWER RIBS, HIPS WHEN MAGIC STARTS FORMING.” Sans scratched lightly at his hip, pleased to be finally getting the stimulation he wanted.

"I find it's better to start places you know are sensitive and work up from there." Mutt ran his thumb along the other again, this time pressing slightly with the filed tip of a claw.

“YES, LIKE THAT,” Sans said happily. “JUST NEEDED TO START ELSEWHERE.” He grasped one of his lower ribs to rub at while he worked himself up, magic starting to form. Mutt grinned at the tone from the other bringing up his free hand from Sans' leg to his collarbone hooking a finger around it and dragging along it. Sans jolted at the touch. He hadn’t been expecting it. He quickened beginning to pant. “PAP, THIS IS GOOD. GOING TO CUM LIKE YOU.”

"Want me to stop touching?" He purred lowly, Stars Sans was pretty like this.


"Yes M'lord." He replied tugging lightly at the collarbone his finger was still wrapped around. He moved the hand on Sans' hip and drug his tongue along the surface instead.

Sans’ cock formed and he looked at it triumphantly. “NOW FINGERING, RIGHT?”

"Go slow," he fished into a pocket pulling out a small tube, "easy to hurt yourself doing too much."

“I CAN HANDLE IT.” Sans looked at the tube curiously as he continued to tease down his ribs. “WHAT’S THAT FOR?”

"Slick," he replied popping the cap off rubbing a tiny bit on his finger and pressing it to Sans' leg in demonstration, "you want to know you're being safe first."

“HM.” Sans took some of the lube and rubbed it along his cock. That felt good. A soft noise of pleasure escaped him as he picked up his speed pumping. Mutt crawled up onto the bed kneeling behind the smaller frame. He bit back a noise at the view in front of him. Sans glanced behind him at Mutt before turning his attention back to pleasuring himself. Now, he just had to take his fingers and start rubbing along his coccyx. He let out a grunt at how sensitive it had become as he worked himself up. Mutt purred nuzzling along the back of Sans' neck nipping once.

Sans jolted and let out a whimper. “PAP, THAT FELT GOOD.” Mutt continued to purr traveling from neck to shoulder trailing little bites along the way. Sans growled and began to work himself harder. “PAPYRUS, HELP,” he half gasped half ordered.

"Tell me what to do for you." Mutt replied voice low, pressing just that much closer.

“I WANT TO GET OFF ON FINGERS...YOUR FINGERS.” He couldn’t do it good enough himself, but Mutt could.

Mutt growled a low rumble and thin coated his fingers with the lubricant, "Relax some, tense makes it harder."

Sans relaxed and leaned forward. “LIKE THIS?”

Mutt let out a low purr of appreciation, "Yeah, like that." He brushed his fingers along Sans' magic testing the waters. If he just tensed up again that would lead to possible injury.

Sans’ spine tingled, magic forming around where his fingers were brushing to form a hole to be fingered. Sans pushed himself back. “GET ON WITH IT.”

He grinned brushing over the newly formed magic again mostly to spread lubrication, "So demanding." He pressed a single finger forward sinking it into the smaller body before him.

Sans shuddered, pumping himself. “PAPYRUS.” Mutt thrummed a low purr and pulled the finger back pumping slowly. He squirmed. “PAPYRUS, MORE!” Why was he going so slow? Sans needed more! Mutt hummed and added a second finger on the next stroke watching for signs of pain. Sans gasped deeply. He began to rock himself on the fingers impatiently, not caring for the slight pain from when Mutt’s fingers scraped the new sensitive summoned part.

Mutt whined a low timber curling his fingers as the smaller rocked on his hand. That was something he could get used to seeing. Sans growled with pleasure, forcing himself down hard as he came. “PAPYRUS!” He panted and looked down at the sticky mess. That was good. He could see why Mutt had liked it. Mutt carefully withdrew his fingers, gently petting along Sans' spine.

Sans whined. That felt good. He sat back, refusing to curl up like he felt like doing. “SO THAT’S WHY YOU WANTED TO DO THAT.”

"Glad to be an inspiration." Mutt replied with a grin.

Sans glared half-heartedly at Mutt. “RIGHT, GET OFF. I NEED TO CLEAN UP.”

"Getting off would just make a bigger mess." He joked, but moved so Sans could clean up.

Sans slapped Mutt as he gathered up the cover to wash and dumped it in the laundry basket before padding towards the shower. “I’LL BE THE ONE FINGERING YOU NEXT TIME.”

Mutt blinked at him, "That a promise?"

Sans smirked over his shoulder at Mutt. “YES.”

Mutt shivered at the expression, "Looking forward to it."

Chapter Text

Sans had stopped work early today, detouring to the grocery store and going through the ingredients. The rabbit monster running the till had actually looked rather overwhelmed with the captain’s vehement shopping. Sans did come in and buy groceries occasionally but it was more common for Mutt to show up and drag himself through while being yelled at on the phone. This time was special though. He wanted to choose the ingredients for himself. He would only offer the best for his cooking lesson!

Sans bustled about the kitchen dragging out the pot and pan he’d need for his chili. Sans had piled the ingredients out on one of the counters only to find that there was no longer room for chopping ingredients up. He rushed around the house, temporarily stealing a dresser that he decided would be a perfectly useable platform for chopping on. Now he was ready! Sans checked his phone. It seemed it might still be a while before Kari got home. Well, he could always do some cleaning. Hopefully Mutt hadn’t managed to stash anymore “surprises” around the house since last time.

Kari entered the house and sighed as the warmth flowed through her. Sans and Mutt were great, but she was not adapted for living in a place that was continually winter. The sooner she managed to figure out how to escape the Underground the happier she’d be.

Sans poked his head out of the closet he’d been organizing and lit up. “GOOD YOU’RE HOME.”

Kari blinked at Sans. “Uh, yeah?” Was something special going on? Kari hung out with Sans and Mutt plenty when they were all at home, but Sans didn’t normally beam towards her the instant she stepped into the house. She wasn’t really sure what to make of Sans bouncing over and dragging her into the kitchen.

She stared around at the mess of ingredients and the extra dragged in dresser. “Wow. I guess there’s gonna be a big meal tonight.”


“I am?”


Oh. He’d actually remembered that. Sans had listened to a throwaway comment she’d said for the sake of pretending she was part of things, and remembered. He was including her. Kari could feel herself flush and hoped that he wouldn’t misinterpret it. At least she tended to color pretty lightly unless really worked up. “That’s true. So chef, how do we start?”

Sans swelled with pride. Chef. Yeah, he was a great cook! Someone to look up to in the kitchen. “FIRST WE CHOP UP THE VEGETABLES.” He parceled out carrots, onion, green peppers, and mushrooms.

“Okay. Where’s the knife?”

Sans blanked for a moment. Right. She couldn’t create bullets. He took a moment and summoned a bone knife before passing it over to her. Kari ran her hand over the knife. It was amazing how he could just make things from bone like that. She grinned over at Sans and set to work chopping. Sans grinned at his ingenious problem solving and grabbed the chili base tossing it into the pan to fry up.

Sans hummed cheerfully as he moved through the kitchen, stirring the chili base and checking in on Kari’s work here and there. “HERE, HOLD IT MORE LIKE THIS,” Sans instructed. He shifted Kari’s grip on the handle.

“That feels odd.”

“IT WILL, BUT YOU’LL SLICE MORE EFFICIENTLY AND NOT TIRE YOURSELF OUT.” Kari tested it out and nodded. Sans grinned and nuzzled her briefly before grabbing an onion to slice. Kari quickly moved away as the stinging from the onions wafted towards her.

“Watch that.”


“The onion. The smell makes my eyes water.”


“Not really sure. Most humans tend to react that way though. It really stings.”

Sans looked at the onions he was chopping and snorted, but carefully moved a little away from Kari. “THAT HAS TO MAKE COOKING DIFFICULT.”

“Don’t know. Maybe people get used to it if they deal with it enough?”


Kari giggled. “Probably because there’s enough of us for the probabilities to play out. If there’s a one in a hundred chance and you have a thousand people there’s gonna be a group that meets the one in a hundred.”

Sans snorted and moved on with his cooking. “NOW WE ADD THE SPICES!” Kari watched as he threw in a succession of various spices and seasonings into the pot. They were in such large quantities Kari had no doubt that trying to eat the chili would sear her tongue completely off. He really seemed to be getting into it too. Kari had to keep ducking out of his way as he rushed around. He grabbed an entire can of tomato sauce and dumped it in before mixing it vigorously.

“ALRIGHT! KARI, WE NEED THE VEGETABLES!” Kari gingerly stepped over to help scrape what she’d cut up into the pot. Sans stirred that up. “NOW WE HAVE TO WAIT.”

“For how long?”

“A FEW MINUTES.” Sans started to tidy up the ingredients they were done with as Kari walked over to stare into the pot.

“That looks like some sort of monster concoction.”

“WELL I DID MAKE IT,” Sans pointed out.

Kari took a moment to get that before giggling. “No, no, not like that. That’s a saying from the surface. Er, what I mean is it looks like a bunch of crazy things all thrown together and mixed up.”


“Well, a lot of humans picture monsters as being a mix of several different things that we’re familiar with. That it’s like a distortion of what’s familiar. So a monster concoction is a bunch of things thrown together that looks like it shouldn’t go together but is.”

“WELL! HUMANS,” Sans huffed. How rude was that? Monsters weren’t the ones that just pushed and pushed and had thrown them down below for the crime of what they were capable of.

“Yup,” Kari agreed. She stepped in to help Sans grab more of the dishes to wash up.


“Alright.” Kari moved around the last of the ingredients and started wiping things down. Occasionally Sans hopped over to the pot and stirred it. He grabbed the dresser he’d dragged into the kitchen and climbed out. Kari didn’t think she’d ever get over the small skeleton just picking things up and going. Even if he did have a thick build her brain kept telling her that his bones should snap from carrying stuff like that.

Sans came back and stirred the pot again before grinning like a mad man. “IT’S READY. ADD THE CORN AND BEANS!”

“Yes sir!” Kari dumped them in and watched Sans spin them around crazily.


“Can’t wait.” Though she was gonna need some serious help to keep from her mouth being set on fire. Seriously, he had added way more spice than she’d seen anyone use. Ever!

Sans grinned over at Kari. “AND NOW YOU CAN MAKE IT TOO.”

Kari grinned scratching her cheek. “It seems so.” She paused and leaned over kissing Sans on the cheek. “Thanks.”

Sans puffed up proud as a peacock. “ANYTIME! YOU’RE MINE KARI.”

Kari smiled.

Chapter Text

Kari walked through town tucked into Mutt’s side. She really needed to start remembering to head back to town before Mutt showed up to save her from freezing. This was the third time.

Mutt walked quietly a trail of smoke following after them. "Got plans for moving on again?"

“I just need a bit longer in Waterfall and I’ll find a way past it,” Kari said cheerfully. A scaled monster with delicate red fanned parts walked through the town and paused to stare at the pair thoughtfully. Mutt scanned the area, something didn't feel right. Who was that? They weren't local.

The monster ignored Mutt looking at him, noting the collar before approaching. “A skeleton and...something new. Who do you belong to?” Kari silently stepped back to put Mutt between herself and the other. Mutt glared at the newcomer happily allowing Kari to duck behind him.

“Speak pet.”

Mutt sneered at him torn between telling the stupid shit to fuck off, and holding his tongue to annoy the monster. The monster shook his head and reached out to check Mutt’s collar. My, that was a very possessive claim. Not that he blamed the owner. Skeletons were not common, he had only ever seen a handful. Mutt raised a brow at the idiot getting close enough to get hit.

“Property of Sans.” He released the collar and looked at Mutt. “Take me to him.”

“Don’t,” Kari muttered. The monster glared at her.

Mutt shrugged taking a step back and scooping Kari up in one smooth motion, "No obligation to him." Kari was high strung enough from this encounter to jump at Mutt’s touch, and she didn’t settle down when held. She just stared at the other monster.

“Rude,” the monster tsked. “I have business with Sans.”

Mutt shrugged, "Ain't my business." He backed up a couple of steps watching the stranger.

“He’s your owner. That makes it yours.”

Kari swallowed down the bitter retort that she wasn’t anyone’s, digging her nails into her palms. Mutt grinned lopsidedly, "Does it? News to me." He had enough of the scent and sight for now, and Kari was getting too antsy. He popped them both off home.

Kari flailed at the transportation, the familiar surroundings triggering panic. She had to do something!

Mutt tightened his hold on her, "You walk out there you'll be facing that idiot on your own. Nothing's touching you here."

“He’s going to trap me,” Kari hissed. She dug hard into her arms.

"That one out there? Can't if you're here."

“But it’s never safe to stay still,” Kari murmured.

Mutt set her down on her feet but kept a hold on her, "Maybe up there it isn't. But here, this is our place. Nobody is getting to you."

She curled up into Mutt. “Maybe.”

He moved them over to the couch petting her hair, "You stay right here, I won't let it happen." Kari shivered, but uncurled a little. At least this felt safe. Even if it probably wasn’t real. She could at least pretend. Mutt hummed softly, and wondered if whoever the fuck that was had found out where his brother was patrolling.

Sans barged into the house, anger rolling off him. He’d heard that someone had been looking for him and upset Mutt, even if he didn’t know who yet. “MUTT!” He barked. Kari immediately jumped and tried to run.

Mutt dropped an arm across her lap, "Shhh just Sans." Kari stilled, too much, her frame stiff.

Sans stared at the scene, anger rising in him. “MUTT. WHAT. HAPPENED.”

Mutt tilted his head, "Somebody new in town. Clearly deals in pets, tried to act like he had some type of rights. Said he had business with you."

“GOOD, THAT SHOULD MAKE HIM EASY TO FIND.” And behead. Sans turned around to go drill Muffet, leaving Kari statue still on Mutt.

Mutt tugged gently on her hair, "It's fine Teeny. You hearing me?"

Kari nodded stiffly. “Yeah...” She just needed to relax. Why was that so hard?

"Long as you're hearing me. You need anything?"

“Need?” Was he actually asking?

"Want, I suppose is a better way to put it." He murmured absently twisting a lock of hair.

“Uh, no...” She didn’t exactly want anything except freedom, and she didn’t think she needed anything. Kari scratched at her neck around her collar.

Mutt nodded gently prodding at her fingers, "You'll break your skin."

Kari stopped. “Right.” She looked at him. “Sans isn’t bad.”

Mutt snorted, "That depends on which side of Sans you're on." Kari twitched hard, and tugged on her hair. Mutt sighed, "You know he likes you right? He's out there with you in mind too."

“I give him prestige,” Kari replied.

"You do, but he had that before you showed up. He wouldn't keep up with anything he didn't like, and he wouldn't put forth effort to try and impress something he didn't deem worthy."

“...right.” She wanted to believe. It was a fatal weakness, a flaw she’d perhaps allowed to grow too much while she was stuck down here. She wanted to believe Mutt was telling the truth.

Mutt laughed lightly, "Doesn't happen often that I am." He grabbed the remote from the other side of the couch flipping on the TV for background noise.

“True. You did mistake me for cuddly,” Kari joked as she snuggled down. The tension began to ease.

"A grievous mistake." He replied solemnly. "You're clearly only the snuggly type." He continued with a grin.

Kari snorted. “Drat and blast! I’ve been caught!”

Mutt glanced around the room, "Eh it's fine, no one here that didn't know your secret anyway."

“Good. I’m counting on you to keep that secret then.” She winked at him.

"Only person I'd ever tell is Sans...and he probably knows already." Mutt responded tossing a wink back at her.

“My darkest secret dragged into the light!”

Mutt snickered, "Honey I do shadows at best." Kari laughed playfully punching Mutt. Mutt flopped over on the couch dramatically, "I ferry you back and forth, I feed you, and this is how you repay me? Woe!"

“Suffer!” She laughed. He gasped in mock shock before laughing with her. Kari laid down on top of him. It was funny, when did bones become so comfortable to lay on?

Mutt just tossed an arm over her to cuddle lightly, "He's going to be on edge when he gets back." With from stress or LV...Mutt could only guess yet.

“That’s fine.” She’d just make sure she disappeared.

Mutt snorted, "If you say so."

“Doubting me? You’ve broken my heart!” Kari flailed dramatically.

Mutt rolled his eyes, "Have I now? Allow me to apologize."

Kari laughed and stuck her tongue out at him.

Balar sat down in Muffet’s waving down a spider to order cider.

Muffet stopped by to drop off the mug along her way down a path between the tables, "Oh, someone new! Have a good time dearie, just do keep from soiling my linens."

“Of course.” Balar sipped his drink thoughtfully.

He didn’t have long to enjoy it before Sans burst into the restaurant. He zeroed in on the newcomer and marched over. “YOU. YOU’RE THE ONE THAT BOTHERED MY PETS?”

Muffet sighed, oh dear. An angry Sans always did upset the balance of the night...though it did create good business a few nights later when locals came seeking shelter for his ire outside of the shop. She bent to the serving window near silently whispering to the tiny spiders there to grab an extra cocoa.

Balar turned around, red fins fanning out. “You’re the owner of those marvellous pets?” Another skeleton. What a treat, even if he was beyond the reach of the monster. He was a businessman after all, and it wouldn’t do to break his clients’ trust in him by turning on a pet owner. “I didn't mean to disturb them. I merely wished to speak with you.”

Sans paused, taken aback by the monster’s actions. He knew the monster was a threat. But being treated so calmly caught him off guard. “I DON’T CARE FOR THEM BEING DISTURBED.”

“My apologies, I was unaware of that.”

Sans weighed his words. The monster seemed sincere, and Sans did know that Kari was very jumpy. He could see it being a mistake. Killing in Muffet’s wouldn’t gain him anything either.

Muffet dropped the drink off, "You two just send a small one if you need anything else." She nodded to Sans and headed back to refill a tray to make another round.

Sans barely acknowledged her even as Balar flashed a charismatic grin Muffet’s way. He turned back to Sans. “I’m glad you sought me out. I was hoping to speak with you.”

“YOU GOT MY ATTENTION.” That wasn’t a good thing in this case.

“I am a specialist of sorts, dealing in pets. I have tools I sell to clients, aid in training, help procure what is wanted and the like.” Sans inclined his head. He didn’t like it, but he did have pets. Even if he preferred taking care of Mutt and now Kari his own way.

He still needed to work on getting Kari to obey.

“When I arrived here your pets rather caught my attention. They’re in beautiful condition.”


“No? And I suppose you wouldn’t sell them either?” Sans bared his fangs at the other. “A pity. Well, if you find any more like the girl, or need anything, I would love to aid you.” Balar took out a card and pushed it over to Sans. Sans didn’t bother touching it. “And one for you as well, my lady. I’m sure you don’t require my help, but if you ever wish for something I would be glad to help.” He held up another card for a spider to take. The tiny spiderling raced off the card settled neatly on its back. Another little one took its spot at the corner of the table.

Balar finished his drink and left a tip of gold. “If you’ll excuse me, I must return to my work.”

Sans watched the monster leave, his magic burning with frustration.

Muffet opened the door for the leaving patron handing over a decorative paper cup of warm liquid and a small box, "It's chilly out there Dearie, you might want to find somewhere safe to stay before the dark times kick in. Have yourself a wonderful evening!"

Balar accepted the offer. “Thank you dear.” He put the items in his inventory and walked on.

Sans got up. He had his pets to check on.

Chapter Text

Kari tensed as the door opened, Sans entering in a mood just as foul as earlier. He looked at the pair possessively.

Mutt watched his brother carefully, "Take it you figured out whatever the thing was?"


“I’m not yours to sell,” Kari snarled. She broke away from Mutt and ran. Sans snarled and reached to stop her, but he was too slow.

Mutt sighed, "Still living?"

Sans looked at Mutt angrily. “NOT IF HE EATS MUFFET’S TREAT.”

"Man Muff's miffed enough to send things home?" He stared off after Kari, "Want me to talk to her?"


"She's shifty about that." Mutt replied softly, "It scares her, keep that in mind." He wouldn't stop Sans from going after her.

“SHE SHOULDN’T BE,” Sans snarled. He spun around to tear back after his escaped pet.

Mutt stayed on the couch listening to the retreating steps carefully, he wouldn't interfere if it wasn't necessary...didn't mean he wouldn't watch. Once it had been long enough he could track without causing a scene he followed.

She needed to get out. Kari blindly removed her collar and dropped it in the snow as she ran through the woods. Was it dangerous? Yes, but she knew how to see traps now. She just needed to show that she wasn’t anyone’s.

Sans felt his soul ache as he saw the dropped collar. “KARI!” Kari didn't turn back. "COME BACK! NOW!" Sans ordered uselessly. She didn't respond at all. Sans screamed in rage as the human vanished, and began to attack everything around him.

Mutt slumped against a tree trunk, he had known this wouldn't go well. Now did he let Sans keep going or dare to intervene? In the end he decided to drop out of the tree, but stay back far enough to be out of the fray. Unless something else happened.

Sans caught sight of Mutt and immediately threw bones at him to impale him. Mutt dodged, just barely. Ok, so Sans was clearly more upset with the turn of events than he had assumed he would be. Sans screamed. At the worst time possible his LOVE had spiked in reply to his upset with losing Kari.

Mutt paused just long enough to assess the situation. It was risky being out here like this... but he couldn't take him back either. Sans could easily trash the entire house in a fit. Mutt darted around a tree, probably best to try and exhaust some of the LV burn first thing.

Sans started tearing through the forest. An entire tree was taken down in his rage as he chased after the only monster he saw: his brother. Well, so much for Snowdin woods Mutt thought to himself. Mutt weaved in and out of trunks and doubled back once in a wide arch.

Sans wasn't thinking. He didn't notice if he damaged himself in his rage, just tearing down at things. It was a good solid half hour before the burn began to calm down and he was able to start pulling in his control. But it hurt. So much. She removed the collar. Mutt finally stopped and popped back to his brother's side silently kneeling next to him.

Sans hit Mutt lightly. "YOU'RE MINE."

Mutt nodded pressing his face to Sans' chestplate.


"Never." He wouldn't, not ever. Tooth and claw would be lost before that came off of him.

"SHE LEFT." He hit Mutt. "SHE LEFT!"

Mutt tilted with the blow, "I told you she was scared of it." He shifted back up, "Not you, but the idea. She's convinced she can get out of here. She wants out of the underground for space to run."

"I WANT THE SURFACE TOO!" It wasn't fair. Rage ran through him and he clawed at Mutt.

Mutt tilted, "I know. But she needs the freedom, claiming on her...she doesn't equate it to safe or protected like I do. She sees it as trapped just like this barrier. It's not you M'lord."

Sans huffed. "SHE...SHE HAS TO LEARN." Somehow. He couldn't lose her!

"Or we all do." Mutt shrugged. He wasn't exactly a traditional pet. They should have talked about this all before, "Want me to find her?"

"YES. AND BRING HER BACK!" Sans picked up her collar.

"She won't want to see that at first." He supplied standing up. At least he was good at tracking. Now how to calm her down when she was found...

Sans stuck it in his pocket. "THAT'S FINE. BUT SHE WILL TAKE IT BACK."

Kari shivered at the top of a tree. Up this high she could actually see the ceiling through the perpetual clouding that allowed it to snow. Another reminder of how she was stuck.

Mutt paused at the end of the trail leading up the tree, well the only way she could have possibly gone was up. He took hold of a branch and started climbing. Of course she would pick one high enough he couldn't see to port up.

Kari looked down at seeing someone climbing up and shifted. She looked around, but there wasn't anything close enough for her to jump to.

"Don't, you'll miss and that'll hurt." Mutt pointed out as she looked around.

"Pain isn't that big a deal," Kari retorted, but she stayed where she was.

Mutt snorted, "Careful you sound like me." He settled in a spot a couple of branches away, she probably wouldn't appreciate him being any closer.

"Come to make sure I return?" Kari asked bitterly.

"I came to make sure you're safe. If that means returning, with or without the collar remains to be seen." Mutt shrugged. "He didn't mean it like you think he did."

"He wants to keep me!" Kari spat. "I knew it was a risk pretending I was his, but I'm not staying to let him tighten my chain!"

"He doesn't know anything else. Look around here, you've seen what this world is. Everything is coveted, and Sans...throws more emotion into anything than anyone else I've ever known." Mutt fiddled with the supple offshoot on his branch, "If nothing else, help get the barrier down. That's your goal anyway yeah, get out of here, be free?"

"Get it down?" Kari looked at Mutt in puzzlement. "Help the monsters out?” She shook her head. "I kind of planned to do that anyway. No one deserves to be trapped like this." She just thought it was odd the monsters would need her help to do that.

"Then stay with us until we can manage that. Give us a chance to learn how to do things a little more like the Kari way."

She actually snorted at that. "Sorry, that just sounds ridiculously stupid saying it that way."

"Didn't we just establish earlier I was low man on the totem pole?" Mutt grinned.

Kari let out a rough laugh. "I guess we did."

Mutt nodded, "How about stay while we work on getting out. The collar is only needed outside the house, just in case. We can put a hook for it by the door."

"It's not the collar that bothers me," Kari sighed. "It's actually pretty nice as, well, collars go. I just don't like being owned."

"The symbolism behind it is more what I meant. Sans has clout, but it's only safe if it's used right. You think real pets really act with owners the way I do with him?"

Kari chuckled. “Guess not.” She drew idly on the branch she was sitting on. “So what do you suggest?”

Mutt shrugged, "He would have to learn to turn it off, and you would have to learn not to panic at every little thing. I would probably have to learn not to push, and keep my hands to myself better."

Kari took a deep breath. "Well. It's only until I figure out how to get the barrier down. And it's been working so far. Right?"

"Has it? You didn't trust him today...and he will fight fang and claw about the belonging. Even if it doesn't show so much. Bad habits and all."

"I don't trust anyone."

"Now you really are starting to sound like me." Mutt snorted, "Let's go home before you freeze Teeny."

She did not want to. Kari was getting a little cold, but she could last a bit longer. "I'm good. This is a pretty good spot to hang out."

Mutt raised a brow, "Alright, answer me a few questions then?"

Kari flashed a bright shallow smile. "Sure!"

"Don't do that...faking things routine." If he had a nose it would be scrunched. " What could we do? To help you feel a little better about us?"

Kari looked at Mutt. "You don't like me faking," she deadpanned. She was a touch stuck on that.

"I would rather know the reality under the mask."

"The reality isn't pretty."

"You think I am? You ever get LV explained?"

"Uh, no." Kari shifted a little, trying to curl up to conserve heat.

Mutt shucked the jacket handing it out to her, "Levels of violence, LV. When you hurt someone...your should absorbs that energy, grows it. Once you've dusted someone, it just keeps getting easier and easier to do it. Everyone starts out at the bottom..."

Kari hesitated, before climbing down enough to be able to take his jacket. "And this world doesn't allow you to stay there if you want to survive."

"No, it doesn't. That's how pets started, if you couldn't do you either dusted or had someone who could take you. It's how the rings started to, toss in easy exp so they couldn't get away. It turned into real sport later."

"I must be crazy for being down here. I doubt I have much LV at all."

"No, not a lot compared to us." He shrugged.

"You said it gets easier. Does that mean you start wanting to hurt others too?"

"Its less wanting and more instinctual drive, we refer to it as 'spiking'. The higher you get the more liable you are to get hit with a spike in stress situations." Mutt lounged against the trunk of the tree doubtful they'd be moving to soon.

"How do you deal with it?" Kari asked curiously. This was certainly distracting her from why she'd gone up there in the first place. Mutt was good at doing that, drawing her into his world and making her want to go with him and Sans.

"Run yourself out of energy. The exhaustion helps settle it. Some go on rampages, some go on sprees and gain so quick they can't handle it and dust."

"You must be pretty strong to manage to be so lazy then," Kari joked.

"Eleven." He tilted his head back to peer at her, "Probably starting to get closer to twelve after this run through the rings."

She moved closer to Mutt. "Impressive."

"Scary." He corrected.

"Is it? You have control."

"It slips. I'm good at not being around when it happens...but it does happen."

Kari hummed and moved down to nudge Mutt companionably. "Hey, I knew this world was ugly. We'll keep going."

Mutt nodded, "That's pretty much all we can do."

"We can look for the fun side too."

Mutt grinned at her, "Oh I don't doubt we could manage some fun along the way."

Kari laughed and nudged Mutt. She looked down. "I guess we really should head back down."

Mutt hummed, "Lucky for us I happen to know a shortcut." Kari grinned and stepped closer so Mutt could actually touch her. Mutt grinned pulling her over and popping them back to the house.

Sans paced back and forth in the room. He knew he could count on Mutt. That was nothing to fear. But Kari was fighting so hard. Against him. Was he the one messing up? He looked up as Mutt and Kari returned to the house. He sighed in relief at the sight of her, reaching into his pocket for her collar.

Kari tensed. She'd fought him. Too hard perhaps. It was too much to believe there wouldn't be consequences for that.

Mutt put up a hand, "We have talkin' to do before anyone gets all up in arms." It had been a long time since he had to take charge of anything...hopefully this didn't blow up in his face.


"Yep." He replied steering Kari toward the couch. Kari lightly stepped away from Mutt even as she took her seat. Sans frowned uneasily. Mutt motioned Sans over as well, he took his own seat on the floor in front of the couch.

Sans sat down on the couch, rubbing Kari's collar in his grasp. "WHAT IS IT? DO YOU DEMAND NEW CONDITIONS?" He eyed Kari suspiciously.

"We do need to figure out a way to stop me from acting idiotically until the barrier's down," Kari replied.

Sans froze. "YOU'RE...YOU'RE GOING TO TAKE THE BARRIER DOWN?" Was she serious? His dream...would that actually happen?

Mutt rested his head in his hands, "Gonna try anyway. Did a little talking before we managed to get back. Let her talk M'lord, listen."

"I always planned to do my best to take it down. No one deserves to be trapped like this." Kari ducked her head and grinned over at Sans. Sans purred. "That's not everything. I, um, I don't want to belong to anyone!"

Sans looked at Kari and shook his head. "THAT WAS ALWAYS A RISK WHEN YOU CAME HERE, THAT YOU WOULDN'T STAY." But that didn't mean he was giving up.

Kari tugged on her hair. "I would prefer if you don't attempt to order me about."

Now that was a hard request. Sans placed a hand on Mutt as he thought it over. "I CAN...TRY." Mutt leaned into the hand on him, he would always be available to order about. Such was his nature.

"And I'll try to not spook so easily."

Sans nodded his head. "GOOD." Mutt purred softly at the interaction going on. He dropped his hands leaning his chin on the couch instead. Kari looked at Mutt for a moment before shrugging and looking away.

Sans pulled out her collar and held it out. "HERE." She looked at the collar shakily. "LET ME PUT IT ON." Sans barely refrained from making it an order, making it more of a calm statement.

"Fine." She pushed her hair out of the way, staying still as he locked her collar back in place. He pressed his magic into it and pulled back again. Mutt tilted his head quietly looking between the two. Kari shifted a touch uncomfortably as Sans happily admired his mark being returned to where it belonged.

Mutt sighed standing up, "Alright, everybody up, let's go. Food doesn't make itself."

“NO, YOU MAKE IT,” Sans ordered. Kari rolled her eyes. Mutt whined, but stuck his tongue out and headed for the kitchen. Sans grinned. Kari just laughed and relaxed back on the couch. A win! She didn’t move away! Triumph flooded Sans. Mutt grinned as he ducked out of sight to dig through the fridge for ingredients.

“What are we having?” Kari asked cheerfully.

"Who knows yet. You wanna pick?" He questioned leaning around the fridge door to peer at her.


“THOSE ARE SO GREASY,” Sans objected.

"You can put bunny food on them." Mutt replied sticking out his tongue.

“MWE! NO!” He threw a bone at Mutt’s head.

“You’re right, they are greasy. Cheese smokies would be better,” Kari joked. Mutt ducked back behind the fridge door to avoid the bone, and hide the grin.


“Fine, fine, you’ve convinced me. Corn dogs.”

“MWE!” Mutt laughed at them, a full on breathy laugh. They were being ridiculous, and adorable.
He let them bicker. In the meantime, he pulled out the stuff to make a honey sriracha sauce he wasn't entirely certain what it was going on yet...he could do chicken...hmmm

Sans punched Kari, and she playfully nudged him back, ending in the pair rolling on the floor wrestling. Mutt snorted at the two keeping an eye out just in case they knocked something over in their fray. And honestly people called him the crazy one.

Sans pinned Kari down and crowed. "MWEHEHE! I WIN!" He grinned down at the flushed human beneath him. Kari pouted and stuck her tongue out at him. "Mutt! Come and help me!" Mutt shrugged and abandoned his mixing to go lay across the both of them. It wasn't particularly helpful at all.

"MUTT!" Sans shouted. "GET OFF OF ME!"

"I'm gonna be squished," Kari joked.

"Nah, think I'll stay in the dogpile." He replied lazily shifting.

"MWE!" Sans squirmed trying to get out. Kari bit her lip. This was...interesting. And an interesting view on top of that. Mutt folded his arms and pillowed his head there faking a deliberately obnoxiously loud snore.

Sans huffed and hoisted himself up, staggering slightly under Mutt. "THIS IS RIDICULOUS."

"I find it pretty humerous personally," Kari quipped. Mutt broke his fake sleep noises to snicker at them again.

Sans picked Mutt up and dropped him onto the floor before sitting on top of his "sleeping" brother. "THERE!"

"Ooh, that looks comfy." Kari moved over to lay on both of them. Sans promptly flushed, but at least managed to hold back any noises.

Mutt huffed out another laugh, "This isn't progressing dinner at all." But he wouldn't change it all, and made no motion to leave whatsoever.


"I don't know, I was called as reinforcement."

"Truly a grave error," Kari stated solemnly, lips twitching towards a smile. Mutt stuck out his tongue and threatened to rock over just enough to flip the two off of him. Kari squealed, causing Sans to grab hold of her. She startled at the hold and shot away from the pile.

Sans stiffened. Mutt settled back down flat eyeing the two of them.

“Ah, whoops.” Kari moves back over, grinning sheepishly. She could do this. She wouldn’t jump too much. It was hard to not tense when Sans brought her down to hold, but this was fine. Mutt hummed a small encouragement gently petting her hair. Sans rumbled in approval. Kari let the tension ease back out of her frame. This was okay. Mutt relaxed into the floor, he could finish stuff later. Now was totally prime nap opportunity if Sans was enamored enough with getting Kari's attention.

Sans nuzzled Kari. He wanted to nip at her, dominate her, but he wanted to keep her more. And she only stayed when he was gentle. So he would be as he reassured himself that she was here. Kari felt distinctly odd. The affection was almost overwhelming. She still couldn’t believe how they both wanted her. And more, that they weren’t trying to force her.

She only managed an hour of Sans’ quiet affectionate nuzzling and purring before she escaped to her room.

Chapter Text

Kari was slightly confused when she woke up and found herself facing fur. She hadn’t scavenged anything with that, had she? No wait, it seemed she’d made off with Mutt’s jacket. Huh. He’d probably want that back.

The jacket was surprisingly light for the size of it. The lining was ever clinging to the smell from the dog treats and a faint oddly sweet smell. How she managed to get it away from him long enough to sleep with it was a mystery, Sans was forever complaining he should wash it more, but it wasn't exactly left alone often.

She should go find Mutt.

On the other hand, when would she have a chance to see what he had in his jacket again? She should see how long she should keep it away from Mutt. When would he notice that she had it?

Kari smirked and dug into a pocket. The first pocket yielded an entire handful of different shaped and flavored candies....and stars knew how many wrappers. So. Many. Empty. Wrappers. How did this man walk so quietly with so much crinkly trash in one pocket alone? Kari opened a candy and popped it in her mouth to suck on before grabbing a trash can to dump the wrappers in. The rest of the candy was carefully shoved in a drawer for her to snack on later.

The next pocket had a lighter, one corner was worn oddly from his habit of flicking the top repeatedly. Other than that it was in decent shape, any design that might have been painted on it was long worn off though; leaving behind a shiny steel coat largely unmarred. It also held a baggie of dog treats, and a couple of papery wrappers that one could rest their fingers on while smoking to keep crumbly pieces off your fingers. The dog treats went back in the pocket, as did the lighter after she flicked it a couple times. She again dumped the wrappers. “I’m starting to think this is how Mutt’s hiding his lack of cleaning from Sans,” she murmured before diving into the next pocket.

This pocket was smaller, and held only a tiny well worn book. Very similar to toddler's board books with thicker pages and what had probably once been bright colors. There were several tiny mouth marks, some appeared to be from flatter sets of teeth and some from sharper. But it was obvious that it had been used to mouth on for a number of times. Why would Mutt have a child’s book with him? Kari idly flipped through it curiously. The book followed along in the day of a small critter. The story was simple, easy to follow along with, good for a short attention span. This...did not clear things up at all. She put the book back before digging for the next pocket.

This pocket had a small role of bandages and several small tubes with different textured lids. Maybe only Mutt knew exactly what was in each one. But a couple glowed different colors. The last pocket was entirely napkins from Muffets, not the stupid paper ones either. They were incredibly silky and various colors and sizes. Had he really been nicking these through what appeared to be five different decorative phases? No wonder she eyed him so carefully when he came into the shop if she knew about this.

Okay, the napkins were pretty awesome. Kari picked out a nice purple one and an orange one to tuck away into her pillow to play with before moving on to investigate what she figured was the medical pocket. She put the bandaids back. No need to worry Mutt about not having them. The tubes she took more time with, playing with the texture on each lid before opening one of the glowing ones. This was probably stupid, but she still squeezed out a bit to lick.

The mixture was almost...gritty? It was also very thick almost like paste. It glowed a faint teal-ish color and didn't have much of a smell at all. It was vaguely salty to taste with an odd kind of heat that settled in. Huh. Kari tasted a bit more, before shrugging and putting that one into the pocket. She opened the only other coloured one to taste. This one was the odd green one like the larger container downstairs in the medical kit. It smelled like over brewed mint tea, strong and bitter. And honestly probably tasted the same if anybody wanted to put it in their mouth. It tingled heavily wherever it touched, like circulation coming back to a sleeping limb.

That one she poked for a bit, enjoying the tingling, before putting it back. Then she turned to the remaining tubes to open. One tube had a single dot on the lid, the contents were clear, and mostly odorless. There was a very faint oily smell to it. Though if you dared to lick it, it was akin to chewing a glove from a doctor's office. It was very slick though. Kari...decided not to think too hard about that one. Really. It was for the best. The last tube contained something that was surprisingly creamy...and smelled like was that vanilla? Okay, this one she had to taste. Logically she again knew this was stupid, but hey! Live a little! She licked it.

It really didn't have much of a taste, but it was really thick, and fairly strong smelling. Having the tube open for too much longer would probably have the entire room smelling like a bakery gone wrong. Huh. Kari poked it again before putting it back. What an odd collection. Something to expect, she knew Mutt was prepared, but she didn’t really know what most of it was. She put the coat back on to snuggle under.

Mutt paused outside the door and knocked a couple of times, "Room service."

Kari walked over to the door, half buried within the coat and opened the door. “Hey Mutt,” she said casually. “What’s up?” She grinned, acting like nothing was abnormal.

"Small attic space and a shit ton of rocks." He grinned back looking her over.

Kari laughed. “So, room service?”

Mutt nodded handing over a plate and bottle of some dark liquid that had been tucked into the fold of his arm, "You thinking you’re gonna keep that new accessory you got yourself there?"

“What new accessory?” Kari asked innocently as she accepted the plate and bottle. She put the plate down to immediately take a drink.

Mutt snorted, "You were a nosey little thing weren't you?"

“I’m always nosey. Why, got something to show me?”

"Pretty sure you've seen what's there." He grinned tapping beside his nasal cavity, "No fleshy bits to get in the way and somebody's been a curious little kitten."

Kari smiled as innocently as she could manage. “Maybe.”

"Your tongue's blue." He pointed out simply. She had probably gotten into a candy.

“It is?” Kari stuck her tongue out. “Dang it!”

Mutt chuckled at her, "So did you go through the whole thing?"

“Yup. You’ve got some pretty interesting stuff in your pockets.” She opened her drawer to eat another candy piece.

Mutt snorted, he'd have to restock his sweets supply. "Really now?"

“Mhm.” Kari grinned sweetly up at him. “Quite the napkin collection.”

Mutt shrugged completely unapologetic, "They're soft."

“Very.” Kari slipped the jacket off. “Guessing you want this back?”

Mutt nodded, "I would appreciate it yes. Not that it isn't lovely on you."

“Not as good without the body warmth.” She passed it over.

He snorted, "No bones about it hu?" Kari chuckled. She picked up the drink to find out what it was. Mutt shrugged back into the jacket, "It's just a flavored water. Not gonna give you the hard stuff unless you ask."

Kari drank some. “Didn’t know you had that down here.”

"What, water?" He grinned, "Oh and indoor plumbing?"

Kari chuckled and elbowed Mutt. “Flavoured water, you dope. That’s a pretty niche drink on the surface.”

"Stuff gets boring after a bit if you don't modify it." He grinned poking at her nose in retaliation.

Kari laughed and leaned against Mutt. “Sans out working?” Which really translated to terrorizing the populace and beating up the local guards.

Mutt nodded playing with her hair, "Got the place to ourselves for a bit."

“To ourselves, hm?” Kari grinned flirtatiously at Mutt. She wasn’t sure whether she really meant the flirting or not. It was certainly easy, but it had always been a weapon to get people to underestimate her. And she didn’t feel like she was necessarily using it against Mutt.

"What you got an idea or something?" He grinned tugging on a section of her hair.

“Movie marathon?”

Mutt's grin widened, "Now that I can get behind."

“Great! Got access to the Disney classics? Or feel more like action?”

Mutt shrugged, "Haven't really looked at what all we've found in awhile. You can dig through the stuff and see if there's anything familiar."

“Sounds good.” Kari skipped out of the room down to dig through the movies. Mutt grinned and followed her from the room checking the jacket pockets idly. He hopped the stairs instead of walking down them and flopped himself onto the couch. Mutt stretched the length of the couch, "See anything you like?"

“Ever seen the Italian Job?” Kari pulled the heist movie out.

"Maybe part of it." He peered at her selection.

“Should be fun. I love seeing clever ploys play out.” She popped the movie in and settled on top of Mutt. Mutt curled to snuggle her automatically eyes trained on the screen. Kari grinned as the plot grew more convoluted, playing up expectations and tripping people into them.

“I love how they turned that around,” Kari chuckled. “Got away completely clean while they were distracted looking elsewhere.”

"It's a good technique throwing people off like that." He murmured eyes still glued to the screen.

“I can do mini things to distract, but it takes a group to pull off really great stuff,” Kari sighed.

"Prankster are you?" he teased nuzzling into her hair.

“Who me?” Kari quipped.

"Used to do things that that, before we got out of stripes." He muttered.

“I’ve taken stuff to inconvenience people, don’t think that counts as pranking.”

"Done a fair bit of that too." he admitted with a little laugh. Kari laughed with him. This was so warm and safe. She could picture staying here.

Wait. No. She was getting out. If she helped them do so as well that was it. No attachments.

Mutt settled back into finishing the movie, flashy things kept catching his attention. “I’m almost through Waterfall,” Kari commented casually. “Just gotta figure out how to climb up to where the garbage is coming through. I might be able to force something through there.”

Mutt raised a brow, "Gonna kill yourself trying to climb the dump."

“It’s fine. Gross, but fine.”

"Just gotta know how to tell where you'll sink." He'd learned that stuff years ago.

“That sounds fun,” Kari remarked sarcastically.

"M'lord fell in once."

Kari exploded into giggles. “H-how’d he get out?”

"I saw him slip." Mutt responded with a grin, "Wasn't close enough to stop it."

“Did you have to drag his lordship out?”

"Wasn't like that back then, but yeah I had to drag him out...and scrub him down. That smell didn't want to leave."

Kari laughed even harder. “Oh man! That’s hilarious!”

"He wasn't entirely thrilled." Mutt grinned widely thinking back on it.

The image of a pint sized Sans pouting as he got scrubbed was the best thing she could ask for.

Mutt snickered, "I can go with you, see if you can't get high enough to get loose."

"Hey, how is it no human has been used to break the barrier before?"

"That's... not a nice story." Mutt mumbled.

Kari shrugged. "It's something I need to know though. I need to succeed."

Mutt sighed, "You aren't...the first human to end up here. At least... supposedly. The rumors are that humans take out anything they come across. Mass disappearances... our Queen calls for all of them to be brought before her to be executed, takes souls to break the barrier, human ones. But, 'm not totally sure, never been the fondest of her royal highness. She's called mad for a reason, and some of that is supposedly because of her higher LV because she took those souls in revenge for her losses."

Kari stared. "Right. Good thing I've got Sans then." She was hugging the monster when he got back.

Mutt hummed, "Ingenious on your part, cozying up with the next one under her."

"He is?" She knew Sans had major influence, but she hadn't known it went that far!

"You think people run because of his stature?" Mutt murmured.

"I thought it was cause you monsters tend to kill each other when upset."

"Well that happens a lot too. But Sans...he's lethal. He got where he did from near nothing, I couldn't do much more than those stripes you met earlier for him. And he's where he is on his own merit."

Okay. Well. That was not what she had expected to learn. She knew they were killers. It was a fact. But it was different to know they were huge killers. Terrified everyone else from how dangerous they were killers. "" That was probably not the right reaction, but she didn't know what else to really say.

Mutt snorted, "Lot to take in? He'd be impressed."

Kari nodded. "I had no idea." She'd stuck around because they were semi nice and let her stay in their house for free. Not because Sans had the power to crush her.

"Didn't think you did." He shrugged, "Didn't act scared of him at all ever."

"I can't believe he never said anything. He's so proud!"

"Probably assumed you knew. Everyone does... he doesn't have a lot of people who know Sans, just the Captain." Kari shifted a little uncomfortably. This was getting too intimate. He could sense the change in her stance even laying down, "Have another movie picked out?"

"Now You See Me. I like that one. It translates stage magic to the screen quite well. It's all smoke and mirrors, but there's something glorious about it."

"Stage magic?"

“Yeah! Wait, do you not know what stage magic is?”


“You’re in for a treat.” Kari popped the movie in and settled down to watch.

Mutt watched carefully, "But humans don't have magic?"

“No, they don’t,” Kari agreed. “But we love the idea of magic. So we learned how to trick the senses to make it look magic. See, they’re explaining one of the tricks now.”

Mutt watched carefully as they explained the trick, "Wait humans consider card tossing magic?"

“Card tossing?”

Mutt shrugged, "The flashy card stuff, it's just sleight of hand, stripes practice that sort of stuff all the time, hit pockets."

“Yeah, I know. We all know it’s not real magic, but we like to pretend since we don’t have real magic.”

"That's such a weird thought. No magic, no checking, can't see your own souls..."

“Some humans don’t even believe souls exist.”

Mutt froze, "What?"

“Well we don’t have proof of them, we mostly have to take their existence on faith. And some people don’t like that. They’d rather believe we are just random quirks of evolution.”

"No proof? I knew you couldn't see them up there...but there's no like...machinery or anything?"

"Nope. I don't think we would even know how to make something to see them. Where would we start looking?"

"I don't still...your soul is everything. How do you just not know?"

Kari shrugged. "I don't know. I believed I had a soul."

"Have, you most certainly do."

"I know I have a soul now." Kari grinned at Mutt.

Mutt snickered, "Now that type of thing belongs in some cheesy Naps movie."

Kari elbowed Mutt. "Hey! How easy do you think it is to believe in something you're told is likely a myth?"

"I don't know, think I'm coping with you pretty well." Mutt responded sticking out a tongue at her.

"You thought I was mythical?" Kari laughed. "Let me guess, too sweet to be real?"

"Absolutely." He agreed completely serious.

Kari chuckled shaking her head. "Sorry to tell you, but you're still believing in a myth." Sweet? Her? Unlikely.

"We're taught humans are dust crazed. Mass death bringers. You...aren't doing anything like that."

Kari tilted her head. "Is it because I'm kind, or because I can't?" she challenged. "I'm pretty weak for a human."

"You really don't know? Monsters are just magic...extensions of our souls made physical. Any direct to all of us. Humans, you have a physical body, matter. You can take the hits and it'll hurt, but it's not gonna chip off your soul."

Kari froze. “Hitting you...damages your soul.”

"If the intent is strong enough."

“But...that’s your soul.” Kari gestured widely to get the concept across. “Everything that makes you you. How can you...damage that?” Souls were immortal! They went on after death. Didn’t they?

Mutt nodded, "They are...and they can shatter. Or monsters can just...lose hope and fall."

“Souls can be destroyed? They don’t go on to an afterlife?”

"Who knows where that energy goes? Just...shatters and leaves the dust behind." Mutt shrugged, "Don't think anybody has ever tried to figure it out."

“So the souls might not...die. They might just move in?” Kari asked hopefully.

"Maybe, kinda a big mystery isn't it?" He nuzzled at her hair again, "Morbid talks for such a comfy spot."

Kari hugged Mutt, clinging tightly. “Guess so.” She was maybe a little shaken.

Mutt ran a hand down her back softly, "You're practically rattling."

“Well you did just tell me your souls take damage. I mean, do you lose memories? Emotions? What kind of effect does that have?”

"Usually it doesn't really affect memory, we lose some HP but that can be regained. This," he fingered the scar on his face, "did scramble some stuff for me, almost didn't make it through."

Kari shivered. “Okay. I am definitely going to be careful about avoiding hitting anyone.”

"It's more than just the physical, the intent behind it matters more. You wrestled all over the floor with M'lord, but you never touched his HP. It wasn't meant to hurt him, so it didn't."

Kari relaxed. “Yeah, that’s true.” She grinned. “That was fun.”

Mutt purred, "Was fun watchin. You're pretty quick."

"Yep!" She watched the end of the movie with a wide grin.

Mutt felt his socket twitch, "He was...that whole time..."

Kari snickered. "Yup! And they get rewarded with the ability to access real magic." She sighed happily.

Mutt calmly petted at her hair again, "You humans have cities that big for real?"

"Yup! They're perfect for getting lost in."

"That's both resplendent and horrifying at the same time."

Kari nodded in agreement. "Yeah. We're so small really."

"Are all adult humans your size then?" Wouldn't that be something.

Kari snorted. "That'd be hilarious, wouldn't it? Nah, I'm pretty small for an adult."

"So you really are just a Teeny thing hm?" He teased back.

"You're a giant!"

"I'm actually pretty standard thank you." He mock huffed. It was nowhere near as effective for him as it was for his brother.

"Right. So you just enjoy towering above us mere mortals?"

"Hey, there are plenty of monsters taller than me." He pointed out, "But you do make it so easy." Kari pouted cutely up at him. He was so lucky to be tall. It certainly had to make getting to things easier. Even if she could probably go higher and fit into more spaces than him.

Mutt blinked, "No, no, nope. My years of dealing with the face are long gone put that away." Kari snickered before quickly straightening to pout again. She wouldn’t break out of it this time. Mutt whined, this wasn't fair at all! Somehow her soft little features was almost worse than Sans before he got out of stripes. Why him? She snickered again and leaned forward to press a quick kiss to his cheek.

Mutt froze for a split second before purring at her, "We doing that type of thing now?"

“Seems so.” Kari twirled some hair around her fingers.

Mutt grinned moving them to lay sideways on the couch, she was toward the outside with careful positioning so she could move if needed. He nuzzled into the back of her neck nipping ever so lightly. Kari shivered slightly. Okay, wow. He was definitely interested. She leaned up to kiss at his collarbone.

This was decidedly not what he had expected out of this day, but he wouldn't turn down affection. Even a soft kind, which was almost borderline ticklish compared to what he was used to. His purring kicked up, rumbling softly. Kari curled up a little. This was nice, but not what she’d planned on.

Mutt nuzzled at her again, "You're soft."

“The benefit of having squishy flesh,” Kari quipped. She nuzzled him back.

"Mmmm 's more than that, act soft too." He murmured twisting a finger into the hem of her shirt waiting for her to give permission. Kari caught her breath, waiting to see if he’d pull it up. He let his thumb slip under the fabric to brush along her stomach, "Not used to calling the shots?"

Kari skittered back. “I’ll be back later.” She quickly left. He hummed in thought, she was an interesting little thing. For now he would think it over, and laze while he could.

Chapter Text

Today had been a good day. Sans had checked in on the Waterfall guards, beheading a monster that had been pushing to consolidate power, and enjoyed the chance to check for more exotic items. Perhaps something that had been scavenged would be interesting to Kari.

He’d been on his way home when he’d caught sight of his human perched rather precariously up on a pile of garbage. “KARI!”

Kari had been perfectly happy to lose herself in the challenge of climbing up the garbage. Which really did not smell good. Not terrible, thank goodness, but it did stink and cling with the kind of scent that guaranteed she was going to be taking a bath over. Sans’ interruption was not a good way to prevent her from taking a dip.

“Hey Sans!” Kari shouted down. She grinned at him. Act like everything’s under control and others will buy it. “Heading back?”

“I WAS.” Sans moved closer to the pile she was on. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

“Looking for where it’s coming from. The garbage has to fall in from somewhere, and that means a way back out. Right?”

Sans looked at the dump calculatingly. “IT MIGHT HAVE COME FROM A CREVICE TOO HIGH UP.”

“Judging from the river going through here? I don’t think so. I suspect the river actually comes from the surface to down here.”

Sans frowned. No one had ever thought of looking there. Then again, monsters didn’t need to. They knew the barrier wouldn’t let them out no matter what exit they found. “I SEE.”

Kari scanned around and sighed. It looked like the river went at least a couple blocks up before hitting rock. She was not looking forward to wading through that.


“I’ve got a lot to wade through it looks like.”


“Great! Two of us smelling like a dump is far better.”

Sans snorted.

The pair traveled through the dump, the few monsters that were scavenging peering curiously at Kari before scattering when they realized who was accompanying her. That wasn't as odd now that she knew why it was happening. It was maybe a little funny to think of the guy who hated puns and joked around with his brother as a terrifying murderer, but hey. That's how life was sometimes.

"You didn't really need the prestige of collaring me, did you?" Kari realized.

Sans glanced over at her. "WHERE DID THIS COME FROM?"

"Mutt told me what you are. How you're second after the queen of all monsters."

Sans puffed up proudly. "INDEED!"

Kari grinned at him. "Impressive, really. It does make your little story of collaring me for prestige a little thin."


Kari tilted her head. "Maybe. But it wouldn't be enough to upset your position."

Sans preened. She truly thought he was able to stand against a monster that had a human soul! Of course this was true, he was extremely powerful, and in no need for taking someone's soul. It was still delicious to have a human acknowledge that. "THIS IS TRUE, BUT MOST WOULD NOT KNOW THAT."

Kari grinned at Sans. "Still. Thanks."

Did she just thank him for collaring her? Was she accepting this? That she was his? Sans barely kept from beaming with excitement and pride. "MWEHEHE. OF COURSE. I WOULDN'T LET YOU SLIP AWAY! I AM THE MALEVOLENT SANS."

She didn't really know why Sans had chosen to take her in. She knew that there were reasons to do so, but he hadn't really had to. She gave him a lot less than she'd thought when they'd struck the deal. He just seemed incredibly proud and happy to have her around him. Which was really a funny thought. Someone so powerful, bursting with excitement because someone as weak as her ended up living with him.

Sans was personally very glad he was wearing his boots. He did not want to think about anything too disgusting touching him. At least most of what the humans threw away was solid. There was the occasional slimy substance that came with the garbage, but mostly it was appliances and books and other such things.

Kari went ahead quite rapidly, Sans watching her move gracefully. She was so pretty to watch as she moved. Unlike most monsters there was no edge of danger in her movements, no silent preparation to turn and attack at any moment. She just moved. Kari reached the cavern wall and examined the garbage being washed down the river.

"Okay, getting closer."


"We just spent the past hour slogging through garbage. It better be," Kari joked. Not that it being further would stop her from going on.


"No, but at least if I find an exit I can actually start working on pushing past it."

Sans was silent for a moment as Kari began her climb up. "AND IF YOU GET THROUGH ALONE?"

"Then I come back."

That was surprising. Sans had heard enough to know Kari hated being in one place. For her to return to this prison? He would have never asked her to do that. Kari scrambled partly up the dump and peered further. It looked like it started getting cramped and narrow up there. She'd have to come back more prepared later.

Which meant going back. Hopefully by now Mutt had forgotten about earlier. She crawled back down and turned to Sans. "So, home?"

"YES." Sans happily stood close to his pet human as they walked home together. The extra height he had over her made it very clear that he was the threat and one to worry about. None of the fuss of dealing with people overlooking him to Mutt! This was fantastic! He pulled out his phone to message his brother.

From Sans
To Mutt

From Mutt
To M'lord
Leave the clothes outside this time? Couch stunk for a week.

From Sans
To Mutt

From Mutt
To M'lord
They'll be laid out in the bathroom.

From Sans
To Mutt

From Mutt
To M'lord
Will be ready

"MUTT'S RUNNING US A BATH," Sans informed Kari.

"Oh? That'll be nice." He meant separately, right? Kari wasn't actually sharing with Sans. Right?

Mutt hadn't done anything particularly horrific in a good number of years. But Kari had reminded him of a bit of a vicious streak he'd grown up with. He quickly ported back out of the house to the local store grabbing what was some of the most garish things he could spot quickly. The poor shopkeeper gave him an exceedingly weary eye, but his casual shrug set her more at ease.

He popped back home laying out towels and the selected clothing (one a bright yellow jumper the other a turquoise it had to be considered a dress but it was very small). He'd wait until closer to when he believed they'd be back to run an actual bath.

Sans was stripped naked the instant he was in the house and beelined straight for the bathroom, leaving a very shocked Kari standing stock still in the living room behind him.

Mutt shrugged, "Not as bad as it could be," he still seemed antsy about the stink, "hand it over, all going in the wash."

"Right. And what am I supposed to wear while waiting my turn?"

Mutt shrugged, "I'd just follow him in, but that's me."

Kari debated it for a moment, before grinning mischievously. "To hell with it." She started stripping and headed to the bath after Sans. She had acted bold before. As long as they didn’t touch her she was fine showing what was underneath. Mutt shook his head picking up the trail of discarded clothing. Ugh that was still a gross smell.

Kari walked in as confidently as she could. This was just another show. She would slip in, act like it was no big deal, and wash up. Sans had already started scrubbing when Kari entered the room. He had expected her to strip down and join him, but the reality of the fact still caught his attention. He stared as she smoothly crossed the floor and dropped into the tub with him.

"Going to pass the soap?" Kari asked teasingly. Sans silently did so. This was a lot more distracting than he'd expected. Not at all like washing with Mutt.

Kari hummed to herself, occasionally sending a flirty smile in Sans’ direction. Easy. She was in control, despite being more vulnerable than she preferred. She dipped her head down to grab shampoo and start scrubbing her hair. “Want me to help you scrub up?”

Sans jolted and flushed slightly before looking away. “I’M FINE!”

“Of course. Just thought you might appreciate the luxury.” Kari winked at him. Sans sunk down in the water, cheekbones still purple. Kari laughed softly as she finished washing up her hair.

She stood back up and grabbed a towel to scrub down with. “You gonna be a while longer captain?”

Sans hastily finished his own scrubbing and clambered out. “NO.”

Kari wrapped her hair in a towel as Sans walked over. "MUTT, CLOTHES," he ordered.

"Told ya there's stuff in there. Check cabinets." Mutt called back from the kitchen, his voice wavered roughly with the volume.

Sans opened the cabinet and stared. Kari drifted over to look with him and giggled.


Mutt didn't reply busying himself in the kitchen, despite having already done most of what he needed for food.


Kari snickered. She picked up the turquoise dress. "Seems someone wants a show."

"I AM NOT WEARING THAT." Kari shrugged and slipped into the dress. It showed a lot of skin, but eh. It would work until she could grab something else. Sans marched out of the bathroom to dig through his room for proper clothes.

Kari slipped down the stairs to the kitchen. "Seems someone wants to enjoy the view," she teased Mutt.

Upstairs Sans bounced off his bedroom door. "WHAT?"

Mutt snickered sending her a wink, "Seemed like a decent enough idea."

Kari shook her head and sat down, crossing her legs to keep Mutt from being able to see too much up her skirt. "And you didn't include panties." Upstairs Sans was hammering away on the barrier.

"Hhhmmm damn what a shame." He replied giving the stew in the pot a little stir.

Kari chuckled. "It really is."


"It'll come down in a bit on its own M'lord." Mutt had only energized it so far anyway.

"HOW LONG?" Sans demanded.

"Twentyfive...thirty minutes? Took a little longer than I assumed in the bath." Mutt replied calmly, though his grin inched a fraction wider.

Sans stomped down into the kitchen to join them, towel still around his waist. “YOU IDIOTIC BRAIN DEAD BRAT!”

Mutt tilted his head letting his eyelights fuzz out some, "Hm? Somethin' ya need M'lord?"


“A nice view too,” Kari commented. Sans fought a flush.

"Left things in there, Teeny took one."


"It’s clothing. Should fit too...could have taken the dress." He shrugged motioning toward Kari.


“I’m just eye candy to you, aren’t I?” Kari sighed.

"I beg to differ, on both of those last statements." Mutt responded leaning over to dig bowls out of the cabinet.

Kari tugged her skirt up a little. “Really?” She teased, pushing for him to be more shallow. Sans stared.

"Ain't saying you aren't. Just there's more to you than just that." Kari looked away. She didn’t know what was more uncomfortable. Being looked at like she was sexy, or being told they liked her for more than just that.


"You're free to wear, or not, what you want." Mutt replied filling up a bowl handing it over to his shorter brother. Sans grumbled, accepting the bowl and sitting down to eat.

“He’s being quite generous with us tonight, isn’t he?” Kari teased.

"Very much so, dare say the towel covers less."

Sans growled. “MUTT KNEEL.” Mutt shrugged handing Kari her bowl and moving to kneel as commanded. Kari watched curiously as Sans placed his feet on Mutt as a footrest. Mutt settled down, looked like he would be there for least he did have a decent view between the two others.

Kari tugged on her dress before turning back to eat with as much coy sass as she could. She was going to be stealing his clothes to wear to make up for this. Mutt kept careful count in his head, after the first three minutes he shifted minutely. This was slow...and while he was happy to be of service, this wasn't exactly engaging his better attributes.

Sans pushed at Mutt. “SOMETHING WRONG?”

"Nope, just not used to being still so long."


"This isn't exactly nothing." He muttered, at least he was serving a purpose, even if it was small and in relation to a punishment.

Kari considered Mutt for an instant before dropping down to the floor to lean on him. Oh, that sent her dress up. She’d just pull that back down quickly and sit on it to keep it from doing that again, Mutt's gaze flickered to the hitch in her skirt her shifting gave him a brief moment of focus change. That resettled him for the time being.

“Want some of mine?” She offered.

“DON’T FEED THE DOG,” Sans scolded.

“But he’s so friendly!”

Mutt grinned at her, "Feedin' strays just makes 'em come beggin' back."

“Good thing you’re not a stray.”

Sans pushed at Kari with his bare foot, trying to ignore how soft and different it was to Mutt. “FEED HIM AND YOU DON’T GET TO EAT.” Kari pouted.

"Don't need it right now." Mutt assured her with a wink, "I can always come for something sweet later."


What. Kari felt her face burn.

Mutt glanced between the two face settling into a crooked grin, "Of course M'lord."


It was getting worse. Kari could feel it creeping up to her ears. Sans smirked, enjoying the view of his very scantily clad pet flushing.

Mutt shrugged, "I suppose that would be worth the trip down the hall."

Act casual. Act casual. Everything was cool. Kari went back to eating as if she could pretend this entire conversation wasn't happening.

"GOOD." Sans grinned eagerly at Kari.

Don't laugh, don't give it away. He straightened his face out as best he could.

Sans dug into his meal, eager to finish now. He didn't know Kari was that accepting of Mutt at this point. And she was so pretty, all flushed and vulnerable. She'd been teasing him in the tub when they bathed. She had to be ready to accept him soon too!

Kari was thinking about how to escape out the window. Mutt nudged at Kari gently, more a poke than anything. Hopefully she wasn't to put off. Kari almost jumped out of her skin at the nudge, dress pulling up. Again. Yeah, she was definitely raiding Mutt's closet after this. She quickly fixed the dress, ignoring the stares.

Mutt chuckled, "Sorry, didn't mean for you to jump outta your skin. Wouldn't be half as fun lookin' like us."

Kari tugged on her hair and smiled over at Mutt. "Just..slow, okay?" Mutt nodded, she didn't seem to be in on the little joke either. Too flustered for it. Sans put his feet back on Mutt's shoulders and resumed eating. Mutt absently leaned his head against an ankle, letting his mental clock tick down.

Sans smirked. Kari knew she shouldn't. She really shouldn't. She wasn't really comfortable thinking about that. But...he was only wearing a towel. And she hadn't looked in the bath. She slowly leaned over. What was in a skeleton's pants? Mutt watched her lazily out of the corner of a socket. Curious little thing wasn't she?

Sans paused. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Kari paused for barely a second before smirking up at Sans. "Getting a preview." Huh, nothing under there. Just bone.

Sans flushed hard.

Mutt snorted, "Remember the shapeshifter talk? Kinda works like that."

"I see."


"Just a conversation about the abilities of ecto."

"I SEE." Kari giggled. That was what she said. Mutt stuck his tongue out at her, and if he conveniently managed to clip Sans' ankle in the process, well that was just a bonus.

Sans pushed Mutt's head again. "I DON'T NEED MY FEET WASHED." Mutt glanced up at him and shut his jaw dismissing the magic from his mouth. Sans grinned. So obedient, even if he was his idiot brother. They finished the meal and Sans removed his feet. "I'M ASSUMING I CAN GET CLOTHES NOW."

"Yeah, should be open." Sans stood up and walked with as much dignity as possible up the stairs. Kari put aside her dish and padded silently to her room. She'd hide under the blankets until she could steal some clothes. Mutt moved to put things away and wash up. The look on both their faces...hopefully this wouldn't backfire too badly.

Chapter Text

Mutt had finished putting things away and popped up into the room. He leaned against the wall by the door watching Sans closely.

Sans dropped the towel and dug through his clothes carefully. If he was going to see Kari with Mutt later he wanted to make sure he looked good. "MUTT, HELP ME PICK SOMETHING OUT."

Mutt raised a brow, "Because you own so much that isn't perfect?"

"YOU'RE RIGHT! I'LL LOOK GOOD IN ANYTHING. MWEHEHE!" Sans put on some nice black pants and a white tank top. "HERE!"

Mutt nodded, "A good choice."


"That's up to you. I'll follow the lead." Mutt responded, what would Sans think was best?


Mutt almost cracked, he really should say something shouldn't he? This could be such an epic mess up...but he had no impulse control about these types of plans.

Sans looked at Mutt. "YOU DON'T SEEM VERY EXCITED."

Mutt tilted his head running different scenarios in his head, "Lot of different variables."


"I think there's a lot of different ways things can play out."


"That's the plan." If he hadn't thought about it before now...Sans' reaction would have planted the idea anyway.


"I don't think she'd like being referenced as such." He pointed out. "And I really didn't for sure until after she'd been here a few days."


Mutt shoved his hands into his pockets tapping at the lighter, "She's not what I thought she'd be at first. Knew she was smart though, had good instincts under pressure. Really does open her mouth and a younger you goes flying out sometimes."

Sans tilted his head. "SHE IS CHARMING LIKE I AM."

"She is...and curious."


"I ask a lot too." He murmured thinking about it. She really only asked in return most of the time.


"Watched a couple of movies, apparently the sizes they make of cities up there is accurate."


"Apparently not... some humans don't believe souls exist. She's curious about what happens when they shatter." Mutt shrugged, "No way to prove it."

Sans blinked. That wasn't something he'd really thought about. Not when he was so busy living. "WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS?"

"I think I know enough to leave well enough alone. Can't stop it whatever it is."


Mutt chuckled, "Wouldn't dream of it." Wouldn't be a dream if he did, nightmares weren't common, but he had seen some nasty lines and they did occasionally pop up. Sans smirked at Mutt and pulled out a notebook to doodle while he waited for the time to pass. Mutt spent the time in a mix of overthinking how things could go, and rebuilding an old computer (he really should work more on that project) in his head.

Sans checked and eagerly tossed the notebook. "IT'S TIME!" He quickly straightened his clothes and headed over to the door, indicating for Mutt to take the lead and announce them. Mutt rolled his eyes and nodded heading out the door to go knock on hers. Mutt knocked in a little pattern, just for the hell of it.

Kari considered whether or not she should get up and answer the door. Well, no sense in showing what she was feeling. She walked over and smiled up at Mutt confidently. "Hey!" Sans grinned smugly at her.

Mutt grinned ruffling her hair, "Don't suppose the room service bit works more than once?"

Kari ducked down a little laughing. "Nope! Fraid not!"

Mutt tilted his head, "Delivery?"

"Well come right in then!" Sans entered the room, looking around. Funny, it didn't look like it had anything changed since he set it up. Mutt grinned stepping in and tossing a candy from his pocket her way. Kari let out a little whoop and immediately settled in her bed, drawing the blankets up to cover her too exposed body and snack on it. Mutt snickered at the noise dropping to sit by the bed popping a candy into his own face.

Sans blinked, looking between Kari and Mutt. Kari nodded at Sans, continuing to suck on her candy.

Mutt tossed another piece toward his brother, "I said something sweet. Not my fault you both left your minds in the dump when you came back."

Sans processed that. Then he took it in. He stared at Mutt, candy bouncing off his head. "...WHAT." Kari snorted and fell over laughing. "MUTT!"

Mutt grinned at her laughing, but did keep an eye on his brother. It was well and fine with her but he was the wildcard. And for all his years of knowing and watching Sans, as much as he hated to admit it, this was all new to Mutt. He wasn't entirely sure how Sans would react.

Sans stomped over and grabbed Mutt to drag him out. He had never been so humiliated! Well that answered that. Shoot, he had some groveling to do didn't he? Sans determinedly dragged Mutt into their room.

Mutt stumbled hitting the mattress hard enough to bounce.


Mutt shuddered, well this was new. But all things with Sans were new in this department. He hadn't done that in quite some time, but the magic snapped into place almost before Sans had finished the sentence. That tone was drilled into his very core.

If Sans wasn't so angry he might have been thinking more about what he was doing and worked harder to make sure it went right. As it was he was about to dive head first into something he'd never done before. Sans stepped over and tore Mutt's pants off. It looked like Mutt would be needing to buy some new ones. He reached over to grind his palm into Mutt's newly formed folds.

Damnit, shopping was typically a waste of time. And that had just ensured a trip, in less than he wanted to be wearing. He might have been more upset about it, if the whole situation wasn't so damned close to getting him off already. Focus you idiot he ground his teeth jerking himself back to reality finding himself pushing into the hand on him.

"SO EAGER ALREADY?" Sans jeered. "SLUT." He pulled down his own pants to summon forth his own cock, continuing to grind his palm into his folds. Mutt let out a low whine, what else was there to do? He shifted, knees spreading for better balance. Something like this had fueled more than one self session alone in the tiny sentry station. Sans used his fingers to push his folds open, feeling the wetness on his fingers. He lined up to slam himself into him.

Mutt flexed his hands making sure he wouldn't rip into the bedding, that would be a lot harder to replace than clothing, and clamped jaw shut. Sans dug roughly into Mutt as he slammed into his brother. "DIRTY AND WET, JUST BEGGING TO BE USED UP," Sans growled. "WAS THAT YOUR PLAN? GET ME WORKED UP AND TAKING IT OUT ON YOUR HUNGRY CUNT?"

Mutt arched shaking his head around the low growl bubbling forth. It hadn't been his intention, but he wouldn't take it back for anything. Sans looked at Mutt. This wasn't good enough. He wanted Mutt wrecked, falling apart. He leaned over and licked at Mutt's neck before biting hard. Mutt whimpered squirming at the lick and yelped tapering into a purr at the bite clamping down on his brother inside of him.

The feeling of Mutt clamping down on him drew out a long moan from Sans. He looked down at Mutt. "JUST GONNA TAKE IT HUH? GONNA TAKE EVERYTHING I GIVE YOU."

"Prefer I didn't?" He replied voice whispy as he peeked over his shoulder.


Mutt nodded pushing back into Sans with an arch of his spine.

"AND IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW WET AND DRIPPING I LEAVE YOU." Sans growled, feeling himself growing near to the edge. "YOU TAKE WHAT I GIVE YOU AND SAY THANK YOU SIR." He wanted that. Mutt left still wanting.

He shuddered rattling softly, "Yes M'lord." Yes, that is what he wanted. Sans felt himself cum deep inside Mutt and shuddered. Mutt rattled lightly again in response. He didn't dare move yet, Sans would tell him.

Sans looked at Mutt smugly, taking his time dragging himself out. He stuck a couple fingers back in him dragging them around in there. "SATISFIED FOR THAT?" Mutt whimpered pressing his face to the bed. Sans held his sticky fingers to Mutt's mouth. "CLEAN IT."

Mutt nodded pushing up just enough to wrap his tongue around Sans' fingers dragging along the bone. Sans purred, pleased at the sensual cleaning around his fingers. When he was satisfied he pulled back and sat on the bed to strip down. "DON'T GET CLEAN. YOU'LL LET YOUR SHAME SOAK IN."

Mutt blinked sitting up to look down at himself for a few seconds, then laid back down to wait on Sans ro finish undressing. Sans slipped under the blankets and pulled out a book to read, seemingly content to now ignore Mutt. He was paying very close attention to his brother however. Mutt shifted slowly, easy to stop him if wanted, to lay his head on Sans' ribs.


"It wasn't meant to be hurtful...she understood." Kari had laughed, that had been the intention the entire time.


"I don't think she's really ready. Nipped her once, real light. She ran back to her room. Not sure she's used to that sort of attention, despite her talk."

"NEITHER AM I," Sans pointed out. He did start petting Mutt's skull though, satisfied with the explanation.

"And it took being very forward with you." Mutt snorted. Thick headed man his brother.

"I DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS OKAY," Sans protested. It hadn't even occurred to him to look at Mutt like that.

"Does it matter if it is?" Mutt questioned.


"Outside of us?" Sans had always felt this need to keep up a reputation.

Sans thought about it. "I...DON'T KNOW." He didn't want to stop what he had with Mutt, but he didn't know how he'd react if others thought what he was doing was wrong. Granted, this entire world was wrong. It would see him and his brother dead. It was only his will keeping them afloat. So if they didn't like what they were doing...was that different from other things they disliked about him?

Mutt nodded, Sans' decisions were always the end all. "Wonder if being direct with her would work to?"

"I COULD TRY THAT." Sans grinned at the idea.

"Just remember to be observant."

"AND GENTLE. SHE," Sans paused, trying to figure out how to say it. "SHE RESPONDS SO MUCH BETTER TO WEAKNESS."

"Females do tend towards that." Sans stared at Mutt. He wondered if that knock on the head had somehow kept Mutt from remembering Alphys. Or actually realizing how Muffet behaved. Or recalling his time with Undyne. Mutt raised a brow, "In the bedroom M'lord. Outside is different, I'd say ask Muff...but that's a bad idea at this point."

Yeah that'd get him banned...she wasn't very happy with how that last time went.


"I agree. Girls tend to take some sweet over spice."

"HM." He'd have to figure out how to have more gentle sex then. Thankfully he had a partner to practice on before trying on Kari. Mutt shifted again trying to find a position that wouldn't have him leaking on the bed. Sans had made that hard enough digging around.

Sans smirked watching Mutt’s discomfort with pleasure. It always sent a thrill through him to see Mutt in discomfort and unable to change it because he refused to disobey Sans. It made him want to bash Mutt’s head in just to watch him take it. Mutt frowned eventually pulling the blanket to bunch up under him. It was less than comfortable, but at least it wasn't making a mess.

"STEALING THE BLANKET FROM ME?" Sans demanded coldly. Inside a thrill ran through him.

Mutt whined turning as close as he could get to puppy eyes at the other, "Trying not to make a mess."


Mutt tilted his head, "If that's the expectation..."

Not the exact response he wanted. Sans made his expression darken further to try and elicit what he wanted. "WHY WOULD I WANT TO ALLOW SOMETHING SO FILTHY NEAR ME?"

Mutt squirmed, fighting with himself for a few seconds. He swung himself over the smaller leaning close, "Because filthy things don't mind the dirty work." Sans' eyelights shrunk in surprise, staring up at his brother. My, he was big. He forgot that so easily sometimes.

Mutt watched the reaction with a crooked grin, "Something wrong M'lord?"

"NO, OF COURSE NOT," Sans shot back. He rallied and glared at Mutt. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?"

Mutt leaned back looming on his knees, "Just living up to my potential."


Mutt tilted his head looking at him carefully dropping to sit across the other's lap, "I was going to go with the filthy part, but I suppose they all go hand in hand here." Sans didn’t know how to respond to Mutt rebelling on him like this. He wasn’t afraid. He could never be afraid of Mutt. But he was reminded that Mutt chose to submit.


Mutt shrugged, "You put it there."


Mutt paused, "'re not doing this only because of me are you?"

Sans snorted hard. Then he broke out laughing. “NO!”

Mutt shook his head, " Good." He leaned down and kissed Sans content to curl lazily around him now that he'd caused the mess.

“THAT’S STILL GROSS,” Sans complained. He had enjoyed watching Mutt try and deal with the mess. Being dragged into it was not nearly as pleasant.

Mutt shrugged, "You're the one who ordered me to keep it. Hot by the way."

“IT HAD BEEN AMUSING THEN, AND JUST FOR YOU TO DEAL WITH.” He pushed at his brother weakly.

Mutt grinned pulling Sans closer humming, "Too bad I seemed to have failed in my mission then."

“GROSS! MUTT!” Sans complained.

"Actions have consequences bro." He grinned nuzzling the smaller's shoulder.

“I ALREADY BATHED TODAY TOO.” He grimaced at Mutt. “I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER THAN TO TELL YOU TO KEEP IT.” No matter how hot watching Mutt squirm in the mess Sans had made of him had been.

"I'll draw you another." Mutt laughed nipping at the bone near his mouth.


"If that's what M'lord wishes."

“IT IS. NOW GET UP AND GO DO THAT.” And now he didn’t have a night of watching Mutt drip with his juices to look forward to. He’d have to mark Mutt another way. Mutt nodded crawling off the bed to head for the bathroom. Sans grimaced pulling back the now sticky blankets to look at himself. At least it had mostly dripped on his legs.

Mutt ended up sitting on a towel to keep from dripping onto the floor and needing to proper mop the room. They would already have bedding to go into wash. He adjusted the water flow and popped back to grab Sans and bring him in.

Sans wrapped himself around Mutt and nipped at Mutt’s neck. “MINE.”

Mutt tilted his head giving Sans room to work, "Always." Sans growled contentedly as he slipped fingers back into Mutt’s folds. Mutt almost stumbled the both of them into the tub. He locked himself in place to prevent it at the last second.

“WE NEED TO WASH,” Sans reminded Mutt. Mutt nodded stepping them both into the tub and lowering them to the water, shutting off the flow to prevent spilling over. Sans purred. “GOOD.” He continued his slightly clumsy fingering, watching for what Mutt liked.

Mutt shivered at the brush of fingers in him, "M'lord?" What was Sans playing at now?


"I..." he trailed off any argument he could have made. He had, hadn't he? He knew better than that. Sans was smart as a whip, if he hadn't wanted...he wouldn't bother.



Mutt smiled into the kiss, that was very true. "I should have realized that sooner."

Sans grinned nipping at Mutt. “THIS IS WHY I’M THE BOSS.”

Mutt shuddered at the attention and nodded, "That and the volume."

Sans twisted his fingers, ignoring how his own magic was pushing to form at feeling Mutt writhe beneath him. “WHAT WAS THAT?” He scratched at Mutt’s spine.

Mutt hissed out a breath arching, "Just commanding in your certainty."

“THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.” Sans ground his pelvis against Mutt. Mutt whimpered at the sensation, still not completely settled from before and sensitized. Sans kissed Mutt, fangs scraping and teasing as his tongue caressed Mutt’s. Kissing was thankfully easy to learn. Mutt melted into the curve of the tub curling his tongue around his brother's.

“I’M GOING TO HAVE TO CLEAN YOU THOROUGHLY,” Sans murmured mischievously. “EVERY FOLD AND CREVICE.” Well fuck he whimpered bracing his hands on the edges of the tub. He might legitimately not be able to hold out for Sans being thoroughly set on him. Sans grinned and began to slowly lick down Mutt’s neck, fangs occasionally nibbling, down to his sternum.

Mutt's fingers pressed to the edge of the tub hard enough to click. He watched Sans eyelights blown wide. Sans played over his brother’s ribs as he “washed” Mutt’s pussy with his fingers. Mutt whined again between the warmth from the water and the teasing he was rapidly working back up, "M'lord-"


Mutt grit his teeth, "Slipping." He admitted shakily rolling his hips vainly against the fingers in him.

Sans chuckled and kissed Mutt. “LET GO.” Mutt whined again, though it cut out when he tightened around the fingers in him, rattling slightly in his ending. Sans pumped his fingers inside Mutt to help milk him through it. Mutt came down slow and hazy, fuck he had forgotten how intense that could be. Shit had he said that out loud?

Sans smirked at Mutt. “GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT.” He turned his attention to finishing washing himself up. Mutt scrubbed a hand over his face with a breathless laugh. Sans smirked at Mutt. “NOT GOING TO HELP?”

Mutt snorted pulling Sans closer with an arm looped around him, "Course I am."

“GOOD.” Sans grinned hungrily. Mutt grinned back dragging his tongue along the side of Sans' neck dipping along the sensitive spaces between joints. Sans shivered at the attention. “THAT FEELS GOOD.” Mutt hummed against him hands coming up to splay along the other's ribs mapping out various scars. Sans looked down. He wasn’t perfect. He certainly would never pass as a soft tame pet, kept from hardship to preserve looks. But they felt good under Mutt’s fingers.

Mutt sighed against Sans' clavicle, "Relax and let me handle it." Sans closed his eyes. Mutt purred working his way along Sans body leaving little bites in his wake. He let his fingers wander as well tracing patterns along his legs and hips with the barest touches of his claw tips. Sans shivered, magic forming a cock without his permission. He wanted to take it back, prove Mutt didn’t drive him that crazy. He reached for his magic.

Mutt grinned nipping a bit harder on the rib he was attending to, "Don't."

Sans jerked and growled but let his magic stay. “BRAT.”

Mutt looked up at him with a wicked grin, "Am I, when I choose to service you?"

Sans growled but couldn’t argue without making himself seem like a brat. “KEEP GOING.” He’d liked the touches. Mutt didn't break eye contact wrapping his tongue clear around a rib dragging along the surface slowly. Sans shuddered hard and a groan almost escaped him. Mutt just redoubled his focus sliding across to the adjacent side repeating his actions as his fingers teased at Sans' spine. Sans let out a sharp whine bucking into the attention.

He straightened some to kiss his way back up to Sans' mouth. "Do you want this here, or should we go back?"


Mutt nodded using one hand to flip the towel outside of the tub from earlier over. He carefully transitioned them out of the tub to the towel holding Sans to the wall and wrapping his mouth around him. Sans whined eagerly kissing back. Mutt purred breaking the kiss and dropping to his knees. He nuzzled briefly at Sans' lower ribs before snaking his tongue around the smaller skeleton's cock.

Oh. Sans wasn’t entirely sure what noise just escaped from him, and didn’t particularly care either. Mutt’s tongue felt immeasurably good. Mutt looked up at him dragging his tongue along the magic. That he liked, he leaned forward engulfing the other. Sans rumbled as he grabbed onto Mutt, claws digging in tightly. It was official. He loved blowjobs.

Mutt purred back hands sliding to Sans' hips, gripping loosely. He curled his tongue around again applying the slightest of pressure.

“NGH...” He wouldn’t cum so quickly! Would he?

Mutt pulled back slowly, barely letting Sans go to grin up at him. "You have your hands there, use them." He went back to sucking gently on the other. Sans growled and grabbed onto Mutt’s skull to tug him closer. Mutt purred around him relaxing enough to let Sans lead.

Sans thrusted into Mutt’s mouth, steadily pleasing himself. The purring feels great on his cock, and it wasn’t long before he cummed. He almost lost his balance before he managed to grab onto Mutt. Mutt tightened his hold on the others hips helping keep him steady. He worked the other through it, waiting for him to settle before withdrawing.

Sans sighed happily and hugged Mutt. “MUCH BETTER THAN GETTING OFF ALONE.”

Mutt nodded picking him up, "Back to the bed for you, I'll take anything that needs it to the wash."

“I’M THE BOSS,” Sans reminded Mutt tiredly.

"And you've expended magic twice in a short time."

Sans grumbled but curled into Mutt. “FINE. BUT I WANT A STORY.”

"Of course, wouldn't dream of skipping it. "

Chapter Text

Balar grinned watching his pets' performances and evaluating them. The delicate feminine monster was crying a little as the other pounded into her. "None of that now. You need to perform well. No shame at being seen," Balar scolded. She quickly tried to suck her tears in without ruining her pose. That was better. Not perfect, but she was learning. Balar glanced at his audience, pleased to see some of the passersby looked interested in talking to him after. A good show was always good for business.

Mutt hadn't been expecting to 'see' a familiar energy around town walking to his post. He paused before rounding the corner of the building hiding him from the view. What to do...

Balar tilted his head as a wolf stepped up to him. "They're for sale?"

"The girl's still in training, but I have a couple others like her that are fully prepared to be auctioned off if you don't want to wait."
Mutt tilted his head moving to hang just at the edge of the corner pulling out his phone. Balar glimpsed Mutt but didn't register him. He was just a pet. Nothing of importance. He stepped forward. "Thirtythree! Gently! I don't need her damaged!" The metallic monster slowed his pace. Mutt watched carefully, that was a decently high number. He wondered, how many were still networked?

Only a couple minutes later bones erupted from the ground piercing through Balar. The monster gaped for a long moment before dissolving into dust. The crowd scattered. Bones suddenly appearing were never a good sign. Sans growled angrily at the dust pile.

He didn't see Kari, who had just barely entered the square, staring.

Sans might not have seen her, but Mutt was well aware of her presence. However, Sans had just dusted that idiot...he couldn't afford not to be attentive to his brother at this point. Sans snarled, eyeing the pets. Thirtythree was locked in his pace, the girl whimpering. Sans raced forward and tore out his throat, the female pet screaming in terror. Mutt was by him in an instant, high LV, bigger threat. He gave the female a pointed look, get lost. The sobbing female gathered herself together and tried to flee. Sans snapped towards her aggressively.

Mutt shot an arm across his chest, "She did nothing." Sans screeched angrily and grabbed onto Mutt to break his arm. Mutt winced, this was a bad one. "M'lord others are watching." Sans looked around angrily, slowly calming down. His magic still bristled angrily. He froze as he saw Kari staring at him.

Mutt could pinpoint to the millisecond when he saw the other, "What would you ask of me?"

"FETCH." Sans needed to make sure Kari was okay.

Kari turned and ran, bolting instinctively.

Mutt nodded, "Be careful. I have the phone." He took off after her.

Sans shivered and headed to the woods to burn off some of what he felt.

Kari tore through the town. All that time here had helped her get a lot better at running on snow. Mutt did his best to follow mostly out of sight popping around. She had stamina, but she would get caught in a trap, or run herself out eventually. She didn't know how long she ran for, but Mutt couldn't follow her forever. Kari ran and ran and ran without stopping, twisting through the town and doubling back until a solid two hours had passed. She was hot, and panting hard when she finally slowed down to a walk. All her knowledge that Mutt wouldn’t harm her meant nothing when she felt hunted.

Mutt dropped from the tree he had settled in he hadn't used that amount of energy in a good long while and it ached. He held his hands out where she could see them, "Kinda need to talk this over Teeny."

Kari startled. “Oh, hi.” How on earth did he find her? Feelings of being trapped ran through her.

Mutt thumped himself back against the tree trunk, "You...have no right to be so fast for someone so small."

"And yet you still caught me." Which was a mildly terrifying fact.

Mutt sighed, "Wasn't easy keeping you in sight, and I haven't laid a hand on you. Wanna talk about what made you bolt?"

"Well, Sans killed a couple people, and then told you to fetch me, so that wasn't looking good." But Mutt wasn’t touching her. Just talking. Kari took deep breaths, reminding herself that she was fine. Mutt would let her walk away.

"Sans took scum and made dust." Mutt shrugged. "He wouldn't hurt you on purpose. He was calming already. He saw you were upset."

Kari looked away. "I know."

"Knew this was coming, you wanna go to Muffs and grab somethin' to eat before heading back?"

Kari shrugged. Muffet’s was good. And it was nice to have a delay before she returned to the house. More time to remind herself. "Why not?"

Mutt nodded turning on heel and heading for the building, "Any questions you wanna preface before you talk to M'lord?"

"Yeah. Why hunt me?" Probably not the best question when she chose to run.

"Did you see any of what went on before the dust?"

Kari shrugged. "Not really. I just turned the corner and found Sans killing them. Figured they did something."

"It was that same monster we saw before. The one who had 'business' with M'lord. The female that ran...was being publicly trained. He mentioned having pets ready for auction." Mutt flicked the lighter in his pocket with one hand and opened the door to Muffets with the other, "He didn't know what you saw. He did know you haven't seen him spiking though. And he probably wanted to check that you were safe after seeing that."

Kari shivered. She hated the idea of pets. They were far too close to slaves. As far as she could tell it was simply the culture changing the word. "It was...startling."

"It was quick." Mutt murmured. Hopefully he hadn't come across anyone else and made himself worse. He took a seat and pulled out his phone. Mutt stuffed his phone back in his pocket just as Muffet made her way over to them.

"I hear there was a bit of a show earlier. A shame I missed it."

Kari looked at Muffet bemusedly. "Yup."

Muffet gave her a smile, "And how have you been faring Kari dear? Needing a break from the constant attention?" Mutt gave her a side eye worthy of a pissed off teenager.

Kari laughed. "You're assuming they can keep up with me."

Muffet twittered a laugh, "Oh I'm aware that you roam fairly often. Though I'm also aware of some tendencies those boys have. If you ever need any help with them you just let me know dearie. What would you like, something to settle your nerves?"


Muffet nodded, "You mongrel, keep a good eye on her." She turned primly on a heel one set of arms smoothing her clothing and the other keeping tabs on her notepad.

Mutt looked her over, "Don't finish the cup."

"What? Why?"

"Half will settle you pretty well, cozy. Drink the whole thing you'll be asleep before we get home."

Kari eyed the drink warily. "It's a sleeping potion."

"It's tea, has enough whatever she uses to work. She has no reason to hurt you." Mutt shrugged and nibbled on what seemed like it might be an onion ring...under the near lake of bbq sauce it was drenched in.

"Right." Kari continued eyeing the cup warily.

"Want me to try it first?" Kari slowly pushed it towards him. Mutt snorted took a sip and pressed it back at her, "See, not toxic. Take a few sips at least to calm your nerves before we head back. You know M'lord is going to be wearing a track in the floors by now."

"He's..." How could she say it in a way that wouldn't reveal too much? "...very obsessive about my care." Kari sipped the tea slowly. Huh, this was nice.

"He's like that with anything precious." Mutt licked the sauce off another of the rings from the pile.

"Mm." Kari drank some more. There was a lot more to these monsters than she had expected. It was funnily enough, like the opposite of what she was used to. Appearing harsh but actually soft.

Mutt watched her warily, the last thing he wanted was for her to injure herself overdoing one of Muffet’s special blends. "Let me know when you're ready." Kari watched Mutt back, not really sure what Mutt was doing. She yawned after she was done about a quarter of the cup. Mutt grinned, "Working fast. Must be cause you're small." She stuck her tongue out at Mutt. Mutt drug a heavily sauced ring over her tongue letting it dangle there.

Kari laughed softly. "Really?"

"You're the one sticking it out there."

Kari took another sip of tea tiredly. "Mm."

Mutt sighed he was still tired, but at least he wasn't aching after eating. Muffet really was a goddess sometimes, bless her. He looked to Kari, "Look like you're about to pass out."

"I can make it back." She wouldn't pass out in public. Maybe in an alley outside, but not here.

"Come on, let's get you back." He dropped a handful of coins down to a little grouping of spiderlings under the table. Kari stood up and followed Mutt back outside, suppressing another yawn. Mutt lead the way back to the house, hopefully the cold would help her wake a little. Kari walked up to Mutt to lean on him as they walked. He was really nice and solid. Mutt glanced down to her letting an arm settle around her shoulders.

Sans looked up as Mutt and a half asleep Kari entered the room. Kari smiled at him before yawning.

Mutt steered her over to the couch, "She's had some tea."

"I SEE." Sans walked over to check on her. Kari frowned grumpily at him. "I'm fine." Sans looked to Mutt. Mutt shrugged shaking his head. She was complicated, and he wasn't going to pretend he understood these things that well. Sans turned back to Kari and patted her on the head. Kari stuck her tongue out at him, before grabbing him to pull down. Sans tensed at the sudden movement, Kari nuzzling into him happily. What was this. What did he do.

Mutt chuckled grabbing a blanket and tucking it around the two, "Seems someone's comfortable for the time being."

"MUTT," Sans growled. Kari nuzzled Sans contentedly. "Just stay there," she murmured.

Mutt looked at his brother stroking over Kari's hair, "You still riding high?"

"NO." He'd had the time to calm the spike down. Kari blinked slowly, not quite opening her eyes again.

"Then you can relax and snuggle the Teeny thing for awhile while I figure out dinner." They were both probably fairly drained from the afternoon, not the safest notion in this world. Sans nodded, pulling Kari close. She was so warm and soft, and he was maybe more than a little bit happy that she'd chosen to snuggle him. Mutt nodded back and wandered toward the kitchen. He would keep an ear on them just in case.