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Mama Spider

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~Italics means it is spoken in Russian~

Also, everything is written in Natasha's POV unless specified


We had just gotten on the Quinjet after a long mission. We were sent out to take down another Hydra base, this one was in Canada. After fighting through multiple guards to get to the information room we realised there wasn't much to find. This turned out to be a relatively small base but with a lot of security which I found very odd. Whatever was there that was so important was quickly removed when we showed up. After that disappointment, all the team decided that when we got back we would order some pizza and watch a movie. I decided to stay out of this conversation as I knew it wouldn't involve me and I had other things to think about like the Hydra base.

As soon as we got back to the tower I disappeared so none of the Avengers would question where I was going; I also decided to leave quickly so they wouldn't try and get me to stay with them. Usually, I would've stayed with them but this time I couldn't.

I headed towards Queens walking the streets with my hood up so no one might recognise me. On my journey, I stopped off at a sandwich shop picking up two sandwiches and two packets of gummy worms. While in the shop I kept my hood up; normally this would be seen as weird but with the cold weather spreading through New York at this time it made it seem almost natural.

Continuing down the streets I headed to a run-down apartment building. In this place, you pay rent in cash and it looked like any regular apartment building; no one would suspect I owned an apartment here. Usually, places like this would attract negative types of people but the friendly building manager made sure no unsavoury people stayed here. This was a place for families which weren't able to earn that much money so they could have a decent enough home and not have to live in rough places.

I walked up the many stairs to get to the top floor where my apartment was. The paint that was on the walls was chipping and the corridor lighting was very dim. Normally a place that looked like this would put me on alert but in this place, I knew that wasn't necessary. The building was on a low budget so they couldn't fix simple like this.

Before entering the apartment I made sure to do the special knock; two knocks, leave a pause then three knocks. As I entered the apartment I headed towards the sofa. Sitting there was Peter but most knew him as Spider-man. After his aunt died I decided to adopt him, he was already like my son before that anyway. It was so sad that such a young kid like him has to go through so much yet he stayed so strong.

"Hey mama spider, How was work?" Peter asked me his eyes lighting up.

"It was good my little baby spider," I said as I went to hug him. "Now let's have dinner, I got some sandwiches from Delmar's"


We both sat down at the small table in the kitchen together when my phone started to ring.

"I'll be right back baby spider."

I walked around the corner and looked down at my phone to see Steve was calling. With a sigh, I answered the phone.

Nat: "What do you want?"

Steve: "Fury called for a meeting saying he was on his way over. We need you to come back to the tower."

Nat: "I'm just about to have dinner so I will head over once I am finished."

Steve: "Ok see you soon Nat."

I put my phone away and headed to the table. Peter was still sitting there but with his sandwich almost finished. I chuckled and sat down in front of him resuming my sandwich.

"After dinner, I have to leave again but I will be back as soon as possible."

"I know good luck with the pirate guy."

"What have I told you about listening in on peoples conversations?"

"To not do it." Peter sighed. "I can't help it but I'm working on something to help with that but to finish it I will need a pair of hearing aids which I have no idea where I would find some."

"Leave that to me little spider, I will bring some back with me. Now behave while I'm gone."

"Okay, mama spider. Bye, love you."

"Love you too."