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Widow's Happiness

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Natasha and Peter stepped into their bedroom and Peter collapsed onto the bed with a groan, Natasha smiled as she laid down beside him “Well… as dinners go, that was… interesting” she said with a chuckle as she looked at Peter.

Peter nodded his head in agreement “My Aunt May is a great host… but she seriously lacks in the kitchen” Peter replied.

Natasha chuckled as she sat up “Okay… I think it’s time we talked” she said “About the baby”

Peter looked at her concerned “Everything’s okay right?” he asked worried.

Natasha nodded her head as she placed her hand upon his shoulder comfortingly “Everything is fine Peter… we just need to talk about how we are going to raise this child” she said.

“How do you mean?” Peter asked.

“Well… it’s just that, I think since we’re starting this journey then we need to consider a fresh start, away from the city and go someplace else” Natasha answered “I think we should consider retiring from the Avengers” she suggested.

“Whoa… retiring huh, that’s a big step” Peter replied stunned “I mean… wouldn’t you miss it?” he asked.

“Peter… I did a lot of bad things in the past, being with the Avengers did nothing to make things better” Natasha said “The only good thing being in the Avengers did for me… was bring me you and now we have a child together” she said as she placed her hand on her belly “Peter… we need to consider their safety” she said.

Peter sighed heavily “Being in the Avengers was once all I ever wanted” he started “But now… all I want is to be with you and raise our son” he said, Natasha cleared her throat as she glared at him with a smirk and Peter nodded his head “Or daughter” he added.

“That’s better” Natasha said and they snuggled up on the bed together with Peter’s hand resting on her stomach.

2 days later:

Tony and Steve returned to the tower and called a briefing to reveal who was behind Peter’s abduction at the hands of General Ross and had planned to dissect Peter to create soldiers and make an army, the faces behind the plan was Hydra but with the help of Fury both Tony and Steve took them down once and for all, all that was left as to find Hydra’s inside man that created the cell and collar.

Natasha and Peter announced the news that she was pregnant and that they were planning on leaving the Avengers, everyone was happy for them especially Clint, he knew how much Natasha wanted kids.

Once the briefing was over Peter decided to go and talk to Natasha about Peter not just leaving Avengers with her but leaving New York altogether too as well as Stark Industries, Tony was already hard at work in his lab when Peter walked into the room “Hey Tony… have you got a moment?” he asked as Natasha walked in behind Peter.

“Sure… what’s up kid?” Tony asked curiously.

“Well now that Natasha and I are having a family and leaving the Avengers… I wanted to ask about maybe getting paid for the work I’ve been doing” Peter said.

Tony smiled “Because I never officially hired you as a paid employee” he realized “You were still classed as my personal unpaid intern” he stated.

“Precisely and now that Nat is pregnant…” Peter said as he took Natasha’s hand.

Tony smiled as he walked over to the drawer nearby and took out an envelope before handing it to Peter “I was going to give you this at your birthday party but due to Hydra… I wasn’t hear for it” he looked at Peter “Did you really have She-Hulk and Natasha fighting over you?” he asked.

“Yeah, it was awesome!” Peter grinned as he nodded his head with an idiotic grin only to get shot down by Natasha’s death glare ‘oh he was going to pay for that’

Tony laughed before pointing to the envelope “Open it” he said.

Peter opened the envelope and found a cheque inside only for him to get a shock of his life “What the hell?” Peter whispered; Natasha’s eyes widened in shock as she gazed at the cheque “Holy shit!” she whispered, Peter looked at Tony “I can’t take this Tony… it’s too much” he said.

Tony shook his head “It’s not a present or charity Peter… that’s every amount you earnt over the 5 years you’ve been here since I took you on as my personal intern” he revealed.

“Wait… all this is from my work?” Peter asked.

“Of course, many of the stuff you created here at Stark Industries is now in use by people all over the world” Tony revealed “All that money… is from each of those inventions” he admitted.

Natasha smiled as she pulled Peter into her side “You earnt this Peter” she whispered.

Peter grinned as he wrapped her and span her around causing her to laugh, Tony smiled and walked away to give the couple some privacy but not before having one last dig at them “I look forward to you telling your kid how they were conceived” he said “Hearing your parents conceived you on the ceiling should be one hell of an awkward moment” he said.

Peter and Natasha froze before looking at him “How the hell did you know that?” Peter asked with wide eyes and his cheeks bright red.

“I tried to call you, you forgot to activate the privacy setting so when I tried to call FRIDAY said and I quote ‘I’m afraid Peter is very busy right now… he is fucking Ms Romanov on the ceiling’” Tony said laughing “Have fun explaining that to your kid” he walked out laughing.

Peter and Natasha both were blushing and looking around, Natasha looked at the door “Maybe we should get going to our room and continue to plan out future” she suggested.

Peter nodded his head “Or we can sneak in a quickie… get on the table” he ordered.

Natasha grinned “Ooooh somebody is feeling adventurous” she teased “What about Tony?” she asked.

“Well he was teasing us about how we conceived… I say he deserves this, what do you say?” he replied as he looked at her.

“I say get that cock inside me right now” She demanded as she pulled her pants and panties off and sat on the table with her legs apart.

A while later once Peter and Natasha were finished and gone, Tony returned and walked to the table, placing his hand on the surface he went to get working on his latest prototype when he froze “Uh… why is this table sticky?” he asked.

A few seconds later Tony cried out “PETER!!!” he wasn’t happy.

Peter and Natasha were laughing in their bedroom.

In the meantime:

Theresa dragged a man into shield HQ and dumped him into interrogation, Fury arrived some time later “So… you found the Hydra agent inside Stark Industries” he stood beside her in the observation room.

“Yeah I did, he also had this” Theresa fished something out of her pocket and handed it to Fury, it was a ring and inside it was a pill “The Lab already confirmed it as cyanide” she said.

“Did you get anything out of him?” Fury asked.

“Except his hatred of Spider-Man; no all he kept saying was ‘it was for the glory of Hydra’” Theresa explained before looking at Fury “Why do you look as if somebody just kicked your favorite puppy?” she asked.

“Natasha handed in her resignation from shield and from the Avengers” Fury revealed “Along with Peter who resigned from the Avengers”

Theresa looked stunned “Wait… Peter is quitting and so is Natasha, Why?” she asked.

“She’s pregnant” Fury answered.

Theresa looked away and smiled “I’m… I’m going to be an auntie” she whispered.

Fury handed her a piece of paper “For your resignation” he said.

Theresa looked shocked “How… How did you know I was going to resign?” she asked.

Fury smirked “You really should stop asking about how I know everything” he said before walking out.

Theresa looked at the form and she sighed heavily Shield had been her life for so long, she didn’t know who she was without it… maybe it was best to talk to Aunt May first about this before she made a decision.

Mean whilst:

Tony walked into the common room “Okay everyone, I have good news for you all… the Hydra agent inside Stark Industries that built the collar and the cell and threatened me into taking the fall has been taken in by shield” he revealed “Hydra has fallen” he announced causing cheers to erupt.

Peter jumped to his feet “I suppose this deserves a drink” he walked to the bar and ended up tripping over Thor’s hammer, getting to his feet he looked at the God of Thunder “Damn it Thor, stop leaving this in places where people can trip over it” Peter said as he grabbed the hammer and picked it up before handing it to Thor.

Thor’s mouth dropped open as did the rest of the Avengers, Natasha though smirked as she folded her arms “That’s my man” she said to Pepper who giggled in response, Natasha walked over to Peter “Come on Peter, it’s time for an early night?” she said.

Peter looked confused “Huh… bit it’s only 6pm he replied confused” he said.

Natasha tried a different approach “Ok… I think we could spend some time in ‘our bed’” she said.

Nope… still no reaction “Do you need to rest… is it the baby?” he asked though Natasha’s stomach was still flat.

Natasha growled “The baby isn’t even formed yet… I WANT YOU TO TAKE ME TO BED AND FUCK ME!!!” shouted Natasha.

The Avengers stood there in shock with their mouths hanging open whilst Peter smirked “I knew you would snap” he teased “And now you broke the Avengers” he said.

Natasha roughly shoved him to the door “Just get your ass in there!” she said.

“Pissed off and horny… great combination” Sam commented “Way to go Peter!!!” he cheered earning a slap over the head from Pepper and Bucky laughed at him.

Natasha’s screams echoed through the vents and kept everyone up, the screams kept going all night.

Natasha lay there that night once they were both spent… she never thought it was possible but for the first time in her life.

She was truly happy.