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I will hold your hand through the night

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Stretching out on the couch Tin enjoyed the peace and quiet of the empty dorm. More than happy to get out of the the mausoleum that his parents tried to pass off as a home Tin had practically ran out the door and to the school provided housing the moment it had opened for the students. In his excitement it had only taken Tin a couple of hours to unpack, setting himself up in his half of the room Tin breathed a relaxing free breath as he looked at the blank half of the room he knew would become the home for his best friend Pete for the coming school year. Grabbing a book Tin heading for the couch in the communal room, stretching out Tin felt his body drop tension he hadn't known he was carrying, not even three pages into his book Tin felt his eyes grow heavy and before he could stop it his eye slammed shut.
**Feeling his eyes flutter open Tin looked around and could tell that something was off. Unless he hadn't been seeing things right all his life he was sure that trees weren't normally purple and people weren't normally blue. Everything else had it's usual colour filled charm that Tin knew to be right, well Tin had thought had been right but as everyone seemed to be going about their day like it was normal Tin dismissed it as his misunderstanding. Tentatively walking around Tin tried to orientate himself, he couldn't quite put his finger on why it seemed so familiar, it had taken a mascot suit wearing guy yelling his pride at the top of his lungs for Tin to acknowledge that he was in fact on his new school campus. Tin put his obliviousness down to the purple trees still disorientating him. 

Hearing the commotion of a crowds excited babbling Tin headed in the direction of the noise making sure to weave his way through the collection of blue people still not sure why it unnerved him. Concentrating more on remaining untouched Tin inadvertently ended up at the inside edge of the clearing that was made in the center of the crowd. Quickly looking over to the other side of the clearing Tin noticed a spattering of green people but what caught his eye and woke him up was the only other colour filled person floating upside down in front of his face.**

Tin's eyes snapped open "you alright? It seemed like you were trying to scream but it was like your lips were glued shut" 

Sitting up Tin almost collided his head with the one hovering over his upside down, looking over at the stranger as he stood up, seeing that they were the only two in the room Tin searched for his other markers, his tells that told him it was safe. Spotting a shadow Tin let out a sigh of relief, keeping up his hope that he could get through one or two nights in this new place before they found him Tin pushed off the couch. "I'm fine, thanks I guess" Tin gave a halfhearted shrug and headed to his room. He hadn't meant to be rude to the guy but his dream still had him shaken, it was mostly the fact that he didn't normally dream that had him so on edge, when someone like him did have a dream it meant something. Unlike the other dreams he had had in his life this one hadn't been straight froward and Tin as at a loss as to how he would figure out what it meant. With every tick of the clock his memory of the floating person faded while everything else stayed crystal clear. Tin was just thankful that the stranger hadn't turned out to be one of the dead he had seen when he brought his stuff up from his car, he had pretended not to notice them and hoped to get through a few days before the spirit residence became aware of his presence.



Tin was woken the next morning by the warming gentle light of the sun. Moving to sit up Tin found that his hand was being held by the stranger who had found him on the couch the previous night, in the brief glance Tin threw at the stranger he found that he was still fast asleep sitting on the floor next to his bed. Snatching his hand away Tin scrambled to get distance from the slowly waking form, when he did raise his head Tin was standing on the foot of his bed clutching the blanket to his chest reminding the yawning stranger of a kid clutching a security blanket. 

"You carry some strong emotions" the guy said stretching his hands above his head trying to work out some kinks in his shoulder and back before he even attempted to move his probably problematic lags. "I could feel your distress from the other end of the hall, most people are fine with soothing words but whatever is playing on your mind had you so on edge that I had to stay with you for both of us to get some sleep"

Listening to the explanation it dawned on Tin what this meant "your an Empath" 

"I normally go by Can" he said flopping his front back onto Tin's mattress now that he could feel that Tin was no longer panicked but instead had moved into full curiosity mode. Can had learnt that it was best not to tell people that he was also a mind reader, just shallow thoughts, the momentary things that come to the front of peoples minds but it was more often then not that shallow thoughts were what people didn't want known.

"Hello Ai Can" Tin stepped off the bed and circled Can's prone body staring at him like he would be able to see how Can's ability worked "I'm Tin" 

Can stifled a laugh when he heard Tin thinking that his bed hair looked kind of cute "do you think you can help me up" Can inquired with a smile. 

Shaking out of his study of the only power he had met other than Pete Tin stepped up to Can's side offering a hand up and a supportive arm. When Can's hand fitted into his Tin felt an itch under his skin that he knew Can would be aware of even if he didn't feel it himself he would know Tin felt it. "So you know about my empath skills, what are you rocking?" Tin looked at Can with a strange expression unsure how he felt about being around someone like that. He had spent so much of his life with people who didn't care how he was feeling to now be around someone who couldn't help but know. 

"I can talk to the dead" 'and have slight seer abilities' Tin finished in his mind but the moment people heard that they always asked him to tell their futures like he was a carnival side show and it wasn't really how his ability worked. 

"That is! Do you have any ghost friends? Tests would have been so easy for you because you could have gotten them to get you answers" Can seemed genuinely excited and Tin was relived to meet someone who didn't just ask macabre questions. 

"I do fine in tests but that's because I study" Tin said lightly pushing at Can's shoulder.


After a quick breakfast and a conversation with Can about the people Can knew who had abilities Tin spent the day in the library trying to see if there was any information on the possible meaning of his peculiar dream but all the texts on dream visions were mostly rubbish or completely nonsensical. Tin's abilities had never manifested in his dreams before and the fact that Can's calming ability hadn't worked on him had worried Tin because he should have been more susceptible to them not immune in his sleep. It either meant that his seer abilities were evolving or that whatever it was he gleaned had been disturbing enough to shake his subconscious mind. 

After almost seven hours of fruitless studying Tin trudged his way back towards his dorm headphones in and head down so that he didn't alert the dead to his presence. Coming up on his dorm Tin involuntarily cringed, no matter how many times he saw him, the small child sitting on the bench outside the glass doors, it still made his stomach churn and his heart drop. Tin hated when kids came to him because even after they had passed on Tin would feel heart torn and like a stone sat in his stomach for days after. This kid promised to be one of those that would stick with him for months, he could see the child's death had been horrible. Turning up the volume on his music and squeezing his eyes shut Tin quickened his step to get past the child but it was too late. The half burnt face of the deeply sad child was already imprinted on the back of his eyes. But what chilled him more was the way the child still clutched the battered, burnt, falling apart teddy bear like it was his only comfort in the world. Feeling a lump in his throat Tin opened his eyes when he heard the buzz of the automatic doors slide open, keeping his attention on the steps in front of him Tin didn't lift his head until he had reached his floor. 

Walking through the common room Tin saw Can happily talking to more newly arrived students, dropping his eyes back to the floor Tin quickened his step ignoring Can calling out to him as he closed himself in his room. Pulling the blanket off his bed Tin wrapped it around himself as he paced the open space between his bed and what would be Pete's once he arrived. As much as he tried Tin couldn't shake the kid from his mind. The last time this had happened to him had been about two years ago with a girl that had died when she was around his age. Tin ended up having to confront her father who had been a despicable man and the cause of her death before she could pass on. It took him six months to stop seeing her face when he closed his eyes and a great deal of therapy to get over the pain of knowing her story. During that time he felt himself closing off to others but it just felt safer, the less he knew about or cared about others would mean the lass he got hurt. Though it started a rumor amongst his classmates that he was just as cold as the dead that he could see. 

Tin was shaken from his downward spiral by a banging on his door then Can's panicked voice reached his ears "Tin, Ai Tin, open up!" 

"I'm fine just leave me alone" Tin's voice had been weak as he struggled to get through the sentence. 

"Are you forgetting I'm an empath Ai Tin, I know you're not okay" Can said rattling the handle before he went back to banging on the door "just let me in Ai Tin, I can help" 

"What can you possibly do?" Tin shouted at the door before he turned his back to it "he is already dead, his ghost is already with me" Tin whispered as he dropped to his knees, his blanket tenting over him as the sad half burnt face looked up curiously at Tin before he looked around the room confused. 

"How did I get here?" his voice sounded like he was still choking on the smoke that had killed him "where's my mummy?" 

"I don't know" Tin pulled the blanket tighter around himself trying to shield himself from the monsters that hide in the dark.

"Can you help me?" the little boy asked stepping towards Tin making the blanket clad boy flinch back and fall over to the kid's amusement. Looking up at the face now hovering over him Tin noticed that the black burns had gotten smaller and that a tiny smile pushed at the kids lips "you're funny"  

"Thanks" Tin said with a wince as he sat up realising he had hurt his ankle in his fall "what's your name?" Tin asked the boy as he saw that he left strange shaped soot footprints on the floor.  

"I'm Sing" the boy said puffing up a little with pride.

"Hello N' Sing and who is this?" Tin asked pointing at the stuffed bear in the kid's hands with a forced smile. He could see his hand was shaking as his fear and panic still hummed in every one of his nerves. 

"This is Tummy" Tin watched the kid squeeze the bear and thrust it towards him, as it sailed through the air the burn to its fur lifted. Tin expected to see the soot settle on the wood floor but it just disappeared. 

"Why did you name him Tummy?" Tin reached out towards the toy as fascination began clouding his panic.

"Because he growls just like my tummy" the cheerful smile of the kids face shifted, Tin could do nothing as the child's face twisted into something wicked and the next thing Tin knew his hands were pinned to the floor under the teddy bear. It was like the toy weighed much more then Tin could lift but at the same time was no heaver than the toy that it was, the last of the burnt features disappeared from the kids face to be replaced with red-brown pointed ears and a matching tail with a white tip. "You're an idiot and a fool but I can't thank you enough for getting me past the wards. I have been trying for the past seven years but no one has ever been quite strong enough to pull it off" the slowly morphing child crouched in front of him a confident smile stretching over fast growing fangs. "You are quite fascinating, I mean I approached you in a few forms, most boys try to help me out when I appear as a damsel in distress. But you, you practically dragged me in trying to save the poor little lost soul of the burnt child" circling him Tin was only able to catch glimpses as the form of the child morphed. The next time he came into Tin's full line of sight he was tall, taller then Tin was when he stood at his full height but thinner and his hair had changed from black to the same colour as his ears and tail. 

Trying to make himself comfortable without being able to move his hands from their pinned spot on the floor Tin rocked his crossed legs to shift himself closer to the bear so that he wasn't as hunched over "so why would a fox demon want to get inside this building anyway?"
Chuckling at Tin's question the fox crouched down to look Tin in the eye "do you know the easiest way to hide magical items? Mr Handsome Bleeding Heart" the demon caressed Tin's cheek before scraping his black nails down Tin's throat. "You put a bunch of magically volatile kids on top of it, with their powers manifesting and evolving they have no clue how to control them, their flairs of magic output can cover up almost any magical signature" 

Tin watched as the fox demon started moving around his and Pete's room like he owned the place, all the while Tin had gotten his emotions to calm and his mind to focus. Figuring Can felt the shift based on the lack of banging and yelling he had been doing before Tin was free to concentrate on the task at hand. "So what is hidden here?" Tin asked hoping to get the demon's concentration elsewhere as he focused on removing the talisman that was making the plush toy pin him in place. 

"Something brilliant, beyond measure, powerful" the fox demon had on a toothy grin as he almost danced in front of Tin. 

"Wait!" Tin narrowed his eyes at the excited creature "you don't know what it is?"

"Well no............................................but there has to be something, it's the perfect place to hid something"

"So you are doing this because you think there might be something here. Not because you know that there is something" Tin felt the magical buzz he was waiting for "not even a rumor about it?" 

"Look mortal" the fox spat at Tin, not noticing that Tin wasn't paying any attention to him "there has to be something, why else would they have wards up all over the place?"    


Pete held up his mask of dignified indifference that Tin would have been proud of. But on the inside he was bubbling with excitement and happiness, he was getting ready to start his first year of college with his best friend all he needed to do was get his bags up to his room. But having decided to try and do it all in one trip was his downfall, he knew he could have used his abilities but he hated to because no matter how he used his gift it came with a physical manifestation that clearly marked him as different even from those that had abilities. 
Pete persisted through his struggle as he tried to carry all his bags but he lamented the idea of having to walk up the stairs multiple times with heavy items.

"Need a hand?" A gruff voice issued from behind Pete making him startle and almost drop his bags.

Flustered by a complete stranger being nice to him Pete blurted out the first thing that came to mind "I'm gay"

With a huffed laugh and what Pete assumed was a smile on his stern face the guy looked up into Pete's face "so does that mean you don't want help"

"NO!" Pete yelled in his panic "I would very much appreciate the help" by the end of his sentence Pete's voice had gotten so small as he seemed to hide in himself. 

"I'm Ae" Pete smiled at the guy as he took the handled of Pete's bag out of his hand and into his own. 

"I'm Pete" the cheerfulness of Pete's voice was a stark contrast to the fear and panic he had shown Ae moments earlier. 

Reaching his floor Pete walked past the small group of people gathered in the common room who all seemed to give Ae a quick wave as he concentrated on trying to find his room. Pete was surprised when he reached the door the print out in his hand indicated was his to find a boy sitting on the floor with his back pressed against it. A soft bang issued every time his head fell back against the door his eyes screwed shut. Stepping a little closer Pete could hear a stream of muttering issuing from the strange boy. Contemplating if he should talk to the boy his new acquaintance voice issued from beside him "Ai Can what are you doing?"

Can's eyes shot open as he cut his muttering mid stream "Ai Ae? Who is this?" Can looked up at the guy standing over him "you shouldn't be so ashamed of being yourself, you're a good person" Can said as he used the door handle to lift himself of the floor and turned to Ae ignoring the utter shock on Pete's face. "Ai Ae you have to help me break into Ai Tin's room" hearing Ae's mind yell at him while his face twisted with confusion Can raised a hand to stop Ae before he could voice the stream of thoughts "Ai Tin is inside and something is wrong but it doesn't make since, his emotions as jumping all over and he keeps muttering something I don't understand while he is talking to someone. But Ai Tin went in alone and I can't read whoever it is that is with him" 

While Ae and Can were distracted trying to work out how to get into the room Pete slipped past them unlocking the door and closing it before they could follow him, the only indication of his departure with the rustling sound of feathers. Closed in the room with Tin and a fox demon Pete opened his wings covering the span of the room with ease "Ai Tin are you okay?" Pete took a step towards the fox pushing his wings up scaring the fox back. 

An almost blindingly bright light flashed in front of Tin "I am now" Tin said before he jumped to his feet throwing the stuffed toy towards the scared fox "have your trick back" Tin said as he stepped back towards Pete.  

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Ae and Can had their heads bent together whispering out their plan on how to get inside the room as Tin and Pete walked out with matching smiles and into the confused guys. Before they could say anything Can had fists full of Tin's shirt pulling and tugging him this way and that as he looked him over "Ai Tin are you okay? What happened in there?" 

"I'm okay Ai Can" Pete watched amused as Tin didn't seem to be moving to stop Can's actions but instead just looked into Can's face "Ai Pete and I took care of it" Can halted his abuse of Tin's shirt to look at Pete standing next to Tin. 

Can narrowed his eyes and twisted his head to the side as he looked at Pete, letting Tin's shirt drop from his grip "it's not like that" Can said in a quietly mopey voice as he pushed past Pete and away form the stunned group. 

"What happened?" Tin threw the question towards Pete as the three of them watched Can walk towards his room. 

Shaking his head Pete looked between Tin and Can "I don't know" Pete offered the excuse to Tin but he grew suspicious of Can as Can's reaction would make sense only if Can could have read his thoughts. Still in the stunned silence that Can had left behind Ae and Tin turned to look at Pete when a low growl issued from his stomach. 



The following day Pete and Tin spent sitting in a cafe across from their dorm watching as students from both the abilities education and the standard education faculties streamed into campus and tried to make their way to what would be their rooms for the year. Relaxing with cold drinks the boys took great pleasure in watching as the students from the opposing faculties fought for parking space and moving space to get their things to their new housing. Pete had spent most of the time watching Tin as he tried to find a way to talk to Tin about something he had seen when he had woken up during the night, but how he would approach the subject was unclear. Pete had no clue how to ask his best friend about the fact that he had found Can asleep next to Tin's bed as the two held hands in their sleep.

Pete had been stirring the ice in his empty glass when out of the corner of his eye he saw Tin's posture stiffen, Pete had lent forward intending to ask Tin what was going on when a set of voices that were growing more and move familiar stilled his tongue. "Where did you go last night? You tossed and turned most of the night then you disappeared" Ae asked Can as they headed past Tin and Pete's table without noticing them sitting in silence. 

Pete saw the slight twitch in Tin's brow and had to bite down on the smile that threatened to cover his face at Tin's obvious discomfort "should I tell Ai Ae that Ai Can was perfectly save by your bed side?" Tin's head snapped to Pete as his eyes widened with shock "care to tell me what is going on between you and the empath?" 

Looking over his shoulder at the two boys Tin could see that Ae was still pestering Can for an answer but Can didn't seem to be forthcoming with a response. Everything in Tin paused as he tried to work out if Can's unusual lack of talking was because he didn't want Ae to know where he had been the night before, not that they had done anything more than sleep. Or because Can thought Tin wouldn't want him to tell anyone and if Tin were being honest with himself he was really unsure. All of this was new territory and he knew Can only did it otherwise he wouldn't be able to sleep with the way Tin had apparently screamed out in his sleep. Taking a deep breath Tin looked back at Pete to find his teasing smile gone and concern in its place. "Ai Tin?" Can's voice seemed to fill the whole cafe and Tin shrunk into himself momentarily before he resided himself with the fact that he couldn't disappear.             

 "Hey Ai Can" Tin said tentatively as he turned back to Ae and Can "Ai Ae" 

Can crossed the cafe to press a hand to Tin's cheek making him relax under his touch, Pete covered his mouth to stop the shocked gasp that almost escaped when he watched his friend close his eyes and lean into the other boys touch. Grabbing their drinks off the counter Ae quickly joined Can side his brow farrowed "what are you doing Ai Can?" Ae harshly whispered as he passed Can's drink to him forcing him to remove his hand from Tin's cheek to take it. 

"Something's not right" Can's eye still hadn't left Tin's face even as Tin's eyes slowly opened to look up at the concerned boy standing over him "your emotions are bouncing around like crazy"

"You're probably picking up on everyone in here" Ae said as he glanced around to see a few carious eyes but mostly indifference or complete ignorance "you always have trouble in crowds" 

Tin's eye jumped between the three, Pete seemed torn between wanting to know what was going on with Tin and wanting to stare at Ae, while Ae seemed determined to pull Can away from Tin. And Can who seemed to be trying to stare right into him, trying to see into his heart. "I have to go" Tin's voice was clouded with panic as he tripped on his own feet on his way to the door and away from the other three. 


Tin didn't reemerge until dinner and even after some time to think and try to clear his head he was no closer to working out what was happening or how he felt about it. He had only known Can for two days but the boy made him uneasy with the uncertainty of his feelings but what worried him more was not knowing what Can was thinking. Tin kept to himself during the meal despite the fact that his table was full of chatter as students from his dorm had taken the opportunity to get to know each other, the fact that he had already heard a whisper about him thinking he was to good for them comforted him with the strange familiarity of the insult.

Pete's beautiful smile and friendly personality had once again won him the friends Tin found so hard to make but the fact that Pete is his best friend made it all okay. What was not so okay was the way that in between conversations Can would look down the table at him and when their eyes did catch Can's would be edged with concern. More then once Pete had to quietly remind Tin to eat and to placate his concerned friend Tin would shove two or three spoons into his mouth before going back to his pondering. Tin had gotten so lost in his thoughts that when the group finally tried to include him Tin had missed it completely leaving Pete to poke him in the ribs to wake him up.

"Are you always this distracted?" one of the smiling guys at their table asked as Tin zoned into the conversation. 

"it's only because he can't stop thinking about someone" Pete said with a teasing smile making Tin's back stiffen and his face go red. 

"Pete!" Tin's voice was harsh but it didn't stop them from continuing on.

"Someone caught this handsome guys eye? They must be cute, what do they look like Ai Pete?" the same smiling guy asked as the rest leaned in to listen. 

Shooting a look down the table at Can a sly smile filled Pete's face "from what I've seen they can be cute, but it's really how Tin sees them and from what I can tell he seems pretty smitten" 

"Pete!" Tin yelled as everyone looked at him shocked except for Can who seemed to be hiding his laughter. A deep frown appeared on Tin's face as the pain of Can laughing at him had hurt more then Pete telling their soon to be class mates about his crush. 

"What's wrong Ai Can?" Tin chanced a look at Ae's words to find Can had pushed out of his chair as his laughter dried up. Can's whole body flinched once before he started walking around the table and heading towards Tin but the now hyper aware of Can's movements and was already on his feet and heading for the exit.  


Settling in for the night Pete sheepishly climbed into bed knowing he had gone a step to far and wanted to give Tin a chance to calm down before he apologized. Pete feel asleep almost instantly tired from his day exploring the campus with Ae and people watching with Tin. So when Can freely walked into their room clutching a pillow and dropping to his spot next to Tin's bed he had missed it. He also missed Tin rolling over and dragging Can into his bed "you can't keep sleeping sitting on the floor" Tin said to stifle Can's complaint as the slightly smaller boy had started to wriggle as Tin pulled him into his chest. 


When Pete's alarm went off he expect to find Tin's bed perfectly made and the boy gone, but looking over Pete could still see his form hiding under the blankets while his pillow was on the floor. Climbing out of bed Pete walked over stretching out his wings to crack the sleep out of them before getting ready to tuck them away for the day "you must of had a restless sleep if you threw your pillow off the bed" Pete said on a yawn as he picked up the item and dropped it on what he assumed would be Tin's head under the blanket. 

"What did you say" Tin asked from the bathroom doorway making Pete pivot around forgetting that his wings were out and knocked over a bunch of their stuff. 

The combination of the impact of something soft but big hitting his head, the sound of voices and the crashing of things being knocked over woke Can from his deep sleep and had him sitting up. Blurry eyed Can looked around to find Pete standing in the middle of the room with his wings out, the beautiful soft blue colour reminded Can of the sky when you looked at it through wispy clouds. Knowing Pete hated them Can held his complement in as he rolled off the bed and headed to the bathroom like they weren't there. Giving Tin a small shove out the doorway Can closed himself in giving the friends some privacy. 

"Did I just see Ai Ca-. Did he just see my wings?" Pete let he legs give out as he dropped to the floor as his wings drooped in his lament. 

"He was probably to sleepy to notice and besides I don't think he will say anything anyway" Tin offered his hand to Pete "what would he say anyway? I was getting out of Ai Tin's bed when I saw Ai Pete's wings"

Sadly tucking his wings away Pete tried to push a hopeful smile onto his face "do you really think there is a chance he didn't see them?"
"See what?" Can asked walking out of the bathroom, his face still damp.

Getting off the floor Pete headed for the now vacated bathroom "nothing, never mind" Pete said as he shut himself in the room. 

"You saw them didn't you?" Tin asked quietly as Can looked up at him with a soft sleepy smile. 


"And you know that he hates-" 

"Yep" Can cut Tin off letting out a yawn and resting his head on Tin's shoulder. 

"And you wont-"

"Not a word" Can answered Tin's unfinished question "I better get back to my room" 

It didn't pass Tin's notice that Can didn't even bother picking up his pillow on the way out and judging by the strange look on the tiny fox at the foot of Pete's bed he had noticed it too "why did I let Pete talk me in to keeping you as our familiar?" Rolling so that his back was to Tin the tiny fox demon went back to sleep. 

"Ai Can, where were you?" Ae asked looking at Can's pajamas "have you even spent a night in your bed" 

Pulling his top off Can realised that Ae was right, he was yet to spend a full night in his own bed. "We better get to the canteen so we can get some food before class" ignoring Ae Can made quick work of getting changed before he rushed out the door almost leaving his bag behind. 


Tin contemplated throwing his coffee at Pete if he didn't stop asking him about Can being in his bed. Rolling his eyes Tin let out an annoyed huff "come on Ai Pete, I told you it's because he is a empath and it's the only way for him to get my emotions to quiet down so that he can sleep" 

"And the fact that you find him cute doesn't play into it at all" Pete said as he sipped at his own coffee. 

A sarcastic nod, Tin's eyes caught the guy in question and his room mate walk into the canteen "and you are just looking at Ai Ae with innocent eyes" 

Pete almost choked on coffee "I will take that as you admitting to having feelings for the guy with the cute bedhead" 

"I'm not admitting to anything" Tin said as he stood collecting his bag as he went "but keep your eye for your gruff boy" Tin thew at Pete before he headed for the exit past Ae and Can. 


Being the first to class meant that Tin could take up his favorite spot in the back of the class. It wasn't that he was anxious about being call on by the teacher to answer a question, it just meant that he didn't have to worry about someone throwing something at him and he found that people were less willing to badmouth him if he could look at them. 

Tin had his laptop out researching dream theory when he felt someone standing behind him, carefully Tin looked around for markers to let him know they were alive. Being that no one else was in the room he couldn't see if anyone else could see the person looking over his shoulder and because of their positions he couldn't be sure if they had a shadow or not so when they started talking to him Tin didn't know if he should answer "dream theory, are you a seer or just over analyzing?" Tin pretended like he didn't hear them thankful that he had his headphones in, he always had his headphones in, to help in these kinds of situations. 

Watching the kid pull out a chair and take a set a couple of rows over and down Tin cursed himself for not having stayed with Pete. With a deep breath Tin readied himself for a new year of being misunderstood and for the most part alone. Slamming his laptop shut Tin laid down on it closing his eyes as he thought about a steady hand in his and the smell of fresh cut grass. With music playing in his ears he hadn't noticed the class slowly filling up or his best friends sitting in the seat beside him. Feeling his entire being calm as a hand pressed on his shoulder, Tin opened his eyes as a smile pulled at his lips and wrinkled the corners of his eyes "hey" Tin's voice come out softer then Pete had ever heard it and in that moment Pete could knew that Tin had more then a crush on the empath. 

Tin was about to object about Can moving his hand away when the Teacher entered the room and called the class to attention. "Congratulations you all made it into one of the three abilities programs at this school. Unfortunately you have all placed in class one which means you have great power or you have great potential. If you think for a second it is going to be easy think again, even if your power is great it can always be better" their teacher was a stern woman who seemed to radiate a 'no shit taken' kind of aura that had everyone shift in their seats uncomfortably. "As this is your first day I think we should start with introductions. As we go around say your name and what your ability is" the teacher made her way towards her chair pausing before dropping into it "and you better like where you are sitting because they will be your assigned seats for the year"

Tin looked at Pete and in seat nest to him, Ae in the seat in front of Pete and Can in front of him. He couldn't have wished for a better arrangement even if he tried, but judging on the grumbling and groaning of the other students not everyone was as happy as Tin was about the turn of events. That was until Tin realised he would have to tell a class full of strangers just how weird he was because unless the school wanted their teachers going in blind they would know what each student was capable of which meant that Tin couldn't lie or even downplay it without the teacher calling him out on it. 

"Alright let's start in the back corner closest to the door" Tin let out a small sigh of relief as there was three other students in the row before him. 

A shaky girl with long hair stood "I'm Peach and I can make things float" as she said it the desk in front of here began to rise off the floor, the class let out a collective impressed 'oooohh' as the desk landed with a soft thud. 

"I'm Park, I'm kind of made of rubber" Park hocked a finger in the corner of his mouth stretching in out about 30 centimeters before letting it snap back into place. 

Pete stood as the mix reaction to Park's ability died down "I'm Pete and I can fly and dispel low level dark magic" Pete quickly sat back down with a display of his ability. Tin had caught the displeased look on the teachers face at Pete's introduction. 

Wanting to move it along before the teacher had a chance to call Pete out Tin stood "I'm Tin and I can talk to ghosts" Tin kept half an eye on the teacher waiting for her to call him out and just as he was about to sit her voice carried across the room. 

"Is that all N'Tin? Because my notes are a little longer than that" 

Rolling his shoulders Tin braced himself "I can talk to ghosts because I am a Necromancer" 

"You can control the dead?" Tin looked over to see a girl sitting in the same chair that the boy he had ignored earlier had sat in. Spinning around Tin found the the kid was behind him again, a wicked grin splitting his face. 

Pressing some fingers to his brow Tin let out a frustrated huff "I fucking knew it" reaching into his pocket Tin pulled out a talisman and pressed it to the spirit's forehead locking him in place. A confused murmur filled the room as the piece of paper seemed to be floating in the air until Park clicked. 

"Is there a ghost in the room?" Park asked as he jumped out of his chair and around his desk like the piece of furniture could save him if it was after him. 

"Kind of" Tin halfheartedly replied as he pulled out a piece of chalk and drew some symbols on the floor around the frozen spirit.

"What do you mean by kind of?" a voice near the front of the class asked as the sound of chair legs scraping across the floor filled the room. 

Pete's soft laugh filled the room "I think what Ai Tin is getting at is that there is a difference between ghosts and spirits" Pete said watching as Tin finished writing on the floor.     

Chapter Text

As Tin completed the last symbol the class let of a gasp as the air around the floating talisman shifted and a the form of a boy came into view. Another round of gasps filled the room as the spirit ripped the talisman off his head and threw himself forward but seemed to collide with an invisible wall. His face contorted with anger as he tried to jump at them again but again the force keeping him contained prevented him from leaving the space Tin had made for him. 

"Are you done showing off?" Pete asked sounding board as the class flinched when the spirits mouth opened abnormally wide showing off rows of sharp jagged teeth as the corners of his mouth ripped apart to show off more.  

Rolling his eyes Tin gave a brief nod before he crouched down and added a few more symbols, after a flash of bright light the spirit let out a pained hiss and vanished. The class seemed to relax but kept a weary eye on Tin. 

"I'm Can!" Can said as he jumped out of his chair "I like playing football and video games and trying new foods and-" 

"Get on with it" Can slumped a little when the teacher snipped at him. 

Huffing out a sad breath Can sighed out "I'm an empath and I can effect other peoples moods" Can dropped into his chair. As Ae stood and started introducing himself Can heard his name whispered from behind him. Turing around he found Tin holding out a lollipop. Reaching out to take the offered treat Can's fingers brushed over the top of Tin's, the lollipop dropped to the ground as Tin and Can looked at their hands. The tingle still prickling under their skin from the buzz that had passed between them. 

"Ai Tin" Can's voice was soft and confused as he tried to work out what had been so different to all the other times they had touched. 

"Care to share the conversation with the class" both boys jumped as the teachers voice cut through, both boys quickly apologized then listened in as the rest of the class continued with their introductions. Tin heard a girl at the front introduce herself but he had forgotten the name as quickly as he heard it, he was lucky to be able to remember that she said she had the ability to effect time around objects. Showing her ability she snapped a pencil in half then using her ability turned back the time on the object putting it back together again. Though even as the class clapped at her display Tin's eyes kept shifting between his hand and Can's back.

He couldn't work out why it was so different this time. In the short time they had known each other Can had touched him a lot but never had there been such a buzz of energy or pull to reconnect as he was feeling now. Tin couldn't help but wonder if Can could feel it too.
Can didn't know what to do, for the first time in his life he desperately wanted to listen in on someones thoughts but no matter how he tried Tin's mind seemed to be locked away from him. That or Tin's mind was completely empty and Can was sure that that was impossible for Tin, though it did ask the question would Tin's screams still disturb his sleep. One thing Can was certain about was that he wanted to feel Tin's hand in his again. 


When it was time for lunch Can was quick to turn to Tin only to find that Pete was already pulling him away seeking out Pete's mind Can felt a flurry of activity like hundreds of bird wings flapping around muffling Pete's inner voice. But through his jumble of thoughts one question stood out, the very one that Pete was voicing and Can wanted to know the answer to "Ai Tin, what is going on between you and Ai Can?"
About to follow after the two Can felt a strong hand grab his wrist and knew that Ae was about to pull him away. 

Can sat, his annoyance at Ae growing as he had chosen to sit within view of Pete and Tin's table leaving Can to watch the roommates smile and laugh at something Can didn't know about. "What is going on with you lately Ai Can? You don's sleep in our room and you wont tell me where where you go every night, also you seem weirdly concerned about Ai Pete's friend" 

Can frowned slightly at Ae's words "it's not weird Ai Ae, you know what my ability is like" 

"I do, and that is why it is weird" Ae watched as confusion mixed with the annoyance on Can's face "I've never seen you zero in on someone in a crowd before, usually you get overloaded in large groups" 

Can held his tongue as he thought about what Ae said, he was right. Even now in the crowded canteen Can didn't feel over burdened like he usually did. Instead he just felt Tin's laughter over powering the den of emotions of the packed room "I'm not doing it on purpose" Can felt a smile creep onto his face as Tin's infectious emotions flooded into him. 

"You couldn't even say it with a straight face" Ae snipped growing annoyed at Can's quickly changing attitude. 

"Look around you Ai Ae, you're lucky it was laughter my abilities grabbed onto, there are already people majorly stressed and some that want to cry. That guy over there is already home sick" Can pointed at a guy three tables away as he watched Ae. Can decided it was best not to mention the fact that Ae also seemed to have formed quite a crush on Tin's best friend. Can also decided not to mention the fact that Pete's crush on Ae was bigger. 


The rest of the days classes had been boring compared to the abilities curriculum but part of their studies still had to be dedicated to the standard courses. Pete found that this was where their class of misfits broke up and went off to different faculties and even though he had Tin by his side he found that they were very much not welcome. Reaching their dorm after their final class they found that they weren't the only ones to have experienced it and by the sounds of what they heard as they walked through the building getting shunned by the people in their class was one of the nicer things to have happened.
Tin could feel his agitation grow as he saw one girl come back with a chunk of hair missing off the length at the back "Ai Peach isn't it?" 

Turning see saw Tin's icy stare and flinched "yes" her voice came out much quieter then she intended.
"What happened to your beautiful hair?" hearing Tin's question she reached behind her and felt the jagged ends. 

"Some girls in my class took a disliking to me because I'm from Abilities Education" Peach sounded hurt but there was something more to her voice that Tin could't place. Seeing the question on Tin's face Peach nodded "I don't think they will try to mess with me again, I kind of lost my cool and the next thing the girls found themselves pinned to the ceiling" 

Tin couldn't help the smile as he imagined the fright on their faces "did you let them down?" 

"When class ended" Peach had an amused smirk pulling at her lips "it took a lot out of me so I'm going to go lay down before dinner" 

Watching her walk away Tin felt a tap on his shoulder "did you just show concern for another human being? My little boy is growing up" 

"Ha ha Ai Pete, very funny. It's just strange seeing it happen to others. I hated it when it was happening to me so the idea of standing idly by watching it happen to others doesn't feel right to me" Pete could see the seriousness and something he couldn't quite identify in Tin's face.

Pete raised a hand to console his friend but  but as he reached for Tin's shoulder he paused. Behind Tin he could see a smiling Can who upon spotting them completely changed. His smile dropped and was replaced with concern as he ignored the group around him and marched towards them. 

Seeing a strange smile on Pete's face Tin opened his mouth to ask what was going on with him when he felt a solid form press against his back causing a wave of calm to wash over him as a pair of arms slipped around his waist. "You don't have to face everything alone anymore" Can's voice was muffled by Tin's shoulder, the sensation of Can's hot breath puffed against his shoulder made a shiver ran through him while Can's words settled into him mind. 

"Ai Can, what are you doing?" Ae voice carried down the hall the the three classmates pulling their attention to him. 

"Ai Tin needed a hug" Can responded like it was the most obvious thing and it was Ae that was stupid for not realising.

Feeling Can let go Tin turned to see Ae walking towards them, a frown on his face that Tin wasn't sure if ti was meant for him or if that was just how Ae's face was. "I'm fine" Tin said raising his hands in surrender as Ae came to a stop in front of them. 

Looking at the frown building on Can's face Ae rolled his eyes "if Ai Can said you needed it it's because you needed it" Ae sounded grouchy but he viably softened when Pete walked around Tin and Can to join his side. 

"How did you two find your Standard Education class?" Pete's sweet voice seemed to dispell the tension that seemed to be building between Ae and Tin, which also made Can relax as he still felt attuned to Tin's every last nerve. 

"Great, I just encouraged them to be accepting" Can said with a sly smile. 

"You used your abilities to make them okay with you being there?' Tin asked weary of what such an ability could do. 

"It doesn't work that way Ai Tin" Can could feel the apprehension that buzzed through both Tin and Pete "I can't make someone feel something they don't have in them" Tin seemed to understand what Can was saying but Pete was lost "I can only amplify emotions that are already there. So I can only help people to realise the feelings that they already have, no matter how deep they bury them" 

"So you can't make someone have feelings for another if the feelings aren't already there?" Pete asked almost to himself rather then Can as Tin quietly stood off to the side thinking about how Can himself made him feel. Even just the thought of Can made him feel more relaxed and happy. 

"Yep" Can nodded happily unsure if he was doing it for Pete's question or in agreement with Tin's thoughts "take you and Ai Tin for example, I could make you two fall in love, but it would only be familial love. I wouldn't be able to create romantic feelings between the two of you" Tin and Pete looked at each other before shaking their head to try and get rid of the thought of romantic love between the two of them. 

"What about You Ai Ae?" Pete asked trying to make the conversation move away from where they have gotten it to and back to the original topic. 

"I don't know, I've never really felt that way about someone else before" Ae said seemingly trying to search his own feelings, only snapping out of it when her heard Can snort. 

"I think what Ai Pete was asking was how was your class. But if you truly want to know" Can paused giving Ae a devious smile "you are diffidently capable of falling in love" Can said slipping an arm around Ae's shoulders as the slightly shorter boy blushed at the misunderstanding.

"Oh! My class was fine. I mean no one really bothered me or said anything about me being there" Ae mumbled, not trying to shake Can's hold. 

Pete caught Tin looking at the friends almost longingly "they are probably scared you would beat them to a pulp. You are the sort of guy that looks like he has a mean right hook" Can said as he poked at Ae's cheek unafraid of the right hook he just mentioned. 

Curious about Tin's attention on the friends Pete decided to keep a watchful eye as the normally up tight boy was still adamant he didn't have a crush on Can. But the fact they they had spent every night together didn't pass Pete's notice nor the fact that Tin was growing more and more possessive of the empath. Pete grabbed Ae's arm pulling him out for under Can's and down the hall "I'm famished, we should get some dinner" 

"How long do you think it will take for them to realise" Can asked moving in as close to Tin as he could get without touching him. 

"Realise what?" Tin's hand twitched brushing against the back of Can's making the same buzz start to tingle up his arm but cutting off when their steps pulled their hands apart. 

"That they are perfect for each other" Can said smiling at the backs of their friends. 

Tin looked between Can and the two in front of them "you didn't do anything did you?" Tin hated asking but it involved Pete and he would do anything to make sure the boy was safe. 

Tin hated the way that Can's eyes instantly fell to the floor looking hurt "I wouldn't ever use my abilities on my friends" Can's pace picked up as he seemed to be trying to put some distance between them. 

Tin slowed his step lamenting his stupidity at upsetting Can, but one thought still rolled around Tin's head 'but you do it to me every night'. 

By the time Tin slowly trudged into the canteen Ae, Pete and Can were already seated with plates of food. Grabbing a couple of things he could slip into napkins and eat later Tin disappeared out into the courtyard under the shadows of the trees. 

Pete spotted Tin's retreating form as his friend left the canteen, turning to Can he found the boy already looking at him with sad eyes "what happened Ai Can?" 

"It's nothing, I will make it right later" Can mumbled to his plate still tuned into Tin despite the distance. It hurt Can that he had upset Tin, but he knew Tin's heart was shaken and needed time before Can would be able to talk to him about what was happening between them. Can also needed to sort out his own feelings, because while he could read others like an open book his own hearts desires were hidden from him. 


Tin nibbled on a custard bun as he listened to the old woman talk. He had almost let out an amused laugh when she had started off by chastising him for not eating a proper dinner but as they fell into conversation Tin couldn't help himself but ask if she was aware she was a ghost. To his surprise she did and she was uncommonly accepting of the fact, she just seemed to be afraid. Afraid of the unknown that was the other side.

"What are you afraid of child?" she asked him as she reached out to push his hair back in a calming gesture. 

"My feelings" Tin said in a moment of honesty causing the old woman to pause in her progression towards him "I get that they are my own, I just don't know if I should know about them or if they are being pulled from the dark place that they should have staid" Tin said in a resided tone as he reached into his pants pocket to pull out a pouch tired with shiny silver rope. 

Looking at the item now in the boys hand the old lady stood up from the bench but found that she couldn't walk away "dear sweet child, what are you doing to this feeble old lady?" 

"I felt it the moment I walked out into the courtyard, you made me feel so calm and relaxed but then you tried to steal my memories" Tin pulled the rope off the pouch and quickly wrapped it around the woman's hands, a hiss issued from her as it started to burn her wrists. "I guess I should thank you for lending me a listening ear but the fact that you tried to take my memories of him is something I can't let happen" Tin pulled a handful of dust from the pouch and blew it over her grumbling form. She let out a screech that had been audible to more then just Tin as he quickly voiced a chant that worked to banish her. 


Peach had slept longer then she had intended but in her rush to get to the canteen she had seen Tin seemingly talking to himself on a bench under the canopy of some trees. Taking a couple of steps towards him she had heard him talk about his memories being stolen, then he moved faster then she would have given him credit for. A bit of light caught on something shining now handing in the air, the look on Tin's face as he spoke seemed like he was in pain and Peach felt herself stepping closer again when she threw her hands over her ears. The loud screeching was near piercing but Tin seemed immune to it. 

Just as suddenly as the sound started it was cut off and Peach quickly covered the ground between them and landed at Tin's side. "Ai Tin, was that?" Peach didn't like to think about it, until Tin had told the class what he could do she had always thought that ghosts weren't real. 

"Don't worry about it" Tin's voice was harsh but sad as he quickly pocketed the rope and pouch but saw Peach looking around like she thought another ghost would pop out and attack her "I'll walk you to the canteen" 

"Really?" Peach looked hopeful "Thanks Ai Tin, I think I would feel safer with you around" 

Chapter Text

Pete felt his jaw drop when he saw Tin walking back into the canteen, the sleeve of his shirt getting pulled along as a smiling girl pulled him to get food. "Um Ai Ae” Pete whispered “am I seeing things?" Pete asked softly pointing towards the sight that was Tin smiling as the girl piled food onto both of their trays.

"Is that Ai Tin with Ai Peach?" at Ae's mention of Tin Can turned around locking eyes on the strangely smiling boys form. Can felt a stone drop into the pit of his stomach.

"What are they doing together?" Pete voiced Can's annoyed thought as he watched Tin follow the girl to another table.

"I wonder if she could have a crush on Ai Tin" Ae was shocked by the sudden glare that Can was throwing his way "what? What's with that look Ai Can?"

Without answering Ae Can pushed out of his seat, cleaned off his tray and handed for the exit making sure to take the path past Tin's table. Passing behind the necromancer Can ran his knuckles across the back of Tin's neck and just as he hopped the buzz passed between them. Tin quickly slapped a hand over the back of his neck as he turned to watched Can leave.


Tin had a hard time keeping up the conversation after Can had left and Peach couldn’t help but laugh at how hopeless the seemingly cold boy was. Giving up on trying to get much out of him Peach had Tin accompany her back to the dorms and let out a laugh when Tin obviously rush off after say goodnight to find Can. The moment Can had touched him he had felt how it had bothered Can for Tin to be with Peach and after the initial shock of Can's feelings Tin grew annoyed. It was bad enough that the empath was making him feel more than he was prepared for, but to then dump his feelings on Tin was too much.

Racing up two flights of stairs Tin had almost knocked over other students as he barreled up the stairs. Without so much as a knock Tin threw open Can’s dorm room door "what the hell is wrong wit-" Tin stopped short seeing Can standing in just a pair of boxer briefs.

Can had moved to cover up when it happened again, Tin's feelings overpowered everything else he felt. Knowing he could stop himself if he wanted to Can let Tin's feelings carry him across the room. Can only stopped when his lips were less than an inch away from Tin's "I want you too"

Tin wasn't sure if that meant Can also had feelings for him or if Can wanted Tin to kiss him but Tin didn't really care, instead he swayed forward bringing their lips together. The moment their lips touched Tin felt a searing pain burning behind his left ear but it was gone as soon as it started and Can's questing tongue had been a welcomed distraction from everything. Kissing Can was a whole different world to anything Tin had experienced before, he could feel how his kiss buzzed through Can and felt Can's desire for how he wanted him to move. How hard he wanted him to press, when to pull back for air, Tin could feel every little shift between them.

Tin's hands finally moved finding their way onto Can's naked back bringing in a whole other sensation when suddenly he felt himself getting pulled away from Can. At the sudden loss of Tin’s warmth and the strange buzz that passed between them Can woke to the fact that he was still barely dressed and began searching around for some clothes to pull on.


Ae had taken his time walking Pete back to his room and even than had been reluctant to say good night. But he had been rewarded with Pete's soft smile and even softer whisper of good night. When he had reached his own door, he had found it ajar and strange sounds issued from it. Pushing it open he was met with Tin's back as the necromancer crowded over Can. Can’s hand clutching the back of Tin’s shirt. Without thinking Ae grabbed the back of Tin's belt and flung him out the door with more force than he intended, sending him into the wall opposite the door.

Having a wall suddenly slamming into his back Tin felt the air in his lungs get pushed out as he slid down the wall and landed on the floor. Tin heard Can call out his name before the door was slammed shut. Picking himself up off the floor Tin felt his mind begin to clear as the sensations of Can's kiss ebbed away from his mind but lingered in his body. Looking at the door Tin would bet good money that he could break it down but didn't need to anger Ae more, though he was unaware why the short boy seemed to hate him so much.

Raising a fist to knock on the door Tin paused when he heard the conversation inside.

"What the hell Ai Ae" Can snapped "why are you so against Ai Tin? Why are you being like this?"

"What?" Ae stopped short, all his anger quickly replaced with confusion and shock.

"Wait!" Can called out slipping a hand onto Ae's neck, feeling the intense heat and light sheen of sweat Can stepped back pulling his hand away "you're in heat aren't you? But you're not due for your heat for months, what’s jump started it so ear.... Oh my god Pete, Ai Pete has you going into your heat"

"No!" Ae snapped as he began pacing around the room "that isn't.... I can't have, he didn't do anything. We are just friends" Ae sounded more and more desperate the further he got through the sentence.

"Calm down Ai Ae it's fine” Can said trying to reassure him without using his abilities “if he is affecting you like this it must mean something and I've seen the way you two look at each other, even if you didn't have that crazy beast thing in you I think you would be going through this anyway" Can teased then jumped out of the way before Ae could hit him.

"For the last time Ai Can I am a Chimera, not a crazy beast thing you asshole" Ae's panic made way for his anger then just as quickly gave way to curiosity "what do you mean. Ai Can do you know how Ai Pete feels about me?"

"You know I won’t tell you Ai Ae" Can backed up towards the door “Ai Pete has a right to keep his feelings to himself” Can grabbed a hold of the door handle “maybe you should try taking a chance Ai Ae because what you feel for him is more than desire” Can yanked open the door making a run for it before Ae could come after him.


The next morning Ae didn’t even bother to ask Can where he had spent the night, instead he was consumed by his own thought. The same thoughts he had been trying to sort through the night before which resulted in him thinking about very pale skin and soft looking lips that when he really thought about it could been seen in his mind’s eye gasping in pleasure. When the roommates went down to breakfast Ae couldn’t bring himself to look Pete in the eye after what he had done the night before while thinking about him. But he also couldn’t pull away from the enticing boy and every chance he got he brushed against him. Can had at least been right about one thing, Pete had sent him into an early heat, he just wasn’t sure that if he saited the heat that he would still desire the taller guy. Sitting himself next to Pete Ae noticed when Tin walked past and even though he knew there was something between he and Can Ae felt himself prickle. It wasn’t until the people at his table where looking at him that Ae realised something was wrong “what?”

“Ai Ae, your growling at Ai Tin” Pete said softly, not wanting to embarrass Ae.

“No, I wasn’t” Ae said straightening up not sure when he had hunched over as he looked at Can, Tin and Pete in turn.

Tin could still feel the bruise on his back from Ae throwing him the night before, shifting slightly Tin looked at Ae “is it me you have a problem with or is it that I am getting close to Ai Can?”

“It’s neither of those things” Can said with a cheeky smile, he had heard Ae’s thoughts when Tin walked by so he had probed around in Ae feelings. Leaning into Tin’s ear Can whispered “it’s your closeness to Ai Pete, I bet because you share a room you carry his scent and he carries yours”

Tin pulled away from Can in surprise and bumped into someone who had approached their table “good morning everyone” Peach’s voice has been as cheery as her smile.

“Morning Ai Peach” Tin said smiling up at her taking in the asymmetrical haircut she now sported to fix what the girls had done to her hair “are you going to join us?” as Tin asked he was already pulling the chair next to him out so that she could sit.

“You guys don’t mind?” Peach asked but was already dropping into the offered seat. Watching the four boys Peach noticed that they seemed to be strangely close but tentative around each other “how long have you all been friends?”

Blinking at her they all shared a look between each other before Pete offered an answer “Ai Tin and I grew up together, we met Ai Ae and Ai Can when school started”

Nodding Peach looked between Ae and Can “Ai Can and I met in high school”

“I thought that all have you had gone to the same high school with how close you all are” Peach smiled at the boys as they offered her a strange smile. Leaning towards Pete Peach pretended like she was trying to ask him something privately but made it clear that she didn’t mind the others hearing “hey Ai Pete is Ai Tin seeing anyone?” The flurry of reaction amused Peach, first was Can pushing to him feet and glaring down at her coupled with Pete frantically waving his hands in front of himself while looking between Tin and Can while Tin grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her back to sit up right. With a furrowed brow Tin frantically whispered something the rest couldn’t catch. Smiling Peach pinched Tin’s cheek “yes my dear sweet Ai Tin but I was asked to find out by the girls in my dorm if you were single after they saw you drop me off. It would seem your handsome face has attracted some attention, though I don’t see it”

“Okay” Tin snipped slapping her hand away from his cheek “you can tell them I’m not interested” Tin turned back to his food but couldn’t bring himself to do more than push it around his plate.

Looking at Can who still hadn’t returned to his seat but had stepped closer to Tin Peach felt a click. The previous night Tin had only started opening up when he talked about Can even though it was mostly to voice his annoyance at the guy, but here they were barely an inch apart not seeming to mind the lack of space between them. Deciding to play with her new friend Peach smirked “but you haven’t met them, how do you know you aren’t interested. Some of them are really beautiful that even I plan on hitting on them. They are so cute when they blush”

Peach enjoyed the moment that her words sunk in for Ae, Pete and Can, their faces filled with shock then a calm understanding. Tin however just turned back to her “I already belong to someone so tell them to forget it” Tin didn’t know where the words had come from but he knew they were true. Yes, he knew that he liked Can, maybe more than just liked but they had only shared a kiss. By the time Can had snuck into his room last night Tin had fallen asleep and when Can climbed into his bed Tin had just wrapped him in his arms and gone back to sleep feeling far more relaxed then he had before Can had climbed in. The next morning Can had left while Tin had been in the shower so there hadn’t been a chance to talk about what had happed or what was happening between them.

Hearing Tin’s statement Can dropped back into his chair not sure what to do as he looked at Ae and Pete who also seemed too stunned to say anything.

Peach pushed her plate away so that she had the space to lean her elbow on the table and could lean on her hand “colour me impressed” Tin looked at her confused until he realised that despite her looking at him she wasn’t talking to him “you move fast Ai Can, you even imprinted your soul mark on him” Peach poked at a spot behind Tin’s ear before getting to her feet “I’ll see you all in class” all of them watched Peach leave in stunned silence.


Pete was the first to move but Can’s reflexes were quicker, Tin felt the wonderful buzzing the was in everyone of their touches but as Can lightly probed at the mark behind Tin’s left ear an actual spark passed between them and Tin was thrown back into his dream. Standing on the edge of the circle Tin again looked around, this time he tried to study the green coloured people but their features still eluded him. Feeling like something was above him he glanced up to find a familiar if not upside down smile. This time Tin reaching up and cupped the upside down boy’s cheek, as he did everyone else faded to a dull gray and Can floated down and landed in front of him.

Blinking Tin found himself back in the canteen with Can, Pete and Ae around him looking a little panicked "Ai Tin, are you alright?" Pete's worried tone met his ears but he ignored it as he turned to Can.

"I had a dream about you" Tin said softly as he cupped Can's cheek like he had in his dream "the first day we met, the dream you woke me from was about you" Tin's voice carried his amazement as his mind started to flick through his dream and more of it had began to make sense. Feeling like they shouldn't be apart of the moment Pete grabbed Ae's hand and dragged him off to class.

"But you were screaming in your sleep" Can’s voice was laced with sadness and doubt but he still found himself pressing into Tin's hand.

"I don't think I was screaming, I think I was calling out to you. I had to, it was so loud and crowded that I needed to shout to be heard. But now I know that what I had to do was reach out, you were so close that I just had to extend my hand" Tin slipped the hand cradling Can's cheek around to the back of his neck and pulled him in so that they stood flush against each other "that was why the touch became different when I gave you the lollipop in class and then in your room, because I was the one to reach out to you" Tin lent in sealing their lips together. Can's hands found their way to Tin's back pulling him in pressing them tighter together until a pointed cough had them pull apart.

Can was getting ready to yell at Ae when he turned around to find his teacher, Mrs March, standing where Ae had been "as cute as you two think you are you are getting dangerously close to being late for class. My class!" the last two words came out on a growl that had the boys running out of the canteen and to their classroom, had they looked back they would have seen the amused smile on her face.


Reaching their classroom they almost fell through the door in their haste to try to get in. But as they straightened up and pulled their clothes back into place they were met with quiet but amused laughter from the class "you're late boys" looking over at the teacher's desk they found her leaning against it.

"But we just saw you" Can huffed out looking confused "how did you even-" Can's question was cut off by Tin placing a hand over his mouth.

"Think about what course she teaches Ai Can, they wouldn't put her with a bunch of powers if she didn't have some of her own" Tin said as he pulled the boy towards their desks.

"your boyfriend is right N'Can" Tin and Can froze their steps and turned back towards the teacher “I do have a power, the question for you lot to figure out is what”

"We aren't dating" Can tried to correct her but something in him told him that was a lie.

Crossing her arms Mrs March leveled a glare at him as she seemed to get bigger and more domineering “sit down N’Can, no one here cares if you two are dating or not. As I was saying, you will come across others that have abilities and being to identifying what they can do will be a helpful trait”

Tin softly pushed Can to his seat before dropping into his own and raising his hand. Seeing Tin’s lazily raised hand the teacher gave a tight nod “once we have worked it out how did you want us to inform you?”

Mrs March sure that he wouldn’t have worked it out so fast gave Tin an amused smile “if you think you know feel free to share it with the class N’Tin”

“Sensory illusions” Tin said flatly as he began pulling his laptop out of his bag and setting it up on his desk.

The silence that followed Tin’s words was filled with tension as the teacher seemed to get bigger, filling the space and making the student in the first two rows to shift back in fear. “You don’t pay attention to the light source” Tin said still seeming unfazed as his words carried out the flat delivery.

Quickly shrinking back down Mrs March gave Tin an odd look “what do you mean?”

Tin pointed at her shadow cast on the wall because of the sun streaming in through the window on the opposite side “you don’t change you shadow so it gives away your true form”

Turning to look at her slightly distorted silhouette she shook her head and turned back surprised, none of her students had ever worked it out so fast or with such a simple method “what made you even think to look at that?”

Tin finally lifted his eyes from his computer screen “the dead don’t cast shadows so it’s the easiest way to tell the living from the dead. I look at people’s shadows before their faces”

Can was concerned about the dispassionate way Tin had delivered his words and when he looked behind him he found that Tin’s face was a cold mask. Shuffling back until the back of his chair bumped Tin’s desk Can dropped his voice “is everything okay Ai Tin?”

Amused at Can’s not so subtle shifting around Tin closed his laptop and touched the back of Can’s neck with the pads of his fingers “you tell me” Tin’s voice came out soft but deep as he pushed his feelings into Can.

Can jumped forward, falling out of his chair onto the floor between his desk and chair as he slapped his hand over his nape. Turning at the loud bang Ae and Pete found Can on the floor cradling the back of his neck while he tried to catch his breath, his entire upper body seemed to shifting as he pulled in and pushed out full lungs of air. “I saw it Mrs, the necromancer did something to him” one of the guys called out.

“N’Tin did you do something to N’Can?” Ae could see Can shaking his head from his spot on the floor as Tin sat back leaning against the back of his chair.

Letting out a snorted laugh Tin kept half an eye on Can “no Mrs, you can ask him yourself”

Every eye in the room shifted to Can who was trying to lift himself off the floor on very shaky legs “he didn’t do anything to me” Can huffed out dropping into his chair just in time to hear Tin’s low tone.

“Not yet anyway”

Chapter Text

Tin smirked as he watched Can shakely get back into his chair, he had been thinking about it since Can had done it to him the night before. He knew it was part of Can’s abilities to push feelings and emotions into other people but with the way their bodies buzzed and responded to each other he thought that maybe he would be able to do it to Can. Granted he had over done it assuming if he was able to push his feelings into Can that it would be weak, so he had given a hard push. He had focused all the desire he felt for the other boy into the touch, he hadn’t expected it to work so seamlessly.

Instead of making Can know he was interested in him, he made Can feel how much he wanted to touch him, kiss him and cause him to come undone from pleasure. But mostly how much he needed him and craved his return touch. All Tin wanted now was for them to be alone.

It was halfway into the lesson before Tin had become distracted enough that Can was able to shift his seat back. Reaching out with his ability Can checked to make sure no one was any the wiser, feeling that the coast was clear Can reached out and grabbed a hold of Tin’s wrist that he had laying on his desk. Letting out a strangled moan Tin yanked his hand free of Can’s hold and shot him a glare. Can didn’t need his abilities to see the lust in Tin’s eyes, he would just need fast feet at the end of class to get away from the worked up boy.

Turning away from his soul marked partner Can came face to face with his teacher, who using her abilities looked like she was bent at an odd angle with a head larger than normal and eyes open wider than humanly possible “if you two are done flirting I’m trying to teach a class here” the snapped words and morphed appearance had Can jumping back and falling into Tin’s desk. Tin didn't waste a second, he slipped his arms around Can's waist and pulled him off his desk and into his lap.

Mrs March raised a brow as Can turned a violent shade of red melting against Tin before jumping away from him with shock and heavy panting "keep dreaming Idiot, if you think that is happening you have another thing coming" Can stomped his foot before running out of class.

All eyes on Tin, the necromancer calmly pulled his chair under his desk and with a blank face went back to work. Well pretend to work, his straining erection was making concentration difficult after he and Can had traded wants and desires with each other. Pete waited till the class had settled in again before leaning across to Tin and his smile that kept fighting to be on his face "I take it that you and Ai Can aren't actually fighting"

"Not in a way that I'm going to share with you" Pete's jaw dropped at the utter cheekiness of Tin's smile. This was a first and it was all because of Can.


Can didn't show back up in front of Tin until the end of the day when Peach had found Can sneaking around getting himself dinner and dragged him over to Tin, Pete and Ae. "I believe this is yours" Peach said, giving Can a slight nudge, sending him floating over to Tin.

"Using your powers in underhanded" Can sulked as she let gravity take him back.

"If you had thought to do it you could have compelled me to let you go at any time" Peach said with a shrug before falling back into her seat at the table.

"You could have let me get food" Can sulked, still not taking the empty seat next to Tin.

Tin closed his hand on Can's wrist at the same time pushing the happiness he felt because of Can towards him "what kind of boyfriend would I be if I let you starve" Tin said, pulling Can down into the chair as he pushed a tray full of food in front of Can.

Can hated that he couldn't tell his own feelings from Tin's. It had always been easy before to separate his feelings from others, everyone else's always had a distant quality to them. But no one else had ever been able to push their feelings into Can. He had always had control over the direction and flow of the emotions he chose to take in. Looking at the food in front of him, Can could only see things he liked. Even as he tried to hold them in the wrong words spewed out "who said you were my boyfriend?"

Can didn't only feel Tin physically pull away but he could feel his emotions recoil like they had been burned. Can reached out with his own to grab them and soothe them but met a wall he couldn't push through. "You're right" Tin's cold mask filled his words "it was stupid of me to assume that this would go both ways" Tin rubbed at the mark behind his ear.

Seeing Can even push the tray of food away Tin's sadness morphed into anger and with it the dining hall grew cold as the shadows around the room seemed to grow. Lifting out of his seat Tin kept his mask in place "excuse me, I need to go pick up supplies" Tin's voice lacked all emotion as he addressed no one in particular.


They all watched Tin leave taking all the darkness and cold with him, leaving behind a brightened warm space and new rumours about the angry boy. Peach turned to Pete after making Can bang his knee against the underside of the table by making his foot gravity free for a moment "what does he mean supplies?"

"Ai Tin makes sure that no matter what comes to him he can deal with it. Some of those supplies have to be harvested at certain times for them to work" Pete said with a shrug as he watched Can tend to his knee.

"Has Ai Tin told you about the dream he had the first night you two met?" Pete asked Can, ignoring the curious looks from Ae and Peach.

"No, I just know that it was about me" Can said to the table top.

"You might have something going on that I don't know about Ai Can but you should be careful with your words. I don't know if you know but to put a soul mark on someone there has to be an even amount of deep affection on both sides so hearing you say that yo-"

"Then why don't I have a mark?" Can snapped cutting off Pete's words "why is it only Tin and why do his emotions over power my own?" Can pushed out of his chair but froze in his retreat at Pete's voice.

"Because it takes a willingness to let someone possess all that you are. Ai Tin has that willingness when it comes to you, it's a shame you couldn't say the same" Can turned around to face Pete but was met by Pete's back as he walked away leaving all three stunned that the normally quiet boy had said the words with so much venom in them.


Tin only stopped once he had reached the school greenhouse. It had taken him a lot of convincing the horticulture department to let him but they gave him a small section to plant what he knew he couldn’t get from local stores. There hadn't been much time and the leaves were a little small but it would be another three months before he could harvest them again and iron and salt shavings only did so much. Walking through the greenhouse Tin paused as a figure became more solid. A kindly looking old man with a gentle smile pointed to a plant that Tin would have otherwise missed.

Plucking one of the leaves Tin pressed it under his nose and took in the sweet scent "do I look that stressed?" Tin asked with a gentle smile.

"All students are stressed, you just look like you could use some help lifting it from your shoulders" the old man's voice had a deep rasp telling Tin he had either been a heavy smoker in his life or something had caused it in his death.

"You'll forgive me for keeping my distance, the last kind ghost had tried to steal my memories. Despite the bulk of them being something I could do without, I'm not willing to part with any of them" Tin said, leaning against one of the raised garden beds an extra foot away from the old man.

"And you shouldn't, our experiences are what make us" the old man let out a groan as he sat on a stool Tin had noticed before "you would think once you died your aches and pains would go away"

"Normally they do, you must be holding on to a deep grudge if you still have yours" Tin talked as he crushed and rolled up the leaf before sticking it under his tongue.

"Love can turn sour my boy, protect your heart" Tin wanted to ask the man what he meant but before he could the man and his stool disappeared.


When Tin finally made it to bed he hadn't expected to find it already full. Tin held in a laugh at the drool patch Can had already created on his pillow, Tin figured he had better get used to it. Trying not to wake Can Tin slowly climbed into bed but the moment his head hit the pillow Can arm pulled him tight against him "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. Please let me make it up to you? Let me make it up to my boyfriend" Can's words were whispered into Tin's shoulder as he reached out to see if Tin was okay, only to hit the same wall again.

"You already know I belong to you, I'm just waiting to see if you are willing to make the same step" Tin's words hit hard with their honesty and had Can hoping that if he was being so open about this he would be as open about everything tonight.

Can took a deep breath as he swallowed down his nerves "I want to but it's so hard to tell my feelings from yours. I've never had anyone push their feelings into me like I do to others. I can't be sure where your desires end and mine start, I can't be sure how much of what I feel is coming from me. It scares the hell out of me"

"Shouldn't it tell you something that our feelings fit together so seamlessly" Tin's uneasy smile was unsettling "I don't want our feelings to turn sour"

Can's brow furrowed "no no no" Can said pulling Tin against him, burying Tin's face in his chest "what would even make you think something like that could happen?"

Pulling his face away enough so that his words wouldn't be muffled, Tin felt stupid that he had let the ghost get in his head "it was something a spirit said to me"

"Why would a spirit think our feelings would sour, it was a stupid tiff because I was being stupid"

"They weren't talking about us, it was just something that got into my head"

"I have felt your feelings Tin. They are to pure and honest to sour"

Tin froze. The fact that someone saw him as something other than a freak. Someone who wasn't to be feared but loved. Tin buried his face back into Can's chest enjoying the tranquility Can pushed into him every night since they met.

Can had let the quiet between them drag out, thinking Tin might be asleep he kept his voice to a whisper "Ai Tin can I ask you something about the night we met?"

He hadn't expected a response but Tin seemed to stir in his arms until he was laying on his back "what did you want to know?" Tin sounded a bit apprehensive.

"You had a dream about me that night. One that told you that you just had to reach out to me" Tin hummed to let Can know he knew what he was talking about and to continue "what was it about that dream, what made you so sure about letting me mark you?"

"It will sound dumb" Tin groned as rolled towards Can.

"I doubt that" Can lifted his fingers to run them along the mark behind Tin's ear "any reason that you would allow me to do this couldn't be dumb"

"It was a dream that showed me you. In a sea of people I could see a spattering of people that could be potential lovers but then you appeared and you were so clear in front of me. The moment I reached out to you everyone else faded to gray" Tin's eyes stayed locked on Can's lips wanting to watch his reply.

"It was a soulmates dream" Tin nodded to Can's softly spoken words.


Walking into the dining hall the next morning Tin had expected that people would say something to Can or himself, once Can had deemed Tin a good guy none of the others had questioned it and had welcomed Tin into the fold, but something stopped them. Looking at Can Tin knew it was someone that was stopping them from being teased. Even Peach held her tongue which confirmed Tin's suspicion that it was Can's doing. "You're going to tire yourself out" Tin smiled as he poked at the fresh soul mark on Can's neck.

Knocking Tin's hand away Can stormed ahead to collect his breakfast and Tin's. Sitting down Can saw the unimpressed look on Peach's face. The moment he stopped compelling her to hold her tongue the words he expected spewed out "silencing people isn't going to stop anyone from noticing the soul mark. Especially since it looks like a permanent hickey"

The words hadn't been what annoyed Can most. It had been her childish laugh that had accompanied them "that shade of jealousy matches your eyes" Can snipped though he pulled Tin closer.

"The red on your cheeks is quite a sight as well" Peach clapped back as she started eating her toast giving Can a look that dared him to say something.

Can was ready to fight, he knew how to cut someone down with words very easily, though he knew he would hate himself for it if he used his ability to pick at someone. Contemplating just flicking a bit of his food at Peach, a scream of ‘MINE! Get away from him’ bounced inside his head in a familiar voice. Can jumped out of his chair to look for the owner of the voice. Spotting Pete holding a tray full of food as he chatted with one of the guys from their abilities course, Can knew it wasn’t going to end well. Running at full speed Can made it just in time to pull the guy out of the way of the charging Ae. Compelling the others to take shelter under the table Can pushed the guy behind him as Ae rounded on them letting out a deep growl.

Can had never seen Ae getting taken over by the best inside him before, but there in front of him was a changing Ae. His fingernails longer and pitch black with very sharp looking points, thinking about what he remembered of chimeras Can started ticking off parts, the nails along with the fine golden fur covering his hands was a tick for the lion. The long horns that sprouted from his head and swooped back had to come from the goat, that just left the snake. Can compelled the guy behind to not move an inch, he wasn’t sure what he would do if Ae attacked, it was bad enough that he was slowly stalking forward, like he was hunting his prey. When Ae got closer Can could see the snake, Ae’s eyes had changed to that of the fearsome reptile and the moment Ae’s jaw shifted Can could see the fangs. Can was willing to bet that even Ae’s breath would carry the venom.

Very slowly Can and Ae’s prey took a step back. A mighty roar had those around them that had been frozen in place find their feet. With a flurry of movement the place emptied, leaving only those that were in the abilities course and even then only those brave enough. Pete turned to Tin “the doors, if a teacher shows up Ai Ae could get in trouble”

“Ai Ae is the trouble” Tin said even as he started digging through his ever present bag pulling out the items he would need to put a spiritual lock on the doors.

Pete’s attention moved back to Ae who seemed to now be watching Tin with a suspicious eye. Lifting his head, Ae sniffed at the air. Taking a couple of steps towards Pete Ae sniffed at the air around him before snapping his head back to Tin. Everything after that happened so fast and Can couldn’t do anything to stop it. Can was too far away with the rate of Ae’s speed, there was no way he could stop Ae from attacking Tin from where he was, but Peach could. Zeroing in on Peach Can reached into her emotions pulling forward her courage as he yelled into her head ‘LIFT TIN’

Peach had just locked in on Tin when the sound as if a large bird had flapped its wings filled the room. Tin felt himself become weightless, hitting the ceiling he used it to turn himself around. Pete was on his back, flat on the ground, his soft blue wings out on full view as they wrapped around a struggling Ae, holding the chimera to him in a grip Tin knew wouldn’t break.

The room filled with another roar that seemed to lose the beast in it before finally dying off. Tin watched as Pete’s wings fought against Ae’s struggle to get free. When all movement stopped a dull light emanate from Pete and Tin knew he had been injured “Ai Peach, get me down Ai Pete is hurt”

The moment his feet hit the ground Can’s voice called across to him “no Ai Tin, Ai Ae still isn’t in full control and you’re the biggest threat to his beast”

“Why? How am I a threat to him?” Tin grumbled still walking towards Pete as his worry built at the fact that Pete’s light hadn’t faded.

“Tin please, Ai Ae is in heat and you smell like Ai Pete as much as Ai Pete smells like you. If the beast inside Ai Ae gets to you he will kill you” Tin looked over at Can to see him fall to his knees.

Tin’s legs rushed him to his soulmate, sliding on his knees the last bit of the way Tin caught Can as he collapsed. Cradling his boyfriend against him Tin used the hem of his shirt to wipe at the sweat on Can’s brow “what’s wrong, what happened”

Can let out a soft laugh “I’m fine, I’m just exhausted. I am trying to help Ae fight his beast but chimers are strong”

“How are you helping him? Wait are you compelling Ai Ae right now?” Tin’s worry for Can grew as the smaller boy’s body began to shake.

“I’m trying” Can’s body gave a strong jolt “but the beast keeps knocking us both back”

Tightening his hold around Can Tin thought about the fact that he and Can had a two way connection, the question he was about to get the answer to was if he was going to be able to give Can some of his energy. Concentrating on the concept, Tin thought about his energy as a tangible thing, as a ball of light he could push out of his body and into Can’s.

At first nothing, then Tin felt the soulmark Can gave him heat up as Can’s shaking came to a stop. Pushing just a little more into him Tin felt a dense fog of lethargy cover him “Ai Tin what did you do?” Can asked, able to lift himself off his boyfriend.

“What I could” Tin said as he helped Can back to his feet “now help Ai Ae while I work on getting locks on the doors” Tin turned and headed back to the doors before Can had a chance to respond.


Ae felt like his muscles were screaming in agony. He knew something hadn’t been right when he left his room but the moment he walked into the busy canteen every single one of his senses had locked onto the tall guy who had been plaguing his dreams. Then some kid from their class touched him, touched his mate. The roar of anger that burst out of him had almost overshadowed the pain as his body shifted and changed, the worst part was that Ae didn’t have control. He could see everything happening but he couldn’t stop his body, especially when he smelt his mate on someone else. He needed to kill that person, make them pay for imprinting their scent on his Pete.

Ae cringed when he realised it was Tin, but he still couldn’t stop it. The beast in him wanted to taste Tin’s blood, wanted to see it fall from his lifeless body and stain the floor. The blood he tasted wasn’t sweet at all, it made him want to throw up, it made him want to rip his own throat out. He had hurt the one person he would do anything to protect. He had to get away, had to hide. But the softness around him had strength he couldn’t fight no matter how hard he struggled. His fangs were the first to go and as they returned to normal Pete’s blood flowed freely from the wound.

Ae needed to keep fighting the beast to get control and save Pete, save his friend, save the person he loves. But even as the chimera began to retreat, Ae felt sore and tired, if it wasn’t for Can’s constant influence he would have passed out before he had even gone after Tin, the beast would have changed him completely. Hot tears fell down his cheeks just as a calming blue light emanated from the soft feathers around him and he could see the bleeding start to slow down. “Ai Pete I’m sorry, I never meant for this to happen, I would neve-”

“It’s okay Ai Ae” Pete cut Ae off as he grabbed one of Ae’s horns “it wasn’t you, you wouldn’t attack your friends”

Pete had to let go of the horn as they retreated back into Ae’s skull “at its core it was me. I was jealous because of you, because of their closeness to you” Ae could see the bleeding had stopped but that didn’t ease his worry or guilt. He needed to confess to Pete, now while he had the chance. Before this was over and people rightfully kept them apart “I don’t like seeing you being close to others because I want you to only be close to me. I know I don’t have a right to say it after hurting you, but I love you”

Ae felt the wings around him tighten, with the light going out it left them in a dark cocoon. Ae could hear the sound of racing heart beats “will you kiss me Ae?” Ae didn’t take it as a question so much as a request. Wriggling up Pete’s body so that he could reach, Ae’s lips found Pete’s with ease. It had been far more intense then Ae had expected and even though he had nothing to compare it to he was sure it was perfect. As he reached his hands up to push them into Pete's hair he felt his nails retract and his hands grew cold from the loss of the golden coat.

Pulling apart Ae could make out Pete's soft features as he opened his wings enough to let some light in "I'm so sorry Pete"

"It's okay Ae, sometimes our abilities manifest in ways we wish they didn't" Pete gave his wings a shrug that put an uneasy smile on Ae's face. "Are you ready to face everyone?" Even as Pete asked the question he was pulling his wings back so that they could get up.

"Not really, I tried to kill Ai Tin" Ae’s voice was hesitant but resigned to the fact that he would have to face his actions.

"I get the feeling you won't be the last person to try that" Peach laughed as Tin rolled his eyes.

"It's mostly disgruntled spirits that try" Tin said flippantly as he pulled open Pete's shirt to check the wound under the blood stained material. "What the fuck is that?" Tin's words carried shock more than anger alerting Ae who pushed Tin out of the way to look at Pete's exposed shoulder and chest.

There just over his heart was a strange mark. Looking at it it felt familiar to Ae, but not something he had seen before. Ae wanted to reach out and touch it but Pete pulled his shirt back into place, his eyes darting from Ae to Tin and back.

"God what is with you boys and laying claims on each other. Why can't you lot just be content with dating like everyone else does?" Everyone in the room looked over at Peach just as she threw herself up and backward to seemingly land on an invisible lounge chair.

Can pushed up to Ae's side and began poking at him "so have you got it under control now?" Can stopped poking instead grabbing Ae's hand into his. Can instantly regretted his decision to probe into Ae's emotions and mind. He had done it to make sure the beast was locked away. What he glimpsed was more than he ever wanted to know about his friend's desires.

Seeing Can cringe Peach snuck up to his side "I don't even need your ability to know what Ai Ae wants. You're an idiot for even going anywhere near his emotions right now"

Rolling his eyes Tin slipped in behind Can wrapping his arms around his boyfriend's waist, resting his chin on Can's shoulder "why don't you and Ai Pete swap rooms?" Tin suggested loud enough to get Ae and Pete's attention as well.

"Why don't my students get to class instead of standing around watching this drama!" The half of her class that had stayed in the canteen turned fearful eyes on their teacher "and N'Tin remove the locks from the doors, I never want to have to climb through a window again" her imposing stature wasn’t as scary now they knew it was fake. The potential punishment however had them all scrambling to get to her class.