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Welcome to Leprechaum Academy

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Leprechaun Academy ranks amongst the most qualified boarding schools in the country. Our prestigious institution is run by the renowned psychologist Nicholas St. North, and we pride ourselves in shaping some of the newest generations' greatest leaders.

Our campus provides access to a wide arrangement of facilities to enhance the school life experience. Sports courts, football and baseball fields, and pools are not exclusive for classes but are available for extra-curricular activities as well. Students also have at their disposal well-structured classrooms and labs; a gym; an auditorium with three hundred seats; a library with a vast, always-expanding collection of books; gardens and greenhouses for collective use; a stable; common rooms with an array of electronics such as televisions, sound system, computers, and so on; an outdoor café, and high-speed wifi connection on the entire campus. School also has dormitory buildings, as well as three nutritionally balanced daily meals, prepared for all enrolled students.

Our faculty members consist of devoted professionals thoroughly chosen for each position. Our teachers' expertise in their own fields of study is enhanced by years of experience in the educational system of boarding schools, and we pride ourselves in our horizontal methods of teaching: we are encouraged to teach, but also to learn alongside our students.

We treasure all of those put under our care, and we see it as our job to prepare our students with the proper tools. To us, knowledge of science and culture is of vital importance, as is cultivating the principles of friendship and honesty. Not limited to their academic accomplishments, our students are encouraged to experience outside of the box, and to learn from those experiences.

We believe our school is a place for growth and maturation; it's a place for lifelong bonds; it's a place for mistakes and hurt, but it is also a place for standing up and moving forward. It's a safe place where our children can learn how to live. Because The Academy is not only a school: it is also a home. And as a home, we welcome all with warmth and joy.

To all interested, school admission will be done through interviews with our Admissions Committee. To schedule an interview, contact us by phone or email. Our campus is also open for visits from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For further information about enrolment or application, please contact our Admissions Office.

Become a part of our family today. We await you with open arms.

It had snowed during the night, and the white blanket covering the ground gave the school a calm and tranquil atmosphere. The perfect atmosphere for a quiet afternoon of working in the Student Council's office, Elsa thought as her pen scratched and wrote over lines of a proposal draft.

"It's times like these that I wish I was born a stinky boy," a female voice caught her attention.

Elsa looked up from her desk and watched with curiosity the dark-haired girl curled up on the windowsill.

"Why is that, Violet?" the guy sitting beside Elsa asked.

"Boys don't have to wear skirts in this cold, Andy," Violet complained, staring down at her skirt as if the poor piece of clothing had offended her greatly.

"I thought you liked the uniform," Elsa countered.

"Yeah, on normal days, when it means I don't have to waste time picking out an outfit and I can get some extra sleep," Violet grumbled. "Not in the middle of this freaking Ice Armageddon!"

The other two occupants of the room giggled together at the brunette's undignified complaints, and it riled Violet up even more.

"I'd like to propose an amendment." Violet stood up decidedly, rolling her shoulders back and lifting her chin up. "I demand skirts to be banned from the school's uniform."

Putting her pen down, Elsa locked eyes with the other girl. "Very well, Violet. Since you're not a member of the Student Council, you will have to write down a formal request like any other student. Or you can always use one of the suggestion boxes." She gestured to the black box at the entrance of the room. "We'll discuss the proposal's viability, and everything will be registered in our next meeting minute. Either way, it will go to the principal's desk so he can examine it himself, and who knows? North can summon you to further discuss your important proposition," Elsa finished with a sarcastic smirk.

"This is a serious issue, Elsa." Violet crossed her arms over her chest irritatedly. "Skirts in winter are only one of patriarchy's attempts at submitting women as inferior beings that have to suffer in the cold. It's society's way of undermining our power."

"It could also show women's strong endurance to adverse conditions," Elsa said.

"I'd believe that," Andy agreed. "No need to wear the pants to be the boss."

Violet glared from one friend to the other. "Fair point," she conceded and started walking to the door. "But not enough to make me less indignant."

"Where are you going?" the guy asked.

"Have fun dying of hypothermia in here. I'm going back to a room with a functioning heating system!" the brunette shouted from over her shoulder.

Violet opened the door just in time for a short blonde to come stomping inside. The new girl huffed, cheeks reddened by the cold and breath ragged by moving from one side of the campus to the other. She tried to get the hair out of her left eye, but her damp bangs just stuck to her forehead unmoving.

"You're not gonna believe what's going on outside," the girl spat. "It's complete chaos."

"Worse than your lovely windswept appearance, Astrid?" Violet asked the newcomer with a brow arched and a small smirk on the corner of her lips.

"Worse than your face when I'm done with you, you twat," Astrid shot back with a mortal glare at the brunette.

"What's the matter, Astrid?" Elsa intervened before the argument could escalate out of proportions. The last thing she needed was Astrid exploding again, God knows how much reparations would cost them next.

"There's a rumor going around about this massive snowball battle that's supposed to happen, and every goddamn soul out there is hyped about it."

Violet rolled her eyes, unimpressed with the topic of their conversation, and mumbled she'd be hiding under her covers and to text her for dinner later.

"Is that the best way people found to spend their free time?" Elsa asked in disbelief as she watched Violet leaving. "That's probably some middle school kid's idea of fun. We shouldn't have to worry about it."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that, El." Andy smirked, and the musicality in his voice tone made it look like he knew more than he showed.

"What are you not telling us, Andrew?" Elsa asked, looking at him curiously.

"Not a thing, I just have a really strong guess about who would be supporting that idea." He shrugged leaning back on his chair and casually flipping a pen through his fingers.

Elsa watched him carefully. Despite believing in the snowball fight's irrelevance, Andy's ominousness made her anxious, and as her brain ran through several bad scenarios, she decided that it was time to put her Student Council's authority into action.

"Alright then. Let's see what all this fuss is about." She stood up and nodded at Astrid. Looking at the guy, she asked, "Would you like to accompany us, Andrew?"

"Of course," Andy said with a joyful smile and got on his feet as well.

Followed by her fellow classmates, Elsa left the Student Council's room with her lips pressed in a thin line and hands folded over her chest. She internally mourned her short-lived moment of peace.

Why couldn't kids behave nicely when it was so cold outside?

"Dude, this is bad," Hiccup said, crouching down at the edge of the retaining wall and rubbing his hands on his left leg—or more accurately, on the end of his leg and the start of his prosthesis—to warm it up.

"You okay there?" Jack Frost asked his friend as he took a look at the number of faces that had shown up for the snowball fight. Word had spread a little faster than they had expected, seeing as more than half of the student body had gathered at the courtyard area.

"Leg doesn't take cold very well," Hiccup mumbled nonchalantly. "No biggie."

The silverhead shrugged. "Well, you'll be too busy to feel cold when the fight starts."

Hiccup sighed. "Speaking of that... I'm not sure we should go on with that idea..."

"What are you talking about?" Jack glanced back at Hiccup. "We're only getting started."

Hiccup groaned, running a hand down his face. The auburn-haired guy jumped from his spot and landed right next to Jack, his feet a little unstable on the slippery snow. "North is totally gonna expel us if he hears we started this." Despite his words of concern, his enthusiasm had not entirely left his face.

Jack rolled his eyes with contempt. "Relax, I have everything under control."

"That doesn't make me feel any better." Hiccup rubbed his hands together and blew warm air on them. "I know what 'you having things under control' actually means."

"Then you know there's nothing your beautiful head should worry about," Jack replied with a shrug.

"Jack! Jack!" A little boy with spiky black hair came running in their direction. His cheeks were red and the puffs of air immediately condensed as it came out of his mouth.

"Sup, Russel!" Jack fist-bumped the child. "Ready for some snowball action?"

"Yeah!" Russel said throwing his hands in the air and grinning a toothy grin. "Can I... ask you one thing?" he asked shyly.

Jack bent down so their eyes were on the same level. "Shoot."

"Can I be on your team?" Russel's eyes shone with childish hope.

"Sure, buddy." The teenage messed the boy's hair with his right hand. "We are gonna kick some butts..."

"I should've known you were involved in this," a sharp female voice caught their attention, and Jack couldn't stop himself from smiling as he recognized its owner.

"Well, well, well." Jack straightened up and greeted the group coming in their direction with open arms. "Look who decided to grace us with their royal presence: Your Highness herself."

He made a reverence at the platinum-blonde girl, bowing his head low and making exaggerated flourishes with his hands. The girl. Elsa Arendelle. Her fellow classmate. Also, the stuck-up nerd given the role of Student Council's president. The perfect little angel he and his comrades kindly referred to as the Ice Queen. Their eyes met, and he winked, but to his disappointment, her unimpressed expression remained unfazed. So he decided to greet the rest of her loyal servants next. He waved at them, earning a smile and a quick nod from Andy and a contemptuous roll of eyes from Astrid.

"Can I ask what on Earth you think you're doing here, Frost?" Elsa asked slowly, her voice terrifyingly calm and controlled.

Jack absentmindedly kicked some snow with his foot. His eyes stared blankly at the far horizon. "It's not always that we have this much snow piled up, so we thought we could have some fun, you know? Oh, wait." Jack slapped his forehead as if he had been suddenly reminded of something. "You don't really know, do you?"

Elsa stared at him, and Jack found pleasure at the quick waver he saw as Elsa struggled between keeping an unimpressed facade and giving in to her curiosity and indulging in conversation with him. He grinned and cleared his throat to explain, "I mean, 'fun' isn't a word that exists in your vocabulary, right, Arendelle?"

Astrid suddenly stormed forward, and he instinctively stepped back to avoid being strangled by her bare hands.

"Just because not everyone likes the same brainless shit you do—"

Elsa put an arm out to stop the other girl's advances, and the look Elsa sent seemed to be enough to convince Astrid, as the latter begrudgingly went back to standing beside Andy.

"A comedian as always, Frost." Elsa stood straighter and busied herself with wrapping her coat tightly around her body.

"It's a pleasure to entertain you, Your Highness." Jack bowed again with a smirk on his face.

"Jack, cut it out…" Hiccup tried to intervene and put a hand on his friend's shoulder but was completely ignored. To Jack, it was as if Hiccup wasn't even there.

"I'd appreciate it if you dismissed this ridiculous gathering now," Elsa said firmly.

"Sorry, beautiful, but I'm afraid I can't do that." Jack turned on his back and found several eyes watching the argument between President Elsa Arendelle and Jack Frost, mischief-maker extraordinaire.

For very different reasons, Jack guessed both him and Elsa held some amount of popularity among the students. Elsa, for being a nerdy, perfect little miss angel who had taken on the presidency that same year, and Jack for being a mayhem causer notoriously known for his pranks, and for bumping heads with the school authorities. Being on opposite sides of the school dynamics, the two of them had had their fair share of clashes and had grown to despise each other with great enthusiasm.

"You see, Your Highness," Jack continued, "there's nothing wrong with enjoying a nice day outside." His words came out calculatedly friendly. He turned his head to face Elsa again. "Or are you saying that the Student Council condemns students looking for fresh air outside those suffocating brick walls? What are we? Santa's elves forced to work inside his workshop?"

He raised an eyebrow, challenging her to defy his statement, and the way her eyes widened for the tiniest fraction of time was enough to tell him that his message had the desired effect on the girl. He knew he'd gotten her wrapped around his finger, and that discussion would be over as soon as he was done playing with her.

Elsa glared at him accusatory. "It's freezing, Frost. You are leading all these kids to a trip to the infirmary, and you're well aware of that."

The silver-haired guy stretched his arms over his head and closed his eyes, lazily turning his head to the sky. "I'm not doing anything," he said. "They are all here by their own choice, Your Highness… Or you really think I'm forcing them to stay?" Jack laughed out loud, pleased at his own humor. Then, he stared at her, his eyes turning cold as ice, and his voice darkening as a moonless night. "I'm not the dictator here, Arendelle."

"Now if you'll excuse us," Jack said, his voice returning to his usual humorous tone, and winked at her with satisfaction. "We have a battle waiting for us. Or is there anything else you wanna discuss with this humble servant of yours?"

Silence followed until Elsa decided to speak again.

"No, that would be all," she said calmly and turned away to leave.

Beautiful Astrid Hofferson seemed to want to stay and punch his nose, but after a moment of kicking snow and grumbling, she left after her friends.

"Hey, Andrew, why don't you join us?" Jack asked, just to rub some salt into the wound.

"Maybe next time, Jack." Andy waved, and the silverhead watched as the three disappeared through the building's doors.

He heard a clearing of a throat behind him and turned to smirk at Hiccup, who had his arms crossed and stared at the silverhead with a disapproving scowl on his face.

"Are you satisfied?"

Jack shrugged. "Why wouldn't I be?" He hooked an arm around the auburn-haired guy's shoulders and led them to the center of the awaiting crowd. "Let's go, Third. We have a battle to win."

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't understand him. She never could. Even after all these years of knowing him, his existence was a complete mystery to her. Did he really think a massive snowball battle was a good idea? Could he be that stupid?

Yes, he could, and yes, he did.

Jack Frost was an idiot. That's the only thing she was certain of: Jack Frost was a complete, irrecoverable, helpless idiot. And yet, there was nothing she could do to stop him. Like he had pointed out, she couldn't use her authority to force everyone inside. For a guy as stupid as he was, he was right, and she was out of moves to make.

"No, that would be all."

And she turned on her heels, leaving him to celebrate his victory. Elsa could sense Astrid struggling to go along with her decision, and she let out a relieved breath as she heard two sets of footsteps following after her.

"Are you sure you don't want to participate in their game, Andy?" Elsa asked when she was sure she would not be heard by anyone other than her two Student Council companions.

They had barely reached the building when they heard the first screams and the white projectiles started flying through the air. The battle had started.

Andy shrugged. "Nah, it's cold, and I much rather not end up with my clothes soaked up and muddy. Besides, it is kinda irresponsible of them."

"Kinda?" Astrid repeated sarcastically and stopped to angrily stare at him. "It's completely absurd. Honestly, Andrew, try punching some common sense into that friend of yours one of these days."

"Come on, don't be so hard on him," Andy said gently in an attempt to defend his friend.

Astrid let out a burst of dry laughter. "Seriously, what is wrong with him? Is he really trying to kill those kids?"

"I don't think so," Andy said as he held the Student Council room's door open for the others. "I think he was honestly trying to give them all a rest, you know, because we're all exhausted from finals. This is just his way of cooling off."

"Oh, he's cooling off alright," Astrid mocked, making Andy laugh.

While the other two talked, Elsa had remained silent, lost in thought as she figured what her next move could be. Just because Frost was being a nuisance, it didn't mean she would just lower her head and let him rule school as he pleased. "Yes, Frost is being an idiot," Elsa said at some point in their conversation. Looking at the blonde, she added, "Can you bring Violet back, please?"

Astrid shrugged. "I guess. Why?"

Elsa smiled at her and with a decided voice, she replied, "We just have a lot of work to do, and we could use a pair of extra hands."