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Give Me Forever, Dickwad

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Eddie’s inhaler was gone, his pills absent, his safety nets in tatters, just when he needed them most. His mind processed everything so much slower than it usually did, his nervous thoughts paused as he stared at Richie.

“Richie,” his voice so soft and small even to his own ears. The shocked expression on Richie’s face doesn’t shift, the blood on his cracked glasses trickles down and seeps into the thick black frames.

“Eddie -” The utterance of his name barely registers, he only understands it from the way Richie’s mouth curves and forms the syllables. Eddie liked the movements that mouth made.

Eddie’s own lips choke out another “Rich” with a spurt of red before Eddie is suddenly flying. His constant nervousness came back, and the sensation of the air rushing so quickly around him made him think up statistics about airplanes. He always hated them, though statistically speaking, they were decently safe. He heard cries around him, he didn’t know from whom. The Losers? It must be. All he could feel was the air, and a pain, though that was far away.

Just like that, he fell and time stopped its slow crawl, accelerating all too quickly, like someone had punched the gas pedal with all their might and now he was tumbling limply. His shoulder hit a jagged edge somewhere in the dark, and there was the pain growing closer in the center of his chest. His body rolled itself as it bounced, and when it connected with another edge, he felt bruised and the pain right under his sternum was sharp, sharp, sharp. He kept falling down, felt himself going lower into the pitch black Earth, each hit waking him up to the agony he was in. Eventually he stopped, sputtering and choking. He felt his throat closing and filling simultaneously, he hand spasmodically feeling for an inhaler he had destroyed so recently.

He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t hear, and he wasn’t sure if he couldn’t see or if that was only the darkness. His body turned, someone was pulling up and he saw the glint of glasses tugging him back towards the cavern from which he had fallen. “Eddie, Eds, come on!” Someone was calling, their voice like it was underwater.

“Don’t call me Eds,” he responded the best he could, thick crimson dribbling out and clearing his throat a little.

He felt a strained laugh against his side as he was gently laid against a wall, cloth being pressed against his chest as he gasped. “Rich-” His eyes began to adjust as the features of his closest friend filled his sight. Eddie noticed Richie’s lack of a jacket, realizing that it was the item bunched against his torso and gripped in his hand.

Richie talked rapidly to Eddie, but was unheard. Eddie interrupted, “Richie, I have to tell you something.”

Richie’s eyebrows knit together intently, him clearly focusing so much would’ve made Eddie laugh in any other context. “What Eds?”

“I fucked your mom.”

Eddie thought Richie laughed, but he wasn’t sure, his vision started fading and the hand on the jacket relaxed. He felt Richie’s warmth closeby, a small press on his forehead, and then he was cold.