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Ménage a trois

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Aviva lay in her bed, her first proper bed, proper room in a while. She belonged. She had a family. They didn't throw her out because she was weird, instead they took her in for it. They didn't hurt her, or punish her for something she couldn't control. Her mother had died giving birth to her, and her dad had since then been punishing her. It wasn't until she had met Charles that she felt at peace. With life in general, and especially with herself. He wasn't that much older than herself, but the way Charles took care of her -and everyone else- made her resolve some daddy issues. Some. She had an idea or two about how to work out those other kinks

Aviva's special powers were truth and obedience. You'd think it'd be a blessing, but without having any real control over her powers, things tended to get out of hand. Oh, and then there was the fact that she turned clear: the truth as clear as day. 

Truth be told, she had a crush on Charles. What, with the Prince Charming hair and the English accent, and the manners. Given his proper manners, Aviva doubted he'd ever give in to her fantasies. Not to mention his lower half wasn't exactly up to what she had in mind. As she sat out in the Central Park of a backyard that Xavier mansion had, taking her frustrations out on the poor grass, a pair of fine men’s shoes walked up in front of her.

"You're new around, aren't you?" A new accent asked, and she looked up to find manilla legs, black torso brown leather jacket, square face, and more prince Charming hair.

“Uh! Who are you and what do you want here?” Aviva jumped to her feet, her clear hand on the stranger’s arm.

“<My name is Erik Lehnsherr. I go by Magneto. And I come by here often to regain my sense of purpose.>”

The guy, Erik she presumed, rambled off in a language she hadn’t mastered yet and Aviva quickly let go. Erik took in what had just happened.

“Clear as day, I presume?” He threw up a cocky brow and Aviva stumbled back, stuttering a laugh as she reverted.

“I’m Aviva. Should I let Charles know?” 

Charles?” Erik asked amused at her use of the professor’s first name.

“Well I’m not technically a student. I mean, I am learning, and studying, and practicing, but-”

“Erik. I see you met Aviva.” Charles thankfully interrupted them. 

“Charles. How are you doing, professor?” Erik followed his old friend in and Aviva found the opportunity to run away from them.

Over the next couple of days, Erik was still around, right next to Charles. Gathering their history from Raven and Hank, Aviva discovered that Charles and Erik has been the co-leaders of the original group of mutants. The dads of the group. Great, like a quadriplegic telepath wasn’t an odd choice for a daddy kink, now there was the evil mutant. At the bright side, they were both fine specimen, in more ways than one.

It was the day that Magneto left. Aviva thought that Charles might be a little sad about his friend’s leave, and would probably sulk to himself that day. The day went like any normal one, but a lot less mental invasions from the telepath. Aviva was in her bed, like all the residents of X mansion were supposed to be. That night, she finally let out her own truth, but in her head, of course. Only in her dreams.

Charles Xavier has just got in his bed, blanket over his legs, reading a book. Or trying to. Someone kept saying his name. It was like she was having a conversation with him. Unable to read, Charles laid down and closed his eyes, trying to locate the voice. He woke up sitting on the floor across from Erik, Aviva next to them, and a bottle in the middle. Charles smiled to himself. This was Aviva’s mind, and her powers ruled here. He couldn’t lie if he tried. Not that he had wanted to. His own mind wasn’t as pure as people thought it to be. And if Aviva wanted both of them, it was only fair that Erik should be here as well.

Erik Lehnsherr was sitting in a chair, looking out the window, twirling the two magnetic marbles in his hand. His mind was never quiet, but he could always know when Charles was trying to reach him. Erik was annoyed.

What, Charles?” He thought back.

“Shh! Close your eyes.” Charles dare demand.

Erik sighed and did as told, closing his eyes only to open them in a game of spin the bottle with Charles and the new girl. Erik was quick to pick up on the situation he was in and smirked at Charles. This would be fun.