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Eyes Full Of Stars

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His alarm must not have gone off because when he woke, he failed to hear the birds chirping. The bed was empty when he checked too, and he pouted. 

Brian’s hand went to his alarm and upon pressing the large button set in the middle of the machine, the robotic voice announced, ‘It is one thirty-two PM

He rolled his eyes and groaned with his head hitting the pillow again. 

“Roger!” He yelled. “Why didn’t you wake me up?!”

He heard a scuffling and Roger murmuring. “Because you looked tired and I'm a very considerate boyfriend?”

Brian rolled his eyes again and climbed out of bed. His dog was nowhere to be felt and he called for him without a response. 

“Where’s Pac-Man?” Brian asked the surrounding area. 

“Outside, probably taking a shit, do you need me to get him?” 

He thought about it for only a moment before shaking his head with a sound of disagreement. He could get around the house fine, he just needed to know where he was. "No, no, let him take a shit."

Brian concentrated on the floor as he shuffled and followed the neon duct tape attached to their carpet, directing him to the kitchen where he smiled upon seeing a figure going about the room.

“Are you making breakfast?”

“I did say I was a very good boyfriend, didn’t I?” Roger grinned and rolled in for a kiss that Brian made a small noise of pleasure into upon sealing the deal.

“Maybe I can forgive you for disarming my alarm clock this time.”

“You say it like it’s a bloody bomb. Nerd,” The blonde pat his lover on the rear and pinched him for good measure. “Pac’s not eaten yet. Remember I’m making you breakfast before you get pissed about that.”

“And what have you been doing all day that made you overlook feeding him?"

“I made a few phone calls.”

Brian squinted and furrowed his brow. “To?”

“Hospital. Getting things ready and just making sure everything is set up for the big day.”

Oh. Right. That wasn’t exactly the first thing on Brian's mind when he woke up but now it was, and the stress returned with it.

“Baby,” Roger cooed, winding his arms around Brian’s neck the best he could given how much taller he was. “I know you’re nervous-“

“I’m not nervous.”

“Okay, so you’re a bit on edge. It’s okay, I would be too. It’s a big surgery.”

He rolled his shoulders but Roger persisted. “Can you just let Pac-Man in?” 

“What’s the magic word?”


“Ugh, okay, jeez. Someone’s not a morning person.” 

Roger went to the back door and Brian leaned against the kitchen counter with a hand driving through his hair. He was stressed, high strung to the point of snapping like a rubber band, but he had his reasons. 

He had been diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes as a boy when his parents thought he needed glasses. The ripe old age of four and he was already losing one of his most important senses, he was a very happy child.

Turns out, it was a little too late to do anything because of their ignorance. Not long after he’d been diagnosed he almost entirely lost sight, now only being able to see colourless blurs like he had his eyes open in milk. If anything was more than two feet in front of him it was a lost cause, non-existent to his world. 

Though that wasn’t his cause of anxiety, he had been blind practically all of his life and it no longer bothered him. In fact, it hadn’t even occurred to him that it could be something to be upset about until he met Roger. His cause of concern was when he’d received a call from his Ophthalmologist that he could qualify for an operation that could return his vision to near perfection. The worst part was that he might have to wear glasses.

Brian was overjoyed when he heard the news and Roger nearly passed out. He should be celebrating now but as the day reached nearer, the concern overtook him and he felt suffocated by worry.

It was on Rogers mind almost constantly and Brian just wanted to forget about it for a moment. Not talk about it every ten seconds. Just be normal like they used to, even if Brian was blind as a bat and used neon tape and a guide dog just to get about the house. 

When he heard the scraping of his dog, an enormous German Shepherd, rushing into the house with his paws chattering against the cement back porch before leaping through the door, he beamed and opened his arms for Pac-Man to let him know he was free for a hug.

He bounced into Brian’s arms and he laughed into his fur when he felt the dogs long tongue swiping across his face, though he knew it was probably just because he was hungry and not because he was beyond moved to see his owner.

“You hungry? Did Roger forget to feed you?” He requested in a baby-voice while spreading his hands through the dog's puffy cheeks.

“Hey! I did not forget! I gave him some- actually nevermind,” Roger raised his brows and whistled, thankful he didn’t accidentally say he’d given Brian’s dog human food. 

“I’m blind, not stupid. You think I can’t smell his breath when he eats bacon?”

“Okay, Professor X. Won’t do it again.”

Brian pursed his lips, unamused. “You always say that but yet I always hear you asking if he wants bacon. Nerd.”

“He’s a dog, Brian! He likes bacon, I can’t help it.” Pac-Man went to the cabinet and began to paw at the stained wood that squeaked back and forth when his large pads beat the front. Brian nodded over and over and went to the cabinet only to find it lacking the bag of dog food he was looking for.

“Goddamnit, Roger. Did you move his food, again ?”

“I like giving you a challenge,” Roger responded with a smile before physically turning his boyfriend around and presenting another cabinet where he could just see the large shape of the bag through the open doors. 

“Very funny, Rog. You suck.”

“It’s what I do best!” He teased with his hands going through Brian’s hair.

Brian shuffled himself on his rear over to the dog bowl, tagged with the same tape as the rest of the house, with the large bag of kibble resting on his lap that the dog followed while trying to push his nose inside.

“Ah, ah!” Brian rejected. Pac-Man backed down but grumbled and huffed in compliant to let Brian know he certainly didn’t want to do what he just did. He finally gave in and dumbed a cup-full of food into the bowl, the metal tinking over and over with each dry cube of food falling in, and he smirked to himself when the smacking and crunching started.

Roger continued cooking and when he turned off the stove, he turned around and patted his spatula against the oven."Bri, breakfast is ready. Get us some plates." 

Brian stood up with an accompanying groan and stretched. His shirt curled over his hips and the uncovered skin had a cold rush go past it, followed by warm fingers stroking over the warm flesh. Roger pulled at his underwear and licked some cooked yolk from his thumb with a smack of his lips.

"Maybe we could forget about breakfast right now. Go into the bedroom. Have some fun." His voice was dense and low, obviously already having made his decision. Brian reached down and felt a tightness in his boyfriend's pyjama pants.

"Mm," Brian hummed. "Maybe."


"Definitely. Unless you moved that too."

"Don't be such a rotter," Roger laughed. "Come on, I'll alleviate some of that tension." He wrapped his arms around Brian's waist and got up to the tips of his toes to kiss at his lover's neck.

Brian was lead to the bedroom by Roger's hand and when his knees met the edge of the bed, he crawled in on his hands and knees and fell onto his side where he got on his back. His legs spread and he reached to touch either side of the bed.

"You expect me to do everything, huh?" Roger inquired teasingly. Brian nodded with his teeth going into his bottom lip. "You're so lazy." His words had no venom behind them so Brian laughed and nodded once more with his eyes fluttering closed.

Roger sat on top of his lap and unzipped Brian's jeans, recieving a satisfied hum in return for his hard work. Once his trousers were off, his shirt was removed just as soon. The blonde took Brian's hand and put it against his chest, allowing him to feel he was also missing his clothes.

"Did you close the door?" Brian asked quietly with his lips rubbing against one another. His head was tilted back into the pillow and he smiled when Roger ran his index finger over his thin chest.

"Why? Expecting company?"

"I don't want Pax seeing us."

Roger barked a laugh and shook his head before patting his chest. "You realize he's not gonna mind right?"

"Actually," Brian started with a matter-of-fact tone. "Remember when he tried to attack you because he thought I was having a seizure?"

"It isn't my fault that Pac-Man can't tell the difference between the best orgasm of your life and a seizure."

"Best org- Humble much?"

Roger grinned and nodded despite knowing it was too dark for Brian to even sort of see him. "Shut up. I closed the door, I knew you'd ask. Besides, did you ever think Pac likes watching us? What kind of dog owner are you to deny his urges?"

"Pax gets off on the neighbours garden gnomes, I don't think he wants to see us fucking. No offence, I'm sure it looks delightful."

"Well, there's a mirror next to the bed and in my humble opinion," Roger said flirtatiously. "It looks pretty good."

"Okay, okay. Enough of the small talk. Fuck me already."

Roger didn't need to be asked twice so he took hold of Brian's shoulders and encouraged him to his stomach where he smiled into the pillows.

It was only ten minutes after they'd started that they'd finished- well, Brian finished and Roger said he didn't mind that he didn't because he just needed Brian to feel good. Now they lay together in bed, holding sweaty hands, and panting with smiles on their faces.

The moment paused and Brian rolled to his side with his eyes going where he thought Roger's own could be but instead landed on his forehead. He didn't mention it.

"What if the operation goes poorly and my sight gets worse?"

"It's a half an hour surgery, Bri. I don't think they can fuck up too badly in that amount of time."

"What if they leave the laser on and they burn through my iris? Like that movie you told me about."

"Final Destination? I regret telling you about that. If I knew you'd get eye surgery one day I wouldn't have. Anyways, I promise that won't happen. Death isn't coming to collect your nuts on a plate."

"What if I feel it all? They don't put you to sleep during surgery."

"Brian, you know they give you an IV. You've asked me all this before, why are you asking again?" Roger turned to his side and frowned with his hand going to the side of Brian's face.

"I'm just worried. I'm sorry."

Roger sighed and stroked his lover's cheek. "Listen, it'll be okay. You won't even remember it and you'll be too loopy to know. I'll be sure to get lots of video of the weird shit you say."

Brian nodded but Roger could tell he didn’t agree. His hands shook a little more than moments before and he sniffled just a bit, but it was enough.

“Do you trust me?” Roger whispered.

“I do.”

“Then trust me when I tell you it’ll be okay.”


Brian’s voice was thick and clouded with oncoming tears but Roger quickly swept them away with a smile. He took both of Brian's hands and pressed them against his face so he could tell he was doing so, and in return, he smiled back.

“You’re such a sap,” The brunette mumbled. “Go get breakfast from the kitchen, before it gets cold.”

“Alright, alright. If you get crumbs in the bed, I’m not making it again.”

Roger sat out of bed and went to the door, though Brian took special notice that he didn’t open it.

“I fucking knew you didn’t shut the door, you prick.” 

Roger gasped and stopped in his place. “Do you hear that? Listen, Bri, listen...It’s… Pac-Man beating off to us having sex.”

Brian groaned and slapped his hands over his face. “You are on thin ice, Roger.”

“Ooh, did you hear that, Pax? Thin ice!” Roger hissed the s’s and 'c' then wolf-whistled. “He’s getting the lotion as we speak, Bri, you better cover up!”

“I’m getting rid of both you and Pax.”

Roger laughed and patted the door. “Sure, sure. Then you can wonder which cabinet the dog food is in by yourself, right?”

Brian held up two middle fingers and smiled with a nod, sitting up. “I saw these at the grocery and got you a pair.”

“I don’t think you saw anything at the grocery-” Roger then bolted out of the room before Brian could react, laughing all the way.