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Doppio's Mine

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The moment a certain pink haired boy stepped into the premise of his high school, everyone flocked him like birds fighting over crumbs of bread on the floor. Everyone wanted to get into a conversation with the boy even if it meant to share a word. A simple 'Hi' or a smile can melt a crowd. That was the 'power' Vinegar Doppio possessed.

He had a hard time to pass through the crowd without having three or more people stopping him and offering him things he could not listen well. It was so crowded that Doppio felt dizzy from all the carbon dioxide that gathered around him because these people just don't understand what personal space is. As a student loved by all, Doppio only smiled and answered them one by one. A person would have been irritated by this situation but Doppio was genuine going into conversations with the people around him. It was a hassle but the boy was happy that he could finally have people who cared for him unlike how he was treated back in middle school.

Today was unfortunate for Doppio, he was pushed around when people at the back became impatient that the people in front were hogging the petite male for too long. He stumbled to the front in a great speed after someone's elbow accidentally hit him from the back. Doppio closed his eyes and ready for the impact on the cold hard dirty pavement but the moment never arrived.

"Ah shit, it's them", one of the girls in the crowd murmured when they noticed a unlikeable student arrived to the scene, much to their disappointment.

Doppio blinked his eyes opened when he felt a pair of strong arms held him by the shoulders. He slowly turned his head slightly upwards to look who rescued him from the fall. It was a student with a very furious face, his eyebrows almost touched each other from all the frowning and he wore a dark purple lipstick. To top it all, he had this weird long pink hair with dark spots and was tied to a long ponytail. He wore a black tank top, a pair of straight black slacks and a long white coat. It was mismatched but it somehow made him look intimidating and attractive at the same time.

Before the boy could even say his thanks, the man who held him pushed him to the side. Doppio was once again flailed to the crowd of people before someone eventually held him up.

"Don't fucking stand in the middle of the way, idiots", the man spat and continued walking to the entrance of the school. His aura was dark and menacing. Everyone's mood went down including Doppio. He gave out such a scary vibe that those who passes by him can feel the cold shivers on their body.

The pink haired boy, despite being scared, walked towards the man and stopped him. A sound of a clicked tounge can be heard from the taller person.

"Don't touch-"

"Thank you.. F-for saving me just now? Here's a handkerchief. I accidentally smudged your lipstick with my hand...", Doppio spoke softly as he handed out a strawberry printed handkerchief to the other.

They made eye contact with each other for a moment too long. Eyes fixated on each other before Doppio gave him a surprise smile while nudging the handkerchief again towards him, insisting for the taller male to take it.


"Whatever", the menacingly looking male quickly rolled his eyes in frustration when he felt the slight thumping in his heart just because Doppio smiled at him. Despite being annoyed, the man eventually took the handkerchief from Doppio's small hands and stomped away without a word.

The man fell in love at first sight with Doppio. He cursed himself and was determined to make the boy his lover.

When the tall student disappeared into the building, Doppio sighed softly. He was scared that the man would push him away again but was thankful his suspicion did not happen. Slowly, a hand reached out to him and it was his best friend, Trish Una. A girl who was slightly taller than him by a few centimeters. They are considered as best friends although Trish acted more like a mother to him.

"Doppio... Are you okay? Why did you talked with him? That's Diavolo. One of the students you should never associate with or even talk to!", the girl gave out her worry and warned Doppio with his encounter.

"I don't see him as a bad person, Trish. Yes, he's scary but I can't judge from that alone. Right?", Doppio smiled at his female friend and that instantly raised a flag in Trish's heart. His friend is so vulnerable, oblivious and kind that it's scary if he got involved with one of the school's gangsters.

"Well I guess so...", the girl admitted defeat and walked together with Doppio along with the crowd, continuing their chase as if nothing happened seconds ago.

The class went on normally. It was chemistry and the professor had told them to find a partner to do a certain experiment together. Obviously Doppio and Trish became partners and did the experiment as they were told to. Mixing some of the ingredients created an explosion and it made most of the girls in the class shrieked their lungs out. Trish and Doppio stepped away from their failed experiment and just chuckled together.

The professor quickly turned off the Bunsen and told the best friends to clean their hands from the chemical quickly at the restroom. Both of them gladly went out but weirdly, the student's restroom for the male and female are far away apart. The Principal's logic was to 'avoid immorals actions between students'. Pft, as if all of the students are straight, thought Doppio.

The moment Trish and him departed, Doppio went inside the male restroom. He went over a sink and just when he was about to wash his hand, his eyes caught a glimpse of a short white haired man went out from the cubicle. Perhaps just finished his 'business'?. Doppio turned his attention to washing his hand again.

"Ah. I'm sorry. I thought this was the male's restroom", the tall man who just went out from the cubicle immediately apologized. He must have assumed Doppio was a female. Well, Doppio did wore an off-shoulder purple top paired with a white booty shorts and a pair of ankle high Nike sports shoe. He looked like a female from behind and he realized that too but just does not give a fuck because he can dress in whatever the hell he wants to.

The outfit looked way too cute and it took Risotto's attention and gave Doppio a few looks. Somehow his appearance took the man's heart in a blink of an eye.

Doppio quickly turned to look at the new person and his eyes fell wide. The taller man had red iris with blackness surrounding it. Was it a sclera lense? Who knows. The silver haired male was so tall that Doppio felt like he only reached by his shoulder blades and he had to tilt his head up just to get a good look at him. He has a very great feature and an amazing lean body like a male model. The boy had to blink a few times before he could give him a response.

"I am not a girl", Doppio spoke with a small laugh. That somehow triggered the male in front of him. The cute laugh shook his heart, again. He stopped in his tracks and blinked his eyes, eyeing Doppio from top to bottom like an idiot. It was funny how his jacket had little yellow bells and it jinggled everytime he moves. The taller male looked at Doppio with interest.

"Oh, sorry again for assuming. I'm going out now", the man waved his hands and walked outside with his calm composure despite looking like a child a moment ago. If Risotto stayed longer, his heart might just jumped out from his chest from just looking on how sweet and polite Doppio is. Way better than the other students.

He now has a mission to complete. That is to get Doppio's heart no matter what. It was love at first sight and he wanted the boy to be his as soon as he can.

Trish was waiting for Doppio outside the male's restroom and she gasped when the tall man went out the room instead of her best friend. She got worried and ran inside the restroom without a care being a female. She needs to know Doppio is safe. Especially being in one place with a dangerous student.

"Why the fuck were you with Risotto fucking Nero?!", the girl was half screaming half shouting. Doppio screamed too because Trish entered the bathroom looking like a serial killer.

"Get out, Trish! This is the male's restroom!!"


"Oh god, I can't believe you encountered them both on the same day! Who the hell put a curse on you?!", Trish sighed as she shooked Doppio's body back and forth.

They were on their way to the school's library and to their (Trish's) demise, she saw two walking nightmares standing by the library's entrance, looking intimidating and deadly. Each staring into the other's soul and people were starting to gather around to see what was going on. Both had their knuckles turning white and in a fighting position.

"It's a fight!!", one student exclaimed and that caused an uproar. All students ran to see the fight meanwhile Doppio and Trish stood far away, not wanting to be involved.

"What's going on?", Doppio spoke.

"How the hell would I know? I'm not them, smartass", Trish rose an eyebrow at her best friend's brilliant question. She didn't want to waste any time for this useless shit and dragged Doppio away from the scene. They need to study for their upcoming exams and both of them promised to go to the same university.

"The boy's mine", a stern voice roared, breaking the silence between the both of them. It was Diavolo who spoke first.

"Who gave you the rights?", Risotto scoffed.

"Obviously, Doppio's going to be mine", he continued.

The voice was loud enough that it stopped the best friends from walking further. Both blinked their eyes in confusion and shock as they slowly turned their heads around to look at the two gangsters fighting over Doppio.

"What?", Doppio gasped in disbelief.