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"Tell me why Katsuki! Why can we not start a family?" Bakugo Eijiro asked his mate, Alpha Prime Bakugo Katsuki who let out an irate sigh, Kirishima picking up his irritated, tired scent. It drove Kirishima even father to get an answer, his frustration building, the two of them standing in the living room.

“You know the damn reason why Eijiro! We are not ready for pups! We just became Pro-Heroes, just made it into the top ten! Why the fuck are you in such a hurry to have a bunch of brats?” Bakugo snap at his mate, bring up fingers to pinch the bridge of his nose, a futile attempt to stop smelling the omega upset and unhappy scent.

"We are not, Kats! Isn't this the perfect time for us to start a family! And what is wrong with me, wanting your pups? You think I'm not good enough to bear your pups? Is that it?!" Kirishima screamed out his frustration came out.

He and Bakugo had been a couple since their third year at UA, moving in together after graduating into a small apartment as they work their way up the hero ranks. They were making now a decent amount of money, as they soon came into the top ten heroes. They had fan bases now; people knew who they are. Kirishima couldn't and wouldn't understand why his alpha wanted to wait.  His omega wanted to be bend over and breed over and over till he becomes heavy with his Alpha pups. But Bakugo is not a standard Alpha, he an Alpha Prime, stronger and more aggressive, his scent strong enough to make omegas display their neck to him at first smell.   

Then there is Kirishima, a regular Omega with a normal scent and unless then flashy quirk, by all means, Kirishima is at times still cannot believe he and Bakugo are together. His insecurities would rise from time to time, like now, telling him the reason Bakugo didn't want pups is because of how ordinary he is and how slowly it took him to advance in the ranks. Bakugo wanted a mate he could be proud of, a mate who could give him healthy pups. There is a part of him telling him that isn't true, Bakugo was right in wanting to wait a bit longer, but his omega and insecurities were taking hold of him.

“No, Eijiro, that is not. Fuck, calm down," Bakugo tried to calm his mate, letting out reassuring pheromones, Kirishima backway from him as his scent became more sour. 

"I'm calm! If you don't want to give me pups then…" Kirishima licks his lips, ready to say what he was about to say even as part of him screamed not too, "I'll go out there and find an Alpha who will!"

Words now spoken hang heavy in the air, Kirishima sour scent taking over Bakugo reassuring one so well it almost was like he never tried to calm his mate. Ruby's eyes watched as Bakugo's face went blank then, those burning red eyes dull for a second, Kirishima picks up the scent of heartbreak and distress faint to the point, he wasn't sure if he did smell such a thing. Without a word, Bakugo turn and walk down the hallway, disappearing from Kirishima sight in such a manner, it had the omega rushing after the alpha. He only just made into the entrance to see Bakugo close the door behind him. He is leaving the omega standing in the hallway in anguish at what he just said.

He wasn't sure how long he stood there, eyes on the door but when snaps back, Kirishima hasty back into the living searching wildly for his phone — finding it on the floor where it had been toss earlier away from him when he had brought up about having pups. His fingers moved faster than his brain, clicking on Bakugo number bring the phone up to his ear now, hearing it ring. After the third ring, it went to voicemail. He tried to again three more times and each one going to voicemail.

Heart heavy and breaking, Kirishima left one voicemail telling Bakugo how sorry he was, apologizing for what he had said about find an Alpha to sire pups — promising not to bring this issue up if only Bakugo himself did. By the end of it, Kirishima crying hard. The phone is shaking as he hangs up. Falling into sofa now, bring up his knees to his chest hiccupping now as hope Bakugo would call back soon. He fell asleep, still crying, only to wake up with red-rimmed eyes crusted over from tears, snot around his nose and lips. He was automatically reaching for his phone, checking to see if Bakugo had called back, only to see a clear screen with no miss calls.

Heart plummeting father, Kirishima slowly got off the sofa heading for their bathroom to clean his face. Perhaps afterward, he could try again, and maybe Bakugo would answer his call. The warm water help, fresh look slightly better his mood. Once again, he called to have a repeat of last night. It had him worried somewhat, wondering what Bakugo was doing right now, maybe he was with Midoriya as the two relationships had better over the years, venting out to the green hair omega prime. For a passing second, anger burns inside him coming with a drop of jealousy, but it didn't last. He was remembering why Bakugo had left last night, washing away the negative emotions.

With a sad expression on his face, Kirishima places his phone down and ready himself for work though he did stop from time to time to check to see if Bakugo called him. Still nothing, he left for work but not before leaving a note for his mate to find telling him to call him. Throughout the day, Kirishima tried to keep his mind on work, need to be in the here, in the chance, a villain showed up or if a civilian need his help. At lunchtime, he looks at his phone and still nothing, the fear from before came back this time it was twice more. Going straight to Bakugo's boss number, hoping the alpha was at work. There is a click getting Kirishima to stand to attention now.

"Talk." A gruff voice snaps in his ear, it one of reason Bakugo like his boss, Miriko straight to the point.

“Miriko-san, it's Kirishima. I was calling to see if I can speak with Bakugo? I tried calling him on his phone but he…he not answering." Kirishima tried to keep sorrow and worry from his voice, but Miriko picks up on it. 

“I would hand the phone over, but he isn't here. I tried calling him myself, but the little shit won't answer my calls." Miriko told Kirishima sounding irate, but Kirishima knew that wasn't the case, the two of them oddly got along as they had a lot in common.

"That isn't like him. Let me call some of our friends. Maybe they might know where is his or what he is doing." Kirishima required only giving Miriko a moment to answer back.

"Right, if you do manage to get ahold of him, tell I'm putting him through hell and back for this act," Miriko growled out then hang upon him, for a second Kirishima wanted to call her back and explain why Bakugo wasn't at work, but this was private conversation between him and Bakugo.

He started with Midoriya first who answer within the first ring. Midoriya did say Bakugo had called him last night but had unable to answer as he had been in the process of chasing down a villain at the time. Kirishima thank the Omega Prime then tried Kaminari, then Sero, Jiro, and Mina all of them saying the same thing. They hadn't seen Bakugo nor heard from him. The last possible chance of anyone would know where Bakugo could be his parents. Kirishima called Mitsuki first hoping the older Alpha Prime would know where her son was. 

"Eijiro, good afternoon, it's good to hear from you. How are things going for you?" Mitsuki greeted warmly, almost making the worry fade; only he knew it wasn't that type of call.

“Everything going fine, but aw, I seemed to be having a bit of trouble reaching Katsuki. I don't know if something happens to his phone…" Kirishima started trying to keep his voice even as he lied, and it left a bitter tasted in his mouth. He didn't want to lie to Mitsuki, but he didn't want her to worry about Bakugo.

"What did the brat do this time, Eijiro?" Mitsuki let out an irritated sigh, Kirishima could see her closing her eyes right now a frown coming to her youthful face.



"It wasn't him; it was me. I brought up the subject of us having pups, and it ends with me saying something hurtful to Katsuki." Eijiro explained, feeling his chest constrict at the memory, the flash of hurt in Bakugo eyes. He could hear let out a sigh as to it was relief or something different, Kirishima wasn't sure.

“Give me some time, Eijiro, I’m sure Katsuki is with Midoriya right now, or at work. The brat is probably trying to think of a way to apologize.”

“It wasn’t his fault,” Kirishima said but held back about Bakugo not being at work or only just calling Midoriya once and not again.

"I know, but Katsuki has told me about it. He wants to start a family, but at the same time, he wants to wait a little longer." Mitsuki told him gently, "You don't have to rush into it, Eijiro. You and Katsuki have some time and enjoy it. Believe me, once you have pups, you'll be running for one place to another. More since you'll be having the brat pups."

Kirishima burst out laugh. What Mitsuki said is true, he did hope when the two of them had pups. They would be more like their father, healthy, determine, and bright mind — all the good of Bakugo and himself together in one tiny being. 

"Thanks, Mitsuki," Kirishima replied, feeling better than he had for the day, maybe Mitsuki is right. Maybe Bakugo was trying to find a way to talk about this without it turning into the other argument. 

“You’re welcome, now just be sure to remind him, the two of you are coming over this weekend for dinner.”

“I will.”

With that, Kirishima said goodbye having ended the call when his phone started to ring. The name flash before his eyes, his heart was speeding up, words catching in his throat now. It was Bakugo, he was calling him. Pressing the answer button, Kirishima brought the phone to his ear, ready to speak and tell his alpha about the talk he just had with Mitsuki how he could wait a few more years to have pups.

"Katsuki, I been trying to reach you all day! You had me worried. Listen about what I said last night. I'm sorry! I didn't mean it and I would…"

“Eijiro, stop. It’s over between us.”

Kirishima mind still not sure he had heard correctly, "What?"

There shifting noise and ruffle of clothes when Bakugo gruff voice came through the speaker, “I said it over between us. I... I can't deal with it anymore. All this non-stop fighting between us about having pups…" 

“I can wait!”

"How can you say that when you told me straight to my face, you would be willing to let some extra knot you and bear their pups!" Bakugo bark at him, Kirishima reeling back, a sad shaky smile comes to his face, tears coming, his omega howling inside his head.

"Kat, please, I didn't mean it! I was just angry! Hurt, even, I wasn't thinking." Kirishima pleaded with Alpha Prime; he could sense his tears falling now. The phone in his hand shook from the distress and dread building in him. The omega in him wailing at him to stop his alpha, to tell him they would be good omega, just for him not to leave.

“Yes, you did. You meant every fucking word." Bakugo voice strangely calm, holding no angry or bite whatsoever, it freezes Kirishima insides. 

"I would never let that happen! I swear, Katsuki! Please, Kats, please come home, and we can sit down and talk about this. We can get through this if we talk." Kirishima tried again pleading with blond, yet he could hear ruffling noise and someone talking but it to faint to hear.

"No, I done with this. Goodbye, Eijiro." Bakugo snapped a click with a silence now coming from the speaker.

Kirishima doesn't move for the first minute; the conversation still running through his head. Going over and over, gradually letting distress anguish scent, all that he was feeling came crashing down on him. It had Amajiki running to his side, asking what was wrong. Stumbling over his words, Kirishima wasn't sure if Amajiki understood what he was saying, but the older omega sat by his side, putting his arms around the red-haired omega. It took a couple of hours before Kirishima became calm enough to pull out of Amajiki arms.

“Do you want to take the rest of the day off?” Amajiki asked tenderly, his scent strawberry and vanilla rotating around them, trying to give Kirishima some form of comfort after what had happened.

"No, no, I can work…if I go home, back to our apartment…" Kirishima stop. He and Bakugo shared an apartment but now that they had broken up. He wasn't sure if he is welcome back, recalling the rustling sound when Bakugo had been speaking to him.

"Is he there?" Amajiki asked, rubbing between his shoulders, "If he is, you can stay at mine and Mirio place."

“I think so, and he is there with someone, but I don’t know who.” Kirishima sniff, hands coming to his eyes trying to wipe away the tears, but they wouldn’t stop, “Thanks for the offer, Amajiki-senpai, I’ll think about it. For now, we should get back to work,”

"You don't have to go back work, right away. Fatgum will understand," Amajiki tried to reason with; he could still smell dismayed coming off the younger omega, "Kirishima, please, taking a couple more minutes.”

Kirishima look at Amajiki seeing how dark hair omega was right, with his mind not in the proper awareness. He could be a liability to Toyomitsu and Amajiki, should a villain happen to show up. He couldn’t do that to them, they need him to be at the top of his game, but right now, he was nowhere near it. Giving Amajiki a small nodded, Amajiki presented him a small smile, saying he would tell Fatgum, he needs some extra time. As Amajiki pick up the remaining of his meal, Kirishima stood up waving off Amajiki; he wanted to be alone for some time. As he walks away, he could feel Amajiki dark eyes on his back, didn't turn around or give any sign he knew his senpai was watching him. 

 He made his way into the office bathroom, lock the door, and fell to the floor now. He is drawing his knees up to his chest, arms around his knees now letting more tears. Hating himself for constantly pushing Bakugo to do something he wasn't ready for. For saying what he had, driving Bakugo away from him. The blond alpha was right to leave, and no one should be forced to stay with a partner who couldn't let go of an issue or wait for a family. He spends a half-hour in the bathroom before coming out, he face washed of tears, but his eyes red. 

Fatgum gives me a small smile then asking if he would like to use the spear bedroom above his office if he didn't want to spend the night with Amajiki. Once again, he thanked his mentor and said he would think about it. Fat wouldn't let him return to patrol as he still smells of distressed, instead had him spend the rest of his work shift on paperwork. Oddly enough, the paperwork clears away some of the negative emotions, body, and mind relaxing a little. When it came to the end of his shift, change out of his hero uniform and into regular clothes, Kirishima went over to Fatgum saying he would like to use the bedroom on the second floor.

"You can use it for as long as you need, Kirishima," Fatgum told him as he handed over a key for one the bedroom.

"Thanks, Fat." Kirishima thanked him for knowing Fatgum would let him live upstairs until he could find an apartment of his own, "I'll be right back, I…need to pick up some of my clothes for the next couple of weeks.”

Fatgum nodded in understanding; he even offers to come with him in case his ex was there, but Kirishima turn it down. He was sure he could handle Bakugo, maybe once he got there. He could get Bakugo to talk to him, convince the alpha to give him another chance. The train ride back seemed faster then it did this morning, he gets off at the station walking home now. Uncertainty and nervousness filled his chest, taking an elevator to his and Bakugo floor, grimacing a bit when he reaches their level. Taking in a deep breath, Kirishima tired to get his scent under control, not wanting to alert the neighbors. Strolling down to his flat, bring out his keys, Kirishima held still.

Eyes on the door, a frown is burrowing deeper onto his face, shaking his head putting on a brave front slip the key into the lock turning it. There was no click, Kirishima felt his heart lift, but his stomach plummet. Steeling himself and ready for whatever conversation could come about. Opening the door, stepping into a former apartment, Kirishima took a deep breath, picking up Bakugo scent though his eyebrows narrow. It was Bakugo scent, burnt brown sugar with that hint of caramel but it smelled feeble. There was the other scent too, one he didn't recognize — the smell of saltwater and moss.

“Bakugo, are you here? Is someone with you?” Kirishima called out closing the door behind him searching for blond alpha, his nose trying to work out where he could be.

Silence is what greeted him; Kirishima walks into the living room standing there a moment hoping if Bakugo was here. He would come out, but there was nothing, he called out again but no answer. Lowering his head, it had cemented in his head the relationship he had with Bakugo is finished. Bakugo had done what Kirishima is doing right now. It would explain the ruffling sounds earlier; he was getting his clothes. He was leaving Kirishima. Choking, Kirishima stumble over to the couch. Fresh tears coming, Kirishima slaps a hand over his mouth fighting back the tears now.

He started to hiccup, wiping tears away. He couldn't deal with this alone, and he needs someone to talk too. He brought his phone out and sent out a text to Mina asking if she could come over with some drinks telling her he would explain once she got here. Within seconds of sending the text, Mina replied saying she was on her way. He sent another one to Fatgum, telling him he was able to stay in his apartment. With that, Kirishima let his phone drop to the floor and curl on the couch. He stayed there only to get up when knocking dragged him out of his sorrowfulness, walks to the door opening it to see not just Mina but Uraraka next to her beta girlfriend.

"Kirishima, what wrong? You just said to bring drinks, so I brought different types for whatever reason." Mina said, holding up a bag of alcoholic beverages.

“I brought some food too,” Uraraka chine in holding up a bag of snack and already made bentos with a box of pizza.

“Thanks, guys, come in,” Kirishima let omega and beta into his apartment waiting for them to be in the living room before closing the door and closing the door.

He came back into living to see Mina and Uraraka setting everything up, he went back to the sofa, sitting down with his head lower. A moment later Mina coming to his right side with Uraraka on his left side. He could feel Mina rub his shoulders as Uraraka took one of his hands into her own. She lets out the scent of trust and comfort for her fellow omega; it brought some ease to Kirishima. He took one more moment for himself, closing his eyes as the words became stuck his throat, but he forces them out.

"Bakugo broke up with me," Kirishima spoke out, feeling himself starting to quiver as nothing was said for passing second.

The next thing Kirishima knew, Mina and Uraraka moved closer to him now. They were offering comfort while asking what had happened. Through tears and feelings of being crush by what he said and did, Kirishima began to tell him how Bakugo broke up with him and why.