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    The snow fell heavily as the cold December winds whipped through the trees outside of the Lesters family house.  Inside the atmosphere was calm, warm, and inviting. Phil was the only one of his family home at the time, another boy sat with him.  They were sprawled out on the couch, Dan lying between Phils legs. The film on the tv continued to play even though it had been completely forgotten about.  The boys were completely lost in each other, something much more interesting than the film they’d both seen hundreds of times before.

           They made out lazily, completely blissed out, just soaking in the taste of each other.  It was like their lips were made to fit together, they slowly moved against each other, Phils soft mouth against Dans rougher chapped ones.  Dans left hand had found its way under Phils shirt, exploring the hot smooth skin underneath while he supported himself if his right arm. Both of Phils hands were on his boyfriend, starting at the younger boys waist but soon moving downwards lightly cupping at his ass.

           Eventually they had to pull back for air, laughing softly as they both let out a slight gasp, much needed oxygen filling their lungs.  Their lips stayed disconnected now, but their eyes stayed connected. Blue meeting brown with a look of fondness.

           “You’re so pretty.” Phil said sweetly.

           Dans face immediately sprung into a strong blush, pulling his eyes away but a smile was forming on his lips.  He rested his head on Phils chest, sighing contently as Phils fingers began to rake through his straightened hair.

             “I never want to leave here.” Dan mumbled not taking his face away from where it was squished into Phil.

            “Me either, just stay with me.”

            “You know I would if I could.”

            But he couldn’t, at the end of the week they’d have to say a tearful goodbye before Dan would take a three hour train back to the south.  Back to his home, where he felt so alone, looking forward to the time of the day when his parents would go off to bed and the Skype ringtone would begin to play from his computer.

           “One day we’ll be able to be together all the time.” Dan looked up at him with wide eyes.

         “You really want to put up with me for that long?”

         “Honestly I’d like to put up with you forever.”



         Once again they looked into each other’s eyes, they’d been together for the past four days and still had three left, but time seemed to be moving at high speeds.  They’d spent every waking moment together in those three days, falling asleep side by side and waking up in each other’s arms.

           “I love you.” Phil whispered, after months of talking for hours everyday and now spending time together he’d fully fallen for Dan Howell, the boy he’d met through the Internet.  Once again pink spread across Dans cheeks, without hesitation he replied.

           “I love you too.”

           It was that December day that started the rest of their lives.  But their lives were no longer separate, their life was truly theirs.