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LJ and the Gang Meet Garfield

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And the next day, a party was thrown to celebrate Garfield's return.

LJ stepped up to the mike as the band played. "This little tune goes out to a certain orange feline. Hit it!"

The music changed as he began singing.

"Well, he's a fat cat, a cool cat, nobody's fool cat, Well look out, 'cause here comes Garfield!~" LJ sang. "He never keeps fit, he's too hip! He likes his catnip, Well look out, 'cause here comes Garfield! He's always got to be one-up on ya, and he'll beat you to the punch everytiiiime! He'll give up anything for lasagna, well... unless he has to give up on his nap-time!~ Well, he's a neat cat, a fun cat, Mr. #1 Cat, he knows what life is all abooout!, Here comes Garfield! Look out, here comes Garfiiiiiield!, Look out, I said, here comes Garf-i-eld, so you better look out!~"

Kimberly and Chrissy soon came up to LJ, hoping to dance with him.

"Wanna dance with us?" Chrissy smiled to LJ.

"But of course!" LJ beamed as he joined them on the dance floor.

Kimberly and Chrissy smiled as they went to dance with LJ.

"Has anyone seen Shelby?!" Melinda soon panicked.

"He's over by the sound system." pointed Akito.

"Shelby?" Melinda called.

Shelby soon came out, waving to his mother.

"Oh, thank God, I nearly had a heart attack." Melinda then said, going to take another smoke break.

"I think the smokes will handle THAT before the shock of losing Shelby did..." remarked Chrissy.

"It's a good way to relieve stress." Melinda replied.

"I'm not too sure about that..." Kimberly mumbled a bit as she didn't really like smoking.

"It's also a good way to get lung cancer," LJ remarked. "And put yourself in an early grave."

Melinda just glanced at them, not changing her expression as she took one of her infamous smoke breaks.

"To each their own, I suppose," LJ shrugged. "I know I'm never gonna take up smoking."

"Me neither..." Zofia groaned before sounding sickly. "Cigarettes are gross!"

The kids all unanimously agreed on that point.

"Meh..." Melinda replied. "C'est la vie, I guess as the Italians say."

"French." Wanda corrected.

"No, thanks, I'm on a diet." Melinda replied.

Wanda face-palmed at that with a sigh of mild irritation. Everyone continued to dance and have fun since things were more or less back to normal in Comic Strip World.

"So, Ambrose, how's Witch School?" Akito asked.

"Okay, I guess when I don't have to deal with Shinji," Ambrose shrugged, rolling his bi-colored eyes. "There's this one girl named Veralupa."

"And who's she?" Jenny asked.

"She's a half-witch, half-werewolf." Ambrose explained.

"A witch-wolf..." LJ replied. "Funny... I heard of this one named Enid. Her mother's a vampire, her father's a werewolf, and she's training to become a witch, though she prefers to be a ninja."

"That's a mouthful," Ambrose chuckled. "Maybe they're related. There's also the twins, Londa and Zonda."

"Sounds like you're doing alright in Witch School." Zofia said.

"Yeah, it's alright," Ambrose shrugged. "I don't care about special treatment though because of who my father is, unlike Shinji who acts high and mighty since he's the son of Enchantra."

"Big deal," shrugged Vincent. "We beat him before, and if he makes trouble some more, we'll beat him again!"

"Though he looks more like a vampire than a warlock if you ask me." Ambrose smirked with a wink of his sky blue eye.

The kids all chuckled at that. Ambrose soon laughed along with them. And all in all, everyone was glad to have things back to normal...mostly.

"Well, this was really something else, but I think we should head back." Ambrose said to the others as he took out his father's ticket.

"Alrighty then," replied LJ. "Let's get going!"

"See ya, Comic Strip World, it's been fun." Zofia said before looking down.

Shelby tugged on her shirt and soon held out a flower for her.

"Uh, thank you." Zofia said, accepting the flower.

"You're welcome." Shelby replied with a grin.

Zofia soon put the flower in her hair a bit with a small, innocent smile.

"I'll miss you very much." Shelby told her.

"Um... I'll miss you too?" Zofia shrugged sheepishly.

"Come back soon." Shelby said.

Rodney narrowed his eyes in a bit of a dark way.

"We'll be sure to do that." LJ replied as he and the others soon left.

They soon left on the train and Ambrose brought them back home after their misadventure with Garfield and Odie.

"Boy, was that exciting!" Sara exclaimed.

"It really was," Jenny smiled. "I'm glad you go to come with us too."

"I'm pretty happy I got to come too," replied Sara. "I got to see how comic characters live when they're off the comics pages!"

"It was a really interesting experience," Jenny smiled. "I'm sure Mom would appreciate it when we tell her about it too, right, Marty?"

"Most definitely!" Martin agreed.

"Thanks for letting me come with you guys, it was great." Sara smiled back to the Mazinsky twins.

"You're welcome!" They both replied.

Sara soon hugged them both which made Martin blush a bit while Jenny giggled. It was a pretty sweet moment for all.

"Now if there was a way to save Cartoon Cartoon Fridays." Jenny then said.

"You guys really like that, huh?" Estelle asked.

"It was kind of our parents' livelihood, along with some others." Jenny replied.

" doesn't HAVE to end, just cuz the block did," LJ suggested. "Whenever I watch classic cartoons on my laptop or phone, I pretend they're part of a new, hypothetical CCF line-up!"

"Aw, that's pretty cool and sweet of ya," Jenny smiled. "Mom and Dad would've really appreciated that... Especially since the others kinda forgot about them."

"Except for in that other universe which is pretty much the only way people really seem to remember about them and your aunt." Zofia remarked.

Everyone else murmured in agreement.

"Fair enough," shrugged Martin. "Even though we don't exist in that universe..."

"At least some people acknowledge their show's existence." Jenny added.

"It's better than nothing, right?" Sara smiled.

"Yeah, you're right." Martin smiled back.

And they all had another good laugh. They soon all went to go back home.

"Mom! Dad!" Ambrose beamed, coming up to his parents. "Did you have a nice mission?"

"Mission? Oh, yeah! It was great," Drell replied innocently. "Met some new people, beat some bad guys, ya know..."

"Well, we had a pretty neat adventure, too!" beamed LJ.

"Comic Strip World, right?" Drell asked.

"Yeah, it was pretty cool." Zofia replied.

"That sounds like fun." Hilda smiled.

"Oh, it sure was!" Sara replied. "We got to meet Garfield and Odie and all of their friends, and we had a huge adventure with all of them!"

"Aw, I'm glad you all managed to have some fun," Hilda smiled before hugging Ambrose tightly. "I missed you so much~"

"Gah! Missed you too, Mom," Ambrose said, struggling a bit at first. "Hey, does anyone know what time it is?"

"5:00, I can get started on dinner." Hilda said, checking her watch.

"Ooh! I gotta go!" Ambrose said before running off inside his house. "Melissa & Joey's gonna start soon!"

"Later, Ambrose!" LJ and Zofia waved.

"Think he'll ever learn?" asked Kimberly.

"Maybe someday." replied Zofia.

"Learn what?" Hilda asked, feeling more clueless than usual.

"Erm... Ambrose's love for Melissa Joan Hart." Zofia said.

"Ohh, yeah..." Drell smirked a bit before winking. "She reminds me of a certain teenage witch I once knew."

"Believe me...we know," LJ replied. "But Ambrose sure doesn't. It feels funny AND squicky at the same time."

"It's better than Caroline Rhea..." Drell replied.

"Oh, I like her! She's so funny." Hilda smiled.

"Hilda, not you too!" Drell groaned.

"She's...alright," LJ shrugged. "But Beth Broderick? She's flat-out awesome! Major respect!"

They all then shared a laugh, though some of the others seemed to miss or understand the inside jokes.

"Well, I better go make dinner for my boys." Hilda smiled on the way back to her home.

"Okay, see you two around!" the Schwartz siblings waved as Hilda and Drell left.

"Pot roast?" Hilda winked to Drell.

"Hey, I'm sorry!" Drell replied. "I thought that would make up for whenever I'm gonna be late for a date."

"You really were different then." Hilda giggled to him.

Drell shrugged. "What can I say?"

Hilda giggled before shutting the door as the kids soon went to get back to their own homes.

"Another adventure completed," Zofia smiled.

"And who knows what the next one will be like?" added LJ.

"I guess that's one of the best parts, we never really know just yet." Zofia smiled, though shrugged.

"As long as it isn't in South Park, then it's okay by me." LJ replied.

"I'm sure they'll think it over a little." Zofia said before getting a cookie, handing it to him before getting one for herself.

LJ took the cookie, and they both began eating them.

"Maybe we'll see those Ed boys?" Zofia suggested.

"That could be fun," LJ replied. "Halloween IS coming up."

Zofia soon stopped eating her cookie.

"What?" LJ asked.

"How do we know this is a real cookie and not one that Mother poisoned?!" Zofia asked in a panic.

"Sure, she'd do that to some random jerk," replied LJ. "But she'd never stoop as low to do that to her own children! If she DID, she knows we'd despise her for the rest of our lives!"

"Hmm... Yeah... These cookies taste alright so far..." Zofia then said before continuing to eat her cookie.

"Core the pumpkin and come play, Halloween, o'happy day, Halloween o' ha-ppy day~" Cherry sang to herself, coming downstairs with some black and orange decorations. "Have a jolly-olly-hollo-Halloween, Have a jolly-olly-hollo-Halloween, Have a jolly-olly-hollo-Halloween~"

Lionel poofed in. "Well...someone's in a good mood," he remarked. "Could it be due to the days growing closer to a certain All Hallow's Eve...?"

"Maybe?" Cherry smirked innocently, setting down the box. "Hello, babies."

"Erm... Hello, Mother..." Zofia greeted nervously. "You're in a good mood."

Lionel nodded. "Yes, indeed...she always gets like this during October," he replied, before giving a love-struck sigh. "And just makes her even MORE alluring~"

"How romantic." Zofia smiled to that.

Cherry began to decorate the house out of excitement, singing the Halloween carol that Hilda and Zelda taught her. Lionel went out and joined in with her.

Zofia soon finished the cookie with a smile. "Ah... Well, I guess it's time to pick out costumes." she then told her brother.

"Alrighty then!" LJ nodded. "That's the best part!"

"Whatya think you wanna be this year?" Zofia grinned to him.

"I was thinking.... DUCK DODGERS OF THE 24TH & 1-1/2 CENTURY!!!" LJ replied dramatically.

Zofia blinked before smiling to him. "That kinda suits you," she then said before suggesting her own. "As for me... Either Wednesday Addams or Lenore Lynchfast."

"Oh," LJ nodded. "Well... Alright."

"One of those two..." Zofia replied. "I'll have a think on it tonight when I sleep. I seem to think better after I fall asleep."

"Hmm...good idea," LJ replied. "Feels like everything seems clearer after a good night's sleep."

"Yeah..." Zofia smiled. "Sleep... You ever think we might see Garfield and those Baby Blues kids again though?"

"I'd say it's highly likely," LJ replied. "Though I guess Richard has a little competition now, considering that Shelby kid likes you."

"Mm-hmm..." Zofia gave a soft glance from Shelby's crush on her. "Weird kid."

"Yup," LJ agreed. "Love makes folks do nutty things..."

"Eh, fair enough, I guess." Zofia said as she went to her bed to rest up after a big adventure.

"Night, Sis." LJ said as he went to his own bed as well.

Zofia nodded before turning over, hugging her pillow as she drifted off to sleep with her brother. And so, another adventure had come to an end...but a new one was looming around the corner, what with Halloween's advent approaching.

The End