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LJ and the Gang Meet Garfield

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"Behold!" Ambrose's voice proclaimed before he ran inside to see the Schwartz family.

"Uh...?" LJ and Zofia blinked.

"My dad has a place he wants you guys to visit." Ambrose told them as he had something in his hands.

"What's THIS?" asked the two kids.

"It's another world," Ambrose smiled, cracking it open to show them a different world. "They call it Comic Strip World."

"Clever..." Zofia said.

"Apparently newspaper comics you see all the time are made in this world and then sent into our world, The Real World," Ambrose pointed out to them. "See? There's Garfield and Odie."

LJ gave an impressed whistle. "Cool..." he remarked. "Should we go get the others?"

"If you think that would be alright," Ambrose said. "Dad says your friends are welcome to come. He asked me to come to you guys because he and Mom are busy. They had to go to the Netherworld for something of upmost importance."

"Oh...well, okay," LJ replied. "I'll go call the others."

"You do that." Ambrose replied.

"Thanks, Brose, are you coming with us?" Zofia asked.

"Well... I guess I could..." Ambrose paused before smirking. "Am I allowed?"

"If you want to." LJ replied.

"Well, Mom and Dad said I wasn't invited to their emergency, so why not?" Ambrose said.

"I hope everything's okay." Zofia said.

"Me too..." Ambrose nodded.

A cut shot was shown, showing Drell and Hilda at the Netherworld Spa together, relaxing and having some alone time together since Ambrose wasn't with them so they could take a little break for just the two of them.

"Eh, whatever it is, they can handle it," LJ shrugged. "Now let's go call the others!"

"Yeah!" Zofia and Ambrose beamed.

And so, they called their friends to reach out to their own adventure group, though not everybody could make it.

"Garfield?" Akito pondered. "Vincent, didn't you say your cat's brother was Garfield?"

"I think so... Weird..." Vincent replied. "I might go, I dunno."

"So...izzat a yay or nay?" asked LJ.

"Eh, might as well," Vincent shrugged. "I'm curious of this Comic Strip World."

"Superlative!" LJ replied. "See you there!"

The three soon waited by the front door to await the others who would join them on this journey.

"Just imagine... A comic strip world..." Zofia said, looking through the book. "You think we'll meet the kids from Baby Blues?"

"Probably," LJ replied. "It's a given."

"This is amazing, Ambrose." Zofia said.

"Why, thank you!" Ambrose beamed brightly. "I can tell this will be an interesting adventure."

"Let's hope so." replied LJ.

Eventually, the Fudos came with Raul, Kimberly, and Chrissy.

"Dib and Gaz went to some Scientist Convention with their dad." Raul told the Schwartz kids.

"Ah, well," LJ shrugged. "Maybe they'll find some way to have fun...after all, Dib still has Giffany."

"Yeah, I think he asked her to come along." Raul replied.

"Luckily, we're here too," Vincent told LJ and Zofia. "Hey, Ambrose."

"Hey." Ambrose waved.

"Alright, everyone who's available is here!" LJ replied. "And... I think Martin, Jenny, and that Sara Simple kid should be coming in awhile."

"How ARE Martin and Sara anyway?" Estelle smiled.

"Seems to be going well," Zofia replied. "Martin told us how much fun they had with Frosty the Snowman."

"Yeah, must've had one heck of a time." Raul replied.

Eventually, the Mazinsky twins came with Sara.

"Ah, speaking of which." Estelle said.

"A comic book world, huh?" Sara asked. "Well, I'm more open-minded than my mother."

"Great!" Martin beamed. "This is gonna be loads of fun!"

"Uh, thanks for inviting us, guys." Jenny said to the others.

"Sure thing, Jen M," Vincent said. "Oh, sorry, saying that since I'm with Jenny Foxworth and all."

"We get it, no problem." The others assured him.

"So is everyone going here then?" Ambrose asked.

"Yeah, it sure looks like it." Akito replied.

"Okay, good," Ambrose replied as he soon showed a ticket wrapped around his neck with a lanyard. "Now my dad said that a special train from the Netherworld would be coming in to bring us to where we need to go as long as I keep this ticket handy so we can use his Nether Credits."

Everyone nodded in response.

"Nice to know your father's legacy still lives on, even though Dad took over after his retirement." Estelle said to Ambrose.

"I thought though that you would take over after his retirement." Akito then said.

"Can't help it," Ambrose replied. "I didn't want the responsibility. Besides, you and your dad were pretty good in the competition against Cassandra and Portia."

"I dunno about that situation, but okay." LJ replied.

They soon waited for the train to come.

"So, anyone hear about that place called Camp Campbell?" Ambrose asked.

"I believe they call it 'Camp Camp' now." Jenny replied.

"I think that Coop Burtonburger kid went there for the summer..." LJ replied.

"You ever think we might see him again?" Zofia wondered. "He seemed pretty interesting."

"That's for sure," LJ replied. "And...probably."

They continued to wait, and soon, the train came over.

"All aboard!" The conductor called out. "Express Train headed straight for Comic Strip World!"

"Come on, let's go!" Ambrose told the others, showing the conductor his ticket with Nether Credits for them to use.

The kids climbed aboard.

"You're clear." The conductor told Ambrose.

"Thanks!" Ambrose beamed as he came on board with his friends.

And soon the train took off into the comic-book realm. As they went through a portal, leaving their own world, they seemed to pass through a swirling vortex which showed various comic characters in their panels with speech balloons, thought bubbles, and symbols used to replace swearing.

"This is weird." Estelle said.

"I kinda like it though." Jenny replied.

"I'm not sure what I think." Sara commented.

"It's kinda trippy... But also fun." Martin replied.

"Uh, is there any reason your old man wants us to meet Garfield and Odie?" Zofia soon asked their young warlock friend.

"Huh? Oh, yeah!" Ambrose replied. "Garfield is thinking of leaving Comic Strip World."

"Considering how monotonous his life has gotten?" asked Vincent. "I don't really blame him."

"Yeah, that's what I'm getting from it." Ambrose nodded.

Everyone murmured in agreement.

"Looks like this is it." Ambrose said before seeing a glowing star burst.

Soon, the glow overcast all of them, sending them into another world.

"I can't believe I have to take you to see my Uncle Jon." Mandy glared at Billy as they traveled down the block.

"And all while Grim is at the Underworld Ta-vern, too," Billy replied. "What does 'drinking to forget your regrets' mean, Mandy?"

"It means I can't wait until I start doing that once I'm 21." Mandy narrowed her eyes.

A black-haired boy looked to them.

"Hey, kid, you know a Jon Arbunkle?" Mandy asked him.

"Uh... Isn't that the guy who lives next-door to the MacPhersons and the Bittermans?" The boy replied.

Mandy looked at him a bit impatiently.

"Uh, yeah, I know where he is..." The boy then said nervously. "Erm... My name's Bogart."

"Okay, lead us to him." Mandy replied.

"Erm... Yes, ma'am..." Bogart said as he led the way.

"Come on, Pinhead." Mandy said, dragging Billy behind them.

"Uh, is your brother okay?" Bogart asked.

"He's NOT my brother." replied Mandy.

"Oh... Uh... Are you dating?" Bogart asked.

"GET REAL!" Mandy huffed. "He's my friend."

"Heh... If you say so..." Bogart grinned nervously.

"I mean it," Mandy replied. "And if you say otherwise, I'll rip your arms off and shove them up your butt."

Bogart let out a small gulp from that.

As they were wandering off, they soon saw a train in front of three houses.

"DAD! There's a train in the front yard!" A brunette boy called out from his bedroom window.

"RODNEY, STOP TRYING TO GET OUT OF YOUR CHORES!" A loud, grouchy voice snapped.

"Yeesh..." Bogart winced.

"What the...?" Billy and Mandy both looked confused, seeing the train.

Ambrose soon came out of the train with the group so that they could meet Garfield.

"Welp, here we are: Comic World!" LJ exclaimed.

Ambrose soon led his friends out of the train. Once they were all out, the train soon took off into the sky like in a science-fiction movie, back into the Netherworld. Bogart's eyes widened from that and he soon fainted in the middle of the ground beside Billy and Mandy.

"Whoa, he's a really good sleeper!" Billy laughed.

"Billy and Mandy?" Akito and Estelle asked.

"Yep," Mandy rolled her eyes. "You adventure twins, the kids of Ace Detective Atticus Fudo."

"Also us too," replied LJ, Zofia, Martin, Jenny, Raul, Ambrose and Sara.

"Great..." Mandy crossed her arms.

"What're you doing here?" Jenny asked.

"Visiting my Uncle Jon," Mandy rolled her eyes. "My parents thought I needed some fresh air."

"Also, minus one Reaper." noted Kimberly and Chrissy.

"Grim's in a Ta-Vern, drowning his sorrows," replied Billy. "Or something like that."

"Yeah, pretty much." Mandy rolled her eyes.

The kids from the houses next door soon came out, curiously. Both had houses with three kids, but one of them had two boys and a girl and the other had two girls and a boy.

"You kids got starin' problems?!" Mandy glared.

"I haven't seen them before." The black-haired boy told the older redheaded girl who was his sister.

"Maybe they're aliens." The brunette boy smirked to his younger siblings, a brown-haired girl and a blonde boy.

"Or maybe they just moved in." replied a kid with spiky black hair, a blue-and-yellow t-shirt, and jeans.

"Well, I'M visiting my uncle, I don't know what these dorks are up to." Mandy glowered.

"I'll have you know that I invited them here." Ambrose told the evil little girl.

"Yeah, so chew on THAT!" LJ smirked.

Mandy growled with fire in her eyes. The brown-haired girl soon yelped and hid behind her older brother while her younger brother narrowed his eyes, waving out what looked like a green baseball bat in a threatening and warning way at Mandy for scaring his sister.

"Is that supposed to scare me?" Mandy scoffed.

LJ shrugged. Mandy soon went to go up to the front door.

While that was happening, a certain orange cat was seen asleep in his bed. He soon saw the sunlight coming from out the window and soon put the blind down to make it seem like it was still night time so that he could still go to sleep only for the blind to go back up, so he tried to move his bed. Unfortunately, the blinds shot up yet again. Garfield soon went to find a dark corner in his room to block out the sunlight, and soon did so he could go back to sleep. In the kitchen, there was Jon as he was cooking since he was already up and about. He flipped three eggs and did a few maneuvers to put them on the plate. An excited dog soon came out, panting over to his human as he entered the kitchen.

"Good morning, Odie!" Jon smiled to his dog.

Odie barked and jumped in excitement.

"Are you hungry, boy?" Jon smiled as his dog barked to him. "Atta boy! Breakfast is nearly ready. We'll eat as soon as I I arouse 'Mr. Grumpy'," He was about to call out until he heard the doorbell. "Huh? Who could that be?" He went and opened the door. "Oh, morning, Mandy! And you brought your little friends too!" Jon exclaimed.

"Hi, Uncle Jon." Mandy forced herself to say.

"You're early," Jon said to her. "I thought you weren't coming until tomorrow."

"Guess the Endsville city bus had other plans." Mandy replied.

"Well, since you're here you might as well come on in!" Jon replied, letting the kids inside.

The others soon followed after Mandy.

"And I see you brought your boyfriend." Jon said, seeing Billy.

"WHAT?!" Mandy scowled. "Not even in HIS dreams!"

"Besides, Billy is barely a friend, let alone a boyfriend," added Martin. "He's too dimwitted to understand the concept of relationships, anyways!"

"Well, I can make more breakfast," Jon smiled before calling out. "Garfield! Breakfast!"

"Well, what do you know? I guess every cloud does have a silver lining." Garfield mumbled to himself before he got up, hitting his head on a shelf, causing books to topple down on him before the other shelves soon fell onto him, hitting him with a bit of Murphy's Law.

Sara blinked. "Anybody hear that?" she asked, turning her attention to the small hallway.

"You mean the crashing and the bashing and the hurting?" Billy asked.

"Yeah?" Sara replied.

"No, not really." Billy then said.

Sara looked unimpressed from that answer. Eventually, Garfield stumbled into the kitchen, looking none-the-worse-for-wear, but a little scuffed up.

"He looks like me when I oversleep for school." Billy laughed idiotically.

"Oh, my..." Jon frowned a bit before perking up to his cat as he came into the room. "Good morning, Garfield!"

"'Good morning? Good morning'?" Garfield scoffed as he stumbled into the kitchen. "Jon, it's Monday. Monday is the armpit of the week."

"He makes a good point," LJ shrugged. "Monday IS a pretty crummy day."

"It's like a black hole in the counter that just sucks all the joy out of our entire being!" Garfield cried out.

"That sounds like something my mother would say." Zofia said to herself.

LJ nodded in response.

"Lighten up, Garfield, you're the star of a comic strip!" Jon smiled to his cat as he served breakfast.

"Work is the big part of the problem." Garfield mumbled as he grabbed the ketchup bottle.

"Well, you better cheer up fast, pal, because we leave for work in 20 minutes." Jon smiled.

Garfield tried to squirt ketchup on his food, but it spilled all over his breakfast, making him sigh. "I can just cry."

"Well, I figure you'll have to do it on your own time." replied Jenny.

"Say, kids, wanna come to Comix Studios with us?" Jon offered. "Garfield's got a comic strip to do today."

"Oh, sure, that sounds cool." Zofia replied.

"Alright!" LJ replied. "That oughta be fun to watch!"

Eventually after eating breakfast, everyone went off in Jon's car.

"So, who were those kids next door?" Mandy asked.

"Depends on what you mean, but those were the Bittermans and the MacPhersons," Jon replied. "They're from the comic strip called Baby Blues. The MacPhersons, Zoe, Hammie, and Wren, are usually the main stars with their parents, Darryl and Wanda, though sometimes, the Bittermans, Rodney, Megan, Shelby, Carl, and Melinda appear once in a while. The Bittermans actually had their own thing going for a while, but they were soon homeless, and they found a new life in our world since they knew the MacPherson family pretty well."

"Oh, okay," Martin shrugged. "Pretty neat."

A superhero soon flew by.

"Wow!" Akito beamed from the superhero.

"Good morning!" Jon greeted the superhero.

The superhero smiled and waved before he soon got caught in some powerlines before he soon fell to the road.

A green cat was running after two mice who'd stolen some cheese.

"Hello there!" Jon waved.

The cat turned and smiled back, until he ran into a fire hydrant and fell over.

"Ooh." Some of the kids winced from that.

A certain kitten was then shown to be talking with a female cat.

"There they are." Arlene told Nermal.

"Morning, guys!" Nermal said as Jon stopped the car to let them in.

"Uh, why don't you sit in the back, Odie?" Garfield smirked, throwing Odie in the backseat to be with Nermal.

"Good morning, Garfield." Arlene waved as the orange cat smiled.

"Good morning, Arlene," he replied. "Hey, why don't you sit up here with-"

But before he could finish, Nermal had leapt into the empty spot between Garfield and Jon.

"Hiya, Garfield!" he exclaimed.

"Get in the back, Nermal." snapped Garfield.

Sara giggled a bit from Nermal's antics.

"I'll just sit in back." Arlene smiled as she soon went to the back, much to Garfield's chagrin.

"Buckle up, kids." Jon told Arlene and Nermal as they then continued their drive to the studio."

"This is gonna be a long drive." Garfield sighed to himself.

"Hey, Garfield!" said Nermal. "Guess what day it is?"

"I know what day it is, Nermal." Garfield grumbled.

"Oh, c'mon, guess!" The kitten replied.

"Nermal..." Garfield groaned.

"I guess you don't know." Nermal shrugged.

"It's Monday..." Garfield replied.

"At least it isn't that old Hump Day commercial from GEICO." Mandy rolled her eyes.

"Nope, that's Wednesday!" Billy giggled to her.

"It's whaaaat?" Nermal smiled to Garfield.

"Monday!" Garfield repeated in annoyance.

"And... You hate Mondays!~" Nermal said before singing. "M to the Ondays! You hate 'em! You hate 'em! Yeah!"

"Not as much as I hate you, Nermal." Garfield grumbled.