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Lustful Hunger

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It was a cool summer night within the national city park. The clear lake below the white wooden bridge reflected the pale moonlight on its watery surface. Nocturnal birds and insects gathered around in the trees and near the lit lampposts, crying out their calls of the wild. However, there was a new kind of sound never heard before in this quiet park.

Drowning out the peaceful noises of the crickets and pygmies were lustful, alluring sounds and wet noises. Located in the trees next to the slides and swing set were two men having sex. One of the blond-haired men was pinned against the tree, wearing nothing more than his Champion's Tunic. His face burned red as sweat dripped from his face, looking back at the slightly taller man pounding deep inside him.

"Cloud...!" the pointy-eared man sang in a higher octave. "Faster..."

"You just never get tired, do you Link?" Cloud asked, picking up his pace as he held tight to the hips of his Hylian sex partner, his spiky hair a little wet from the fluids. "At least be glad there's no one around to hear us." The 1st-class SOLDIER pressed the Champion of Hyrule close to the tree, thrusting a bit harder inside the cute Hylian and letting the warm, fuzzy feelings take over. Milky-white semen was dripping from their naked legs, but Cloud Strife continued moving.

"It seems the day you wanted to be fucked by me for the rest of your life every free moment we have was just yesterday," Cloud sighed, cumming deep inside Link's tight confinements again. The mercenary remembered the event that happened weeks ago, trying to keep his mind clear from the senseless pounding deep inside Link. Why were they doing this, and why so soon? He might as well never know or care...

~2 weeks earlier~


The alarm clock was beeping as the morning sun shone in the window. Cloud Strife was the first to wake up, and his glowing-blue eyes darted across the room before they laid on Link sleeping in the tiny bed next to Cloud's on the floor. The ex-soldier gently moved his hand to the Hylian's shoulder, shaking him until he opened his deep cobalt eyes. Since Link was a heavy sleeper, he paid no attention to the buzzing alarm clock between their beds until Cloud woke him up.

"Oh my goddesses!" Link gasped, his face tinted a bit pink from embarrassment. "The Master Hand is gonna kill us for showing up late! Cloud, quick! We have to get going!"

"But what about breakfast?" Cloud asked, pulling the sheets off his body. The 1st-class SOLDIER watched Link enter the bathroom, turn on the light, and shut the door. From the dull resolution of the silhouette on the bathroom door, Cloud watched as the Champion of Hyrule stripped himself from his pale gray pajamas and changed into his Champion's outfit. Link emerged from the door in his clothes, grabbing his Master Sword and Hylian Shield hanging on the coatrack.

"C'mon, let's hurry!" Link ordered Cloud Strife. "The Heroes vs. Villains Tourney starts in two hours! You need to get changed!" The Champion of Hyrule looked through the small fridge in their apartment, taking hold of two sandwiches stuffed with scrambled eggs, ham, lettuce, and tomatoes wrapped in plastic, placing them in one of the many pockets on his belt. He then hurried out the door, leaving Cloud to get dressed. The 1st-class SOLDIER wasted no time heading to the bathroom, taking off his pajamas, and opening the drawer with his classic outfit.

That Link... When's he gonna change? We do this all the time. I just wanna relax for a while...

The two blond-haired swordsmen have been living in the same apartment for five years now. They had always been waking up in the morning and getting ready to participate in every big tournament going on in the Smash Brothers Arena. Cloud combed his spiky hair with his gloved hands, taking hold of the Buster Sword lying next to the door. He grabbed the keys lying on the lamp desk and exited the apartment, locking the door in the process and slipping the keys into his jean pocket.

"Link! Wait up!" Cloud called out as soon as he exited the building, watching the Champion of Hyrule run down the porch and onto the streets as he dashed for the tournament.

"I'll see you at the arena!" Link called out from the other side of the empty road. "Don't be late for the doubles!"

"Do my best!" Cloud answered, resting his elbows on the painted railing with quite a bit of worry. He has never seen Link this energetic before. Wonder why...? Just then, another door next to the one the two blond swordsmen walked out of, and a black-haired fighter with a masquerade mask and a velvet trenchcoat walked out. It was Joker, one of the newcomers for the tournament.

"Hi, Cloud," the Phantom Thief spoke.

"Hello, Joker," Cloud answered. "So I take it you're also here for the tournament?"

"Up and ready," Joker answered, putting his knife and gun in his pocket and stretching his back. He admired the clear blue skies out in this fresh morning, hearing the birds singing. The Phantom Thief then noticed Cloud Strife making his way down the stairs and decided to join him on his walk to the Smash Arena.

"I've heard traffic isn't gonna be a problem now," Joker spoke as he walked near Cloud. "Hopefully I'm teamed up with someone like Bayonetta or the Luminary. Even a Piranha Plant might do the trick. Who are you gonna be paired with?"

"Probably Link as usual," Cloud answered, looking at Joker with curiousity. "Why are you asking?"

"Oh... Nothing special," Joker answered, looking away from the ex-soldier as his mind was elsewhere. "Just surprised how lucky you are to have one of the oldest veterans as your teammate."

"Suppose, but if the Hands say that's who I'm paired with, that's who I'm paired with... I don't know if you've noticed considering you just moved in, but have you noticed how... peculiar Link looks?" Joker stopped in front of the Smash Arena and looked at Cloud, a small smile on his face when he saw the mercenary's face blush at that comment.

"Not that I... like Link or anything. It's just that... Link noticably changes in looks over the years. He's still quite popular, mostly around the ladies..."

"I hope it's ladies," Joker responded before he walked in to the arena's entrance. Cloud rubbed the sweat off his forehead, following behind the Phantom Thief.

 Cloud Strife arrived with Joker into the room where the Master Hand was selecting teams for the main heroes. Right next to the group were the villains, noticably Wolf, King K. Rool, Ridley, Bowser, and Ganondorf. The mercenary watched as the Master Hand was pointing at certain fighters, assigning each one partners for the tournament, unaware that Ganondorf was approaching behind him. This Ganondorf looked just as he appeared during the reign of the Hero of Time, and he was just as intimidating to the eye. Cloud felt a strong finger tap his shoulder, and he quickly turned around to see the male Gerudo towering over him by a few inches.

"Oh. You," Cloud sighed, acting like he had seen the Demon King multiple times. "Ready for me to kick your ass again, low-tier?"

"Tier placements don't matter now," Ganondorf answered, folding his powerful arms across his chest. "I'm... just surprised how this tourney is a special one indeed."

"Suppose," Cloud spoke, looking at the different teams heading out the door. From what he could tell, none of them were assigned with the Champion of Hyrule. Ganondorf moved a little closer to Cloud, his eyes set on Link. The Hylian had not noticed once that the Demon King was in the room, and he was more focused on who he was partnered with.

"You know... I have never met Link on the battlefield once before," Ganondorf responded, a light blush creeping up to his dark olive cheeks. Cloud Strife looked at the Gerudo, confused by those words.

"What are you talking about?" Cloud asked. "You two are bound together by an endless cycle of reincarnations, and Link always emerges victorious. What do you mean you've never met him on the battlefield ever since you two signed up to participate in the Smash Arena?"

"Don't really know," Ganondorf answered. "It seems like neither one of us has ever fought against each other. Wonder why the spectators won't vouch for us on the same stage?" The 1st-class SOLDIER continued starring at the Gerudo King, unaware of the ideas spiraling in Ganondorf's head. He may be getting along with the other fighters in the tournament, but he always noticed Link was trying his best to back away from Ganondorf. This Heroes vs. Villains tournament might be the chance where the Champion of Hyrule meets up with his mortal enemy, and who knows what might happen?

"See you in the finals," Ganondorf chuckled, walking out with Bowser as his assigned teammate. The ex-soldier watched with great discomfort as an ache bothered his chest.

"Last but not least, Link with Cloud!" the Master Hand called out. "You two have been turning up positive reception in almost all the tourneys, and I'll blame myself if you aren't on the same team." Link walked up to Cloud, placing a hand on the mercenary's shoulder.

"Ready to go?" Link asked. Cloud looked back at the open door where Ganondorf walked out from, his face filled with worry. Whatever the Demon King had in mind, this would not end well.

"Yeah..." Cloud sighed. "Let's go."

The rounds before the finals were going great for the blond-haired swordsmen. Time and time again, they had always been using strong combos, camping, nasty aerials, and had basically been winning each round due to their cooperation. In singles, they were powerful. In doubles when paired together, they are unstoppable monsters, constantly building up hype around them. Not even S-tier characters like Peach and Pikachu are a match for their teamwork.

Luck seemed to be on their side, and they had good fortune... until the finals.

The battlefield was Final Destination, and Cloud and Link were forced to battle Ganondorf and Bowser, who also made it to the top ranks with their strong attacks and powerful hits that killed anyone at a low percent. The ex-soldier looked back at Link, who was trembling as he held his Master Sword in both of his hands. His kneecaps buckled for whatever reason, and sweat was dripping down his face as his blue eyes gazed upon a certain someone with terror and fear.

"Link...?" Cloud asked, looking back at the Champion of Hyrule. "What's wrong...?"

"It's... It's... HIM!!!" Link answered, shutting his eyes as he refused to look back at the opposing team.

Him? Him who?

Before Cloud could even think straight, Ganondorf grabbed ahold of his neck, darkness pulsing from his fingertips. His eyes averted back to the Demon King strangling him like this, holding him with a tight grip.

"Your partner's talking about me," Ganondorf answered before Cloud could say another word. "And this is indeed quite a surprise..." The mercenary's body dropped to the ground, and he watched as the Demon King pulled out a large chopper blade, ready to slash at him. Cloud quickly rolled back to Link, who was at the edge of the stage.

"Hey, buddy!" Cloud spoke, grabbing Link's shoulders as the Master Sword vibrated with his shaking body. "Are you okay? Snap out of it!" Link averted his gaze to Cloud, who was still frightened by Ganondorf's figure.

"Listen, pal!" Cloud snapped, shaking Link's shoulders. "We've been doing fine these past few rounds by doing the same formula of spamming projectiles! Why is this time any different?" Link simply backed away, his face turning red as he pulled out a Remote Bomb and threw it at his mortal enemy. He didn't want to talk about Ganondorf for some reason.

Their powers were quite equal during the fight. The first stock was taken by Link and Cloud due to Blade Beam combined with Remote Bomb, Arrow, and Boomerang, only for Bowser and Ganondorf knock them out at low percents. The same applied to the second stock, and the Champion of Hyrule was at least lucky to be knocked out by Bowser.

The clock was down to three minutes, and both opposing teams were on their last stocks at high percents. Link hid behind Cloud Strife, keeping his eyes away from Ganondorf.

"You can do this, pal," Cloud spoke.

"At least be glad Ganondorf hasn't touched me yet!" Link exclaimed, only for the Demon King to come in and use Flame Choke on the Champion of Hyrule. The 1st-class SOLDIER jumped out of the way in time, using his back aerial on Bowser before the Koopa King unleashed his forward smash. As Bowser used Whirling Fortress to recover, Cloud thrusted his Buster Sword downward and spiked the Koopa King.

"And what a spike!" the announcer cried out, followed by the cheering of millions of people watching the tournament. "As Cloud is hanging on for dear life and pulling himself onto the stage, let's go over to Link and Ganondorf who are... Um... Let's just say anyone under the age of 18 should cover their eyes..."

Cover their eyes? Cloud thought as he got back onto the Final Destination. What he saw shocked him for dear life. His glowing cyan eyes set horror upon the Gerudo King pinning himself on top of the Champion of Hyrule.

"Nice to see you again, Link," Ganondorf chuckled, his thick thumb rubbing the Hylian's red cheek. Link shut his eyes and tried to squirm, his neck held down by a powerful hand. He gasped as Ganondorf leaned in close to his face, his heavy breath warming the poor hero's neck.

"Ganondorf...!" Link whispered, attempting to flee. "Not here in front of the audience! There are kids watching!" The Champion of Hyrule gasped as Ganondorf held his waist down, feeling the strong hands drift down to the area of his crotch and fondling with the belt. Ganondorf chuckled as he toyed with the blue tunic, his hand slipping underneath and touching the pale stomach. Soon enough, Ganondorf's olive lips were centimeters apart from Link's, his dark red tongue getting ready to taste the Hylian. A tight bulge underneath Ganondorf's armor pressed between Link's legs, sparking up a new feeling he feared would feel again.

"I've been waiting a LOOOOOONG time for this..." Ganondorf chuckled, unaware of a third hand grabbing the back of his neck. The Gerudo turned around to be met with a punch in the face by Cloud Strife.

"Looks like a false alarm for Link and Ganondorf's cuddling time as Cloud became the cock block of the relationship and is getting them back into the fight!" the announcer continued. Ganondorf groaned as he rubbed his aching face, only to be met with a strong slash from Cloud Strife's sword.

"What do you think you're doing to my teammate!?" Cloud snapped, holding his sword in both hands.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Ganondorf responded while chuckling menacingly. "This is something that does not involve you, nor anyone else for that matter. I had some unfinished business to attend to with the Hero of Hyrule." Before Cloud could ask any more, he quickly dodged a forward smash from the Demon King.

"Genkai wo koeru," Cloud spoke, already charged up with his Limit Break. A blue aura surrounded Cloud as he unleashed a charged Cross Slash behind Ganondorf, knocking him out of Final Destination.


The blast zone echoed with Ganondorf's cry in defeat as Cloud walked up to a trembling Link, who was blushing mad in the face.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your champions of the Heroes vs. Villains Tournament and all other tournaments of the past: Cloud and Link!" the announcer shouted, followed by the audience cheering for the two blond-haired swordsmen.

The fighters that lost in the previous rounds were all gathered up in the locker rooms, most of them congratulating themselves and Cloud as he walked in. He chuckled nervously, squeezing his way through to Link, who was sitting on one of the benches. The Hylian looked down nervously, his face and pointy ears glowing red.

"Link...?" Cloud asked. The appearance of Cloud simply standing next to the Champion of Hyrule startled him. Link looked at his partner in confusion, rubbing his forehead.

"Is... Ganondorf...?" Link asked, trying to keep full sentences.

"From what I've heard, he's getting a nasty scolding from the Hands," Cloud answered, sitting next to the Champion of Hyrule on his left. "Don't worry. He'll be back fighting on the battlefield in no time." Link looked at Cloud in worry, a small tear rolling down his face as though he had something on his mind.

"That's what I'm worried about," Link answered with a small whisper, burying his face in his hands. "Goddesses... Why did it have to be him...?"

"You're scaring me, Link," Cloud spoke, starting to become worried about his roommate. "Do you think you can tell me about it sometime soon?" The ex-soldier rested a hand on the Hylian's shoulder, unaware of what was about to happen next. Link pushed Cloud away once that soft hand touched him, his cobalt orbs wide in horror.

"Sorry... I... Er..." Link trembled under his breath, looking away from Cloud as he placed his hands over his head. The Hylian's body began heating up, remembering the tight bulge of Ganondorf pressed against him during the finals round. His heart pounded relentlessly, his breath was faster and noticeably louder. Link's body was beginning to ache, and he pressed his hands tighter against his head, shutting his eyes and getting terrible memories from his past.


You are mine.

No... Get out...

Why do you resist?

Get out of my head!

...I will have you make those wonderful noises for me later.


"I’m sorry, Cloud," Link answered, his voice stifled with broken cries. "I have to go. Don't follow me!" The Champion of Hyrule grabbed the keys from Cloud's pockets and dashed out of the locker room, not bothering to pardon any of the fighters in his way as he made it for the exit. Along the way, he bumped into Zelda, who appeared in the reincarnation of herself during the timeline when a sorceress named Yuga took her to Lorule. She noticed Cloud Strife shaking his head, rubbing his spiky hair until it naturally stood up on its own.

"Why did Link run out without greeting any of our pals?" Zelda asked.

"I have no idea..." Cloud sighed, looking up at the young Princess of Hyrule. "I was trying to comfort Link after Ganondorf attacked him... and he took off without another word. Why did he do that? You must know of his relationship with the Demon King." Zelda looked at Cloud with a troublesome worry, watching as the other fighters went through the locker room door. Much to her surprise, Ganondorf wasn't visible in the group... or at least from her perspective.

"As the mortal vessel of the Goddess of Wisdom, even I have no idea what Ganondorf wants with Link as of late," Zelda answered. "The Master Hand was becoming uncomfortable of Ganondorf being around Link, and he doesn't want to talk about it. Let's just hope none of us ever find out about their... relationship..." As Zelda walked out of the room, she didn't look back on Cloud, who sat there.

Ganondorf said he doesn't want me involved in his battle against Link... Cloud thought to himself. What is he talking about?

~later that night...~

The clear moonlight dully glistened on Cloud's hair as he made his way back to the apartment, his Buster Sword resting on his back. He noticed the lights in their shared apartment were on, making Cloud feel more sane after what happened. The mercenary walked up the stairs, patting his belt to see if he still had the keys brought with him before.

"Oh right," Cloud sighed. "Link took them with him. Figures." The ex-soldier twisted the door knob, noticing it was already unlocked after he heard a clicking sound. He gently pushed the door open, looking around the apartment.

"Link...?" Cloud asked, surprised that all but the bedroom they slept in had the lights turned off. He may not have heard them right now, but there were soft gasps coming from the lit room.

"Hey, buddy? I know this is a rough time to remind you, but... can I at least apologize for whatever I did to you to make you run off like that?" Cloud pulled the blade from his back, placing next to the main door as he locked it. He placed the keys on the kitchen table counter and made his way to the lit room. The gasps got slightly louder the closer he approached the open bedroom door.

"The Hands told me that we earned a big profit of a million yen, so that's gonna last us for a year if we save up for-" Cloud couldn't finish his sentence in time once he walked in on Link in the bedroom. Glowing-cyan eyes gazed in shock as Cloud looked down upon Link. Half-naked with only his blue tunic still on. His hands clasped over his barren crotch. Soft, lustful gasps flowed out from the Hylian's lips, his face burning red as his eyes remained partially open. His hands were reaching down to his erect manhood, stroking the soft glans and letting his thumb run over the slit. With his other hand, he inserted two fingers in his tight hole, scissoring and massaging his insides quite nicely. There already was semen leaking out from his cock, which he used as lubricant to prepare himself.

Cloud had no idea how Link could do this to himself, considering he watched the tight muscles around his fingers pulse and relax around them. Link then averted his gaze to Cloud, who just stood there with his mouth open. The Champion of Hyrule quickly bolted up, pulling his Champion's Tunic over his erection as the semen spilled onto the bedsheets.

"Oh my goodness! Sorry!" Cloud exclaimed, hiding behind the door. His face flashed red as he cared not to look back in that room again. The mercenary's heart pounded deep in his chest, filling him with an uneasiness never experienced before. Every time Link would arrive back home at the apartment before Cloud, he had never caught the Hylian doing this until now.

And all this time I thought he was being ludicrous, Cloud thought to himself as he clasped his hand over his mouth. I knew something was wrong with Link ever since he met Ganondorf at the tournament. And was he just... fingering himself until I got back...? Before Cloud could think any more, he felt Link's hand tug at his pants. The feeling caused Cloud's muscles to tense up at the fact that Link was tugging on his baggy pants with his wet hands, and his blushing face turned around to see the Champion of Hyrule looking up at the ex-soldier.

"Link... I had no idea..." Cloud stammered, sweat nervously dripping down his face.

"Cloud..." Link's breath hitched as he tried to stand up, letting go of Cloud's pants in the process.

"Please pleasure me..." Cloud was dumbfounded by that message. Not once did he hear Link say those words in front of him before, and he knew not even Link would be this desperate.

"Link?" Cloud asked, starting to become paranoid by this. A feeling of delusion fogged up his head, and he felt Link's hands grab his.

"I'm begging you, Cloud," Link answered, tugging on Cloud's hand. "Please pleasure me!"

"Tell me what's going on!" Cloud asked, trying to pull away from a clingy Hylian. "I don't understand what you're trying to tell me!"

"Cloud, please! My senses are dying to be fucked senselessly tonight! I just wanna keep myself satisfied!" Cloud Strife tried to back away, but he was pinned to the wall by the smaller man. He was clearly in a situation where running is impossible, and Link acted like he was going to die unless the ex-soldier did what he said.

"Please..." Link stammered, tears running down his burning face. "I want you to break every part of me..." Cloud just couldn't do it. He was going to feel guilty of himself and the poor being regardless of which path he took. His breath was still as Link pulled him closer to the bedroom. Without hesitation, the Champion of Hyrule pushed the 1st-class SOLDIER onto one of the beds.

"Link... Wait!" Cloud stammered, his pupils dilating as Link pinned him to the bed, their blue eyes staring deep at each other. The Champion of Hyrule shut his eyes tightly and shook his head, trying to regain his senses as he was inches apart from Cloud's face.

"Forgive me, Cloud," Link choked, his voice breaking up as these tears continued running down his blushing face. "I want to fight this addiction... but I can't! I just can't! I thought I was rid of the trauma, but it always finds its way back to me. This spell... it always finds its way back to me."

"Link, listen," Cloud falsely chuckled, his wrists tensing as Link kept a firm grip on his hands. "We can find a way around this. Let me help you..." The ex-soldier was then interrupted by Link placing one of his fingers on his lips, his thumb tracing the mercenary's lower lip.

"Sorry I have to do this... but I must free myself..." Link sighed, his hands fondling Cloud's belt. The Hylian pulled down his roommate's pants and underwear, exposing Cloud's own manhood.

"It's sticking up... like mine..." Link responded, getting a firm grip on the sex organ. Blood rushed to Cloud's groin, and he hated how his partner was doing this to him.

"Link... Please don't..." Cloud gasped, his face beaming red as Link rubbed his cock quite nicely. The Champion of Hyrule stroked the erection in a soft, rhythmic manner, watching as the pre-cum bubbled up on the tip. Cloud could have got up from the bed and pushed Link away from him. Alas, he was in a situation where fleeing is impossible, and Link was right on top of him.

"Because of me, I'm sorry," Link sighed, his knees resting near on both sides of Cloud's hips. The mercenary looked up to see Link reaching down to his own tight entrance, spreading those rings open with his hands.

"This is a good place to put it... ~♡" Link continued, gritting his teeth as the glans of Cloud's erect cock brushed against the tight hole. In one clean movement, Link thrusted his hips down on Cloud's erection, their red faces gaping open in mixed emotions.

Link...? What's gotten into you?

Cloud's teeth clenched tightly together as Link began to move without letting him relax. The ex-soldier groaned as the Hylian moved his ass up and down, riding his roommate's cock. His hips moved in a steady rhythm, trying to feel the spot where that cock of his partner's could press against. Link leaned in close to Cloud's face, panting as he continued grinding himself outside Cloud's erection.

What is this feeling...? Cloud thought, his stomach fluids churning as his rod was constantly being swallowed by the Hylian riding him while his tip was kept inside his tight confinements.

How could this happen to me? One minute we were in an intense fight in the tourney you worried so much about. The next, you were... You were... Oh, mother of the planet, I can't even think straight. Sorry I have to do this to you, pal...

Cloud Strife grabbed the tight glutes of Link's soft ass, changing positions so that Link was lying on the bed on his back while Cloud loomed over him. He did not move until the both of them relaxed to the feeling, keeping in mind of Link's eyes tearing up as though he had PTSD of a familiar situation.

"I know how much you want to do this," Link chuckled, resting his hands on both sides of his head. Cloud shook his head in guilt and pain before he began thrusting his hips. He found a slow and steady rhythm to go off with, lifting the Hylian's legs up to his head. Link let off moans of ecstacy, his breathing becoming erratic. The Hylian's mind went in circles as the tip brushed against his sweet spot, and his blue orbs dilated as he looked up to see Cloud's half-awake eyes.

Cloud pressed his face against Link's neck, hearing his roommate's erotic urges to move faster and harder. He wasted no time moving at the right pace to make Link cry out in pain mixed with pleasure. The both of them wished they would never be in this situation, because it didn't seem like either wanted to do this. Cloud was forced to pound Link senselessly like a rapist, and this was just too soon for him to answer.

"So... Ngh! So close..." Cloud groaned, trying to hold in a warm filling overtaking his cock.

"Fi~ Fill me up inside~!" Link's first time to Cloud Strife releasing his warm, milky load inside him was a sight to behold. The both of them shut their eyes as they climaxed in two different places: one on Cloud's stomach and the other inside Link's tight entrance. Their breathing hitched as Cloud stopped moving, already having wasted most of his energy on fucking Link like a wild animal.


"Cloud...?" Link asked as he sat up on his bed, gathering up the tissues he and Cloud used to clean themselves of the semen. Link already put on a fresh batch of underwear, pants, and socks, and he was red in the face after their business.

"I... Why did I do that to you?" Cloud asked, looking at his sticky, gloveless hands. "Don't you hate how that feels?" The Champion of Hyrule looked away, rubbing his temple.

"I was just looking for someone I can trust," Link sighed, crawling a bit closer to Cloud.

"But... What was the big deal about having me pleasure you?" Cloud asked.

"I needed to be satisfied," Link answered, tears building up in his face once more. "You see... I have an addiction. No cure has been found for it, but it can be temporarily satisfied through sexual passion. I've been able to control that addiction quite well thanks to the treatment the Hands gave me, and things seemed well until Ganondorf HAD to appear on the same stage. Now... I'm just glad you've claimed me as your property."

"Link..." Cloud sighed, still filled with more questions than answers. "Do you have a history with Ganondorf that you don't wanna talk about...?" The Hylian placed a finger on Cloud's lips, his face leaning close to the blond-haired mercenary's.

"No need to ask questions now," Link answered. "There's a time and place for everything, and some questions are better left unanswered..." The Hylian then hugged Cloud Strife, his face burying deep into the ex-soldier's chest.

"I just wanna have sex every day... For the rest of my life..." Link whispered, filling Cloud with worry.

What happened to the old teammate he used to work with? The one that helped him dominate the battlefield?


Figured this would show up eventually.

First chapter of my Cloud x Link smutfic: complete. Hope you'll get ready for Part 2! <3