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After parking her LEXUS SUV in the only parking section with available spaces, Audrey Zapata -Reade locates the playing field her ex-husband, Rob Reade, is playing "touch football on today. His section is competing against a team of defense lawyers from a private law firm…she arrives on the sideline just as a play begins…

Rob races left, then just as quickly right: Audrey recognizes Stu Greonig and Mike Lozano (both from Frauds), blocking for quarterback Darius Leonard (CID), who escapes long enough from two on-rushing members of the private law firm Long and Myrerson to launch a beautiful, long spiral into the arms of RR, who snatches it cleanly and sprints into the end-zone for a touchdown.

As he’s collecting closed-fist congratulations from his teammates he finally notices her standing on the far sideline. He grabs a towel and a bottle of water, says “Five minute tine-out, Fellas”…before he trots over to meet Audrey, one of the law clerks remarks, ‘God-DAMN, Champeen…who the hell is THAT? She brought ALL’A her ass with her to-day!”

‘Dial it back, knuckle-heads…she’s my ex-wife. And believe this-she don’t want YOU.”

“ ‘EX’, you say? Huhhhhh…”

“Like I said”, The District Attorney Special Investigator retorts, then resumes his journey to where Audrey stands, shielding her eyes from the blazing Austin, Texas sun.

“Linda”, he grins. “tan Bella como siempre.”

“Muy amable, Caballero…usted sigue siendo igual de Guapo..Um!”

“Me viste annotando?

“Pues, por supuesto…oyes…let me cook you dinner tonight.”

“Sure. What’s the occasion?

“You’ll see…8’oclock?”

“A’ight…your spot?”

“Jes. She steps closer, places a light kiss on his lips, then uses her thumb to wipe off the lipstick she’s left.

She walks to the parking lot, and as Rob returns to where the other men are gathered, Darius and Stu sing a stanza of the THONG SONG: “She’s got…DUMPS LIKE A TRUCK…TRUCK…TRUCK...”

“Hey Motherfucks!”, Rob says good-naturedly. “I told you Bastards that’s my EX-WIFE…have some god-damn respect!”