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It's commonly known that Logan doesn't like hugs. To receive a hug from Logan means that he is either incredibly tired or overwhelmingly grateful.

So when Patton comes to school wearing a fluffy sweater dress, she's surprised to be greeted with a full on hug from her friend. "Hey Lolo."

"Fluffy." He hides his face in her shoulder, and Patton blushes. Logan's ears turn bright red and he almost jumps backward. "Oh my goodness, Pat, I'm so sorry."

She giggles, reaching out and fluffing his hair, "Never apologize for hugs, Lo."

Later, Roman sends the photo of her, frozen in time while Logan literally buries his face in her shoulder.

Patton smiles, typing out some gibberish and instantly making the picture her phone background.

Roman's response is a knowing wink emoji.

She'd defend herself, but Pat's always hated lying. She knows she loves the reserved boy, and as long as Roman keeps his ever flapping gobtalker shut nobody else ever will.

Logan is grateful for the fact their first classes are separate. Nobody who saw him give into the stupid feelings that popped up when he saw Patton in that godforsaken dress will be in the room, and hopefully he'll have some time to calm down before he has to converse with them again.

Unfortunately, today is not his day.

"Logan." Virgil's voice pokes through his speeding thoughts. "Hey, you alright?"

He looks up, frowning at them. "Why… why wouldn't I, wouldn't I be alright?" Logan cringes at the stutter, snapping his mouth shut.

"You don't do hugs very often." Virgil shrugs, "I've been there before, Lo. I know you had to be feeling a lot to openly hug Pat like that."

"I don't…" He sighs, slamming his locker shut. "She was too fucking cute."

Virgil chuckles, patting his shoulder, "Well that's nothing new, teach. Pat's always too cute for her own good."

Logan frowns, heat rising up the back of his neck. "I'm going to be late."

"Aw, shit. Wait, Logan." Virgil runs a hand through their bangs, sighing. "You're allowed to hug us."


"You are allowed to hug us. I don't know a ton about how you grew up but I'm guessing hugs weren't really part of the equation." Virgil bites their lip, pulling closer. "We aren't ever going to be mad at you for hugging us. You can do it whenever you want to."

Logan shakes his head, "That doesn't make sense. You all never hug me." His eyes widen and he covers his mouth.

Virgil stares at him, their shoulders sagging. "Fuck, man. Can I hug you now?"

He hesitantly nods, tensing slightly as Virgil wraps their arms around him. They stand like that for a few seconds before Logan relaxes, putting his arms around his friend in return. "Thank-you."