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Where everyone in the neighbourhood fears Midoriya but not really

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Midoriya Izuku was not weak, though his cute face and short figure may suggest otherwise.

He had a quirk, though he doesn't use it that often since his quirk is just 'Atomic Manipulation' which allows him to change and create anything he so desires. Which is honestly kind of like creative mode in Minecraft, if you asked his classmates. But since Izuku is a pacifist at heart, he only ever uses it to make mini figures of his childhood best friend, and that flatters and annoys said childhood friend, Bakugou Katsuki.

The quirk doctors had been baffled when his quirk was revealed, when he had turned the couches into a giant pile of books and the clock into a pizza -which was actually really tasty- when he got frustrated at a puzzle that his 4 year-old brain could simply not comprehend. His poor mother had walked into the living room and was met with a pizza on the wall and a shelf's worth of books.

When he first got his quirk, his control was atrocious and shaky, turning plates into balls of cheap china and pencils into a cube made of a mix of lead, wood, and eraser. It had been a nightmare for the whole neighbourhood, who had been mercilessly subjected to loud crashes and ear-piercing thuds.

Now he's an airheaded middle schooler who is only still alive because of Katsuki saving him from kidnappers and stray rabid dogs. Word had spread that he was actually quirkless, though that rumor had been completely rejected when someone had made fun of Katsuki for being friends with a supposed 'quirkless loser'. (Nobody even dared to look Izuku in the eye for 3 months straight after the incident, but they don't talk about that anymore.)

So there's that.

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A round pebble was roughly flung down the empty sidewalk as it came into contact with a painfully bright red shoe. Izuku paid it no mind and leisurely walked back home, his body on autopilot and head buried in his thoughts. He idly wondered if he could just tell the teacher that a dog ate his homework or something like tha-


Ah. His hand slowly reached for his unfinished homework. Maybe he could-


Okay, that was awfully rude, maybe not then.

Oh wait is it- oh shoot it is oh no-

He sweat dropped as he found himself sprinting full force away from a blur of black and brown, wondering why he had been unlucky enough to encounter a rabid (He was certain the dog was foaming at the mouth) dog right after school.

This was not pleasant at all.

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"Atomic manipulation"


User can change the basic stucture of an object. Whether or not the user can change the structure of living things is unknown. The user is able to 'reconstruct' the atoms. Think of it as two balls of sand. When the user detroys the ball (the easiest thing to do, Midoriya says, as the scattered atoms almost always turn into sand) by directly messing with the grains, smashing or just plain breaking the ball of sand and therefore leaving a pile of loose sand in their wake. The user 'reconstructs' the grains of sand by taking a bit of sand from one ball and either squishing the sand into the receiving ball or taking a ball apart and rebuilding it a different way, including the extra bit of sand. That being said, the user can be a barbaric dwarf warrior, by tearing their problems apart (literally) or they can be an elegant elf noble that carefully and strategically picks apart their problems bit by bit, and turns them into some super happy and good thing.


Every flexible quirk has to have drawbacks. If the user were to reform too many atoms, like turning a three story building into a big mound of flour, they are vulnerable to extreme headaches, drowsiness, and fainting. If the user meddles with too many objects (which can also be in the form of many, many, pencil erasers), they will be subjected to temporary blindness and since Atomic Manipulation requires great focus and brain power, if their focus slips the object with likely stay the way the user left them. In rare occasions the atoms will simply disperse and turn into incredibly tiny grains of sand, something Midoriya claims is the thing he instinctively turns stray atoms into.

In order to control his quirk, Midoriya has to have an unbelievable amount of concentration and focus, since he's essentially playing with the literal building blocks of the universe. Bakugou knows this, so when Midoriya uses his quirk he usually sticks around and makes sure nothing touches his friend and sometimes covers his ears when it gets loud, though tuning noise out is now a talent of Midoriya's.

Even years later, if there is immediate danger and Midoriya uses his quirk, you can still see Bakugou's hands reach towards his focusing friend's ears. Like some sort of primal instinct drilled into him after years of experience. Though he will quickly remember that his friend is less airheaded and more durable than that time Midoriya got attacked by a dog and turned a Katsuki plushie into a doorknob.

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Bakugou didn't know how to think of Midoriya but he'll be damned if something happened to him.

Midoriya was, in fact, not as innocent as he liked to think. Yes, he knew about sex and death and bad things, but instead the little shit chooses to ignore them and do things his own way.

Midoriya would stare into nothing even as he talked with him though he knew damn well that it annoyed Bakugou. He would have thought that the fucker was looking down on him but he understood that the airhead saw everyone as equals and it pisses him off.

He can't understand Midoriya's logic since he's so goddamn powerful with that quirk of his but the lil' fucker makes friends with shitty extras with dumbass quirks.

But he was Bakugou's friend, and it would be stupidly unheroic to turn his back on Midoriya while his friend got chased down by a fucking dog or got bribed by some shady ass dude in a shady ass van with motherfucking fathersucking dumbass candy! 

It wasn't his fault Midoriya understands what signs of fucking danger look like but ignores them!

But he admits that he cares about the green haired kid and would probably kill for his wellbeing. BUT HE DOESN'T FUCKING KNOW THAT AND NEVER WILL. The fucker probably cares about him too, but is too stupid to realize it, going of on his own to do some stupid shit with his quirk like shaping sand into perfect spheres and water into ice blocks.

Contrary to what the doctor thinks, Midoriya doesn't actually suffer drawbacks when he uses most of his quirk, and of suffers (way too much, in Bakugou's opinion) when he directly interferes with the structure of the atoms like turning wool into some other shitty material. Moving the atoms without interfering just makes him slightly tired and unable to pay attention, which actually explains his airheaded attitude but that also means he was using his shitty quirk to do shitty things that'll probably mess up his fucking brain and that he FUCKING IGNORED AUNTIE INKO'S DIRECT ORDERS TO TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF. 

Which is why he looks out for Midoriya. Not because he fucking cares about the dumbass, but because of auntie Inko. He doesn't fucking care about the nerd, damn it!

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Bakugou angrily murmured to himself as he and Midoriya walked towards the local ice cream store that his classmate insisted to go to all damn day. Meanwhile, Midoriya was deep in thought, thinking about which flavour he should get. 

Midoriya ended up getting vanilla.

Fucking vanilla.

He spent three whole minutes at the front of the line just to order fucking VANILLA.

Bakugou violently licked his own cone as the green haired boy sheepishly look down. Ashamed? Good.

"Hey Kacchan, why is that guy pointing a toy gun at us? Is it a new game? Do you know what game it is? Teach me!" Midoriya rambled on excitedly as Bakugou turned his head towards the 'Toy gun'. 

Ah shit. Fucking hell. 

Bakugou's eyes widened a bit as he realized that no, that was not a toy gun. That was a gun.

Like, the real type that goes pew pew. The one that flings small pieces of metal that can probably kill them right here. Yeah, that type of gun.

"Izuku, dammit. That is a real gun. He's trying to rob us, Izuku".

"Oh...Why is he robbing us? We just spent our money on ice cream"

"Well the gun fucker won't know that, right?"

"Oooohhh. Wow! Kacchan is so smart!"

The man who was pointing the firearm at them was now thoroughly annoyed at the two middle schoolers' conversation, and yelled at them.


Midoriya wasn't very fazed.

"Sorry mister, we spent all of our money!"

Bakugou wanted no more than to go up and explode the man but he was afraid that Izuku would get hurt since he didn't have stable control over his explosions yet, so he waited for the cops to get here since the gun fucker was really damn loud.

"I don't give a shit about your ice cream! You probably have money in your pockets right now! Hand it over, damn it!"

The man lost his patience as he barked out that last line and shot at Midoriya's cone. The ice cream spilled all over his school uniform as the teen watched with upset eyes.

Bakugou was really tempted to tear this guy's eyes out after that little stunt, but it seems that Midoriya beat him to it.

The man exclaimed as his gun suddenly turned into sand, spilling into his sleeves. Midoriya watched with teary eyes as the man panicked and tried to run away, thinking that the heroes were here.

He tripped over his shoelaces, which were most likely untied because of his own forgetfulness.

(Or were they...? Midoriya's uncharacteristic sly smile went unnoticed in the midst of the commotion.)

Bakugou sprang into action, immediately unfrozen at the sound of the man yelling profanities at his laces.

That's how the cops found them, a few moments later. Two middle schoolers and a man half holding on to a pile of sand, unconscious, courtesy of Bakugou. Midoriya was playing on his friend''s phone and only looked up as a man in a trenchcoat walked up to him.

"Hello, my name is Tsukauchi Naomasa. I'm only here to ask a few questions and then you and your friend over there can go home. Is that okay with you?"

Midoriya seemed to process the information, eyes darting from Bakugou to the man standing before him.

"Ah, hello. It's fine, you can ask me anything, sir."

"Okay, starting off, please introduce yourself and your friend."

"Oh! Okay! My name is Izuku Midoriya and my friend Kacchan is called Katsuki Bakugou."


"Okay, now do you know why this man", Naomasa pointed towards the man currently being handcuffed, "is here?"

"Umm. He said something about giving him money." Midoriya guessed.


"Okay, final question. Why was there a pile of sand?"

"Oh! That was his gun."

True- wait.

"His gun? Why is a pile of sand his gun?"

"He ruined my ice cream cone so I turned his gun into sand."

True. What the hell?

"Is it your quirk?"

"Yep! I can control atoms!"

"That's a very powerful quirk you got there!"

"Thanks! It has drawbacks though, I might pass out soon-"

Midoriya apruptly fell forward and landed in the arms of his companion, who seemed more exasperated than annoyed.

"If you're done here, I'll be taking him home now."




Midoriya woke up in his bed as he yawned, the previous events rushing back to him. Unbothered, he went downstairs where his mom was smiling at him.

"Izuku, are you hurt anywhere?"

He smiled back.

"No, sorry for worrying you, though."

"That's a relief." His mom hugged him gently, "Are you hungry? I made katsudon for dinner."

Midoriya smiled again, this time more genuine.

"Thank you, mom."