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Rewatching Camp Pining Hearts

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Peridot was nervous. She had grown close to Lapizs Lazuli and had started to gain these things called 'feelings'. She didn't handle this well and even confided in Pumpkin.

"I had heard about this on Camp Pining Hearts, but I never thought I would catch it. I wasn't permitted to 'feel things' on homeworld," She made sure to put air quotes around feel things, "and it's difficult to accurately process these...things."


"I just wish there was someone who had gone through the same thing as me," Peridot sighed, " I mean there are plenty of humans in relationships around here, but it's different for them. I didn't even know love was a word until a few months ago."

"Bork Bork!"

"Pumpkin you genius! I will ask Garnet about Ruby and Saphire. She will understand!" She then hugged Pumpkin before running, as fast as her little legs could take her, to the warp pad.


Peridot warped into Stevens house which was under some construction. She could tell they were adding another story because of the gigantic hole in the roof. She noticed that Pearl was leading the operation, and had hired a few gems to help out.

"Oh, Amber could you move that beam over there?" Her voice was higher pitched than normal. Peridot had learned this is what happened when she was excited about something, and Pearl sure could get excited about building things.

"Hey Pearl!" Peridot yelled as she waved her arms around to get her attention.

Pearl turned and had a slightly annoyed look on her face, " Oh Peridot, what is it that you need?"

"I need to find Garnet," Peridot said looking around the work-in-progress house, " Is she anywhere around here?"

Pearl thought for a moment, tapping her finger on her chin as she did so, " I think she is by the beach meditating. Why do you need her again?"

Peridot froze a bit, she wasn't quite ready for that question, "Umm... I just needed to ask her about some stuff for little homeworld." Her voice faltered and she hoped Pearl wouldn't notice.

Luckily for Peridot, Pearl either didn't notice or didn't care, because she just nodded and continued to focus on the building project.

Peridot went to the beach where she saw Garnet staring peacefully into the water. The waves were calm today and their sounds made the perfect background noise for mediation. It was so tranquil that even Peridot knew not to be her usual loud and brash self in this environment.

"Garnet?" She said as she quietly walked up to her towering gem friend.

Garnet turned to her, "You want to talk about Lapis don't you?"

Peridot was shocked for a moment before she remembered Garnets future vision, "Oh did you envision me coming and asking about her?" She tried to laugh it off.

Garnet shook her head and a grin formed on her magenta face, "No I just see the way you act around her."

Peridots face went a darker shade of green from blushing so hard. She didn't think she was that obvious, and what if Lapis knew how she felt. Peridot studdered out the words, "Is it okay if I ask you a couple of questions? I don't quite get all these... feelings."

Garnet nodded and patted the ground next to her, telling Peridot to sit down. Peridot shuffled next to Garnet and plopped down onto the coarse sandy ground.

Garnet just looked into the distance in silence as Peridot waited for her to talk. After a few moments, it dawned onto Peridot that Garnet was just expecting her to fire away, "Why does this feel so weird yet so nice?"

Garnet gave a small chuckle, "It's mostly because this is so new, and soon the nice will be all that's left."

Peridot didn't like that answer. She was all about statistics and timing, so she would much rather be told when this feeling would fade. If she knew one thing about earth though, it was that things like this never had a timer. She tried to focus on finding the solution now, "How do you stop the feeling?"

Garnets smile turned into a frown, "You can't stop it on your own. You either let it fade away over time or let it change into something new."

Peridot was still not a fan of these vague answers so she decided to be upfront about her question, " How do I speed up the process of.." She thought for a moment. Did she want these feelings to fade or to change? " changing these feelings."

"I find that confessing your feelings helps with that."

Peridot wasn't ready for this and apparently Garnet could tell, "You don't have to tell her now but figure out your feelings and then decide what to do."

Peridot nodded, she was about to ask another question but Garnet beat her to the punch, "No, I don't know how you can figure out these feelings."

Peridot had a million more questions but since her previous questions got such vague responses she figured she wasn't going to get the information she wanted. She started to head back to the warp pad when Garnet stopped her, "Peridot, you know you can come to me at any time."

Garnet had put a hand on Peridot's shoulder and it had made the little green gem feel much more comforted. She slowly realized that she came here for comfort, not the questions.

Peridot was walking around the new 'Barn' that she and Lapis were living in while they planned out Little Homeworld. She was mulling over how to process her feelings with Lapis. It was times like these she wishes she had her tape recorder. She was debating whether she should just create a machine to process her emotions for her when she noticed her Camp Pining Hearts DVDs.

She suddenly came up with her best idea yet! She always turned to Camp Pining Hearts when she was confused so a rewatch was sure to help her figure things out. Sure they had watched it all before together but Peridot felt like this time was going to be different.

She had her plan now: when Lapis comes home from her meeting with Bismuth about terraforming, then she will ask Lapis if she wants to rewatch the show with her. She will, of course, say yes and then Peridot could figure out her feelings.

As Peridot was fixing the kinks in her plan, Lapis came into the room, "Hey its been a long day and I need to get my mind off somethings. Do you want to watch CPH with me?" She said it in her nonchalant tone but the smile on her face showed she was actually excited for her to say yes.

Peridot felt like a machine that had its programing wiped, all the planning she had done was now out the window because of an unpredictable outside source.

"S-Sure.." Peridot said, "We haven't watched it in a while, so why don't we start at the beginning?"

Lapis nodded, "You grab the DVD and I will grab your notes."

"I actually don't want to take notes this time," Peridot said as she grabbed episode one from their pile of DVDs.

"Peridot doesn't want to take notes?" Lapis giggled a little, "That's a first."

Peridot just nodded and popped the DVD into their old box tv. The static cracked a bit before the production company logo flashed on the screen.

The air is clear and the sun is shining. You can hear birds twittering among the trees. The camera reveals a small little camp that is surrounded by a sparkling sky-blue lake. You start to notice a bus full of kids driving up the little dirt road going to camp.

The bus releases a group of chattering campers and some counselors wait for them as they get off. A tall brown-haired young adult with freckles and a sparkling smile steps forward, "Welcome Campers to Camp Pining Hearts!" The man says this in a tone that's almost strangely perky, " I am Ferris and this is Hana!"

A blonde with a ponytail steps forward and waves, "You will all have time to unpack your stuff, but first, we will separate you into your teams! You will do all the competitions with your team and you will live in your team cabin."

Ferris nodded along as he seemed to pull a clipboard out of nowhere, " First off the Yellow Team! We have for the girls, Rachel, Becca, and Nicole! Then we have the guys with Percy, Liam, and Jacob."

Hana started handing them yellow bandanas and hats with a yellow diamond on it. Ferris made sure that Hana had given the sunshine yellow bandanas to everyone before continuing, " And next, the Blue team! We have Paulette, Samantha, and Amanda on the girl's team and Alexander, James, and Mason on the guys."

Hana proceeded to hand them the same hats and bandanas except for blue this time, and Ferris continued on with calling the teams, " For the White team the girls are Priscila, Megan, and Katie, and the guys are Pierre, Ethan, and William. For the Pink team girls it Petra, Heather, and Emily, and guys are Joshua, Pierson, and Noah."

Hana finished handing out bandanas and the kids formed into the teams they were placed into.

Once they got into groups and had a few moments to chat Ferris got their attention yet again, "Alright guys get to your cabins, they will have your colors on them, that way you can unpack and get to know your teammates there."

Hana chimed in at the end, "Also dinner tonight is poutine!"

The whole camp cheered as they started to shuffle towards their Cabins. Percy was picking up his backpack when Paulette bumped into him.

The blonde-haired all-Canadian boy was looking right into a beautiful red headed girl. He quickly stood up and had an awestruck look on his face, "Sorry that was my fault," He took a pause before sticking out his hand, "My name is Percy, and yours is?"

"Paulette," The blue camper smiled as she shook his hand, " Don't sweat it I should have watched where I was going... I will see you around camp." A blushed formed on her cheeks as she ran to catch her other blue teammates.

Percy just stood smiling as he watched the girl walk off. He had a good feeling about her. While he was picking up his things though, Pierre walked up too him.

" I saw you making googly eyes at Paulette," He scoffed as he looked down on Percy, "I wouldn't get your hopes up on that girl. She is on the blue team and you're on the yellow."

Percy looked at the boy with his sun-kissed skin and black hair, "Why would our teams matter?"

Pierre laughed, "I forgot that we had a couple of newbies this year. There is a color war going on, and it's hard enough to keep a friendship but you can forget about a relationship."

Percy just nodded, "Well, if people take it that seriously then why are you talking to me?"

Pierre seemed to take a moment, maybe to wonder why he did help the enemy team, "Just cause there is a color war doesn't mean we can't be civil," He answered his question before walking with Percy to the Cabins, "I'm Pierre and your Percy right?"

Percy just nodded as he looked around the camp, there seemed to be horseshoes, canoeing, and even a foursquare court. They finally got to their cabins, with two for each color, one for the boys and one for the girls. He went into the yellow boy's cabin where the others had already claimed their bunks so Percy was left with the lone bunk in the corner.

He began to unpack his things and get settled in. He had some small talk with his bunkmates before the dinner bell rang. They all made their way to the mess hall for some glorified fries. Percy had just left the Cabin when Paulette had come up to him, "Hey after dinner do you want to go make some friendship bracelets?"

Percy got a blush on his face before he remembered what Pierre had said, "I don't think people would like it if they saw you hanging out with the enemy."

Paulette busted out laughing, "Oh don't tell me you actually take that seriously. There is no rule saying we can't hang out."

Percy felt a wave of relief wash over him and he gave a small nod, " then sure why not?"

Paulette's face went beet red and she skipped off to the mess hall with Percy by her side, "I'm glad you said yes because my cabin mates don't seem really fond of me."

"Why is that?"

"They are both really into the games and competitions, and well, I'm not the most athletic person."

Percy didn't see why that would be a problem but people at this camp seemed to be a bit weird so he didn't think much of it, "If you're not into sports then what are your hobbies?"

"I like arts and crafts. I'm pretty good with a paintbrush," She gave a small giggle when Percy opened the mess hall door for her, "What are your hobbies?"

"I'm on the varsity swim team back home," He quickened his stride when he saw that the line was growing longer. He wanted to make sure he could get a good plate of poutine.

They managed to snag a spot in line and they kept their conversation going, "So you must be really good at water activities." Paulette studied the plates of food for a moment before grabbing one that seemed perfect.

"I guess you could say that," Percy murmured before casually grabbing his own plate.

They both found an unused table and sat down across from one another. the mess hall was filling up with the sound of campers getting their food. The chitter-chatter bouncing off the wooden walls.

"So is this your first year here at Camp Pining Hearts?" Paulette asked before she threw a couple of fries in her mouth.

"Ya, my family thought he would be a cool experience for me," He fudged the truth a bit because his parents really just wanted him out of their hair, but Paulette didn't need to know that.

"Ya I have been going here since middle school, and its a really cool place. My favorite days are the bonfire days when all the high schoolers go to the bonfire by the lake. We roast marshmallows and sing songs, and no one cares about the stupid color war."

Percy nodded along because that did sound like a lot of fun, "When do they have bonfires?"

"They have them every Thursday," Paulette replied before she ate a couple more bites of food.

Percy was about to ask another question when suddenly someone was yelling at Paulette.

"Why are you talking to a yellow?" The voice screamed and then episode one was over.