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Baby Boy

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Tyrone Smithers as Noah X/ Cullen

Nicknames: Baby, Baby boy, Little one, Omen

Age: 17/158 years

Likes: Coloring, Playing Outside, Movies, His family, Jasper

Dislikes: Fighting, Bullies, School

Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Whitlock/Hale

Nicknames: Jazz, Daddy, Major

Age: 19/161

Likes: Baseball, Video Games, Family, World History, Noah

Dislikes: Threats to his family, His Blood thirst, Feeling  his classmates Lust

Robert Pattinson as Edward Masen/Cullen

Nicknames: Eddie, Cullen, Uncle

Age: 17/103

Likes: Composing, Piano, Reading, Family

Dislikes: Classmate's thoughts, Blood thirst, Not knowing what Bella is thinking

Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale

Nicknames: Rose, Auntie, Babe

Age: 18/90

Likes: Family, Children, Cars, Shopping, Emmett

Dislikes: Bella, Classmates, Sexism, Emmett ruining her clothes

Kellan Lutz as Emmett McCarty/Cullen

Nicknames: Em, Uncle, Bear

Age: 20/90

Likes: Family, Pranks, Video Games, Rosalie

Dislikes: Shifters, Upset Rosalie, Losing 

Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen

Nicknames: Doc, Pa Pa, Doctor Cullen

Age: 23/365

Likes: Being a Doctor, Family, Esme, playing chess

Dislikes: Killing needlessly, Losing a patient, The family being in danger

Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Platt/Cullen

Nicknames: Ma, Mrs. Cullen

Age: 26/110

Likes: Family, Architecture and Interior Design, Teaching, Carlisle

Dislikes: Roughhousing in the house, Dirty House, Being Idle