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Winter Wind in Angelic Minor

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The Ministry of Magic is still searching Peter Pettigrew. The man teared off his sight of the news paper, he couldn't see him even there. He betrayed him, he made him believe they were friends and then pushed a dagger through his back, murdering muggles and many wizards with it. He disgusted him, he was literally a rat.


He sat The Daily Prophet newspaper on the side and got off the couch. After ten years of those terrible events happened, he still couldn't believe how one of the persons he most trusted killed his friends, who were also his friends, and some people of his own family because they were protecting themselves against the dark lord's ideas. Filling a cup with a strong enough coffee, he managed to calm his thoughts, he needed that dose of caffeine after all, working too early in the morning and then thinking about it made him feel tired.


He looked at the watch at the same time it turned out to be seven in the morning. Perfect for leaving his binoculars at Dervish and Banges, he broke them again. He used to put them on a shelf near the staircase, the thing was that he didn't put the shelf high enough and sometimes he wouldn't notice when brushing them off. He had to change their position, probably put them into that blank space the living room bookcase had.


He concentrated and imagined the snowy street of Hogsmeade as far as his vision and body was there. He wished he had gotten a coat, it was snowing and the sun was recently coming out. He made his path straight to the shop, pushing the door therefore he wouldn't have to touch the frosty handle, eventhough all the door was cold under his naked hands. A bell sounded when he entered the warm habitation.


An old man came from a backdoor, and saw him through kind eyes, his face wrinkled when he smiled at him. He had gone many times there, the man probably knew all his life already, obviously keeping out the ugly parts and that some kid wasn't his real son. "I bring you the old binoculars." He smiled defeated, he had promised he wouldn't break them again, but here they were.


"Well, at these times, it isn't a surprise." He took them an began to disarm them completely, separating small pieces from bigger ones. "How's the kid? Happy the Montrose Magpies are winning the British and Irish Quidditch League Cup?"


"I assure you he is more than happy, these last weeks he have been wearing only black and white clothes." He watched as the man armed the artefact again, fitting the pieces exactly in others with his expert hands. "I wish Harold never change, he is a really good kid, but then I remember he can't stay like that forever."


"Don't worry about it, if you do it, you will continue raising him in that way, it could make him want to be a kid and don't take any responsibility. Keep doing what you are doing." He handed him the binoculars back, and took the knuts he gave him. "Be more careful with them, the binoculars and the child, see you."


"See you." He replied back and exited the shop. Be more careful, he will. He wanted the best for him. Thinking of the warmth of home, he transported there again. He looked at his watch for the fifth time in that morning and decided to wake up his godson.


He went up the creaking stairs, and follow the hallway carpet until the third door there was. He opened it and the child sleeping peacefully in his bed with the royal blue covers as high as his neck. He went closer to him and shook him a little, he was the type of person who was hard to wake up unless you threw them ice cold water.


"Do you know what date is it?" He smiled at him while caressing his head, his thick dark red locks were more untidy than normal. He watched as he rubbed his eyes shaking his head as well. Once finally woke up, seeing him losly with his vibrant green eyes. He is so much like Lily. He looked around searching for his glasses which he found out they were on a wooden desk under the window. He had been reading The Valley of Fear, he took it from my bookcase, such a kid.


"It's Wednesday thirty first, Harry." He gave the boy the glasses and he put them on still sleepy. It took some time for him to really wake up and then smile as brilliant as the sun, finally processing that it was his birthday. Moreover, his Hogwarts letter was supposed to arrive that morning, at nine. He had begged Sirius to woke him up early, it didn't take him too long to make him agree, he couldn't with the face he had at the time.


"Where do you think I will be?" He asked after he jumped onto his godfather's arms and hugged him. Suddenly you are not that tired, uh? "Sincerely, I don't know but we could discuss it if you get dressed and go downstairs for the breakfast I haven't make yet." He smiled, hugging him back and then going out of the room.


He walked through the same daily hallway and went downstairs as he appreciated the sight through the window. The neighbourhood is waking up. Passing by the importunate shelf, and the cupboard under the stairs. Harry used to hide here, staying to 'camp' too. He walked pass the door of the bathroom and he reached the kitchen.


He opened the last buffet and took out the cheeri owls box, leaving it on the counter, and taking the milk from the fridge to left it there too. He grabbed two bowls and put the cereals first and then the milk, he storaged the food back where they were and put the two bowls on the table. Distractly, he looked at his watch again. It is seven past eight, in minus than an hour, the letter will be here.


Harry entered the room with the clothes already changed. He was wearing a pitch black outfit, a wollen pullover, jeans and doc martens, but he knew he was going to put a white coat if they went outside. Still Magpies, that's fanaticism right there. "Well, which house do you think I will be?" The boy asked after he sat on the chair in front of him.


"Let's see, Gryffindor is the more likely to be — thinking of that all your family had been there, and you do are brave. Ravenclaw could be good for you — your curiosity and desire to learn says it all. Hufflepuff would fits perfectly with your loyalty — just look at how you have been dressing these weeks. And Slytherin couldn't be that bad." He took a spoonful of the cereal and continued eating until Harry asked, "so, after all, Slytherin is bad."


"No, I mean — Slytherin is good." He really think it was like that, if Peter Pettigrew had been in Gryffindor and was a son of a bitch, not all persons in Slytherin should be like that. Now that he thought about it, it will be strange to see a evil person in Hufflepuff, such a twist it would have.


"Well, your stories doesn't say the same." The boy remembered all of them. They were like fairy tails, nevertheless, his godfather was the villain there. He would like him to apologise, but he didn't know if it would be the correct or not by thinking about its purpose.


"Oh come on! Slytherin isn't a bad house, it's good the only thing is that it is infame. I know people who had been sorted there and they aren't bad." Harry eyes were screaming suspicion into his, who were in Slytherin? Come on Sirius, you do remember, just say someone. "Narcissa Malfoy for example, she was a Slytherin, and she wasn't a bad person" and his words began slowing at his realization "the only thing was her blood purity thing . . . Hey! Andromeda Tonks, my other cousin, she is Slytherin and she had married a muggleborn man, she has a daughter with him."


"I will believe you for now . . . What time is it?" His face changed from accusatory to keen, it looked like his eyes were even more green because of his emotion. He was clapping his hands against the table, that is how a excited child really looks like.


"It's a quarter past eight, in forty five minutes it will be nine. We better kill some time." Sirius responded smiling, Harry was probably going to ask him for a story or something like it. "Eat, it will kill time too, you know?" He watched as the kid ate some of the cereals fastly.


"Who is Narcissa Malfoy?" He asked with pure curiosity. I had never talked to him about this, I should do it, but not now, he isn't prepared for it. Better if I replay with a half truth. "She was one of my cousins. Narcissa married a death eater with the Malfoy surname, and after a few years of their son's birth, she died. I wasn't close to her, therefore I don't talk about her." Wonder where their son is . . . I wouldn't trust Malfoy with a kid. "Anyways, we should do something, do you wanna replay last year's game?"


"If I didn't, it would be because I am not myself." He smiled and left his bowl empty. They went to the living room and he sat on the couch. Sirius put a tape labelled 'Magpies won the European Cup 90'' and turned on the player. They listened to it, but as the narrator was going through the seeker's sequence, a knock in the near window sounded. He stopped it and saw an owl outside of it.


"Guess whose letter is that?" Harry stood up and ran over to the window, opened it and took the letter from the owl. He read the back of it, which said 'Harold James Potter. Living room of the family Black, St Church, Dunbar, Muggle Scotland', and then he opened the envelope.



Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter-Black,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress




First-year students will require:

1. Three sets of plain work robes (black)

2. One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear

3. One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)

4. One winter cloak (black, with silver fastenings)

Please note that all pupil's clothes should carry name tags.


All students should have a copy of each of the following:

The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk

A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot

Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore

Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander

The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble


1 wand

1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)

1 set glass or crystal phials

1 telescope

1 set brass scales

Students may also bring, if they desire, an owl OR a cat OR a toad.




Yours sincerely,

Lucinda Thomsonicle-Pocus

Chief Attendant of Witchcraft Provisions


"Are you going to replay it or not?" Sirius asked jokingly after he kept staring at it for many minutes. He searched some parchment in a close chest of drawers and wrote the acceptance of it to then give it to the owl, which flicked its wings and flew away.


"When are we going to Diagon Alley?" He smiled. His cheeks were hurting of how much he had smiled that day, but his smile was even bigger the day Sirius had adopted him like a father, that memory made him want to cry.


"Why don't we go now?" And that's how he put an arm around his shoulders and they aparated in Diagon Alley. There were multiple people going in and out of shops, or simply walking through the street. Harry was probably with the jaw on the ground, he knew about the wizarding world, he had been in Hogsmeade once, but it wasn't as much as that town.


"Plain set of work robes, ok, we will go to Madam Malkin's store." He read the letter and guided him to a store near of where they appeared. They entered and saw a nice chubby woman wearing spectacular light pink robes and glasses. She was writing something on a book, but then lifted her sight and saw them.


"Are you going to Hogwarts, sweetie? She smiled and looked at his dad, " — wait, I think I know you, are you Sirius Black?" She asked with a surprised face. She didn't wait to response and said, "I saw you on the newspaper, good to see there are people who take care of us, those guys deserved going to Azkaban. Well, changing the subject, let me guess, plain work robes, right?"


"Yes." That was all the boy could say before the woman made him step on a pedestal and began measuring him and making fitting robes for him, they were completely black, maybe I can add them some white or... "Could they have something white on their sleeves, like a pattern?" He asked as her long nails put some pins across his left arm. "Of course, dear, what do you want in them?" That was how he ended up with many black robes with magpies embroidered in the ends of their sleeves. He also had two winter robes with complex designs on their ends.


Then they went to the bookstore, Flourish and Blotts, where he shopped all the books he needed for Hogwarts and an extra one, Enchanted Encounters by Fifi LaFolle, for what he had read in the summary it was a good drama novel, if it was, he would get the whole series.


Their next parade was Slug and Jiggers Apothecary, there were so many ingredients for potions, the room of the store was completely filled with them, they were everywhere and some of them were in a backroom area. The air was impregnated with a mixture of daisies and ginger, they probably got out with the same aroma.


They went to Potage's Cauldron Shop and Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment too. Harry didn't know that such a big number of cauldrons existed, made of gold, crystal, glass, silver or iron, and they were for different purposes. He could buy the gloves, the sets and other things at the equipment shop.


Finally they arrived to Ollivanders, a little workshop for wands, it was literally small, there were wand boxes everywhere, just like the potion ingredients store. They were attended by an old man who was called Ollivander, but he claimed he wasn't the original one, he was a descendant of him — well, that was what he said when Harry asked him. "Now, let's stop this talking and begin the search of your wand, let's see what do we have here."


A measuring tape was floating, it calculated the large and size of his body, it even did so with the space between his nostrils, which for him it was completely useless but he stayed still. Ollivander asked him about which hand did he used, which was the right one, did wands have side? That was a curious fact to know. Ollivander had make him try at least four wands before he find the special one, he was acting pretty strange, but Sirius said it was normal.


"I think this is. Blackthorn. Phoenix feather. Eleven inches. No handle. Springy." He gave him a simple but pretty wand, it was entirely plain but the colour was just the thing that added all. He took it and waved it, fireworks and many white sparks came out of it, his dad smiled proudly and even clap a bit. It was his wand.


"It's interesting . . . Interesting . . . Too interesting, you see, this is a wand very special . . . It has a brother, a wand with a core of feather from the same Phoenix, Who-must-not-be-named owns that wand. For reasons and casualties of life, are you Harry Potter?" He didn't want to reply, therefore he lifted the hairs covering his forehead and showed the mark. It was like a lightning, but not those drawed lightnings, it looked like a real lightning, so much that it was like his skin was cracked right there. The man after the revelation was possibly in a shock state, they paid for the wand, which was seven galleons and got out.


But, before going to house, Sirius surprised the boy with an owl like a gift, although the small one thought that all what happened was already his present. He ended up with a beautiful snowy owl, which he called her Hedwig. By the time they arrived home, it was evening and the day was ending.


It was one of the nicests days in his life.




He had already had breakfast with his father that morning, the house-elves were cleaning the table and his father was in his studio. You will go to Durmstrang, my son. You will learn the dark arts there. You will be far, too far, but further enough to be safe. Today, the letter will arrive, there is no way back then. He remembered his father say. Some years back, he wouldn't spect him to talk like that.


He turned on the phonograph, which have a glorious Chopin tune, and went in front of the wardrobe. It was a large wooden wardrobe, someone could live inside it. He opened the big door, peeking inside, there were many things from his mom, her sophisticated long silk dresses, her luxurious fur coats, her expensive pointed high heels, and many formal skirts and blouses. He looked at the door, there were collars and rings too.


He stared at them for a few minutes, in one of the compartments by the door, there was an elegant box with a silver lock. He tried to open it, and for his luck, it was unlocked. Into it, there was the classical silver and black onyx ring with ravens on it, it was from the old Black family. He missed her, so much, he only knew her for little moments, but he was very close to her already. I can't say she was a good person, but I can say she cared about me and she died protecting me, I can't do no more than love her. He left the box in the wardrobe and put the ring on, at least, her love was there. It was the last day of July after all.


He closed the wardrobe carefully and walked across the room to the window, he threw wide the curtains. It was a sunny day of summer outside, he unfolded the wings of the window and let the cool air hit the bedroom. Right there, with the piano music in the background while he was seeing the backyard of the manor, he felt like she was accompanying him, like the wind were her arms embracing him, like the melody was something she was humming.


But then, an eagle interrupted his fantasy, it was standing tall with a big envelope in its beak. Durmstrang. He picked the envelope, and read the direction 'Draco Lucius Malfoy Black, Malfoy Manor, England'. "Dobby!" He called, the house-elf appeared behind him waiting for an order. "Call dad, he has to see this."


"Yes, sir Draco Malfoy. Dobby is going to call him." He muttered a thanks and thought he could see how the elf teared a little, in a matter of minutes, the three of them were in the middle of the living room.


His father sat on the cushioned black couch, his fair straight hair was untied, therefore it covered par of his face as he read the letter with his hands trembling. He was scared, but his face was utterly blank, he didn't want to let him go, but he knew he probably wouldn't be alive if he stayed for a few years there, at Scotland, near Voldemort. He passed the eleven-year-old the letter and let him read it.


Durmstrang Institute – Дурмстранг

Since XII thanks to Nerida Vulchanova

Headmaster: Igor Karkaroff


Dear Draco Malfoy,

It's pleasure to announce you that your acceptance in this institution has been willingly granted. In the next letter you will find the equipment you must have during the classes, important information about your voyage and some explanations about the rules.

To confirm this inscription, please proceed to send a spare blank parchment and keep one of the two which had been introduced into the envelope (do this process with the same eagle used for your message), in the instant the empty one is received, the ink from that parchment will appear the documents needed for the immigration. The limit of it will be after a week, if a confirmation isn't send, the letter will burn itself.

The ticket to your journey is added in the envelope, it's a ship ticket. You can exchange it to a train and ferry travel if you send it back with the blank confirmation. The ticket is a portkey, it will be activated once the confirmation is completely done legally. The limit date for these complete process will be August 23rd.

In the next page you will have the list of requirements for your education. Please note, those things will have to be purchased in Wizarding Norway, the specified places to their store will be write there.


I wish you a good day,

Hilda Britta

Chief Organizer and Planner of Durmstrang Institute



Durmstrang Institute – Дурмстранг

Since XII thanks to Nerida Vulchanova

Headmaster: Igor Karkaroff


Uniform and attire required for every day wear:

▪︎High neck white plain cotton shirt

▪︎Dark vest with gold studs (it can be plain or with a pattern, optional)

▪︎Leather gloves with suede (it's recommended for them to be hand fitted, optional)

▪︎Maroon or mahogany trousers

▪︎Black socks

▪︎ Ankle-high or mid-calf raven boots or doc martens

▪︎Dark silk tie (it could later be matched with a respective house colour)



▪︎Military tunic (matched with house colour, optional for casual)

▪︎Grey dyed puffskein hat (optional for casual)

▪︎Ash velvet long robes (optional for casual)

▪︎Dark anorak with puffskein fur (optional for casual)

▪︎Waist leather belt (optional for casual, also used for formal)



▪︎Crimson coat with opening in the side

▪︎Red or mahogany overcoat lined with puffskein fur

▪︎Black leather boots


All the clothes have to have a spare or more.

Please note that the formal wear and the house-matched clothes will be only available on the Durmstrang castle at the Chief of the Administrative Group, Hilda Britta's office. The other garments can be found in Mystik Er By (centre of Skjomen, Norway) and its stores.

Hilda Britta, Head of the Administrative Group



Durmstrang Institute – Дурмстранг

Since XII thanks to Nerida Vulchanova

Headmaster: Igor Karkaroff


Equipment needed for the education:

▪︎Wand (it can be from your country or from a store in Mystik Er By)

▪︎Cauldron and phials set (better if the two can be of crystal)

▪︎Broomstick (it can be for Quidditch or personal use)

▪︎Sentient Bo (also found on Mystik Er By)



▪︎Magical Creatures by Edwardus Lima

▪︎Extreme Incantations by Violeta Stitch

▪︎Curses and Counter-curses by Professor Vindictus Viridian

▪︎Magic Moste Evile by Godelot

▪︎Book of Spells by Miranda Goshawk

▪︎Alchemy, Ancient Art and Science by Argo Pyrites

▪︎Potion Opuscule by Arsenius Jigger

▪︎Ingredienser by Nikolaj Spillum

▪︎Магичен Теория by Torsten Wang

▪︎Spellman's Syllabary by Spellman

▪︎Ars Moriendi by Godelot

▪︎Forvandle, forvandle, jeg forandrer deg! by Vidar Rask


Please note there could be more things, but those will be not mentioned because they are from optional subjects.

Vidar Rask, Member of the Administrative Group



Durmstrang Institute – Дурмстранг

Since XII thanks to Nerida Vulchanova

Headmaster: Igor Karkaroff


Voyage information:

▪︎The ship is leaving at 7 o'clock in the next weeks, from July 31st to August 23rd. Also, it is 7 hours long trip.

▪︎The student can only bring one familiar, which has to be portable, for example, cats, dogs, rats, birds and owls are portable. There are other animals not mentioned.

▪︎The pupil can bring a limit of three trunks, this had been discussed prior other years because of the heavy clothes they have to bring.

▪︎The student can bring food for the journey, but it's recommended to eat the food there and buy at Mystik Er By. There's an international Willy Wonka Market.

▪︎The ship doesn't cost anything, but the other things at the wizarding town do. To buy there, you will have to exchange your currently wizarding currency at the Berg International Banks.

▪︎Only if you change the ticket. The train trip will be at half past six, you are arriving at half past two to the ferry in the last parade the train has, and then going to the other train close to the ferry stop, which is four hours long. This journey lasts about fourteen hours, food and supplies are recommended to bring.

▪︎Once you are in Mystik Er By, an eagle will be the one giving you the special portkey.


Do not try to use the ticket before the legal immigration process is done, it can lead you or aparate you to nowhere or to a random place in the muggle world.

Nikolaj Spillum, Member of the Administrative Group



Durmstrang Institute – Дурмстранг

Since XII thanks to Nerida Vulchanova

Headmaster: Igor Karkaroff


Basic rules of the Institute Durmstrang:

▪︎The pupil is forbidden to do magic outside of the wizarding world, but besides it, they can do it everywhere thanks to the Norwegian Ministry of Magic.

▪︎The student who is alone (in school period or holidays) will have to stay at the institute unless a tutor sends an owl about his permission to be outside, this isn't required since the age of 15, thanks to the Norwegian Ministry of Magic.

▪︎The pupil, like mentioned before, can bring an owl, but this can not be used to send letters to the outdoors of Durmstrang. In our institution, they can buy or rent an camouflaged peregrine eagle breed, which is the only one that can go outside without dying through the magical wards.

▪︎The house in which the student is placed can be changed since first to fourth year, starting from there, they can't change it because of their programs.

▪︎There is a limit of 250 millilitres of alcohol for the student to bring, because it can be used for potions. They can drink it, but if anything happens, the tutor (if they are under 15) has to be in charge, in the other hand (if they are 15 or over) they have to be responsible for the acts. No more alcohol can be purchased after that, unless the student has the permission signed of a potions professor or the Head of the Administrative Group.


There are more rules which will be explained to the student in the institution when they arrived.

Wilhelmina Akker, Member of the Administrative Group



Durmstrang Institute – Дурмстранг

Since XII thanks to Nerida Vulchanova

Headmaster: Igor Karkaroff


If you want to know something else about Durmstrang rules or have questions about the journey, send them via owl to the personal address DIWW, Havnegata 9, 8006 Bodø, Wizarding Norway. This address can also be used to contact the students, you only have to put their names before it and the letter will be delivered to them.

Do not send letters to other addresses, thanks to the North Norwegian Ministry of Magic they won't arrive because of the secret location.

Thanks for reading and applying to Durmstrang Institute of Witchcraft and Wizardry, we wish you good luck during your voyage.


Administrative Group of Durmstrang Institute.

Igor Karkaroff, Headmaster of Durmstrang Institute.

Verified by

Vincent Riber-Olsen, Chief Minister of Immigration Causes in the Magic Ministry of North Norway.

Feray Karanka, Chief Minister of Education in the Magic Ministry of North Norway.


Merlin. I know Hogwarts and Durmstrang are different, but really, Merlin. This is too different. He peeked at the envelope again and saw the two spare sheets and the ship ticket, they looked old fashioned, they were new and smooth though.


His father had worry in his eyes, "are you completely sure?" He put a heavy and ringed hand on his shoulder. People still thinks of him like a cold bastard, but for me, he is literally what nobody imagines of him, a warm worried dad.


"I am. I am going to do it, you know it is the best option we have." He hugged his father. He knew it was his mind, but he still could listen in the background, the delicate Nocturne Op 9. No. 1 in B flat minor. It's ups and downs, just like his life, sometimes he used to ask himself in what was Chopin thinking when he composed it. It was a sacred piece. It made him think her arms also were around him.


"I need to do the paperwork." His father discreetly dried his eyes and took one of the parchment to send it with the same eagle. He had taken the envelope and went to his studio. Draco would like to pass more time with him, but he acknowledged it would make him hurt more.


Dobby made him some nettle tea and he went back to her bedroom, the window was still opened, and the music was still playing its breath taking chords. It was a dramatic scene, nevertheless, it was the way he would pass if she was there.


Enjoying the simplicity of nature, compared with the complexity of the human feelings.